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ISSUE #29 | 07/19/12

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enjoy with uncompromised responsibility. Alc. 40% by Vol. (80 proof). Tequila imported by Brown-Forman, Louisville, KY ©2011

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EDITOR IN CHIEF’S NOTE SAVING THE U.S. FROM ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE emember the time when many of your friends were living large with beautiful apartments or homes courtesy of a large mortgage? I do. Today, several of them have lost their apartments and homes to foreclosure and they are living a very dif- ferent lifestyle in rented dwellings. Why did this happen? Because people borrowed more than they could afford and eventually were unable to make the payments on the mortgage contract they signed with their bank - which clearly stated what their monthly payment was. In many cases people did absolutely no financial planning and forgot that life will bring economic cycles when they may not earn the same amount of money as the day they signed that mortgage contract. Smart and prudent financial planning dictates that you have a rainy day fund and you live well within your means in case something happens. Living at the edge of a cliff leaves no room for error and in many cases eventually leads to financial disaster and a drastic change in lifestyle. Just like I know a bunch of people who defaulted on their mortgages, I also know many others who planned prudently and were prepared ahead of time to weather a financial storm. They still live in the apartments and homes they bought for amounts they could afford even when times got tough. The real issue is that the same applies to countries and in the United States we are living at the edge of a financial cliff. To make matters worse, the politicians in Washington care more about getting re-elected than they do about exercising real leadership, tackling the difficult problems, and making the right decisions. These people are leading us straight into a huge possible economic calamity that could dwarf the recent tough recession. I remember it like it was yesterday, when Spain had a booming economy and all my Spanish friends were living large in Miami and Madrid. They had beautiful apartments, fancy cars, went out to dinner often and partied a lot. They do not do that any more. Most of them have gone back to Madrid. They no longer have places in Miami and several of them are now unemployed in Spain. The Spanish economy is in shambles and required a huge economic rescue package led by Germany to save their banks and economy from bankruptcy. What happened in Spain, Greece, and Italy will certainly happen in the U.S. if our “reelect me” politicians don’t grow some balls and, for once, care about the country they live in. Someone has to make the tough decisions to stop overspending us to oblivion and growing our national debt to a point where the United States will no longer be able to pay its debt obligations. Spain, Greece and Italy all had booming economies and now they are drowning in debt and huge unemployment – the U.S. can certainly be next! Take this seriously when you think about whom you should vote for. Growing the government with spending programs and additional employees to “buy” votes is definitely not the solution. Any private company that grew too much or spent more than it took in eventually had to make drastic cuts, or even went bankrupt. Look at what is happening right now to Research in Motion, the maker of Blackberry. Countries are no different than companies and people. Nations have to live within their means or face drastic consequences. Ask any of your Spanish friends what it is like to live in once booming Spain right now. The unemployment rate in Spain was last reported at 24.4 percent in the first quarter of 2012! Rafa Publisher & Editor in Chief (Soon to be 4 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

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photos by Henry Perez, Wire Magazine

BY DANE STEELE GREEN Image Credit: Jesse Spencer

There’s always a lot of HYPE on Fridays as one of the best parties takes over MOVA. Hosted by Edison Farrow with beats by DJ Bryan Zero. Don’t miss the party every Friday “where the men go out in South Beach.”

o one knows who penned it, but he put pen to paper and wrote “Roma, which delighted in making love from behind, spelled ‘Amor’ — love — by inverting its own name.” Etymologically, this is debatable. But before or since there has never been a better reason to visit Rome. Except for maybe from August 7 – 12, the Eternal City hosts the 2012 Mr. Gay Europe competition. But before you think this the Airheaded Himbos of Europe Expo, think again. Being handsome is serious business. Drawing in delegates from the far corners of the continent — Ireland to Malta, France to Turkey — the 15 contestants (with more to come as individual pageants conclude in participating countries) have to weather a personal interview, written test, five “practical tasks,” a Q&A, sports challenge, stage performance, plus competitions for talent, congeniality, photogenics, and the dreaded — but mandatory — swimsuit. Winners go on to the final Mr. Gay World competition in Antwerp, Belgium. And that’s when the claws really come out… What does it take to win? Unlike a lot of contests, age isn’t a factor; this year’s contestant from Switzerland is 43. Judges instead look for a charming, poised, and honorable man who is young at heart and who shows an interest in the world and people around him; one who displays patience, has a sympathetic and considerate nature; a person who will not be frightened by change, or things and people different from his own frame of reference, experience or cultural background; and, finally, a lack of arrogance. Not to be cynical, but you can see right off how quickly the herd can get thinned. All the events in Rome take place at Gay Village, a 6.5 hectare site in the city commandeered into an outdoor entertainment fangaysia with bars, dance floors, an open-air gym, an exhibition space and an outdoor cinemaplex (and is, FYI, open right through the Mr. Gay Europe competition and on into September). This is a classic example of cramming every possible gay-themed event that you can think of into the time allotted. The real irony? This isn’t even Rome’s Gay Pride event; that was back in June. Even as pageant contestants go head to head (ahem) on stage, spectators can wander off and get swept up in a veritable Mediterranean flesh-fest pulsating to the beats of some of the best DJs on Earth. Steele Luxury Travel can assist you in planning a Dolce Vita vacation in Italia! Contact us at or visit for more information! 6 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter




DON’T LOSE YOUR BALANCE ran into a friend of my mine the other day that was nursing a sprained ankle. When I asked what happened, expecting to hear that he over-trained or something similar, he replied that, “he had lost his balance crossing the street and tripped over a curb.” It might seem strange that someone who works out can suffer that kind of injury. But the truth is one of the biggest dangers we have, as we age, is falling or losing your balance. So let’s dedicate this column to discussing ways to improve your balance as part of your workout routine. As we age, our body can lose its quick reaction time and forget how to catch us when we fall. Adding some simple balance exercises is all you need to do. The next time you do your dumbbell exercises like bicep curls, overhead press, triceps extensions and other exercises simply do it standing on ONE leg. Also, passing time standing in line can be enhanced by seeing if you can stand on one leg for one minute without catching yourself. If you think it is too easy, then close your eyes while on one leg and you will feel the muscles in your legs work that keep you from falling. If you are trying this for the first time it would be a good idea to have something to grab on to. It’s much harder to do than it sounds. There are many items to assist with balance training used by athletes as well as the average person seeking better fitness. Such items are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Balance boards Stability balls or bosu balls Wobble boards Agility ladders As well as simply jumping or standing on one leg

Try standing on a wobble board and have someone toss a ball to you. Change the direction and speed at which the ball is thrown so that you have to think/react fast to catch it. Some advanced routines you can add to balance training is to place your knees/shins on a balance board. Then use the regular dumbbell exercises you normally do while standing to challenge your balance further. You can also use the ball as a bench and do your bench press/flies on it as well with dumbbells or barbell. The best thing about this type of program is that is does not need to replace any training you are currently doing - just supplement it. By simply adding one legged exercises and a variety of balance products listed above for 10-15 minutes during your workout will help you prevent the loss of balance that often occurs as you age. You will find that you have more stability in your every day activities. 7 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter


nderson Cooper is gay! Is that such a big deal? Coming out of the closet for celebrities like CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper, who recently came out publicly, can be a big deal and a boost to the gay community. The fact that Anderson Cooper is gay was no surprise to most, but it certainly made a statement. Why did Anderson Cooper’s coming out make such a big noise? Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory, Matt Bomer, the handsome star of White Collar and one of the hot dancers in the recently released film Magic Mike, and Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto all came out of the closet in quick succession this year to little fanfare, even though this writer screamed when he heard the news about Matt Bomer. While coming out of the closet is more a personal experience for those not in the limelight and stalked by the paparazzi, it is more a choice and a step in one’s personal development. Celebrities on the other hand are often scrutinized and even forced out of the closet. Former ‘N Sync member Lance Bass, who officially came out as gay in 2006, was almost pushed out of the closet by gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who himself is gay. While the gossip rags and gay sites like thrive on rumors of which celebrity is gay or not, it is frowned upon to actually out someone. The choice to come out is a personal one and should not be forced by someone like Hilton who is known for outing celebrities. After outing Neil Patrick Harris, the actor best known as the young doctor Doogie Howser, M.D. and the womanizing Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, the actor officially came out in 2006. “It upsets me that people think what I’m doing is a bad thing,” Hilton told Access Hollywood. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing. If you know something to be a fact, why not report it? Why is that still taboo?” With such a long list of out celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi (Ellen’s wife), Jody Foster, designer Marc Jacobs, Chris Hughes (one of the founders of Facebook), George Michael, Elton John, Ricky Martin, Frank Ocean, Clay Aiken, Lily Tomlin, T.R. Knight, Rupert Everett, Alan Cumming, Cynthia Nixon, Wanda Sykes, Nathan Lane, David Hyde Pierce, and Rosie O’Donnell, and the list goes on, why is the world making such a big fuss over com8 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

ing out? Coming out seems to be trendy and hip and is becoming less and less scandalous although some believe that it can be the death of a career. Actor Rupert Everett says in his autobiography, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, that he was in competition for roles in About A Boy and Basic Instinct 2 but lost the roles because of his sexual orientation. Obviously coming out hasn’t hindered actor Neil Patrick Harris who recently wowed millions as the host on this year’s Tony Awards, continues starring in How I Met Your Mother and won an Emmy for his guest role on Glee. In 1869, one hundred years before the Stonewall Riots, the 19th century LGBT rights advocate Karl Heinrich Ulrichs introduced the idea of coming out as means of emancipation. Ulrichs urged homosexuals to come out because he believed that invisibility was a major obstacle towards changing public opinion on the subject of homosexuality. The first prominent American to come out or reveal his homosexuality was poet Robert Duncan who wrote the landmark essay “The Homosexual in Society.” Coming out as a writer is not shocking or career suicide but it’s quite a different story for a politician or even a minister, especially if you’ve been preaching an anti-gay doctrine. The website recently posted a list of the “Top 15 Anti-Gay Activists Caught Being Gay.” Among them was the prominent anti-gay activist Pastor Eddie

–Ricky Martin

Long and George Rekers, an anti-gay lobbyist who published papers like “Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know About Homosexuality,” both caught with their pants down so to speak, but why give these types any ink, they only give the gay community a bad name and these guys were actually outed and didn’t voluntarily come out. In 1987, Barney Frank, U.S. House Representative for Massachusetts’s 4th congressional district, a good politician, became the first elected official in the United States to come out. The following year, Svend Robinson became the first Canadian Member of Parliament to come out. On the other hand, one’s coming out isn’t always met with cheers. In 2004 CNN reported that New Jersey Governor James McGreevey announced that he was gay and resigned from office. He was standing next to his wife at the time. The former Governor spoke about his struggle with his sexuality. “At a point in every person’s life, one has to look deeply into the mirror of one’s soul and decide one’s unique truth in the world, not as we may want to see it or hope to see it, but as it is,” McGreevey said. One wonders what the big deal is about coming out. Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian in 1997 on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the world loves her. Ellen, we all call her by her first name, has won 13 Emmys and The Ellen DeGeneres Show is viewed by an average of 2.74

Image Credit: © Featureflash,


Lance Bass

Matt Bomer

Image Credit: © Helga Esteb,

Ricky Martin

Image Credit: © s_bukley,


million viewers a day. When Puerto Rican pop singer Ricky Martin came out in 2010, it seemed the gay world cheered. While it had been speculated for years that the Latin singer was gay, it was a boost to the gay community to have him officially carry the gay flag. “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man,” said Martin in a statement that he posted on his website and was reprinted on The Huffington Post. “I am very blessed to be who I am.” Celebrities coming out in recent years have been greeted with more remarks along the lines of “it’s about time” or “what else is new?” rather than “oh, really.” In 2008, singer Clay Aiken came out as a gay father in a People magazine interview - an announcement that wasn’t ground breaking news. Comedian Wanda Sykes came out that same year to little fanfare and the following year singer Adam Lambert came out publicly in Rolling Stone magazine. A more shocking statement would have been if Lambert had announced he was straight. Matt Bomer, one of the chiseled muscular hunks in the film Magic Mike and the star of the USA Network’s White Collar, came out earlier this year while accepting an award at the Desert AIDS Project’s Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards in Palm Springs. The actor came out by acknowledging his longtime partner, Hollywood publicist Simon Halls and their three children. In an interview on E! Online, Bomer mentioned that at the time he was preparing for a role in the upcoming film adaptation of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart. He plays a gay journalist who contracts HIV. “My world has really been rocked by doing research for Normal Heart, just in terms of the history of HIV and AIDS,” he said.

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Image Credit: © Featureflash,

Sir Ian Mckellen

Image Credit: © s_bukley,

Ellen DeGeneres

Zachary Quinto

Image Credit: © s_bukley,

- Ellen DeGeneres

The most groundbreaking coming out announcement of late may be that of singer Frank Ocean, Kanye West collaborator. On July 4, Ocean published an open letter on his Tumblr blog sharing with the world that his first love was with another man. Actually he didn’t announce that he was gay but that he’s bisexual. What’s more surprising is that the hip hop community is supporting him. Russell Simmons wrote a short congratulatory article in Global Grind saying, “Today is a big day for hip-hop. It is a day that will define who we really are. How compassionate will we be? How loving can we be? How inclusive are we?” Coming out is still a scary thing for many. For every celebrity that comes out of the closet there are probably dozens still hiding behind that closet door– many known in the gay community as gay but still fearful to come out publicly. Is it wrong? Everyone has their reasons and we must all respect them. Some say Anderson Cooper’s coming out was a wellplanned strategy to earn ratings. When he stated that he’s gay (“always have been, always will be”) it made him TV’s first openly gay prime time anchor and the most prominent out journalist in America today. When celebrities come out, it’s big news but we usually only read about the fanfare and the hype. We rarely hear about their personal issues, the same ones that every gay man or woman faces when coming out. How will my friends react? How will my family take it? Will I be accepted? In 1975 homophobia ran rampant in sports. When former NFL running back David Kopay came out in 1975 there were no support

groups, no National Coming Out Day, no internet to blog about it. Coming out as a gay athlete was extremely brave and it wasn’t for ratings. In his 1977 biography, The David Kopay Story, he shares the behind-the-scene sexual proclivities of the heterosexual football players and their homophobia. Even though times are changing, only three additional former NFL Players have come out as gay, Roy Simmons in 1992, Esera Tuaolo in 2002 and Wade Davis in 2012. All three of these athletes have credited Kopay with inspiring them to be more open about their sexual orientation. In 1988, October 11 was designated as National Coming Out Day. Founded by Dr. Robert Eichberg, his partner William Gamble, and Jean O’Leary, National Coming Out Day became a day for celebration, a civil awareness day for coming out and discussing LGBT issues among the general population in order to put light on the subject of coming out and the LGBT rights movement. In the U.S., the Human Rights Campaign, under the National Coming Out Project, manages the event and offers resources to all in an effort to promote awareness of being gay and living honest and open lives. National Coming Out day is also observed in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland, and in Britain (on October 12). So you’re not Anderson Cooper or Ellen DeGeneres. Your coming out is still a big decision and an important step in your life. Today there are websites, blogs, and support groups to assist you along the way. There’s even a book titled: Outing Yourself: How to Come Out as Lesbian or Gay to Your Family, Friends, and Coworkers. You don’t need to read it, just give a copy to everyone you want to come out to. For those who actually wish to read up on the subject before making the leap out of the closet, and there’s a plethora of books available. You might want to read The Way Out: The Gay Man’s Guide to Freedom No Matter if You’re in Denial, Closeted, Half In, Half Out, Just Out or Been Around the Block. If you’re brave enough to buy a book on coming out (buying online doesn’t count), then you’ve made the first step. Still stuck at your computer? Check out where you’ll find Coming Out: A Guide To Coming Out Of The Closet. And if you’re reading this article, chances are the closet door is already open.

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Charcuterie Platter


Images Credit: The Cheese Course & Rafa Carvajal remember like it was yesterday when my mom brought a fondue set home for our family to enjoy a brand new dining experience. I was a young boy who was thrilled by the excitement of dipping an assortment of different items into a delicious melted cheese as we sat as a family around a pot kept warm by a live flame. That was exciting stuff for a little boy and his brothers.

Roasted Pepper & Eggplant Provencal Sandwich

My recent visit to The Cheese Course, a European-style artisanal cheese shop and bistro in Midtown Miami, brought back so many of those wonderful memories. Jesse Spencer and I enjoyed a delicious meal in a very relaxed atmosphere with a bottle of white wine – very reminiscent of some wonderful, relaxing meals I’ve had in Europe.

Dessert Cheese Course

Smoked North Atlantic Salmon Salad

Classic Swiss Fondue

The Cheese Course recently unveiled a new menu with a greater assortment of phenomenal cheeses and homemade spreads, plus full service dining on Friday and Saturday in a casual setting that is perfect to spend quality time on a date or with friends and family. You can enjoy several mouth-watering alternatives in the heart of Midtown Miami. We sampled several of The Cheese Course’s scrumptious choices during our visit last Thursday: 1) Classic Swiss Fondue with smooth, creamy swiss cheese paired with fresh baked breads; 2) Charcuterie Platter with prosciutto, Serrano ham, sopressatta, and saucission sec, served with parmigiano reggiano crumbles, cornichons, roasted red peppers, marcona almonds, mixed olives, and fresh bread; 3) Classic Greek Salad made with Feta cheese, chunks of tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, kalamata olives, dolmas, lemon vinaigrette and fresh baked bread; 4) Smoked North Atlantic Salmon Salad made with fresh goat cheese, cucumber, red onions, capers, dill, lemon vinaigrette and fresh baked bread, and 5) Roasted Beet Salad made with fresh goat cheese, sliced oranges, strawber-

ries, pine nuts, greens, honey-tarragon vinaigrette and fresh baked bread. Besides all the delectable food we enjoyed, The Cheese Course menu also includes 19 mouth-watering sandwiches such as the Roasted Pepper and Eggplant Provencal made with fresh goat cheese, tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, red onions, cucumbers, capers, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and greens; 9 succulent salads; and a wide array of cheese courses with yummy cheeses from around the world. They can help you create a cheese course unique to your taste and desires by selecting from over 100 cheeses plus accompaniments to match, or you can choose from several cheese courses that are part of their permanent menu selections. The Cheese Course has mastered the artistry of cheese right in our own backyard, so stop by for a dining experience unlike any other!

The Cheese Course, Midtown Miami, 3451 NE 1st Ave., Miami. 11 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

Assortment of Cheeses

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Frank Ocean

TARGET MAKES WAVES OVER FRANK OCEAN’S LATEST ooks like Target has found itself on the bad side of gay rights organizations once again. This time it’s over Channel Orange, the new album by R&B/ Hip-hop artist Frank Ocean. Earlier this month Ocean published an open letter on his Tumblr page to his “first love,” a boy he spent two summers with when he was 19. When describing their time together, Ocean wrote “Sleep I would often share with him. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless. There was no escaping, no negotiating with the feeling. No choice. It was my first love, it changed my life.” Besides being a heartfelt story about unrequited love, Ocean’s confession made history by making him the first openly gay R&B/Hip-Hop artist. Surprisingly, the industry, which generally has a derogatory view of homosexuality, has been very supportive of Ocean’s decision. Props by Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator were tweeted after the announcement as well as from fellow members of the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA). Hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons wrote in the Global Grind, “Today is a big day for hip-hop. It is a day that will define who we really are. How compassionate will we be? How loving can we be? …Your decision to go public about your sexual orientation gives hope and light to so many young people still living in fear.” So why has the retail giant suddenly decided NOT to carry Frank Ocean’s sophomore release, Channel Orange? Still a bit sour over the controversy involving a Minneapolis Target that donated $150,000 to a political group that backed an anti-gay marriage gubernatorial candidate; gay rights advocates don’t think this is a coincidence. Target publicly denied the finger-pointing on MTV News claiming the decision was based on iTunes’ advance sale of the album one week prior to the physical release date and saying “The claims made about Target’s decision to not carry the Frank Ocean album are absolutely false. Target supports inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of our business.” Whether you’re on Team Ocean or Team Target, one thing is clear: Channel Orange is an R&B masterpiece of emotion and melodies co-produced by Ocean himself and some of the hottest names in hip-hop including Malay, Om’Mas Keith and the legendary Pharrell Williams. The collection debuted at #2 on the U.K charts and was flooded with positive reviews even days before its official U.S. drop date. Only two years into his recording career, Frank Ocean is no industry rookie. The 24-year-old New Orleans native paid his dues writing for other major artists like Brandy, Justin Bieber, John Legend and Beyoncé and has collaborated with hip-hop icons Jay-Z and Kanye West. Now fresh from his recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon, his Coachella debut and all the pre-sale drama, it looks like Ocean is ready to start making some waves of his own.

If you’re a recording artist, musician or producer and would like your work featured on TOP TRAX, hit me up at 14 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter




JULY 19 - 25


The Spinners and The Manhattans will XXVII International Hispanic Theatre Fesbe hitting the stage of Hard Rock Live on tival of Miami, with productions from some of the best theatre companies from July 19 at 8 p.m. Latin America, Europe and the U.S., Nicki Minaj, currently on tour promoting comes to Miami with productions at venher second studio album Pink Friday: Ro- ues throughout Miami-Dade County thru man Reloaded, will be at the James L. July 29. Knight Center on July 24. Hair, the award-winning rock musical that recounts the hippie era, comes to Area Stage thru July 22. The Donkey Show, the celebrated smash hit, recreates a disco-era nightclub on the stage of the Arsht Center thru August 12. GableStage presents Race, Pulitzer Prize-wining playwright David Mamet’s new play, at GableStage at the Biltmore thru August 5. The play poses blunt quesTHEATRE Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion, a fusion of tions with provocative language that will ancient Chinese circus traditions and the leave everyone talking long after the avant-garde style of Cirque du Soleil, lights go down. comes to the BankAtlantic Center July Actors’ Playhouse presents Real Men 19 – 29.

Sing Show Tunes…and play with puppets, an inside glimpse of what it takes to be a man in a modern world, at the Miracle Theatre thru August 12.

Gorgeous Gallery, a homoerotic art book, along with photographer David Vance who will be signing his new book Jungle Fever on July 19 at 7 p.m.


Miami Beach Bruthaz Conference, the annual summer lifestyle event for gay men of color, offers a variety of parties, workshops, and networking opportunities at various locations throughout Miami Beach. For more info, visit www.

Actor/comedian Seth Meyers, best known for his political commentary on Saturday Night Live, brings his humor to the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek on July 19.


Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters 1985– 2010, exploring the role of the poster in efforts to prevent HIV/AIDS, continues at the Wolfsonian – FIU Museum thru September 2.

The annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim returns with a showcase for designers to launch swimwear and resort collections at runways set up in tents at the Raleigh Hotel July 19 – 23. www.

Tom of Finland: Male Masterpieces con- Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach, tinues thru July 31 at the World Erotic presents six-days of fashion shows and Art Museum. events showcasing swimwear at The Tent on Collins Park between 21st and 22nd EVENT Street on Collins Avenue and The Soho Author David Leddick will be at Books Beach House. Thru July 22. www.fash& Books South Beach with his new book

Submissions for On the Arts should be sent to: 15 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

Friday Night Fun @ TWIST

photos by Henry Perez, Wire Magazine Guests enjoyed a fabulous night at TWIST with delicious beats by DJ Scott Mann and a crowd that was sure to please. Seven different bars, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers, and, of course, the only place where there’s “Never a cover...Always a groove.”

TO VIEW ADDITIONAL PHOTOS FROM THIS & OTHER EVENTS VISIT: WWW.WIREWEEKLY.COM 16 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

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Sunday T Dance @ Palace

photos by Henry Perez, Wire Magazine Palace divas pack a punch every Sunday at the Palace Brunchic and T Dance with the most outrageous shows. Don’t miss the hottest spot on the ocean, with the sexiest people in town every Sunday on Ocean Drive. Stop by and taste the new BBQ menu!

TO VIEW ADDITIONAL PHOTOS FROM THIS & OTHER EVENTS VISIT: WWW.WIREWEEKLY.COM 18 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter


Image Credit: Ian Smith


urrounding the central theme of knowledge, culture, and fashion, Miami Beach Bruthaz returns to Miami Beach to bring partygoers from near and far an exceptional party weekend complete with an illustrious event line-up that is sure to make your head spin. Wire Magazine sits down with founder of MBB, Ian, to get the latest on this year’s event! Ian Smith, some people may not know that MBB has been around since 2006. What did you envision upon creating this event, and what encouraged you to create MBB? Miami Beach Bruthaz really started out of a need I saw among African-American and Latino same-gender loving men who were looking for something different. So, this idea was born under the theme of Knowledge, Culture and Fashion. And those three things are really the three pieces of Miami Beach Bruthaz that I try to bring to incorporate into each event.

Although your event caters to a variety of people, do you feel that there is a lack of major circuit events (i.e. White Party, Winter Party, etc.) that cater to the gay African American community? Well, it really depends on what people are looking for. I would say that there are major events that cater to the African-American audience in larger cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York, etc. But I still felt like there was room to create something a little different, something on a smaller, more intimate scale that encourages people to have fun on Miami Beach, but they can also get together and talk about major social, political and health issues. Describe Miami Beach Bruthaz for those who may not be familiar with the event. Miami Beach Bruthaz was founded in July, 2006 as an annual summer lifestyle event for same gender loving men from across the country. The event is focused around a central theme: Knowledge, Culture, Fashion and includes a variety of knowledge-filled and cultural events that promote unity, camaraderie, empowerment, emotional well-being and a sense of belonging among its attendees. The event is held the third weekend in July in South Beach and creates opportunities for attendees to enjoy a fun-filled, VIP-style weekend getaway on Miami Beach, while discussing social, economic, political and health issues during informative workshops. We’re known for our great events, quality accommodations, intimate settings and the attention we pay to customer service. What kind of music can partygoers expect for your upcoming party weekend and who is on your roster of DJs? We really like to mix it up each year at Miami Beach Bruthaz and give people a variety of music. Attendees will get everything from hip hop, to house/dance, to Brazilian beats and old school ‘80s and ‘90s. On Thursday, July 19, we’ve got DJ Dias who’s going to get us started with the MBB White Party at The Well at 444 41st Street with an open format, including some oldies but goodies. On Friday, July 20 we’ve got DJ Gavin who’s going to give us that hard hip hop beat at Discotekka at 950 NE 2nd Ave. On Saturday, July 21 we’ve got DJ Yung Mal at the pool party at the Congress Hotel on Ocean Drive from 12 - 8 p.m. Then on Saturday night, we’ve got DJ Rodolfo Bravat all the way from Sao

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Paulo Brazil who is going to turn it out at Score with those serious sounds of Brazilian house/ dance music. We’re rounding out the weekend at Palace on Sunday, July 22 with DJ Oren Nizri for our T-Dance party. You’ve been doing this for a number of years, I’m sure it takes a great amount of hard work and dedication to pull off such a large-scale event. What encourages your drive to produce such a successful event each year? To be honest, it’s the attendees and it’s also the local support I receive from the community. You’re right, this truly is a labor of love. It’s hard work and very tedious. But every year I meet lots of new people, I see some of the same people from previous years and everybody is having fun, enjoying themselves and building long-lasting friendships. People actually look forward to this event and some of them plan their birthday celebration around our weekend. Seeing that kind of participation from people really makes this worthwhile. What key components are needed to pull off a successful event year-after-year? Well, needless to say, the financial coverage is the backbone of the whole event, but it’s really about creating a quality product that people




can appreciate and want to come back for year after year. At the end of the day, are people happy and experiencing something they don’t get elsewhere? A number of local favorites are included in the MBB itinerary, what local venues have you teamed up with this year to host some of your parties? We’ve got The Well at 444 41st Street. Beautiful venue. We’ve got Discotekka in downtown Miami at 950 NE 2nd Ave. We decided to spread out a little bit this year. We’ve got Score at 727 Lincoln Road. They have been tremendous supporters of our event from the very beginning. And we’ve got Palace at 1200 Ocean Drive. We always round out our weekend with a great T-Dance at Palace. Your fashion show is always a hit, showcasing some of Miami’s (and abroad) beautiful models. What brand are you showcasing this year in your fashion show and how did you select your models? We’re doing something a little different with the fashion presentation this year. We are showing Andrew Christian at the MBB White Party on Thursday, July 19 and we’re also showing Mundo Unico at the MBB Pool Party on Saturday, July 21. I’m moving the more formal fashion industry show to Friday, October 5 in partnership with Celebrate Orgullo. So, we’re expecting a huge turnout and big names in fashion for that event. Where do you see Miami Beach Bruthaz in several years? I really hope to make this event more international, especially across the Caribbean and Latin American countries. We’re already making connections with Brazil, and I want to continue to groom that and develop our reach even more. Are there any new changes to Miami Beach Bruthaz this year or can guests expect the amazing line-up from previous years? We will always present a quality product for our guests. I think they can expect a few visual surprises at the MBB White Party. We definitely will get their senses going at that event. The hip hop party at Discotekka is also going to be a bit different. We’re working with EVO Miami to put on a quality show. And, the Brazilian house/dance party at Score will be one of those events that keep you on the dance floor all night long. DJ Bravat is over the top. How do you feel Miami Beach Bruthaz “stands out from the crowd” in reference to competing parties? I think because we do offer a variety of events with different music each night, we really give people a bang for their buck. It’s not the same product each night, it’s a different sound, a different space and a different experience. We really cater to the customer and our number one goal is to make sure everybody leaving Miami Beach Bruthaz is filled with Knowledge, Culture and Fashion! 20 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

Beats by DJ Scott Mann. Enjoy seven different bars, stiff drinks, beautiful dancers. EROS LOUNGE: Latin Fuego Thursday “Never a cover... Always a groove.” nights hosted by Teresita La Caliente. Shows at 11p.m. Free parking and SATURDAY JULY 21 $6 Cuba Libres all night long. 8201 DISCOTEKKA: Samba with Brazilian Biscayne Blvd. sounds by superstar DJ Rafael Calvente. MOVA: Happy hour 3 to 9 p.m. Vanity Doors open at 11 p.m. 950 NE 2nd Girl Thursdays gives you gorgeous girls Ave. & great music by DJ Zehno, $4 Miller Lites, $6 Finlandia cocktails, and a free MOVA: Happy Hour 3 to 9 p.m., folMiller Lite when you buy the shot of the lowed by FLASH Saturdays with the hottest music videos and visual entertainweek. 1625 Michigan Ave. ment by VJ Chris Racine til 3 a.m. $9 PALACE: Stiletto Nights with fierce drag Grey Goose cocktails all night. shows by host Missy Meiyakie and special diva cast members. Show at 6 p.m. PALACE: “Drags Gone Wild” with perWeekly drink specials all night. 1200 formances by Tiffany Fantasia and cast! Sounds by DJ Hans at 4 p.m. Ocean Drive. SCORE: Score hosts Pop Fever Thursdays. Fashionably Fit Party with beats by DJ Daisy D & AJ Reddy. Half price drinks from 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. No cover! 727 Lincoln Road.

SCORE: Miami Beach Bruthaz and Ejoy International present Brazil, with DJ Rodolfo Bravat. Doors open at 11 p.m.

TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 with Tommy and the locals from 1 to 9 p.m. on TWIST: Seven different bars, DJ everything. MUSCLE BOY Saturdays. Sushiman, stiff drinks, and beautiful Incredible beats by DJ Mika. “Never a dancers. DJ Adora hosts Sabroso in cover...Always a groove.” Bar 5! 2-4-1 Special on everything til 2 a.m. “Never a cover... Always a SUNDAY JULY 22 groove.”1057 Washington Ave. ANGLERS: Great food and delicious libations in one of the most beautiful bouFRIDAY JULY 20 tique resorts Miami Beach has to offer. MOVA: Edison Farrow’s HYPE Fridays. 660 Washington Ave. Beats by DJ Bryan Zero. $7 Finlandia LA DIOSA: DIOSA: Grand Grand opening opening night night of of drink specials all night. No cover. LA Goddess & & Adonis. Adonis. Open Open Bar Bar 10 10 p.m. p.m. “Where the men go out in South Beach Goddess 12 a.m. a.m. Music Music by by DJ DJ Franken, Franken, with with spespe–– 12 on Friday nights!” cial guest Our Lady of Tallahasse. 1334 cial guest Our Lady of Tallahasse. 1334 Washington Ave, Ave, Miami Miami Beach. Beach. PALACE: Drag Madness with fierce Washington shows by some of South Beach’s most spectacular drag performers! Show starts MOVA: Sucia Sundays with DJ Paul De Leon. Open bar from 9 – 10 p.m. $3 at 6 p.m. Threesome Shots, $4 Miller Lites, $5 Red SCORE: Penny Back Boyz host one of Headed Slut Shots and Herradura, and the hottest parties in South Beach, Filthy $6 Finlandia. No cover. Gorgeous Fridays, with sounds by international DJ Willy G. Celebrating the PALACE: South Beach’s most legendbirthday of international photographer ary drag brunch. 11a.m. to 4 p.m. with two seatings: 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Manny Roman. TWIST: Free Happy Hour BBQ at 6 p.m. Performances by Noel Leon. Afterwards,



check out the Sunday T-Dance with local TUESDAY JULY 24 DJs. MOVA: Tiffany Fantasia hosts DRAG SCORE: Karaoke night! Doors open at 9 BINGO, benefiting the LGBT Visitor’s p.m. Upstairs, HIP SUNDAYS, in associa- Center. Win amazing prizes courtesy of tion with Club Boi 2.0, featuring hip-hop, the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber house, and R&B beats by DJs Gavin T & of Commerce! Diaz from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

PALACE: “Dine With the Stars” featuring TWIST: 2-4-1 happy hour from 1 to a full roster of impersonators and show9 p.m. & the free BBQ at 6 p.m. stopping performances. Special guest Afterwards, Pussila’s amateur strip con- hosts and performances every week, with test. Upstairs DJ Paulie will be working it dinner specials starting at $19.95. out on the main dance floor. At TWIST: SCORE: Planeta Macho, the hottest “Never a cover...Always a groove.” Latin Party in Miami Beach, featuring Latin beats by award winner DJ George MONDAY JULY 23 Ferrero. Amazing shows by Miami’s best KILL YOUR IDOL: Dustin Reffca pres- female impersonators. Dancers on the 2nd level hosted by Teresita La Caliente. ents GLITTER BOX MONDAYS - South Beach’s hottest Monday night party with TWIST: 2-4-1 Happy Hour from 1 to multiple DJs, sparkling guest appearanc9 p.m. on everything. TWIST presents es, DJ Smeejay, DJ FR8-O and Maximus Keeping It Real Fun With Daisy D. Get 3000. $1 PBR, Beer, $2 Jell-O shots, $4 ready for ridiculous beats and $5 Jumbo Jack Daniels and $4 Vodka drinks all Blue Long Island Iced Teas all night long. night! 222 Española Way. “Never a cover. Always a groove.” MOVA: MOVA’s weekly SHOUT karaWEDNESDAY JULY 25 oke party with VJ AJ Reddy. Half priced drinks all night long and $5 glasses of EROS LOUNGE: Eros Idol Karaoke at wine. 8 p.m. Happy Hour 4 to 9 p.m. with $5 Long Island Iced Tea all night long. PALACE: Palace Drag Race hosted by the audacious Missy Meyakie LePaige MOVA: MOVA’s weekly College Night MOVA: MOVA’s weekly College Night with appearances by RuPaul’s Drag Race Wednesdays, Wednesdays, hosted hosted by by the the Penny Penny Back Back Season 4 contestant, Latrice Royale! Boyz. Boyz. DJ be be working the turnDJ Daisy DaisyD Dwillwill working the Absolut open bar from 7-8 p.m. Divas turntables, tables, $5 $5 Finlandia cocktails and and five Finlandia cocktails in drag receive $4 Absolut cocktails all five Miller LitesLites for only $15$15 all night long. Miller for only all night night long! SCORE: Happy hour with all drinks ½ price, followed by Video Freak where you can request your favorite music videos and enjoy $5 vodka cocktails, $7 martinis and $3 beers. No cover. TWIST: Happy Hour 2-4-1 drinks ‘till 9 p.m. Then it’s Arrasando hosted by Marco Perez & Nicholas Torres with beats by house diva Justice Divine. Join Nathan in the Frolic Lounge for signature mix of Pop and Top 20 & DJ Bryan Zero’s fab beats on the main dance floor.

PALACE: Elite Nights with live music and hilarious comedy presented by the one and only Noel Leon. complimentary Drinks from 8 to 9 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. SCORE: Martini Madness Night. A halfprice Happy Hour runs till 9 p.m. TWIST: Sean Brady hosts the Sean Brady Show. Karaoke and tons of entertainment all night long. TP Lords and DJ Felix on the main dance floor. 2-4-1 Happy Hour from 1 to 9 p.m. on everything. “Never a cover...Always a groove.”

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ire Magazine sits down with Vegas Dion of Discotekka to get the latest on Samba, an extravagant Brazilian inspired dance event, Waterworks, and exciting news about the expansion of Discotekka and what that means for its patrons. This time around, you chose a Samba theme. What influenced you to do Samba, a genre of music with so much flavor? In honor of one of our most beloved bartenders Italo, who is Brazilian, we were inspired in the heat of Brazil, the color, the music and of course the hot Brazilian boys to do this Samba event. For those who may not be 100% familiar with it, describe Samba in a few words. Samba is a Brazilian dance originating in Bahia and with its roots in Brazil. It has become an identity rhythm for Brazil. It is played with drums, strings and other percussion instruments. It is a catchy Caribbean, African rooted rhythm that is almost impossible to resist to move your body to.

he promises this night to be one not to miss. He flies in that same Saturday from Rio de Janeiro ready to serve the beats with a lot of style! There is a whole historical culture behind Samba. Are patrons encouraged to dress in celebratory attire, similar to that of a Samba parade in Rio, or should they leave that up to the Discotekka team? A party is not a party without a group of fun people that want to have fun…. TRUST ME, there is nothing more fun than dressing up. We encourage everyone to fluff their feathers and pop some color… DRESS UP and HAVE FUN!

Discotekka has really been heating things up with theme parties back-to-back. Will there be a regular Saturday anytime soon or are you sticking to the formula of theme parties which seems to be such a hit? THEME PARTIES will continue, it is what makes us….a big unveiling of a new space and a new era of Discotekka will How are you incorporating Samba come in the next following weeks. It is into the theme and what is going prime news, here in Wire Magazine, to be the overall feel of the party? that we announce that Discotekka’s Main Everything will have the feel of a Carnival Room will be only 21 and over and will in Brazil. The feathers, the color, the music open a NEW space “Forbidden at Disand of course the boys. House music will cotekka” for all under 21 patrons. But….. be pounding along with live drum beats Nothing will look the same ! SURPRISE and some eye candy for everyone to en- UNVEILING VERY SOON! joy. Rumors have it Waterworks will When thinking of a Samba party, be making an appearance at Dispeople immediately think of ener- cotekka again sometime soon. getic and lively music. Who have Can you confirm a date? you chosen to “serve” the beats In this heat…we cannot wait any longer, we need some WATERWORKS….pack for your Samba event? None other than the international Brazil- your swim trunks and put your cellphone ian DJ/Producer Rafael Calvente. Not a in a ziploc bag, the date is AUGUST 11! stranger to the South Florida party crowd,



Salvation: Olympixx @ Score

photos by Henry Perez, Wire Magazine ’d like to think that the recent Frank Ocean admission was just the beginning and that, in the wake of his announcement, scores of other hip hop figures -- and fans -- would suddenly feel empowered to come out of the closet and be embraced by their suddenly inclusive community.

The worst attacks on Ocean are largely hidden in the Net. Those anti-gay lyrics and that anti-gay urban culture? Just turn on the radio.

Is that going to change because of Ocean? Probably not, and that’s why I’m unable to muster much optimism that his Sadly, I can’t believe it. Ocean deserves bravery is going to make any difference credit for the mild but daring risk he took, overall to a culture that denigrates gays and personally and professionally, I wish even more so than women. him nothing but the best. Not that he cares, but hey, there aren’t all that many Imagine what would have happened if celebrities on that short well-wisher list. the top ten names in hip hop all came out in support of Ocean -- loudly and In any event, it was equally good to see proudly. How would it affect today’s urmuch of the public reaction positive, ban youth if a group of folks led by the although I think it’s notable that there likes of Diddy (or P. Diddy or Puff Pastry, wasn’t exactly an outpouring of support. whatever the hell it is this month) came If Ocean’s story was mild, then the sup- out and loudly praised his gay brother, port he engendered was faint -- nice, but Ocean? If Eminem did? If R&B’s Usher faint. There was certainly support from came out and said not only that Ocean such global figures as Beyonce, Jamie was cool by him but also that Ocean also Foxx and 50 Cent, among others. The had a nice ass? (Sorry, a little fantasizing support is nice but pales in comparison there.) to what, say, media’s Anderson Cooper received from his peers and fans follow- How much would that have done for ing his coming out. bringing a little enlightenment to a population desperately in need of it? But, that said, there has been some unpleasant reactions to Ocean too. You Ocean’s story would be far more sighave to dig deep into websites cater- nificant if that had been the case. But ing to hardcore hip hop fans to find the it wasn’t what happened. Instead, too stories claiming Ocean’s move was for many industry figures hid, said nothing. public reactions and otherwise criticizing him -- sometimes rather ferociously. They stayed silent so to not slow their flow of cash from exploiting and reinforcWhile the negative reaction to Ocean ing the worst possible human values. might not be making front pages, there’s a fundamental problem: critics’ lan- Frank Ocean elevated himself by taking guage, references and insults mirror the a risk. language and sensibilities of too much hip-hop and rap. The attacks on Ocean Sadly, too few of his peers are doing the sound like the lyrics to way too much ur- same. ban music. 22 | wire magazine | issue #29, 2012 | | facebook | twitter

In recognition of the upcoming Summer Games, Hilton Wolman took it back to the days of Salvation with “Olympixx;” also celebrating the birthday of international DJ/Producer Chris Cox. The hottest men and extreme beats filled Saturday’s largest gay dance party on Miami Beach.


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Wire Magazine Issue #29, 2012: Coming Out