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Miso Buttered Potatoes

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Recipe donated by Hicce

We use two different potato varieties depending on the time of year: Red Duke of York or Pippa potatoes.

We get these from a supplier in Northumberland called Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes. The right produce makes a difference and we highly recommend buying potatoes from their online shop.


• 80g water

• 80g red miso paste (salted)

• 250g block of unsalted butter

• 500g waxy small to medium potatoes

• 1 bunch of chives


1 Light up your BBQ. Boil or steam the potatoes until cooked. Different potatoes will take different times to cook; start with 10 minutes and then keep checking every few minutes.

2 Take the potatoes out of the water or steamer and leave to cool. Whilst waiting, dice the block of butter. Once the potatoes are cool, cut them in half and place them on the grill cut side down.

3 After a few minutes, and once they have coloured on one side, turn them over to repeat the process. Remove them from the grill and keep them somewhere warm.

4 Next, take a small pan and heat the water, but don’t boil it. Add the butter dice by dice, whisking as you go. Keep the pan on a low heat while the water and butter emulsify. Add the miso and whisk. Chop up your chives and toss them to the emulsion.

5 Pour the butter all over the potatoes and dig in.