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E Throttle link lever adjustment NOTE: Before adjusting the throttle link lever, make sure the throttle cables or the remote control throttle cable are properly adjusted. 1. Check: 9 Throttle link lever Bends/damage → Replace. 9 Adjusting screw Loose → Adjust the throttle link lever. 9 Throttle link lever Incorrect position → Adjust.


2. Adjust: 9 Throttle link lever Adjusting steps: 8 Put the shift lever into the forward position. 8 Loosen the screw 1. 8 Turn the throttle grip or set the throttle on the remote control to the fullyopened position so the upper stopper 2 on the throttle control cam contacts the stopper 3 on the throttle control cam bracket. 8 Turn the throttle link lever 4 clockwise until it contacts the stopper 5 (this is its fully-opened position). Then, hold it in this position. 8 Tighten the screw. 8 Fully open and close the throttle grip and make sure the throttle link lever fully opens (completely lowers) and fully closes (contacts the throttle stop screw 6). If it does not fully open and close properly, repeat the above procedure.


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Yamaha f15amh, f15mshx outboard service repair manual s 001432  
Yamaha f15amh, f15mshx outboard service repair manual s 001432