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Survival of the Dark Ages

 They’ve taken our NikNaks, put restrictions on our water and brought darkness to our light, yet again. Ladies and gentlemen, guess what? Our long-awaited friend, who always manages to pop up at the right time, is back. Please give a round of applause to our friend, we know it, we love it, LOAD SHEDDING.

Ahh yes, the dark time. The time for you to lay on the ground (in the dark of course) and question your entire existence. How much longer? Did I charge my phone? Do I have data? Is this what my life has become?

Load shedding is the perfect time for some of these questions to infest your brain during these dark stages.

For some, it might feel like travelling back to the past, back to the era of our grandparents. Yes, those days where they communicated using bricks, took selfies by staring into mirrors and sending messages via pigeon. This was the era where something entertaining to do would be to clean and clean and clean.

But luckily for you, my 21st-century youth, I have 8 ways for your light to keep shining.

1. See load shedding as an opportunity for you to eat all of the ice cream in the freezer. A simple excuse, if caught, could be,  “But mummy, it’s gonna melt.”

2. Alone in the dark could be described as one of those romantic moods, so invite that special pillow and blanket over and why not have a cuddle?

3. Download a movie in advance, play it on your pre-charged laptop, grab some snacks and have some me-time.

4. Having trouble warming your food and, unfortunately, do not have a gas stove? An easy solution to this problem is simple, have some patience and wait.

5. Invite a couple of friends over and make use of the old communication tool called talking. Make your own music and maybe have a cry session or two. Connect with them like you used to before you became so wrapped up in your own world.

6. Load shedding is the perfect time for you to play Hide-and-Seek, Blindemol or board games. Now is your chance to go back to your old childhood ways.

7. Take some time to contemplate life. Read a book, try out yoga or stare blankly up at the stars. Basically just find your zen.

8. If all else fails, SLEEP! It’ll all be over soon enough.

Load shedding, the thing that most of us dread, is actually not half bad. Work out a few compromises, try out some new activities together and you and it will be very happy together. May your relationship last and have a never-ending SPARK.

By Nabilah Williams

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