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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Issue Number 6

Date: Summer 2008

Kennels near Aylsham

A Note From The Editor

A Special Appeal

Welcome to the new look Homefinders newsletter. Inside you will find all the usual fabulous stories, photos and news that you will be used to but in a new layout.

Who Can Resist A Face Like This?

Please continue to send me your lovely success stories as we all enjoy reading them and seeing how well the gorgeous greyhounds have settled in their new homes.

Chevy is longing for a home of his own. He was briefly homed but then returned to the kennels. He is a lovable character who loves a fuss. His “unique” features make him all the more adorable!

Many thanks to all of our new volunteers. Whether you are helping at the kennels, the stadium or at fund raising events you are all very much appreciated. Thank you, one and all. If you feel you have a few spare hours please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To help with fund raising at the stadium please phone Brenda on: 01493 857400

Or phone David on: 0845 458 3797 to help at the kennels or fund raising in the North Norfolk area. Also thank you to everyone who has sent a donation or sponsored a greyhound. Thank you again! Please email your stories and photos to: or post to: Mrs Lynda Eden 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Hopefully you all enjoy reading the newsletter but if you want to be taken off our mailing list please get in contact at the above addresses.


Magic was homed for quite a while before being returned to us through no fault of his own. He settled very well to home life and would love another chance to prove what a lovely greyhound he is. He was a firm favourite with the volunteers at the kennels and we all feel very sad that he has had to be returned. Please, can you find a space in your home for Magic?

A Lovely Sunny Spring Day… Was not what we saw on our Spring Greyhound Gathering! On waking up and opening the curtains the dreaded weather forecast had come true! There was a thick coating of snow everywhere. Fortunately the sun managed to shine through and the roads were clear by the time we were due to leave and head off with the dogs to Salhouse Broads. Considering the weather we had a fantastic turn out and David counted 39 greyhounds and their owners. The snow continued to fall but I think it fair to say that we all had a lovely time. Fun in the snow!!

See you all next time! June 8th, Pretty Corner, Sheringham. More details elsewhere in the newsletter. As usual merchandise will be for sale including martingale collars and Homefinders t-shirts. Both priced at £7.50 each. Various colours.

Grumpy Co-ordinator’s Column Well done to all the people and greyhounds who braved the snowy weather for our walk at Salhouse Broad. It was great to see you all and have a chat. These walks are one of the good sides of my work as co-ordinator. There are many rewards such as seeing a dog going out of the kennels to a loving home, meeting lots of nice people, hearing stories about how the dogs are settling and how people are coping with little problems, working alongside an excellent group of volunteers and, of course, being amongst the dogs at the kennels. As in any volunteer work there are a few frustrations but these are generally overcome by good team work. The one thing that really gets me down, personally, is having to take back a dog that people haven’t had the patience or wish to see things through. There are people who, as soon as a problem occurs, think the solution is sending the dog back. Taking a dog is a responsibility as we all know and to just send the dog back when things get a little difficult is not responsible and a great disservice to the dog. It is hard to see a dog back in kennels having had the experience of home life but perhaps for some of them it is the best thing. If only people would talk to other greyhound owners such as yourselves perhaps they would understand that the problems can be overcome. Apologies for the gripe but I and the other volunteers get very fond of the dogs that pass through our hands and want the best for them. I realise I am preaching to the converted as I know and have seen that the dogs are very happy with you. I am in a grumpy mood anyway at present due to the fact that I am a lifelong supporter of Fulham FC and am about to see them leave the Premiership. However I will be able to see them at Norwich next season! Please give your lovely dogs a cuddle from me and I promise to be more upbeat in the next issue!! David

Recently Homed Greyhounds Lotto and his new friend Lilly are getting along very well. He is great with other dogs that he meets and he tolerates the cats and ignores the chickens! He goes to work and is turning into a bit of a ladies man. He has all the girls spoiling him rotten! Amanda.



and Harvey

Gizmo heading for home

Desperately seeking Homes: Smiler has been homed twice and returned twice. He needs a home without young children and no cats. He now needs to find a permanent home where he can learn how to become a pet.

Tom has been over looked in kennels despite his stunning good looks and shiny black coat! He is a strong boy on the lead so will need some training but yet another lovely friendly boy.

Paddy has recently been returned to us and he now needs to find a new home. He is a lovely friendly boy who deserves to know a few home comforts.

Please visit our website to view all of our available greyhounds

Charlie Was only homed for a very short time and still needs some house training rules. Unfortunately he was returned to us to re-home. Another lovely, friendly boy although rather shy at first. htm

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Greyhound Get Together Sunday 8th June 2008 Meet at 11.00am at Pretty Corner Car Park, Sheringham Leave when you want to.

Featuring: A walk through the woods with our greyhounds (not too long!!) A picnic (Bring food and water for you and your dog) Meet other people who have homed our lovely greyhounds Meet members of the volunteer group Swap stories and advice

If wet we will still walk! See you there. David Jones (Co-ordinator) Surely we can expect some sunshine for this walk!

Meet the Committee David: Co-ordinator. Lives near to Sheringham with his partner Maureen and their three greyhounds Seth, Abi and new arrival Finn. As the name “coordinator� suggests David deals with things right from the start through to the end and beyond! He is always available at the end of the phone for trainers, prospective new owners wanting advice or a home check. Organising the home checks, dogs in and dogs out and everything in between! He also helps at fund raising events and at the stadium. Also walks, grooms and homes the dogs at the kennels

Russell: Secretary, lives near to Great Yarmouth with his greyhounds Joe and ZoĂŤ. Russell does home checks, fund raising and goes above and beyond the call of duty whenever there is a dog to be picked up or delivered! He is also to be found at many fund raising events and most weekends he will be at the stadium with a greyhound and a collecting tin! Russell walks the dogs as often as he can.

Brenda: also lives near Great Yarmouth. Along with Stephen and Pamela, Brenda is one of the longest serving committee members. She is a passionate fundraiser and spends many hours at the stadium, helping on the tombola and selling tickets in the stadium bars and restaurant. She is also to be found with her friends and helpers outside local supermarkets raising awareness and funds for the greyhounds.

Joanne: lives near to Norwich with her two children and two cats. She does home checks and helps at fund raising events. Many weekends Joanne can be found at the kennels walking, grooming and homing the greyhounds. The children are always a great help, either at the kennels or events, and we are always pleased to see them.

Meet the Committee (continued) Julia: lives near to Norwich with her partner Andy and their greyhound Ronnie. Julia helps at fund raising events and can be found at the kennels walking, grooming and homing the greyhounds on a regular basis.

Martin: divides his time between Norfolk and Middlesex. Has two grown up children, he also shares his home with four lurchers and two greyhounds. Martin helps at fund raising events and at the kennels, walking, grooming and homing the greyhounds

Stephen, Chairman, and his wife Pamela: who’s help and support are indispensable. Particularly regarding the advertising, photography, printing of this newsletter and fund raising at the stadium. And finally, me, Lynda! I share my life with Martin, two children and the six hounds. I spend as much time as possible in Norfolk although I do have to go home occasionally! I do home checks, help at fund raising events and the kennels, walking, grooming and homing the greyhounds. I also produce this newsletter.



I recently received a lovely letter from Frances about her beautiful greyhound Pidge who has been such a great help to her in recent times.

The lovely little Shelley is still looking for a home. Her new owner or fosterer would need to be able to spend time with her so that she can learn the ways of the world. She could possible live with another dog but definitely no cats or children.

After her daily walk Pidge likes to settle down with a chew and then have a nap. She is so gentle with the grandchildren and they love to play with her. Thank you Frances for sharing your lovely greyhound with us.


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Robin and Dominic walking Shelley on a visit to the kennels last summer.

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Gracie My love affair with greyhounds began in 2003. I moved to Brundall with my son Matt and Bruce the cat. Matt said that he would like a dog so the research began. We felt that a greyhound would suit our lifestyle best. I have to say that I had no personal experience of greyhounds and had always thought that they looked a tad too thin and sad! Belle arrived in July 2003. She and Bruce developed a good friendship and Matt and I adored her. Sadly last July she died very suddenly whilst out for a walk. We decided we should wait before having another dog but wanted to do something to keep near them. Having spoken to Brenda I went to help at the stadium. Lesley does an incredible job there raising hundreds of pounds each week. Through this I met Russell. When I felt ready for another greyhound he helped me to find a dog that would fit into our home and make friends with Bruce. I’ll let Gracie tell it from here…..

I had run over 70 races and had done ok. It was now time for me to retire so off I went to find a home. At the kennels lots of nice people came to take me for walks and look after me. I did my very best to butter them up so they would tell me how lovely I was. It seemed to work, as it wasn’t long before a very nice lady named Sue came along. We went for a walk together and three days later she came back and put me in her car. She was my new mum. I was going home! At home I met Bruce the cat. I had to wear a muzzle for a while until I could prove that I didn’t want to eat him! I did want to play but he wasn’t keen on that idea! Strangely there was another dog just like me, behind the mirror! The TV was weird too. All sorts of things lived in there. I was beginning to settle really well when on a Sunday, three weeks later, I was out for a walk with Matt and his friend. Suddenly I couldn’t lift my head and I was struggling to walk. Matt got me into his car and we drove really quickly to the vets who is, fortunately, open on a Sunday. I was nearly dead! I was put on oxygen and given injections. The next day I headed off to Newmarket for more tests. Apparently I had had a sort of stroke. My mum said that all this cost £2700! All covered by the Petplan insurance that I’d come with from Homefinders (phew!). I came back home very wobbly but I was determined to get well. I used to be able to wrap mum and Matt around my paws. I only had to cry a bit in the night and I got a big cuddle. I still try it sometimes and mum tries to be stern and ignore me but if I smile and wiggle a bit I still get away with it! I have people come every day whilst my mum is at work. They give me hugs and take me out and they love me too. Sandy said that she would like to dognap me! I go with her to her paddock sometimes for a run, which I can now do again without falling over. The dog in the mirror seems to have gone to live somewhere else and I quite like some of the things in the TV. We are very special animals and humans could learn a thing or two from us. Some humans have. As for the sad and thin bit, mum now realises that mostly we smile but only those who understand us can see it. As for being thin, now everyone wants to be a size zero!!!!

Newsletter - Summer - 2008  

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, newsletter

Newsletter - Summer - 2008  

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, newsletter