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Enterprise Manufacturing Software Solution

Enterprise inSight is enterprise-scale manufacturing software for manufacturers who want more business agility. Designed for the furniture manufacturing industry, Enterprise inSight allows companies to quickly and profitably respond to changing market conditions. Enterprise inSight enables you to extend your existing manufacturing flexibility into true mass customization.

ENTERPRISE INSIGHT 5 ARCHITECTED FOR AN AGILE BUSINESS Enterprise inSight was designed specifically for the agile business environment. The highly flexible architecture, event-driven workflow, and unique inResponse architecture let you configure the software to execute your company’s business processes and ably handle everyday disruptions to plans. Enterprise inSight enables you to choose the best approach for defining product and process data, depending on your unique requirements. It allows you to combine classical and parametric methods for Bill of Materials (BOM) processing with knowledge-based engineering tools. Users focus on developing reusable rules that govern product characteristics, geometry, machining, material, and process definitions, rather than manually entering repetitive data. Thus, Enterprise inSight’s rules-based, holistic approach to defining product and process data reduces time to market for your new product offerings. It also provides you with corresponding Point-of-Sale (POS) product data. For example, to add a new veneer, users simply open the Materials library, add the veneer, and apply the new veneer to the existing products. When a BOM is generated for the new product, it contains all details needed for the manufacturing facility. Details can then be automatically exported for use with most types of CNC machines, making it unnecessary to manually re-enter engineering data into the CNC program. Because of its innovative architecture, Enterprise inSight can be installed to augment your current systems, to replace specific functions, or to replace your entire system. Whereas a product enhancement such as a new material, drawer slide, door style, edge, or pull can take months on a legacy ERP system, the entire process can be completed within a single day using Enterprise inSight.

Enterprise inSight’s object-oriented architecture eliminates the need to manually re-create Bills of Materials each time you want to enhance a product or product line.

BENEFITS A unified system from start to finish

20-20 Technologies is the only solutions provider in the industry that helps manufacturers get the most out of modern technology, from point-of-sale through manufacturing.

Reduce time to market

for a new product line, from 12 months down to three months or less.

Beat out the competition

by responding more quickly to custom requests and by broadening your product offerings.

Respond to changing market conditions

without relying solely on price reductions as a competitive strategy.

Reduce costs

with real-time status updates and event-driven workflow that increase shop floor efficiency, enabling lean manufacturing.



TRUE MASS CUSTOMIZATION CAPABILITIES THANKS TO THE ENTERPRISE INSIGHT CONFIGURATOR Enterprise inSight provides powerful configuration capabilities, from sales order to machining instructions, using the Configurator. The Configurator eliminates the chaos of disconnected systems by centralizing product data that integrates easily with other systems.

Graphical representations of key data

The Enterprise inSight Configurator provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing all of your product data. Advanced product models contain all of the data that your manufacturing operations require, allowing you to “configure” products to order.

Dynamic and real-time

EASILY HANDLE CUSTOMS AND AUTOMATE ENGINEERING The Configurator automatically generates both 2D and 3D drawings that graphically illustrate the product. It also creates BOMs, Routing Steps, CNC machine code, drawings, standard costing, and purchasing demand, all within a single software application, all within minutes. With Enterprise inSight, you no longer need to rely on blood, sweat, and Excel to manage your custom products. The unique solution allows you to incorporate custom products into your standard processes, giving you the best of both worlds: complete engineering flexibility and automated data creation.

Get detailed 2D drawings as well as 360 degree views of elements in 3D, such as dimensions, hole placements, parts, etc., for easier, accurate design validation. Changes to parts can be viewed immediately.  

Integrated Product Model

Deploy traditional static BOM, configured BOM, flexible CAD/ CAM integration, or a combination of all three.

Infinite size variations

Change the dimensions of products instantly by simply changing the size in the sales order.

Machine Integration

• Embedded panel optimization • True shape nesting solution • Support for new and vintage machines • Central tool maintenance facility

Manages Custom Products

Eliminate system workarounds that rely on paper for tracking the information needed for a special product.

Visually intuitive order entry and real-time validation ensures that every order is entered correctly the first time.

SPEND MORE TIME SERVING CUSTOMERS, LESS TIME UPDATING SYSTEM DATA Users along the entire process chain, from sales order to shipment, have quick access to the important data they need, including work order status and detailed drawings. This promotes efficient validation and smarter decision-making across the company. 20-20 Technologies’ end-to-end strategy allows you to transfer catalog data directly to point-of-sale (POS) applications, such as 20-20 Design and CAP Studio. You can also receive orders directly from POS systems into Enterprise inSight. This dramatically reduces the resources required to maintain your data—data that is typically entered twice, once for the POS and once for the ERP—and eliminates operational errors resulting from manual data entry.



SHOP FLOOR ASSISTANT ENABLES LEAN AND EFFICIENT PROCESSES Enterprise inSight transmits order, product, and process data directly to your factory floor, eliminating the inevitable errors that creep in during manual data entry. It also ensures the right data gets to the right place at the right time. Thus, each individual works on the highest priority item, resulting in a coordinated effort.

Full visibility

Shop Floor Assistant automatically generates work schedules for all work centers. Completed operations can be updated in real-time via keyboard, barcode, or RFID input, providing up-to-the-minute status information at all levels of the business.

System Integration

AUTOMATED RE-WORK AND RECOVERY Shop Floor Assistant automatically re-prioritizes the schedule for remake work orders, ensuring items are sequenced in the proper order. Factory personnel are more effective, because they can focus on and respond to deviations from the plan efficiently, taking action on issues before they become big problems. MANUFACTURING EXECUTION AND MACHINE INTEGRATION Enterprise inSight’s Shop Floor Execution features powerful tools for maintaining synchronous flow, including support for automated material handling, processing and assembly lines, and direct PLC integration. Embedded CAM eliminates the need to manually enter data into your CNC machines, allowing your operators to run equipment continuously. The flexible and scalable architecture minimizes risk by allowing you to implement functionality at the time you need it. If your process changes, the system can change with it.

Up-to-the-minute status updates from the factory floor improve customer service by informing you about production issues before they become problems.

• Import data from a wide array of formats, including proprietary systems and standard EDI/XML • Native integration to MS Dynamics AX and GP • Standard interfaces to other Financial Systems • Dynamic interaction with other systems based on the inResponse architecture supports embedding and augmenting existing infrastructure

Machine Integration

Eliminate errors caused by manual re-keying of data into ERP and CNC/PLC systems. Barcode/RFID is also supported.

Manage Materials

Advanced purchasing tools, including automatic part generation for custom purchased components and formula-based pricing • Robust inventory management capabilities, including lot control and allocations • High visibility for purchase-to-order items •

Minimize inventory

The advanced manufacturing execution functionality enables lean manufacturing practices

Real-time status updates help you keep track of parts, and make sure you are working on the right orders.

ENTERPRISE INSIGHT 5 TECHNOLOGY THAT FITS YOUR BUSINESS — NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND With Enterprise inSight, you do not have to rely on custom code and clunky workarounds in order to manage your daily business. Enterprise inSight provides you with flexible software technology that adapts to your production process, instead of forcing you to fit your operations to the system. INRESPONSE MAKES BUSINESS FLOW Enterprise inSight’s powerful inResponse architecture ensures precise execution of your business and manufacturing processes. Its Workflow tools allow you to easily set up your manufacturing system the way you work, with self-defined processes, including event-driven automation and human-to-system interaction. 20-20 can also help you set up processes according to industry best practices, based on our extensive industry experience. SERVICES THAT SUIT YOUR NEEDS We provide varying levels of capabilities for your manufacturing solution. Whether you need to augment your current systems, replace certain aspects, or set up a whole new system, we can help. INDUSTRY SPECIALTY Our Professional Consultants are some of the most experienced in the industry, and represent cumulatively over 100 years of experience in the furniture industry. We understand well the daily issues and challenges that your company deals with, and we can help you uncover prime areas for profit and sales potential. Our consultants provide a full range of services, from basic guidance to complete project management. We also offer a full suite of classroom and online user training options. 20-20 Technologies is the only solutions provider in the industry with an end-to-end technology strategy. We are dedicated to providing the furniture manufacturing industry with a complete suite of solutions focused exclusively on the needs of this industry.

NEW FEATURES IN 5 • All-new Catalog Setup streamlines maintenance of product configuration data and paves the way for true single-sourcing of Point of Sale electronic catalogs. • Advanced Pricing functionality simplifies maintenance of complex pricing logic and improves pricing speed by 100%. • New Business Intelligence module enables fast and detailed analysis of sales history, sales rep performance and product quality. • Dynamic charting provides instant graphical feedback from any results grid or business intelligence pivot table.

SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS Enterprise inSight is an enterprise-grade software solution that employs client-server architecture. Because each manufacturer has unique requirements regarding the number of users, system performance, and network environment, our experienced consulting team can assist you in determining the specific hardware that you need. DATABASE SERVER: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Windows 2003/2008 Server CLIENT WORKSTATION (MINIMUM) Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (or faster) System memory: 1 GB or greater Video Card: Windows XP Pro Compatible Hard Drive: 36 GB or more free disk space DVD-Rom Drive: 8x DVD or higher Operating System: Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista Network Connection: 100 MB/sec Compatible with Windows 7

Enterprise inSight allows you to easily tailor the system’s behavior to match your unique business processes using its graphical workflow tool.

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Enterprise inSight is enterprise-scale manufacturing software for manufacturers that want more business agility. Designed for the furniture...