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UNA magazine March 2019


Summer WorkcampsThe Official Magazine of Worldwide Friends

March 2019

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Summer Workcamps

Worldwide Friends offers many different summer workcamps, located all around Iceland, Reykjavik and arounds, the east of Iceland, the north of Iceland, and some other options. Camps for all ages, like the teenage camps in Reykjavik, photography and journalism in the east, environmental related, volunteering in festivals and all sorts of projects, this helps WF bring together all sorts of people. And even though according to locals, last summer was one of the worst summers they’ve had in 100 years, it didn’t stop people from coming and enjoying. Last summer the temperatures were around 11 degrees Celsius, which, according to Icelanders is not really common during summer, temperatures tend to be a bit higher during this time. These are the workcamps we had during last summer.


Volunteer Experience

We tried to contact some of the volunteers that were her for the most part of the summer in Iceland, they experienced different camps, worked with a lot of people, helped in different areas and they all had a different view on their experience here in Iceland. Our volunteers were in charge of contacting them and interviewing them. Here’s a little bit of what they experienced.

Did you know that WF, has no maximum age limit in our Workcamps?