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july 19

2010 Quote of The Week

The line between failure and success is so fine that we are often on the line and do not know it. Many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience, would have achieved success. A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.

The Big Bang Theory Tips For a Great Workout Strategy The New Woman

- Elbert Hubbard

Editor’s Note Hi Readers,

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons for several reasons. Of course, with summer comes the quest for the perfect “bod” for those sunny excursions. Check out our simple workout strategies. Also, see how a bang does wonders for your hairstyle and of course lots more. Take a break, sit back, relax and indulge in this week’s issue of Your Style eZine.

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The BigBang Theory

Rihanna Side Swept Bang. Short hair gathers sexy, sultry appeal with side bangs.


We’ve all heard of The Big Bang Theory and how it might have changed our universe, but you’d be surprised how adding a bang to your hairstyle could change your world. Bangs can make a world of a difference to your hairstyle depending on the look you are going for. Some hairstyles look great without bangs or fringes, and others look lost without the addition of some bangs. It can be a great way of changing and creating your hairstyles. The different types of bangs vary on how the bangs are positioned and their texture. Depending on facial shapes, different bangs may create better looks than others. Bangs and fringes have been picked up by the pop stars, film stars, runway models, celebrities, and the girl next door. Check out some of the bangs our local celebrities and international stars are rocking, and see which may be right for you.

Beyonce Straight Bangs are good for simple looks without curls or wave and can help frame the facial area.

Keri Hilson Blunt Fringe. It is a full bang cut straight across the forehead, with no angles whatsoever.

Tami Chynn Choppy Bang . Depending on how they are worn, choppy bangs can create a variety of looks from edgy and fun to formal and dramatic.

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TipsFor Workout a Great Strategy


Starting a workout regime can be one of the most difficult things for most women, but with a little work and dedication it can become a habit that could change your life. In the past few years, several workout studios and yoga facilities have become available across the island, and finding the one that suits all of your needs is going to be vital. Your Style lends a hand with a few workout tips. Consistency is key For whatever reason, you forgot to hit the gym today and before you know it, that one day has magically turned into a month or two. When your workout is not consistent, fitness falls completely off your radar. Experts recommend creating a timetable of at least a threeday weekly exercise plan that will aid in your consistency. Exercise Your Senses While on the treadmill, watching your favourite TV programme can definitely lighten your workout time. Chatting with your girls on the phone or listening to some great music will definitely make one hour seem like 15 minutes.

A Slow Start is Always Best Starting an exercise routine too fast can lead to one being discouraged--or having a dumbbell on your toe. But if you start off exercising slowly, and then gradually add more difficulty to your workout, you’ll feel challenged, not defeated, which is much more motivating. Record Your Performance Keeping abreast of how long you run and how much you lift is a good way to track your performance. Writing down your daily workouts means that you can literally see your progress on the page, especially since results will not be evident on your body immediately. It also eliminates the guessing games with equipment every time you hit the gym, ensuring that you get the best sweat possible. Rocking the Right Gear Some people might think that this is not a factor, but not only does the newest workout apparel makes you look pretty damn good, it can battle blisters, keep away moisture, and keep you feeling perky. All of that makes for a better workout. your style eZine


Tips For Workout a Great Strategy

Do Not Overdo Staying committed to a regular workout plan is key. If you find yourself in the gym every day for several hours, you might be overtraining. When you exercise, you create tiny tears in your muscles. When they rebuild, you add muscle mass and strength, but that’s not possible without adequate recovery time between tough workouts. Solution - Take a step back from your schedule or create a rotation of muscle groups to work on throughout the week. That way, you can work out every day while still giving your body a rest. Setting Little Goals Just the thought of losing 20 pounds can be extremely daunting, but when you set little goals, you make progress more realistic. Try to lose five pounds or clock in 30 minutes daily on the treadmill; then you work your way up from there.

Experts recommend creating a timetable of at least a three day weekly exercise plan that will aid in your consistency.

Accomplishing our goals helps to keep us moving forward and challenging ourselves to meet even bigger targets in the future--like that 20 pounds. Pat Yourself on the Back Celebrate your milestones in a positive and healthy way with healthy treats. Do not go out to eat, rather go out to dance or buy yourself a vital piece of workout equipment. Grab a Friend Oftentimes people find it difficult to even begin to workout because of the thought of going it alone. Try exercising with a workout partner who is as committed as you are, and will keep you steadfast on your workout plan and vice versa. Challenge Yourself Sometimes that treadmill can become very boring and oftentimes we forget that a workout plan can be fun and exciting. Think of other activities to add to your workout plan such as swimming, tennis or running a new course.

Buy yourself a vital piece of workout equipment. advertisment

Make your exercise a lifestyle just like those high school years.

Colourful cool workout apparel makes you look good.

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The New Woman


t has happened to at least one person you know and it may be happening to you right now. You’ve met this wonderful man, who is grounded, ambitious, all of the good stuff and very little of the bad stuff. He’s also great with kids but that’s mainly because he has a couple of his own. Cue warning bells and take cover, because this is a potential deal breaker for many women who do not want the baggage of a man with kids. The thing is that today’s society is rife with broken homes or homes that never got the chance to start in the first place, so your soul mate might have bumped into someone along the way to you. So, is it really that bad? It doesn’t have to be but the pitfalls are there for the falling. Ever since Cinderella, stepmoms have gotten a bad rap and not always rightfully so. There are success stories all around us of families with stepparents who have gotten along fantastically well, but for every one of those stories there are a couple of the opposite. So how do you cement yourself firmly in the former category if you do decide to take the plunge?

So what about the ex? This is one ex that you will never be rid of no matter what, so be prepared to dig in. Most men will always have a bit of a spot for the mother of their children and you will have to be wary of that. Don’t overdo it, however, and be mindful of the fact that they will have to communicate more than the average ex. This type of situation is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world and we have to be prepared to deal with it in case we are ever faced with the prospect. So kudos to those who have taken the plunge and feel free to share with us your experiences on how to do it right. advertisment

Well for starters, you have to be very mindful of the fact that the children already have a mom and you are not replacing her in their lives, even though you might have done so in their father’s life. You may grow to love them as your own, but you must be respectful of their mother’s place. That being said, communication lines between both homes should be as open as possible, even though that might not be at all possible for obvious reasons. Involve yourself in their lives and try to be the best mediator that you could possibly be. These are but a few tips that don’t even break the surface of how complicated being a stepmom can be, but it is a good start.

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July 19, 2010

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