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My Architectural Vocabulrary All Projects 2007 - 2014

Lee so Jeong Master of Architecture in Ajou Univ. Suwon Korea +82 10 . 7515. 2359

SPECIAL THANKS TO To my Family for your all love and support Mom , Father , Brother and my dear dog Boksil

To my Friends for your kindness Min jung , Su jin , Ki jung and my love Gabriel

To AJOU University for teaching Prof. Jeon you chang Prof. Kim Sung Wook

To aDlab+ Companies for your camradeship Hae Jun , Sung Woo , Sang jin , Bi -a , Jin young

So jeong , Lee H.P +82 . 010 . 7515 . 2359 Email Add Date of Birth 1986 . 07 . 27 Add 301-504 , Donghwamaeul , Dong hwa-ri ,Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong ,Gyeonggido , Korea

Education Kyung An High School 2002 . 03 ~ 2005 . 02 Bachelor of Architecture in AJOU Univ. 2007 . 03 ~ 2012 . 12 Master of Architecture in AJOU Univ. Graduate School 2013 . 03 ~ Present

Extra Acticvity 신동아종합건설 화성국민체육센터 건설현장 캐드기사 2009 . 05 ~ 2009 . 11

서영엔지니어링 삼성전자 화성사업장 건설현장 그래픽 담당 2010 . 07 ~ 2009 . 08

CanadaWood W_Pavillion3 Workshop 2012.07~2012.08

Award & Honor Special Mention 2011.11

Gawngju Urban Regeneration Competition

2nd Prize 2012.06

AJOU Univ. Graduate Architectural Exhibition

1st Prize 2013.03

Seoul Guro-gu, Guro 5 dong Kindergarten Competition with OWOL (cf. Professional Work)

2013년 대한건축학회 춘계학술발표대회 우수발표논문상 2013.04

1st Prize 2013.09

KOICA, Uzbekistan SamarkantVocational Training Center Competition with HS&K (cf. Professional Work)

Honorable Mention 2014.10

International Competition from DACC ( Gymnasium Design)

Technical Skill Auto Cad

V - ray

Photoshop cs6

Rhinoceros 3D

Key Shot

Illustrator cs6


Atlantis Studio

Indesign cs6


Sketch - Up

Power Point

10 - 17 Dilation _ Citizen’s Gymnaisum 18 - 31 Layering _ Another Skin House

Contents 2007. 03 ~ 2014. 09

This book is filled with all my story for 7years

32 - 41 Revival _ Culture Factory 42 - 51 Communion _ Purina Fragship Store 52 - 61 Experiment _ Digital Cube 64 - 73 Colourful _ PunchBowl with shine , Sky, Playing 74 - 81 Stacking _ W Pavilion 3 84 - 95 Network _ Silence Network 96 - 107 Conversation _ BLING BLING 108 - 115 Skyscraper _ Healing Wave 116 - 125 Healing _ Take your Time 126 - 133 Relationship _ Groupy Lounge 134 - 141 Rib Structure _ Rib Structure 142 - 141 Rib Structure _ Rib Structure

Graduated Projects 2012.07 ~ 2014 . 09 / Total 2 years , 4 Semesters , 3 Studios

2012. 07 Nano House Design 2012. 09 Daegu Gosan Library Competition 2012. 11 Kazakhstan Astana Hanlyk Bank with HS&K 2013. 03 Advanced Digital Design : Digital Cube 2013. 09 Advnaced Architecture Studio : Flagship Store 2013. 10 Space Prize for International Students 2014. 02 YAC Competition 2014. 03 Advanced Architecture Studio 2 : Minimun House 2014. 09 Daegu Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium Competition

Citizen’s Gymnasium


[NOUN] to become or to make something larger, wider or more open

Dilation of Time_Gymnasium Design

Professional Competition from DACC / Autumn 2014/ Honorable Mention Role : Plan Design & 3D Works & Diagram / Team Project( 6 members ) Notation : Citizen’s Gymnasium Design Location : Korea , Daegu , Dalsung Gun Critic : NONE

Program Concept Fundamentally, this project pursues to make not only an ‘enliven space’ where people can exercise and feel comfortable, but also a ‘universal space’ where people can rest and walk in anytime whether games on or not. So we designed ‘slow’ program around (somewhere overlap) such as exhibition, walking track and park even though gymnasium is main purpose. If you stop and look around, you can feel peace wherever you are.

New citizen’s gymnasium enliven and universal space

Intro Time, sometimes became absolute meaning what makes event in the space. It can be messy, calm, and joyful within their lifetime. Simultaneously, people also manage their time to achieve meaningful life. People used to consume very short time for hurry work, and/or they would like to spend quality family time enough, leisure, for example. In this context, we can think that time ‘interact’ with people and architecture to manipulate as a medium. Then, we let time and space mix together, letting the medium take control in the way that make this project useful to people who visit this site.

Limpidjung Portfolio 12

SIte Plan

Two way to approch site

Gymnasium within path

Synchronicity / Causality There are two main entrance for different purposes - one is for people who want to take a walk at the park or passing through toward sport complex (Northside of site), and the other for people who are willing to exercise or watch game. This division comes from three masses which are all connected below ground level. Westside building greets people at cafe who pass by and make direct link to the court. Northside building is commonly for people who want to use daily sport facility. And also members are easy to use courtyard which is connected membership club room. Court space of main building has possibility to connect other buildings for multipurpose. And stand seat area is consisting of dynamic levels and encountered boxes which are for outside people. It means you can see the inside during a walking, biking and running. Also penetrated path upon seat area blur boundary of space and give unusual dynamics. Typical relation stand seat and outside

Interlaced stand seat area and outside space

My architecture Vocabulary : Dilation 13

2F Plan Drawing

1F Plan Drawing 1. Main lobby & information desk 2. Gymnasium lobby 3. Multi-purpose gymnasium 4. Cafeteria & rest space 5. Athletes waiting room (male) 6. Athletes waiting room (female) 7. Membership club 8. Yoga room 9. Aerobic room 10. Daily sports facility 11. Physical examination room 12. Preparation room 13. Stage 14. Parking lot



10 ENT 9 7


1. Stair hall 2. Cafeteria 3. Outside terrace 9 4. Stand seats 5. Area for disabled 6. Pocket garden 7. Gallery 8. Member’s area + Exhibition hall 9. Office 10. Outside stage

8 7

6 5 1



4 5 6


13 3

2 3 1 12


10 10

Monolithic / Motion In addition to that, manipulation of morphological and materialistic methodologies attempts to reflect the equilibrium of ambivalent perception from mixed program and site’s geographical advantage between huge sport complex and residence area. Differ to side masses, main gymnasium covered with vertical louver that carried out by parametric adjustment. It pursues to address the benefit of co-existence between efficient natural energy saving system and sight sense through usage of 2D pattern derived from motion and 2D pattern with depth to represent dynamism. This elevation arouse ambiguous images of building which are massive cornerstone of sports complex in a macro scale and transparent wall projecting inside activities of gymnasium in a micro scale. Parametric adjustment

Static - regular pattern

Limpidjung Portfolio 14

Variable perception by distance to object

Dynamic - gradient pattern






Section Detail Drawing

Natural ventilation and lighting

South Elevation

EPDM over sloped insulation Roofing membrane Rigid foam Insulation Vapor barrier Roofing fiber board Metal decking Steal beam Thermal insulation Metal channel PTD Gypsum board Wood acoustic ceiling panel

West Elevation

Wooden louver solar shading system Aluminum window frame with Double insulated glass Window film sun protection Motorized solar control shades

Section Drawing (longitudinal)

Solar shading louver system

1. Cafeteria (2nd floor/2) 2. Lounge (1st floor/2) 3. Public announcement booth 4. Atheltes waiting seat 5. Stage 6. Gallery 7. Fitness room 8. Aerobic room 9. Corrido 10. Stand seat 11. PIT 12. Multi purpose gymnasium

1 3 5 2


Natural ventilation

9 6

10 7



11 4




My architecture Vocabulary : Dilation 15

The Ambiguities of Medium After all, mediating mixed program with sight sense cause irregular experience of this project. It is ironic, in a sense, because accidental event and well-formed path are being on same space. Again, causality of architectural system is necessary for efficient use in a program’s point of view. But, we can say “synchronicity� is truly required for this sort of special facility although they are all interlinked through seemingly managed program for daily use.

Limpidjung Portfolio 16

My architecture Vocabulary : Dilation 17

Limpidjung Portfolio 18

Smallest House

Lay 路er路ing

[NOUN] A layer of a material or substance is a quantity or piece of it that covers a surface or that is between two other things

Another Skin House Advanced Architecture / Spring 2014 / Housing, Garden Role : Individual Works

Location : Korea , Hwasung , Bongdam Notation : Dwelling for one design Critic : Prof. Kwon Hyung Pyo ( Headmanage of BAU Architect )

About Layering in house I thougth Layering in house is emotion from combination of different symbols. It reminds me of my mother’ life

Main Theme 우리는 어떤 건축물 안에서든 끊임없이 지속된 공간의 중첩에 의도적으로 노출되어 있다. We are exposed to constantly continuous layerings of space in any architecture by implication. In architecture, layering can compose another abundant space. It can build the 3rd boundary with different kind of material, scale, and also lights.Through the layering system ( on space , elevation or anything ) , we can have unexpected experience thanks to various architecutre elements.

Limpidjung Portfolio 20

Main Material for layering: Wire Mesh In this house , mesh frame that cover with main concreat mass like gift wrap offers private gardens and hidden garden on roof. With this , there can be programs in garden of house.

Selected Site 211 Wau-ri, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Publicly Notified Individual Land Price(per/m2) 500,000 won (2013 / 01) Land Use Zoning Natural green area & Semi - residential area etc Consideration Flight safety zone

Dear . My Mother How can i make my mother satisfied ? She wants to have large garden compared to small scale. What she required is... “30평이라면 15평은 집이고 15평은 마당이었으면 좋겠어” “마당하고 실내하고 일직선으로 연결되었으면 좋겠어” “주방하고 뒷쪽 마당이 같이 쓰일 수 있으면 해” “꽃을 많이 심을 수 있는 곳이 있으면 좋을 것 같아” “조용히 책도 읽고 정원도 가꾸고.. 그런게 좋아”

Urban Context Diagram Seleted site is developing region nearby seoul. It still has many of farmlands even if there are new build aprtment complex closed by. This situation gives us complicated context, and it can be defined as dinamic layers of many of folds. In this site, the house is installed at edge of site as possible as it can because it needs some kind of buffer zone or layer-can be called empty space-.

My architecture Vocabulary : Layering 21

Wire Mesh Concept Sketch

Biotic Design Studio _ Cloud Terrace

Space in another space. Wiremesh wraping house mass can be caused unique atmosphere, extra program and unexpected space. Outside is not just outside thanks to another skin made of wiremesh

Limpidjung Portfolio 22

Development of Plan Composition

Model Study

First of all, I thought proper space area is more important than house size as minimum hosue. But this house should be reduced as two mass because of garden made by wiremesh for maxmizing this house concept. This diagram can show how I designed to minimize whole house size and graden .

I want my mother to decorate garden with many kinds of plants. So I designed pocket gardens around house mass to approach easily. In this way, she can see garden or outside everywhere in this house.

Plan Study 1 Three masses divided each other have another program naturally and make outside or garden get architectural space.

Plan Study 2 It reduce one mass for minimizing house size and I try to install wiremesh garden for layering concept.

Plan Study 3 House size is smaller and smaller as much as it can be. And inner garden also minimize in attaching to house closely.

My architecture Vocabulary : Layering 23

Drawing Name. 1F Plan

Sclae 1 / 100

Plan Program 1. Entrance 2. Kitchen & Dinning 3. Bed Room 4. Bath Room 5. Dress Room 6. Toilet 7. Machinary Poket 8. Inner Garden 1 9. Hidden Garden 10. Inner Garden 2




2 5

8 7


6 9

Limpidjung Portfolio 24

Drawing Name. Section Drawing

Sclae 1 / 100 Key Map

Program 1. Kitchen & Dinning 2. Hidden Garden 3. Roof Garden 3



Interior Mood When my mother looking at outside in this house, she probably can see scene beyoun wiremesh. I thought It is really unique scene and whole new experience. And also in day, thanks to infiltrating shadow of wiremesh , my mother can feel peculiar atmosphere. In additional, I want to design white wall and wood floor for neat interior .

My architecture Vocabulary : Layering 25

Drawing Name. Section Drawing2

Sclae 1 / 50

Program 1. Bed Room 2. Computer area 3. Inner Garden 4. Toilet 5. Roof Garden




2 1

Limpidjung Portfolio 26

Urban Interactive Idea The house in wiremesh box can change at day & night through light and window. It could be looked like lanthorn in this city. And also it has refletion to inner light or sunshine because of wiremesh & white colour exterior material. This effect cause to emphsize concept of house _layering

Elevation Detail Drawing ( 1 : 8 )

Day View

Night View

For avoiding to get shadow on this house, I design detail of window as flat shape as much as possible. This design can give space beside window which is able to put stuff or flowers. This gesture can be another element to decorate interior and give convenience for arrangement

My architecture Vocabulary : Layering 27

Wire Mesh Figure Plan & Elevation This elevation will contriute fatasitc atmosphere to space of house. It can give not noly just mood but also designation of th outside and roof program. Moreover there will be green effects by reason of many kind of vegetation plated on this wire mesh

South Elevation

Limpidjung Portfolio 28

West Elevation

Northt Elevation

East Elevation


상세도 A

2'*4' 고강도 방수 목재패널 2T/M 투수쉬트 THK 80 무근 CON'C THK 0.03 P.E필름 2겹 THK 80 압출법 보온판 {가등급} THK10 방수층보호재 THK2 우레탄 시트 복합방수


X4 900









상세도 A


단면도 1







THK20 금속패널 R700




1150 1



200 11



상세도 A


Material Section Detail Because this program is house , It is important to maintain proper temperature for healthy and saving energy . And for shining elevation , I use bunch of tiny tile on the finish exterior.

상세도 A 600

THK5 지정타일 THK10 몰탈마감 2'*4' 고강도 방수 목재패널 THK5 에쉬망 2T/M 투수쉬트 THK 80 무근 CON'C THK120 보온단열재 THK 0.03 P.E필름 2겹 THK 80 압출법 보온판 {가등급} THK10 방수층보호재 THK200 철근 CON'C

고강도 방수 목재패널 (20*140*500) THK 80 무근 시멘트 몰탈 2T/M 투수쉬트 THK 45 배수판

THK2 우레탄 시트 복합방수

THK10 시멘트 몰탈

침투성 방수


상세도 A THK10 자기질타일



4196 3796


5200 2'*4' 고강도 방수 목재패널 430 2T/M 투수쉬트 THK 80 무근 CON'C 3800 THK 0.03 P.E필름 2겹 THK 80 압출법 보온판 {가등급} THK10 방수층보호재


THK20 금속패널

My architecture Vocabulary : Layering 29

Site Plan Model This site is so enormous that minimum house dosen’t proper because apartments that are different kind of scale diametrically. I intentionally didn’t design other remained site for focucing on figure of warped house with wiremesh. This house is put on site near edge of site for avoiding loss of house’s existence in spite of minimum size in urban context with overpower from apartment. This house will get infulence against size and be more outstanding than other buildings

Limpidjung Portfolio 30

Green Wall Elevation

Wiremesh as Green Box with Ivy WIremesh has advantage to make ivy grow during all 4 seasons. This make overall mood like secret garden with fantastic atmosphere. And also in environmetal friendly situation, It is clear to help saving energy . Because wiremesh can give bumper area on this house and adjust shadow . I wish my mother will plant beautiful flowers or tree and enjoy them. These Ivy will change their faces in every seasons and give pleasure to people with knowing to pass the time.

Green Wall Elevation

My architecture Vocabulary : Layering 31

Limpidjung Portfolio 32

Building Reconstruction


[NOUN][oft N of n] When there is a revival of something, it becomes active or popular again.

Culture Factory

International Competition from YAC/ Winter 2014 / Auditorium , Craft Room , Exhibition Hall Role : Individual Works

Location : Italy, Bologna , Quarto Inferlore Notation : Renovation Project Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP)

Competition Theme

Main Idea >>> Insert Battery

Architectural quest doesn’t simply resolve itself nor in a stylish,nor a functional, nor an economic nor a technological answer.A genuine architectural answer comes through making apatchwork of all those issues, where designer manages to blend and structure them together with sensibility and control. YAC aims to promote contemporary projects that embody atemporal and personal approach to architectural space. Idea is the keyword, Architecture is the answer and project is themedium through which intuition transforms into concrete reality.

Mentioned on intro, we initate a reform of urban remains with a concise style likewise giving fuel or food to breakdown machines and living things, the way to revive deadspace in city also can have same answer “Put energy resources into space” usually resources neeeded for space is using by people. Although , it’s really universal ideas, we solved this project by using common idea, but especially forcusing more on group than people.


Turning off Building

Turning on Building

Program Algorithm >>> International Camp Program Suggesting architectural program is “ CAMP “ every month or periodically, give opportunity to camp for sculpture, technical art, architect, painting , etc. specific suggetion is camp for open seminar or global competition

Site Story The site covers a former industrial park near Bologna’s city center in Italy. The builidng was designed in the 70s by Arch.Pierluigi Cervellati. The construction features a tight bond between architetural quality and functional standards : elegant, bright spaces and rich green areas give extraordinary peculiarities to this above the average factory. To channel design proposals within the owner’s desires and legislative boundaries, a list of restrictions and prescriptions follows.

Limpidjung Portfolio 34


Production Area


Step 1


Analysis Existing Building

Volume One corecore

Step 1



core Volume One

Volume One core


Volume One

Packaging Area Volume Two

Building Volume & Program Three Volume Two

Building Volume & Program

Packaging Area Service Area

Building Volume & Program


Building Volume & Program CORE

Step 2 CORE

Establish Concept of Space CORE Various Hierarchy Gride Line Public Space Zone

Craft Box

Various Hierarchy Gride Line

Insert Battery Boxes for Vitality 

Public Space Zone Camp Program Zone

Divide and Set Program

Camp Program Zone

Step 3

Divide and Set Program

Step 3 Divide and Set Program


To get a new architectural view of existing building, site analysis is essential . One of Step 3 the main issue if this project is renovation, so when it comes to site analysis, it is different from others. In this case, Divide and Set Program analysis of the exisiting structure and spacial composition can be a site analysis. One of the main character that the factory has is using a large space. Large space like this is optimized to working, which is not to experience cultre. So we are trying to add the building’s internal spacial tension by organizing small spaces into the large space. Another charater of the existing building is that the control room for managers is the place where you can see the total internal view of factory.

Auditorium & Cafeteria

Make Zoning for Efficiency

Divide and Set Program Public Space Zone


Camp Program Zone

Camp Program Zone

Multipurpose Space Craft Box

Zone Insert Battery Boxes for Vitality  Craft Box Camp Program Zone

Craft Box Make Zoning for Efficiency Zone Office Zone Public Space Zone Office Zone

Multipurpose Space

Multipurpose Craft Box Space

Make Zoning for Efficiency

Camp Program Zone Make Zoning for Efficiency Office

Service Area Servic ce Area

Design Process.

Craft Box

Public Space Zone

Public Space Zone

Multipurpose Auditorium & Cafeteria Space

Set En

Set En

Main Ent Office Ent

Insert Battery Boxes for Vitality  Auditorium & Cafeteria

Auditorium Ent

Set En

Office Ent Main Ent Set Entrance along Exterior 

Auditorium & Cafeteria

Set Entrance along Exterior  Office Ent

Hostel Auditorium & Cafeteria Hostel

Set Entrance along Exterior 

Set Program Along Zoning

Expand V

Hostel Set Program Along Zoning

Expand V

Set Program Along Zoning

Expand V

Hostel Auditorium & Cafeteria Hostel

Set Program Along Zoning Multipurpose Space

Auditorium Ent

Auditorium Ent


Service Area Servic ce AreaServic Service Area ce Area

Step 3


Multipurpose Insert Battery Boxes for Vitality  Space Office

Various Hierarchy Gride Line

Step 3


Service Area Servic ce Area

Divide and Set Program Various Hierarchy Gride Line


Step 3

Auditorium Ent

Insert Battery Boxes for Vitality 

Service Area Servic ce Area Service Area Servic ce Area

Establish Concept of Space

Relationship with Exterior Space

Main Ent Insert Battery Boxes for Vitality Auditorium Ent CORE CORE CORE

Various Hierarchy Gride Line CORE




Various Hierarchy Gride Line

Step 2

Relationship with Exterior Space Auditorium Ent


Building Structre Grid & Core

Step 2



Service Area

Establish Concept of Space


Relationship with Exterior Space

Volume Three

Step 2

Establish Concept of Space


Building Volume & Program

Building Structre Grid & Core Establish Concept of Space

Establish Concept of Space


Volume Three


Step 2


Service Area

Volume Packaging Area




Volume Three

Service Area

Volume One

Packaging Area Service Area

Building Volume & Program

Building Structre Grid & Core

Building Structre Grid & Core

Step 2

Volume Three

Volume Two


core core

Step 1 Analysis Existing Building



Analysis Existing Building


Service Area

Building Structre Grid & Core Production Area

core core core

Packaging Area Volume Volume Two

Building Structre Grid & Core core

Analysis Existing Building

Production Area



Volume Two Packaging Area


core core

Analysis Existing Building

Step 1

Volume One

Production Area core core

Step 1

Volume Two

Production Area


Analysis Existing Building

Step 1

Production Area




Expand Vitality Boxes to Exterior 

Zone Make Zoning for Efficiency

Set Program Along Zoning

Expand Vitality Boxes to Exterior 

Make Zoning for Efficiency

Set Program Along Zoning

Expand Vitality Boxes to Exterior 

My architecture Vocabulary : Revival 35

Battery Varation Our Interpretation for the word “ Arctive culture space “ emphasized in competition list as below. First of all, ‘Circulation’ is neede to make “active culture space “ this idea is not just visual movement of people but various exchanging between diverse group. Secondly , pursing varicosity by planing culture center. Program “CAMP” is kind of acivity get along with different character of people, this is essential concept of CAMP. This program can ve expected to periodically new concept into rigid building. at last we suggest building can be customized. Actually we expect people who use this camp program are not only foreigner but also regional people.

Small Size Battery

Midium Midium Size Size Battery Battery Midium Size Battery

A. Closure Type 9,000




5,000 5,000



4,500 4,500

Spot to meet

1. Battery Program

1. Battery Program

: Craft Room / Private WorkSpace

: Gallery / Experience Space / Exhibition

2. Outside Program

2. Outside Program

: Freezone / Meeting Area / Rest Spot

: Exhibition / Meeting Area

1. Battery 1. Battery Program Program : Craft : Craft Room Room / Private / Private WorkSpace WorkSpace 1. Battery Program : Craft Room / Private WorkSpace

2. Outside 2. Outside Program Program : Freezone : Freezone / Meeting / Meeting AreaArea / Rest / Rest SpotSpot 2. Outside Program : Freezone / Meeting Area / Rest Spot

Limpidjung Portfolio 36

1. Battery 1. Battery Program Program : Play : Play Space Space / Ballroom / Ballroom / Meeting / Meeting AreaArea 1. Battery Program : Play Space / Ballroom / Meeting Area

5,000 5,000



18,000 9,000 9,000 13,500 13,500 9,000



B. Open Type

Large Large Size Size Battery Battery Large Size Battery 18,000 18,000

My architecture Vocabulary : Revival 37

Proposed Siteplan

Limpidjung Portfolio 38

1F Plan ( 1:600 )

2F Plan ( 1:600 )

1. Lobby & Lounge 2. Play Station 1 3. Craft Room 4. Seminar / Mini Theater 5. Play Station 2 6. Open Library 7. Open Auditorium 1 8. Open Auditorium 2 9. Mini Garden 10. Office 11. Office Lobby 12. Meeting Area

1. Craft Room 2. Sub Lobby 3. Meeting Area 4. Seminar / Mini Theater 5. Exhibition Hall 6. Open Auditorium 1 7. Open Auditorium 2 8. Data Room 9. Office

3F Plan ( 1:600 ) 1. Sub Lobby 2. Craft Room 3. Seminar / Mini Theater 4. Exhibition Area 1 5. Exhibition Area 2 6. Hostel 7. Kitcehn & Dinning 8. Cafeteria 9. Store

4F Plan ( 1:600 ) 1. Sub Lobby 2. Data Room / Library 3. Digital Service Zone 4.Equipment Room 5 . Hostel

My architecture Vocabulary : Revival 39

Section Diagram (1:200)

Limpidjung Portfolio 40

Section Diagram Eventhough Space is hollow, program will take possession in there. As seen in section Diagram, It is possible to act program great variety occur simultaneously. This kind of space causes the event of accident, spatial structure of these, giving a margin that can be selected by the user. Story that has been put in the building and a modified space will also change every time.

My architecture Vocabulary : Revival 41

Limpidjung Portfolio 42

Flagship Store Design


[NOUN][also a N, oft N with n] Communion with nature or with a person is the feeling that you are sharing thoughts or feelings with them.

Purina Flagship Store Advanced Architecture Design / Autumn 2013 / Playground for Pet , Shop, Cafeteria Role : Individual Works Location :Korea , Seoul , Chungdam dong Notation : Flagship Store Design Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP)

Scientific and Trust “We are proud that for over 80 years, we’ve provided value to our consumers by providing high-quality, nutritious pet products that can help enrich their pets’ lives.”

Architecture for Dog not human How about the Purina Purina is very historical company. They had started since 1894 as farm of pig and horse’s feed in america and now become famous global company of dog and cat food and also stuffs. They have stiff and specific philosophy for safe and health animal food . Also Purina is trying to get friendly image in making funny advertisment in which dogs appear and hosting many kinds of dog or cat show.

Limpidjung Portfolio 44

This flagship store must be architecture for dog or cat not human. Because I want to design space that animal can play with human with colourful device, with this there can be circumstance to commune between animal and human. Communuion is most important concept in this flagship store , so i try to realize this kind of design.

Purina ‘s AD Purina is also famous of their funny advertisment from television to poster ad. These are helping people get friendly image about purina for being suitable for dog and cat. It makes people smile and want to live with them from the bottom of our heart. It justificates to build flagship store even if this company is just for animal not for human. Their Philosophy


The Funy image of Dog or Cat

Selected Site Korea , Seoul , Gangnamgu , Chungdamdong 80-4 Large area and landscape are needed because of program for dog and cat. And it must be locate on remoted site because of animal’s behaviors and other things. I expect cozy mood from bothside builidngs that surround chosen site

My architecture Vocabulary : Communion 45

Making Six Strategies & Group for Flagship Store I organized several representated charaters of dog and cat for getting concept. It could be defined as six strategies to be elements of purina’s flagship store. These strategies make this building resonable and fancy

Silly a little Turk Pranky and Silly images of Dog(Cat) to make people smile

Trusty Friends

Limpidjung Portfolio 46

Always Familiar Intimate and familiar relationship like being there every time with you

Pleasant Warmness

Unpredictable Fun Their actions to be expected everyday, even if we don’t know what will happen

Longtime Healthy

The friends to have loyalty and trust which don’t betray our minds

The unique and unforgettable warmness from them not people

The wish to be together for a long time and be healthy and be not hurt




Wanna be Touch Touching is a feature that can know the simplest form and characteristics of the subject, the sympathetic closest. Then, if it is felt to warmth and feel of the object if it is possible to obtain a sense of security to know that not only the target, we also alive. There is a softness and feel they just can not get sympathetic to people in a variety of ways and human dog or cat is an animal closest to humans. In spite of feeling very strange, it is to feel the warmth of familiar surprisingly.


My architecture Vocabulary : Communion 47

Model Study with Sectioning

Section Diagram & Program In this building , Slab is not just only for floor but also for animal’s play ground to be funny space. And people and animal can move like going walk by hanging around skip floors naturally. 7F Dog Show Floor 5F & 6F Cat Zone 4F Experience Floor 3F Dog Zone 2F Pet Playground 1F Shop & Main Hall

Limpidjung Portfolio 48

Because this building is roud shape , I have to choice sectioning way for making study model to check design of shape. I made model that combines with slab , wall and construction. Through this way, I can design various space for helping purina get funny and touchable images even looking like bone dogs like. something difficult is circulation not to be close and solving core system and vertical movement.


Interior Finish Concret for construction Insulation Exterior Finish


Pet’s PlayGround

Main Hall DN


ENT Shop

1F Plan Design - More stair & No Wall (1 : 600 ) Animal are more activity than people. So They like running fast and romping like happy children. I really give them dinamic space so that they can play as much as they want. I design bumpy stair that dog can run and avoid to set wall for pet’s safety. People can look at animal and play anywhere thanks to open space and a number of void.

My architecture Vocabulary : Communion 49

Dog Show Room

Play Ground 2

Shop for Dog

Play Ground 1

Shop for Cat

Experience Floor

Entrance & Main hall


Ceiling Design For emphasizing various space, I design ceiling shape as free curve . This ceiling can have thickness and width also show information to people by using laser beam. This installation makes this building get closer to touchable concept idea because of shape it self.

Limpidjung Portfolio 50

My architecture Vocabulary : Communion 51

Limpidjung Portfolio 52

Digital Cube Design


[NOUN] An experiment is a scientific test which is done in order to discover what happens to something in particular conditions.

Digital Cube

Advanced Digital Design / Spring 2013

Role : Individual Works Location : None Notation : Cube Design Critic : Prof. Kim Sung Wook(AIA, LEED AP)

Basic Theory 1. Making Center Ball or Hedron 2. Divide Ball into Several Domains 3. Making Thrones to Attach to Domais There are various design according to center ball or type of hedron. And also we make a number of divers thrones whatever we want. I stat to design center ball from regular hedron to irregualr hedron, even also circle. So I want to experiment unexpected formation.

Limpidjung Portfolio 54

Offset 40 & Rebuild Point Control

1st Center Ball : Regular Icosahedron


Explode 1 After the was allowed to offset to the size of the 0.5 times to its surface of triangle of icosahedral , it is adjusted to Rebuild for of form of the curve. After you have rebuild the triangles of which was allowed to offset at a distance of constant As same, it shall regulation of each point. It is not must are connected to each other allowed to loft the, and keep this.

Scale x 0.5 & Rebuild




3D Printer Experience Turnaround Timr : 4 hour 30min Base 3D Program : Rhino 3ds 4 No need Supporter / Price : 5000won

My architecture Vocabulary : Experiment 55

2nd Center Ball : Icodidodeca Hedron

Explode 2 Shape that has the shape of a mouth forming the surfaces, so are composed of rectangular and octagonal, try to make the tentacles way separate the two surfaces. By operating the various when it is connected to the length, it is possible to produce the appearance of various forms.

1.Set Multiple Surfaces

2. Evaluate Surface at UV Coordinate & Offset Plan

3. Make Polygon at Each Plan




20mm 10mm

10mm Pentagon

Octagon 5mm Triangle

4. Make Curves


Limpidjung Portfolio 56



5. Loft Each Curves

Parameter 1) Offset Height

Parameter 2) Radius &Size of Polygon

Orange Polygon : Rectangle -> Pentagon Height : 20mm -> 40mm Radius : 5mm -> 10mm

Yellow Polygon : Hexagon -> Circle Height : 10mm -> 20mm Radius : 5mm -> 8mm

Parameter 1) Offset Height

Parameter 2) Radius &Size of Polygon

Orange Polygon : Triangle -> Triangle Height : 30mm -> 55mm Radius : 5mm -> 8mm

Yellow Polygon : Rectangle -> Triangle Height : 25mm -> 50mm Radius : 8mm -> 10mm

My architecture Vocabulary : Experiment 57

3rd Center Ball : Rhombcubocta Hedron

Explode 3 Shape that has the shape of a mouth forming the surfaces, so are composed of rectangular and octagonal, try to make the tentacles way separate the two surfaces. By operating the various when it is connected to the length, it is possible to produce the appearance of various forms.

1.Set Multiple Surfaces

2. Evaluate Surface at UV Coordinate & Offset Plan

3. Make Polygon at Each Plan


Octagon 50mm Pentagon 15mm


Pentagon 15mm



4. Make Curves


Limpidjung Portfolio 58



5. Loft Each Curves

Parameter 2) Radius &Size of Polygon Parameter 1) Offset Height

Blue Polygon : Pentagon ->Rectangle Height : 30mm -> 50mm Radius : 15mm ->10mm Green Polygon : Rectangle -> Octagon Height : 10mm -> 20mm Radius : 5mm -> 10mm

Parameter 2) Radius &Size of Polygon

Blue Polygon : Pentagon- > Octagon Height : 20mm -> 35mm Radius : 8mm -> 15mm Green Polygon : Octagon -> Hexagon Height : 45mm -> 50mm Radius : 10mm -> 5mm

Parameter 1) Offset Height

My architecture Vocabulary : Experiment 59

4th Center Ball : Sphere

Explode 4 Seaweed grew up in the sea, can go tentacles extending from the center, see that the size and length is slightly different. I wanted to make a figure like this that shows a variety of forms, yet regularly, and using the Morph function to understand this.

1. Make Several Curves for Shape

Limpidjung Portfolio 60

2. Modify Size & Height of Curves & Loft All Cu rves

3. Create Center as Sphere

4. Divide Sphere into Random number & Control Height with Min/Max Value

5. Attach former Shape to Sphere with Morph Function

Explode 4 After the was allowed to offset to the size of the 0.5 times to its surface the surface of triangle of icosahedral , it is adjusted to Rebuild for of form of the curve. After you have rebuild the triangles of which was allowed to offset at a distance of constant As same, it shall regulation of each point. It is not must are connected to each other allowed to loft the, and keep this.

My architecture Vocabulary : Experiment 61

Professional Works 2012. 07 ~ 2013 . 09

2011. 07 Canada wood W_ Pavillion2 2012. 07 Canada wood W_ Pavillion 3 2013. 03 Guro 5dong Kindergarten Design Competition 2013. 09 Koica Uzbekistan Samarkant Vocational

Limpidjung Portfolio 64

Kindergarten Design


[ADJ] Something that is colourful has bright colours or a lot of different colours

Puchbowl with shine · sky · playing_ Kindergarten Design Professional Competition / Spring 2013 / First Prize

Role : Plan Design & Diagram / Team Project ( All aDlab+ members)

Location : Korea , Seoul , Guro Notation : Kindergarten Design Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP) , Prof. Kim Sung Wook (AIA, LEED AP)

Selected Location 건물을 관통하는 하나의 두꺼운 벽은 대지와의 긴밀한 관계를 형성하고 아이들에게 즐거운 놀 이환경을 제공하는 프로그램이 담긴 구조체가 될 수 있다. This kindergarten design maxmize possibilities of site and is installed as linear shape in long site for consideration about efficiency of managing kids and activity of teachers. In this way, It can block noise of high-level road and harmful environment and develop intimacy relationship with Samgack Park.

Colourful Space for Children

Sam gack Park , Guro 5 dong , Guro gu , Seoul , Korea

Limpidjung Portfolio 66

We want to provide colourful space for children with program wall & courtyard. We wish kids could play in everywhere of this kindergarten naturally. So We designed program wall named “Playing Wall “ at long & narrow hall way. And also for presentating childish image, We design elevation with bunch of square and colour.

Mass & Volume

Eco Friendly System

Compose Program

Linear mass are composed to wall of high level road side, beween hall way and childrencare room , exterior wall connected with park

We designed courtyard on 1st, 2nd floors for getting advantages about sunlight , natrual ventilation system and Eco friendly system.

Through planning Playwall, hall way become potential space3 with storage exhibition , extended play.

Protection from noise

Communicate with Park

Site Plan & Synopsis S c a l e : 1 / 1000 명 칭 : 구로 5동 어린이집 대지위치 : 서울 특별시 구로구 구로5동 50-8 지역지구 : 일반상업지역, 제1,2,3 종 일반주거지역, 노유자 시설(어린이집) 대지면적 : 6,460,70m2 ,중 약 1,700m2 (약 514.24평) 연 면 적 : 440.39m2 건축면적 : 234.34m2

My architecture Vocabulary : Colourful 67

Program Installation

Soundproof Wall

Play Garden

By planning a soundproof wall in the direction of the flyover, it is a role that not only protect from noise, to protect us visually children from outside

By planning the garden outside is closed, it provides a safe playground for children

Inside wall Terrace

By placing the windows of various sizes on the wall that connects the nursery room and hallway, ventilation and lighting of aisle space is convenient

By installing DaeChongmaru garden of both inside and outside, expasion of space and connection will be possible

Sunshine Garden - While the transition space of nursery room, which induce smooth activities of internal and external - During the nursery room, and used as a space of play of young children and plan to garden of external . In addition, exchanges visual another is possible each

Playing Wall - It is possible to use wider nursery by charge storage capability of the corridor space - It can plan hall way as exhibition space in having function of exhibition - It can be used as extended play space which connect with childrencare room

Living Room There are wide space , sittable space and bookshleves. And also It is installed near by outside garden for providing comfortable and interesting space

Wind Garden It is provided rest space at garden of enterance that can be used as space for communication with town parents meeting

Limpidjung Portfolio 68

Teacher Room teacher and director room was placed at the entrance for management and safety of the children

Cloud Garden To maximize light through an internal courtyard, natural ventilation system to allow

Eco Friendly for extended play space of kids

Natural connection from inside

Install exterior courtyard for green environment , vetilation and sunlight Warm and natural elevation

2F Plan (1 : 300 ) 1. Wind Garden 2. Elevator 3. Slide for Emergency 9. Childcareroom for 4 Year old 10. Playing Wall

4.Play Room 5. Childcareroom for 5 Year old

Inastall teacher’s room considring safty and see-sight

6. Small Sunshine Garden 7.Toilet 8. Stair Room

Welcoming kids and parents fore court

extended interior space and conManagement of kids through necion with courth yard by using three dimensional visual folding door effect using exterior space

1F Plan (1 : 300 ) 1. Wind Garden 2. Main Entrance 3. Linving Area 4. Director’s Room 5. Teacher’s Room 6. Childcare Room for 1 Year old 7 & 8 . Toilet 9. Childcare Room for 2 Year old 10. Sunshine Garden 11. Childcare Room for 3 Year old 12. Toilet 13. Kitchen 14. Elevator 15. Sub Entrance 16. Playing Wall

colourful play space and court yard for sunlight and ventilation

My architecture Vocabulary : Colourful 69

Playing Wall Elavation & Program For realizing image of kindergarten , we need elements such as playing space naturally in this building. As installing playing wall with various holes and shelves, this space can stimulate kid’ fairy tail imagination. And this playing wall can give vitality to kindergarten’s atmousphere and arouse curiousity of kids through hole with depth and width. We really want kids to enjoy this space as much as they can by using their imagination with play. And also because there are exhibition program, hallway can be exhibtion hall autonomously.

삐뚤삐뚤 그림그리기

A - A’Section Drawing (1 : 500 ) 1. Wind Garden 2. Main Entrance 3. Linving Area 4. Director’s Room 5. Teacher’s Room 6. Childcare Room for 1 Year old 7 & 8 . Toilet 9. Childcare Room for 2 Year old 1 0. Sunshine Garden 11. Childcare Room for 3 Year old 12. Toilet 13. Kitchen 14. Elevator 15. Sub Entrance 16. Playing Wall

Limpidjung Portfolio 70

차곡차곡 정리하기 1

옹기종기 모여놀기

반짝반짝 빛이나는 전시하기

차곡차곡 정리하기 2

Western Elevation Drawing (1: 500 ) This side elevation to stand next Samgack Park has various colour and size squre that realize star constellation for stimualting kids imagination. And it gives energy to sight from park and relax stiff image of builidng. This elevation is most important elements of this builing and representative design.

My architecture Vocabulary : Colourful 71

Construction Timetable After supplying ordering organization as participated in architectural design team on june 2013 , we visited construction filed to progress construction about 70%, Field consultation is inevitable because of absencing interior team , We have to decide detail elements with construction team along plan of construction. In this situation we could participate in process of discussion & adjustment for realization existing design even including interior design. Now, this kindergarten is operating as named onsaemi from march . 2014 with 80 kids under management of gurogu. 2013.12.28







건물 내부의 창문 프레임 및 문틀 칼라 조정 및 협의

콘크리트 두께로 인한 입면 오프닝의 구조적 문제에 관해 시공법 협의 기존 디자인 안에서 계획된 외장 재료인 로만브릭을 일 반 적벽돌로 교체

설계초기안에 계획되었던 야외테라스를 유치 원 내부 창고로 변경 슬라브 레벨 조정 및 현장 시공상황에 의한 실시도면 재작성

NT패널 오프닝 세부 시공 협의 건물 후면 일러스트레이션 디테일 협의

Present Picture (2014.07)

실내 내장재 마감 (벽지, 몰딩, 걸레 받이, 실링, 마루 등) 협의 건물정면 칼라링 시공디테일 협의

화장실 및 유치원 입구 타일 색깔 및 크기 협의 건물 입면(중정, 북측면) 에 사용되는 적삼목의 오일스테인 색 결정 협의

Limpidjung Portfolio 72


완공 후의 간판 위치 및 옥상 핸드레일 협의

My architecture Vocabulary : Colourful 73

Limpidjung Portfolio 74

W_ Pavilion 3


[VERB] If you stack a number of things, you arrange them in neat piles.

W_ Pavillion 3

Professional Work / Summer 2012 / Pavillion Design for Public Role : Design Manager & Construntion / Team Project ( All aDlab+ members) Location : Korea , Seoul ,Gandong Art Center Notation : Pavillion for Public Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP), Prof. Kim Sung Wook (AIA, LEED AP)

Basic Design Theory

Limpidjung Portfolio 76

Model Study

Programing Algorithm

_ Althernative Study

Alternative _5

Alternative _2 Alternative _8

Alternative _4

Alternative _1 Alternative _7

Alternative _3

Alternative _9

Alternative _6

Coding“Logical Stacking “ _ Althernative Study

My architecture Vocabulary : Stacking 77

Section Perspective Section Perspective

A Section _ FN A+ FN B

B Section _ FN A+ FN B + FN E A



C Section _ FN A+ FN D

Limpidjung Portfolio 78

Digital Drawing

Coding Ruled Surface

Construction optimized strategy

Exterior View

My architecture Vocabulary : Stacking 79

Construction Drawing Sheets

1st Construction Photo Collection

Limpidjung Portfolio 80

Step of Construction

Final Installation at Gangdong Artcenter

My architecture Vocabulary : Stacking 81

Undergraduate Projects 2007.03 ~ 2012 . 06 / Total 6 years , 10 Semesters , 8 Studios

2007 . 03 Basic Architect Studio : 6 X 6 X 6 Studio Design 2008 . 03 Studio A : Personal House Design 2008 . 09 Studio B : Gallery Design 2010 . 03 Studio C : Library & Elementary School Design 2010 . 09 Studio D : Extended Building Project & Apartment Housing 2011 . 03 Studio E : Office Design for Eco 2011 . 07 Competition Work : CTBUH 2011 . 09 Sutdio F : Culture Complex Center from Urban 2011. 12 Competition Work : Space Prize for International Students 2012. 03 Sutdio G : Graduate Project 2012.09 Extra Class : Digital Design

Limpidjung Portfolio 84

Urban Program Design


[NOUN][usu N of n] A network of lines, roads, veins, or other long thin things is a large number of them which cross each other or meet at many points.

Silence Networks

Graduation Work / Spring 2012 / Second Prize in Ajou Univ. Role : Individual Works Location : Korea , Seoul ,Itaewon & Gangnam St. & Samchung dong Notation : Urban Program Design / Gallery , Open Space Critic : Prof. Han Ji Hyung

Awareness of Problem 첨예하게 대립하며 무수히 많은 언어로 갈등한다 The conflict in the language of the myriad, in the infinite confrontation, people follow only fragments and colorful image instantaneous in a state that does not know the meaning of each other

Start of Argument 도시의 충돌 - 무질서한 존재의 섞임, 켜가 섞여 버린 공간, 무자비하게 혼재하는 도시공간 속에서 분명히 존재하나 인식하지 못하는 공간, 현대의 패러다임은 다원적 상황 속에 주관 도 시각도 모호성에 묻혀 있다. Confusion among the city that has been extended with increasing disorder, has been flooded with alteration in the language of myriad, the meaning of the context of the city that are present on the boundary line striking the on going even if the complex you’re confused, because in the city that many contexts are mixed, while we do not know, you are competing with each other

Limpidjung Portfolio 86

Gangnam Station

Itaewon Rodeo Street

Samchung dong

Answer of Problem : Silence 충돌하는 도시, 서울에서의 침묵은 무책임한 방관이 아니며 다 름의 인정과 조화를 이루며 또 다른 이야기가 들리는 것이 가능 하게 하는 언어이다 Silence is a language that allows so as to be able to listen to another is not an irresponsible sidelines, and also harmony in recognition of differences. It is possible that it can be tailored to each board, while silent architectural, not only the building, to receive the situation around the colliding different understand the city of Seoul




의미의 퇴색

회색 공간

도시의 직접적인 영향

잠재적인 의미

공유하게 되는 간극

은유적인 확장


연결시키는 방식

집단의 힘

많은 어휘로 나타나는 충돌

의미의 드러남

경계의 확대



공통성 부여

존재의 가벼움

이질적 요소의 삽입

도시의 의미 확장

공간사이의 관계 형성

How to Answer : Network System Absence of Awareness


Reinterpretaition of City

City is conflicting and in the opposition

Achieve Balance and Moderation

Reestablish realtionship with People and city

I thought that silence network to spread all over seoul city will have more great influence than just only one big scale architectural silence. There are must be conflict and oppositions in selected sites which should be small scale relatively.

My architecture Vocabulary : Network 87

Analasys of Seoul 서울은 그 어느 나라의 도시보다 많은 이야기를 담은 곳이다. After classification divided into several nature of the soul, let us examine the features that stand out. Then select the city space features that have been classified Seoul City, gather, and to specify the type of conflict.

Selectied Site 이태원

이태원대로를 중심으로 아래 위로 문화적 / 주거의 모습이 상이하 가게 / 겔러리 등 관광과 중산층의 문화가 자리잡고 있으나 남쪽의 스바 등 소외되거나 일상적인 문화 들이다.


강남역대로를 따라 상가와 유흥거리가 올라오다 주거지역과 맞닿 볼 수 있다 시피 선정한 대지가 상가와 주거의 경계에 있다. 주거 매하게 섞여 있다.


경복궁이라는 역사적 축적이 정지되고 오래된 곳과 삼청동 카페거 으로 계쏙해서 충돌하고 있다. 수많은 사람들이 시간의 충돌을 인식

Common Program 1. Minimum Program & Program For Public


Mini Book Cafe Open for people to be able to use freely


low budget exhibition for ne can cover maintenance expe

Unique Silence Program

Limpidjung Portfolio 88

Culture Center(for ITAEWON)

Study Room(for Gangnam St.)


which is the program that can be filled with character of itaewon to be mixed multi culture and race

which is the program that useful for people in Gangnam St. that is famous by Academy

w fo a

Analysis of Activity

하게 나타난다. 북쪽의 경우 레스토랑/ 옷 의 경우 외국인 밀집주거 / 게이바 / 트랜

Conflict of Culture_문화의 충돌

닿는 대지를 선정 유동인구/도시 분석에 거지역과 상가지역이 구분되지 못하고 애

Conflict of Fuction_기능의 충돌

거리의 가변성과 현대적인 모습은 시간적 식하지 못하고 지나치기만 한다.

Conflict of Time_시간의 충돌

ew artist and it enses.


+ Open Space Suggest space in which people can stay in Seoul

Samchung dong

Gangnam St.

Culture Center(for ITAEWON)

which is the program that is only or Samchungdong because of art and performance

My architecture Vocabulary : Network 89

Analysis of Site_문화의 충돌 / 이태원 ITAEWON 0 10






0 10






Coffee Shop & Store Trans & Gay Bar

Restaurant Residential

Boutique Resident Facility Commom Store

Strategy of Silence1 for ITAEWON _ 연결성 / 드러남 / 노출성 By connecting the region are competing culturally, and to relieve the different points. And it can be placed so as to penetrate to the ground of the border heterogeneous cultural overlap, to connect naturally.

Rodeo Street

Analysis of Site_기능의 충돌 / 강남역 GANGNAM ST. 0 10




0 10









Office Hospital & Academy Restaurant & Pub Commercial & Residential Residential Culture Facility

Strategy of Silence2 for Gangnam ST._ 차단성 / 돌아섬 Prevent the flow of commerce flowing in a residential area. There is no buffer zone of residential areas and commercial areas, there is no program that is provided socially Gangnam Station there is a conflict of two programs. Therefore, place the building be separated to the two areas, and make public space

Limpidjung Portfolio 90

Analysis of Site_기능의 충돌 / 삼청동 SAMCHUNG DONG 0 10




0 10




Gyeong Bok Palace




Resident Facility




Strategy of Silence3 for Samchung dong _ 소멸성 / 물러남 / 비워냄 It is retracted from the earth mass that has been separated, to use the slope for the disappearance. The design the arcade to match the liquidity of the people, and show the exit and disappearance of by creating a slope toward the Gyeongbok Palace.

Massing Diagram _ Itaewon

Give Freshness to tree lined streetas making new pavement among 9m road

Massing Diagram _ Gangnam St.

Connect by mass volume itself for relaxing severance between diffferent fields

Provide Openspace to people through sunken using level difference in crowded city

Massing Diagram _ Samchung dong

Extend prsented pavement for natural flow in making arcade

Extend narrow alley behind site and provide another walking road

My architecture Vocabulary : Network 91

Plans & Section for ITAEWON _ Cultrue Center / Gallery / Open Market By connecting the region are competing culturally, and to relieve the different points. And it can be placed so as to penetrate to the ground of the border heterogeneous cultural overlap, to connect naturally.

1F (1:800) 1. Vod Room 2. Information Desk

Section (1:1000) 3. Free Book Cafe

4. Open Terrace

1. Free Book Cafe 2. Gallery

3. Culture Center 4. Culture Center 2 5. Open Market 6. Office

Plans & Section for Gangnam ST. _ Study Room / Mini Libarary / Gallery Prevent the flow of commerce flowing in a residential area. There is no buffer zone of residential areas and commercial areas, there is no program that is provided socially Gangnam Station there is a conflict of two programs.

1F (1:800) 1. Gallery 2. Free Book Cafe

Limpidjung Portfolio 92

Section (1:1000) 3. Open Terrace

4. Little Park

1. Gallery 2. Open Space 3. Mini Library 4. Study Room

Plans & Section for Samchungdong _ Cafe, Audiotorium , Stage It is retracted from the earth mass that has been separated, to use the slope for the disappearance. The design the arcade to match the liquidity of the people, and show the exit and disappearance of by creating a slope toward the Gyeongbok Palace.

1F (1:800) 1. Waiting Place 2. Office

3. Sunken Garden

4. Cafe

Section (1:1000) 1. Gallery 2. Wating Place 3. Office 4. Toilet 5. Sunken Garden 6. Free Book Cafe 7. Auditorium

How to Answer : Network System 암묵적으로 형성되는 네트워크는 서울이라는 대도시에 작지만 큰 영향력을 끼치게 될 것이다. Not only the collision point of three, construction of silence of a collision while spreads in multiple locations . I expect that the network is formed implicitly and connected to each other, further, in the confusion and complexity of Seoul, by creating a quiet network, these will exert a great small but big influence at Seoul called big city

My architecture Vocabulary : Network 93

The Way that we’re network

Silence Network

Limpidjung Portfolio Itaewon


Gangnam St.

The 24th GraduationArchitectural Exhibition in Ajou University It was opend on 25th , June , 2012 in Ajou University Sanhackwon 3rd floor. This project got 2nd prize at grauation competition

Samchung dong

My architecture Vocabulary : Network 95

Limpidjung Portfolio 96

Culture Complex Center

Con ver·sa·tion

[PHRASE][v-link PHR] If you say that people are in conversation, you mean that they are talking together.

BLING BLING Studio F Work / Autumn 2011in Ajou Univ. / Sports Park , Gallery , Culture Center , Shop Role : Individual Works Location : Korea , Yong In , Bojung Dong Notation : Culture Complex Center Project Critic : Prof. Kim Sung Wook (AIA, LEED AP)

About subject for Project 아마도 내가 아닌 무언가와의 연결은 가장 중요한 것일 지도 모른다. Conversation is not loudy chat but silence talking. The sound could be some kind of program, Installation or form especially. There is cafe street near by this site, atmosphere from street is very like buzzing of people and wavering light. For taking these, i designed quet reed park on deep and low level in putting light map for vonversation between people and architecture.

How to make Conversation Physically, one big road guide people to flow of city and can connect all of the masses. And these three masses are put through city context There are countless subjects to talk for connection each other. We are exposed by circumstance in middle of endless and unconscious conversations everywhere

People & People

Limpidjung Portfolio 98

People & Architecture

People & Environment

Site & Architecture

Let the X- Park make conversation : Desing the Long Road for X-sports I aconized how this site make to escape from isolation and to connect city context. First of all , we start to move X-sports’s location from inside site to outside nearby waling road for appropricacy of program. Therfore I make this site make be empty puposely to put orginal park program with greens and reeds, so i wnat to make this real park

My architecture Vocabulary : Conversation 99

BLING BLING Additionally, I think about light from Cafe Street. I’m toched in my mind the mood of street at night from people’s talking sound and interior lights. I want to take this and use as equipment to cenversation with city context and I think it can make this site be more friendly.At this time, I was considrating about the various way of conversation and memorize

Limpidjung Portfolio 100

Let the X- Park make conversation : Desing the Long Road for X-sports

Conversation between people & architecture

I aconized how this site make to escape from isolation and to connect city context. First of all , we start to move X-sports’s location from inside site to outside nearby waling road for appropricacy of program. Therfore I make this site make be empty puposely to put orginal park program with greens and reeds, so i wnat to make this real park

빛은 시각적인 즐거움과 함께 소통의 관계를 확인시킬 수 있는 도구로서 작용한다 Light acts as a tool which can be used to check the relationship of communication along with visual enjoyment and city context.This is equipment that make people talk with colourless arhictecture.

Light system with SmartPhone


Move program

Make Road

Download Application

Line up flow

Find and Select Lighing NO.

Other Plans Diagram





Sports market & office Hall / Rental Shop / Market / Caffeteria

Sports market & office

Gallery Info Desk/ Art shop / Galleries / Auditorium


Commercial Building Shop

Commercial Building

Rest Area / Market

Galleries / Info Destk / Parking Lot

Sports market & office Main market / Management Office

Gallery Info Destk / Art shop / Galleriles / Auditorium

Gallery Galleries


My architecture Vocabulary : Conversation 101

Activity Sketch B



Detail Drawings

Site plan with 3rd Floor (1:1000 ) Sports market & office 1. Market 2. Office 3. Rest Area Gallery 1. Coffe shop 2. Stair Gallery 3. Hall 4. Gallery 5. Rest Area 6. Office 7. Gallery3 8. Gallery 4 B’

Limpidjung Portfolio 102

Commercial Building 1. Shop

Main Space View Image As maintainning former design, I put more masses for giving various programs. These masses are put along surrounding axises for being natural moreover for maximazing funtion of park as viewing. I design void in former long road and open spaces. It could seperate program on same road. I really want to develop as way of putting more masses because I also want to make this site connected to others with not only some road but also mass’s form


X-sports Long Road

The Light Park

My architecture Vocabulary : Conversation 103

Section A-A’ (1:300 ) 1. Gallery 7 2. Gallery 8 3. Cafe 4. X-Sports Road 5. Souvenir Shop 6. Mini Library 7. Book Shop 8. Stair Gallery

9. Walking Road 10. Gallery 6 11. Outside Gallery 12. Rest Area

Let the X- Park make conversation : Desing the Long Road for X-sports 6


I aconized how this site make to escape from isolation and to connect city context. First of all , we start 7 to move X-sports’s location from inside site to outside nearby waling road for appropricacy of program. Therfore I make this site make be empty puposely to put orginal park program with greens and reeds, so i wnat to make this real park

2 3



12 10


5 11

Limpidjung Portfolio 104

Space & Outside Program Design For using ground level as park positively , I designed deck for walking road and connection with each spaces. I really want to make inside as many voids because I think it could give better space . And ar riverside, by using cantilever it makes thension all over site especially on walking road.

Section B-B’ (1:300 ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Rest Area Hall Gallery 2 Gallery 1 Gallery 5 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Parking Lot Auditorium








8 9

My architecture Vocabulary : Conversation 105

The Way of Whispering Between You And Me

BLING BLING Limpidjung Portfolio 106

My architecture Vocabulary : Conversation 107

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High - Rise Building


[NOUN] A skyscraper is a very tall building in a city

Healing Wave _ Medical Center International Competition from Why Tall / Summer 2010

Role : Composite Space & Diagram Design / Team Project (4 members ) Location : Korea , Incheon , Song do Notation : High - Rise building design Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP)

초고층건물은 상징으로서의 의미 뿐만 아니라 도시와 밀

Seoul City

접한 프로그램을 지녀야한다. Modern high-rise building just beyond the concept of building within a city within an urban concept that other cities, “urban city” is a concept that is being used. We wished to provide an answer of Skyscrapper which have any role in that Specific site, not for simply increase the efficiency of Land Use, environmental conditions, or morphological value. A city(tall building) which is build by us, has some abilities to compensate for the city(Song-do) containing problems, and the building solve problems in the city one by one we got a concept healing the city by the skyscrapper.

Incheon Airport 44.5KM 12KM

Song do City

Medical tour is new program in this high-rise building for attracting foreigner in ther world. Korea is more famous and more develope. This building will have not only hospital but also hotel & commercial program

Limpidjung Portfolio 110

Healing Map The human lifestyle, trying to maintain life, to become happier is taken a lot of stress as well as happiness from diverse environments at the same time. In that skyscraper, we suggest the way(program) which can relieve the stress , make more experience, find a better way to get happiness. Areas of Song-do IBD have each identity, and solutions of that problem (stress) which is taken by Identities become skyscraper. Stress of the - persons who live in this Mega City relieve (heal) from those programs of Skyscraper. Commercial & Culture for Connecting program






+ Medical Tour


City Context

Merge All Context Fix Mass Design

Connect All Context with Commercial & Culture

My architecture Vocabulary : Skyscraper 111

Healing Position For being Skyscrapper that can heal Song-Do as well as human, we mix Medical Tour with City Context. In Medical Tour and City Context, each four programs are located in building as chunk and are lined up. Each four chunks-hotel, office, residential and hospital are connected with commercial and culture designe as longish mass. And also this longish mass can take a role that absorb surrounding city environment.

Plan Diagram Main Program

Limpidjung Portfolio 112

Commercial & Culture Area


Sub Program

+13m level

+26m level

+39m level

+52m level

+143m level

+156m level

+169m level

+182m level

+273m level

+286m level

+299m level

+312m level

+78m level

+91m level

+104m level

+117m level

+130m level

+195m level

+208m level

+221m level

+234m level

+247m level

+260m level

+325m level

+338m level

+351m level

+364m level

+377m level

+390m level

+65m level

Circulation linked with Hotel

Vertical circulation in Hotel

Space between Residential andCommercial

Space between Concert Hall and Residential

Space between Green Terrace and Office with Concert Hall

Concert Hall and Office nearby Hostpital

Space between Concert Hall and Residential

Vertical circulation in Medial Center

Outdoor Green Terrace

My architecture Vocabulary : Skyscraper 113

Architecture beyond building To make new city in city. In modern society , most cities are getting bigger size and having bigger power as physically , economically , psychologically phenomenon. In this situation high - rise builidng should have program to cure modern society people. Mega structure can solve problem that mega city has.

Limpidjung Portfolio 114

My architecture Vocabulary : Skyscraper 115

Limpidjung Portfolio 116

Office Design


[NOUN]the process of becoming healthy and strong again

Take your Time

Studio E Wokr/ Spring 2011 in Ajou Univ. / Office , Garden , Library Role : Individual Works Location : Korea , Sung Nam, Pangyo Notation : Green Office Projects Critic : Prof. Park Chan Seock ( Samoo Architecture)

Green Slope

How about “Take the Time”

오피스를 이용하는 사람들에게 외부에서부터 이어지는 그린슬로프를 제 공하여 업무활동 뿐만아니라 휴식시간을 갖을 수 있도록 한다.

Three masses divided each other have another program naturally and make outside or garden get architectural space. Three masses divided each other have another program naturally and make outside or garden get architectural space. Three masses divided each other have another program naturally and make outside or garden get architectural space. Three masses divided each other have another program naturally and make outside or garden get architectural space.

There are many kinds of break depending on the atmosphere and the people and the environment. I thought that it made ​​break walking or sitting or to humans in this project. Employee Most have experienced a lack of exercise there is no time to spare.

Sitting & Exercise Chatting

Need for Eco Working Stress & Lack of Exercise

Sung-nam , Pangyo

Limpidjung Portfolio 118


Divide mass by FunctionÂ

Penatrate Mass for Connection

Make Tension

Accept the Ground Character

Place the Program

Design Process First of all, I divide mass by funtion of program for efficiency and diverse experience. For avoiding normal and simple boxing shape, I want to make tension within images of office. And after, I design to accept the ground character having river nearby site. It will draw green way to lead people inside of office and wind way. Naturally, this windway penatrate mass for connection and people will have time of rest as chatting , gathering , walking. Finally, this building is inserted eco-box for eco program helping rest time. This office will have various volumes and program through whole these steps.

My architecture Vocabulary : Healing 119

2 6 1

3 Green Slope & Wind Way There are many type of resting according to people, enviroment and mood. In this office, I want people to rest as sitting and walking. Every office people must have needed to walk because of lack of exercise. So if I plan to make Green slope which penetrate from ground into 2F of building, worker as well as neibors can walk on building



3 7

1F Plan (1:600 ) 1. Main Lobby 2. Mini Library 3. Shop 4. Sub Lobby 5. Mini Gallery 6. Biotop 7. Suken Garden




1 3 4

2 5

8F Plan (1: 800 ) 1. Office 2. Eco Box

Limpidjung Portfolio 120

5F Plan (1: 800 ) 1. Office 2. Swim Pool 3. Yoga Room 4. Shop 5. Snack Bar

Green Way Perspective View

4 2



2F Plan (1:600 ) 1. Green Slope 2. Eco Box 3. Coffee Shop 4. Deck for Community

2 3



B1 Plan (1: 800 ) 1. Parking 2. Caffeteria


B2 Plan (1: 800 ) 1. Parking 2. Machinary Room 3. Garage

My architecture Vocabulary : Healing 121

Back Side(1:600)

Front Side(1:600)

Elevation Design








Double Skin Design & Drwaing (1: 150 ) Slope Shape can play role to block sunlight in summer or winter . And double skin on office mass has circulation of air with ventilation system. In this way, this office is able to maintain fresh air and environment and help people concentrate their work

Limpidjung Portfolio 122

Mass office program was planned, I will design a glass pattern two colors overlap. These designs, to allow the separation of the visual program has a unique personality in this office. And alsp divided glass as minimun size can prevent direct sunlight for eco friendly.

Section Drwaing (1: 600 0 & Final Model )

My architecture Vocabulary : Healing 123

Healing Position Healing activity become important thing because of modern society that get more complicated. I want to let people experience various space & walkway in their rest time. And I wish office people enjoy their life through this office by taking their time with green way.

Limpidjung Portfolio 124

My architecture Vocabulary : Healing 125

Limpidjung Portfolio 126

Building Extended


[NOUN][with supp] The relationship between two people or groups is the way in which they feel and behave towards each other

Groupy Lounge _ Medical Center

Studio C Works / Spring 2010 in Ajou Univ. / Seminar Room , Study Area, Cafeteria Role : Individual Works Location : Korea , Suwon , Ajou Univ. , San Hack Won Notation : Building Extended Project Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP)

사람들의 행동과 공간의 성격은 모임의 친밀도에 따라 달라지며 그 그룹의 관계를 구분짓게 한다. People’s activity and character of space are changed according to intimacy of meetings and divide realtionship of the groups. It should be needed to divide and define programs of space that are suitable for colorful meetings. However, in any case the situation that be mixed with other group inevitably​​is happend. We are exposed to flexible and unexpected circumstance. Therfore we have to remain any possibility that can be mixed anytime for certain meetings and individual.

Selected Location 건물간을 연결하는 길이 그룹을 연결하는 중요한 수단이 될 수 있다. Seperate physically program that people use after dividing group with various intimacy. Divide step from being extremly private to being public space and suggest suitable program. Also make several linked roads in the interval except of divided building and program. These roads can compose possibility to mix various groups and to provide fluidly connection.

Eka Sharashidze’s Wall People

Limpidjung Portfolio 128

Classification along to People’s Number Charater of each group is different according to intimacy of people in group. And under differnt character, the action of them to want and charater of space to be needed become divers relationship in group

Just Sitting / Sleeping / Reading / Thinking

Only for One


Just Sitting / Meeting / Chatting / Presentation

Only for One

Meeting / Studying / Presentation

Three or Five

*Resting + Acrivity

Three or Five ~ Ten or Twenty

* Acrivity

Classification along to People’s Intimacy May be, there are some casese which have to be mixed up this kind of groups because we are very moody creatures and always be exposed unexpectable situation. So theases all group must be croosed any time any where

Only One

With Friends Most Intimacy

More Intimacy

School People Mild Intimacy

Official Meeting Less Intimacy

My architecture Vocabulary : Relationship


Pleasant or Displeasant? If we have a lot of intimacy or want to be connected? If we fee discomfortness? Some architectural connection is needed to people. Because sometimes people want to be alone otherwise they want to be together sometimes. In othercase, architectural wall has to be exist to divide spaces and they have to be divide each other.




School People




School People


School People


School People

Conflict between each Groups 벽은 공간의 성격을 규정짓기에 좋은 언어이다. We can connect or block the space to be divided according to intimacy of group with wall’s existence and height. In some case, We want to keep privacy of space with rigid division or make space that can change kinds of group fluidally in othercaes.

Limpidjung Portfolio 130

Design Process Seperate physically program that people use after dividing group with various intimacy. Divide step from being extremly private to being public space and suggest suitable program. Also make several linked roads in the interval except of divided building and program. These roads can compose possibility to mix various groups and to provide fluidly connection.

2. Give various Edges and Think about Connection

1. Divide masses through Fuction & Intimacy

3. Connect two Masses

4. For emphasize independency of each masses, Divide another thing again


B’ For Everyone For individual 1

For Individual & with Friends 1



4 With Friends & Activities about School job

3 With Friends & Activities about School job


For individual


B 3 A’

1F Plan (1:600 )

2F Plan (1:600 )

1. Meeting Area 2. Cafeteria 3. Building for Sleep 4. Gallery 5. Seminar Area

1. Study Room 2. Mini Library 3. Seminar Area 2 4. Seminar Area3

My architecture Vocabulary : Relationship


Important method for Connection In this builidng, the road is another important element because it is bufferzone to connect people to people or program to program. In this road , people can gather , talk and also rest. It make people and program be union or scatter.

Section Drawings





Section A-A’( 1:300 ) 1. Mini Library

2. Meeting Area

3. Seminar Area 4. Gallery


2 4 1

Section B-B’( 1:300 ) 1. Sleeping Area

Limpidjung Portfolio 132

2. Core

3. Seminar Area 2

4. Gallery

5. Cafeteria


My architecture Vocabulary : Relationship


Limpidjung Portfolio 134

Digital Design Works

Rip Stru路cture

[NOUN][usu with supp, oft N of n] The structure of something is the way in which it is made, built, or organized.

Healing Wave _ Medical Center Digital Design Class / Autumn 2012 in Ajou Univ.

Role : Shaping Design, Making Model / Team Project (3 members ) Location :NONE Notation : Digital Design Experiment Critic : Prof. Jeon You Chang(AIA, LEED AP)

Form Regualtion In an effort to attract large-scale world-class conventions and exhibitions, the city of Milan embarked on an ambitious plan to build a $700 million trade show complex. Massimiliano Fuksas was engaged to bring to life a new design that would house exhibition halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, restaurants and cafes, meeting halls, and office spaces for the Fiera administration. What would emerge from the recently reclaimed brownfields was a Fiera that covers 2.1 million square feet and stretches nearly a mile. More details after the break.

Limpidjung Portfolio 136

Alternative Study 1

Alternative Study 2

Alternative Study 3

Alternative Study 3 Section Profile Make basic form. This form transfer for final mass

Digital Process Make basic form. This form transfer for final mass

Make surface

Make level for surface extraction section profile

Re_make surface

My architecture Vocabulary : Rib Structure


Contour _ Cross diagonal Planar surface _ Make rib sturcture

Make Pattern -Make surface triangle form

Step of making - Duplicate border and use their curve, make surface by edge surface - Unroll surface and arrangement surface for plan

Limpidjung Portfolio 138

Make Triangle Pannel

My architecture Vocabulary : Rib Structure


Drawing Sheets Rib Structure 168 EA / Panel Part 572 EA

Making Photo Cost : 84000 won / Modeling & Cad : 26 Hours / Lase

Limpidjung Portfolio 140

FInal model Fuksas dealt with the expansiveness of the 8 separate structures by orienting them inwards towards the central spine covered with a glass canopy that functions akin to that of a central street. In order to demarcate the various functions of the buildings, the exhibition halls have orange facades facing towards the canopy, the restaurants and cafes that line the open air corridor feature curvilinear facades and stand on pillars, the meeting halls feature stainless steel cladding and hover at walkway height, and the office spaces are contained within glass boxes that line the walkway.

My architecture Vocabulary : Rib Structure


Angry Gabriel (2013.1)

Limpidjung ‘s Sketch These Skeches are for fun or studying of architecture and just remaing of memory. I really love to record my rutine life or thinking with the way of writing & drawings. I want to contain these sketches for remebering my memory of 7 years campus life forever.

My imaginary house of garden

Limpidjung Portfolio 142

My Lovely Dog BokSil(2013.5)

Space Experiment 1

Space Experiment 1

Limpidjung Portfolio 143

My Favorite Memory in Cuba & Mexico 2010. 01 ~ 2010. 02

Limpidjung Portfolio 144

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Thank you for everything

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Profile for So Jeong , Lee

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Ajou University Graduated School 2015 Vol.1

So jung lee : Architecture Portfolio  

Ajou University Graduated School 2015 Vol.1

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