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Dreams Come True! A dream highway towards the future! A fearless race of dreams to the world! Move towards the world beyond all boundaries. Ajou Motor College will become a base of dreams, a driving force of growth that leads the future automotive industry!


President of Ajou Motor College

04 - 05 President's Message

Run towards your dream. Never stop the race! Today’s modern society is globalized, information-oriented, specialized, diversified, and most importantly, high-speed. As industrial technology and transit facilities have developed along with the establishment of a worldwide network, overall society has become increasingly high-speed. Ajou Motor College is fast and alive. The opening of the Seohaean Expressway has made access to Ajou Motor College more convenient, less than two hours from the metropolitan area. Our students, Ajou people, have shown their enthusiasm for a better tomorrow. The expressway of dreams for young passion and challenge stands open in front of the school; this wide-open road will become a base for opportunities for each student with the will and hope for a better future. Ajou Motor College will try harder to spread the autonomy and diversity of the college as well as the value of communication and trust on campus. Each one of you is the owner of Ajou Motor College. It is not enough to run on the path that others have passed. As water has to leave the river to reach the ocean, we have to open a new path and lead other people. Run as fast as you can and grow as big as possible. From the moment you choose our school, the race towards your dream begins. As Korea's only college specialized in automobiles, Ajou Motor College will discover talented people who will lead the Korean automobile industry. Furthermore, it will become a solid base for students to advance into the global stage. I hope more and more young people enjoy the pleasure of creation and challenge in the future.


A Brief History of AMC Man invented the wheel for sleds in 3200 BC. The wheel became the wagon, and the wagon became the automobile. The steam-powered car was developed and evolved into the gasoline car. For a long time, automobiles developed civilization, substituting for the feet of human beings. Daewoo Academy opened Daecheon Technical College, welcoming its first 405 freshman students in 1995 in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province) to cultivate human resources that can contribute to the development of key national industries and advance into the world. In 2004, marking the 9th anniversary of its foundation, the name of the college changed to Ajou Motor College with the single item of ‘automobile’ in order to clarify its strong will and vision for fostering technical professionals in automobile production; it took the first step in a big run of the second phase of educational foundation. As automobiles have continually changed and evolved in the last century, Ajou Motor College will constantly evolve and develop without break to become an educational institute that contributes to the development of human society.

The speed race of Ajou Motor College continues for a better tomorrow and its value

1977 · Daewoo Academy was founded 1991 · Establishment of Daecheon Technical College approved 1995 · First matriculation ceremony 1996 · C ompleted the construction of the automobile production practice area (720m2) and the dormitory (3,170m2)  · 1997 C ompleted the construction of Automobile Practice Building A (720m2), Automobile Practice Building B (1,040m2), and Student Welfare Building (291m2) · Selected as an excellent engineering college and appointed as a college specialized in the automotive production and technology by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology · A  ppointed as a trail college for connection operation of the 2+2 curriculum by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology · 1998 S elected as an excellent college by the College General Assessment conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

06 - 07 History of AMC

1999 · C onstruction of the Common Practice of Automotive Produc2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2009

tion Technology and Research Center (3,488m2) completed · A ppointed as Business Incubator Center by the Small and Medium Business Administration · D esignated as a certified institute for the British national technical certification, the VRQs3 · E stablished the College of Mold in the Bucheon Techno Park Industrial Complex under the agreement between the Bucheon Mold Association and Daecheon College · C hanged the school name to Ajou Motor College · O pened an educational training center in Australia · C ompleted the construction of the practice area for car frame repair (3,293m2) · S elected for the fostering project of the academic-industrial cooperation-oriented college

2010 · C ompleted the sports complex with artificial grass (8,699 m2) · S elected for the college brand project conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (automobile field)


· S elected as a college with excellent educational capacity by

· S elected for the college brand project for two consecutive

the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

years conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (automobile field) · S elected as a leading college for fostering customized human resources for small and medium sized companies conducted by the Small and Medium Business Administration · S igned an agreement of exchange program with Ajou University 2012 · C ertified college of educational quality by the College General Assessment of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


Communication with the wider world

Global AJOU! Become a future global leader of the automobile industry through communicating with the broadened world and more people from all around the world. Join the global Ajou people through various and specialized international programs.

Global Leader, Global Ajou Ajou Motor College runs various exchange programs with colleges abroad such as a joint degree system, student exchange program, and overseas internship programs in order to foster the global human resources of the Korean automotive industry. It has set up sisterhood relationships with such schools as Oakland University and Kettering University Shoreline Community College in the U.S., Shanghai Transportation University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Forestry University in China, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in England, and Hokkaido Automotive Engineering College in Japan to globalize its education through exchanging students and educational programs.

08 - 09 Global Program

Global Network Canada

United Kingdom


United States of America





New Zealand



Fanshawe College (Fanshawe)


Oakland University (Michigan), Kettering University (Michigan),

Tianjin University of Technology and Education (Tianjin),

SM Wu Manufacturing Research Center(University of Michigan),

Northeast Forestry University (Harbin),

Northwestern University Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory,

Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin, Weihai),

Shoreline Community College (Seattle),

Shandong Vocational College of Science & Technology (Shandong),

Hawaii Pacific University(Hawaii)

Changchun Automotive Industry Institute (Changchun),


Oxford and Cherwell Valley College(Oxford)

Dandong Vocational Technology College (Dandong),


The University of Newcastle, Griffith University

Wuxi Automotive Engineering School in Jiangxi Province (Wuxi),

Kazakhstan Almaty Industrial College, Kazakh Automobile-Road College, Kazakh Motor Car University, Progress Polytechnic College Japan Toyota National College of Technology, Nakanihon Automotive College (Nagoya), Hokkaido Automotive Engineering College (Hokkaido)

Shanghai Transportation University (Shanghai),

Weihai Technical College (Weihai) New Zealand Christchurch Polytechnic (Christchurch ) Malaysia Asia Pacific UCTI (Kuala Lumpur), The Otomotif College (Kuala Lumpur)


K o r e a ’ s

o n l y

c o l l e g e

s p e c i a l i z e d

i n

a u t o m o b i l e s

Differentiated and Specialized Educational System Boryeong in Chungcheongnam-do is the heart of the Seohaean Automobile Industrial Zone, which is a production base for Korean automobile makers. In Boryeong, talented young people, who will contribute to maintaining the nation as a powerhouse in the automobile industry, have cultivated their dreams. As the only college specialized in automobiles in Korea that covers all areas related to the automobile, Ajou Motor College fosters automotive technicians that have the expertise and creativity that enables them to acquire principles and application abilities through site-oriented practical education.

Common Practice of Automotive Production Technology and Research Center

A Mecca of Fostering Human Resources in the Seohaean Automobile Industrial Zone

Fostering Professional and Leading Human Resources for the Automobile Industry

Ajou Motor College has founded the Common Practice of Automotive Production Technology and Research Center in order to educate automobile-related companies on technologies and support them with production and development in the Seohaean area. It educates employees of the companies, students in colleges that have automobile related departments, and high school students on new technologies using cuttingedge facilities.

The Seohaean Automobile Industrial Zone, where Korea’s representative automobile makers including the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, GM Korea, and Ssangyong Motor Company gather, is indeed an important hub of the Korean automobile industry. Ajou Motor College has concentrated on improving its capacity to cultivate human resources that will lead the production technology of the Seohaean automobile industry.

As a result of the foundation of all departments of the school focusing on the automobile industry, the school has specialized in the automobile industry as a whole along with organic relationships among the departments. In addition, it has quickly developed and operated new departments to foster talented people in future-oriented fields such as as hybrid vehicles and intelligent automobiles.

Strict On-Site Practice and Field-Based Education The fruit of the work-centered curriculum of Ajou Motor College is the Creative Engineering Design course. Under this education program, students receive a general education during their first semester. In their second semester, and the first semester of the next year, they choose a topic they are interested in to take Creative Engineering Design courses. Based on the education they receive, they submit graduation work during their senior year. In addition, the school also conducts workoriented education required in industrial settings through the customized curriculum based on the academic-industrial cooperation.

10 - 11 Educational Environment

Professionalism for Progress To become the best in a certain field, a deeper and broadened insight is needed. Ajou Motor College concentrates on the field of automobile as a whole to offer organic educations based on expertise and in-depth educational programs.

The world of automobiles completed by a finger touch

Automobile Design Professional techniques for automotive design and development

Automobile Engineering Professional maintenance technology for electronic control systems of automobiles

Automobile Control and Diagnosis Technology Optimized engine tuning with high value-added control technology

Automobile Tune-up Control The cradle of ideas that rule and change the world

Automobile Digital Tuning Fosters technicians specialized in next generation hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Challenge against the limits of speed

Motor Sports

The world of automobiles completed by a finger touch

Automobile Design The department educates students in automotive design, realizing 3D models using computer, the production process of show cars using clay and complex materials through a work-centered curriculum focusing on the manufacturing process of concept cars for motor shows. Through the curriculum, students improve their creativity, design ability, reasoning power, spatial skills, sensibilities, and other functions needed to become an automobile designer or modeler. Accordingly, the department fosters experts in automobile design that are unique and competitive by reflecting the design and modeling abilities required in the automobile industry in the curriculum. Curriculum • Basic subjects: Drawing, Practice Expressing Color, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Automobile Engineering • Automobile Modeling: Clay Modeling, Actual Car Modeling, Automobile Modeling, Complex Materials Practice • Computer Modeling: CATIA, ALIAS, Computer Design • Automobile Design: Automobile Design, Design Methodology, Design Marketing, Portfolio Department Characteristics • Working-level education using 2D, 3D CAD(CATIA, ALIAS, etc) • Practicing manufacturing of actual car models using clay, FRP, or carbon as it has equipment for making models in the actual size of a car • Specialized education for each field of study in a small group class • Opportunities to advance in the fields of design, modeling, or related areas after graduation

12 - 13 Major Introduction



Professional techniques for automotive design and development

Automobile Engineering Students focus on acquiring techniques related to 3D CAD such as CATIA, CAM, and CAT used in the design, development, and testing of new products in the automotive industry and auto-parts related industry. The department fosters experts in design and development so that they can find a job in the applicable field. It offers such programs as intensive education in 3D modeling and analysis, work-centered education in automobile development, intensive education in major studies related to future careers, and a customized curriculum for CATIA jobs. Curriculum • Introduction to Automobile: Automobile Engineering, Automobile Development • Automobile Design: Material Mechanics, Automotive Parts Design, Element Design, Mold Design • Three-Dimensional Design and Analysis: CATIA, Reverse Engineering, CAE • Practice of Manufacturing and Developing Parts: Creative Engineering Design, graduation work, and onsite practices Department Characteristics • Intensive education on 3D modeling and analysis (Auto CAD, CATIA, Pro / Engineer, UGs, ANSYS, Reverse Engineering) • Field-Based education on development of the automobile (major studies, creative engineering design, graduation work, etc) • Intensive educational programs of major studies related to future careers (3D modeling, apparatus design, testing technology, etc) • Customized curriculum for CATIA jobs (education on major studies, scholarship programs, linked to employment)

14 - 15 Major Introduction

Professional maintenance technology for electronic control systems of automobiles

Automobile Control and Diagnosis Technology This department fosters professional technicians specialized in automobile control and diagnosis through a work-oriented educational system and theories focusing on understanding electronic control systems of automobiles, which have become incredibly hightech, and diagnosing today's electronic vehicles accurately. It offers basic lectures on theories as well as work-centered education with opportunities to put the theories in practice. In addition, it runs overseas internship programs related to the field of automobile maintenance and a program for acquiring a VRQs3 certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). Curriculum • Diesel Engine, Gasoline Engine, Automobile Chassis, Chassis Electronic Control • Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Automotive Electronic Device Modules, Engine Electronic Control • Car Frame Repair and Painting, Car Inspection Practice, Internship Practice Department Characteristics • Curriculum with international standards to foster human resources specialized in fault diagnosis and repair of electronic systems of automobiles • Field-Based education which includes lectures on basic theories and practices • Overseas internship programs related to the field of automobile maintenance that enable students to earn credits by working for overseas companies • Program that enables students to acquire a VRQs3 certified by the IMI


Optimized engine tuning with high value-added control technology

Automobile Tune-up Control The department has reinforced the curriculum for engine EUC tuning to foster experts in the field of the improvement of engine capacities and the education related to automotive control, which is a core technology. It also runs a customized curriculum for equipment diagnosis using vibration technology to help students find a job in the high value-added industry. Vehicle system technology has rapidly advanced. It can be applied not only to automobiles but also robots. The faculty members who have worked in the industry and for research institutes try their best to train the world's best professionals. Curriculum • Education on engine tuning for improving vehicle performance • Engineering education for students to find a high value-added job • Professional education courses in the four key technical duties Department Characteristics • Field-Based curriculum, Korea’s first regular courses, to foster technicians specialized in the field of car performance tuning. • Fostering the world’s best experts in the field of automobile tuning through education on techniques for engine and automotive tuning based on automotive engineering, club activities, and advanced education related to students’ major studies • Curriculum for machine condition diagnosis technique and techniques related to automation and control to improve the quality of students’ future careers

16 - 17 Major Introduction

The cradle of ideas that rule and change the world

Automobile Digital Tuning The department focuses on transformation techniques of car frames, electronic circuit technology, audio tuning techniques, and interior and exterior dress-up techniques as well as car inspection technology that enable remodeling of mass-produced cars for special purposes such as installation of turbines or refitting as ambulances, VIP cars, and camping cars along with the basics and applications of automobile tuning. In addition, the department guides students from admission to graduation through a one-on-one mentoring program. In order to help them to find a job, all supervising professors guide student communities linked with industries. After graduating from the department, students will become experts in automotive tuning, which is the main entity of the advanced automotive culture, by grafting their creative ideas onto automotive, mechanical, electric control, and industrial design techniques. Curriculum • Basics of Automobiles: Analysis of Drawings, Engine, Chassis, Electricity, and Electronics • Automobile Tuning: Audio, Dress up (Interior/Exterior), ECU (Turbo Tuning), Electric Apparatus (LED) • Automobile Advanced Technology: Design of Tuning Parts, Electronic Control, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Embedded Program (Intelligent Vehicles) Department Characteristics •R  esponsibility system that assures the daily-life guidance of students and employment as well as the student-appointed mentoring system that lasts until they graduate •T  uning clubs (ECU, audio, electronic devices, and dress-up) foster experts in artistic tuning that realize their unique ideas such as production techniques of a smart car


Fosters technicians specialized in next generation hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicle The social demand for nature-friendly hybrid electric vehicles has increased worldwide due to a shortage of fossil fuels and global warming caused in part by car exhaust fumes. Accordingly, the department educates students in the design and making of hybrid electric vehicles based on theories acquired during the courses. It fosters human resources that have the competiveness linked with their future careers through improving their working-level abilities, a work-centered curriculum, and academic-industrial programs. Curriculum • Analysis of Drawings, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Machine • Engine Electronic Control, Automobile Chassis, Power-Train Practice, Automotive Sensor • Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Digital Circuit and Practice, Electric Circuit, Electric Power and Electronics • Introduction to HEV, HEV Parts Design, Analysis of HEV Performance, HEV Inspection Practice Department Characteristics • Fostering human resources that are able to actively respond to the globalization of the parts markets of hybrid and electric cars as well as the possibilities of changes to industrial structures • Customized curriculum that quickly responds to the international standardized technology led by advanced countries and gathers industry opinions • Development of core parts and academic-industrial exchanges with related companies through consortiums in order to foster specialized technicians in hybrid and electric cars • Enables students to acquire techniques related to hybrid cars through manufacturing models with creative engineering designs and capstone designs

18 - 19 Major Introduction

Challenge against the limits of speed

Motor Sports Students manufacture racecars through learning theories and practices related to engineering principles, tuning, and maintenance of racecars including touring cars and carts, also called speed machines. The department fosters automotive technology experts such as racers and mechanics that challenge the limits of speed by experiencing driving techniques within the school. It trains students to become experts with the best educational environment that includes the faculty of Korea’s best drivers, mechanics, and practical experts, the first college driving practice area in Korea, and a manufacturing course of car bodies. Curriculum • Introduction to Motor Sports, Basic Driving, Advanced Driving, Analysis on Driving Information • Gasoline Engine, Automotive Electricity and Electronics, Automotive Chassis, 2D-CAD, Basic Mechanical Engineering • Automobile Conjugate Device, Analysis of Automotive Electronic Device Circuits, Racecar Structures • Racecar Mechanics, Racecar Frame Manufacturing, Automobile Sensor, Self-Made Vehicle Design Department Characteristics •P  roduces various types of experts including racecar drivers, mechanics that make or control racing cars, sports car tuning technicians, and officials of car racing competitions • Enables students to become racecar drivers by educating them in driving techniques for carts or formula cars at the school’s driving practice area • Systemically educates students on the principles and tuning of formula machines as well as touring • Has Korea’s first college student racing team • Helps students find jobs in the fields of car racing, professional maintenance (sports car or imported vehicle companies), and automobile related tests

Active Campus Energetic Campus with Young Spirit The 12 months of the year in Ajou Motor College are always refreshing. Along with school communities specialized in automobiles, it has various types of clubs where students can show off their specialties and enjoy hobbies. In addition, the school supports students with various facilities including a gym with the newest facilities, a pool, libraries, and dormitories. A place that becomes beautiful when everyone is united as one, and the energy of youth is found is here Aojou Motor College.

Drive as fast as you can Grow as big as possible,

Dream your future, here at Ajou Motor College 1





1. T  he birthplace of intelligence, a library 2. A soccer field with artificial grass: the stage for young spirit 3. A comfortable rest area, student dormitory 4&5. The gym and pool with the newest facilities

Learn at the school and put the expertise into practice!

Central grass square

Participate in various competitions

Classes may have finished yet our practice has not!

Opened practice facilities for students

Enlarge your experience dominating from Korea to global stages!

Run various programs



8 6. Field trips to automobile related companies 7. Cultural studying abroad in Shoreline Community College (American affiliated college) 8. Acquiring cultural experience and visiting automobile companies in China

20 - 21 Active Campus

Nature is seen from all lecture rooms

Global Standards AMC Certified educational quality by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Ajou Motor College was accredited in 2011by the Korea Accreditation Board for Vocational Higher Education under the Korean Council for College Education which holds a commission from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. It has received excellent ratings from 72 items in nine categories including the school’s vision, development plans, education, academic-industrial cooperation, students, faculty, library, information resources, administration and finances, educational facilities and resources, responsibilities, and educational improvements; its excellent educational infrastructure has been officially confirmed.

Korea’s first educational institute certified to issue overseas vehicle maintenance certificate, VRQs Ajou Motor College has been certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to offer education in the Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) for automobile maintenance, car frame repairs, and hybrid electric vehicle maintenance that are also recognized overseas. Once completing the VRQs courses at the Department of Automobile Control and Diagnostic Technology and the Department of Motor Sports at Ajou Motor College, students are eligible to acquire the VRQs Level Ⅲ (advanced technician, administrator) which help students to find employment in the UK and Commonwealth countries.

The nameplate for VRQs certified education institute

A certificate given to students who completed the VRQs educational program of the school

22 - 23 Global Standards AMC & Campus Map














A Main Building

Administration Office, Library, Computer Room, Department Office

B Lecture Building

Lecture Room, Practice Room, Faculty Research Room

C Practice Building

Practice Room

D Dormitory Building B

Business Incubator Center, Dormitory, Shower Room, Laundry Room

E Dormitory Building A

Dormitory, Shower Room, Laundry Room

F Cafeteria Building

School Cafeteria

G Center Building Common Practice of Automotive Production Technology and Research Center, Student Council Room, Pool, Gym, Dormitory for Female Students H Chassis Technology Building

Practice Room, Lecture Room

I Powertrain Technology Building

Practice Room

J Container Building

Club Room

K Employment Support Center

Job CafĂŠ, Employment Counseling Room, School Store

M Main Gate Security Room R Design Technology Building

Practice Room

U Driving Practice Area V Ajou Square W Central Grass Square X Sports Facilities

Sports Complex (Artificial Grass Soccer Field), Tennis Court, Playground, Basketball Court, Jokgu Court

2012 Ver.1(2012.7) designed by DUE 02 3142 3800

The Education Foundation Deawoo Academy Founded in March 1977, Daewoo Academy runs a college specialized in automobiles: Ajou Motor College, a four-year university Ajou University, and the tertiary medical institution Ajou University Hospital.

As the only college specialized in

In the 100 years of Korean college

Ajou University Hospital developed the

automobiles in Korea, Ajou Motor College

history, Ajou University has received

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Korea's first surgery that simultaneously

improved its global competitiveness to

human resources and pursuing practical

cures hemophilia and liver cancer by a

be recognized by the world.

studies, the school aims to become a

liver transplant, Ajou University Hospital

global leader beyond Asia, responding

has been recognized as a world-class

to the rapidly changing society.

mecca for medical sciences thanks to its fostering of medical teams and research and development.

106, Daehak Gil, Jupo-Myeon, Boryeong City, Chungcheongnam-Do, 335-769, Korea TEL 82-41-939-3005 FAX 82-41-939-3457

Korea Accreditation Board for Vocational Higher Education

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