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Every January issue of Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa has featured a hot chick and a bike in the snow. This year is no different thanks to the help of sexy Erica and Nate Ullrich. They captured this photo in the cold weather and snow, to keep up with TRMI traditions. Erica is posing with her very own scooter, a bad ass Sportster Bobber. Check out more work by Nate at

I woke from a slumber with the bright sunshine coming through the windows, overpowering the blinds and seeking every little opening to grab my attention. It was early yet, but the birds were chirping and the day was akin to tear up the pavement of Iowa on a scooter. I grabbed my morning coffee and gathered up my riding gear and headed to the garage. I looked at a couple different bikes to decide which one to ride today, and I settled on the Shovelhead. It just happened to be a no windshield kind of day, and the ape hangers and rocker clutch were screaming my name to hop on and run. It was going to be a nice casual day on two wheels and that works great because the old girl does not like to be pushed too hard. Just like the putt a while back with Tony, Mark, Brent, and Nate for a photo shoot. A nice romp through the hills is what the day has in store. I hopped on and was all alone today though, so I could go where ever I wanted, and it was a rare occasion that I had nothing on the calendar. Today was just a ride for the sake of riding. I kicked over the ol’ girl, and she fired up with a throaty growl from the drag pipes, let her warm up a little on high idle, threw on the leather coat and gloves, hopped on and popped it into gear. Rock the clutch ahead and I am off, cruising down the highway, flipping the hand jammer through the gears, enjoying the brisk air and wonderful Iowa scenery. Now I am riding, and enjoying every bit of it, the sights, the sounds, the smells. My alarm then goes off and I start to cuss the sun coming through the windows because I realize there is a negative two degree wind-chill outside. It is not a good day for a ride; it is the dead of winter. It is Iowa of course. I come to the dark realization that this wonderful dream is the Iowa biker’s equivalent of a bear’s hibernation. Dreaming of riding, wishing for the warmer days, and hoping for a glimpse of a decent day to hop on and at least ride around the block is our reality.


As we cannot be out riding much if at all, we are now preparing for a new year, new hope, new dreams, new resolutions, but in reality it is more so a continuation. Another flip of the calendar brings an air of a renewed interest in many things gone the wayside because life simply becomes too busy. That busy life that a lot of us lead tends to put things to the back burner for a bit, and a new year brings those things forward for reconsideration. We are going to keep doing what we do, we are going to take care of the things that are important to us, and we are going to move forward into 2014 with renewed interest and new goals. More power to each and every one of you to accomplish what you want to get done in this New Year. At TRMI, we are going to continue to be Iowa’s biker magazine, “About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa”. We are going to continue to be out and about in Iowa as much as possible and meet as many Iowa bikers as possible. We are going to continue to be the best Iowa source for events, for biker friendly businesses, and for things and people of interest in the biker world in our great state. Let’s get this New Year started off right. Let’s get ready to ride next season. Let’s get out to the bike shows and swap meets this winter. Let’s darken the doors of the TRMI supporters. Let’s start planning our 2014 events. Let’s keep dreaming about our next ride. Be safe, be well, thoughts and prayers to all of you in our biker world. Vernon Quote of the Month: It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. Author Unknown

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook


My opportunity with Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa all started by weaving my way to Dubuque’s Hogfest thru the scenic curves of the Great Hwy 52. Life is much like taking curves, you think you know what is around the bend, when in reality we have no clue what we will encounter. I would like to share some of my notable curves of the past year. First major curve I took was on February 23rd; I know this for sure because it was my birthday weekend. I attended Hogfest in Dubuque with only intentions of having a crazier, wilder party than any year before. The weekend was a great time and I got to meet with Sons of Anarchy’s Tig and Juice! I also met someone who would have a much bigger impact; the infamous Vernon Schwarte, who is Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa owner and editor. It is from this moment on; I became one of the family. Since my inception to the team I have had the honor of meeting many great personalities and the opportunity to attend some of the raddest events. Shortly thereafter, life took another unexpected curve; this one was not a good one. In April, we found out that my 4 year old niece was diagnosed with stage three liver cancer. This was extremely difficult to deal with because of her age, her disability (Mosaic Trisomy 17), and losing her mother after birth. My wife and I spent much of the next 7 months doing whatever we could to help this little girl and her dad. One thing we took on was a full-fledged benefit with a motorcycle ride, two bands, auction and much more. With all this going on, we met many incredible people who will forever be dear to us. I also encountered a gentleman who truly creates miracles, James “Dirt” Dohrner or “ArtbyDirt”. Upon researching different things to auction, I read a story about a guy who makes symbolic creations out of Harley Parts. I knew we needed to get in

touch. He claimed onee of these creations, in particular,, had uncanny success with helping ir children overcome their ailments. The particular ar ng creation he was referring to is called a “Praying Angel”. Well after finding out Savanna needed surgery to remove as much of the tumors as possible, he buried himself into getting it finished. Without shortcutting quality he had it delivered to me the night before her surgery. I happen to live next to a church h and with luck. found out ut the Archbishop would be saying mass next door when I woul would ud be departing for Iowa City. I asked if he would be so o kind as to bless this Angel before the mass, he did so without hesitation. Well we got the Angel to her bedside just before surgery. The doctors goal was to get at least 80% of the tumors out to be a success. Shortly after that Angel arrived, Savanna was claimed by the surgeons to be cancer free!! I consider that a miracle curve! We all know and have experienced curves that bring joy and some that bring pain. The past year’s curves have led me to bachelorette parties, bikini bike washes, what could very well be the last full biker event at Conesville, and a very serious crash that I was lucky enough to survive, along with my beloved Softail “Charly”. So as we see, curves can take all kinds of their own turns for us as well, good and bad. It is my aspiration with the magazine to help Iowans know that they can take all these curves without having to map everything out. As we all know, bikers many times prefer the “no particular place to go”. How we can help with that is to get as many listings in our great magazine. Be it a Biker Friendly listing or ½ page ad. The more we can get listed, the better a guide it will be. Everyone can be accountable to help this happen. If you know of places which need to be listed please don’t hesitate and encourage them to join us. I am working for the day where a biker can ride without a plotted course in this great state and ONLY need Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa to lead them. Remember it’s ABOUT IOWA, FOR IOWA, FROM IOWA. Help us gain all the tools they need to make it home safely while having a great time...Iowa style!! Jeff Sigwarth “Sigs”


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CMA Notes

The New Year is upon us and if you’re like me, you’re ready to hit the re-start button and make the switch to something new. New has to mean better, right? New eating habits (as soon as the Christmas candy is all gone), or a new gym to try out (as soon as we recover from the busy holiday schedule), or a new plan for putting money into savings for that new bike (as soon as we get out from under the credit card bills).

front of “custom seat” or “chrome mags”, it brings a smile to our faces, but “new” is not a good word when it’s put in front of certain other words like “health problems”, “family problems”, or “job problems”.

In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, we’re told about the epitome of new - the perfect paradise God had created for man to inhabit. Not only was the world itself a beautiful place full of wonders to explore, but God even came down to walk about and visit with Adam and Eve during the cool of the day. In spite of the fact that God only gave them one rule to abide by, they eventually decided that they were being Part of the trouble with “new” is that asked to sacrifice it doesn’t last very long. New eating way too much when habits fall by the wayside because fast they were told not to eat fruit from one tree. That choice food is . . . well, FAST. And the new gym is too crowded turned life on earth into something along the lines of the and the defrosters quit working on the car, so there went the scratch-and-dent section of the store. No more perfection. money for savings for the next 3 months. New technology The days of face-to-face friendship with God, eternal life, becomes obsolete, new paint gets scratched and new friends thoughtful stewardship of the earth, and loving family turn out to be just as human as our old friends. It doesn’t relationships became nothing but a faint memory. Now they take long before “new” begins to look a lot like “old”. knew sickness, death, and endless toil. And let’s not forget Then there’s the fact that when we put the word “new” in personal misery – their oldest son murdered one of their younger sons. What a sad legacy to leave behind after they had been handed such a glorious beginning. Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Adam’s failure came as no surprise to the Lord God. He knew mankind would need someone to hit the re-start button for them and had a plan in place for a second Adam - Jesus Christ. The Bible even begins a whole new section called the “New Testament” that tells of the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. Where Adam had only experienced perfection and still chose one piece of forbidden fruit as being more important than everyone who lived after him, Jesus chose to come live in the broken world Adam had left behind, chose to obey God every moment of every day, and chose to die for our sin when He was innocent. Can you imagine spending your entire life living under the “Just Say No” creed for the benefit of someone else? Jesus was tempted by all the things that tempt you and me, yet, unlike Adam, He didn’t give in. Jesus lived a perfect life on our behalf. Through Him we can once again know face-to-face friendship with God and have the promise of eternal good life waiting for us when our days on this earth are over. Our part is to acknowledge that His sacrifice purchased new life for us and to begin to live our new lives for Him. May your new year be full of blessings – Karla Mark and Karla Cornick are Area Reps for the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Find out more about CMA and God’s plan for your life at 8 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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Thunder Ro Roads oads Magazine Maga g zinee of Io Iowa on Facebook thunderroads d iowaa.ccom


Biker Friendly Directory

It’s important for you to know who your friends are out on the road! The Biker Friendly Directory is a list of establishments throughout Iowa that want you to know that they’re here for YOU. Let them know that you saw them here in Thunder Roads. If you know a business that would like to advertise in Thunder Roads Iowa Biker Friendly Places, please email

Biker Accessories Backroads Biker Leather Shoppe 305 N Main Street Everly, Iowa 51338 712-834-2999

Crispy’s Biker Apparel Cedar Rapids, Iowa Find Us On Facebook 319-241-0916 Bringing the Comfort of the Saddle to Your Iron Horse American Made Motorcycle Stirrups, Inc. 212 South 6th Street, Nebraska City, NE 68410

Dealers Baxter Cycle 311 4th Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2351 C&C Custom Cycle 130 E Lincoln Chariton, Iowa 50049 641-774-7494 Carroll Cycle Center 1327 Plaza Dr Carroll, Iowa 712-792-1610 Fenders Cycle and Motorsport 1109 E Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa 50315 515-256-9062 Leer’s Cycle Center 101 Fletcher Avenue Waterloo, Iowa 50701 1-800-870-6058 Loess Hills Harley-Davidson 57408 190th Street Pacific Junction IA 51561 712-622-4000

10 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

Nishna Valley Cycle HONDA – YAMAHA – KTM Atlantic, Iowa 50022 1-888-577-6406

Booneville Bar&Grill Waveland West Café 35653 Ute Ave Booneville, Iowa 50038 575-987-2237

R/J Performance HWY 63 North Ottumwa, Iowa 52501 641.684.8400

Buck Snort 113 4th Street Neola, Iowa 51559 712-485-9090 The Buck Snort on Facebook

Uptown Motors Sales, Inc 310 Cleveland St Muscatine, IA 52761 563-263-2944

C&L Sandbar 103 North Noyes Street Mondamin, IA 51557 712-646-2300 or 712-216-0975 Hours Daily 11-close

Werner Cycle Works 14410 Frontier Road Exit 440 I-80 Omaha, NE 68138 402-894-3050¬

Captains Quarters 807 Main Adel, Iowa 50003 M-F 2-12, Sat 10-2, Sun 12-12 515-993-4417

Whipp Sales and Service, Inc 701 S 8th Street Clarinda, Iowa 51632 1.800.477.0195

Catfish Charlie’s On the Mississippi River 1630 E. 16th Street Dubuque, IA 52001 (563)582-8600

Entertainment Book Em Dano’s 33 S Main Street Denison, Iowa 51442 712-263-9818Mon-Sat 4-2 Dancers Nightly 5-1:30

Dew Drop Inn Bar & Restaurant 109 Main Street McClelland, Iowa 51503 712-566-9360 Mon-Sat 11:30-Close Doc’s Roadhouse 309 East 7th Street Logan, Iowa 51543 712-644-3636 Open 365-8 am to Close

National Motorcycle Museum 102 Chamber Drive Anamosa, Iowa 52205 319-462-3925

Do Drop Inn 403 3rd Avenue Under the Water Tower Jamaica, Iowa 50128 515-314-0783

Ossy’s Show Club 1215 Plaza Drive Carroll, Iowa 51401 712-792-9102 Vintage Sound 93.1 FM Muscatine’s Premier “B Side” Station Request Line (563)263-9393 Listen ANYWHERE with free mobile app

Food and Drink

Good Sons 2815 Beaver Ave Ste 102 Des Moines, Iowa 515-681-5375 Goozman’s Westside Bar & Grill Harlan, Iowa 712-755-2259 Goozman’s Westside on Facebook Haverhill Social Club 202 1st Street Haverhill, Iowa 50120 641-475-3321 Mon-Sat 10-2, Sun 12-12

B & M Bar and Grill 110 W. Main Street Panora, IA. 50216 641-755-2806 Open Daily @ 11:00 am Beer Barn and Grill 226 State Street Kirkman, Iowa 51447 712-766-3395 Open Mon 4, Tue-Sun at 11 BJ’s Bar & Billiards 110 Ida Waterloo Iowa Home of Full Throttle Thursdays 319-234-9810

Hawkeye Bar & Grill 110 North 4th Street Mapleton, IA 51034 712-882-1226 Mon-Sat 10:30 a.m. ~ Sun 12:00 p.m. Hazard County LoungeIowa’s Premier Night Club

Homers Bar & Grill 207 Main Street Vail, Iowa 51465 712-677-9979 Huffy’s Mule Barn 802 Main Street Anita, Iowa 50020 712-762-9995 Iron Saddle Saloon 39 S Main Street Dayton, Iowa 50530 515-547-3311 KC’s Tavern 120 North Main Bridgewater, Iowa 50837 641-369-2017 KC’s Tavern on Facebook Keasey’s Hideaway Lounge 911 Court Street Adel, Iowa 50003 515-993-3001 Lampe’s Pub 608 Iowa Avenue Dunlap, Iowa 51529 712-643-5781 Open 7 days a week at 11 AM Lamp-Liter 143 South Grove Street Walcott, Iowa 52773 563-284-4061 Lugger’s 201 N Main Street Kimballton, Iowa 51543 712.773.8620 Master Griller/The Field House 142 S Chestnut Earlham, Iowa 50072 515-782-5850 Midway Tavern 206 1st Street Soldier, Iowa 712-884-2230 Montgomery Street Pub 207 East Montgomery Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-2165 Off Sides Pizza 1119 Thomas Street Redfield, Iowa 50233 515-833-2900 Papa Joe’s 117 South 6th Street Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555 712-642-9015 Pearl Street Social Club 110 Pearl Street SW Shellsburg, Iowa 52332 319-436-7100 Find Us On Facebook!

(above the BBQ Shack) 203 Main St. Lohrville. Iowa 51439 Open M-S 4pm-close. Sunday 12pm-close (712)-465-3278

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Pines Steakhouse Oinkers Lounge & Grill 1500 E 7th Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-243-3606 M-F 11AM-, S-S 4PMPiranha Club 1215 Plaza Drive Carroll, Iowa 51401 712-792-9184 Piranha Club on Facebook Pizza Ranch DENISON 510 HWY 39 North Denison, Iowa 712-393-3333 Check Us Out on Facebook Open 7 Days a Week

Sparetime Bar & Grill 136 West Main Street Ute, Iowa 61060 712-885-2226 The Chrome Spur 105 2nd Street Schleswig, Iowa 51461 Chrome Spur on Facebook The Home Plate Diner 304 E. 30th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50317 515-262-7000 The Lounge 1005 Chatburn Ave Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-755-5050 The Lounge Harlan Iowa on Facebook

Pizza Ranch HARLAN 613 Court Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-755-2262 Check Us Out on Facebook Open 7 Days a Week

The Middle of Nowhere 112 Main Street Cumberland, Iowa 50843 712-774-5425

Red Oak Tap 419 E. Reed Red Oak, Iowa 51566 712-623-4788

The Sawmill Bar & Grill Now with a Full Menu 401 Main St New Market, IA 51646-3079 712-585-3601

Riverside Tavern 450 E Main St Lehigh, Iowa 50557 515-359-9998

The Wagon Wheel 521 E 7th Washington, Iowa 52353 319-653-3637 Wagon Wheel Tap on Facebook

Sambetti’s Bar and Grill 1430 2nd Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50314 515-245-9780 Mon-Sat 11a-2a, Sun 11a-7p

Third and Main 301 Main Street Manning, IA 51455 712-655-2304/712-210-2304

Screaming Eagle American Bar & Grill

228 East 4th Street Waterloo, Iowa 50703 319-235-8865

T.J.’s Pourhouse 100 E. Washington Street Exira, Iowa 50076 712-268-2353 Open M-SAT.@11, SUN.@ NOON

Shenanigans Nightclub/Event Center

1805 Maime Eisenhower Ave Boone, Iowa 50036 515-298-0435 Shenanigans Pub-Dubuque 3203 Jackson Street Dubuque, Iowa 563-513-4001 Open 364 - 3 pm - 2 am Sidetracked 206 West Union Street Creston, Iowa 50801 641-782-8534 Slaby’s Bar & Grill 6020 New Liberty Road Plainview, Iowa 52773 563-843-3443 Softail Saloon 811 Hwy 9 Superior, Iowa 51363 712-858-4500 Softail Saloon on Facebook

Tobey Jacks Mineola Steak House Mineola, Iowa 712-526-2078 Open 7 Days a Week Check Us Out on Facebook Vic’s Main Tap 304 Broadway Audubon, Iowa 50025 712-563-2122 Opens M-F 3, Sat 10, Sun 3 Wilson’s Tap and Recreation 1008 Story Street Boone, Iowa 50036/ 515-433-1395 Woody’s Roadside Tavern 100 West Jefferson Albion, Iowa 50005 (641) 488-2220 Woody’s Roadside Tavern on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Guns and Ammo


2A Firearms Training Training to Protect Your 2nd Ammendment Rights 641-439-6660

BCS Computers 100 Industrial Road Guthrie Center, Iowa 50115 641-747-3344

Dales’ Guns Buy-Sell-Trade-Gunsmithing 109 Main Street Ute, Iowa 712-885-2671

Ben Franklin/Radio Shack 106 N Wilson Jefferson, Iowa 50129 515-386-4122

Locked and Loaded Outfitters 422 Market Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-4867

Sound and Service Bike/Car/Home Audio and TV 712 Quint Avenue Carroll, Iowa 51401 712-792-5403

Shooter’s Outlet 114 Main Street Arcadia, Iowa 51430 712-689-2772 Tues,Wed,Fri 9-5, Thurs 9-7, Sat 8-12

Southwest Iowa Sandblasting Mike Magers 65162 Oxford Rd Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-3995

Healthcare/Wellness Road Weary Muscles?? Stephanie Warren, LMT Suzanne & Co Salon, Davenport, 563-355-4200 eve & wknd appts available

Insurance Matt McCall Insurance Agency State Farm Insurance 102 East South St, Tipton 563-886-6120

Legal Hupy and Abraham sc, pc Lawyers for Bikers 800.800.5678 Pete Leehey Law Firm, P.C. Riding and Defending Your Rights for Over 29 Years 977-209-9452

Photo and Art JW Custom Artwork 610 Grove Street Adel, Iowa 50003 515-577-5264 Ullrich Photography PO Box 1842 Clinton, Iowa 52733 563-243-8715

Shops and Fabricators Butterfield’s M.C. Parts 8025 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68134 402-391-3768 Creative Concepts Collision 422 Market Street Harlan, Iowa 51537 712.755.2231 Dead Heads Eng, Fab, Repairs & Sales 426 Railway Street Gillett Grove, Iowa 51341 712-835-3353 Elite Auto Upholstery & Embroidery

Specializing in Motorcycle Seats 1313 Walnut Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309 515-276-4392 F & J Racing 701 N 3rd Ave Marshalltown, Iowa 50158 641-752-8651 Metal Ink 911 7th Street Ste 102 Harlan, Iowa 51537 712-235-2453 Main Street Bikes and Trikes 522 Main Street Granville, Iowa 51022 712.727.3515 Moser’s 4-Way Service Center Motorcycles.ATVs.Jet Skis Harley-Davidson Certified Luxemburg, Iowa 563-853-3390

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 11

Shops and Fab Cont. Nelson Machine & Forge General Machining, Ornamental Iron, Weld/Fab 70 Washington Street Marne, Iowa 51552 712-781-2220 Pike Run Services 320 Main Nichols, Iowa 52766 Shop 319-723-4244 Cell 319-330-4541 Revolution Cycles 120 South Main Street Baxter, Iowa 50028 641-507-9250

Tattoo All Pro Custom Tattoo 1007 E Kimberly Davenport, Iowa 563-323-5765 Crave Tattoo 201 S 12th Street Fort Dodge, Iowa 51501 515-576-8289 FB Crave Tattoo, Inc. To buy ad space in our directory, call 712-249-5630 or email

Steffens Cycle Shop LLC 1311 E 7th Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022 712-249-5876 M-F 9-5 Most Sat 9-12 Or Call Waderich’s Towing 420 S Main Street Denison, Iowa 51442 Phone 712-263-3687 Cell 712-263-9685

12 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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IOWA Thunder cam

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook ww w w ww. w..tth w hu hun un nde derr rroa o ad dsssiiio o

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 13

99 C Counties ount ou ntie nt i s to ttour ie ourr on tthe ou he bbike, ik ke,, 999 9 counties to tour, take one down, drive on around, 55 counties to tour on the bike. A few years back, a summer riding goal was to ride through each one of the counties of Iowa, and what was found was a wealth of interest and beauty. Each month I will revisit each county as a featured article. I will tell you about new things to see, places to ride, and give you a little spark of touring curiosity for our state of Iowa.

worth woorth rtth discovering disc di s ovver sc erin ingg be in bbefore fore fo re yyou o lleave ou eave ea ve Winfield is the Welcome Inn tavern. Their ceiling is covered in artistic tiles done by local artists all with a different theme. However one of my favorite things about the bar are the purse hooks under the bar, so simple, but so fantastic!

We were burning daylight so we continued south, grabbed county road X23 and coasted into New London. New London is an interesting little town. Their claim to fame is their Henry County Iowa wind turbine. Being from western Iowa I see these all the time, but in Henry County Iowa is in the this part off oour where u ffair ur a r st ai sstate a e wh at her eree th tthey ey ey southeast corner of the state. Their are few tourism motto is, “We are glad and far you are here and we invite you between, to Discover… the undiscovered” the locals and they aren’t kidding. Eryka, our appreciate TRMI Ad Sales Team Leader joined the break me for my tour of Henry County, I in their am sure no one even remembers we were there, but needless electric bill. We wanted to to say we “discovered” quite a bit! find out what was shaking in town, so we did what any two We started in the Northeast out of town women would do corner of the county and boxed in the town lawman coming into Winfield on to bend his ear. Officer Wilka County road W66. While mentioned Woobies, a bar that coming into town things hosts quite a few poker runs, looked awful quiet, but also the Dover museum, and I would be remiss if I didn’t with a little poking around mention the beautiful Veterans War Memorial. There are a we met some fantastic few more bronzes yet to be put in place, but it still stands people! The local hardware as a testament to all of those that have and are serving our store is full of information country! once you get them talking. They led us down the We followed X23 south because we wanted to hit Geode street to Grasshorse State Park which is worth a visit and on the way about five Studios, who focus miles south of New London we saw this really cool old primarily on animation. building decorated with a lot of old signage and historic Grasshorse Studios was memorabilia. There was no house, but there was an NRA started in California by members sign, so we decided we should try to figure out local Stephen Jennings. who the owners were. We pulled out of the driveway just After seeing what in case the owners were near, packing heat and not too California had to offer he friendly to strangers, but decided he could just as well do what we discovered when we it back home. Now they work called the number on a “for with the local community sale sign” is that the owners college and they also offer were two great riders. Showing free animated movies and Iowa hospitality they invited us biographies on animators into their lovely home to chat! now and then. Check out Mr. Loyd was a proud husband their facebook page for dates pointing out that Mrs. Loyd rides and times. Another location her own Fatboy and she also has 14 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

a bit of a need for speed! The Loyd’s were a definite “discovery” that everyone should be so lucky to stumble upon!

at the Eastern Iowa Tattoo Shop was awesome! He was welcoming, kind and super cute! If you are in the market for some new ink you really should stop by and check out his work.

It was time to turn into a pumpkin so we jumped on the big road, 218 and headed north. Our tour of Henry County would not have been complete without a stop in By this time in Swedesburg. The name alone made me want to check it the day we were out. What we did discover was a very large Swedish Dahlia way past lunch Horse and Swedishh-and everyone American museum.. kept telling us Every place has that we needed its niche, Henry to check out The County capitalized Underground on them all, I am Century Bar and happy to have Grill in Salem, J20 discovered a few off took us right to them! where we wanted to be. Patty, one of February takes me the hardest working to the northeast bartenders I have seen in a while, never let us get thirsty and corner of Iowa and Robby the owner had a charming dramatic flair that made Howard County, me want to hang out with him and chat the afternoon away! watch out Spiff The food was delicious and the patrons (I’m talking to you Slifka, here I come!! Jason) were friendly and funny. If you have a little time to do some Sources Available more discovering you should Upon Request stop and check out the Henderson Lewelling Underground Railroad D Ring dring@ house. They do tours by thunderroadsiowa. appointment and are open in the com summer. County road W55 took us north to H46 and we ran across one of the counties many sanctioned Disc Golf courses. If you need to stretch your legs and arms this is an excellent free way to get some exercise! We were getting closer and closer to curfew, but we had to swing through Mount Pleasant, it is the county seat after all! There are plenty of places to eat and museums to check out. We did what any two good little biker girls would do and found a highly recommended tattoo shop! Jarod

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TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 15

It is amazing how a short ride can brighten the brain this time of the year. Iowa had a few days late in the season, decent enough to get a quickie in. After taking advantage of some of those days, my warped brain

feels brighter than an LED headlight on high beam. While out for a big 50 mile ride, the brain freeze activated some racing thoughts about 2014 rolling into Iowa. A new year, a whole new opportunity to do a mental inventory of life and lie to myself about the changes I will make. Once again it is time to play the game of New Years resolutions. The reality of the New Years resolution game is that statistically 90% of resolutions are forgotten within the first 30 days. So when December rolls around, people start reflecting on the resolutions made in January and quickly realize that they are all a bunch of losers. Everyone then vows to do things differently in the upcoming year and the cycle of lies starts all over again. It is a rather silly game, but for some reason we play it with ourselves year after year. I blame it on Dick Clark for brainwashing us with his Rockin New Years Eve show for decades. Then again it could be caused by all the intoxicants consumed on New Years Eve just to build up the courage to sing a song, blow a horn and make the chic you’re kissing at midnight pretty. Rest in Peace Dick! This year, things are going to be different! I figure I can improve my New Years Resolution success rate by lying to myself about something I am passionate about. So this year, I am setting “Riding Resolutions”. Every year a number of people in this great country vow to “lose weight”. The riding resolution will be to “carry a lighter load”. I plan to increase my exercise routine by pushing the bike out of the garage more often. In order to get in a good work out, I vow to push the bike down the driveway each time I leave home. In order to increase the cardio work out, I will push the bike half a block from home before starting it. I know there will be hell to pay each time I return home from my solo rides beaming with success at meeting my resolution to “carry a lighter load” so I’m secretly turning the dog house into a man cave.

planning to shut down the riding season for a few months I plan to be successful with this longer than last year when I vowed to quit sucking butts. I am extremely motivated to beat the habit of smokin’ the tires after

learning that second hand smoke is harmful to others. After all I don’t want some uninsured burn out virgin sticking me with her medical bills just because I rode so hard my rubber broke. Instead of the traditional “get out of debt” resolution, I have a whole new plan, with 2014 rolling in there are a lot of new “got to have its” at a dealer near you. My riding resolution will be to “modify spending”! If the bike needs modifications such as a bigger engine, more gears, nicer paint, new chrome trinkets, spend it! The brain freeze made me realize that we all came into this world broke and naked so I’m planning on going out the same way. Besides, the government isn’t worried out their debt so why am I wasting precious time worrying about mine. “Spend more time with family” a popular New Years resolution for many family oriented individuals. In order to improve the relationship with my blood born family, my riding resolution will be “more miles”. The “more miles” between us the better we will get along. An added bonus, the more miles spent on the bike, the more time I will spend with the people who understand me and can tolerate my obnoxious ass, my true family, bikers. A few other common New Years resolutions, “Help others, be less stressed, and travel to new places” these lies just scream “I have never been on two wheels”, definitely the type of lies that could only be dreamed up by the non-riding community. Bikers are successful with these each time the kick stands go up. So the riding resolution is simple “Get out and Ride”. If the temperature is right and the roads are clear get in a quickie. Even a few short miles this time of year will brighten the brain and help maintain the focus on the “Riding Resolutions” of the New Year. Shifty LaRue

Another famous traditional New Years resolution is to “quit smoking”. My riding resolution will be to “quit smokin’ tires” no more burn out pits or smokin’ the tires down Main Street. Since Mother Nature is 16 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 17

18 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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Thun Th under u un derr Ro de Roads oad ds Magazine Maaga gazi z ne n off Io Iowa owa wa on on Facebook Facceeb Fa bo oo okk www. ww w th w. hun unde derr errrroa roa o ad dssio iowa wa..cco om m

T TR MI JJANUARY A UA AN ARY Y 22014 014 - 19 014 01 TRMI

Model: Erica Drake from Bluegrass, Iowa Bike: Erica’s own Sportster Bobber Photographer: Nate Ullrich aka Natanic

The animal on their patch tells a story of heroes past. It is that “devil dog” patch that sparked a conversation with a group of men, that I am honored to now call friends. Bruce “Skipper” Barton of Anamosa had no qualms describing the animal and its significance as we sat in the clubhouse.

me “I did so much stupid sh*t on a crotch rocket, standing on the bike at 140 mph, popping wheelies while standing on the seat, things like that, and nothing happened to me.” Unfortunately, that streak of good fortune came to an end. Coming home from an errand at J&P Cycles, a lady didn’t see him (or Skipper who was riding his bike behind Garrett) and pulled out in front of the motorcycles onto Highway 151. At speeds of more than 70 Skipper is the President of the Teufelhund (pronounced mph, a 1949 Panhead vs a 1988 Buick Regal doesn’t usually toy-full-hund) veterans group, the brain child of 4 military veterans from various branches, sitting around drinking beers end well for the motorcycle rider. Skipper saw the whole scenario play out right in in a garage, wrenching front of him. Not having on motorcycles, trying enough time to come to to figure out how they a complete stop himself, could give back to other Skipper’s military veterans. training kicked in as he laid the bike down and Bruce Barton, a retired slid down the highway Army and Marine with the bike. After a Corps veteran enlisted brief moment of delirium, in 1969 after a brief he (broken bones and stint in college. With a all) ran to his son’s aid. specialization in infantry Finding Garrett in the and intelligence/counterback seat of the Buick intelligence, Skipper badly injured, Skipper served our country in immediately started multiple capacities emergency treatment and completing many diverse kept his son breathing missions in numerous until medics arrived. He foreign countries, from credits his time in the service for his ability to stay focused the Arctic to the jungle. Through that service, he suffered and remain calm in a situation that most other parents many injuries and pointed out that the only part of his body wouldn’t have been able to endure. Through many surgeries that is ‘original’ is his left arm. Skipper was born into a and rehabilitation, Garrett is now able to live a normal life family with a strong military background; his father served and loves throwing his leg over his 2013 Victory 8-Ball and the in the Navy during WWII and his mother was an active hitting the open road. member with the Civil Air Patrol. The drive to serve didn’t stop with Skipper and he was proud beyond words when After this near tragedy, Skipper and his friends wanted to his son, Garrett, enlisted early and completed basic training before his senior year in high school. l. Garrett find a way to stay busy and give back to the military men and women returning was a recon scout with the National m from battle. The founders of the Guard and served briefly before Teufelhund Veterans Group met with a devastating accident forced an the higher ups of 2 of the dominant honorable discharge. th motorcycle clubs in Iowa. After mo discussing MC creed and code, patches Along with that strong military dis background, the Barton family shares es and insignia, as well as the other clubs concerns, Skipper and his crew decided a love for motorcycles. Skipper’s con first bike was an old Matchless onethey would become a riding group. The Teufelhunds live by the biker code and lugger and since purchasing that bike, ke, Teu protocols of the MC world, but wish to he’s never not been riding; sometimes es proto remain a riding group/veterans group. owning enough bikes to fill a garagee rema and other times having to rely upon his There is no discrimination of any kind and friends to lend him a machine. Since ce he no need to be a biker to become part of the one must only have the desire to help has had both hips replaced and multiple iple leg group; on veterans. Family, friends and general and back surgeries, today he enjoys the open military vete our armed forces are all welcome to road on a more manageable 2013 HD D Sportser supporters of ou well. 72 that was picked up at Metro HD in Cedar Rapids. join the group as w Since the purchase, he has made it his own by installing a springer seat, new pipes and a stage 1 kit. Garrett has also The name, Teufelhund, originates from a name used to describe US Marines who fought in the Battle of Belleau been on two wheels for most of his life. Starting out on Wood in WWI. The Marines fought with such ferocity that a dirt bike, Garrett built his own track in the back pasture they were compared to “Dogs from Hell”. The Battle of of his parent’s land as a young teenager. After a few good Belleau Wood was the first time that all branches of the US crashes in that hayfield, he moved onto street bikes, telling Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook 22 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

branches, chapters or territories. Their “mothership” location remains in Anamosa; however, their membership continues to grow as new members are beginning to pop up across the state. Skipper and the crew spend countless hours and dollars assisting the previously mentioned charitable groups and for this we salute you. Thank you for your continued service to our country! ~Pinky

military fought side by side. The Teufelhund riding group honors that principle of camaraderie, with over 30 members representing several branches of our military. These men and women who make up the Teufelhund Riding Group are 100% workforce, with boots on the ground, working daily to serve our military veterans in every way possible. Skipper explained the ‘4 seasons’ of donation that they participate in. They are involved extensively with Toys for Tots program in the fall/winter, then they shift focus to raising money for the Paws and Effect program (located in Des Moines, the program supplies service animals to vets that suffer from PTSD) through the spring. Once the weather breaks, they shift their fundraising efforts to support the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight program. After those 4 flights have taken place, their focus is again shifted to raising money for English River Outfitters, who provides a safe environment for family and general life re-integration for returning and/or injured military personnel, located outside of Washington, IA. Throughout the year, the Teufelhund members travel the state to welcome back returning veterans, attend funerals to lie to rest their fallen brothers and sisters as well as pass out stars that symbolize the honor of service to other military riders. The stars are carefully cut from retired flags and given hand to hand as a token of appreciation for a veteran’s service. (Once de-starred the flags are turned over to the AM VETS and are retired in proper fashion.) Noticing the piles of cut out stars around the clubhouse, I asked why the star patches are such an important gesture. Skipper told me, “Helping others helps you heal and sometimes vets don’t feel comfortable speaking about their time in the service. The star patches break the ice with those vets that have bottled everything up and before you know it, they are humbly speaking of a time in their life that may not have otherwise been acknowledged. Each one of our members has been affected by trauma and we need to heal ourselves in order to help heal other veterans.” As word of this group spreads across the state, the Teufelhunds are growing their membership numbers by leaps and bounds. Since they are not a motorcycle club, they aren’t allowed to have Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 23

The Depot Restaurant

will ride to eat

101 North Railroad Street Shenandoah, Iowa 51601 712-246-4444 Mon-Thurs 6am-9pm, Fri & Sat 6am-10pm Sun 6am-8pm Well, here we are starting a new year! I thought maybe to mark the event I would make a slight departure

from my normal reviews. (I know... you’re thinking “Great, I wonder what pics are on the Thunder Cam pages”. Well don’t bail on me yet, this is cool... I promise!) You see, the establishments

earlier time in Shenandoah... others take you back to an earlier time in your own life. A large portion of the items are music memorabilia... autographed photos, autographed guitars and other musical instruments. Music is a large part of Shenandoah’s history since it is the hometown of the Everly Brothers. In the large meeting room hang a pair of portraits of the Everly Brothers that take up much of one section of the wall. I’m sure I missed a lot of things, there is so much there to see!

I review are normally recommended to us (or discovered by us) because of something special they serve. This month’s establishment was recommended because of the atmosphere. The Depot (some call it restaurant, some call it deli... I call it MAJOR COOL!) is a restored railroad depot in Shenandoah. The first thought I had as we walked in the door was “Is this a place to eat or a museum?” The walls are lined with historical items, music memorabilia and other surprises everywhere you look! Some things take you back to an 24 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t at least mention the food! Lynnette and I started out with some appetizers. We had their homemade onion rings, onion sticks and Texas toothpicks (breaded green pepper sticks). Rob and Terry had the mozzarella sticks. What a wonderful cacophony of taste! I had the chili dog and it ranked right up there with the best I’ve tasted. If you have any delusions (like I did) of picking this

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

thing up to eat it... pick that fork up instead ‘cause this bad boy covers the whole plate! It consists of a 1/4 pound hot dog and a splayed open bun all covered with a generous amount of chili and cheese. I can’t even consider closing this without telling you about the pie... and what pie it is!!!! all homemade and usually a pretty wide selection of varieties. I have to caution you though, you may want to order your pie early... it gets bought up pretty quickly! I should also mention for those connoisseurs of micro brews, The Depot has their own micro brews they serve up for your pleasure. The Depot, a slice of history served with a side of good food! Check out their website at and “Like” them on Facebook. Until next month, ride safe and eat hearty! Craig Little PS If you have someplace you think we should check out in your neck of the woods, shoot me an email.

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TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 25

f o s l r i G

We want you on our pages! If you are an Iowa Girl of Thunder, send us your name, year and model of bike, and where you are from to v

Blair B Bl l i Di D Dinsdale d l Traer 2012 Streetgilde

Renee Milsted Harlan 2009 883 Sportster

Jean Howe Marshalltown 2009 Thoroughbred Stallion 26 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 27

As I was driving to work today at the sultry temperature of -4 degrees I couldn’t help but think about last year when there were people still riding their motorcycles at this time. It just goes to show how unpredictable Mother Nature and Jack Frost can be. I think it is safe to say the riding season is done for a majority of us for the next couple of months. I know there are still a few people out there that are dedicated enough to brave the cold if the roads are clear. Just J because the season has h ended, doesn’t mean m you have to stop thinking th about what you can c do to improve your ride r for next year. How many m of you Batwing Fairing F Harley riders have h had to replace broken b fairing support brackets. b I’m sure it is quite q a few of you and I am a also sure that many of o you don’t know if they th are broken or not. When you get done W reading this rag, go r out, if your bike is easily accessible, and grab your fairing by each side and just see how much shimmy and shake you have in it. Or if you noticed on your last few rides there was a bit more of a rattle coming from up front. Chances are you have at least one fairing bracket broke if not all four. This has been a problem that H-D has had for years and finally there are a couple of companies that have come up with a solution. Alloy Art brought out their new “Strong Arm” brackets, instead of just the stamped sheet metal brackets that Harley-Davidson Motor Company uses. Alloy Art use molded nylon brackets that act as a dampener and just simply look stronger than the stock brackets. Typically the problem areas on the two main support brackets are the very top mounting spot. Over the miles and many bumps in the road these become weak and eventually break right around the bolt hole. When this happens, the two brackets that support the speakers break also. The Strong Arms replace the main supports but requires you to either reuse the speaker support brackets or replace if they are broke also. Keep in mind, this is not a simply project to tackle. This usually takes up an afternoon if you want to do this yourself. Some slight modification to a few of the support holes may be required but when it is all said and done you will notice difference in your fairing. Did I mention that the Strong Arms come it at just under a hundred bucks instead of the stock Harley-Davidson brackets for $125? Less expense for a better item sounds like a win-win to me. If you have just the two main supports broken and either don’t want to spend the money or the time to replace them, Bagger Parts has the fix for you. Bagger Parts offers a simple fix that only takes about an hour to accomplish. What they have done is off a bolt on support that affix’s to your existing support brackets with three screws and replaces the top bolt mount on the original supports. If you are in a pinch and need a quick fix this would be great. As the cold winds set in and the wintry glow is gleaming outside, remember that winter projects on your bike are a great way to pass the time and have an improved ride when the birds start chirping in the spring. Hopefully everyone out there is having a great Holiday season and a Happy and safe New Year. Tony Darveau 28 - TRMI JANUARY 2014 hunderroadsiowa com

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hold these bike nights during the summer. No one business is the key

Sitting here typing in the dead of winter, cold weather

rules the Iowa landscape, what better topic than bike night to keep your biker spirits up? There are a considerable number of bike nights across this great state, some are huge, some are small, but most fall somewhere in between. There are about as many reasons

for someone to hold a bike night as there are bike nights available to go to. Some are about a community gathering, some are just bars that want to sell bikers more beer, but all of them have one thing in common, biker camaraderie. People come from near and far to gather with other bikers and check things out. One such bike night that is of particular interest is Roar Into Harlan in Harlan, Iowa. It is located at the intersection of Highways 59 and scenic 44, in western Iowa. The town is around 5,000 people and is a m mix of industry and agriculture, nnot unlike many western Iowa to towns. The past few years they hhave hosted a bike night on th the 3rd Thursday of the month ffrom May until September. P People from all around ride the hhills of western Iowa to come to the square on this night. The ffact that it is another bike night is not the point of interest, but m more so why it came to be, and w what they do at the bike nights is what is notable.

to this gathering, and they all see it as an investment in their community. They host a get together, the bikers come, and then people can see the fun to be had and the unique items oon and around the square in Harlan. City, County, and bbusinesses people of the town working together to welcome the bikers in with open arms, not just to sell things, but to th sshow off the town they are so proud of. Another thing that they have done to make this notable A is having a theme for each of their bike nights. This is something they wanted to do to encourage more pparticipation from the biker world and the community. Sort of a way to show the citizens of Harlan that the biker S world is not all bad, and that leather and loud pipes do not w nnecessarily mean trouble. This has opened eyes, doors, and hhearts to the biker world. The theme night’s change, but a ffew from the last couple of years were: Honor the Colors with a flag presentation, Ladies Night, Youthful Fun Night, w aand a Music Night showcasing some local talent. These particular nights went over very well with the crowds, the community, and business owners alike. Other things of interest this past year was a “Poker Walk�. This became just a little more incentive to visit the businesses in the area throughout the summer biker nights with prizes on the last night. Roar Into Harlan has developed into a point of pride for the community, and not just another biker night. Check it out next year on the Third Thursday of May through September. See you there! Vernon

W When asked what business hhosts this bike night, the answer is a bunch of them. Harlan bbusinesses banded together to hhelp organize, plan, fund, and Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa Thunder Iow on Facebook ww thunderroadsiowa com

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 29

from June 1976 Cycle Touring. Email vernon@ for complete article 30 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of of Io IIowa owa wa on on Facebook Faace F cebo ookk ww w ww .tth hun unde derr rroa oads dsio ow waa.ccom om


32 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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34 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 35

A man suffered a serious heart attack while shopping in a store. The store clerks called 911 when they saw him collapse to the floor. The paramedics rushed the man to the nearest hospital where he had emergency open heart bypass surgery. He awakened from the surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at the Catholic Hospital he was taken to. A nun was seated next to his bed holding a clip board loaded with several forms, and a pen. She asked him how he was going to pay for his treatment. “Do you have health insurance?” she asked. He replied in a raspy voice, “No health insurance.” The nun asked, “Do you have money in the bank?” He replied, “No money in the bank.” “Do you have a relative who could help you with the payments?” asked the irritated nun. He said, “I only have a spinster sister, and she is a nun.” The nun became agitated and announced loudly, “Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to God.” The patient replied, “Perfect. Send the bill to my brother-in-law.”

A guy goes into a bar. He orders a beer, and after a while he needs to go to the toilet. Because he is afriad someone will drink his beer, he puts a small note on it that says: “I spit in this beer, do not drink!”. After a few minutes he returns, and there is another note on the beer, saying “So did I!”. A man in the supermarket tries to buy half a head of lettuce. The very young produce assistant tells him that they sell only whole heads of lettuce. The man persists and asks to see the manager. The boy says he’ll ask his manager about it. Walking into the back room, the boy said to his manager, “Some asshole wants to buy half a head of lettuce.” As he finished his sentence, he turned to find the man standingright behind him, so he added, “And this gentleman has kindly offered to buy the other half.” The manager approved the deal, and the man went on his way. Later the manager said to the boy, “I was impressed with the way you got yourself out of that situation earlier. We like people who think on their feet here. Where are you from, son?” “Canada, sir,” the boy replied. “Well, why did you leave Canada?” the manager asked. The boy said, “Sir, there’s nothing but whores and hockey players up there.” “Really?” said the manager. “My wife is from Canada.” “No shit?” replied the boy. “Who’d she play for?” Two women friends had gone for a Girls Night Out, and had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking home, they needed to pee. They were very 36 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

near a graveyard and one of them suggested they do their business behind a head stone or something. The first woman had nothing to wipe with so she thought she’d take off her panties, use them, then throw them away. Her friend, however, was wearing a rather expensive underwear set and didn’t want to ruin hers but was lucky to salvage a large ribbon from a wreath that was on one of the graves and proceeded to wipe herself with that. After finishing, they then made off for home. The next day the first woman’s husband phoned the other husband and said, “These damn girls night out have got to stop. My wife came home last night without her panties.” “That’s nothing, said the other husband, “Mine came back with a card stuck between the cheeks of her ass that said, “From All of Us At the Fire Station, We’ll Never Forget You.”

One day an out of work mime is visiting the zoo and attempts to earn some money as a street performer. However, as soon as he starts to draw a crowd, the zookeeper grabs him and drags him into his office. The zookeeper explains to the mime that the zoo’s most popular attraction, a gorilla, has died suddenly. The keeper fears that attendance at the zoo will fall off. He offers the mime a job to dress up as the gorilla until they can get another one. The mime accepts. The next morning, before the crowd arrives, the mime puts on the gorilla suit and enters the cage. He discovers that it’s a great job. He can sleep all he wants, play and make fun of people and he draws bigger crowds than he ever did as a mime. However, eventually the crowds tire of him and he gets bored just swinging on tires. He begins to notice that the people are paying more attention to the lion in the cage next to his. Not wanting to lose the attention of his audience, he climbs to the top of his cage, crawls across a partition, and dangles from the top to the lion’s cage. Of course, this makes the lion furious, but the crowd loves it. At the end of the day the zookeeper comes and gives the mime a raise for being such a good attraction as a gorilla. Well, this goes on for some time. The mime keeps taunting the lion, the crowds grow larger, and his salary keeps going up. Then one terrible day when he is dangling over the furious lion, he slips and falls. The mime is terrified. The lion gathers itself and prepares to pounce. The mime is so scared that he begins to run round and round the cage with the lion close behind. Finally, the mime starts screaming and yelling, “Help, Help me!”, but the lion is quick and pounces. The mime soon finds himself flat on his back looking up at the angry lion and the lion says, “Shut up you idiot! Do you want to get us both fired?”

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ANOTHER HELMET THREAT The CDC (Center for Disease Control) which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services is preparing to recommend that all states have universal helmet laws, which means that all riders, regardless of age, would be required to wear helmets. Wayne Allard, AMA Vice President for Government Relations and a former US Representative and US Senator representing Colorado states “The AMA doesn’t understand why the CDC is involving itself in motorcycling when it is supposed to be protecting Americans from diseases.” He went on to say “Motorcycling is not a disease that needs to be eradicated; it is a legal form of transportation and a source of responsible recreation for millions of Americans nationwide.” The AMA advocates helmet use but believes that adult helmet use should be voluntary. Mandatory helmet laws do nothing to prevent crashes. The AMA supports actions that help riders avoid a crash from occurring, including rider education, improved licensing and testing, and most importantly, expanded motorist awareness programs. In a letter to CDC Director Thomas Frieden, US Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich) asked “…. Is it the goal or strategy of the CDC to reduce the use of motorcycles, a legal mode of transportation, by recommending and pursuing a federal

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

helmet law?” The fact of the matter is that there is statistically no difference in how likely you are to be killed in an accident whether you are wearing a helmet or not. What we need here is training in avoiding being in an accident not ‘safer crashing’. If motorcycle riding is to be classified as a disease to be cured, where is the authority to do such a thing coming from? Motorcyclists annually spend billions of dollars touring and attending rallies and other events. Reducing motorcycle use would have a detrimental effect on the motorcycle industry, dealer sales, tourism, associated employment and related tax revenues. I believe that the government should be in the business of promoting the recreational, economic and environmental benefits of responsible motorcycle riding and not discouraging it. Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become involved in the fight to maintain your freedoms. Join organizations like ABATE of Iowa (www. and the AMA (www.americanmotorcyclist. com). More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling. Help to protect our riding freedoms. Get involved. Your support will help fight for your rights and will make a difference, on the road and in the halls of government. Have Questions or Comments? Ask me at Peter@

TRMI JANUARY 2014 - 37

And there, holding the best spot, so as to be seen by all, was the “BIG SURPRISE”; the B.A.C.A. Chapter of Iowa now had their own sidecar motorcycle! Now, they would be able to bring along their Another great B.A.C.A. Event attended, newest family member on a and once again a great time was had motorcycle when they accompanied by all! Pacman sent me an email them! The bike was unveiled to those reminding me about their fundraising special family members at their annual event, and picnic. The everyone c children encouraged a got to all me to w write their attend. n names on I finally t sidecar, the relented, on a go for and the condition a ride in that our it I can’t it! daughter e even begin Erin would to imagine come with h how those me, since c children felt Murph was a they got as not able to to add their accompany n name to the me. Being a photography buff, as well as one who enjoys looking at a nice ride, she was motorcycles’ sidecar. What broke my quick to say yes! heart was the number of names on that sidecar, especially when you consider Now, that Pacman B B.A.C.A. had hinted o Central of at a “BIG Io Iowa has SURPRISE” o only been that would a chapter be unveiled fo a few for at this event, y years. A and I had a lo of time, lot pretty good e effort, idea what it s sweat, would be, a love and but my lips w went into were sealed, t that bike. I wouldn’t M Mostly after spoil that w working, surprise for a night, in at anything! h garage, his A A-Train was Come the evening of the event, we determined to have this baby ready for made our way to Krazee Kafe, which that picnic! is located on the corner of NE 14th With all the bikes that were washed, the and Broadway, and could hardly see drinks a flowing, door prizes being given all the bikes cause of the sun glare away and the great music provided off of all the chrome as we pulled into gratis, made for a pretty darn good time! the lot. Beautiful day for a ride and a I even handed the camera over to the beautiful day for a bike wash too! They daughter for a while and just relaxed were working that bike wash real good, and enjoyed the company! having lots of fun with the suds, and raising money for a good cause! Annette Murphy 38 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

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2014 Jan 4 New Year’s Party Dubuque HD Jan 17-19 J&P Int’l Motorcycle Show Minneapolis, MN Jan 18 Luau Party Dubuque HD Jan 18 ABATE D15 Cabin Fever Dance Wheatland Jan 24-26 Rod and Custom Motorcycle and Car Show Rock Island, IL Jan 25 29th Southern Iowa Motorcycle Swap Meet Ottumwa Jan 25 Big Boys Toy Show Dubuque Jan 25 Big Boys Toy Show Cedar Rapids Feb 1-2 Swap Meet Denver, CO Feb 2 Parts Girl Promotions Swap Meet Rock Island IL Feb 7-9 J&P Int’l Motorcycle Show Chicago, IL Feb 8-9 Capital City Show and Swap Des Moines Feb 14-16 28th Annual ABATE Bike Show Lincoln, NE Feb 14-16 World of Wheels Kansas City Feb 15 Mardi Gras Party Dubuque HD Feb 21-22 maha Chapter AMCA National Swap Meet Omaha, NE Feb 22-23 45th O’Reilly Rod & Custom Bike/Car Show Monticello Feb 26 ABATE Lobby Day Des Moines Feb 28-Mar 2 World of Wheels Chicago Mar 2 Parts Girl Promotions Swap Meet Cedar Rapids Mar 7-16 Daytona Bike Week Daytona Beach Florida Mar 8 St Patty’s Party Dubuque HD Mar 21-23 Swap Meet Sioux Falls, SD Mar 22 Two Wheel Trauma Class Everly Mar 28-30 World of Wheels Omaha, NE March 29-30 27th Annual Donnie Smith Bike Show Twin Cities, MN May 2-4 Vintage TorqueFest Dubuque Apr 5 Dubuque HD 5th Anniversary Dubuque Apr 5-6 28th Annual North Iowa Motorcycle Expo Mason City Apr 19 Demo Event & Open House Dubuque HD Apr 25 Motorcycle Safety Forum IA Events Center, Des Moines Apr 26 Sleeping Angels Fun Run Boone May 3 Camp Albrecht Acres Chopper Raffle Party Catfish Charlie’s Dubuque May 17 National Armed Forces Freedom Ride TBD May 30-Jun 1 Circle of Pride Redneck Revival Conesville June 11-14 20th Annual Rally on the River Davenport Jun 12-15 HogRock Cave in the Rock, IL Jun 16 National Ride your Motorcycle to Work Day Jun 19-21 Romper Room Fun Run Earlville Jun 20-22 Rumble in the Stalks Conesville Jun 27-29 J&P Open House Anamosa Jul 3-5 ABATE Freedom Rally Algona Jul 11-12 English River Outfitters Bike Extravaganza Washington Jul 12 6th American Soldier Past & Present Poker Run Brighton Jul 31-Aug 2 7th Annual Across the Border Raid Bedford Aug 4-10 South Dakota Party Aug 8-10 Circle of Pride Redneck Revival Conesville Aug 9 Mighty Mississippi HOG MDA Hope Ride Dubuque Aug 28-30 43rd Int’l Vintage Motorcycle Show & Swap Davenport Sep 5-7 Davis Motorcycle rally New Hampton Sep 6 Sidney’s Wish Poker Run Des Moines Sept 19-21 Rumble in the Stalks Conesville Oct 16-19 Biketoberfest Daytona, FL

40 - TRMI JANUARY 2014

This list is what we have found and what has been submitted. Before heading to any event, please check weather and make sure the event is not cancelled for some reason. Not responsible for misprints and typos. If you have any other events to list, please email them with Date Name of Event Location to

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa on Facebook

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa January 2014  

Iowa's Biker magazine, About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa

Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa January 2014  

Iowa's Biker magazine, About Iowa, For Iowa, From Iowa