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Zorah Olivia

To put it simply, Zorah is killing it when it comes to skate photography. Between various exhibitions, including her own solo show, “Royal Blood,” Zorah has been busy behind the lens, pushing her photography to the next level. Taking full advantage of living in Los Angeles, Zorah has shot with some of the best skaters and has helped to carve out a place for female photographers in the skate industry.

Why did you decide to travel to London last year and document the women’s skate scene over there?

My family all pretty much come from England; my great grandmother was an immigrant from Liverpool. I was really curious to meet the women in the skateboard community there; I met everyone that I photographed through Instagram! I love all of the ladies I met and hung out with in London, I feel like I have a new family there.

Rianne Evans, pole jam. Brighton UK 2017. Zorah Olivia

Having photos published in Thrasher is a career goal for many skate photographers. Now that you’ve ticked that off, what’s next on your list?

Making the cover of Thrasher!

How do you think you’ve progressed with your photography in the last year?

I’ve been practicing using flash for every shoot lately—action and portrait work. It’s important to experiment with camera angles and the direction of the flash.

What or who inspires your photography?

Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz.

Judging by the Hasselblad tattoo on your arm, you’re a big fan of the camera. What makes it so special to you?

It was my dad’s favorite camera to shoot with. It was given to me when he passed 4 years ago. The tattoo on my arm is an illustration from a card he gave me.

Hannah Tallman, nollie flip. Manhattan Beach CA 2017. Zorah Olivia

What advice would you give to other women who want to shoot skate photos?

Make a goal for yourself to shoot at least one photo a day, even if it’s not skate related. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and approach skaters at the skate park. More often than not, they’ll be stoked that someone wants to shoot a photo of them! If you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen.

Are there any exciting things on the horizon for you?

I was recently invited back to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania as a Digital Media VIP! I’ll be teaching photography to the photo campers during Girls Week in August. Other than that, I’m heading back to X Games in Minneapolis to shoot and I’m working on an ongoing project with The Worble for Thrasher.

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