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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Issue Number: 7

Date: Autumn 2008

Kennels near Aylsham

A Note From The Editor

What A Great Time We Had

As usual I want to say a great big thank you to all of our volunteers and helpers. I would like to say a personal thank you to each and every one of you for all of your help. Be it at the stadium, the kennels, at events or fundraising you are very much appreciated. Thank you for all that you do to help.

From Yvonne and Mike..

Please contact David on 0845 458 3797 to help at the kennels or fund raising in the North Norfolk area. Please phone Brenda on 01493 857400 to help at the stadium or fund raising in the Great Yarmouth area. The sponsorship scheme continues to do well. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored Shelley or has sent a donation. Yet again I have received stories, emails and photos of your greyhounds. It is lovely to see them so settled. I realise that sometimes things don’t go smoothly at first but thank you for not giving up on them. It really is worth the hard work and perseverance to see the happy and contented pet that they soon become. Email me at: or write to me at: Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

At this time it is not possible for us to have a greyhound. Mike and I live in a small bungalow with our ten year old lurcher, Alfie, who has a spinal cord problem but still thinks he’s a two year old! We also have two young Siamese house cats. Therefore I decided to try my hand at fund raising for Homefinders. The only way I could think of was to hold a coffee morning, just coffee and biscuits. That was until I told my friend Pam and it was at that point that things started to snowball! There were books, bric-a-brac, plants, raffle, guess the number of biscuits in a jar, guess the name of the toy monkey and beautiful handmade cards. Then the big day arrived, May 10th. We planned to start at 10 am but just to make the day more interesting I had to make two unexpected visits to the vets before we started! Anyway, the weather was perfect and the people were lovely, friendly and generous. It was more like a garden party due to the beautiful sunshine. We charged £1 for coffee and biscuits and when we counted the takings Mike and I were delighted to find that we had taken £240! I would like to say a very big thank you to all of the helpers and to Jill who made the cards. Without them it would not have been possible. Thank you to Yvonne, Mike and the helpers from all of us at Homefinders. It sounds as if you all had a lovely day and you raised a fantastic amount of money.

Greyhound coats and dog food are available for sale at the kennels. Please phone David for more details. 0845 458 3797

Recently Homed Greyhounds Hi, I’m Sooty.


Last year I was taken home by a family that fell in love with me when they saw my photograph!

Hello everyone. I expect you can guess from my Gaelic name that I am not from these shores, although I did race in this area.

The mum of the house is the one who mainly looks after me. She feeds me and takes me for walks with my two friends. We go to the big field every morning. Dad sometimes walks me in the evening if he comes home from work early. We go to the beach on Sunday mornings in the summer. Last year I had to have a big lump removed but I’m better now. My family looked after me really well! I’d like to say that I rule the house. I always get my own way! The chair in the lounge is MINE. I only have to look at the person sitting on it and they get off, even guests who come to visit me. They realise that they can sit on the floor so that I can have the comfort that I deserve. Sometimes visitors don’t even realise that I am there. I’m so quiet! I’m very happy here. I get lots of fuss and treats.

I was a bit worried when I went home with my new family, last June, as they had never had a dog before. I soon knocked them in to shape though! I did give them one good scare a few weeks after I had arrived. I found this big, brown, sweet smelling thing shaped like a rugby ball. I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to eat chocolate! Dad rushed me to the vet who gave me a special tablet. I did not feel at all well that afternoon. They soon realised that I could have become seriously ill. I trust that they have learnt their lesson! They know I love walking and they take me three times a day. Am I not a lucky girl? It keeps them fit as well. There are many cats to say hello to but they never seem to stay around long enough for me to have a chat! I know I am a girlie but I don’t think my family are too impressed with my eating habits at meal times. The expression “like a pig at a trough” is often heard!

Love, Sooty.

Jack is such a lot of fun and we wouldn’t be without him. He chews my shoes and the covers we put on the sofa but we love him! I love this photo. He seems to be saying, “what’s all the white stuff out there?”

I am also a bit of a collector. I like nail files, clothes pegs and the odd scarf. I keep them in my bed but for some reason they never seem to stay around for long. Not quite sure how I manage to lose them. Before I forget, I promise that I will bring my family on one of your walks. They usually have a “good” reason for not going, such as the weather is horrible. What wimps! Hopefully see you all soon.

Oala and family, Alan, Gail, Amy and Nick. Best wishes, Pam and Barry

New Beginnings

Benjy, making himself comfortable.

On 9th December 2007 Lucy, our much loved greyhound passed away at the age of 10. As it was so sudden and unexpected we were not prepared and could not bring ourselves to think about getting another greyhound. Having to face Christmas without her was really difficult; she had been part of our lives for seven years. We felt lost without her. There was no one to cuddle and no one to greet us in the morning.

Although she was timid and shy with other people, she was gentle and relaxed with us at home. With mixed feelings, because we didn’t want to replace Lucy, we decided to re-home another greyhound to fill the empty space that Lucy had left behind. We contacted David and on 29th December we met Amber who looked at us with her big brown eyes. We decided that she could come home with us! After a few days of settling in, her personality really started to shine. She was far more inquisitive than Lucy and less timid. Although we felt that Lucy was so special and didn’t want to replace her, we realised that by re-homing Amber that each dog is different and special in their own way. We weren’t replacing Lucy; we were giving another greyhound a chance of a happy life as a much-loved pet.

Benji came to live with me in February 2007. He is such a character and so very different from all the dogs I had before. When I first got him he managed to destroy two pairs of my slippers, one from each pair - typical ! He is so nosey, has to be up the front in everything and puts his nose in every drawer or cupboard I open. Never thought I would ever be able to let him off the lead but did so after a few weeks. He does come back to me, well when he is ready! He sleeps on a duvet alongside my bed. He did try creeping up on to my bed but I had to put a stop to that because when he stretched out he was taking up more room than me! So glad I got my beautiful Benjy. He is such good company for me. Gwen.

Al is intelligent, handsome, lazy, sneaky, clingy and hates TV! We can’t believe our luck in going for him. We slept downstairs with him for 2 nights but now he sleeps all night on his own. He has found that he can get the bread bin off the kitchen surface and takes up the whole sofa. We are absolutely made up with him and will probably come for a friend for him later on.

Flash has settled in really well with us here. I am pleased to report that he now virtually ignores Eddy our kitten and most evenings when Eddy is on the sofa, Flash is on the floor just a few feet away asleep in his usual pose (on his back with his legs all over the place!!). Its official - Flash is spoilt rotten and is also not afraid to take his chances when Luke leaves his toast unattended... He likes: • Squeaky toys - which he gets hold of and squeaks deliberately • Cheese (at every available opportunity) • Being the centre of attention - he’ll come to get his cuddles if you’re not giving him enough... • Being with people - he will often lie right in the middle of the floor if I’m in the kitchen which means I generally have to step over him or push him along the floor to open the cupboards! • Being the first to the front door when he hears the key in the lock • Being first when out for a run in the park (it is quite funny when he bounces past Chris (who’s running at full speed) • Barbeques (especially sausages - not so keen on the celery he stole) • Running round the garden like a lunatic chasing a ball • Left-overs He really doesn’t like: • Stairs (he’ll put his front paws on the first step but that’s your lot) • Other smaller dogs/puppies pestering him at the park (or anywhere) • Oily fish (well, it doesn’t like we’ve had to find another way of making his coat glossy)

Lady has settled in so well, she is so lovely we can’t imagine not having her. She always loves her walks and is now familiar with the times she goes out. Her favourite place to walk is on the beach. She absolutely loves sardines for dinner, she doesn’t move off the sofa after eating them! She has claimed every sofa in the house and likes to spread out on them! She loves having her belly rubbed and all the attention she gets especially when we walk her and when friends come round. If I could I would take them all home. They are so lovely. Kara

Within hours Magic was kissing us and jumping about. He slept quietly all night, never heard a thing from him. We have taken him to the beach and he has even paddled his toes in the sea with Jamie and me. He is a wonderful dog. We love him to bits. Kim and Jamie

Other than that he is really laid back - so he fits in just fine. He is super dog with a great personality and we really did make the right choice. We’re taking him camping in August so quite how we’ll get on with his sleep barking remains to be seen but I’m sure he’ll love it! With our best wishes Sam, Chris, Luke and, of course, Flash

Chuffy on his way home with Juliet

Foxy doing great, settled well, love him to bits.

Princess living happily in Caister with her feline friend.

Storm is running off lead and will return to the whistle. No problems and has settled very well.

Smiler has now found his forever home

Just to let you know that Beau, as he is now called, is settling in very well. He is a quick learner and very intelligent. Also he is so loving and lovable, that any visitors to our house are coming to see him, or so he thinks!

Tom has found his perfect home

He has discovered that horses can be good pals, but not to push his luck and assume they want to play. So all is well and we are delighted.

Daniel, obviously very contented and happy!

Beau has now been joined by his new girlfriend, Lizzie, who is running around with Beau as though “joined at the neck�. Regards, Jan

A much, much happier Co-ordinator’s column I am pleased to say that I am so much happier writing this than I was last time. Since then…………. • Fulham stayed in the premiership with a last gasp victory at Portsmouth and I managed to save some of my finger nails. • We managed to home three dogs who had been in the kennels a long time. Al, Smiler and Tom all have lovely homes now. Smiler has made himself so at home he has even managed to pinch his owners dinner!! • 50+ greyhounds brought their owners to the walk at Pretty Corner in June. It was lovely to see them all.

• We now have two new paddock areas at the kennels so things are on the move at last. • Maureen and I and our three dogs had a good holiday week in Kielder Forest, a lovely part of the country. •

We have had a good time at a few local fetes and events this year so far, including Iteringham, Weybourne, Aylsham, Sheringham, Cromer, Fakenham and Overstrand. They are great for putting the word about and promoting awareness of greyhounds plus they bring in some much needed money. If you have a fete or event in your area next year, that you think we would be welcome at please let me know. Some people such as Mr and Mrs Fewell run their own stall at their local fete. Others run coffee mornings, craft sales etc. and all donate the proceeds to our greyhounds. This is a great help and very much appreciated. I have given talks to the Strand Club and Roman Camp Ladies Group recently and they made donations for the dogs. So please keep all this in mind and help spread the word for next year.

• A special mention for Ernie (Fenside Eels) who became our 50th homed dog this year. He is now running the lives, in his own laid back way, of a lovely couple in Beeston Regis (just round the corner from me). It is great to meet up with him on our walks around the neighbourhood. So I hope this has cheered you up just like it has me. I hope the rest of the summer is really good to you all and your dogs. David

In Memory Bill and Tracey Griffin lost “Defor” with a suspected heart attack after only six weeks at home. He was much loved in the short time he was in the home and I know is much missed. The committee send their condolences. Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders

Greyhound Autumn Walk Sunday7th September 2008 Meet at 11am at Dip Farm Golf Course Car Park, Lowestoft Featuring: A walk around woods or the beach with our dogs. (We are using the top car park) Meet other people who have homed our lovely greyhounds A picnic (bring food and water for you and your dog) Swap stories and advice Meet members of the volunteer group

We are hoping for a lovely sunny day SEE YOU THERE

Why not become a “Friend of

Shelley remains our sponsor dog at the kennels.



Please send a cheque for £12 (minimum donation) payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders To: Mrs. Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

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G th

reyhound Ho


nders efi

It makes a great gift either, for yourself or a fellow dog lover and at only £12 a year is fantastic value.You will receive a certificate, a gift, a photograph and four editions of the newsletter.

For a suggested minimum donation of £5 you will receive our newsletter and other related information throughout the year. Please send the following information

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And Finally…… Let me introduce Jake, formally known as Rookie Rogue. Jake only has three legs. During a walk he jumped up in the air and landed awkwardly causing his back leg to break. He was rushed to the vet where the broken leg was pinned, hopefully to mend it. Unfortunately it wasn’t successful and a decision was made to amputate it. This all happened during January of this year while he was living with Julie Green at her kennels. She nursed him back to health and a fantastic recovery!

He now lives with me, my family and my other dogs, four lurchers and two other greyhounds. Jake is always the centre of attention when we go out and I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve been asked how he lost his leg! Occasionally I’ve had the “it’s cruel” comment, but how can it be cruel when he is such a happy and contented boy? Yes, he looks rather awkward when he walks but you should see him run! Boy, is he fast! He loves running and playing in the garden and he truly is a very, very happy young greyhound. Before I took Jake I had a lot of thinking to do. Would it be fair to expect a three-legged dog to live with six other dogs? Would he be forever falling over if they knocked in to him? Obviously the best people to talk to were other three-legged greyhound owners and that’s exactly what I did. One comment was “Go for it! You will never regret it”. I had lots of information and advice from other owners and I saw lots of video clips. Some of which were truly amazing. All of the dogs were living proof that they can, and do, live good and happy lives with three legs. Well, Jake has been with me since the beginning of May and I certainly haven’t had any regrets! The others don’t knock him over and he isn’t always falling over! He is a lovable, loving and fun-filled character. Thank you Julie for looking after him so well. I am so very, very pleased that he is a part of my life.

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