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Short Films: The Saturday Afternoon Program, continued



Louis & Anne

LoLa Lane Listens World Premiere • Experimental short, USA, 2007, B/W, digital video • 6 min Director: Jake Barningham SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

A bit player on an old black-and-white movie gets our attention.

Louis & Anne Midwest Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 8 min Director: Austin Alward Writer: Austin Alward; cinematography: Andreas Burgess; editor: Austin Alward; music: Tom Hagerman, Shawn King; sound design: Christophe Etrillard; photographers: Danielle Voirin, Alice Fras; cast: Joanna Belloni, Martial Crebier

A stylish Parisian adventure, filmed by UW grad Austin Alward and Madison native Andreas Burgess.

Red Sky in Morning Experimental short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 5 min Director: Andy Underwood-Bultmann Music: Kathy McTavish

An experimental film with images of ships and the sea, by UW graduate Andy Underwood-Bultmann, who now lives in Minneapolis.

17 Year Cicada World Premiere • Experimental short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 2 min Director: Eric Gerber Sound design: Andrew Rosas SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

A sound and image montage of a cicada. Eric Gerber and Andrew Rosas graduated from the UW–Milwaukee film department in 2005. Several of their films have appeared in past Wisconsin Film Festivals.


Tesla and the Bellboy


Madison Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2007, B/W, digital video • 4 min Director: Timothy Ziegler Director of photography: Hugh Mackey; music: Sean Ziegler; production sound: Shiho Miyazawa; sound design: Dan Flosdorf; assistant director: Emily Sheskin; producer: Laura Nemesi, Timothy Ziegler; cast: Lawrence K. Cantor, Zach McCoy SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

Nikola Tesla, renowed (and perpetually broke) inventor, is confronted in his hotel apartment by a timid bellboy collecting payment for The Bill. This comic short film is based the legend that Tesla used a “deathray” to ward off payments for his residence at the Hotel New Yorker. Ziegler is from Edgerton, now living in New York. His film Pinmonkey won Best Wisconsin Student Narrative Short Film at the 2007 Wisconsin Film Festival.

Short Films: The Saturday Night Program SAT, APR 5 • 7 PM Monona Terrace


Filmmaker(s) scheduled to attend.

Birthmark World Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 11 min Director: David Woods Writer: David Woods; director of photography: Francisco Bulgarelli; editor: Thomas Reagan, Jr.; original music: Joe Kraemer; art director: Kelsey Fowler; costume designer: Heather Marie Bas-

Tesla and the Bellboy sett; sound editor: Wilson Dyer; executive producer: David Woods; producer: John Schwert; coproducers: Melissa Cao, Thomas Ethan Harris; cast: Matthew J. Evans, Maribeth Monroe, Lauren Eckstrom, Paul Willson

A kid feels embarrassed about the obtrusive birthmark on his neck, until he finds some inspiration from an unlikely role model. David Woods is a post-production supervisor for the television show Everybody Hates Chris.

The European Kid Wisconsin Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2006, color, digital video • 23 min Director: Ian Martin Writer: Ian Martin, Erik Johnson; director of photography: Matt Egan; editor: Kipp Norman; composer: Cory Hills; cast: Ben Grinnell, Candace Taylor Snapp, Katy Colloton, Serena Vesper, John Paulett, Ian Martin, Joey M. Baren, Joe Lazicki, John Cates, John Mobley SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

Filmed in Elmhurst, Illinois, on the street where director Ian Martin grew up, The European Kid wittily chronicles the complications experienced when Neil’s first date with Caitlin leads to her (accurate) jealousy over her sexy older sister. Oh, yeah, and the thugs are after him to collect their betting winnings. Edited by Wisconsinite Kipp Norman, who edited Nerdcore for Life (also playing here). Winner, Jury Prize, 2008 Wisconsin Film Festival.

Heather Midwest Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2006, color, digital video • 27 min Director: Melissa Lawrenz Writer: Melissa Lawrenz; director of photography: Freddy Miller; editor: Melissa Lawrenz; production designer: Mercedes Yolanda Cooper; composer: Kate Simko; executive producer: Melissa Lawrenz; cast: Jamie Parker, Roni Geva, Christopher Markham, Carrie Lee Patterson, Thad Anzur, Cheryl Makowitz SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

A smart performance by promising actor Jamie Parker anchors this story of a highschool outsider with a ill-advised crush on a popular boy. Although Heather’s dark moodiness doesn’t seem like a match for football star Steve, he tolerates her attentions in a way that signals he might be interested. Heather and her best friend sneak into the Steve’s weekend party, where Steve and Heather have an encounter that is nothing like what she imagined. Melissa Lawrence is a UWMadison graduate.

Check Please Pop Foul Madison Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 20 min Director: Moon Molson

Coming home from Little League, a boy and his father get pushed around by the local thugs. The director says the film “delves into the nature of the lies that family members tell one another in the name of protecting each other, and how those lies can go wrong even though the they’re told with good intentions.” Winner, 2006 Student Academy Award; REEL Shorts Jury Prize, 2007 South By Southwest Film Festival; and the HBO Short Film Award; 2006 American Black Film Festival.

17 Year Cicada

Short Films: The Sunday Morning Program SUN, APR 6 • 11 AM UW Cinematheque



Filmmaker(s) scheduled to attend.

A Fall World Premiere • Narrative short, United Kingdom, 2007, color, digital video • 35 min Director: Jamie Quantrill Writer: Jamie Quantrill; director of photography: John Ford; editor: Jamie Quantrill; music: Jonny Pilcher, Bradford Bailey; production design: Andrew Edwards, Jamie Quantrill; art direction: Andrew Edwards, Jamie Quantrill, Julian Quantrill, Maja Zamojda; costume design: Esther Grimes, Jamie Quantrill; producer: Jamie Quantrill; Make-up: Esther Grimes, Elaine Barnet; cast: Vida Sneckuviene, Jack Snowling, George Lupson, Joshua Parry, Lara Costa, Ron Delves, Pedro Rosa, Maja Zamojda, Jeanne Gonçalves, Alex De Almeida In English, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Greek, Russian with English subtitles

In 1965, the east coast of England was hit by the worst storm in a century. A million birds were swept from European skies and fell upon the coastline. It is now present day, and the residents of an isolated British seaside town — including workers from Portugal and Lithuania — witness this spectacle of biblical proportions, thrown together by the most unlikely of coincidences in the most familiar of places.

Fencing North American Premiere • Narrative short, Iceland, 2007, color, 16mm • 13 min Director: Sygtryggur Baldursson Writer: Sigtryggur Baldursson; cinematographer: Johann Sigfusson; editor: Hilmar Darry Flygenring, Sigtryggur Baldursson; sound engineer: Ben

Birthmark Frost; original score: Sigtryggur Baldursson; producer: Anna Dis Olafsdottir, Johann Sigfusson, Steen Herdel In Icelandic with English subtitles SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

Old timer Guðmundur is a very private man. While working in the sewer system he has a vision of a snake and old-style rubber shoes like his dad used to wear. He firmly believes that his time is up.This sends him on a voyage to come to grips with his life and his love for his fence. Sygtryggur Baldursson is a musician who has spent many years in Madison and returns to play with the Reptile Palace Orchestra and others.

Pop Foul Lustig World Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 16 min Director: John Francis Black II Producer: Ruben Flores Rios II, Carrie Morrison; cast: Scott Carter, Eric Evans, Ilka W. Fischer, Jeff Wincott In German with English subtitles SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

A shabby traveling man seeks out the house of a young German woman and her son, to tell them a terrible secret from the war. A period film based on a story from the life of Branko Lustig, an Auschwitz survivor and film producer (Blackhawk Down, American Gangster).

Infinite Justice


Wisconsin Premiere • Narrative short, Germany, 2006, color, 35mm • 2 min Director: Karl Tebbe Cinematography: Jaime Barrios; editor: Veit Sprenger, Karl Tebbe; dramaturgy: Veit Sprenger; animation: Karl Tebbe, Marjorie Bendeck; production design: Frances Soeder, Miriam Gröber; costumes: Helga Tebbe; sound design: Shinya Kitamura; producer: Marjorie Bendeck; production company: Fachhochschule Dortmund

World Premiere • Narrative short, USA, 2007, color, digital video • 15 min Director: Tate Bunker Assistant director: Jessica Kaminski; music and sound: Peter Batchelder; cast: Bobby Ciraldo, Frank Straka, Isabella Kralj, Mark Anderson SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own Presented with the support of Case IH.

Scenes from Saddam Hussein’s capture, the fall of Baghdad, and Abu Graib are acted out using plastic action figures and the voices of German television news reports.

A surreal fantasy of medieval darkness and disgust, as Perceval watches men become animals. Sir Lancelot appears, shining and tall — does Perceval follow Lancelot’s heroism, or is that a false seduction? Winner, Jury Prize, 2008 Wisconsin Film Festival.

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