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1 Year Anniversary Issue

Xposure Credits &Contributors Gift, 26, of Louisville, Ky YES Ky attended Western Kentucky University majoring in Exercise Science and Broadcast Communications &Journalism. He is by his own account, and admissions of others, one the most diverse people you will ever meet. His ultimate goal is to continue to build his brand and become a global mogul, He enjoys long walks on the beach, playing scrabble with Chuck Norris, volunteering at sheltors and helping to feed the poor. In High School he was voted most likely to contribute stories to Xposure Magazine and selfishly right his own bio. U SEE ME!! Star Watson is a recent graduate from Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. Aside from contributing to the high ranking in the party school poll, Star also wrote killer articles for different newspapers and magazines in a variety of subjects. Now people can always find her catching the latest concerts in Atlanta, wondering aimlessly through the city with the biggest and brightest headphones, or got her head in a book. She still contributes work to many other magazines, newspapers, online publications and blogs. Photos - Thomas Iannaccone, Pasha Antonov, George Chinsee, Robert Mitra John Aquino, Talaya Centeno, Giovanni Giannoni Xposure Magazine is a bi - monthly magazine published on a bi monthly basis. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher is strictly prohibited. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily the views of Xposure Magazine. We welcome and accept unsolicited materials. Materials submitted to Xposure Magazine is the person’s guarantee that submitted items are not in violation of or infringing upon the rights of others and that said materials may be reviewed and subject to critique without any third party consent.

Goldyn’s Touch

What a difference 1 year makes, it was September 2009 when this magazine debuted. It’s been a year of great accomplishments and learning lessons. I’ve interviewed and featured a lot of great people in since the debut and am thankful to them for their time. As a result, I’ve discovered new businesses, new artists, producers and fashion designers. Introducing you to the most innovative people, ventures and services will always be the priority. Culture, Lifestyle, Currency isn’t just a tagline it is the core of Xposure. As I move forward, the issue will expand and cover more topics you want to see. With that in mind, I will be making a huge announcement about the Next On Deck section of the magazine. I am making it more interactive and competitive. Make sure you log on to Xposure’s Twitter at xposuremagazine for all the details. It’s a time for celebration as well as reflection as I enter into the new year with this magazine. Heartfelt thanks to my family for their support and love. Special thanks to my cover feature Mr. South Beach, The 400 Club and the city of Miami. Thanks to everyone here in my hometown of Atlanta for having my back. Atlanta will always be home, I will always represent Atlanta whether in Shanghai or New York. To my mother, I love you so very much and appreciate all the long talks and everything else you give. To my Power Moves crew Eve, Trevis, Gigi, El, Michael, Miriam, Juanita, Scott, Keyser, Jayna, Gift, Star, and Rudell thank you. To my FNFG family LCD, Ice, Pizo, Dee and the H.O.M.E Grown family; I thank you for the major support #FNFG. Special thanks to my advertisers - Lifelock, ADT, Direct TV, Dish Network; I’m looking forward to having a lasting partnership. To each person reading this, yes YOU thank you for your support. Feel free to contact me for questions, feedback or promotional opportunities, I love hearing from the readers worldwide. The best is yet to come, enjoy this issue I’ll see you in November! Goldyn P. Smith Publisher/EIC


It was the second show of the Home and Home Tour at Yankee Stadium. I met lots of hip hop fans of all backgrounds, there were Wall Street hustlers, young hipsters, the female Eminem fans with their gray hoodies on. The sentiment from everyone was the same “this concert will be legendary and we are here to witness it”. The lights went down and Eminem takes the stage, the crowd was on their feet. The girls in the hoodies went crazy, and everyone starts singing along to the hits. Out comes Dr. Dre and they run through Nuthin But A G Thang

50 drops the opening bars of In The Club and the crowd is screaming the lyrics and the vibe is at an all time high. Em takes the stage again. Em runs through a few songs and out comes D 12, they perform and do a tribute to Proof. You feel Hip Hop is really at Yankee Stadium. Em starts to close his set and dedicates Love The Way You Lie to us ladies and the girls in the hoodies sing to the top of their lungs. Em ends the show with Not Afraid and you see him becoming emotional. He gives a heartfelt word to the crowd, and everyone feels the emotion, watch the fireworks show and it’s over. Over the next intermission, I talk with people who like me came from out of town just for the show. We talk about who we think Jay will bring out for his set and then the countdown clock starts. As time winds down, Yankee Stadium sounds like we’re counting down to 2011. Lights go down and Jay is on the stage in all black everything with just a single spotlight on him, it’s just the crowd cheering. He gives thanks to Mr. Steinbrenner and goes into Run This Town out comes Kanye in red. And with that, Yankee Stadium is on fever pitch as Kanye performs Power remix, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, The Good Life and Monster. Jay goes on to perform songs from all the hits from the Blueprint and Black album. We then go into what Jay calls OT, he takes is back to Reasonable Doubt and then closes with BP3’s Thank You. He gives everyone a heartfelt thank you and the crowd cheers endlessly. As I made my way out of the stadium, I talked with other fans about how historic the concert was. It was truly one of those events you had to be there to witness the history made. But fear not, there’s a chance the tour may make a stop in your area. There are talks of taking the show on the road. If you get the chance to go, treat yourself don’t cheat yourself.

The Summer officially belonged to Kanye West who has been on a serious promotional campaign for his new album Dark Twisted Fantasy. Mr. West joined Twitter earlier this summer and has been using the site as therapy, a promo site and a way to build buzz. What else could Twitter ask for from a celebrity? West started G.O.O.D Fridays on Twitter announcing he would release a new song each Friday (sometimes Saturday morning). It’s been so far a success with the release of Power (Remix), Monster, Devil In A New Dress, G.O.O.D Friday and the latest Lord, Lord, Lord. He also released See Me Now which featured Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. He also released the almost 90 clip for Power which sent the internet into overdrive. Mr. West promised he would release an extended clip for Power which may be still in the works. A few weeks ago, he debuted a new single Runaway during the VMA’s with the trailer as well. It was announced Runaway will Mr. West’s film debut which will be packaged with Dark Twisted Fantasy totaling 40 minutes. “It’s the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world. I’ve been feeling the idea of the phoenix. It’s been in my heart for a while. It’s maybe parallel to my career.” West has been speaking a lot of the turmoil he went through as a result of the infamous statement and shrug he made during last year’s VMA’s. With Dark Twisted Fantasy, hopefully West will give fans and critics (fans in disguise) what they have been waiting for on November 16, 2010.

Allure - Dawn Montgomery

Tell us a little about yourself, where you from? What’s your favorite color, favorite food, favorite TV show or movie etc. I am from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and I have lived all over Mississippi. I was a military brat and we moved around a lot. When my parents divorced, my mom moved us back to Mississippi and we settled back down in Hattiesburg. Mississippi will always have my heart no matter where I am. My favorite color is green and it’s not just because of money! My Favorite TV show is anything on ESPN & CNN. I am a huge sports fan and I keep up with all current events. How did you get started with you career? What was that pivotal moment in your life that made u say YES this is it this is what I want to do? I got started when I did my first shoot back in 2004. I did a few shoots after it but I began to see the negative side of the industry. I wanted out and when I had to take care of my Grandmother who was dealing with Breast Cancer that was my exit. I prayed about it and said to God if this is for me then let it be. I went on with my life and I gave birth to my son a year after my Grandmother passed. The year after that I graduated with my Associate’s Degree and moved back to Atlanta to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree. The pivotal moment in my life that made me believe this is what I wanted to do was when I was on se t of a J’Adore magazine’s photoshoot conducting interviews and an opportunity presented itself. The publisher, Taneish Leslie, asked if I wanted to shoot and I said sure. A week later my agent Jay Glover signed me and I was ready. to work. What are some of the tough lessons you’ve learned within this industry while achieving success & what advice can you give to those trying to amass success? I learn a tough lesson everyday while working in this Industry. I can say that I have not let the thoughts or opinions of others get to me.

Luckily for me, I’ve come to know you & I feel you are a very dynamic well-spoken individual as I’ve told you in the past, I respect & admire the way you carry yourself, if I ever have a daughter I’d use you as the model (pun intended) to which I’d raise her. So my question is Who do you credit for your upbringing & the values instilled in you? And what values have you instilled into your son Sean? I give God the praise for having a family that truly believes in me and wants me to be successful. The women in my family are very strong and have went through many storms and to see them overcome it all is value in itself. I just want my son to see how hard his mother works to provide for him and I have never played the victim. He is very observant, like me, so I try to teach him things that I actually live and believe on a daily basis.I know that there are very few real and honest people in this Industry and I have to filter them out. I have also learned that what works for me may not work for the next model. I am not a saint, but I do know that the type of success I want to be known for is more than 15 minutes and my legacy will speak for itself. Many people may not know this but you’re a Mental Illness Advocate so tell us more about that & how it’s affected your life. I am Bipolar and I am proud to say that. It has affected my life drastically as I learn new things about me and how the disorder affects my relationships. I enjoy talking about my experiences and I am not ashamed. God has given me a voice and I cannot keep quiet. In the African-American community, it is taboo for someone to admit or even talk about their disorder. I will always be vocal and I pray that one day I will have a bigger platform to bring awareness to something that attempts to cripple my way of life. If you could say, “In yo face jive turkey look at me NOW sucka” to anybody from you past who would it be?NO ONE! They see what I am doing thanks to all the Social Networking sites and I add them to my friend lists so that they can. My work speaks louder than I can & God has taken care of them. What can we expect from Dawn Montgomery within the next few years, what’s your ultimate goal & dream?I NEED TO TALK ABOUT SPORTS! LOL... I really want to be on television or the radio talking about College Football. I love the sport and I love how football continues to bring communities together. My ultimate goal is to become a sports reporter and a national Mental Illness Advocate. Tell the people where can we find you. I am very blessed for my opportunities but just follow me on Facebook Dawn Mississippi or Twitter @MississippiDawn to see what I am doing. God bless! - Gift

Allure Elevation


I’m gonna give you the floor and let you explain your sound and craft to me. Well, I do genre-bending music. I’ve approached jazz, which is what I have come out of, and soul is in me because I started singing in the church at about 3 years old. But it’s just whatever I feel like doing – a mash-up of a lot of things, a mashup of different sounds and a lot of different genres of music. You’ve worked with almost every artist, underground and mainstream, from Common and Erykah Badu to Robert Glasper and even Zap Mama. What other artists do you want to collaborate with before you’re done? I want to do some stuff with Thom Yorke from Radiohead actually though. I like their stuff. They’re dope! Their style seems really organic. A lot of the collaborations I’ve done are with people that just kind of happen that way. Cats would just hit me up, and we would work something out. I’m really in a space right now where I’m developing my own type of sound and creation. Is that what happened with your last label, it made you wanna work with Plug Research? Plug is an independent label and it really just kind of happened. I wouldn’t know if I could really be able to do an album on a large scale until I know I can recreate this whole business aspect in a different way. I think the best way to do things now, if you want to be original, not to be too general, but you get a lot more leverage these days when you’re independent.

first. That’s the meal ticket, not to mention that I like Plug Research. The people that they choose to bring out like Flying Lotus, Exile, and they give people the freedom to create however it is that they want to create. The cover of the album, similar to Malcolm X holding the piece and KRSOne and BDP’s album cover as well, so can you explain the significance of the album cover and their similarities? Malcolm X was willing to do things by any means necessary, and that photo really represented that. In that photo he was doing his thing, and he was willing to break down and fight what it is in his calling. With BDP, they took it and did the same thing because they came in with that reckless sound that was all their own. Both KRS-One and Malcolm X were throwing it down, they were on the frontlines, and the photos really represent that. So when I’m doing Airtight’s Revenge I took the rifle out and put in the mic because that’s my sound. I’m representing my sound and I’m in a place right now where I’m doing it regardless. I’m doing it for the love, and in all my way and my style. That’s what I’m about – being new, fresh and different, by any means necessary, of course! So, your new album Airtight’s Revenge, for starters, why that title? Revenge is a way of turning that word on your side of what I have encountered in this business. I haven’t officially put an album out in 9 years. I had an album 6 years ago that I was doing, but that got bootlegged… It really had me down, and I almost, I really wasn’t thinking about music at that point, but then in being bootlegged a lot of cats started loving my sound even more. Then I started doing gigs, and getting calls from Jay-Z wanting to do music, and going on tour like I had an album out. What all that did was make me want to do it even more from the soul and from the heart, and not let myself be dumbed-down, and just do music! And that’s what Airtight’s Revenge is. Airtight is my own frame of mind, and Revenge is the fact that I have more love and more drive and more energy and more inspiration now more than ever to do music. What is the story within this album? What content should the audience expect to hear? There’s a lot of short stories on the album. Got some blues songs. Some were made to really spark conversation afterwards. It’s not all A and B type of songs about love or crooning about it. A lot of it is just things that I deal with in my mind and questions that I talk to myself. A lot of these songs really help me understand a lot of these things going on. That goes along with my children, who I talk about. I talk about the economy. I talk about religion and spirituality. I talk about a lot of different things. I look at what I do as a standpoint to really do those type of things, like how Bob Marley did or Curtis Mayfield. Would you care to share some advice to the young folks trying to get their feet wet in the music business at all? Yeah man, come up with a sound yourself, and really, really, really work that thing and work it out. Don’t be afraid to do things people don’t normally do and have your own sound first. Do it that way, and you know, come from the heart for the art. Don’t do it for the money, do something that’s new. - Star Watson

Heavy Metal

Luxury Preview 2011

Rolls Royce Ghost

Aston Martin Rapide


Bentley Mulsanne

Allure Power Moves

It’s Mr. South Beach, aka Mr. Key to the City of Miami, representing the 400 Club which is one of the biggest promotions company. Before the 400 club – I was chasing the dream of playing football, it didn’t work out the way I wanted. The Lord closed that door and opened another one. I was in Miami thinking about going back to Louisiana, met up with a friend of mine Darrin Monroe who asked me about doing promotion. My first event with him, I brought a lot of spenders and the rest is history. I started a small company with Darrin Monroe, J Little, Simply Jess and we formed The 400 Club. The 400 Club – What we reach for is the elite of the urban market and we keep it as classy as possible. We keep crazy parties and we keep a great look, there is a certain look you have to maintain on South Beach. Our main concerns are our ladies and our spenders. The company started 4 year ago, it was J Little’s idea and started as a dinner party. It was his vision, he added myself and Jess and the dinner party grew by word of mouth. We went from a dinner party to needing a bigger space, we moved to a club party. The club changed to Play, which is the name of the club now. It was our Friday night venue. We added 99 Jamz and had DJ LS1, DJ Effect and DJ Money who keep the party going. You add all the pieces and here we are. 4 Years later, what he knows now – I’ve always been aggressive as an athlete but that doesn’t always translate well in business. I have to be more of a people person, more understanding and knowing what to say before I say it. Being more diplomatic. Advice on team building – The way The 400 Club came together was a blessing, because we all have our niche.It wasn’t a recruiting thing, it was like introducing people into the company who were talented in certain areas. You have to know your role, if you don’t know you will be lost. Thank God for the team I’m apart of, J Little being the head guy and making sure we move in the right direction. Everyone has their own position and we work tremendously well together. You have to make sure the person you are delegating to, has something to bring to the table. You can add something as well, but they need to bring something to the table from the start. If that is not the case, it will not work. The 400 Club events – Thursday nights we have Mansion, Friday nights we have Lux, Saturday nights we have Cameo. How to compete in a major city market – Know what your city likes from the jump, cater to the ladies – that is the biggest thing you can use.Women actually support,ten want to be where the ladies are. The look of your party will be the beginning or the end of how long you are going to stand.

Here in Miami, the look is everything and money is also. If you have the best of what that market consists of, its going to prosper anyway. You have to have what other people want. You VIPs are not going to make a move until they know they can be comfortable and have fun. Some people want VIPs to be the focal point, we want you to have fun and have a great time. My advice is to make sure the ladies are in the building and know what your city wants. It’s one thing for me to talk 400 Club, there are many people who have partied with us who can tell you how we do things. Best event or experience you’ve provided to someone – We just had the biggest party of the year for Simply Jess. We take our birthdays pretty serious here. We did a private lingerie party, it was one of those if you didn’t hear about it, you probably won’t. It was that private, unless you see what we show. We do things outside of the norm, we do other events besides the club parties. Her birthday had to be one of the best parties Miami has every seen. We video all of our events, people love our post marketing. It’s easy for people to say they had a great party and show pictures. Pictures stand still, with video you can see how many people were there and celebrities were actually there. When you see it for yourself, then you can believe it. When you go to our site, you see it for yourself. Other ventures – I have Imagine This VIP which is a concierge service, you can go on to the website is for our high profile clientele. We take care of the hotels, and everything you can think of worldwide. That’s why it’s called Imagine This because anything you can think of, we can make it happen for you. What he loves the most – Knowing everyday I wake up, I meet new people. Especially people from out of town, I want to show them a great time. There is a difference in coming to Miami to party, and coming to party with The 400 Club. It’s a different experience and different world, when you leave it will be something to remember. I love showing people a great time. I love putting a smile on people’s faces, it’s the adult Disney World. Most interesting request – Wow, I don’t know if I can speak on it. It was one of those situations. Let’s just say the person requested a lot of company and I’ll leave it at that. A lot of things we handle for people are secret and I value the confidentiality. How much does confidentiality play a role in your ventures? – You can’t live in Miami and not cater to everyone. It’s about personal lifestyle, If you are not a part of a certain lifestyle, you can’t really use this service. It’s really not in your best interest actually, this is a service more so for someone is financially able to use it. They have the means to live that lifestyle but don’t know how to live the lifestyle. I help you live your lifestyle, I know the hotels you want to be in. I know the cars you want to rent or buy, I know the houses you want to live in. I know the vacations you want to go to, and I know you may not know where you are. So you’re going to call me, we’re going to talk about what you want to do. I arrange everything once you tell us what you want; it’s done. It’s not for everybody, I do have something for everybody but Imagine This is not for everybody. More info – Twitter @Mr. SouthBeach, Facebook – Troy Johnson Miami Beach,, you can always go there and see everything. All of my information is on those sites. Anytime you are in Miami,,let us know and we can take care of you.

Allure Next On Deck 1 Yr Later Since I’ve been In Atlanta, we’ve gotten a lot done but still have a lot of work to do.... we’ve dropped Ice’s L@ Me2, Pizo’s “Wherever I Go” and Phresh Ali’s “Bang Bang”... by the time u publish, we’ll have another release from Tha MR called “FLAlien” out. We’ve got tons of projects in the works, some solo... some group. And I’ll be putting out a series of mixtapes for the fall. We’ve also teamed up with Fresh Start Productions, so there will be PLENTY of videos on the way. LCD

Well since our first interview, I’ve been working with Raheem Devaughn and 368 Music Group on a few of which is dropping soon call 368 FTW. working on my solo project and continuing to ghost write for others. Dee After dropping Wherever I Go earlier this year, Pizo is hard at work on his follow up project. He is also working on the FNFG compilation as well as other projects.



Appreciate you checkin up on us..we’re workin ofcourse!!..i’m currently workin on (2) projects..’No Beat Is Safe’ which is gonna be a mixtape full of remixes i’ve done..and ‘Shoot The Messenger’ which is gonna be my 1st EP..both should be out in Sept/Oct..i also launched http://InnaTV. com..I call it ‘the block’s blog’..launched it so I wouldn’t have to reach out to ther blogs to post my music..I’d have my own outlet for that..also to connect w/ as many djs/producers/promoters/ artists as possible..traffic to the site has picked up to the point where I’m now offering promo packages to those who need a lil extra promo.. and I’m hosting the Grown Man Show w/ Black and my brother Tory on Wednesday 7p-9p est..sounds like a lot when I type..but we’re just gettin started.

Currently continuing promotion of latest project, “L.@.Me 2”, which also includes the EP “ITV Episode 1: Trapper Next Door”, available at http://, http://www.boutdatblog. com, and Working with ATL artist and fellow FNFG member, Ricosuave, on a collaborative project entitled “The Villain & The Superhero”. This project is slated for release by the end of September or early October. Steadily putting together tracks with the FNFG family for the next FNFG Compilation (the follow-up to last year’s “Lead By Example”, also available,, and http://www. Planning promotional efforts throughout the southern region to get FNFG/ H.O.M.E.Grown’s music to radio stations and college campuses. Updating videos of daily life and music videos on Youtube (username ITV935). Besides local Atlanta open mics, gearing up for 1st ever performance in TN for a showcase of up-andcoming talent, which is scheduled for November 5, 2010.

Allure Haute Plate


Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

Herve Leger

Matthew Williamson



Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Carlos Miele

Carlos Miele



Carlos Miele

Lela Rose

Oscar de la Renta

Marc Jacobs


Allure Currency Matters

A few months ago, Congress decided to move forward with establishing a regulator for credit cards and mortgages to prevent a future financial collapse. House Financial Services Committee reached a vote of 39-29 to greenlight the agency. President Obama said in a statement “This bill has now passed a major hurdle and this step sends an important signal to the American people that we will not stand by and allow big financial firms and their lobbyists to mobilize against change.” Since then, President Obama has taken considerable steps toward fully establishing the agency. Last week President Obama named Elizabeth Warren to lead the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren has spent the past two years running the Congressional Oversight Panel. With all of the controversy surrounding Warren’s appointment let’s take a look at what this agency is being created to do. After the economic collapse and outrage against the bailouts, banks started to implement changes to charge consumers more money. The mortgage companies shortly followed suit which lead President Obama to create this agency. The details on how this agency will exactly protect consumers are still not really clear. The agency is vowing to regulate the way the banks and mortgage companies provide services to consumers. The agency also wants to level the playing field so smaller banks can compete for the consumer’s business. “The job of regulation is not only to level the playing field between consumers and the lender, it’s often to level the playing field among the lenders so that everybody is competing on a straight-up basis,” Warren said earlier this week. Credit card companies are the one area that will more than likely get the most regulatory changes besides mortgages. “I think that consumers and credit unions should be on the same side of the line. If at the end of the day we don’t have a robust -- and this is very important -- a diverse banking system that has different kinds of providers that come from a lot of different perspectives, offer different products, then we will have failed,” Warren said. President Obama said last week the agency has designated July 21, 2011 as the date the agency will take over regulations for all federal consumer protection laws. As of now, the agency is conducting research on what issue has the most complaints. They will use that method to determine what issues need to be regulated immediately. Expect more information to be released in the next few months regarding the agency and exactly what they will be assisting consumers with. As of right now, the jury is still out on whether this agency will really protect the consumers. Log on to for updates.


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^BILL CREDIT/PROGRAMMING OFFERS: LIMIT ONE PROGRAMMING OFFER PER ACCOUNT. Featured package names and prices: CHOICE $58.99/mo.; CHOICE XTRA $63.99/mo.; PREMIER $114.99/mo. PREMIER OFFER: 2010 NFL SUNDAY TICKET billed in five monthly installments of $59.99 each. NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go valued at $49.95. NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go automatically continue each season at a special rates, unless customer calls to cancel prior to start of season. Blackout restrictions and other conditions may apply. BILL CREDIT OFFERS: Upon DIRECTV System activation, customer will receive redemption instructions (included in customer’s first DIRECTV bill, a separate mailing, or, in the state of New York, from retailer) and must comply with the terms of the instructions. In order to receive full $29 credit in first 12 months, customer must submit rebate online and consent to email alerts prior to rebate redemption. Online redemption requires valid email address. Rebate begins 6-8 weeks after receipt of rebate form. Timing of promotional price depends on redemption date. †To be eligible for Free HD for Life you must activate and maintain the PREMIER package, at least one (1) HD receiver and HD Access. Account must be in “good standing,” as determined by DIRECTV in its sole discretion, to remain eligible. IF BY THE END OF PROMOTIONAL PRICE PERIOD(S) CUSTOMER DOES NOT CONTACT DIRECTV TO CHANGE SERVICE THEN ALL SERVICES WILL AUTOMATICALLY CONTINUE AT THE THEN-PREVAILING RATES INCLUDING THE $5/MO. LEASE FEE FOR THE 2ND AND EACH ADDITIONAL RECEIVER. DIRECTV System has a feature which restricts access to channels. In certain markets, programming/pricing may vary. °LEASE AGREEMENT: Purchase of 24 consecutive months of any DIRECTV base programming package ($29.99/mo. or above) or qualifying international services bundle required. DVR service ($7/mo.) required for DVR and HD DVR lease. HD Access fee ($10/mo.) required for HD and HD DVR lease. FAILURE TO ACTIVATE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE EQUIPMENT LEASE ADDENDUM MAY RESULT IN A CHARGE OF $150 PER RECEIVER. IF SERVICE IS TERMINATED EARLY, A CANCELLATION FEE OF $20/MONTH REMAINING WILL APPLY. ALL EQUIPMENT IS LEASED AND MUST BE RETURNED TO DIRECTV UPON CANCELLATION, OR UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT FEES APPLY. VISIT OR CALL 1-800-DIRECTV FOR DETAILS. INSTANT REBATE: Second advanced receiver offer requires activation of an HD DVR as the first free receiver upgrade and subscription to Whole-Home DVR service (additional $3/mo.). Advanced receiver instant rebate requires activation of the CHOICE XTRA package or above; MAS ULTRA or above (for DVR receiver, OPTIMO MÁS Package or above); Jadeworld; or any qualifying international service bundle, which shall include the PREFERRED CHOICE programming package (valued at $38.99/mo.). Whole-Home DVR service requires a Plus HD DVR, an HD Receiver for each additional TV, DVR service and HD Access. LIMIT TWO ADVANCED RECEIVER REBATES PER DIRECTV ACCOUNT. Limit one remote viewing per DVR at a time. For more information, visit INSTALLATION: Standard professional installation only. Custom installation extra. *Eligibility for local channels based on service address. ‡To access DIRECTV HD programming, an HD Access fee ($10/mo.) and HD television equipment are required. Number of HD channels varies by package selected. °°Includes English-language broadcast channels with alternate Spanish-language audio and Sonic Tap Satellite Radio channels. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Pricing residential. Taxes not included. Receipt of DIRECTV programming subject to DIRECTV Customer Agreement; copy provided at and in first bill. NFL, the NFL Shield design and the NFL SUNDAY TICKET name and logo are registered trademarks of the NFL and its affiliates. NFL team names and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. ©2010 DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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