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Running for Homefinders

It’s taken since February to get to this point. The cats were scared out of their mind at first, as was I!! They used to runs upstairs to sleep and tip toe cautiously into the lounge, so not to wake dingo.

I’m Rachael, Lesley Pegg’s daughter with Harry (aka Hartwood Tiger I’m taking part in a 10mile run, around the Portsmouth area. I have wanted to run in these type of runs for a long while (the last 7 years or so), but wasn’t successful in an earlier bid to run in the Great North Run and missed the ballot for the 2013 London marathon. After being involved in a car accident (I was 16 and on my bike), I’ve struggled to come back into fitness as I have on-going ligament/ tendon trouble in my feet, hence why I’m starting with a 10 mile run and then work my way back up. I’m hoping to take part in more half marathons, etc next year and enter the 2014 marathon - all for the Homefinders of course! I’ve set up a separate email so people can email me details on that if they would like to sponsor me (hartwoodtiger@, there will be sponsorship forms left at the kennels and I’ll be attending the various events, walks, open days, etc over the summer (or a parent of mine will, if I have to work!). Please pick up a sponsor form, or email to the address above, and show your support for Rachael.

Please continue to send your stories, photos, poetry and recipes to me; Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Or email

Dingo wore a muzzle for the first week just in case, but I think a bat round the face from Oakley put him in his place and everyday they get closer and closer. They do scarper over sudden movements from him though. Erica Thank you Erica for this lovely photo of Dingo with his feline friend, Oakley

Polly the Perfect Pet!

We braced ourselves for difficult nights persuading her to settle but nothing could have been easier; not a peep from her. She is very clear in asking to go out so no accidents. Best of all though, she settled in and was very relaxed from the word go. She loves her squeaky, cuddly toys and is brilliant at catching them but she only likes a tennis ball if it is bounced and not just thrown! She ignores the two Jack Russells next door who go spare when they hear her! She likes a quick gallop around the garden before falling flat out on to her dog duvet. She shows no interest in even trying the stairs or clambering on the sofas, as she likes her big bed so much. We just want her to be happy and she certainly seems to be! Ros.

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