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Love Yourself Rich

7 reasons self-love is the ultimate secret to the success you desire

1) A person who loves themselves is someone who trusts themselves.

When you truly learn to love yourself, belief and trust are natural by-products. You will become the kind of person with the confidence to trust their ideas, their thoughts and their actions. With every degree that you increase the love you have for yourself, your ideas will get bolder and more courageous. You will start to believe that you’re the exact kind of person to carry out those ideas with wild success like you truly deserve. You’ll dream bigger; you’ll take more action. You will naturally draw people to you because they will be drawn to the loving energy you’re projecting out into the world. A person who truly loves themselves and trusts themselves completely is someone who easily attracts others who will trust and believe in them too.

2) When you expand the love you have for who you are, your belief systems will transform completely.

What you previously believed was possible for you will fly right out the window. You will start to see a world of new possibilities, opportunities and options for yourself. When you indeed begin to love yourself, you will soon feel like you have no limits. You’ll develop the belief systems and thought patterns that support the mega success you’re after. You’ll keep pushing the envelope for yourself to see what you’re made of. Every step you take that was farther than the day before, will fill you with absolute pride. The more pride you feel, the more love you’ll feel, and you’ll keep growing, transforming and succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.

3) The love you have for yourself will empower you to go against the grain.

Someone who can’t manage to look at themselves and see a brilliant, beautiful, unique creature, is someone who will compare themselves a lot to others. And if they compare themselves to others, they’ll often be someone who has trouble forging their path in life and business. However, a woman who is entirely in love with herself will completely empower herself to become the bold, beautiful leader she was born to be. You were born with a unique flavour of magic that is meant to be fostered, embraced and used to its full potential to change this world innovatively. Learning to love yourself wholly and boldly will bring out ideas, courage and faith. And those three elements are a recipe for serious success.

4) Love always trumps fear.

Love is the ultimate antidote to fear. It is impossible to feel both at the same time. Fear will always be a factor at every stage of our lives. But someone who loves themselves fiercely will always find what it takes within themselves to conquer and overcome any fear that stands in their way. The answer to fear is always more love. Love yourself and believe in your vision so powerfully, that there’s no question of whether or not fear will stop you from moving closer and closer to that vision you’ve created for your life and business.

5) Drown out the noise

It’s so easy to get distracted, listening to advice and chatter from the wrong people. When you’re not well versed in self-love, it can be far too easy to give in to the noise and let it send you into a swirl of self-doubt and destruction. But when you learn to love yourself in a BIG bold way, not only will you attract the kind of friendships and relationships to your life that is healthy and supportive of your big goals and dreams, but you’ll also always trust yourself and your intuition first. You’ll know in your heart and soul if you’re making the right decision and no one in the world will knock you off your path, or even move a single hair out of its place!

6) Love is the frequency of miracles

It’s your choice whether you focus on love, gratitude and miracles or whether you focus on hate, negative energy, fear and self-doubt. When you make the conscious decision to focus more on love, you start to vibrate at the frequency of miracles. Love is the absolute highest vibrational emotion you could possibly feel. And, because like always attracts like, when your vibe is high, and you believe in love and miracles, you attract more into your life! Magic, synchronicity and other high-vibe people will start to show up in your life faster than ever before. You’ll call it luck; you’ll call it fate. Call it whatever you want. It’s a direct result of the work you’ve been doing on yourself and the love you now feel towards who you are and what you’re capable of achieving.

7) Becoming the very best version of yourself will elevate every single area of your life

When I talk about self-love being the ultimate secret to the success you desire, I don’t just mean business success. When you start to love yourself fiercely, you literally transform into an entirely new and improved version of yourself. This new person you’ve become has the direct ability to attract, create and achieve more in her life. Self-love won’t be the secret to getting rich and experiencing the success you desire in business only, but it will elevate every area of your life. It will be easier to make the healthiest food choices. It’ll be easy to attract the right people into your life who will love and support you for exactly who you are, and treat you like a queen. You’ll have a stronger ability to say yes to the things that matter and no to the things that don’t resonate with you or that which does.

Learn to love yourself and watch every area of your life transform in the best possible way. I dare you!

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