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About 1 two KIDS We’re a family business that’s been trading for over 10 years, started by a husband and wife team. The name 1 two KIDS came from the fact we had twins when we started our business a little brother has also been added to the team since then, and a fantastic support team to ensure great service and prompt delivery to our customers. 1 two KIDS is a leading distributor in the baby and kids market - we pride ourselves on finding some of the very best ranges available and

selecting great retailers to supply them to - a principle which remains core to what we do. We work exclusively with our brands so we can ensure they are positioned perfectly in the market. It all started with Sophie la girafe in 2007 and we’re now fortunate to also work with amazing brands like 3 Sprouts, Play & Go, nailmatic KIDs, Milestone and brand new to the range is Bio Buddi. We hold all stock in a 5,000 sq ft warehouse based in Dunfermline in bonny Scotland, and that’s where our office is too. This allows us to ship goods quickly and efficiently to our stockists on a next day or 48 hour service depending on the location. Easy online ordering for independent trade customers! Our B2B trade ordering site allows you to order 24/7, see live stock, and pay securely online - orders ship immediately. We’re happy to talk on the phone if you need any help 01383 735 134 Or catch us on email We’ll be making appearances at the following shows in 2019/20: Autumn Fair - Birmingham - Biobuddi UK launch Top Drawer Autumn - London Kind & Jugend, Cologne Top Drawer Spring - London Spring Fair - Birmingham We’d love to see you in person. We look forward to working with you!


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Sophie la girafe Once upon a time a simple story... The little giraffe was born on 25th May in the year 1961...Saint Sophie’s day. In those days, the only animal toys available were farm animals or pet figures. So one day in France a certain Monsieur Rampeau came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby’s small hands to grasp.

616400 - Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe, who looked exactly the same then as she does today, went into production on Thursday 25th May, nearly 60 years ago. She was an immediate success. By simple word of mouth, the little giraffe’s fame spread. From then on generation upon generation of children were to love hearing Sophie squeak. Vulli, based in Rumilly in the HauteSavoie region of France, has continued to keep the jealously guarded secret of how this wonder toy is made. Sophie is still traditionally produced to this day, in a process that involves more than 14 manual operations. She is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree.


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000008 The I Love Sophie Set The gift collection from Sophie la girafe. Sophiesticated is designed to be the perfect gift for a new baby, the very best Christening Gift, or perhaps to celebrate that special First Christmas. Each gift set comes with a beautifully presented paper gift bag and gift card.

000001 The Teether Set 8

000002 The Early Learning Set

000003 The Comforter Set

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000004 The Swaddle Set

000009 The Maracas Set email or call 01383 735134


Sophie la girafe So’Pure The Sophie la girafe So’Pure range is created from natural rubber, organic cotton, and corn fibre filling all beautifully gift boxed and tied with ribbon.

220123 So’Pure Circle Teether 220117 So’Pure Ring Teether

220120 - So’Pure Multi Textured Teether 10

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200318 (soft)/ 200319 (very soft) So’Pure Teething Ring 2 Styles

616331 So’Pure Sophie Gift Box

220119 - So’Pure Set of 2 Balls and 2 Cubes

So’Pure Sophie Natural Rubber Pacifier 220127 - (0-6 months) 220128 - (6-18 months)

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220122 - So’Pure Teething Comforter

220129 So’Pure My Birth Outfit

220126 Comforter with pacifier holder 220124 - So’Pure Bamboo Natural Mealtime Set 12

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220114 - So’Pure Trio

220115 So’Pure Hooded Bath Towel

616624 So’Pure Natural Teether Set 220125 - So’Pure Senso Ball

220118 - So’Pure Bath Toy

200320 - So’Pure Chewing Rubber

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010318 Teething Ring

Sophie la girafe Il Etait Une Fois (Once Upon a Time) range The Il Etait Une Fois range is a boutique range which presents all of the best-selling Sophie la girafe lines in a lovely gift box.

616340 Fan Fan

616400 - Sophie in Gift Box

You’ll find all the most popular products for teething, bath time or playtime in this range.

010179 Multi-Textured Rattle

010174 Twist Rattle 010157 Teething Rattle 14

010168 - Soft Maracas Rattle

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010324 Gift Set

010314 - Ice Bite Phone

010256 Stacking Flowers

010329 Cooling Teething Ring

010315 Double Ice Bite Teether

516359 - Birth Basket

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010325 Birth Gift Set

Sophie la girafe Play Mat and Bag - by Play & Go (see page 39)


850734 - Cherie Comforter

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850731 Set of 2 Swaddling Cloths

850724 - Set of 4 Muslins

010400 Bath Toy

850735 - Hooded Bath Towel

850740 Sophie’ Doux Blanket email or call 01383 735134


616424 - Sophie the Giraffe in Fresh Touch Gift Box

The Sophie la girafe Fresh Touch range has modern, bright packaging and is designed to be at home in the toy department and the babycare section. The range provides a wide variety of products that cater to baby’s every need, and at every stage of development.

516343 Gift Bag 230765 Activity Spiral

850514 Sophie la girafe plush & Sophie la girafe (cotton bag) 230797 – Star Activities 18

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850730 Teething Comforter

260133 - Comforter

470006 - Meal set

523428 – Sophe’s Seaworld Pacifiers 456018 – 456019

450409 Non‑spill cup

230803 – Early Learning Book

010326 My Christmas with Sophie

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Lily Bow and Booties

Stitch and Story Now you can craft your own Sophie la giraffe items! This beautiful gift range from Stitch and Story offers the chance to create hand-knitted babywear that will be treasured forever. The softest Merino Wool, knitting needles, with easy to follow designs, offered in stunning packaging.

Sophie’s Hat Mitts and Booties

The Experiment A range created to remember and record those special moments through pregnancy and across the first year of having a newborn.

Baby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe

Baby Journal and Handprint Kit My Pregnancy Journal


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Sophie la girafe Babylove shoes BBL 2322 Giraffe Print Classical collection, but adapted for all occasions, with pumps for casual events, ballerinas for fancy evenings, or slippers to stay home. Perfect as a birth gift, a high quality product, this range is packed in a great gift box. Available in sizes: 18/19 = 3-6 months 20/21 = 6-12 months

BBL 2325 Beige Pump

BBL 2323 Sophie Slipper

BBL 2321 Brown BBL 2324 Grey Bow

BBL 2326 Grey Pump

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Sophie la girafe First Words

Sophie la girafe Books A wonderful range of Sophie la girafe board books are now available published by Dorling Kindersley. A great addition to the range as baby can use them at the same time as having a Sophie teether, so it’s a natural first book. Educational and fun!

Sophie la girafe Fun First Words

Sophie ABC Flash Cards

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Storytime with Sophie

Sophie la girafe Rainbow Colours 22

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Sophie la girafe Colours

Goodnight, Sophie

Sophie and Friends

Sophie Peekaboo Colours

Peekaboo Sophie!

Sophie’s Big Beep Beep Book!

Sophie Peekaboo ABC!

Sophie Pop‑Up Peekaboo!

Sophie’s Big Noisy Book

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When did your baby first smile? Or sit? Or walk? Don’t let those special moments become distant memories. With Baby Photo Cards by Milestone™ you can capture and remember them as years go by, or create cute updates to send to family and friends. Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your baby together with the card. The set contains 30 cards with all the major moments, each one beautifully illustrated. This is the perfect gift for new parents!

MBCT - Original Baby Cards TWINS


MBC – Baby Photo Cards

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MBCSLG - Baby Photo Cards – Sophie la girafe

MBCOTM - Baby Photo Cards – Over the moon

MBCLE - Baby Photo Cards - Cotton Candy

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MPC - Pregnancy Photo Cards

MWC - The Wedding Cards by Milestone™ The perfect way for all brides and groomsto-be to capture and remember the special moments leading up to the big day. Setting the date, sending the invites, choosing the cake, the flowers and the dress, asking your bridesmaids and maid of honour, saying I do!

In-store POS display stand 28

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Baby’s First Special Moments by Milestone™ 7 different booklets to capture special family moments like that very first Christmas, first Holiday, and First Birthday.... These booklets come in a great POS stand and make a brilliant gift purchase, or add on sale to the original cards. Keep the Milestone™ journey going after babyhood and beyond!

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Baby’s First Year Album by Milestone TM A unique baby book for every special moment and memory. From finding out that you’re expecting and telling everyone the wonderful news to baby sleeping through the night and the first birthday. There are spaces to include over 40 pictures, write in your birth story and all of baby’s firsts including holidays. This album covers:

• 3 Unique letters with prompts • First ultrasound to birth story • Baby arriving home to first visitors • Week and month documenting (1 week - 12 months)

• All the special firsts, including holidays.


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Baby Blocks by Milestone™ A brand new line this year these beautiful baby blocks can be used as an educational toy, or to decorate a room - and as props for your baby photos as they hit key stages. These come in a gorgeous box.

Baby’s Keepsake Ornament by Milestone™ 12 years of wonderful memories can be stored in this beautiful glass Christmas tree ornament. Each Christmas write down a memory of your child from that year, and look forward to them reading them all those years later. A true family tradition!

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Play & Go makes tidying up fun! A great design with loads of amazing prints, these sturdy canvas bags also double as Play mats – great for in the playroom, for travel, at the beach, and many more uses…new for this season we also have the Play & Go Mini bags.

World Map

OMY Paris – Colour Your Own Bag

Fantasy Train Map 34

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World Map

Fantasy Train Map


Omy Paris




Space Glow

Stripe Green

Stripe Mustard

Stripe Pink

Stripe Black



Outdoor SURF

Outdoor PLAY

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The Outdoor Collection is a fantastic solution for the outdoor play, picnic or beach bag with a waterproof fabric and comfortable removable carry strap.

Outdoor PLAY

Outdoor SURF 36

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There’s a bag for all those little bits in life too, the Play & Go Mini collection, is great for small toys, toiletries or even take your swimsuit in for the pool.

Mini Supergirl

Mini Space

Mini Thunder Mini Cherry email or call 01383 735134


Play & Go Soft A new creation from Play & Go, a soft play mat especially for babies comes in four designs and made of soft 100% jersey cotton with 2cm of padding. 120cm diameter mat with hidden pull string and a removable adjustable strap to carry or hang on stroller.


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Polar Bear


Peacock email or call 01383 735134



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Just for kids, no messing!


Especially formulated for little ones, these water based varnishes contain no nasty ingredients and can be easily removed with warm soapy water. There’s no need for nail polish remover. Check out the full range of colours and gift sets, there’s something for everyone! A gentle, water-based product that is 100% safe, made in France and fun! Guaranteed to be free from phthalates, formaldeyhyde, toluene and fragrance. Dermatologically tested. Forget about nail polish remover—this nail polish comes off with warm soapy water!














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3 packs NK-CASPER





5 packs NK-JUNGLE3




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Rollette Lip Gloss Rollette is a colour free, natural* and fruity lip gloss, formulated especially for children. Its magic formula, made from apricot kernel oil, is enriched with vitamin E + omega 6 and 9 = tasty care for soft and hydrated lips. With its fun and child friendly roll-on applicator, Rollette is delicious and safe to apply. *97% ingredients of natural origin.

Rollette + Varnish Duos

Tropical (Peach + Dori)

Kids Cottage Holidays (Cherry (Strawberry + Bella) + Cookie)

New York (Coconut + Kitty)

Fairy Tales Lovely City (Raspberry (Blackcurrant + Polly) + Kitty)

Colours may change, please check website for availability 44


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Princess Story – trio set


Once upon a time there was a castle with the bright Princess Rollette and her closest friends: gracious Bella and sweet Cookie… Who will steal Prince Charming’s heart? This royal cast is waiting for you in this extendable ready to colour set: time to tell! NEW IGN DES

Holidays Van Story – 4 nail polishes set

Guess who’s heading to a crazy road trip? Cookie, Bella and Polly are ready for holidays. Piglou is leading the troops... Hurry! Follow their adventures with this extendable ready to colour set: felt or nail polish? It’s your call!

Body Glitter Rollette Kids go crazy for glitter while you want their skin protected and hydrated. Get the best of both worlds, yay! Get ready... Get set... Go Glitter! Easy to handle thanks to its roller ball applicator. Kids can use it on their own and at will! With 90% of natural origin ingredients, its paraben-free and toxic-free formula provides gentle hydration. Dermatologically tested, Body Rollette gladly provides hydration as well as fun.





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New Bath Range Nailmatic KIDS

Bath range including organic soaps for children, with 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin and 80.7% of organic origin, Nailmatic KIDs soaps are Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife. Enriched with shea butter and vegetable glycerin to hydrate and protect delicate skins. Dermatologically tested, vegan and cruelty free.

Each set of 3 available in Coconut/Pineapple, Peach & Raspberry.

Magic Box The magic box is makes bath and pampering time ten times better with: Water-based polish, strawberry rollette lip gloss, Spoutnik colouring and soothing bath bomb, strawberry hair & body foam, organic kids soap, set of tattoos and a balloon!


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Bath Bombs Colouring and soothing bath bomb for kids, add excitement to bath time with the fizz of nailmatic KIDS bath bombs, with relaxing ingredients to sooth and get ready for bed time.




Hair & Body Mousse






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Storage Box


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3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. Having worked in design in New York and Toronto for such high profile companies such as Kate Spade, Barneys New York and Holt Renfrew, they were inspired to create a collection that appealed to both parents and children. Make storing unboring!

Backseat Organiser Bulldog

Hangers Whale Blue

Stroller Organizer Rhino

Hangers Elephant Pink

Bath Storage Shark

Hooded Towel Walrus 50

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Laundry Hamper Penguin

Laundry Hamper Polar Bear

Storage Caddy Owl

Storage Caddy Mouse

Play Mat Bag Whale

Play Mat Bag Fox

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Toy Chest Sheep Nappy Caddy - Owl

Storage Bin - Fox - Cat 52

Hanging Wall Organiser - Giraffe

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Lunch Box

Water Bottle

Sandwich Bag

Snack Bag

Ice Pack

All designs available in Deer, Fox, Bear, Lion and Owl email or call 01383 735134



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abriqué aux Pays-Bas Hecho en los Países Bajos

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We are pleased to welcome on board BiOBUDDi, the first 100% plant-based building block.

BiOBUDDi believe it is possible to play and have fun with toys without harming the environment and we LOVE that idea!


During day to day activities we produce CO2 into the air, Sugar Cane absorbs carbon gas as it grows, reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Animals 27 Pcs

Sugar Cane is grown for many purposes, food, clothing and medecines leaving surplus product. The remains of the Sugar Cane are used by mills as a raw material and transformed into Ethanol. The Ethanol is then used to make Green Polyethylene. The Green PE is used for making BiOBUDDi in The Netherlands. The Products are recyclable. All packaging for BiOBUDDi is made from Recycled Card and BioBased plastic.



27 Pcs

36 Pcs

PLANT-BASED PLANT-BASED a base de plantes a base de plantes plantas a base de plantas


abriquĂŠ aux Pays-Bas Hecho en los PaĂ­ses Bajos

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PLANT-BASED PLANT-BASED a base de plantes


a base de plantes plantas a base de plantas

100 Pcs

Create 100 Pcs

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Hospital 37 Pcs

Police Station 41 Pcs

City Life Ice Cream 27 Pcs

Boutique 29 Pcs

PLANT-BASED PLANT-BASED a base de plantes a base de plantes plantas a base de plantas


abriqué aux Pays-Bas Hecho en los Países Bajos

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PLANT-BASED PLANT-BASED a base de plantes a base de plantes plantas a base de plantas



28 Pcs

Walking 27 Pcs

Forest 27 Pcs

Savanna 11 Pcs

Lagoon Jungle

25 Pcs

27 Pcs

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1 Two Kids brings innovative, unique and niche products to the UK and Ireland markets. To place an order or enquire about becoming a stockist please go to 1 Two Kids Ltd Unit 5, Castle Business Centre Queensferry Road Dunfermline, KY11 8NT 01383 735134

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