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Hildur Yeoman's Brilliant Creativity

Behind each collection lies elaborate and often time-consuming research which eventually turns into a new and exciting story of intriguing universes. Tailored in are intricate and finely detailed patterns, beautiful fabrics and traditional Icelandic handcraft techniques such as crochet or embroidery that come together in exquisitely made clothes characterized by a distinctive and personal aesthetic.


Hildur’s first ready-to-wear collection launched in 2005 and was inspired by her great-grandmother Yulia Yeoman, a New Jersey housewife who in the 1940’s up and left her family to join a motorcycle gang tearing through the US.

Following the “Yulia” collection, subsequent Yeoman collections have sought inspiration from for example the magical powers of the Icelandic flora, witchcraft and the strong and often prominent Icelandic women who love and wear Hildur’s creations.

Through her creative career as one of Iceland’s leading fashion designers, Hildur has collaborated with The Icelandic Dance Company, outdoor clothing company 66°North and singer/songwriter Björk, who wore a Yeoman dress powered by electricity and made of optical fibers for her performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2016. Hildur’s accessories also featured in Taylor Swift’s music video for her infamous Look What You Made Me Do single, released last year.

Text by Gerður Harðardóttir
Photos: Íris Dögg, courtesy of Hildur Yeoman
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