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Jean Abiassi Retires From Zachry






President and Chief Operating Officer Jean Abiassi, P.E. led Zachry Construction Corporation through more than 16 years of tremendous growth and success. His extensive career spans more than 37 years in the design and construction industry. After retiring in March, Abiassi began a new chapter in his life and, as in his career, he won’t be idle.

According to Deana Abiassi, Jean’s wife, retirement plans have not been completely decided, but she has a lot of plans for him. “I have a laundry list of honey-do’s that have his name all over them,” said Deana. “I thought this day would never come, but now it’s here. I’m looking forward to spending more time with him.”

Abiassi’s legacy at Zachry will go down in the history books with projects that generated the company incredible opportunity—such as the California High Speed Rail, DFW Connector, SH-130 and the much celebrated SH-99 Grand Parkway (Segments F-1, F-2 and G). During his career with Zachry, he helped manage approximately $8.1 billion worth of work. The growth also created opportunities for Abiassi to recruit, mentor and promote employees who continue to shape the company’s talented workforce.

Two important legacies to Jean’s credit are the Zachry Academy and the Zachry Construction Annual Meeting. They both have grown over the years by connecting colleagues and offering personal and professional growth. Those who are close to Jean know that he takes great pride in being an American and being a part of building the infrastructure of this great country. Jean believes every person should have an opportunity to live their dream, and the roads he helped build paved the way for making those dreams come true.

“There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to David Zachry and his entire family. Deana and I have the utmost respect for how they honor employees and how he has honored me and my family. I believe in our employees and their ability to help lead the future of Zachry Construction. I can now retire knowing the company is in the very best hands. Even though I’m not there every day, I’m on your side, rooting for you to be the best you can be.” - Jean Abiassi, former president and chief operating officer

“I will miss Jean’s leadership, his knowledge, his passion and his drive,” said David Zachry, CEO Zachry Corporation. “Jean has been much more than a leader or employee, and I will miss my friend and partner.”