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The Pate’s Yearbook 2009

With special thanks to Graphic design: Oliver Newth Website creation: Gareth Brading Committee members: James Balm, Stephanie Clayton, Siobhan Coote, Natalia Duarte, Charlotte Hicks, Olivia Howarth, Matt Jones, Maddy Kennedy, Oliver Newth, Sarah Smith School staff: Mrs Hooper, Mr Beal, Mrs Gwilliam, Mr Fenton Many thanks also to all those who gave in text and pictures for the layouts throughout the book.

Pate’s yearbook of 2009 It has been a privilege to get to know you. Thank you for being one of the best year groups ever. It has been an honour to share so me of the amazing highlights throu gh the productions, fixtures, co ncerts and charity events. More poign ant by far, though, are my memories of the kindnesses yo u have shown quietly and the genuine warmth that you have added to the school community . There have been so many grea t times and I am sure that you will have life long memories that you will treasure. Go now to do good and great things. You leave school in 20 09, a time of global depression. For me I am optimistic for the futu re not based upon the rhetoric of a new US President, any spec ific scientific breakthrough, cultu ral masterpiece or sporting su perstar. Rather, my hope for all our fu tures is secure because the futu re is yours to determine and I know that you will make the most of it. Return often. You will always be a Patesian and this will alw ays be your school. With love and best wishes, Mr Fenton

r the rite something fo w to ed k as e b to asure knowing le It is an honour p e g u h a as w rbook. It I'm Class of 2009's Yea her at Pate's, and et g to e m ti r u o g n so many you duri to get to know ce an ch e th ad h have only sorry not to in the sixth form. s e' at P ed in jo o h those of you w ed ! I've really enjoy n ee b e av h u o y p e What a year grou erful things on th d n o w e v ie h ac u yo coming to watch d on the playing an ts ar e th in l, al rt h stage, in the conce as you move on u o y l al u o y to wishes ce! field. All my best r lives - bon chan u o y in es ag st t ex to the n Richard Kemp

Dear children… Even after what is now approaching four decades in this strange business of school-teaching a certain pleasure drifted in at the prospect of looking after Year 13 again, of taking on a year group of characters, and noise, and energy and ambition: of anxieties and uncertainti es, of frictions and affections – a year group like most Pate’s year groups and yet, like most Pate’s year groups unique in tone and character. This is not, dear children, a time to single out those who have most irritated me or those who have most endeared themselves to me, partly because in many cases they are the same people. Neither is this a time to dwell on anecdotes and incidents, because I suspect the ones that are most memorable for you are ones that, thank God, I never knew about. Year Books, by definition, are about looking back and preserving in a form of aspic the incidents and energie s of the years: you will do that better than me so let me peer forward. And so, dear children, you approach the end of what I hope has been a good time, a memorable time, a time of growth, learning, fun and just a little pain every now and then for the good of your sou ls. Remember those first days in the Sixth Form and consider how far you hav e come, how, in the blink of an eye, you have moved from anxieties about how you might thrive in this new world of privileges to anxieties about how you might thrive in the new world of university and then beyond. And that, my children, is how it goes: I hope that you have learnt, through that strange osmotic process that characterises Pate’s, how to thrive, how to bounce, how to look after yourselves and, more importantly, how to look after each other. Pate’s students tend to go on moving in herds even after leaving school, to add their university friends to their school friends rather than replacing the m, because they recognise in each other a pretty unique mixture of wit, energy , tolerance and common human decency that can be irresistible. And so, dea r children, before you leave, make sure you know what you want to keep, wh at you want to take with you from the school, and cherish it. Amongst you is the last of my own children and in all of you I see all four of my sons who so benefited from being amongst you and your predecessors, As a parent this for me will be a particularly memorable day: amidst all the excitement and emotion remember your parents, dear children, and include them in a time that somehow symbolises for them that they are being left behind. On that leaving day try to express all your thanks, gratitude and regrets and the n move on to those glittering futures to make a better world. With heartfelt thanks, Chris Beal

Committees. Charity Committee. Committee members Molly Tresadern (chair) Joe Harvey (vice) Jennie Prior Alice Fayter Tim Barsellotti Hanna Rutledge Dom Moffitt Sarah Barnes Lauren Obee Doug Hull Becky Lauder-Fletcher Pete Richardson About the committee Well, it’s been a fun year. Every week we meet up in the tiny geography room and try to think of ideas to raise as much money as possible for charity, most of which have included making Dom dress up or forcing teachers to be humiliated. Some of the highlights of our charitable year have been…... * Megadance on Charity Day * Seeing Mr McShane’s disastrous dancing * Hearing the Barbershop Quartet sing to Mr Beal on Valentine’s Day * Playing mass musical statues at the sixth form Christmas lunch * Holding enough sweet and cake sales

to completely undermine the whole ‘healthy schools’ policy, and to give us an excuse to make frequent road trips to the hub and set up sweet production lines * Mr Beal shaving Mr Houlton * Pate’s wearing pants for Pudsey * The Sixth Form Halloween party * Joe announcing ‘Mr Hoskens’ slippery pole’ in assembly * Every time we’ve successfully penalised people for not wearing the right thing to mufty days * Creating an amazing Blue Peter style ‘totaliser’ to count money on We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts through the past year. Particular thanks to Mrs. Gwilliam who has put up with us and helped us a huge amount, and to anyone who has worn something stupid in the name of charity, helped us spend hours packing sweets, or simply humoured us and given us money on numerous occasions. As a result of this help and support we have raised money for everything from building a new kitchen at a school in the Philippines to supporting national charities like Comic Relief and Children in Need.

Yearbook Committee. Committee members Siobhan Coote (chair) Matt Jones (vice) Stephanie Clayton Natalia Duarte Olivia Howarth Sarah Smith Charlotte Hicks Maddy Kennedy Oliver Newth (Big O) Jamie Balm

has been important, there are two members which have stood out. Siobhan, the Chair, has overseen and aided in every in every aspect of its development and it certainly couldn’t have happened without her. Then there is Ollie, ‘Siobhan’s right hand man’, whom heroically took upon himself a great workload. He has essentially designed and created the yearbook and has shown great team and organisational abilities. To both of you, the committee and the rest of Year 13 says thank you!

About the committee In the still of the night, in the quiet hours before dawn, or with headphones blasting out profanities, the soft tapping on a keyboard and the scratching of quill on parchment is the unmistakable sound of us Yearbook Committee members running a publishing marathon.

Good luck to everybody in the future and don’t forget about this or all our hard work will have been for nothing!

You see, making a yearbook is far more intricate than it may appear on the surface. You need a team containing many different abilities, be it design, leadership, going on Facebook or scanning in hundreds of photos – every member has their own niche. As for our committee, this is a very clear cut distinction between each member. Although everybody

Community Committee. Committee members Ellie Whittles (chair) Emma Scott (vice) Sophie Jenns (vice) Bertie Vidgen Rebecca Gowers Katie Haslam Helen Aung Hannah Mansfield Sophie Roberts Amber Clark Jenni Flynn About the committee This year the community group has worked very hard to make loads of new opportunities

for both Year 12 and Year 13 students. As well as organising a new Primary outreach program or 'Pop' as it's more affectionately known. We have created a financial advice service, volunteer opportunites as Hester's way community centre and sent a small group to the local creche. Our highlights include: -the very cheesy whole school assembly, -making 'Pop' presentations to new schools -the time Bertie actually turned up to a meeting! We would like to thank the volunteers who went to their placements and Miss Widdon for helping us achieve all we have and wish next years committee luck in trying to follow our awesome term in office.

Who said what? “G'aww, this is bad, this is really bad!” *pulls collar* Dave B “If atoms are mostly empty space, why don't I fall through my bed? It keeps me awake at night.” Ben G “Hey look a cow!” (pointing at the school bus) Alice “Chris, size ALWAYS matters” Alex B “One day in Gloucester I got pushed so hard from behind it hurt the next day. That was a good day!” George “Does a magpie have hands?” Martin “I like physical contact, just not with Ollie” Debbie “My cousin's called Ben... he's fat” Hannah M “I'm just innocently sitting here moisturizing” Ed “Notice I'm keeping from insults here... More superior level of dignity and intelligence kept you see” Callum “Cutting down trees can't be wise” Tom Water “Soz babes! ...oh God, I can't believe I just said that to Mr Allinson!” Jess F-S “Nobody dies forever” Lucy Baker “I don't care if it is for charity, I'm not going to pay £5 for a sub-par meal and mediocre entertainment” Cieran "Aashish, do you dream about Mrs. Godson?" Luke Hanna “Miss Parker, why did you write 'Touch me' on my test?” Aashish “As a general rule, if you see testicles – run” Kit “It's only Tuesday and I'm already covered in sweat. Thank you very much, Steve!” Phil “I really shouldn't be sticking my fingers up here” Alex B “Is the red sea actually red?” Stacey “Hula Hoops? What are they?” Lauren Obee “Maybe she puts lemon juice in her hair...” Debbie “Maybe that's why she so sour.” “Aberystwyth? Ha! That's in Scotland!” Phil

Remember these? Aashish and the printer... Aash had not finished his physics coursework, so skipped maths and stayed in the IT rooms to complete it. Unfortunately, that was the only lesson we would ever spend in the IT rooms in maths. Seeing Ms Parker approaching, Aash fled and hid beneath the printer in the adjacent room. Ms Parker not only found him, but had also shut down his computer (and all his unsaved physics) to make room for our class. That was a sad day indeed for Aash. Phil’s shampoo On the Geography Trip to Wales, Philip was wondering why his hair was steadily getting greasier every day despite vigorously washing his hair. To everybody's surprise on the final day, Phil admitted that he had been using sun tan lotion as a shampoo. The D of E frisbee... On Gold D of E practise, the girls decided to play a few tricks on the boys (they still don't know it was us!). Hiding the sacred frisbee and watching the guys search frantically for it was almost as funny as when we 'found' it and the guys told off Mike because "you didn't look in THAT tree". Then spraying lavender spray in their tents and muffling giggles to "phwoar! These tents really do stink!" We also stole their list of Pokemon which they were making to pass the time, photocopied it and stuck it on the common room door. Far from being embarrassed they proudly claimed it was theirs and kept adding to it! Percy’s head Ms Reid went mental at 11P in English about plagarism. She worked herself into such a state and as the grand finale to her rant she threw the Oliver Twist York Notes across the classroom...narrowly missing Tom Percy's head!

Dom’s year 9 bike ride One lunchtime in Year 9, a group of us went down to the far end of the field, and found a small, rusty old children's bike. It had been pretty bashed about, but was just about rideable, although only just. After messing around with it on the field for a while, we took it inside, with Dominic charging around terrorizing people by pushing the bike down the corridor into them. We ended up in the Pyschology corridor, when we suddenly noticed a teacher coming, at which Dominic quickly dropped the bike in the middle of the corridor and scampered off. The teacher came up the otherwise deserted corridor, looked in bewilderment at the bike, picked it up, and tried to force it handlebars first into a nearby rubbish bin! After the coast was clear, Dominic retrieved the bike from the bin and took it downstairs, kindly leaving it as a gift for Mrs Wood on the desk in her classroom. Ros on Valentine’s On Valentine's Day, Paul O'Brian seranading Ros in Physics. Ros went bright red, whilst the entire class fell into hysterics, including Mr Cooper, who stopped the lesson especially. Tom Blackmore and his socket In Year 7, in a fit of overexcitement, Tom ran up to the wall and kicked the wall-mounted socket in, rendering it completely unusable. I'm not even sure how long we got locked out of the form room for that. Get lost... Ollie Dee walked in late to maths in year 7 and Miss Stockton said "Get lost Ollie" so he said "ok" and walked out again! Spacehoppers Mat having a serious, involved philosophical discussion with Callum about the nature of "right", and "wrong", whilst bopping up and down on a spacehopper.

Teacher’s Quotes... Mrs Smee

“They're just killing each other. Don't worry.” Mr Elvidge

( Ash, Jack and Max) “You three make more noise than the average bear!” Mr Hall

(...towards Jack Franklin) “So, you prefer it black do you?” Mrs Melton

“This topic’s the viagra of the year – it's gone on far too long and we need to knock it on the head.” Mrs Hooper

(in year 8 pse) “Is anyone in here as hot as I am?” Mrs Hicks

“You go Shaun house now!”

Mr Morgan

“Dom, tuck your shirt in...that should keep you busy for about 5 minutes.” Mr Beal

“If I was a vegetable I would be a parsnip... parsnips are very manly vegetables.” Mr Hosken

“I probably could have done that when I was a little boy or girl.” Mrs Jeanes

“Everyone get out a BIG piece of A4...” Mr Newton

“Oliver, you were so hot there, I was getting quite excited.” Mr Kingston

“Cieran, if you were a racehorse you'd be shot.” Mr Watson

“Funny, as in, ‘child-fallingdown-the-stairs’ funny.”

Boy’s rugby...

Captains Closing Comments: I’m not going to get soppy lads…just reminisce on some good times. We started off our rugby careers with two pretty incredible seasons, remaining unbeaten in every game and rarely being challenged (the fact James Waite was fully grown by the age of 9 might have helped a little). Highlights have got to be Kingo dragging off QEH’s winger by the ear after he told him to ‘piss off grandad’, Keenan Samuelson’s classic topless kicking incident…and who can forget Mr. Berry’s little mistake that required all of us pushing the minibus out of a ditch, Owain’s ass hanging out of the window at the same time. We finally lost a game at the start of year 9 to Aylesbury (they were all on steroids… and fully grown men. Fact). We finally lost to our second school in the semi finals of the county cup, St. Peters. I remember the whole team calling Jim ‘a pussy’ because he went off with a ‘knee injury’… turns out he had horrifically ruptured his ACL and was in agony….bah, he should of played through it…..pussy! In year 10, due to injuries, our team entered the Dark Ages which we don’t talk about (we lost a few games, and hence Kingston disowned us). An honourable mention has to go to Rory Williams, Matt Evans, Dan Evans Tom Fox, Gareth Brading, Ryan Morgan Kleinman, Mark Sutton and Ed Noble, sterling stand-ins! Funny times from this year group…generally anything involving Alex Jeal…

brilliant. Then came the tour, rugby was pretty good but the banter was better. No one can forget Chris Blackwell spending the whole plane trip with his trousers by his ankles, robbing John Harkness’s cutlery so much that he asked me for a fight, the infamous photo…and just generally the best parties I’ve ever been to. Senior rugby in the final years was some of the best quality rugby I personally have ever played, and the unbeaten season last year won us team of the month in rugby world and was the first for over 50 years. When it was our turn to take the reins as the eldest in the school we couldn’t quite uphold the unbeaten season but came pretty close. Some of thing s to be noted have to be John Harkness’s continual concussions and head injuries (you would of thought after the third he would of learned how to tackle), Owain McFarlane getting a little angry at an opposition winger so running across the pitch picking up a corner flag about to hit him with it before remembering he was captaining the seconds that day….so threw it on the ground instead….you showed him Macca! My horrific embarrassment after being giving one chance to take kickoffs and slicing the ball so badly it went backwards, the brotherly love of the Harkness’s and Blackwell’s in training sessions and George Prudden’s worst 30 seconds of his life…backing himself with the ball, he

Random Memory The big G incident...

People! 13Y3/Y4

Will Allen

Rowan Doble Doesn’t Make Fudge Physicist Who knows? “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” University

Name: Siobhan Coote Description: I Remember That Want to be: Married to a lovely rich man who

can afford for me to be a wedding planner

Will be:

Hopefully married to a lovely man but working for a pharmacutical company

Fav. song:

“Set the fire to the 3rd bar” - Snow Patrol 2009 plans: Kavos! Biochemistry at uni! Sophie Woodbridge Name: Description: Mighty Fine Laugh Want to be: Supermum Still at uni, having finally Will be: decided I want to do art. Fav. song: The Bolshevik Song 2009 plans: Gap year

Sophie W

Siobhan Coote

Rowan Doble

Name: Description: Want to be: Will be: Fav. song: 2009 plans:

Name: Description: Want to be: Will be: Fav. song:

Will Allen Sweet Deal Mate Some big, ruthless, executive type

Lying on a park bench "Afternoon delight" - Starland vocal band 2009 plans: messy shenanigans across Asia

Zara Bizjak Aaron Yau Alex Bogle

Ben Gabbott

Zara Bizjak Name: Want to be: Rich Actuary Will be: Fav. song: “Halo” - Beyonce 2009 plans: Championship in Irish dancing, A levels: AAA, Warwick University Aaron Yau Name: Description: Hyper-active Hyper-violent Hyper-chinese Want to be: CEO of a Fortune 500 company, whilst being an underground assassin Either CEO, or in an Will be: underground society. Not Both Fav. song: "Iris" - Ronan Keating 2009 plans: Master the gymnastic rings

Alex Bogle Elliot from scrubs An RAF medical officer abroad “Ain't no mountain high enough” - Diana Ross 2009 plans: Working the ski season in Austria then travelling and volunteering in Africa

Name: Want to be: Will be: Fav. song:

Name: Ben Gabbott Description: Fat Ginger B*stard Want to be: A doctor Will be: A tramp Fav. song: "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free" - Nina Simone 2009 plans: Cider

Pate's Grammar School 2009 Yearbook  

A selection of the pages from Pate's Grammar School Cheltenham's yearbook in 2009.

Pate's Grammar School 2009 Yearbook  

A selection of the pages from Pate's Grammar School Cheltenham's yearbook in 2009.