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Ask the WOC Nurse

ASK the WOC Nurse

Have you ever wished for someone to talk to who “gets it?” Someone who understands what it’s like to be a WOC nurse yet who is not involved in the same work culture as you? Someone whom you can ask questions that you wouldn’t feel safe asking your work colleagues? Then this column is for you!

As a professional WOC nursing society, we’re great about pursuing the best possible information to meet the needs those in our care. We’re less focused on other issues that are not at the core of patient care, which nevertheless robs us of complete effectiveness. In recognition of this gap in our member services we have brought back this “Dear- Abby”-type WOC nursing advice column.

The issues and questions we invite you to ask are not necessarily clinical in nature. The range of topics you may choose to ask about are limited only by your experiences, curiosity and desires. Types of questions asked may relate to work-life balance, power struggles in the workplace, managing multiple competing priorities, moral-ethical challenges with patients and/or colleagues, inspiring those who are resistant, promoting your value as an employee and team member, motivating others to embrace current evidence-based product and treatment selections, dealing with irritating patient and/or colleague behaviors, maintaining clinical excellence in increasingly cost conscious environments and more.

This column is an opportunity to help you deal with things you might not feel comfortable talking about out loud with others. Here we can be anonymous. In our anonymity we can be free to get at the deepest issues and concerns that are eroding the capacity for complete professional and personal fulfillment as WOC nurses.

Please consider sending us your questions or issues anonymously by filling out a form at wocn.org/askawocnurse.