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Prestashop Cash on Delivery with Fee: Knowband Plugin Nowadays, when many shopping options are available, there are some customers which do not want to share their card details. A huge number of customers prefer cash on delivery option while purchasing any product, that’s why it becomes most important to provide this COD option on your store if you want more conversions. “Now the question arises - How?” Well, there are many methods of applying this functionality but if you want a hassle-free and easy method, then you can go for Knowband’s Prestashop cash on delivery with fees module which allows store admin to showcase cash on delivery option on the website store. Admin can create ‘n’ number of shipping conditions as well as include terms and conditions. It offers a simple interface for applying this functionality.

Give COD option to the customers and allow them to make the payment in cash at delivery time. In return for the cash payment feature, you can charge a fee to the buyers. This cash on delivery with surcharge extension provides a way to reduce the cart abandonment and the extra fees can boost the revenue without

any efforts. By offering the desired payment mode to the customers, you can also improve customers experience.

Benefits of the cash on delivery with surcharge module: This Prestashop module is beneficial for both the store admin as well as customers also: Benefits for store admin: â—?

Decreases Abandonment: Now the store owner can minimize cart abandonment by providing an extra and hassle-free payment method to the store buyers.

Improved Transparency: The overall process is automatic and transparent to the store admin can build confidence in customer’s mind. No hidden charges are applied so they can trust on your website.

Simple Interface: Cash on delivery with extra charges module provide a simple and effortless interface to create and edit COD conditions.

Increase Revenue: The Prestashop addon offers an easy way to charge an additional amount to the COD options. This increases the overall revenue of the store without any extra efforts.

Automatic Calculations: Cash on delivery module with extra fee automatically calculates the overall payment and display it in the front-end.

No Technical Knowledge is Required: The store admin can implement this functionality even without any technical knowledge.

Benefits for store customers: ●

Many customers want cash on delivery option because it is hassle-free and there is no need to share card details.

● ●

Customer can pay the amount after receiving the ordered product. The store buyers can shop without the doubt of any hidden charges or security breach.

The customers can select from multiple COD conditions offered by the store admin.

Features: ●

Easy to Install and Configure: Prestashop cash on delivery with fees addon is absolutely easy to install and configure.


Simple and Hassle-free Implementation: COD with fees addon offers simple and hassle-free implementation.


Highly Customizable: Cash on delivery with surcharge extension is fully customizable. There is no need to have technical knowledge to implement this module.

No Need to Change codes: The admin does not need to modify back-end codes.

Easy to Enable/Disable: Cash on delivery enabled/disabled easily by a button toggle.

Multiple COD Conditions: N number of COD conditions can be made by store admin as per his/her requirements.

Fee Structure Settings: COD extra fee structure can be modified, deleted and enabled/disabled by admin if required.

Terms and Conditions Setting: The Prestashop cash on delivery with fees plugin allows admin to fix COD fee and terms and conditions as per the requirements.

Surcharge: The eCommerce store admin can apply fee in percentage or charge a fix amount in return of COD facility. This amount can be edited.





Multiple options to apply COD: Cash on delivery facility addon allows admin to choose from various category, carrier options and shipping option for applying these COD terms and conditions.

Country selection: Multiple country/location can be selected for offering COD facility.

Track Order Details: Cash on delivery facility extension allows Prestashop eCommerce store admin to track the COD based orders.

Compatible with all Web Browsers: cash on delivery facility module is compatible with all web browsers

Multi-Lingual Compatible: Cash on delivery module with extra fee addon is multi-lingual compatible.

● ●

Multi-Store Compatible: COD with fees addon is multi-store compatible. Compatible with the Latest Prestashop Themes: Cash on delivery facility is compatible with the latest Prestashop themes.

Module Link: Admin Demo Link: dules&token=2a1dbe1666dd87fb270314503584878b Front Demo: User Manual: odule/ YouTube video: Please contact us at for any query or custom change request as per your business requirement.

Knowband's Prestashop Cash on Delivery with Fees Module  

Knowband offers Prestashop cash on delivery with fees addon which allows the store owner to showcase CoD payment option. For more details vi...

Knowband's Prestashop Cash on Delivery with Fees Module  

Knowband offers Prestashop cash on delivery with fees addon which allows the store owner to showcase CoD payment option. For more details vi...