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y talking point y

Officially Old


at 66

According to a recent survey, 60 is the new 40 – but you are officially old at 66. Not according to our celebs though!

ake heart if you’re sick of reading of yet another survey claiming life begins at a specific age. A recent survey suggests life starts at 60 but you’re ‘old’ at 66! If you’re left wondering why that hasn’t happened to you or even why do you have to wait for the fun to kick in, you’re not alone. Could it be that age

is just irrelevant? That was the overwhelming cry from four 60 and 70-something celebs we contacted to comment on the latest age survey. Clocking up an impressive 273 action-packed years between them, Jilly Cooper (74), Lynda Bellingham (62), Esther Rantzen (70) and Virginia Ironside (67) are all still working hard and living their lives to the full.Read on for what they had to say...

Lynda Bellingham (62)

Virginia Ironside (67)

Yours columnist, Loose Woman and Calendar Girl Lynda got married on her 60th birthday. She says: “Life begins whenever you want it to. There’s no question about it, people are only as old as they feel. For me, 40 was harder than 60 and I think it is for a lot of people. At 40 you’re conscious that half your life is over; by 60, you’ve crossed that line! “Psychologically I think it’s very bad to be told you have to retire at any certain age – be it 65 or 55 – because you then feel you have to stop. And the minute that happens you’re doomed. The only way to do away with ageism altogether is to stop talking about people’s ages.”

Journalist and former agony aunt Virginia says: “My view is that you are old at 60. When I was 20, I thought that people of 60 were as old as the hills and I thought the same at 50. You can’t suddenly change the goal posts as soon as you get there! But it is the beginning of a new phase and it’s fine. I still think the psychological advantages of being old make up for the physical disadvantages. “At 67 I have the usual health problems and I am crippled with arthritis but that’s life!”

By Carole Richardson


‘There’s no question – you’re only as old as you feel!’ 18


YOUR114-18-19 Old at 66.indd 18


21/4/11 14:37:17

According to the research carried out by UK friendly society LV, the average Brit thinks you are officially ‘old’ at the age of 66 but that life begins at 60. Apparently 60-somethings are happier than their younger counterparts, feel financially and physically fitter and take more holidays.

Jilly Cooper (74) Best-selling author Jilly says: “It’s a load of rubbish that life begins at 60. I get sick of surveys saying it’s wonderful to be in your 50s because you feel more confident, or in your 60s you feel something else. It’s all utter garbage. I’m 74 now and all my life’s been ok – up and down, but fine. It probably began when I was two seconds old. I had lovely parents and I loved being a child although I hated boarding school. “There was a time between 18 and 24 that wasn’t so good. I was such a terrible romantic, always in love with somebody and this time it was going wrong and I was longing for them to ring all the time. I had lots of boyfriends but we never seemed to synchronise our watches. Now though, I have been happily married to Leo for nearly 50 years. I’ve been lucky.”

D The older you are, the younger you feel. While those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s generally feel their age, 60-somethings say on average they feel younger than they actually are at an average of 52-years-old. Those in their 70s feel, on average, just 58 years old.

‘I get sick of surveys saying life begins at certain ages – it’s all rubbish!’

Esther Rantzen (70) Television presenter and author Esther says: “I once asked Viscount Tonypandy, former Speaker of the House of Commons, ‘how old is old?’ He was 90 at the time. “His answer was that it was ten years older than you are at any given point. For him, then, it was 100! “For me personally, life just keeps on getting better with age. Fifty was better than

40, 60 was better than 50 and 70 is better than 60. Now I’m 70, I think 80 is mature but I don’t expect to be mature at 80 myself. I have given up on being mature.” So does Esther have any lessons she’s learned from advancing years? “I’m now aware I’m not going to live for another 70 years and know not to waste time. It’s important not to pass up opportunities.”

‘Now I’m 70 I think that 80 is mature’

D The older you are, the better shape your finances are in. When asked about finances, those in their 60s are the most ‘financially fit’ compared to any other age group. A third (33%) say their finances are in the best order, or in good order, while this only applies to 23% of those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. D Over-60s exercise more frequently The survey found over-60s worked out nearly twice a week on average compared to three times a fortnight by people in their 20s. One in five (20%) in their 60s say they are in good or the best ever shape. This is compared to 16% of those in their 50s and 17% of those in their 40s. D Sixty-somethings take more holidays than any other age group. A quarter of people in their 40s and 50s say they rarely go on holiday, while 81% of people in their 60s go on holiday every year, with over a third (40%) of those taking between two and three holidays a year, and a further 15% taking four to five holidays every year. D Sixty-somethings embrace new technology. A higher number of 60 and 70-somethings use Skype (17% and 23% respectively) than those in their 40s and 50s (12%). Nearly half of 60-somethings are also regulars on Facebook (44%), as well as emailing more regularly than other generations (90%). They also make good use of the internet for shopping online (69%) as well as to check for general information (73%). YOURS

YOUR114-18-19 Old at 66.indd 19






21/4/11 14:37:28


BEST FOR EVERYDAY WEAR Winner: M&Co Highly commended: George at Asda, Bonmarché

Highly commended: Marks & Spencer, M&Co D Jersey top (sold with matching necklace), £18; white trousers, £13, both 12-24; drop earrings £2.50; bangles, £4 for two; stripe bag, £8. D Inset below: print dress, £32; cover-up, £16, both 12-24; bead necklace, £6; drop earrings, £2. D Inset bottom: coral mac, £40; print top (sold with matching necklace), £20; denim jeans, £25, all 12-24; drop earrings, £2.50.


M&Co offers flattering fashion for real women’


For choice, fit and value, Bonmarché is a one-stop shop’



D Print a-line skirt, £32; black vest, £10; white shrug, £35, all 8-22; wedge sling-backs, £25, 3-8; bead earrings, £6; cuff, £10, all m&Co.


YOUR114-45-49 fashion awards.indd 46

18/4/11 10:57:24

BEST FOR SMART CLOTHES Winner: Marks & Spencer Highly commended: Debenhams, John Lewis

D Tailored dress, £69, 8-22; matching tailored jacket, £59, 8-22, both autograph; bow kitten heels, £45, 3-8; drop earrings, £16 (part of set with necklace), all marks & Spencer.

BEST FOR ACCESSORIES & JEWELLERY Winner: Accessorize Highly commended: Bhs, Primark

1 2




For smart, tailored classics Marks & Spencer is unbeatable’

StockiStS: Accessorize 0844 811 0068; Bonmarché 01924 700100; Clarks 0844 477 7744; Debenhams 0844 800 8877; George at Asda 0500 100 055; Littlewoods Direct 0844 822 8000; M&Co 0800 0317 200; Marks & Spencer 0845 302 1234. Details correct at time of going to press

5 6


‘For fabulous finishing touches, Accessorize is top of the shops’

1 Fascinator, £28; 2 Ruffle flower, £7; 3 Peep toe pumps, £22; 4 Vintage brooch, £18; 5 Ring, £16; 6 anchor tote bag, £40. YOURS

YOUR114-45-49 fashion awards.indd 47



18/4/11 10:58:15


Skincare s

from the e


D Discover serum Serums are a musthave anti-ageing staple. Not only are they packed full of concentrated ingredients, but they penetrate Boots No7 the deepest Protect and layers of the skin Perfect Intense further than any Beauty Serum (£21.50/30ml) moisturiser. “I always apply serum after cleansing my face and before applying my moisturiser by gently patting on to expression lines, between my brows, around my eyes, lips and neck,” says Makeup Works founder Trisha Chandler.


D Gorgeous glowing skin “Don’t ever forget to exfoliate! It’s crucial for healthy, radiant skin,” says skincare specialist Lesley Reynolds Khan. “Exfoliators containing jojoba spheres, salt or oats are gentler on ageing skin. I use mine twice a week to ensure I have removed any dead skin cells that can build up on the skin’s surface.” Try The Body Shop Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask (£8/100ml)



YOUR114-40-41 Beauty.indd 40

Fight the signs of ageing with these top tips that the best skincare experts say make a difference D Boost circulation

By Jade Pickering

“Wake up dull skin by alternating a warm and cool compress on your face. It will help rev up the skin’s processes and give your circulation a boost,” says Andrew Petrou, Skin Doctors’ skincare specialist. Never use very hot or very cold water, as this will dry out your skin more.

D DIY facial You can fight telltale signs of ageing with a simple facial massage. “I like to start by applying a generous amount of moisturiser to my hands and, with two fingers flat on my face, gently massage into my skin using upward circular movements,” says Siobhan McDermott, director of beauty at For a deeper massage, Siobhan suggests pushing your chin in the air and opening your mouth to stretch the skin.


18/4/11 10:51:24

e secrets

e experts! D Banish dryness “At night, just after cleansing, I massage a face oil into my face,” says organic skincare expert Nuz Shugaa. “Face oils are packed full of nutrients and help the skin recover from daily stresses and they are perfect for Try Sanctuary Therapists mature skin, Facial Oil which is often (£17.35/30ml); quite dry.” available from Boots

D Cleanse, tone, moisturise “The mantra, cleanse, tone and moisturise should be the basic staple of any skincare routine,” says Trisha. “The key to a good cleansing routine is to go gently. Don’t strip the skin with over-zealous cleansing.” Go for creamy, gentle cleansers and moisturisers containing age-fighting ingredients.

D Pampered hands There’s nothing worse than wrinkly hands that give your age away, which is why keeping them moisturised is important. “I keep a bottle of hand cream next to my kitchen sink and use it every time my hands come into contact with water,” says Siobhan. Try Simple “Applying the cream Intensive while your hands Hand Cream are damp will trap in (£2.54/100ml); available moisture and keep them from Boots soft and nourished.”

D Reduce puffiness Do you wake up with puffy eyes in the morning? You’re not the only one. Caused by reduced elastin, the area under the eyes becomes saggier, leaving more room for water to gather while you sleep. Without surgery, you can’t make them disappear, but Sharon Hilditch, MD of Crystal Clear, proves an old favourite actually works: “I always apply two slices of cucumber to my eyes for five minutes in the morning.” This cools and soothes the eye area, reducing puffiness at the same time.

D Protect against UV “One of the most important things you can do to protect your skin is to use a moisturiser containing SPF 15 – even during winter,” says holistic therapist Bharti Vyas. Try Tesco Skin Damaging sunrays can really Wisdom Age Delay Day add on the years, so make sure Moisturiser you use one all year round. (£7/50ml)

D Perfect your pout

D Beautiful cleavage

Thinning lips that lack natural plumpness can drag you down, but keeping your lips in tip-top condition will really knock off the years. “I like to look after my lips by using a rich shea butter balm, which helps moisturise and boost thinning lips,” says Try Vaseline facial therapist Lip Therapy for Healthspan Cocoa Stick Nurture julia Hart. (£2.03/4g)

“For a youthful-looking cleavage, warm a firming product in your hands and apply with gentle pressing movements,” says Marie McKeever, head of treatment development at Clarins. “Place your hand on the upper part of your neck and press firmly downwards, then your collarbone and top of breast. Change sides, repeat with the other hand.” Boots Nip+Fab Bust Fix (£16.29/100ml)

StockiStS: Boots 0845 0708 090; Tesco 0800 505 555; The Body Shop 0800 0929 090 ; Vaseline 0800 591 720 Details correct at time of going to press YOURS

YOUR114-40-41 Beauty.indd 41



18/4/11 10:51:43

Ask us anything… We’re happy to help!

Foods you should eat at 50, 60 & 70+

Eat these super foods and look after your health for years to come By Jade Pickering eeping your health in tip-top condition needn’t be hard and, believe it or not, the mantra ‘you are what you eat’ is actually true. Eating the right foods isn’t just important for maintaining your health, but it helps safeguard it for the future too. Which is why we asked


nutritional therapist Helen Heap, pictured right, to share with you some of the best superfoods that will nourish your body on the inside and keep you fighting fit. Remember, eating the right food now will pay dividends later.

The menopause can play havoc with your hormones and, with oestrogen levels decreasing, you’ll see a change in other areas of your body. Dull, dry skin and a lack of energy are all common side effects. D Avocado – for glowing skin. A fantastic superfood and a great remedy for relieving bad breath(!), avocados have been used for centuries to encourage young-looking skin. “This exotic fruit is bursting with Vitamins C and E, an antiageing combination,





which encourages moisture back into the skin,” says Helen. Enjoy with a salad or mix with a small amount of lime juice to make guacamole dip. D Brown rice – for an energy boost. Bursting with B Vitamins and healthier than white rice, the vitamins in brown rice spark off a reaction encouraging your body to release more energy from the food you eat. A US study found that eating brown rice could cut your risk of developing diabetes by a third. D Flaxseeds – for stabilising hormones. Researchers have found that not only can flaxseeds help reduce hot flushes by around 60 per cent, they also help balance hormone levels. Most multigrain bread contains flaxseeds, and you can buy them separately from health food stores. They taste great on top of porridge.

Post-menopause you’re at risk of osteo-porosis, so keep your bones healthy. Lower levels of oestrogen also cause your metabolism to slow down, making it harder for you to shift those extra pounds. D Spinach – for healthy bones. Your mother was right to tell you that eating greens would make you strong. “Dark green leafy vegetables are packed with calcium and magnesium which help promote bone health,” says Helen. “Magnesium is the second




YOUR114-66-67 Health 506070.indd 66

15/4/11 17:33:01


Berries not only look good, they are a superfood packed with vitamins that can help keep you fighting fit

richest mineral in the bone and needs to be included in your diet,” says Helen. And, four heaped tablespoons of spinach count towards your five a day. D Prunes – for increased iron. Prunes can protect the heart and promote a healthy nervous system. One study said that dried plums can help slow the build up of cholesterol, which otherwise can lead to a stroke. D Herbal tea – for cleansing. “Drink at least one cup of herbal tea a day to help cleanse your body,” says Helen. We recommend dandelion tea, as it encourages toxins in your body to flush out through your kidneys.

Your bones might not be as strong as they once were and your immune system can & BEYOND weaken with age, so stock up on fruit and veg. D Carrots and tomatoes – for those extra vitamins and minerals. “Brightly-coloured fruit and vegetables provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals,” says Helen. “Breads and heavy starches will reduce your appetite for more healthy foods.” Nutrient-dense foods include red peppers, berries, apples and cherries. D Pumpkin seeds – for a healthy immune system. “Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc so they’re perfect for keeping your immune system healthy and improving your appetite,” says



Helen. They’re also great for the man in your life, as research shows they promote a healthy prostate. Also rich in omega-3, an essential good fat that the body can’t produce, pumpkin seeds help promote cardiovascular health. D Eggs and oily fish – for strong joints. Top up your Vitamin D intake with eggs and oily fish. “Vitamin D is essential for supporting the immune system,” says Helen. Oily fish, such as salmon and tuna, contain huge amounts of omega-3, which experts suggest encourages your body to produce a natural antiinflammatory agent, which can relieve some symptoms of arthritis. YOURS

YOUR114-66-67 Health 506070.indd 67



Did you


15/4/11 17:33:17

Your memories

A dancer’s life for me Joan performed in Kirby’s flying ballet

t all started when my mother sent me to ballet school at the age of three – I loved it. Quite soon I was recruited by our local newspaper, the Telegraph and Argus, to appear in a children’s revue. This was the same revue in which Ernie Wise performed before he teamed up with Eric Morecambe. Their budding careers were interrupted by the war, but I went on dancing, entertaining the forces in Yorkshire and Lancashire. I even took part in the radio show, Workers’ Playtime. After the war, I was chosen to be an ‘auditorium flier’ in Kirby’s Flying Ballet at the Bradford Alhambra. Two burly 16-stone men positioned up a ladder catapulted me and another dancer so that we ‘flew’ over the audience. We met in the middle and clasped hands before landing on a spot marked with an X.


Joan Bond, 82, from Lancashire started entertaining as a toddler – and hasn’t stopped since! Thinking back, I can’t believe how high we went – we sometimes managed to reach the same level as the dress circle! Being young, I felt no fear but my father thought the girls should have been paid danger money. Also at the Alhambra, I appeared in the pantomime Cinderella with June Whitfield and Wilfred Pickles in the starring roles. Thanks to possessing a good pair of legs, I was chosen to dance in a ballet sequence during the interval. As I was small for my age I used to get extra money for being one of the Sunbeams. This was a troupe of juvenile performers created by the impresario Francis Laidler. We were only allowed to work a certain number of hours a week and had to be out of the theatre by 9pm. The education officers were always checking up to make sure this ruling was obeyed. When I was 25, I joined the Tiller Girls. As I was smaller than the others, I was placed right in the middle so I didn’t have to

kick quite as high as the tall girls at each end of the line-up when we wheeled round. Our routine was early to bed and early to rise and our days were spent practising so I was

Glamorous Grandma, at 49

‘I was too busy to meet any stage-door Johnnies’ 78



YOUR114-78-79 Reader Story.indd 78

14/4/11 16:25:31

Do you remember...

kept much too busy to meet any ‘stage-door Johnnies’. We trained in London, then toured the country. I was lucky enough to perform on the North Pier at Blackpool, backing the Beverley Sisters. It was during this time that I started entering beauty pageants. The last major one I did was when I was 49 and reached the Glamorous Grandma finals, televised by the BBC. I won £100! I have also been a judge in beauty competions. I’ve acted in a number of amateur dramatic productions since my days of touring in musicals. Among my favourite roles were Ado Annie in Oklahoma! and Aunt Alicia in Gigi. At the age of 79, I tap-danced in an amateur production of Anything Goes. After that, I hung up my ballet shoes for good.



I believe entertaining is in our genes. Recently, several of my family starred in a production of the play The Likes of Us, written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice. My son-in-law, Nick Sandford, played the prime minster and my daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter and sixyear-old great-grandson were all involved. My great-grandson thought he was the star of the show, as he sang the loudest! My other daughter and I went along to support them at the theatre because, for us, entertaining really is a family affair.

You may recognise Joan on the front cover of our new Yours Fashion We Wore book. Costing just £4.99, the book is a unique collection of readers’ favourite outfits across the decades. To order your copy call 01733 840111 or send your name, address and a cheque payable to ‘Yours magazine’ to: Fashion We Wore, PO Box 136, Coates, Peterborough PE7 2FE.

...ERNIE D In early advertising campaigns the National Savings’ Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment was named ‘ERNIE’. He has a much lower profile now than he had in the Sixties, but he still randomly generates winning Premium Bond numbers. D One of ERNIE’s creators was Tommy Flowers, who designed the world’s first programmable computer in 1943. Named Colossus, the computer helped to decode German military messages at the secret government establishment of Bletchley Park. D There have been four generations of ERNIE. The first, in 1947, was bigger than a family car and generated 2,000 Premium Bond numbers an hour. The most recent is only slightly bigger than the average home computer, generating a million numbers an hour. D The rise in the numbers of Premium Bonds held has meant that more have been sold in the past six years than in the whole 48 years of the scheme’s existence. D The original ERNIE took 52 days to complete just one draw, compared with the 2½ hours that the current ERNIE takes.


YOUR114-78-79 Reader Story.indd 79



Joan pictured as the winner of a bauty contest, and as a judge (below, centre)


14/4/11 16:25:42

y knitting y



This stripey cardi is smart, cosy and practical, for toddlers to young teens fOR MATERIALS


1 pair of 4mm (UK8 – USA6) ★★★★ knitting needles 1 pair of 31⁄4mm (UK10 – USA3) knitting needles 5 (5:5:6:6:6) buttons 2 (2:2:2:2:3) 100g balls Sirdar Country Style DK F009 yarn in main shade 423 (M) 1 (1:2:2:2:2) 100g balls Sirdar Country Style DK F009 yarn in contrast shade 604 (C) Yarn quantities are based on average requirements when specified tension and yarn is used. Different wool may be used, but ensure tension of replacement yarn matches that stated in the pattern for best results.

TENSION 22 sts and 28 rows to 10cm/4in over stocking stitch on 4mm needles, or the size required to give correct tension. Check your tension: if less stitches, use a thinner needle; if more use a thicker needle. It is essential to work to the stated tension to ensure success.






8-9 10-11 12-13 yrs

To fit chest

56 22

61 24

66 26

71 28

76 30

81 cm 32 in

58 63 68 73 78 83 cm Actual measurement 223⁄4 243⁄4 263⁄4 283⁄4 303⁄4 323⁄4 in

full length

48 52 58 62 66 68 cm 19 201⁄2 223⁄4 241⁄2 26 263⁄4 in

Sleeve length 24 29 33 37 41 42 cm Beg – beginning; C – contrast wool (adjustable) 9 ⁄ 11 ⁄ 13 14 ⁄ 16 16 ⁄ in colour; cm – centimetres; cont – continue; dec – decrease(ing); BACK DK – double knitting; foll – following; Using 31⁄4mm needles, thumb method and in – inch(es); inc – increase(ing); C, cast on 78 (82:90:94:102:110) sts. k – knit; M – main wool colour; 1st row using M, * k2, p2, rep from * to last mm – millimetres; 0 – no rows; p – purl; rem – remain(ing); rep – repeat; RS – right 2 sts, k2. 2nd row p2, * k2, p2, rep from * to end. side; st(s) – stitch(es); st-st – stocking These 2 rows will now be referred to as stitch; tog – together; WS – wrong side. 2x2 rib. Work 11 rows more in 2x2 rib. NOTES 14th row p6 (4:2:7:5:9), * p2tog, p3 Figures in brackets refer to larger sizes (4:4:4:4:3), rep from * to last 7 (6:4:9:7:11) sts, (see measurements chart above). Where one set of figures is given, this applies to all p2tog, p5 (4:2:7:5:9). 64 (69:75:80:86:91) sts. sizes. If a zero is given, this means you do not need to work these instructions. Circle Change to 4mm needles and proceed the size you wish to make before you start. as follows: 1








1st row using C, knit. 2nd row purl. 1st and 2nd rows will now be referred to as st-st (stocking stitch). Using C work 10 rows more in st-st. Working in st-st and striped sequence of 12 rows in M and 12 rows in C (throughout) cont until back measures 35 (38:43:46:49:50)cm/133⁄4 (15:17:18:191⁄4:193⁄4)in, ending with a WS row. Shape armholes Work 5 (5:5:6:6:6) rows dec one stitch at each end of every row. 54 (59:65:68:74:79) sts. Cont without shaping until armholes measure 13 (14:15:16:17:18)cm/51⁄4 (51⁄2:6:61⁄4:61⁄2:7)in, ending with a WS row. Shape shoulders Cast off 8 (8:9:10:11:12) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 38 (43:47:48:52:55) sts. Cast off 8 (8:10:10:12:12) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 22 (27:27:28:28:31) sts. Cast off rem 22 (27:27:28:28:31) sts. YOURS

YOUR114-93-95 knitting.indd 93



15/4/11 17:54:44

YOURS_issue 114  

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