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Eating Clean: Is It a Useful Idea or Just a Popular Fad? Eating Clean and Clean Eating keep popping up everywhere these days. It’s promoted as the healthy answer to dieting, but is it really? Every year we go through the same challenges and every year we wonder why in December we step on the scale and we're five, ten, fifteen pounds heavier than at the beginning of the year. When January comes, we make resolutions. I'll go on a diet this year. I'll lose weight and get healthy. And every year, we go through the same patterns, usually by the end of January we're back to our old habits again.

We eat and drink whatever we want and then when we suddenly weigh a lot more we wonder what happened.

And additional weight might be the least of our concerns. We go to the doctor's for some ill-defined malady and find out we have cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Most people accept that our bad eating habits are putting us into the grave fast. Still we do nothing about it, so let’s look at what’s going on here. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses There's always a litany of excuses for not changing our old ways. Here are some of the standard excuses. See which ones are familiar to you. ✓ I'm under too much stress. ✓ Everyone at my company goes out to eat and drink for business. ✓ I have a slow metabolism. ✓ My thyroid doesn't work right. ✓ I don't have enough discipline to stick to a diet. ✓ A healthier diet costs a lot more and I don't have enough money. ✓ I want to eat healthy but my husband and children won't let me. ✓ I'm too busy and can't take the time to prepare the correct foods. ✓ It's the weekend and I just want to relax. I'll start on Monday. ✓ I've tried so many diets and they never work for me. ✓ I don't enjoy cooking so I can't prepare the right types of meals. ✓ I love to go out to eat and I can't enjoy dining out when I'm on a diet. ✓ The foods I need to eat to be healthy don't taste as good as the foods I enjoy.

Would You Change Your Life if You Had To?

Imagine this scene. You're in your doctor's office and he says to you, "With a few simple changes in your lifestyle, I can guarantee you that you'll live 20 years longer and be virtually disease free." Would you wonder what type of miraculous elixir he'd be able to offer you to ensure you stay younger than your years? Would you be surprised if you found out that all he was recommending was a lifestyle change that offered delicious foods and moderate daily exercise? Most people don't get this type of message from their doctors. Instead, they wait until they're dangerously heavy or feeling very ill. Even this type of desperate situation is still not enough to get many people motivated to make these important changes.

Why Are We So Lazy? The fact is that the human race has become quite lazy. We're parked in front of our computers all day long. Occasionally we get up to go to the bathroom and even that's an effort. When we come home we eat high-calorie processed foods and sit in front of our television sets well into the evening. If this doesn't describe you, then you're in the minority. What happened to the hunters, the climbers, the gatherers, the explorers? We're trapped inside the lifestyle of the 21st century. We've become sluggish. We eat sugar and drink coffee to perk ourselves up and when it only works for a few hours we eat more sugar and drink more coffee. The cycle of low energy begets more low energy. Even when we get up from a full night of sleep we're still tired. All of this can be changed with a commitment, not to a fad diet, but to a complete change in lifestyle. This new lifestyle will bring you health, energy, wealth, and a sexy new life partner. Oh, sorry, can't really promise the last two, but the first two are next to guaranteed and if you have those you might be able to acquire the other two as well. Here are some interesting statistics regarding wealth as related to eating habits and exercise. ✓ 70% of wealthy individuals consume less than 300 junk food calories per day, while 97% of low-income individuals eat more than 300 junk food calories daily. ✓ 76% of wealthy individuals do aerobic exercise at least four days a week, while only 23% of low-income individuals exercise this regularly.

✓ 76% of wealthy individuals believe bad habits lead to detrimental luck, while only 95% of low-income individuals believe the same. If you are interested in discovering more about eating clean – What is in the foods you are eating now? What are the facts revealed by scientific research? What simple eating changes will make the biggest difference? Can you turn around the damage of harmful foods? How do you guarantee healthy food will taste great? … read my Kindle book (it’s really cheap) Eating Clean to Stay Young: enjoy youthful energy, ideal weight and disease-free health. It comes with a free PDF: First Week Recipe Guide

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Eating clean is it a useful idea or just a popular fad  
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