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URBAN Tranquillity Time for reflection is a luxury in today’s world. We are all busy and always short of time to create a moment for quiet contemplation. We need reflection to enable our thoughts to run freely. We need to lose ourselves in the moment. And we can only achieve this if, from time to time, we have peace. The new easy chair springs from a desire to create an item of furniture that offers an opportunity for reflection in our busy lives.

Ro™ – the new comfort zone With Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, Republic of Fritz Hansen has designed a wonderful easy chair called Ro™, which gives you space for reflection and a moment to yourself. Ro™ is, however, much more than an easy chair. It’s a 1½-seater where you can relax, change positions and have your newspaper, computer or child next to you. It creates a new comfort zone. Ro™ is soft sculptured and formed after the curves of the body. No sharp edges or roughness ­­­­– altogether it invites you to sit down and relax and reflect. The aesthetics of Ro™ does not compromise on functionality and the functionality does not compromise on the aesthetics. The design of the shell is elegant and simple, pleasing to both the eye and the body, and promises tranquillity in both its visual expression and comfortable functionality. Furthermore, the form of the shell allows you to choose between taking part in what goes on in the room or relaxing in your own private space.

7 unique chairs for Milan Jaime Hayon has designed seven unique chairs produced exclusively for the exhibition during Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April 2013. Each chair is a minor work of art in itself and is not for sale. Together the chairs represent a metropolis where you can find urban tranquillity. The exhibition is the only time that all seven chairs will be gathered. After Milan, they will travel the world separately.






The Tokyo easy chair captures the essence of Tokyo on an autumn day where the sun is shining through green and yellow leaves. The muted green textile symbolises the arrival of autumn. The idea behind the textiles is to create contrasts between the hard shell, the coarser exterior textile and the warm, soft velvet interior. The legs are made of ebony and reflect the characteristic trees and parks of Tokyo.

The London chair radiates stability and reliability and the black, brown leather exudes exclusivity and tradition familiar to many from the English Chesterfield design. The heavy bronze legs emphasise the strong design expression and the materials used in this chair are specially selected to make a masculine statement.

Interior textile: Dedar adamo&eva, no. 9

Interior and exterior: Leather, black brown

Exterior textile: Fanny Aronsen, balder2, no. 2169

Legs: Bronze

Legs: Ebony







Berlin is a city undergoing transformation on a grand scale. The different textiles in this chair encapsulates the plurality of the city. The chair has a coarse, hard exterior and a soft, sophisticated interior. The cold, blue tone and the warm, elegant cherry wood amplify the design expression.

The spectacle of Nordic light and natural materials have provided strong inspiration for the Copenhagen chair. The off-white leather and the beech wood symbolize the purity and simplicity of Nordic aesthetics. The exterior of the shell is upholstered in a classic Danish textile while the cushions and the inner shell are upholstered in off-white leather. It gives the chair a discreet and exclusive design expression.

Interior textile: Dedar adamo&eva, no. 43

Interior: Off-white leather

Exterior textile: Kvadrat canvas, no. 734

Exterior textile: Kvadrat, Hallingdal, no.100

Legs: Cherry wood

Legs: beech wood



New York




The designer captures the special atmosphere created by the New York skyline at the twilight hour in the choice of the colour. With its dark materials and bronze legs, this chair radiates power and beauty – like New York. The contrast between the exterior and interior textile tells the story of a city brimming with both roughness and softness.

For centuries, writers, painters and photographers have been inspired by and attracted to the beautiful and seductive Parisian woman with sensual red lips. She is the inspiration for the Parisian chair. The feminine colour and the elegant textile combined with the sophisticated ebony legs of the chair exude femininity with a touch of Frenchness.

Interior textile: Dedar, adamo&eva, no. 39

Interior textile: Fanny Aronsen, Vidar, no. 3639

Exterior textile: Fanny Aronsen, balder2, no. 2074

Exterior textile: Fanny Aronsen, balder2, no.3539

Legs: Bronze

Legs: Ebony





The upholstery of this chair is reminiscent of an elegant Milanese woman’s suit. The green colour refers to the many places around the city where you can sit and admire a shiny, green plant or a beautiful park with a wild, green area. The specially selected textiles communicate a design expression which reminds us that Milan is the epitome of elegance.

Interior textile: Dedar tabularasa, no.18 Exterior textile: Dedar adamo&eva, no. 44 Legs: Bronze


The 9 designer selections Ro™ is made with great craftsmanship and in the highest sustainable quality. Combined with the sculptural and elegant design, the result is a functional and aesthetic chair that does not compromise on either comfort or aesthetics. The easy chair is available in nine colours: three traditional options (black, grey and taupe), three bright colours (violet, blue and yellow) and three soft colours (light pink, sage-green and sand). For a more vibrant look, the chair features two different textures: one for the seat shell and one for the cushions, which supports the contrasted expression of the hard shell and the warm and soft interior. The price of the chair is 1.935 EUR. EXCL. VAT

CreaTing ro™ ro™ is the result of a close, two-year collaboration between the republic of Fritz hansen and Jaime hayon. Fritz hansen’s design brief for Jaime hayon was “to create a comfortable seat for one person”. with this in mind, Jaime hayon drew a series of sketches, which formed the start of the armchair’s shape, expression and subsequent modelling work. right from the start it was essential that the chair could provide a room within the room. it gives you the option of retreating and immersing yourself, while still remaining part of the surrounding room should you choose to. The modelling work was conducted as an interaction between digital models and physical 1:1 styrofoam models. Physical models were made by hand and then digitalised. The digital files thus formed the basis of the millings, which were minutely crafted by hand and, after numerous repeats, the final ro™ shape was born. The legs in pressure-cast aluminium and the transition to the shell underwent the same process to create an elegant and natural unit, which ensures that ro™ is beautiful and elegant from all angles. in order to make the chair more vivid and tactile, in addition to the shell’s shape, a combination of different textiles were also worked with – one for the shell and one for the cushions. The material is sewn like a dress with just one seam, which follows the chair’s edge exactly. once the dress has been sewn, it is turned inside out and pulled on. Millimetre by millimetre it is glued on to the shell. where the chair’s body is narrow, there is excess material, and where the chair is wide, the material is stretched. This places enormous demands on both the material and the upholsterer. The materials and craftsmanship have been tested to the extreme.


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