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Issue 3 - June 2010

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Contents Director’s Chair

PG 21

5 Days in the A

PG 7


PG 24

Rule of Thirds

PG 8

Rumour Has It

PG 26

Review: Prince of Persia

PG 11

.MOV-e’s Pick

PG 28

VFX: Taking a Closer Look

PG 18

A Look Back At 3D

PG 30

Overview: SONY HVR-Z7

What’s HOT

PG 6

PG 9

Character Matters: We look at Lion of Judah

Rising Star: We chat to the lovely Cherie van der Merwe

In the Spotlight: Jeremy Mansfield chats his way to Disney! PG 12

PG 38

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PG 34

Scriptwriting 101

PG 61

Lingo Schmingo: Lighting

PG 44

Piracy: It’s a Crime!

PG 64

A Day in the Life of

PG 50

Review: Iron Man 2

PG 66

BlogBuster: Storyboarding

PG 57

Money, Money, Money!

PG 68

Movie Mistakes

PG 58

Subliminal Messages

PG 69

Give them Credit

Tutorial: Create a realistic flesh wound for under R 100 PG 46

Contact Us

Press Release: Leon Schuster is back!

Classics: Tim Burton

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PG 53 .MOV-e PO BOX 11874 Wierda Park-South 0057



Hey guys n’ gals!

The Director’s Chair

What a month it’s been! While the world was gearing up to launch the FIFA World Cup, we were swimming against the currents to try and get this issue out on time. The initial plan was to launch on Friday, the 4th of June which was my older sister, Michelle Luce’s, birthday. I would like to take this small space in the magazine to wish her a very happy birthday and hope that the year ahead is one of excitement and breakthrough for her. Without her selfless sacrifice of her 3G bandwidth, this issue would not have existed. Thanks Michelle! You’re the best! When we compare the site’s traffic stats between the first and second issues, we believe that we’re on the right track. Our April issue generated just over 1 500 visitors, which is pretty neat for a noname magazine just popping up from nowhere. The second issue pulled in just over 5 300 visitors! This would not have been possible without YOU, our fantastic readers. Thank you for helping us spread the word! Our goal for the June issue is 15 000 visitors. Think we can do it? With your help, we believe it would certainly be possible. Speaking of needing help… we’re in the planning phase of creating a movie. We first wanted to tackle a romantic comedy, but the budget to pull off that genre successfully is quite high. We thus settled on a horror/thriller that would cost 300K to make. It might sound like a lot, but in movie-making terms, it’s actually nothing. The main idea behind the movie is to document each and every step while making it to show you the entire process of making a movie, from start to finish in great detail. You can help us achieve this by clicking on our TIP JAR icon at the upper right-hand corner of the site and donating whatever you can. We use PAYPAL (for our international and Credit Card donors), but those that would like to just do a normal EFT transaction can use the following banking details: Bank: Nedbank Account Holder: Awesome Web Development Account No: 1972 153 137 Branch Code: 145710 Type: Current Account Reference: MOVeZA Movie

(Note that the PayPal site is in Dollars ($), but is a secure site used by millions world-wide. It’s not a scam, and your details are certainly protected.)

You will notice that if you flip through the magazine without logging into the site, you will only see the first few pages. In order to read the entire issue, we encourage you to sign up and log into the site. Registration only takes a few seconds and is easy and safe. Once signed up, you then also have access to all our previous issues as well as the forums. We have a jam-packed issue for you with the gorgeous Cherie van der Merwe as our Rising Star and cover girl. We review Prince of Persia and Iron Man 2, and show you how to create a realistic flesh wound. An American independent film maker shares his movie, 5 Days in the A with us, and we take a detailed look at Africa’s first animated feature, The Lion of Judah. Tim Burton is this month’s Classic, and Wimpie tells us more about the SONY HVR-Z7. Exciting stuff, we tell ya! We played around with some settings and the result is a more interactive magazine with a new and improved contents page that will allow you to jump to certain articles immediately, giving you instant access to the stuff that you really want to read. Simply hover your mouse over an article and when you see the little arrow pointing to the right, click on it. Hyperlinks to external sites should also work fine, so if you like a certain ad, simply move your mouse over it and click on FOLLOW LINK and you’ll go through to their site. There might be a glitch here or there, and we’re also still working on trying to get the e-mail links working properly. Hopefully everything should be ironed out by next month. We hope that you enjoy this issue and would like to encourage you to join our Facebook Page for regular updates. Happy reading, and take care!


LETTERS GAMES Hello .MOV-e, thanx for the great mag! Just wondering if you would like to put in some game reviews related to movies? I am a film and game freak :-) Jacques, Bloemfontein Aren’t we all, Jacques? ;) We are currently negotiating with the good people at NAG Magazine to share a review or two with us. Hopefully you will see a few great reviews in future issues. Effects Schweet mag, guys! I was just wanted to know what software I could use to make special effects for my movies. Russell, Durban Thanks Russell, we’re glad you like the magazine. FX HOME’s VisionLAB Studio and Adobe’s After Effects are both brilliant and should suit most budgets. Google both to read user reviews and see which one has the features that would fit the requirements of your projects. Freelance Hi there! Do you need freelance writers? Nicola, Witbank Hi Nicola! While we could certainly use more hands to help out with the articles in the magazine, we can’t afford any freelancers right now. However, you are more than welcome to write an article and use some space to promote yourself and/or website. Please send all letters to We would love to hear from you and also feel free to make suggestions for anything you would like to see in the magazine. We look forward to hearing from you.

Forum Showcase There’s a SHOWCASE section in the Forum where members can post their short films or showreels. Companies are also welcome to showcase their reels. NOTE: These are only pics, not the actual clips. To view these clips or upload your own, log in and click on SHOWCASE in the main Forum menu.

Some Highlights We interview the absolutely stunning Cherie van der Merwe as our Rising Star.

Read about the history of 3D Movies and learn to make your own 3D Glasses.

American Film Maker Henderson Maddox talks to us about his movie, 5 Days in the A.

In VFX, we take a closer look at some of the 3D applications used by industry leaders.

Log on and get in

s of the month:

n on the action!

Learn to create realistic flesh wounds for under a hundred bucks!

Read Elize Pienaar’s take on the Prince of Persia movie.

Ettienne van Rensburg shares his thoughts on Iron Man 2.

Read more about Tim Burton in this month’s Classics feature.

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Hope to catch you guys in the Take care, .MOV-e Team

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