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Spring Mid-Term 2013

PAPER ONE Read the theme on the first page to get yourself thinking about what ideas might spring up. I will answer Question A and Question B from two SEPARATE texts!

Question A I will keep in mind WHY the writer has written this piece. I will keep a special eye out for the five languages.

Question B SPAR is crucial Structure – Is it a letter, report, diary entry, speech etc? Purpose – Why are you writing this? Audience – Who are you writing it for? Register – How will you use language in your writing?

I have practiced ____ past exam questions and can complete the answers in 45 minutes.

Composing I know the features of the ‘five languages’ and can write comfortably in them. Narration Information Argument Persuasion Aesthetic

I have looked over previous essays to see what I have done well and what I can improve on. I will PLAN my essay to ensure I can see the road before me!

PAPER TWO Single Text – Macbeth I know the play inside and out. I can write down at least two/three quotes per main point for each topic. I will back up ALL main points with quotes. I WILL NOT summarise the play in my answer!

Characters - Macbeth and Lady Macbeth I know what happens to each character very well. I will keep in mind the characters’ motivations at all times. I can say how the relationship changes in the different phases of the play: -At the beginning -Before and After Duncan’s murder -The Banquet Scene -Lady Macbeth’s Madness and Reaction to her Death

Possible main points to an answer (Can agree or disagree!): Lady Macbeth is the more dominant at the beginning Macbeth is spurred into killing Duncan because of Lady Macbeth, not the witches Macbeth is more dominant after the murder of Duncan The Banquet is the turning point in the relationship Macbeth is more evil than Lady Macbeth as King Macbeth does not show as much remorse as Lady Macbeth towards the end Macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death highlights the great distance between them

Appearance Vs. Reality The Witches’ Prophecies Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s “acting” Malcolm tests Macduff Lady Macbeth’s insanity Macbeth’s reliance on the witches towards the end of the play Kingship Comparison of Duncan and Malcolm (and Edward) to Macbeth Actions taken by Macbeth to become King Actions taken by Macbeth to remain King

The Comparative Study I will COMPARE throughout my answer. I will refer to the QUESTION throughout my answer. I will refer to KEY MOMENTS throughout my answer. Themes and Issues – Relationships Relationships endure despite social class Relationships endure despite separation Relationships are marked by tragedy Relationships are strengthened by common interests Relationships are built up over time Cultural Context Social Class Role of Men Role of Women Political Background

Poetry I know the poems well and can quote two/three important quotes from each poem. Main ideas to study are: Bishop Description to deepen understanding Moments of Insight/ Awareness Plath Power of the Mind Mental Anguish Mahon Pessimistic view of world Role of history and politics Kinsella Personal poems Childhood, old age and death Shakespeare Power of love (romantic and platonic)

Unseen Poetry I WILL NOT forget the Unseen Poetry! I can discuss different poetic terms.

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