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For Immediate Release: July 29, 2013 Announces New Social Media Blogging Platform The ENV2 blogging platform is now covered in an article on, a blog created by Australian online marketer and entrepreneur Lisa Devereaux. July 29, 2013 – A new post by Australian blogger and entrepreneur Lisa Devereaux is intended to raise awareness of the new blogging platform ENV2. “Count Down to the Revolutionary Newest Blogging Platform on the Internet!” describes this platform that provides the functionality to replace WordPress, tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, and more. For social media, ENV2 functions like Facebook and GooglePlus. Posts can be shared, liked, and commented on in the form of a newsfeed. Members of Empower Network will have profile pages in which they can add these posts and build their following. Users will also have flexibility within their account. Each account can feature multiple blogs and domains. In addition, videos from the site will be hosted by Empower Network, although URLs can be submitted if one wishes to use a different host. Any video or audio file can be shared via a mobile app; no computer is needed to update blogs on the site. The article also goes on to explain that ENV2 includes sales tools, such as a conversion engine allowing sales teams to communicate via email or private messages. Blog posts will be available in a news feed, while banners, images, and other graphics can be integrated with blog themes. The platform, therefore, is extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes. The product is also multilingual, complete with a language translation tool, and the blogging platform’s simplicity enables just about anyone to be able to use it. A 60-day pre-launch will be begin September 21, after which all of Empower Network will be transferred over to the new format. To learn more about ENV2 and its upcoming release, and about online entrepreneur Lisa Devereaux, go to About Lisa Devereaux Lisa Devereaux, and Australian blogger and entrepreneur, is a mother of twins and owner of The Last Degree blog begun in 2008. Originally intended to raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder, the blog has expanded into many subject areas such as relationships, children, careers, knowledge, wealth, health, and family. ### Contact: Lisa Devereaux Online Entrepreneur Brisbane, Australia

Thelastdegree com announces new social media blogging platform Announces New Social Media Blogging Platform