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BULLBLOG BLACKLIST We’re just barely managing to get our absentee ballots. Please don’t make this worse by putting “#TeamWinning in your Facebook status. Just, really missing the point there.

And then make an unrelated point that they’ve had planned since they did the reading.


Friends SOM who are working for a campaign

Papers assigned for fall break

We couldn’t get past the first page, but we assume we hate the whole thing.



Both the residential college field trips and the iPhone thefts.

Get ready for your eval, babe.

The Spring Fling survey

TAs who are “disappointed” in the section’s midterm performance

Grad students in undergrad seminars


People who say “going along with that”

Get out, and stop saying performative.


Post-midterm slump

“Binders full of women” No more sense of purpose. Feel like I was hit by a truck or robbed. But everything is here, we’re still here, etc.

But also, binders full of women memes.

The Yale Herald (Oct. 19, 2012)