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Who's in Charge? Your Invisible Monkeys and Gorillas - or YOU?

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The tools you are about to discover are unique. You will find them nowhere else.

They are the result of 3 years' intensive research in four different countries to find out why, when there are two groups of people with the same intelligence, background and means, one group systematically outperforms the other. Backed by 40 years of field experience, training, and observation of the undeclared war in the backyards of our minds.

This book is dedicated to those who have allowed me to report on the victories and defeats of this war, and to all new conscripts to life's battlefields.

I hope you enjoy reading this book and that it will activate your thinking processes. I would be more than happy should you reflect upon, and question what is being written and draw your own conclusions.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the participants of my training sessions who not only gave, but taught me a lot during all those years. For without them, this book would never have appeared before you.

Equally, my deep gratitude to Patricia Sommier, my closest collaborator, who devoted her time and enormous energy – and played a vital role as an Associate and Co-trainer.


Important note to the reader:


For a better comprehension, we recommend that you read this book in the order given.

In the following chapters, you will discover: Who your real enemies are; How to defeat them – and maximize your potential.

The exercises and tools are designed to help control adverse situations in our professional as well as our private lives. These are exercises assigned to participants of my interactive sessions on managerial and personal development.

Why the animals? And what do the concepts bring? The use of animals is a powerful aid to memory recall – based on symbolism.

The Monkeys are negative thoughts or perceptions. They are often evoked in Eastern philosophies to represent the internal noises produced by our thoughts.

All the malfunctioning in companies and families can be linked directly or indirectly to these Monkeys (or Gorillas when the thoughts are very strong). Examples of how these Monkeys can create fear, prejudice and other forms of physical and psychological damage are related in this book.


40So, if people can identify their Monkeys – and disarm them (as demonstrated in the book), they are better equipped to take charge of their professional and private lives, and maximize their potential.

From the many testimonies we received, here are the comments from 2 key personalities about our training methodology and the tools:

"I consider the tools/methodology that you have developed are probably some of the most powerful tools that I have ever seen... What you have underlined is fundamental not only for each human being but also for our future."

Dr. Philippe Scotto. Received the Nobel Peace Price 2005 with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

"Awesome tools and techniques. Yes, it really is that simple. Even if you have read all the books, taken workshops, counseling, Dan's program delivers profound and usable techniques and strategies like you've never heard before."

Dr. Dorothy M. Neddermeyer. Internationally recognized authority on science and human potential, is also a Change Management Consultant.


Here's an example, my personal experience as a teenager:

I suddenly felt elated and had the urge to get up and dance, because the loud raucous beat was stirring me on. I looked towards the deserted dance floor and started to feel excitement, then anxiety, and then fear.

Soon, the swiftly dissipating urge was replaced by wild pounding on my chest. Indecisiveness and discouragement took over, and I began looking as if I were attending a funeral. What happened to me? Why couldn't I get up and dance like I'd initially desired? Look up the list of thoughts above and you'll get the answer.

One could say that my human machine had suddenly conked out. The parts responsible for its malfunction were: Everybody's looking at you and What are they going to think? Other related parts could also have played subsequent roles, notably: You'll make a fool of yourself / You should / You shouldn't / You're not good enough / You want / You can't.

Now these thoughts are real tricky... That's why we call them Monkeys. And they would attack you in groups. Often, without any prior warning, you suddenly get a coconut on the head. Then you realize too late that the Monkeys had you again.


Now let's discover who Bob is, and how to avoid getting whacked by him and lose our time and energy.

Bob is not what you would like it to be. Nor what you would hope it to be. Or what you think it should be, but what is – the manifestation of reality before your eyes right now!

Here are some examples: Bob can be simple things or more complex issues. A banana skin lying on the pavement is Bob. So is a car crashing into another vehicle. Or a mosquito buzzing above your head that prevents you from sleeping. They are realities manifesting themselves before you.

Your client not turning up for the meeting is also Bob. So is the stock exchange taking a sudden plunge, or you spilling coffee on your white shirt before leaving for work; receiving negative news or having an accident. It is what is. And since most people are unaware, they fall victim by reacting to these realities.


Here are some of the questions we get asked: Is Bob just a Big Bad Bully? No, he's not. He's a Schizophrenic and can be the most loving and supportive «being» ever to walk this Earth. That's the good side of Bob that we will be covering soon: BigGoodBob!

Someone asked: How can I escape BigBadBob? Well, no one can. It's something that's happening that is independent from us.

Nobody is safe as BigBadBob can surprise you at any moment! He follows you 24/7. Even on your holidays or while you're fast asleep. And for the rest of your life here on Earth! That's reality...


8< What is important is not what others have made of me – but what I make of myself, out of what others have made of me. >

– Jean Paul Sartre

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