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Mission We Inspire, Disrupt and put the SHION in Fashion. Disrupshion is reshaping how the world sees fashion and beauty by radically changing the Fashion industry; The only way up-in-coming creatives know how to -- Our way. Disrupshion was created on the basis of the art of being a creative who is not afraid to be a rule-breaker. What We Do We aim to create a platform for like-minded individuals to have fashion conversations and reach their true potential through showcasing their craft. Disrupshion Magazine is that outlet. Bringing fashion and beauty enthusiast together for one purpose: Disrupshion. Photographers, models, stylist and fashion taste-makers get an opportunity to get published, get heard and do what they love.

Contributor Spotlight Ernest Robinson, has been beating faces for as long as he can remember. He initially started off as a makeup artist but also shows off his skills as a creative director on (Pg.36) As a full-time makeup artist Robinson is not afraid to push the boundaries of beauty. We salute him for his disruption and the way he inspires the beauty industry.


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On The Cover

Photos By: Andrew Sandford Styling By: Angel Neal Hair: Angel Neal & Icelee Mua: Che’Von Ti Headley Stylist Assistant: Icelee Franco Model: Exiana Gordon Wearing: Dress (Ontavia Roulette)



Welcome to the Winter 18’ edition. The first edition of Disrupshion Magazine. These past couple of months have been challenging. This magazine was birthed from a casual conversation with my old college roommate Ariel, (s/o to girl-talk= #BossMoves.) I was just sitting on my journalism degree from FAMU and forgetting that my first love has always been fashion magazines. Well once I got the name, I got the vision and I got to work! Preparing the shoots, securing the talent and content all fell into my lap. I’m thankful for the people who believed in Disrupshion and those who understand why this magazine is necessary. A platform for up-in-coming creatives to showcase their work. Creating this magazine has been a labor of love. After failed rescheduled shoots and a short notice cover change it all worked out. Theres so much more in store for Disrupshion. I want to feature creatives who define the culture of fashion at any given moment, who stir things up. The creatives whose presence shapes the way fashion looks and influences how we see it. Think of this magazine as the most interesting party a person could ever go to. It will take time to make our mark in the publishing world but lets just say you totally want your name on the guest list of this party. So bring out the good shoes and join us as we disrupt and inspire the industry.




In the urban jungle better known as the streets of NYC you can’t go wrong with funky prints and pops of color.

Color Bad

Photographer: Danny Fong : Stylist: Whitley Shari : Model:Tabitha Wolf : MUA: Ernest Robinson




Top: Blake Porter Studio Skirt: Blake Porter Studio Glasses: The Posh Room Shoes: Steve Madden Jewlery: Asos



Top: The Posh Room Bottom: The Posh Room Hat: The Posh Room Purse: Kate Spade Jewlery: The Posh Room



Outfit: Blake Porter Studio Glasses: The Posh Room Shoes: Steve Madden Jewlery: Blake Porter Studio



Top: Kenn Hall Jumpsuit: Kenn Hall Glasses: The Posh Room Shoes: Steve Madden Jewlery: Asos



#Disrupting T IG: @ @darion_famous


IG: @FindingPaola

IG: @darrenwearsitwell

IG: @Blvckd0pe

IG: @Msstarstyles

IG: @Daniellevbarkhausen @Maracas

The Streets Street Style Photos Courtesy of Instagram

IG: @jontaoht

IG: @jasebattiste

IG: @golfpichaya

IG: @chaodix

IG: @style4less23_

IG: @X_Carms


#Disrupting IG: @mirkoedie


IG: @loveless_designs

IG: @aanya.martin

IG: Photo By: @emiliocos ; fashion Disruptors: @Seyon_ @lottie_dionn @simplyjordanarcher @jensonneyens @iconiza101 @thereneharrison

The Streets IG: @Nane.Miller

Street Style Photos Courtesy of Instagram

IG: @richie_rich_for_life

IG: @msbeaux

IG: @Jamisonoht IG: @givenoflamingos

IG: @yoyokulala IG: @williamylvisaker


Miss Selfridge $70 (





Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid $210

DVF $1,700(Net-A-Portercom)

Loeffler Randall $671 (SAKSFIFTHAVENUE.COM)

Three trends to try as the weather transitions from winter to spring. Free People ( $200

Party Aldo $130 (

Pretty Little Thing $75 (

Essentials Revolve $198

Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh $1,035 19 (


Actor. Socialite. Fashion Icon 20

Fashion Talk With Eric West Photographed By: Julianny Casado ; @Ju_Wels Interview By: Angel Neal ; @Angel_Stylistbehavior

Eric West is considered one of films and televisions fastest rising stars in Hollywood, with a wealth and variety of performances to his credit. West has also drew major attention off screen in the fashion world. He’s found front row at every New York Fashion Week and the publishers of GQ and Vogue named him a Style Icon and Innovator. Its safe to say Eric inspires and disrupts any industry he touches. Our EIC caught up with Eric for a Q&A about how fashion has impacted his career. DM: How big of a role does fashion play in your life? EW: Fashion is a part of my everyday life. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve always been inspired by Lenny Kravitz, Tupac and David Bowie’s sense of style. DM: Fashion rules, who really follows them? There meant to be broken. How would you say your style breaks rules? EW: I want to be a rule breaker. I don’t think I’m there yet. However, if its been done before I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m always trying to grow. As well as I’m always humbled when someone calls me their style inspiration. DM: Not to long ago Conde Nast crowned you a style icon. How the hell does that feel? That had to be a major moment for you. EW: Still to this day I am humbled and honored just to be on their radar, its an accomplishment alone. DM: WE, personally love your style as well. Can you give us your top three favorite brands? EW: Givenchy, Todd Snyder and David Hart. DM: What advice would you give to gents who can’t afford designer but want to push the fashion envelope like yourself? EW: Just be yourself. Its not about the cost, its about being your best you. Some of my favorite things are probably the least expensive in my wardrobe.


By. Nyasia Mianda

What is a Fashion Disruptor?

We are here to inspire, create, and above all disrupt the fashion industry. Disrupshion magazine was created to serve as a platform for innovative and out of the box ideas. A place where all creatives are welcome. We strive to go far beyond the traditional views and rules of fashion to create results never before achieved. You’re probably wondering what exactly makes a disruptor. Anyone who sees the line and shamelessly crosses it to showcase a brilliant creation. Be it an outfit or a beauty look, disruptors never fear the thoughts of others, they embrace them with open arms. Disruptors serve as the muses of breaking from the norm. In terms of high fashion think Jean Paul Gaultier, he always pushes the envelope when it comes to high fashion. Whether it’s breaking gender roles by putting a dress on a male model or giving Madonna her infamous cone bra. He doesn’t care about the rules of society or the industry and in spite of these facts he finds success. He creates amazing pieces that are desired by all. For celebrity disruptors examples would be Jaden and Willow smith. The Smith kids inspire us because of their ingenious and fresh style. They have been both seen wearing things that have certainly turned heads and they gladly went on to exemplify what it truly means to be a fashion disruptor. We took to the streets of NYC and Dallas to ask some fly disruptors what it means to them to be a fashion disruptor.

Darius Thomas ; @doyou_dare


“To me, a fashion disruptor is someone who understands fashion and trends and applies them into his/her personal style in a unique and creative way. Oftentimes they unknowingly inspire onlookers or followers. Pharrell, Fabolous, Asap Rocky and Fonzworth Bentley are definitely fashion disruptor’s in my opinion.”

Words(Ariel Boone’ owner of IGaze) Photographed: Kharja Murdock; Wearing “IGaze” @ShopIGaze “Fashion Disruption is finally being accepted today. Rihanna today is a big example of one of those celebrities who can pull off anything. In the eralier years, Lil Kim, Missy E, Aaliyah those ladies pathed the way. A fashion disruptor is someone who can take a fashion risk and make it a widespread phenomon.”


1990’s- 2000

2000’s-2018 The Timeline

*1970s-80’s: Fashion was all about volume, big hair, exaggerated shoulder pads, gold jewelry and pops of color. Madonna & Naomi Campbell were definitely embraced fashion disruptors in this era. *1990’s-2000: Celebrities embraced showing their curves in more skin. Chanel started the craze of all things leather and luxe. Lil Kim bared it all and her iconic looks are at the top of the Halloween costume food chain still to this day. *2000-Today: Welcomed the wave of self expression and breaking fashion rules. Lady Gaga, Comme DE Garcon, Solange, Rihanna and brands like Off-White have created a pleather of fashion street style creativity. Today fashion disruptor’s don’t let the clothes wear them! That is truly something to be inspired by.


Celebrity Fashion Disruptors Words By: Nyasia Miranda

Musicians, athletes, actors,bloggers and celebrity kids,the influencer’s of yesterday and today.

It’s no secret that fashion trends run in cycles, they come and go as they please. The one thing that remains constant are the celebrities that inspire these trends. There are certain celebs that push the limit of fashion and everything society deems it to be. Whether it be outfit or beauty inspiration, we look to them for the hottest new thing. Being able to do so takes a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. We’ve rounded up our top 17 celebrities who do just that to bring you disruptors through the ages. All of these celebrities continue to leave large marks by disrupting the industry. We as disruptors, are a crucial part of the industry. Living and dressing by your own set of rules is what keeps this industry on its toes. Each of these celebrities at one point in time or another have jet-setted trends that to this day we still see. Even Halle Berry with her matching crop top and mini skirt set which is something that’s trending right now. We at Disrupshion magazine anxiously await to see what trends come into cycle this year.



Interview Exclusive 26

Who Is

Eseni Ellington? Photographed By. Anthony Newman Stylist: Angel Neal Interview By: Angel Neal

She has apperared on Bravo’s First Family of Hip Hop, competed as a contestant in the Miss New York Pageant and is the worldwide brand ambassador and the face of Senssationnel Hair. Ellington has no plans of slowing down as she is now dabbling in the world of fashion with her own debut collection dropping this year.

DM: Who is Eseni Ellington? Eseni:Eseni Ellington is one of a kind! I am a full time published model, upcoming actress and entrepreneur. A girl from the Boogie Down Bronx just living my vida loca chasing my goals and dreams. I do what I have to do to take care of my family. I’ve been on a couple of platforms. I ran for Miss New York USA in 2012 and 2014, I starred on Lifetime’s TV show “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns!” I was also on Bravo’s TV show “First Family of Hip Hop.” DM: We’ve saw you on Bravo but we want to know what’s next for Eseni? Eseni: After being on “FFOHH”,I realized I thought I was satisfied with being hungry with my success, but I began to starve for more. I have always wanted to be an actress so I am working on that with acting classes, more in comedy and horror.I am more than just a beautiful face, I’m a comical little bunny. There will be a lot more of Eseni on your screens. I am still figuring out who I am and the deeper I get in tuned with myself, I know that I don’t want to be nobody else but me. Looking back at my mistakes, I fell in love with them because I love learning from it. I never regret anything I do because your best teacher is your mistakes. DM: Although Bravo hasn’t been the first place we’ve seen this face. You’re the campaign face of Sensational hair is that correct? What has that experience been like seeing yourself on billboards and in hair stores? Eseni: Oh wow! Yes Sensational Hair! I love their hair btw! I have to say that I have never felt so blessed working with such a phenomenal team in that company. When I first shot with Sensational Hair, it was supposed to be used just for promo, however I take my craft very serious in everything I do and I gave them my all and they saw my A game.I got a call from a couple of friends shouting with joy telling me my face is on a billboard! I honestly couldn’t believe it! All I kept getting was pictures from people of me on the billboards from all over,


NYC, Miami, LA, The UK and more! The moment I least expected to see myself was the day I finally saw for myself, my face plastered on a HUGE billboard! Once I saw this, I remember tearing in so much joy and knew that God is my homie, he showed and reminded me that he always has my back and the best is yet to come. DM: Word on the street is that you’re tapping into the fashion industry with your debut deigns “E by SENI.” What made you want to create an elegant robe collection? Eseni: E by Seni! This is my baby! The streets are not lying! I have been working on my collection for the past two and a half years! I have always created so many things in my mind but for whatever reason, I have never did anything about it. Not because I was lazy, I didn’t have the faith at the time and the push that I really needed. The day I created my robe collection, I remember just sitting in bed literally doing nothing, and in deep thought I realized I have so much to offer to myself and one of my many creations that I wanted to come true was my robes. I live in elegance, and I want to bring that back for my ladies. I love the feeling of being sexy and classy at all times especially at home and when you’re in the comfort of your home, you don’t want to wear clothes, (well at least not me, major reason behind my idea.I want women to get back into the feel of living like a Queen, the lifestyle of being a Queen which is what we are missing today. DM: When can we expect to be draped in such elegance? Eseni: My robe collection is coming out 2018! I am super excited, it is a huge project that I am doing I really can’t wait to share it with you guys! Trust me honey, when you are draped in it you’re not going to want to take it off, (well depending on what’s going on honey lol!) But even so, you’re really not going to want it off. DM: How do you feel when people say you’re just a pretty face? We know you started doing beauty pageants at 28 a young age. How do you show them

different? Eseni:I don’t take any offense to it because people are entitled to say what they want.I know I am beautiful, I know that, but with people telling me that, I don’t get gassed by it, it doesn’t tickle my fancy. I was never told that to my face directly because I made it my duty to show I am more than that. When I became much serious about my career at the age of 18, I competed for pageants, your “pretty face” isn’t the goal to win the crown. My intelligence spoke for itself, how I carried and represented myself made me where I am today. The wiser I became, the less I thought beauty had anything to do with my appearance. DM: How does your Latina and Guatemalan roots influence your fashion? Is that where the sex appeal comes from? Eseni: Being raised in the Latin

community has influenced my fashion in many ways. I didn’t grow up having expensive clothing, we weren’t poor but my brothers and I were taught to make whatever we had work. The clothes didn’t make me who I am, I made the clothes. That’s why today I don’t have to necessarily wear all “Name Brand” clothing in order to look good. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love to be draped in designer which I love going to my closet for from time to time lol, however, fashion is what you make it. As far as my sex appeal, I got it from my momma lol. I love my Latina spice lol! DM: You grew up in the Bronx, how has New York made you the woman you are today? Eseni: One of the many things I am grateful for is growing up in the Bronx. I am not ashamed of where I come from, never was. I grew up in the slums, but I always knew what I wanted for myself that’s why I never got caught up. Growing up around a loit of boys, I learned to have a mind of hustler. My mom always made sure we was sheltered and unassociated with the negativity from the neigborhood. DM: Here at Disrupshion Magazine we like to break fashion rules. How would you describe your personal style? Do you occasionally break rules? Eseni: My personal style is straight forward, wearing whatever makes

me look good okay! I am really not a picky person when it comes to fashion. Everyone that knows me if I can wear a gown everywhere I go, I will lol. I love, love the sophistication look. Put it like this, If I can go back in time let’s say the 50’s 60’s and you see how they all dressed up, that’ll be me in a gown with diamonds on. And yes, I break the rules in fashion all the time for example they say you can’t

wear white after fall, my question to that is where and in what bible does it state that? None that I have read, that is why I wear whatever I want and whenever, I paid for it! DM: Is there a person that inspires you in fashion? Eseni: There a few people I admire and get inspired by their fashion. To name some, Serbian Pop Star Jelena Karleusa, everyone knows her by “Karleusastar” If I can invade anyone’s closet it would be hers, no doubt and Marjorie Harvey’s too.

DM: For all of the ladies out there struggling to find time to chase their dreams, how do you balance a full time job and pursuing your acting and modeling career? Eseni: Everything I do is a full time job, I had to consume it that way in order to have it my mind that it all needs to be done. Work never stops. Passion is 24/7. I work for what I want because its not going to fall

in my lap. I have to be hungry for it so that’s why I hustle and work like I’m starving. It’s slap to God’s face if I was to give up, that is not an option for Eseni Ellington.

Follow Eseni on Instagram: @EseniEllington




Milan ease: 7 key collections we are lusting over from the Autumn/Winter shows from January 2018.

Fendi Shearling and mink — two mainstays of the collection. The show was heavy on utilitarian pieces for the modern flier. Venturini Fendi collaborated with artist Glaswegian graphic specialist Reilly. Fendi’s iconic print appeared on shearlingedged, diagonal quilt technicalwear and accessories including the hands-free, headstrap-attached mini umbrellas that were among the coolest accessories in a collection packed to bursting with flair and wit. Dolce & Gabanna A collection titled “King’s Angels” was nothing short of amazing. The collection showcased a competitively street regal and unstintingly extravagant flair. The signature gold-brocaded tailcoats over slim pin-striped pants were our favorite of the collection. Emporio Armani Catering to the millennials today, the loose layering and easy lines of streetwear are heavy impacting menswear fashion today. This collection was filled with shrunken silhouettes and fun prints. Neil Barret Neil does a great job exploring themes of military uniform, office wear, and even motocross. The over-arching look was one was which was both industrial and orderly with the appearance of trench coats, leather gun flaps, knits, and camouflage. Moschino Blurring gender lines, the collection incorporated corseting and S&M bondage material. There was also a lot of skin, with Scott taking his shears to tailoring that hung from the shoulders using suspender systems like bra straps.


Fendi A/W 2018

Dolce & Gabbana A/W 20


Emporio Armani /W 2018

Neil Barrett A/W 2018

Moschino A/W 2018


* t I d e Nail

Do you want statement Mani’s without the commitment? #SecureTheNailBed

Try Press on nails*


3 1 4

5 Press on nails designs are avaliable in your customized size by nail designer Iman Gabrielle. Sugar Baby Supply also sells fun glitters to compliment your nails and makeup looks.

#1 Clean

#2 Art

Keeping it classic and For the creative and girly. This look goes bold woman who likes with everything. Taking her nails to stand out. If you from the office to you want your nails to happy hour. A classy red be conversation starters manicure is always a stand aim for some swavorski out basic. crystals.


#3 Glamourous

#4 #5 Sexy

If you’re opting for something classic yet edgy a silver gel finish will What woman dosen’t love to sparkle and shine? always do the trick. What This style is not only for is more Queen like than special occassions but can your nailbeds glistening in hologram gold and chrome be worn year round. silver?

SpyingOn The Runway


Marzi, $40 CZ Belt Buckle Omega Clip Earrings $30 BLINGJEWELRY.COM

2 Accessory Edit 3


4 5

3.1 Phillip Lim $600 saksfifthavenue. com



La dame With a color that makes a bold statement year round, light fashion fire this season, go RED.

en rouge


Photographer: Dani B, @dvn1b : Creative Director/Stylist/MUA: Ernest Robinson, @erob3me : Model: Sandra Woodley, @itzsandrawoodley


Top: Asos Skirt: Nastygal Boots: Aldo Jewlery: Asos



Top: RiverIsland Pants: Zara Boots: Dr.Marten Jewlery: Asos



Top: Zara Pants: Zara



Exiana Meet Exiana, “the model who has up next!”

Photographer Andrew Sandford Stylist Angel Neal Hairstylist: Angel Neal Make-Up Artist: Che’Von Ti Headley Stylist Assistant: Icelee Franco

Exiana unsigned and untamed. This upcoming Afro-Russian model is anything but basic. Breaking out into the fashion world the only way she knows how to, disruptively. Exiana, birth name Alexus Gordon caught the eye of our creative director at a test shoot in the spring of 2017. Since their meeting Exiana has been published in varies magazines and will be walking in her first ever audition for New York Fashion Week this spring. She shows no signs of slowing down, rapidly becoming one of the industry’s most hidden gems. We chatted with Exiana about her fashion inspirations and where she wants to take her modeling career next.



DM: Why did you choose to pursue modeling? Exiana: Honestly, growing up in my household as an only child I kind of had no choice but to be behind the camera. My mother was obsessed with taking millions of photos of me. I kind of just grew into myself and realized this is something I wanted to do. DM: What challenges and achievements have you had so far? Exiana: This career is not all fun in games. I mean it is fun but you have to put the work in effort into it. I’ve signed with agencies that have took my money and disappeared on me. Overtime you just learn the business, but if you’re really into it like I am you just have to take your career into your own hands. I’m not an expert, but I do know a lot, I’ve been published and I’ve did it on my own. When I’m in front of the camera I’m on top of the world, I can do anything. DM: Do you have a favorite shoot or project that you have worked on? Exiana: My favorite shoot today would have to be my shoot with skinBUTTR by Tatiana Elizabeth Price. That was such an amazing shoot there was just so many women there with so many different shades of color and sizes. To be surrounded by so many empowered women who push themselves each day, it inspired me to want to work harder. DM: When you’re not modeling what do you like to do in your spare time? Exiana: I went to Laguardia arts for dance, I love to dance. Ballet, modern, tap and hip-hop. Of course I love shopping and I’m obsessed


with the gym and working out. I love children in fact I actually teach an after school dance program to the youth. DM: If you could do a photoshoot with any model who would it be and why? Exiana: I can’t really pick one. Top choice would definitely be Slick Woods, 100%. Her vibe, style just everything is so different. I would love to challenge myself and get into her character. Second choice would have to be Ugly Worldwide. She’s just so different. They both are far from what I’ve seen in the industry. They don’t care what people think, they are who they are and I love that. Always stepping outside the box playing with movement and their energy is just amazing. I’d just love to be apart of that. DM: What are your three wardrobe essentials? Exiana: My Louis Vuitton backpack, I take it everywhere with me. Sneakers, I just love them. Lately chokers, there my obsession. DM: You’re showing no signs of slowing down. What career goals do you have for 2018? Exiana: I’m hoping to secure management or sign with a agency. In addition to starting a Youtube channel about fitness and fashion. Overall I just want to continue to work with young new creatives. DM: Being unsigned hasn’t stopped you from landing published gigs and walking in NYFW. Do creatives usually come to you first? Exiana: The power of social media, it can make or break your career. A lot of photographers dm

me and I’ll do the same to people I want to work with. I’m willing to take the risk and reach out to people, the worst they can say is no. When you want something so bad you’ll go to any limit to get it. DM: How do you prepare for shoots? Exiana: I like to practice in the mirror. I have to practice my movements. I never want to get on set and feel uncomfortable. Once I’m given the moodboard I look for

inspiration. DM: What advice can you give to other aspiring models? Exiana: Be your true self. Love yourself. There are a million other people in the world but theres only one you. Don’t compare yourself. I know in this industry you’re going to get compared by default, but know who you are. Being in an industry where as Caucasian women sort of rule it can be intimidating for some people. The more you believe you can conquer all the more others will believe and support your purpose. Never give up on your self growth. DM: Who is Exiana? Exiana: A brand, a fighter. She is who I am behind the camera, and shes here for a purpose. She’s not here to play games, she’s here to take over. Who is Exiana exactly, well thats for you to find out.



Dress: Ontavia Roulette Top: Darkest Star Fan: Louis Vuiton Jews: Alberta Ferretti Shoes:Nordstrom



Top: Darkest Star Chain Bra: Friday By Friday Jeans: Frankie Shoes: Public Desire Jewlery: Asos



Top: SNJCO Bottoms: SNJCO Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Jewlery: Balmain



Top: Darkest Star Chain Bralette: Friday By Friday Skirt: Topshop Runway Jewlery: Nastygal


Dress: Ontavia Roulette Belt Top: Dollskill Chocker: Dollskill Shoes: Asos



Trends We Want to see this Coachella 2018 MexiCali Taking fashion pointners from fashions most savy senoritas. Bold colors and traditonal patterns underscore a deep appreciation for a wondorously rich culture. Animal prints, floral motifs and festive inspiration from Frida Kahlo the highest priestess of eccentric style.

Urban Chic Maybe she’s from NYC or by way Chicago. Shes edgy, loves rap music and luxury streetwear designers. She’s not a tomboy but prefers sneakers over heels and a designer backpack rather than a clutch.

The Coachella Trend 58

Boho Cowgirl Bohemian chic with a twist. Just think Jhene Aiko meets Jessica Simpson. Tweed and frills and country charm. COACHELLA perennially kicks off festival season and with Beyonce headlining this years fest its safe to say the festival attendees style will defnitely be in formation. We have a couple months until its music festival season—but Coachella is also the place where performers, celebs, and super-stylish concert-goers alike debut their warm-weather looks (including beauty!). So if I were you I’d get a head start on my shopping. Now is the time to lock down your looks for the fashionable fest. To offer up a little specific outfit inspiration, our EIC created these looks and trends to add some spice to your fest style.

Cheat Sheet


Bloo Sh

Stylist/Creative Director: Ecka’Gee Photographer: Luis Cuevas Model: Shereena Delgado

Stylist/Creative Director: Ecka’ Gee Photographer: Luis Cuevas Model: Shereena Delgado


ody hoeS 61

Jacket: Ecka’ Gee Bottoms: Love J Boots: Pleaser



Bloody Shoes No there not your average Christian Louboutins. These shoes are for the fashion fierce women born to walk into a room without uttering a word and turn heads.



Are You #Disrupting The Streets? We’re looking for streetstyle stars. Submit your best streetstyle photos to be featured in our next issue. Find Out more information on


Disrupshion Magazine  

Bringing fashion and beauty enthusiast together for one purpose: Disrupshion. We Inspire, Disrupt and put the SHION in Fashion. Disrupshion...

Disrupshion Magazine  

Bringing fashion and beauty enthusiast together for one purpose: Disrupshion. We Inspire, Disrupt and put the SHION in Fashion. Disrupshion...