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Welcome to Wildorado!

Every year the Wildorado Cattle Company chooses a word to describe how we want that year to go. This year we chose “thrive”. We chose this word because we are going to THRIVE despite all of the challenges that are being thrown at us. With that, we would like to welcome you to the 5th Annual Wildorado Cattle Company Production Sale. We are so excited for this year’s sale and cannot wait for you to see the great genetics that will be going through the ring.

This year, we would like to welcome Mr. Brody Russell, our new ag teacher, with open arms. Although he was thrown into leading the Wildorado Cattle Company, he wasn’t a stranger to it. He has consigned to our Annual Bull Sale since the beginning. Mr. Russell took the teaching job and has done an amazing job dealing with the chaos that goes on behind the scenes. He has already done so much for the Wildorado Cattle Company and we cannot wait to see where he leads this program in the future.


Our cow herd stems from the Stevenson Diamond Dot program in Hobson, MT. These cows bring the benefits and perfomance of proven northern genetics in a package that is adapted to our arid environment. Our cows do not receive special treatment because they are registered. They are expected to work for us just like any commercial herd. Papers and EPDs don’t mean much if the cows can’t work for a living and bring a calf in every year despite any adverse conditions the year may bring. Not only have our cows shown off their fertility in the middle of this drought by continuing to bring calves in, but those calves have continued to perform at a phenomenal level. The last 498 hd of fed heifers sired by our bulls graded 99% Choice or higher with 27% prime! Please reach out with any questions you may have about our sale offering this year. One of our students would love to visit with you and help point you towards the right bulls to fit your goals and needs.

We can’t thank you enough for your support throughout the years. If it weren’t for the love and support from our community members, sponsors, buyers, and families, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to gain this incredible experience. Because of you, we thrive. We are so blessed to have this Wildorado Cattle Company family and we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

~ Kenna Hougland

We are “Raising Leaders Through Raising Cattle”