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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Issue Number: 21

Date: Summer 2012

Kennels Located At Hainford, A140. Open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm otherwise by appointment

A Note From The Editor: Thank you to those of you who responded to the “newsletter by email” appeal. At present the list isn’t a very long one but hopefully it will grow! Also a big thanks to our supporters who sent books of stamps to me. We post out over 500 copies of this newsletter so, as you can imagine, your help in reducing our costs certainly helps in a very big way.

Thanks go to Jennie and Terry who, along with Jake and Lucy, raised £216.20 at a recent tractor run.

Please, if you have not already done so, consider receiving future copies by email or donating a book (or two!) of 2nd class stamps. Email me at or donate your stamps to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Our first Open Day, in March, was a great success raising £1000.Yet again the sun shone for us and from 11 o’clock onwards we did a roaring trade and all of the greyhounds in the kennels enjoyed their extra walks, treats and cuddles. Our next Open Day will be on Sunday June 24th. This will include the greyhound show, with a twist! Cream teas will be on sale and various stalls and games. So please come along, join in the fun and meet other like-minded people! At the same time you will be raising much-needed funds to help to care for the greyhounds during their stay with us until they find the forever homes. On Sunday 19th August the kennels will be holding another Open Day. As in previous years we will be holding our charity auction. The lots will be mainly greyhound related items including a wonderful painting by the very talented artist Susan Dodgson. This truly is a very special item so be prepared for some hectic bidding! Many thanks Susan for your very generous donation.

Marley, Seth, Patch, Rowdy (and Cuddles) working hard at Fakenham races. They raised £164 on a very wet and muddy day!

If you have any ideas for fund-raising, or if you would like to help in any way please phone 0845 458 3797 Help at the stadium is always very much appreciated and an enjoyable way of raising funds.Your dog will get lots of fuss and attention and at the same time be raising money to help with the care of the dogs still at our kennels waiting for their forever homes.

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust Registered Charity No: 269668 Mrs Lynda Eden, 20 Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa and I am one of the volunteers at Homefinders. I help with the Luther sponsorships. I have three greyhounds, Lucky, Honour and Lewis. Last November Lewis had an accident in the house while I was out picking up my three children from school. Lewis had a mad five minutes, skidded on the doormat and went head first in to the back door. He ended up having to have a three-hour operation to remove a blood clot from his spinal cord between his second and third vertebra. Lewis was seriously ill and he spent eight weeks at Newmarket vets where we visited him every week. His recovery didn’t go as expected. The vets did everything that they could but after eight weeks Lewis still could not stand or walk on his own. So, the day before New Year’s Eve we took our little man home. He had to have round the clock attention and someone was with him all the time. He was such a poor little man. He had no hair on his neck or his legs and he had lost all of his muscle and weight. We had to build him back up and teach him to walk again. Well, here are now and he’s been home for four months and we’ve done it! He is now walking on his own. He still has a bit of a limp with his back leg but he has done so well. The last six months have been so hard for my family and me and I want to say a very big thank you to everyone at Homefinders, especially Joanne, Angela, David and Lynda.You were brilliant! No matter what time or day, you were always there and I will never be able to thank you enough.

Thank you Lisa for all that you do for Homefinders and for your never-ending confidence in, and love for, Lewis, Lynda.

Jack’s Favourite Liver Treat Biscuits 1: Liquidise one pound of liver with one egg and half a teaspoon of garlic powder 2: Gradually stir in two cups of wholemeal flour to form a thick batter that you can still pour 3: Pour batter in to a 8”x8” pan 4: Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees 5: When cooked, cool and slice in to ½ squares

Note from Pam; I make up 3lbs at a time as it saves time and it is rather messy to make! It can then be frozen in small bags.

Co-ordinator’s Bit Firstly I would like to wish Hannah well in her new venture. She has been working at the kennels with Joanne for the last couple of years and has done a magnificent job both with the dogs and with visitors and volunteers. She has always wanted to work in the NHS and has now got her wish, so good luck Hannah. Taking her place will be Molly, who many of you already know as she has been a volunteer for the last five years. We hope Molly will continue to be happy with us in her new capacity.. Our first Open Day of the year was the usual success with many, many visitors and good weather. This also goes for the first walk at Wolterton Hall, which was lovely and attended by 30+ greyhounds and their owners. However our first outside event at Fakenham Races was wet, muddy and cold. I thank Patch, Cuddles, Rowdy, Marley and their owners for helping and suffering the weather. They did an excellent job. Our page on Facebook is worth a look although there are some very strange people on it who talk about pink pyjamas for greyhounds! It is, however, good for sharing problems, ideas and stories and has a large following. Lynda is always saying about the need for volunteers and we have such a great bunch of people who help us in all sorts of ways. We are looking for more walkers and people to help at the odd event on our stall so don’t be shy just give me, Joanne or Angela a call. Elsewhere in this issue are details about coming events; I hope to see you at one of them. DOGS HOMED SINCE LAST NEWSLETTER Kinda Easy, Crakat Snowbird, Galley Tune, Adageo, Carlini, Directors Wit, Effernogue Boxer, Hawkwind, Daves Demanc Newtown Diamond, Perfect Sunrise, Bandicoot Kiki, Maine Valley Lad, Perfect Illusion, Blackstone Puma, Ballymac Song, Confident Judy, Jester Belle, Sparklie Charlie, Stormy Mandy, Ullid Nina, Daisys Shannon, Darfin Snoop, Bandicoot Nancy, Safepac Tornado, Ayamzababe, All That Noise, Ritchies Ruby. Good Luck to them all. Sadly we say goodbye to Angel (Tucks Angel) who passed away recently

Don’t forget: LATE SPRING OPEN DAY AND GREYHOUND SHOW Sunday 24th June 11am to 3pm (details elsewhere) SUMMER OPEN DAY SUNDAY 19TH AUGUST 11am to 3am (Auction 12noon) This will again feature an Auction of mainly greyhound stuff. This year we have some lovely paintings, pottery and statuettes of greyhounds plus many other things. Don’t miss it. SUMMER WALK SUNDAY 8TH JULY HOLT COUNTRY PARK. Turn into Hempstead Road off the Holt bypass and just past Heath Road on your left is the park entrance on the right. We don’t use the main entrance. SOMETHING TO PUT IN YOUR DIARY We have many, many requests to repeat the “Greyhounds In Art” talk by Mary Alexander, which she did two years ago. I am delighted to say that Mary has agreed to give another talk with lots of new material on Friday 5th October 7pm in the stadium restaurant. Tickets will be £5 each and will include a buffet This was such a success last time you must not miss it this time so make a note in your diary. 2013 CALENDAR Our 2013 calendar will feature “Friends” ie photos that include two greyhounds or a greyhound and a friend. If you have or can get a photo of your dog(s) in jpeg or similar form and send to me at . We will use 12 of them at least! Below is an example as Seth and Hetty are already great friends








Running for Homefinders

It’s taken since February to get to this point. The cats were scared out of their mind at first, as was I!! They used to runs upstairs to sleep and tip toe cautiously into the lounge, so not to wake dingo.

I’m Rachael, Lesley Pegg’s daughter with Harry (aka Hartwood Tiger I’m taking part in a 10mile run, around the Portsmouth area. I have wanted to run in these type of runs for a long while (the last 7 years or so), but wasn’t successful in an earlier bid to run in the Great North Run and missed the ballot for the 2013 London marathon. After being involved in a car accident (I was 16 and on my bike), I’ve struggled to come back into fitness as I have on-going ligament/ tendon trouble in my feet, hence why I’m starting with a 10 mile run and then work my way back up. I’m hoping to take part in more half marathons, etc next year and enter the 2014 marathon - all for the Homefinders of course! I’ve set up a separate email so people can email me details on that if they would like to sponsor me (hartwoodtiger@, there will be sponsorship forms left at the kennels and I’ll be attending the various events, walks, open days, etc over the summer (or a parent of mine will, if I have to work!). Please pick up a sponsor form, or email to the address above, and show your support for Rachael.

Please continue to send your stories, photos, poetry and recipes to me; Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Or email

Dingo wore a muzzle for the first week just in case, but I think a bat round the face from Oakley put him in his place and everyday they get closer and closer. They do scarper over sudden movements from him though. Erica Thank you Erica for this lovely photo of Dingo with his feline friend, Oakley

Polly the Perfect Pet!

We braced ourselves for difficult nights persuading her to settle but nothing could have been easier; not a peep from her. She is very clear in asking to go out so no accidents. Best of all though, she settled in and was very relaxed from the word go. She loves her squeaky, cuddly toys and is brilliant at catching them but she only likes a tennis ball if it is bounced and not just thrown! She ignores the two Jack Russells next door who go spare when they hear her! She likes a quick gallop around the garden before falling flat out on to her dog duvet. She shows no interest in even trying the stairs or clambering on the sofas, as she likes her big bed so much. We just want her to be happy and she certainly seems to be! Ros.

Just had to drop a line telling you about the legend that was TED. Bless him, he selected us as his parents whilst staying at ‘Moorsticks’, Spixworth Road, Norwich in December 2002. We went to the kennels intending to get a light fawn bitch, but Ted decided we were the ones for him and the rest his history. The day we took him home was our son’s birthday. Ted wished him a happy birthday and then nipped into the kitchen and ate the whole of his birthday cake! He made many friends in the neighbourhood and loved everybody (except cats). On his walks, people, especially children, would run up to Ted and fuss him. He was such a gentle giant and he loved being cuddled. Our grandchildren at ages 3 & 5 loved holding his lead and walking with him despite his size compared to them. He never pulled and regularly checked over his shoulder to make sure they were still OK. We used to take him to Eccles & Yarmouth Beaches. The first time we let him off his lead, he was just over 3 years old, he ran along the edge of the sea and disappeared out of sight. We thought that’s it, we’ve lost him, then a cloud of dust in the distance showed the returning Ted, who, when he was close ran straight at me as though he would collide with me and then at the last minute dodged round me. He played this game a lot and never hit me. Ted was a well-travelled dog; originally from Ireland he lived in Essex before moving to Norwich with us. He holidayed in the New Forest twice, took the Ferry to the Isle of Wight and did a tour whilst laying on the back seat of a double decker bus. He also toured Scotland, Devon and Cornwall and finally travelled with us across the channel on the shuttle, where he proudly displayed his Pet Passport for the first time, through France and finally, up the mountains in Murcia, Spain. His health was deteriorating and sadly we had to make the heartbreaking decision to send him from us at the end of Jan as he started to suffer badly with breathing problems, including pneumonia. Although heartbroken, the number of emails and communications from all of his friends and family meant we did not feel alone in our grieving despite being so many miles from home. He was one in a million, we miss him so much, but we have so many happy memories of our times with him it helps enormously. BLESS YOU TED BEAR YOU GAVE US SO MUCH. Ted, ex Biltan Ted 05/05/99 – 30/01/12 God Bless - Jill & Dave Alborough

Thought you might like to see Frankie relaxing at home. He is a much laid-back boy now than when he first arrived: in fact “lying-back” is what he does best (apart from eating!) Sadly Frankie is now an “only child” since our other little dog crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” a short while ago. Frankie will now get to enjoy all the attention, all the leftovers and will probably be terribly spoilt! Thanks to David for wangling it so Frankie adopted us. He’s definitely the best thing that has happened to us in a long time! Erin

Tonight Mac managed to get his entire body on my lap, not just his top half! As soon as I sit down on the sofa he’s there asking to come up and we’re more than happy to oblige. He really is an utter darling and often falls asleep with his head cradled in our arms. He comes with us when we go out places, and travels well in the car on the back seat with a seat belt harness.

Happy dogs! Summer has arrived and the dogs are taking full advantage of it!

I’ve already managed to pick up on his cues for when he needs to go out, so there have been zero accidents, which is nice for us, and nice for him as well, I bet. We enjoy a stroll or two every day but cuddle time is definitely favourite time. Our son is very gentle with him and Mac is very tolerant of any sudden noises he makes, which is always helped with a big cuddle as well. He’s slotted right into our family and we cherish him very much. We hope he’s happy with us and we think he might be!

Thank you for the opportunity to own such a wonderful dog. Ben, Jen and Ethan A watchdog is a dog kept to guard your home, usually by sleeping where a burglar would awaken the household by falling over him. Author unknown.

Please spread the word….Do not ever leave a dog in a hot car. They can suffer a horrific death. We all know not leave them but some people are just not getting the message! Even with a window open cars become like ovens. So, please, please, keep spreading the word.

We have a new stock of stylish bandanas for the hound-about-town (or country)!! These are available from the kennels at £4.00 each, medium, or we have a few large ones at £5.00 each, subject to availability.

My dog, she looks at me sometimes with that look, and I think maybe deep down inside she must know exactly how I feel. But then maybe she just wants the food off my plate. Author unknown.

Sponsorship news: Handsome boy Luther is our present sponsor dog. He is enjoying life in the comfort of the sponsor kennel complete with his own sofa and personal items!

On Sunday 20th May we gathered at Yarmouth Stadium for our annual track walk. This event was very well attended and enjoyed by the greyhounds and owners alike! The burgers and chips were very much appreciated!

If you would like to sponsor Luther please send a cheque for £12.00 (minimum donation) to the address below. Cheques to be made payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders. You will receive a sponsor’s certificate, a gift and photos of Luther.

The rain kept away and, although a bit blustery, we were able to get a hounds-eye view of the track!

You are very welcome to visit Luther and his friends at our kennels. Look for the Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders sign on the A140 Cromer Road at Hainford, 5 miles north of Norwich. Kennels open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm or by appointment. 0845 458 3797 To sponsor Luther please fill in your details below and send a cheque or postal order made payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders to: Lisa Pimble, 77, St Benets Road, Stalham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 9DW.

I did a roaring trade with the bandanas and the knitted coats (many thanks to all of my knitters!), and thank you to everyone for their support.

Name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................ ............................................ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postcode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . If you are sponsoring Luther as a gift for someone else also provide their details.

And Finally…..This year, for the first time, we will be attending All About Dogs at the Royal Norfolk Showground on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th August. I know that many of you went along last year so please come and say “Hello”. We will also be at the Cromer Carnival on Wednesday 15th August. If you would like to help at this event please email me at Or come and see me at the next Open Day on 24th June. Many thanks for your support, donations and gifts. Do consider helping out at the stadium or at the open days.You certainly will be very much appreciated! Enjoy the sunshine and hope to see you soon, Lynda Designed and Typeset by Michele of Design for print and web Printed by

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