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PH 3½-2½ Copper Table l i m i t e d

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PH’s vision:

Good light as part of the good life (Source: ’Det Gode Lys’ by Hans Hertel)



PH Table Lamp Poul Henningsen put the finishing touches on the table lamp based on his iconic three-shade system in February 1927. The PH Table Lamp thereby became one of the first lamps to feature the characteristic shade design, which is one of the best-known light designs in the world today. The table lamp was developed jointly with Louis Poulsen, who recommended it in their August 1927 catalogue for �Desks and work tables, where suspended lighting is not desired for decorative or other reasons. Since only low intensity incandescent bulbs can be used in the PH Table Lamp, the light will be very soft and diffuse due to the large top shade, and virtually without shadow in proximity to the lamp.� (Quote taken from: Light Years Ahead)


Good lighting As a light designer, Poul Henningsen was preoccupied with achieving the best possible atmosphere using artificial lighting. As he worked on his three-shade system, he experimented with shades of different types, sizes and materials. Development was primarily based on metal shades, but glass versions were quickly added, leading to the international breakthrough for the PH light. The special edition of the PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp is from 1928, but was only sold for two years, most probably because there were challenges related to the stability of the shade head at the time.


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Relaunch The PH 3½-2½ Cobber Table Lamp will reappear for a limited time in spring 2015. Its introduction follows the relaunch of the PH 3½-3 Copper Pendant in 2014 to mark the 120th anniversary of PH’s birth, which became an overwhelming success.


Atmospheric Louis Poulsen has decided, for the first time ever, to provide two different shades for the same light fixture. The limited edition PH 3½-2½ Cobber Table Lamp comes with two top shades: an opal glass shade, providing comfortable diffuse light, and a solid copper shade with a white painted inner surface, which directs soft light downwards onto the table surface. This provides a unique opportunity to choose the version which best suits the setting – and to change it if you wish to change the light fixture or location.




Original The PH 3½-2½ Cobber Table Lamp is faithful to PH’s original work, and follows his drawings down to the tiniest detail. It exhibits supreme quality craftsmanship – from the mouth-blown opal glass shade, to the copper shades with their rolled edges. All lamps fulfil the most stringent safety and quality requirements, and only leave Louis Poulsen’s Warehouse following a personal quality-control approval.

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Very simple PH’s design has a chameleon-like ability to match with a wide range of design traditions and periods – from Bauhaus to Japanese minimalism. His functional approach did not tolerate any details which did not serve a light related purpose. Following this philosophy, he maintained a liberating simplicity in his design expression, which continues to inspire light designers around the world.



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Modern for generations Poul Henningsen’s lights have proven their exceptional durability. Both aesthetic and functional. The simple expression suits both modern and classic home interior styles. Discreet, yet bold at the same time. For many people, a PH light is not only a light for life, but a treasured family heirloom passed on from generation to generation.



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Drama Light is the most important atmospheric element in any interior design. The PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp adds comfortable, friendly light in the home, and the copper top shade is ideal for creating a dramatic atmosphere.





Still life When furnishing your home, it is a good principle to have multiple points of light in each room. The PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp is ideal for emphasising the room’s visual dimensions, and highlighting certain features in an atmospheric way. The lamp is easy to move around and provides a low intensity, comfortable light, which is excellent for reading or as a focal point for still life scenes on side tables, shelves or sideboards.

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Functional lighting The PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp provides fantastic work lighting. The white inner surface of the copper shade ensures controlled, glare-free lighting, while the 45 cm height provides broad, pleasant light distribution on the table surface. The glass shade ensures decorative upward illumination of the surroundings, and the sandblasted inner surface spreads diffuse and comfortable light. The many functional and thought-out details make the light fixture beautiful and interesting – whether switched on or off.


Patina The copper elements of the PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp are untreated (not lacquered). It will therefore develop a natural patina over time, which is determined by its environment. If you want to maintain the copper’s beautiful shiny surface, you can simply choose to polish the lamp.



PH 2/1 Bombardment Chandelier


PH 3½-3 Copper Pendant

limited edition

PH 2/1 Stemm Fitting, bronzed


PH Artichoke Gold

PH’s limited editions Louis Poulsen has relaunched a number of historic PH light fixtures over a period of almost 25 years. Many have become collector’s items, and some even investment items. But they are above all exceptional lights, which have beautifully maintained their aesthetic and functional value. TrePH (1994). The PH 3/2 shade set forms the basis for this range of pendants and table lamps. Launched in a tinted version in connection with the centenary of PH’s birth. PH 2/1 Bombardement Chandelier (1999). Launched to mark Louis Poulsen’s 125th anniversary. PH 2/1 Stemm Fitting (2003). Launched in a tinted version as a supplement to the TrePH range. PH Artichoke Gold (2008). Launched to mark the 50th anniversary of the PH Artichoke. PH 3½-3 Copper Pendant (2014). Launched to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Poul Henningsen’s birth.


PH 3½-2½ Copper Table

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Features: The fixture is 100% glare-free, with a design based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs most of the light downward. The top shade is available as either opal glass, or copper with a white inner shade. The copper top shade is made of copper with a white inner shade that ensures gentle, downward light distribution. The copper shade provides a controlled, downward directed light. The mouth-blown opal glass top shade provides diffuse light, contributing to the room. The two lower mounth-blown opal glass shades provide a larger lighting surface to make more efficient use of the light source. The glass shades are polished on the outside and matt on the inside. The downward light is both soft and pleasant. Surface: Polished, unlacquered copper. Mouth-blown white opal glass. Materials: Top shade: Spun copper and mouth-blown white opal glass. Inner shade: Diecast aluminium. Middle and lower shade: Mouth-blown white opal glass. Shade holder: Copper-plated cast brass. Stand: Copper. Installation: Cord type: Plastic with plug. Cord length: 2.5m. Switch: On the cord. Weight: Max 3.5 kg Class: Ingress protection IP20. Insulation class I



Design: Poul Henningsen.

Story behind the product The introduction of the PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp follows the successful relaunch of the PH 3½-3 Copper Pendant. The lamp was designed in 1928, and can be ordered between 14 March and 15 June 2015. The PH 3½-2½ Copper Table Lamp is based on Poul Henningsen’s original drawings, and comes with the first type of shade holder, with adjustment screws. The copper top shade has a special rolled edge that makes the shade appear thicker than the actual material. The copper is polished and not lacquered, and will develop a unique patina over time, dependent on its environment. If it is desired to retain the polished surface, the lamp can be polished using a copper polish with a low abrasive content.


Styling and location: We would like to thank Martin Graa and Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen for creative assistance and location. ŠLouis Poulsen A/S. Concept/production: IMD 2015.01. Photos: Product: Lars Kaslov, Location: Jacob Termansen. Repro: Garn Grafisk. Printing: Zeuner Grafisk A/S. Louis Poulsen disclaims liability for any misprints, colour reproduction variations or changes resulting from technical development or regulatory requirements. 5701040571

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