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Corrie’s Bev Callard

‘I’ve married the man who saved my life’

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❤❤H eart ❤ ❤ to Heart

There aren’t enough hours in the day for much-loved actress and writer Maureen Lipman

By Alison James aureen Lipman can’t decide what she wants for lunch. “There’s just nothing I really fancy,” she muses, eyeing up the contents of the café’s chiller cabinet. “Sandwich? No. Salad? Hmmm, those leaves look very limp…” Finally she plumps for a croissant and cappuccino. “I’m a bit of a nightmare to feed,” she confides. “I’ve cut out some things because of my migraines. Chocolate, cheese and red wine are just a memory to me these days. I find reflexology helps, too.” She breaks off. “You’re from the north, aren’t you?” On hearing that my parents are from Grimsby, just over the water from her native Hull, Maureen (64) smiles. “Thought so – I can always tell. I love it up there. “Now… where were we? Sorry, there’s always so much going on in my head. My mind is like my house, with everything piled in stacks or crumpled in drawers or hoarded in suitcases, silently screaming, ‘File me, for God’s sake. File me or, failing that, put me in delete!’ My life is manic at times but, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. “What pleases me is that I seem to be having adventures again. It’s been a lean couple of years for both jokes and adventures.” Maureen never, as she admits in her latest book, I Must Collect Myself, stops. Not that this is surprising. In addition to the book, she’s starring in the JB Priestley




YOUR0101-8-10 maureen.indd 8

‘I’m a workaholic with the organisational skills of a broad bean’


18/10/10 12:30:07

y star chat y

play When We Are Married in the West End, co-starring Yours columnist Roy Hudd. The hugely successful Ladies of Letters, in which she stars with Anne Reid, is back on TV. Then there’s her charity work, her fund-raising, caring for her delightful but demanding Basenji dog, Diva, her trumpet lessons and her painting. Not to mention her love for tango, her speaking engagements, her many friends and two grown-up kids to see, and her relationship with Guido Castro – her ‘chap’. So, how’s that going? “Very well,” she smiles. “It’s a nice, easy, mature kind of relationship. He accepts me and the fact that I’m a workaholic with a diary that accommodates the three score and 20 people a day who want a piece of me, and the organisational skills of a broad bean. “We met at a lunch where I was speaking three years ago. He’s a lovely man and I care deeply for him, but marriage isn’t on the cards – we’ve decided it’s not for us at this stage of our lives. We don’t live together but we spend a lot of time together. “Guido loves trying out different restaurants and loves travelling. He’s very adventurous and has visited just about every country on the planet. He wants to take me to places like Papua New Guinea and Khartoum… for a holiday! I feel faint at the sight of euros, am a pin-up to every mosquito in the twin hemispheres and, if pressed, admit to a fondness for Majorca. I’m determined that our relationship will not be played out in the

Maureen’s proud of children Amy and Adam, and hopes one day they’ll make her a gran

‘It’s been a lean couple of years for both jokes and adventures, but all that’s changing’ media spotlight, so I think that’s enough said about Guido. He’s extraordinarily private and has nothing to do with this business. It was different with Jack.” Maureen was married to the late, great, scriptwriter Jack Rosenthal for 35 years until his


death from cancer in 2004, and he’s always in her thoughts. “Not a day goes by when I don’t talk about him,” she says quietly. “He’s still alive in my heart and my head. I’m sorry…” She breaks off to wipe away the tears that have suddenly welled up in her eyes. “It’s not that I’m sad – I’m happy – but I can never tell when this will happen. It just gets you out of the blue. There…” She wipes her eyes and smiles. “That’s better.” I change the subject and enquire as to whether either of her grown-up children, Amy (34) and Adam (32), have made her a grandma yet. “No they haven’t,” she replies, giving me something of an old-fashioned look. “I know what you’re going to say next – ‘Lipman’s broody!’ I’m not, but yes I would like grandchildren at some point so I can become a doting grandma. But it’s really none of my business if and when it happens, is it? “Adam’s married to Tania, who was virtually his childhood sweetheart. He’s writing a novel and she’s a cinematographer so they’re both very busy. I’m sure they’ll let me know as and when a baby is on the way.

Maureen shares a secret

“When eating out I’m quite old fashioned, and can’t stand it when all the items of food are piled on top of each other with just a drizzle of gravy – or ‘jus’ as they insist on calling it – dribbled on the rest of this big empty plate. What’s the point in that? It used to drive jack mad, too. I’m not that into fancy presentation of food. Give me a decent sized portion that actually covers the plate any day. I like to see that I’m getting value for money.” YOURS

YOUR0101-8-10 maureen.indd 9


❝I’m having new adventures!❞



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look good


With our changeable weather, wearing layers is the most versatile way to stay chic and warm this winter. Here are our easy steps to classic layering By Michelle Nightingale


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Start with a lightweight long sleeved top and classic grey trousers.

To update your look add a simple white shirt, unbuttoned, with the shirt sleeves rolled up.

For extra warmth add a comfy cardigan and button the shirt.


YOUR0101-40-41 fashion.indd 40


14/10/10 17:21:03

Style notes

Complete your look with one of these stylish coats...

D Camel double breasted coat, £30, sizes 8-18, George at Asda

Get the look:

Step 4 Accessorise with a skinny belt over the buttoned up cardigan and add a snug beret.

Purple striped long sleeve t-shirt, £16, sizes 6-18, limited at Marks & Spencer; white linen shirt, £25, sizes 6-22, autograph Weekend at Marks & Spencer; grey cardigan, £35, sizes s-xl, Wallis; grey trousers, £16, sizes 8-20, F+F at Tesco; printed scarf, £15, and plaited leather belt, £6, both Indigo at Marks & Spencer; pearl beret, £12, Marks & Spencer; chunky bead necklace, £15, Wallis; jewel flats, £25, sizes 3-8, Marks & Spencer.

StockiStS: F+F at Tesco 0800 505 555; George at Asda 0500 100 055; Marisota 0871 231 2000; Marks & Spencer 0845 302 1234; Matalan 0845 330 3330; Wallis 0844 984 0266. Details correct at time of going to press

D Purple mac, £30, sizes 12-32, Marisota

D Waterfall check jacket, £35, sizes 8-18, Papaya at Matalan YOURS

YOUR0101-40-41 fashion.indd 41



14/10/10 17:21:34

1 2 3

4 6



girls & teens





15 13 12 14

16 Girls & teens: 1 Cupcake snack boxes, £6.75 for 4, Paperchase 2 Russian doll clock/keyring, £10, Paperchase 3 dear Santa chalk board, £7.50, Marks & Spencer 4 No17 Nail Library, £10, Boots 5 Jelly Belly candles, £7.50, Wax Lyrical 6 Little Growers Guide to Numbers fabric book, £10, Silver Cross 7 Three ceramic Russian dolls, £5.97, Wilkinson 8 Let’s Get Crafting kit, £9.99, Lakeland 9 Smiley mug, £6.75, Paperchase 10 appliqué purse, £4.99, Oxfam 11 Wind-up Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Bump (not shown), £6 for set, Marks & Spencer 12 Rupert Reindeer, £10, John Lewis 13 Percy Pig lunchbox, flask and sweets, £9.50, Marks & Spencer 14 Skipping rope, £6.49, Lakeland 15 Volcano frames 4x6in, £10 each, Paperchase 16 Peas in a Pod rattle, £8, Silver Cross. £5 and under: 17 Cupcake storage jar, £1.97, Wilkinson 18 Make-your-own felt doll, £5, Paperchase 19 Heart compact mirror, £4.99, Superdrug 20 Scarlett & Crimson eyelash curlers, £3.95, Superdrug



£5 and under...






YOUR101-71-76 Xmas Gift Guide.indd 72

20/10/10 14:28:59


y gifts for the girls y 4 3

1 5 6 9




women 11 15

14 12


13 19

20 17 18

Women:1 Strictly Beautiful Lip Gloss Collection, £6, Boots 2 Vaseline lip therapy gift set, £5.99, Superdrug 3 Perfume bottle, £9.50, Marks & Spencer 4 Earl Grey Tea and silverplated infuser, £9, Whittard of Chelsea 5 No7 Nail Collection, £10, Boots 6 Compact mirror, £9, John Lewis 7 Penguin bus pass holder, £10, John Lewis 8 Thermal mug, £9.50, Marks & Spencer 9 Personalised coasters, £9.99, Truprint 10 Cake stand, £6.97, Wilkinson 11 Electroplated cup and saucer, set of 4/£10, Bhs 12 a Year With Yours 2011, £7.99 (free UK p&p) or buy two and save £2! 13 Eau de Toilette, 50ml/£9.95, Yardley 14 apple pin cushion £4, Bhs 15 Marzipan fruits, £6.49, Lakeland 16 Make your own decorative hearts kit, £10, John Lewis. £5 and under: 17 St Kew Keep Calm and Carry on Biscuit Tin, £4.49, Lakeland 18 Organic Winter Red Berries Tea,15 silk teabags/£3.99, Storm Tea 19 Wooden bird box, £4.97, Wilkinson 20 Luxury Hot Chocolate range, £5 or 3 for £13, Whittard of Chelsea D For stockists, see page 76 YOURS EVERY FORTNIGHT

YOUR101-71-76 Xmas Gift Guide.indd 73


20/10/10 14:29:34

Recharge your


Your winter health

Stay fit and well all winter with our essential tips to help boost your immune system By Michelle Nightingale

LiStEN to MuSic It’s been proven that listening to music helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol as well as boosting your immune system. “Music enhances the release of feel-good endorphins which help to build up your immune system,” says life coach Carol Ann Rice. Scientists reckon just 50 minutes of uplifting music will increase your antibody levels, so go on, sing your heart out!

Always check with your doctor before trying any alternative treatments and never stop taking medication unless advised by your GP.

takE a prEbiotic “Stimulating positive bacteria in the gut gives our immune system extra protection,” says Professor Glenn Gibson. “These bacteria are antigenic, which means they help stimulate the production of antibodies, increasing your immune response, but they also directly inhibit the pathogens that cause bugs to develop in the first place.” Prebiotics feed the good bacteria that exists in your colon and also encourage the number of probiotics in the large intestine, promoting good overall digestive health. “Onions, garlic, bananas, artichoke, asparagus and leeks all contain a natural prebiotic,” says Professor Glenn. Or top yours up with Bimuno Immunaid (£9.99 for 30 pastilles, available from Boots nationwide). 48


ENjoy ModEratE ExErciSE

action plan

Research has shown that moderate exercise can help boost your immunity, as well as causing a temporary increase in cell-protecting macrophages (part of our immune system). Don’t overdo it though: too much exercise can have the opposite effect, depleting the body of essential nutrients and making you more vulnerable to infection. However, as long as you do a little every day, exercise really could help improve your overall wellbeing.


YOUR101-48-49 Winter health.indd 48

18/10/10 12:49:17


MEDITATE A US study found people who meditate each week have lower stress levels and higher antibody levels, so are better able to fight off infection. If meditation isn’t your idea of fun, yoga classes might appeal more. This gentle exercise is not only great for increasing flexibility, but also works to improve mental wellbeing. Some scientists even believe that yoga helps to calm the nervous system and reduce whole body stress, helping to strengthen your immune system.


LOOK AFTER YOUR TEETH It may sound surprising, but keeping your teeth and gums healthy could actually help keep your immune system happy and healthy, too. Cavities and ulcers not only zap your immunity, but can also allow bacteria into your blood stream. According to the British Dental Health Foundation, gum disease can also affect other areas of your health, putting you more at risk of suffering heart disease, strokes and chest infections. So brush at least twice a day and floss daily.

Cutting your daily coffee fix is a sure-fire way to give your immune system an instant boost. According to experts, caffeine steals essential nutrients and minerals, leaving you more susceptible to infection.



Adjusting your mindset could do wonders, according to Carol Ann. “You’re more likely to get down in the dumps and feel the effects of colds and flu when you have a negative mindset,” she says. “Repeat positive mantras throughout the day such as ‘I can beat this cold and still have a productive day’.” And don’t underestimate the health benefits of a little bit of fun in your life. “Having something to look forward to every day is a great way to combat stress, even if it’s just a nice cuppa with a friend.”

“Our bodies are not as equipped to fight infection when we’re sleep deprived,” says Carol Ann. “It’s the hours before midnight that really count, so cut out bad habits, such as watching late-night TV.” Improving your sleeping habits will help improve your health, reduce stress levels, leave you feeling more alert and increase your energy levels. Aim for 7-8 hours a night to safeguard your health.

Ask Dr Jonty The Yours doctor is here to answer your questions every fortnight I’m plagued by cold sores. They’re so painful and I seem to get one every few weeks. Is there anything I can do?


Dr Jonty says: Cold sores are due to infection with a strain of the herpes simplex virus (usually HSV-1). Four out of five of us will be infected at some stage in our lives – mostly through contact with other family members when we’re children. Following this initial exposure, the body doesn’t get rid of the virus completely and it remains in the nerve endings of the skin and can become active again at any time, causing a cold sore. HSV-1 affects everyone differently – some people hardly ever have an outbreak while others get cold sores frequently. There’s no cure for cold sores, but they’re more common when your body’s defences are low and your immune system is weakened. Triggers such as fighting off other infections like a cold or the flu, or emotional stress, can be hard to avoid, but try to eat healthily, take regular exercise and get plenty of rest to boost your natural immunity. Cold sores are also triggered by exposure to bright sunlight, so in the summer apply a good sun block to your face and lips. Talk to your pharmacist about creams that contain an anti-viral drug called aciclovir. Although this doesn’t prevent cold sores, it should shorten the length of the outbreak. There are also a number of herbal remedies worth trying, from lemon balm to sage and rhubarb cream. If none of these measures help then see your GP, as in severe cases it may be necessary to prescribe a regular tablet containing aciclovir to try to prevent further flare-ups.

Dr Jonty Heaversedge is a GP and star of BBC1’s Street Doctor. He answers your health questions every fortnight. YOURS

YOUR101-48-49 Winter health.indd 49




❙ health matters ❙


27/10/10 10:28:07

Ask us anything… about boosting your mood

Lift your mood at 50, 60 & 70+ By Kate Corr

It’s cold outside, dark by tea feel a bit low at this time of y


Chances are you’re rushing around taking care of everyone, and still not managing to get everything done. No wonder you’re fed up.


ASK YOURSELF: D Could it be my hormones? If you’re menopausal, fluctuating hormones may be responsible. Many of the symptoms are linked with a drop in oestrogen – the hormone that helps lift mood, so see your GP.

You are probably going through big changes – maybe you’ve retired? But instead of enjoying yourself, you spend a lot of time worrying.




D Am I down… or really depressed? There’s a big difference between feeling low and being clinically depressed. If you can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm for life, you need help. Visit or see your GP.


You know you have lots to be thankful for, but you may be feeling a bit & BEYOND lonely and perhaps more prone to gloomy moods than ever before. ASK YOURSELF: D Is life really so hard to take? Bad times come to us all, but they’re usually short-lived. There are always friends, neighbours, family, even total strangers to meet and greet to remind you there are lots of good times, too.


YOUR101-66-67 mood at 50, 60 70.indd 66

18/10/10 12:18:04



People who keep stiff upper lips find that it’s damn hard to smile Judith Guest

y tea time and summer’s a distant memory… It’s hardly surprising many of us me of year. But don’t despair as there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up




a 20 minute walk 1Take

Even if you’re feeling exhausted, a brisk walk will work wonders. Exercise acts like an antidepressant – it boosts feel-good hormones, lowers stress and leaves you energised. After 20 minutes, according to researchers, you’ll feel noticeably better.

the day well 1Start

er p.


s n

e ys tal nd o.

Listen to Ban the Phone The Beach 4 a friend word 3 2 Boys… ‘should’ Are you constantly telling yourself off? That critical voice inside your head is damaging your self-esteem and dragging you down, so ban words like ‘should’ and ‘must’ and replace them with ‘could’ or ‘might’.

a funny book 2 Limit bad news 3 read

Don’t spend hours watching depressing news Develop a good routine stories or documentaries. from the moment you Dwelling on tragic world wake up. Start by taking events isn’t going to make ten deep breaths before anything better. you get out of bed and Instead, remind reminding yourself of at yourself how least three things you’re grateful for right now – like lucky you are a loving family and a comfy to have such a good life – and bed. Then eat a moodboosting breakfast, such as resolve not to wholegrain cereal or toast, waste a second of it. to give you energy.

to get well 1Smell

Smell something delicious and it can change your mood instantly. Pleasant smells also lower the heart rate and reduce stress. The smell of citrus fruit is instantly uplifting, as is geranium (Geranium Pure Essential Oil costs £4.59 at Holland & Barrett).

…Or any other favourite music that’s guaranteed to raise your spirits. Music has an amazing effect on your mood – in an instant.

Instead of feeling miserable, distract yourself by reading the funny Must Try Harder! The Very Best Howlers by Schoolchildren, by Norman McGreevy (£5.99) or Virginia Ironside’s Twenty Reasons Why Growing Old Is Great (£5.99).

a ‘helper halo’ 4 Get

Doing something practical to help people worse off than yourself can boost your mood and improve your health, according to research*. So get involved with a charity or voluntary organisation. Start by contacting RSVP (the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme); call 020 7643 1385 or visit

kind to the some yourself house! spice 2 Be 3Clean 4 Add You may have very good reason to be feeling low. Perhaps you’ve lost someone you love, or have serious health issues. Don’t berate yourself for feeling understandably sad, instead treat yourself kindly – buy a bunch of flowers or a tube of hand cream.

Housework’s been proven to reduce stress and boost your mental health – and the more you do the more benefit you will see. But it has to be ‘vigorous’, so aim to do 20 minutes worth of cleaning and tidying.

Spicy food is a powerful mood lifter. It’s also great in winter as it boosts your immune system. Spices such as sage, chillies and cardamon are known to have anti-depressant qualities. Go to www.

Turn to page 69 for more advice YOURS

YOUR101-66-67 mood at 50, 60 70.indd 67

Nothing beats confiding in a friend, but pick your friend carefully. Call someone whose opinion you trust and whose positive attitude you admire.





19/10/10 13:51:28

Travel on test

Florence, Italy Jenny Lunn (63) escaped one of the wettest UK Augusts on record with a trip to sunny Florence

Florence’s Ponte Vecchio – or ‘old bridge’

The beautiful gardens at Lucca

in more than 30 years, I’m proof you don’t have to be an expert! Where did you stay? The three-star Hotel Colomba in the centre of Florence, close to the Accademia, San Lorenzo market and the magnificent Basilica Top tip di Santa Maria del Fiore, or Book your gallery Duomo (cathedral). tickets in advance What was the highlight? from one of the ticket Definitely the gallery agencies in order to visits and the gentle cycle avoid the very long round Lucca – magical with queues fabulous views of the town. Florence cathedral is a sight to see and is extremely grand.

D We’d love to hear about your travels. Send your holiday review (300 words with pictures; send one with you in it), with your name, age and address to: Sheena Correa at the Yours address on page 3, or email with ‘Readers’ Travels’ in the subject line. We pay £50 for each story we publish.

Where in the world? Florence is the capital of Tuscany, Italy. How to get there D Budget: Swiss Air from London City Airport from £141 rtn. Call 0845 601 0956 or visit D Mid-range: BMI from Heathrow from £206 rtn, 0844 8484 888 or D Luxury: Air France Business from Heathrow from £696 rtn. Call 0871 6633 777 or visit Where to stay D Budget: Plus Florence, Via St Caterina D’Alessandria 15. From £20, visit www. (no telephone bookings). D Mid-range: Hilton Garden Inn Florence Novoli, Via Sandro Pertini 2/9. From £95, 0039 0554 2401 or www. D Luxury: Four Seasons Florence, Borgo Pinti, 99. From £320, 008 00 6488 6488 or florence Disabled access The Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio have ramps and stair lifts, but paving is hazardous.


YOUR101-97-99 Travel.indd 97



FACT FILE Why Florence? It’s a city I’d always longed to visit, so in August 2008 I spent a week there with my friend Linda. Would you recommend the city? Yes – to lovers of art and architecture, culture vultures and serious shoppers. But be warned, prices can be high so stick to the markets if you’re on a very tight budget. What are the must-do activities? The Uffizi and Accademia Galleries are a must – you’ll be blown away by the beautiful exhibits. A walk round the San Lorenzo market, open on Sundays, is good to pick up bargains – from leather goods to fresh, tasty fruit. If all that Italian food leaves you feeling sluggish, take a train to nearby Siena, or Lucca for a cycle round the city ramparts. And, as someone who hasn’t been on a bike


18/10/10 12:19:32



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