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JUNE 2014

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE It’s Better...Down Where It’s Wetter




12 TRANNY TALES By Danielle Hunter 18 STRAIGHT GIRL IN A GAY WORLD By Karen Brown




22 PINOCCHIO By 26 JUNE CALENDAR Pull-Out Centerfold


30 CHI CHI LaRUE INTERVIEW Interview With The Queen of Porn


Our mission at What’s Happening Magazine is to create a publication that helps unite our GLBT community. By becoming a voice in the community, we will create opportunity and security for gay and gay friendly businesses. PUBLISHERS Peter Aguas & Francisco Garcia

EDITOR Kiernan Kelly

Contributors: Karen Brown, Kristofer Reynolds, Dylon Myers, Tim “Snaps” Thomas, Danielle Hunter, Dylon Rosser & Greg Fox W HAT ' S HAPPENING MAGAZINE P.O. Box 52434, Sarasota, FL 34232 INFO 321.328.0774| FAX 321.400.6572 WEBSITE Atlanta . Savannah . New Orleans Sales - Jesse Lirette Orlando Sales - Marcy Matthews M& Central Florida Sales - Eddie Sotomayor West Coast Sales - William Shockley South Florida Sales - Victor Adorno WHM is a regional publication distributed Statewide throughout Florida and also in Savannah, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Ad submission deadline for JULY Edition is JUNE 15, 2014.


artist: Sakimi Chan


he time for pool parties, foam pits and general shirtless opportunities has arrived. Many of you have taken the last two months as a chance to work on honing your beach bods to perfection while others have been happy to accept the bodies that the good lord and Papa John’s Pizza has given you. To both extremes of men and everyone that fall somewhere in that spectrum - THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU TO HAVE FUN THIS SUMMER! Starting with the Gay Days 2014 festivities going on all over the amazing city of Orlando! For those of you that have lived under a rock or are a newbie to the High Holy Days of Gay, this is the time during the first days of summer that a silent beacon goes out at such high frequency that only Gay people (and squirrel's can hear it) luring them to Central Florida to congregate for the annual shenanigans. We have been enjoying these parties and gatherings for many years now and have put together a small list of events that you definitely do not want to miss if you are attending Gay Days for the first time. We hope that you enjoy this MUST DO list and tell us about a couple of your very own special experiences during this years events. Most of all, remember to have fun, meet as many new friends as you can and BE SAFE! • SATURDAY NOON DEMONSTRATION AT THE MAGIC KINGDOM: This event was the beginning of it all. If it is your first time attending Gay Days - YOU MUST GO! Everyone is asked to wear the traditional red t-shirt to signify that you are part of the GLBT community. The sea of red t-shirts then gather in front of Cinderella's Castle to show the world our unity as we come together for this peaceful demonstration which follows the noon parade at Disney. It is an experience that has to be LIVED at least once. Then you can stand for two hours and wait to ride Space Mountain or Haunted Mansion attractions. (NOTE: This is the only day of the year where the lines are as FUN to be as the actual rides). • OFFICIAL POOL PARTIES AT THE HOST HOTEL: There will be several pool parties going on simultaneously throughout the city. If you are not fortunate enough to be invited to one hosted by a local, then there are always the ones that are going on at the host hotel. We highly recommend the several that will be presided over by our very good friend DJ Chi Chi LaRue! Also, once you are done at the S&M (stand and model) pool make sure to


work your way over to the designated Bear Pool where there will most definitely be a Bear Soup jacuzzi and all-accepting loving people having a great time while bobbing in the water with libation's in hand (in plastic tumblers of course). •Typhoon Lagoon: This party is EPIC and it never disappoints. Disney designed watersides under the stars, wave pools that’ll knock the skimpy Speedos right off you and simply THOUSANDS of the hottest men from around the world showing off their their God-given assets! How can it go wrong? Shuttle buses take you back and forth from the host hotel allowing you to attend, drink (yes, there are cash bars) and avoid looking for your parked car at three o'clock in the morning. This one is a a sure-thing so don't you dare miss it. • GAY DAYS BUSINESS EXPO: Everyone should definitely take a moment and attend this yearly aspect of the festivities. There is always great swag that is given. Not to mention, wonderful gay and gay friendly businesses that are there to offer you incredible deals from sexy underwear & swimsuits (in case you need fresh ones) to unique jewelry. Also, don't miss the Adult Expo for any last minute "sundries" you might have forgotten to bring or were too embarrassed to stuff in your suitcase. • TEA DANCE AT EPCOT: Do not miss this very special event at EPCOT! This is one of our very favorites. It puts the perfect punctuation to the week long fun, as it is usually the last official event. Retro Disco music is played, fans are whipped open and twirled and new friends are exchanging FB addresses. The night culminates with the most beautiful display of fireworks called Illuminations for which the GLBT attendees is escorted around the world pavilion to the applause of all those enjoying the theme parks into a V.I.P. spectator area. It will send chills up your spine and coax a tear down your cheek. We promise. Finally, DO NOT forget that the city of Orlando is not comprised of just the host hotel. There are several amazing downtown mega and neighborhood bars that have planned special events for you this weekend. Make sure that you leave a couple of evening opens to enjoy those as well! . HAPPY GAY DAYS 2014! Peter Aguas & Frank Garcia OWNERS/PUBLISHERS OF WHM

arlier this year, I decided to take a mental health day from work and stay home and catch up on all the movies that I had not seen in the last year. Due to the fact that I work, for the most part, during the late evening hours and most of my friends are nine-to-fivers, I have a hard time being able to find time for movie dates when a movie debuts in theaters. That is why I love to stay home, turn off all the lights, crawl under my covers and watch a quintuple feature of the films that I have not yet seen to date (and probably couldn’t convince anyone to watch with me). Now, I’m normally not the sappy type that enjoys chick-flicks, but I have been known to enjoy a musical or two. Especially, if said musical is produced by Pixar/Disney. Let’s face it, they are the last refuge for the movie musical in this day and age and I don’t mind saying that I’m a FAN. Ever since I heard the song Let It Go sung by Edina Menzel (or how John Travolta knows her Adele Dazeem - sorry couldn’t help myself), I knew that I had to watch this film. I made sure that I made the environment perfect for the screening by turning down the air conditioning into the low 60s and started to enjoy this FROZEN spectacle of a movie. I have to say that it was love at first viewing and outside of Cinderella (Tranny Tales Trivia - I choose Danielle as my name when transitioning because it is the REAL name of Cinderella in the Grimm’s Fairytales version), Elsa will probably remain one of the characters with which I truly identify with. All my life, like Elsa, I felt like I had to hide a secret from not only the rest of the world, almost worse, from my closest friends and family. Being made to feel like you can’t show your true self and talents to those closest to you does something to your heart that is hard to explain. This movie, I believe illustrates it beautifully with the metaphor of Elsa’s heart growing colder and more distant because of her special gifts. It is not until our protagonist learns that the only way to experience true happiness in life is to LET GO and BE YOURSELF that she finds the true meaning of understanding and love. In the end, it is the selfless act of a love one (her sister in the movie) that teaches Elsa that she should have never hidden her true self in the first place. As LGBT people this movie has much to teach us. I hope that young children questioning their place in the world are helped along by viewing this film. With luck, they won’t have to go through some of the hardships that hardwe’ve experience by learningby ships that we’ve experience these lessons on. early on. learning theseearly lessons One more thing, of all the Disney heroines she’s also my favorite now because she is NOT a princess! Honey, don’t get it twisted Miss Elsa is a QUEEN!



artist: Ayya Sap -

tart sucking those lemon wedges, slipping on those Speedos and greasing up that Grindr, GAY DAYS 2014 is upon us. That yearly tribal rite where lust is on the loose, lube is measured by the liter, Bears are at the Boston Lobster Feast (Buffet) on I-Drive (STRAIGHT GIRL TOURIST TIP – It’s not a true Boston Lobster Feast experience unless you snap a group photo by the Lobster Mobile in the parking lot!) and pride is prominently displayed on every body part! Not to mention, the official libation of the LGBT community – VODKA! It seems the newest flavor is Smirnoff’s Pineapple Coconut Sorbet Light. Doesn’t this just sound like vodka for a Twink in a silver Spandex Banana Hammock! For that hot Latin boy flavor, taste test new Absolut Cilantro. While we all enjoy a cocktail, I can’t name one of us who enjoys a hangover. It IS the silent killer of a GAY DAYS good time. (STRAIGHT GIRL most overheard conversation at GAY DAYS - “So, where’s so and so?” “They are sleeping it off.”) So, in an effort to educate and illuminate, your Straight Girl in a Gay World has done a little research and discovered a company that should be the official sponsor of every gay event from here to the 3014 Red Rocks Ball on planet Mars. Hangover Heaven! Dr. Jason Burke in Las Vegas has researched the cures for Veisalgia the clinical name for hangover. (Frankly, Veisalgia sounds like something that could be cured with a series of Penicillin shots.) He’s discovered there are various cures based on gender, ethnicity and severity of condition. It seems his team drives a tour bus to your hotel, hooks you up to an IV and VOILA, you’re ready to go again. It’s sort of like Viagra for your liver. They even sell hangover prevention packs online to take before you imbibe. Check them out at I’m going to mention it to the GAY DAYS people; this could be a more profitable partnership than Miley and TWERKING! Speaking of Miley, GAY DAYS is more than just anonymous SAFE SEX and Mickey Mouse! I consulted the ever popular DJ Scott Robert of the Parliament House Resort about the hottest mixes this summer. DJ Scott habitually has his headphones tuned in to the latest trends! Apparently, The Saturdays are the NEW Spice Girls, Little Mix is a conjoined gem of X-Factor fame and Betty Who will be very HOT! We’ve covered the basics – Grindr (check), lube (check), CONDOMS (check), buffet (check), Vodka (check), hangovers (check), music (check) what’s left? The chance to “swim” with 300 other boys in the hotel pool/foam party/gang shower/bathhouse or three way Dom Perignon downpour. And of course for the purists the chance to invade Disney World in a sea of red shirts and maybe get a blow job on Splash Mountain! Remember the official Straight Girl in a Gay World’s GayDays motto – “If you’re not getting laid, you’re not doing it right!” HAPPY GAY DAYS TO ALL!



 ORLANDO CLUBS BARCODES BAR 4453 Edgewater Drive (407) 412-6917

HAMMERHEADS BEER & WINE BAR 8526 Palm Parkway (407) 778-4804 HANKS BAR 5026 Edgewater Dr. (407) 291-2399 NEW PHOENIX 7124 Aloma Ave. (407) 678-9070 PARLIAMENT HOUSE 410 N. O.B.T. (407) 425-7571 PULSE ORLANDO 1912 S Orange Ave. (407) 649-3888 RBARR - DISCOTEK & COCKTAIL BOUTIQUE (NEW) 375 S Bumby Ave (407) 412-5039 SAVOY ORLANDO 1913 N. Orange Ave. (407) 898-6766 STONEWALL BAR 741 W. Church Street (407) 373-0888 THE BRINK LOUNGE 47 W Amelia St (407) 649-0053 WOODSTOCK ORLANDO (COMING SOON) 500 N Orange Blossom Trail  ACCOMMODATIONS EO INN & SPA 227 N Eola Dr. (407) 481-8485 PARLIAMENT HOUSE 410 N. Orange Blossom (407) 425-7571  ATTRACTIONS BLUEMAN GROUP 1000 Universal Studios Plaza (407)BLUE-MAN CIRQUE DU SOLEIL 1590 East Buena Vista Drive (407)939-7328

UNIVERSAL THEME PARK 6000 Universal Boulevard (407)363-8000 WALT DISNEY WORLD West Buena Vista Drive (407) 939-6244  FASHION/RETAIL MOJOMAN SWIMWEAR 653 Maguire Blvd Suite 800 (407)558-0725 UBU APPAREL 811 Virginia Ave (407) 436-7440

 COMICS & COLLECTIBLES ACME COMICS 905 E State Road 434 (407) 331-0433 COLISEUM OF COMICS 177 Towne Centre Circle Sanford (407)324-1800  HEALTH & BEAUTY CLUB ORLANDO 450 East Compton Street (407) 425-5005 EMBELLISH F/X 2628 Edgewater Dr (407) 849-0040 EO INN & URBAN DAY SPA 227 N Eola Dr. (407) 481-8485 NOVA COSMETIC CENTER 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd (407) 680-2006 RITZY RAGS 928 N Mills Ave (407) 897-2117 SPLIT ENDZ HAIR & NAIL 3331 Curryford Road (407) 898-9551  PROFESSIONAL SERVICES GOTCHA GRAPHICS 1809 South Orange Ave (407) 839-8800 INNES LAW FIRM - LONGWOOD P.O. Box 916894 (407)505-1304 I REPAIR NOW.COM 4104 Millenia Blvd Suite113 (855) 547-3724 VIP VALET & SHUTTLE SERVICE Parties, Events.. Call Johnny Fantozzi (407)616-8774  RESTAURANTS FUNKY MONKEY WINE COMPANY 912 N. Mills Ave. (407) 427-1447

POM POM’S SANDWICHERIA 67 Bumby Ave. (407) 894-0865 RAINBOW CAFÉ 410 N. Orange Blossom (407) 425-7571 SEA THAI RESTAURANT 3812 E. Colonial (407) 895-0985 TAKO CHEENA (ASIAN FUSION) 932 Mills Ave (321) 236-7457

 ADULT/NOVELTY BACK ROOM STORE FAIRVILLA MEGASTORE 1740 N. Orange Blossom Blvd (407) 425-6005  PET SERVICES DANDY DOGGY DO’S Curryford & Dean Rd (Next to Publix) 407) 381-1160  RELIGIOUS JOY M.C.C. 2351 South Ferncreek Ave (407) 894-1081 HOPE UNITES UCC 425 Columbia Street (407) 247-5294 OASIS FELLOWSHIP 3955 Red Bug Lake Road (407) 461-8685  RESOURCES 24 HR HOTLINE (407) 701-5659 EQUAL - UCF GLBSU (407) 860-4733 HIV/AIDS SUPPORT (407) 277-3938 THE HOPE & HELP CENTER OF CENTRAL FLORIDA 1935 Woodcrest Drive 407-645-2577 THE CENTER - GLBCC 946 North Mills Ave. (407) 228-8272 ORLANDO YOUTH ALLIANCE (321) 279-8041 PFLAG (407) 236-9177 ZEBRA COALITION HOTLINE (877-909-3272)  SPORTS & SOCIAL ORGS. CENTRAL FLORIDA SOFTBALL LEAGUE (407) 893-4966


 THEATRE CARR PERF ARTS CENTRE 401 West Livingston Street (800)448-6322 THE ABBEY 100 S Eola Dr #100 (407) 704-6103 THEATRE DOWNTOWN 2113 North Orange Ave (407) 841-0083 THE VENUE 511 Virginia Dr (407) 412-6895

COCOA BEACH/ MELBOURNE COLD KEG NIGHTCLUB 4060 West New Haven (321)724-1510  THEATRE KING CENTER 3865 North Wickham Rd (321)242-2219

DAYTONA CLUB 17/92 83 US Highway 17/92 (386) 682-7326  ACCOMMODATIONS AUGUST SEVEN INN 1209 S. Peninsula dr (386) 248-8420

 GAINESVILLE UNIVERSITY CLUB 1 East University Ave (352) 37-6814


THE COPA & TROPIX 2330 South Pine Ave (352)351- 5721 THE PUB 14 NW 5th Street (352)857-7255

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inocchio for as long as he could remember, wanted to be a REAL BOY. When his Daddy Geppetto first decided to carve him out of scrap wood in his toy shop, he put so much love and longing into having a beautiful son that his wishes were heard by the great and good Blue Fairy. “One day I’m going to leave this toy shoppe and see the world for myself. I’m sure that it’ll be very fun and gay,“ exclaimed Pinocchio. Just at that moment the Blue Fairy appeared and granted him his wish. But, she told him that he only had one night of FUN in the real world and could not lie or get into trouble or he would never become a REAL BOY. Pinocchio agreed whole-heartedly and took his best friend Jiminy Cricket with him to make sure he stayed out of trouble. Pinocchio fist ventured to Pleasure Island. There he met, boys of all types and sizes. They were all eating candy and tasty drinks that made Pinocchio forget about his Daddy and all the things the Blue Fairy had warned him about. He was there so long, he lost all track of time. Finally, he remembered the Blue Fairy’s warning and decided to heed Jiminy’s advice and headed home. Once there, the Blue Fairy could smell the lingering cocktails he had enjoyed on Pleasure Island and asked,”Pinocchio is there something that you want to tell me before I grant you your final wish to become a REAL BOY?” Pinocchio looked her straight in the eyes,”Nope. I’ve been a VERY good boy.” What the Fairy didn’t tell Pinocchio is that she enchanted him before leaving the toy shop and watched as his nose started to grow with each lie. She looked at him and Jiminy and said,”What the hell, you only live once kid.” The morale of this story is no matter how sweet and honest they look on the outside ALL BOYS LIE WHEN THEY’VE GOT WOOD. Happy Gay Days!


photography by:

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WHM: Tell your fans where they can see you this year at Gay Days 2014? CC: I’ll be judging the Miss Gay Days pageant on Wednesday night and DJ’ing the big GLOW pool party Saturday night! I’m just so EXCITED to get there and get the party going! WHM: What can we expect from your DJ’ing sets? CC: Fun, GAY music of all types. I like to throw in a little of everything. WHM: Will you be spinning in Drag? After all, it is summertime in Florida! CC: Chi Chi is much more fun then Larry. Well, at least most of the time! LOL! WHM: While you are not entertaining during Gay Days 2014, what is your favorite party or theme park to go to? CC: I’m not a really a theme park kinda gal, but i might hit up Disney’s Magic Kingdom this year. WHM: Of all your amazing careers, which do you prefer doing the most? CC: Im just blessed to have had the opportunity to do all the things i love - DICK AND DRAG! WHM: Tell us about any new projects you are excited about? CC: I have a great t-shirt line ,Chi Chi LaRue Apparel that's available at my store in West Hollywood and I just finished 4 new Movies starring NEW exclusive


Jason Phoenix, Trenton Ducati, Johnny Hazzard, Logan Vaughn and a whole bunch more BANANAS!

WHM: You appear on a regular basis in Florida, have you ever considered moving out to the east coast? CC: Every time I'm in Fort Lauderdale I think about it, but i can't live at the Pineapple Point. Can I? WHM: Are there any names of new "stars" we should be looking out for? CC: I can’t stop talking about him! Jason Phoenix, in my opinion he is the most exciting guy to get into this in a long time! Watch out for his 6'3 ass. WHM: We understand that you will be a group host during ALandCHUCK.travels ALL GAY CHARTER - Drag Stars at Sea. Tell us a bit about that and will you be spinning there too? CC: Drag, Drag and then MORE Drag! It’s for all the lovers of things that sparkle! I'll be doing a new party on this cruise called Chi Chi's Naughty Party. I'm just waiting for to choose the Porn Star they want. So, get your pajamas ready kids! WHM: Can we expect to see any of your famous actors along with you during Gay Days or on the Drag Stars at Sea cruise? CC: You mean Porn Stars right? LOL! I promise you, there will be a SHIP load!

NORTH & WEST COAST GUIDE TALLAHASSEE RELAPSE - FRIDAY NIGHTS AT REHAB 926 West Tharpe St (843)274-3104 RESOURCES THE FAMILY TREE 2450 North Monroe St (850)222-8555 PENSACOLA EMERALD CITY 406 East Wright St (850)433-9491 THE CABARET 101South Jefferson St (850)607-2020 THE ROUNDUP 560 East Heinberg (850)433-8482 PANAMA CITY BEACH SPLASH BAR 6520 Thomas Drive (850) 236--3450 CROSS CITY SOUTHERN COMFORT CAMPGROUND 50 S.E. 74th Ave (352)498-0490 DADE CITY SAWMILL RESORT 21710 US Hwy 98 (352)583-0664 GROVELAND RED WING RESTAURANT 12500 State Rd 33 South (352)429-2997 PORT RICHEY BARS CLUB CHILL CHAMBER 3501 Universal Plaza (727) 844-3474 CRIBARI NIGHTCLUB 6153 Mass. Ave New Port Richy (727) 597-1200 LAKELAND CLUBS CLUB MAINSTREET 1295 E. Main Street (863) 940-9756 PULSE NIGHTCLUB 1030 E. Main Street (863) 288-3506 AUBURNDALE BOOTS NITE CLUB 340 Havendale Blvd (863) 268-8294

JT’S OVER THE RAINBOW 902 Magnolia Ave (863) 473-1650 TAMPA BARS BAXTERS LOUNGE 1519 S. Dale Mabry (813) 258-8830 2606/ CLUB METRO (Leather Cruise Bar) 2606 North Armenia Ave (813) 876-4650 CITY SIDE LOUNGE 3703 Henderson Blvd (813) 350-0600 THE BODY SHOP 14905 N. Nebraska Ave (813) 971-3578 FASHION/RETAIL URBAN BODY CLOTHING 715 S. Howard Ave (813) 251-5522 ACCOMMODATIONS HOWARD JOHNSON PLAZA DOWNTOWN 111 Fortune Street (813) 223-1351 PENINSULA INN & SPA 2937 Beach Blvd (727) 346-9800 ADULT/NOVELTY CLUB TAMPA 215 North 11th St (813) 223-5181 TRES EQUIS ADULT 6220 East Adamo (813) 740-8664 ORGANIZATIONS FLAMINGO AUTO GROUP TAMPA BAY LEATHER CLUB TAMPA BAY BEARS SUNCOAST SOFTBALL KING OF PEACE MCC 3150 5TH AVE N (727) 323-5857 YBOR BAR/CLUB THE CASTLE (Dance Club) 2004 North 16th Street (813) 247-7547 BRADLEY’S ON 7TH 1510 East 7th Ave (813) 241-2723

G-BAR 1401 East 7th Ave (813) 247-4663 LIQUID LOUNGE 1811 North 15th St (813) 247-9000 THE HONEY POT 1507 E. 7th Ave (813) 247-4663 YBOR SOCIAL CLUB 1909A NW 15th St (813)242-2717 ACCOMMODATIONS HAMPTON INN 1301East 7th Ave (813) 241-4545 HILTON GARDEN INN 1700 East 9th Ave (813) 769-9267 BUSINESSES MC FILM 1901 North 15th St (813) 247-6233 YBOR RESORT & SPA 1512 East 8th Ave (813) 242-0900 RESTAURANTS HAMBURGER MARYS YBOR 1600 East 7th Ave (813) 241-MARY NY NY PIZZA BAR 1512 East 7th Ave (813)248-1845 SOCIAL SERVICES YBOR YOUTH CLINIC 1315 E. 7th Ave (813) 396-9021 CLEARWATER KELLY’S CHIC-ABOOM/BLUR NIGHTCLUB 319 Main Street (727) 736-0206 PRO SHOP PUB 840 Cleveland Street (727) 447-4259 QUENCH LOUNGE 13284 66TH St (727) 754-5900 RESTAURANTS HAMBURGER MARYS CLEARWATER 28910 US Hwy 19 North (727) 400-6996 SOCIAL SERVICES A.S.A.P. NORTH 1214 Cleveland Street (727) 449-2437

ST PETE BUSINESSES ADONIS LEATHERCRAFTERS 4901 34th Street South (727) 423-1721 ADORN & COMPANYJEWELRY 4901 34th Street South (727) 864-1818 A TOUCH OF OZ 4901 34th Street South (727) 321-5000 Ext 434

BUSINESSES MARL & B DOLLS Lakewood Ranch (941) 751-6275 XTC ADULT CENTER 2092 17th Street (941) 366-6969

ST PETE BARS FLAMINGO RESORT 4901 S. 34th Street (727)321-5000 GEORGIE’S ALIBI 3100 3rd Ave North (727) 321-2112 HAYMARKET/ HIDEAWAY BAR 8302 4th Street North (727) 570-9025 OARHOUSE BAR & Liquor Store 4807 22nd Ave (727) 327-1691 THE GARAGE ON CENTRAL AVE 2729 Central Ave (727) 258-4850 SPORTERS BAR 187 Dr MLK St. North (727) 821-1920 QUEENSHEAD BAR 2501 Central Ave (727) 498-8584 ACCOMMODATIONS CHATEAU LA ROUGE GUESTHOUSE 3023 1st Ave North (727)290-9576 GAY ST PETE HOUSE 4505 5th Ave N (727)365-0544 FLAMINGO RESORT 4901 S. 34th Street (727)321-5000 RESTAURANTS ROES DINER 5851 Park Blvd (727) 544-4750 THE QUEEN & I THAI RESTAURANT 2410 Central Ave (727) 954-3926 SOCIAL SERVICES A.S.A.P. 3050 1st Ave South St Pete (727) 328-3260

SOCIAL ORGS ALSO OUT YOUTH CENTER 1470 Blvd of the Arts (941)951-2576 DIVERSITY CHORUS (941) 957-0404 PFLAG SARASOTA (941) 378-3536 PRIMETIMERS SARASOTA (941) 924-6171

SARASOTA BARS BARREL 87 6587 Gateway Ave (941) 924-6969 THROB NIGHTCLUB 2201 Industrial Blvd (941) 358-6969

TRAVEL SERVICES 3474 17th Street (866) 949-1429

PORT CHARLOTTE CHARLOTTE’S WEB 1193 Enterprise Drive (941) 627-4777 MASQUERADES BAR 3492 Tamiami Trail (941) 380-7216 CAPE CORAL TUBBY’S VIDEO BAR 4350 Fowler Street (239) 274-5001 FT MYERS THE OFFICE PUB 3704 Cleveland Ave (239) 936-3212 TBL/THE BOTTOM LINE 3090 Evans Ave (239) 337-7292 NAPLES BARS BAMBUSA BAR/GRILL 600 Goodlette Road N (239) 649-5657 RESOURCES CELEBRATION MCC CHURCH 6340 Napa Woods Way (239) 732-0092 CLEWISTON VITAMBI SPRINGS 28280 Etumakee Way (863)983-8488

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WEST PALM BEACH/LAKE WORTH FORT DIX 6205 Georgia Ave (561) 533-5355 H.G. ROOSTERS 823 Belvedere Rd (561) 832-9119 BAR IN LAKEWORTH 2211 N Dixie Hwy (561) 370-3954 THE LOUNGE WPB 517 Clematis Street (561) 655-9747 THE MAD HATTER 1532 N Dixie Hwy (561) 547-8860

BOCA RATON JOE & CRAIGS PLACE 1929 North Federal Hwy (561) 347-8044 WILTON GUESTHOUSES CABANAS GUESTHOUSE 2209 NE 26th Street (954) 564-7764 ED LUGO RESORT 2404 NE 8th Ave (954) 275-8299 THE MANOR INN 2408 NE 6th Avenue (954)566-8223 WILTON BARS BILLS FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Dr (954) 567-5978 ATOMIC NIGHTCLUB 2232-36 Wilton Dr (954) 630-3556 GEORGIE'S ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive (954) 565-2526 INFINITI LOUNGE (NEW) 2184 Wilton Drive (206)778.1577 NEW MOON BAR 2440 Wilton Drive (954) 563-7660 RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave (954) 763-8219 ROSIE'S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Drive (954) 567-1320 SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave (954) 565-3084 SIDELINES SPORTS BAR 2031 Wilton Dr (954) 563-8001 RUMORS BAR (NEW) 2426 Wilton Drive (954)565-8851 THE MANOR 2345 Wilton Drive (954) 626-0082

THE VILLAGE PUB (NEW) 2283 Wilton Drive (954)200-5244 ACCOMMODATIONS ALCAZAR RESORT 555 North Birch Rd (888) 830-9931 ARAGON INN GUESTHOUSE 118 Fleming St (954) 537-4120 CHESTON HOUSE 520 North Birch Rd (954) 566-7950 COCONUT COVE GUESTHOUSE 3013 Granada Street (954) 523-3226 CORAL REEF GUESTHOUSE 2609 Northeast 13th Ct (954) 568-0292 ELYSIUM RESORT 552 North Birch Rd (954) 564-9601 ESTORIL PARADISE INN (NEW) 2648 NE 32nd St (954) 563-3840 GRAND PALM PLAZA RESORT 2801 Rio Mar St (954) 565-7250 HOTEL LUSH ROYALE 2901 Terramar Street (954) 564-6442 INN LEATHER GUESTHOUSE 610 SE 19th St (954) 467-1444 ISLAND SANDS INN 2409 NE 7th Ave (954) 990-6499 PINEAPPLE POINTE 315 NE 16th Terrace (954) 527-0094 ROYAL PALMS RESORT 717 Breakers Avenue (954) 564-6444 SCHUBERT RESORT 855 Northeast 20th Ave (954) 763-7434 THE GRAND RESORT 539 North Birch Road (954) 630-3692 SEAGRAPE HOUSE INN 1109 NE 16th Place (954) 525-6586 WINDAMAR BEACH 543 Breakers Ave (954) 561-0039 WORTHINGTON 543 North Birch Rd (954) 563-6819 BUSINESSES CHIC OPTIQUE 2228 Wilton Drive (954) 567-3937 GAYMART 2228 Wilton Drive (954) 630-0360

ROCK HARD ADULT 2301 Wilton Drive (954) 318-7625

DEPOT CABANA BAR 235 North Federal Hwy (954) 537-7076

PALACE BAR 1200 Ocean Drive (305) 531-7234

TO THE MOON 2205 Wilton Drive (954) 564-2987 RESTAURANTS COURTYARD CAFE 2211 Wilton Drive (954) 563-2499 DARPUR ASIAN TAPAS 1620 N Federal Hwy (954) 709-1092 GALANGA THAI 2389 Wilton Drive (954) 202-0000 HUMPY’S PIZZA 2244 Wilton Drive (954) 566-2722 JAVA BOYS 2230 Wilton Drive (954) 564-8828 LE PATIO 2401 NE 11th Ave (954) 530-4641 PETER PAN DINER 1216 E Oakland Park Blvd (954) 565-7177 SIAM CUISINE 2010 Wilton Drive (954) 564-3411 TROPICS RESTAURANT 2004 Wilton Drive (954) 463-4269

BUSINESSES CLUB FT LAUDERDALE 110 NW 5th Ave (954) 525-3344 PRIDE FACTORY 850 NE 13th Street (954) 463-6600 TROPIXXX VIDEO 1514 NE 4th Ave (954) 522-5988 RESOURCES BROWARD HOUSE 1726 SE 3rd Ave (954) 522-4749 CARE RESOURCE 871 W Oakland Park Blvd (954) 567-7141 GLCC OF SOUTH FLA 1717 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-9005 SUNSERVE 1480 SW 9TH AVE (954) 764-5557

SCORE BAR 1437 Washington Ave (305) 535-1111 TWIST BAR 1057 Washington Ave (305) 538-9478

BARS & CLUBS THE BOARDWALK 1721 N. Andrews Ave (954) 463-6969 CORNER PUB BAR 1915 N Andrews Ave (954) 564-7335 CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy (954) 728-9001 DUDE'S 3270 NE 33rd St (954) 568-7777 J’S BAR 2780 David Blvd (954) 581-8400 JOHNNY'S BAR 1116 West Broward Blvd (954) 522-5931 MONA'S LOUNGE 502 East Sunrise Blvd (954) 525-6662 MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N. Andrews Ave (954) 565-3550 321SLAMMERS 321 Sunrise Blvd (954) 524-2625 SMARTY PANTS 3038 North Federal Hwy (954) 561-1724 THE STABLE 205 E. Oakland Park Blvd (954) 565-4506

POMPANO BARS SWINGING RICHARDS 1350 SW 2nd Street (954) 357-2532 DANIA BEACH LIBERTY SUITES 1501 SW 2nd Ave (954) 927-0900 MIAMI BARS AZUCAR 2301 SE 32nd Ave (305) 441-6974 DISKOTEKKA 950 NE 2nd Ave (305) 371-3773 EROS LOUNGE 8201 Biscayne Blvd (305) 754-3444 MOVA LOUNGE 401 SW 3rd Avenue (305) 534-8181 SOLARE COLISEUM 3635 NW 78th Ave (305) 477-3377 WET BAR MIAMI 1728 SW 8th St (305) 244-3069 BUSINESSES CLUB AQUA 2991 Coral Way (305)448-2214 RESOURCES CARE RESOURCE 3510 Biscayne Blvd (305) 576-1234 SOUTH BEACH MOVA LOUNGE 1625 Michigan Ave (305) 534-8181

ACCOMMODATIONS ISLAND HOUSE 1428 Collins Ave (305) 382-2422 RESOURCES CARE RESOURCE 1701 Meridian Ave (305) 673-3555 LGBT VISITOR CENTER 1130 Washington Ave (305)397-8914 KEY WEST AQUA NIGHTCLUB 711 Duval St (305) 294-0555 BOURBON ST. PUB 724 Duval St (305) 296-1992 LA TE DA 1125 Duval St (877) 528-3320 PEARL’S PATIO BAR 525 United Street (305) 294-4737 SALOON ONE 514 Petronia St (305) 294-4737 BUSINESSES GRAFFITI MENSWEAR 701 Duval Street (305) 295-0003 FAIRVILLA MEGASTORE 520 Front Street (305) 292-0448 GUESTHOUSES ALEXANDER'S 118 Fleming St (305) 294-9919 EQUATOR RESORT 818 Fleming St (305) 294-7775 ISLAND HOUSE 1129 Fleming Street (800) 890-6284 NEW ORLEANS HOUSE 724 Duval Street (305) 293-9800 RESOURCES GLBCC 513 Truman Ave (305) 292-3223 KEY WEST BUSINESS GUILD 513 Truman Ave (305) 294-4603


JACKSONVILLE 616 JAX 616 Park Street (904) 358-6969 AJ'S BAR & GRILL 10244 Atlantic Blvd (904)805-9060 BO'S CLUB 201 5th N Ave (Jax Beach) (904)246-9874 BOOT RACK SALOON 4751 Lenox Ave (904)384-7090 INCAHOOTS 711 Edison Ave (904)353-6316 METRO 2929 Plum Street (904)388-8719 PARK PLACE 931 King Street (904)389-6616 THE NORM 2952 Roosevelt Blvd. (904)388-1060 CATERING SERVICES DESIGNED EVENTS, INC 3823 Hendricks Ave (904)396-3299


(Expert Lawn Care & Landscaping Services) 1743 Perry Street (904) 791-3002 HEALTH & BEAUTY CHOCOLATE BLONDE SALON 2502 Dellwood Ave (904)388-6009 CLUB JACKSONVILLE 1939 Hendricks Blvd (904)398-7451 MINDY STAMULIS SALON (Brittany Molina – Stylist) 3645 Park Street (904)894-5688 RESTAURANTS CRAZY EGG 954 Edgewood Ave (904)524-8711 BISCOTTIS 3556 St. Johns Ave. (904)387-2060 BISTRO AIX 1440 San Marco Blvd (904)398-1949 BLUE FISH 3551 St. Johns Ave (904)387-0700

BOLD BEAN COFFEE HOUSE 869 Stockton Street (904)855-1181 CARMINES PIE HOUSE 2677 Forbes Street (904)387-1400 DERBY ON THE PARK 1068 Park Street (904)379-3343 EUROPEAN STREET 2753 Park Street (904)384-9999 KICKBACKS GASTROPUB 910 King Street (904)988-9551 LOLA'S BURRITO JOINT 1522 King Street (904)738-7181 HAMBURGER MARY'S JAX 3333-1 Beach Blvd (904)551-2048 MOSSFIRE GRILL 1537 Margaret Street (904)355-4434 ORSAY 3630 Park Street (904) 381-0909 THREE LAYERS CAFÉ 1602 Walnut Street (904)355-9791

RELIGIOUS CHRIST CHURCH OF PEACE 1240 S. McDuff Ave (904)387-2020 LIVING WITNESS 8716 Lone Star Road (904)348-0721 RIVERSIDE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 2858 Post Street (904)710-4994 ST. LUKE'S COMMUNITY CHURCH 1140 S. McDuff Ave S. (904)389-7726

RESOURCES HOLIDAY HELPERS OF JACKSONVILLE JASMYN (Youth Network) (904)389-3857 NFAN (Northeast FL Aids Network) (904)356-1612 N FL QUILT CHAPTER (904)556-2312 OASIS JACKSONVILLE (904)701-4528



FRENCH QUARTER BARS & CLUBS 700 CLUB 700 Burgandy Street (504)) 561-1095 BOURBON PUB & PARADE 801 Bourbon Street (504) 529-2107

CAFE LAFITTE IN EXILE 901 Bourbon Street (504)) 523-4517 DOUBLE PLAY 439 Dauphine Street (504) 655-9747 GOODFRIENDS/ QUEENS HEAD PUB 740 Dauphine Street (504) 566-7191 MICHAELS ON THE PARK 834 N. Rampart St (504) 267-3165 NAPOLEAN’S ITCH 734 Bourbon Street (504) 237-4144 OZ NIGHTCLUB 800 Bourbon Street (504) 593-9491

RAWHIDE 2010 740 Burgandy Street (504) 525-8106

THE CORNER POCKET 940 St Louis Street (504) 568-9829 THE COUNTRY CLUB 634 Louisa Street (504) 945-0742 THE FRIENDLY BAR 2301 Charles Street (504) 943-8929 THE PHOENIX 941 Elysian Fields (504) 945-9264 TUBBYS GOLDEN LANTERN 1239 Royal Street (504) 529-2860 BUSINESSES CLUB NEW ORLEANS 515 Toulouse Street (504) 581-2402 LA MINA STERLING SILVER SHOP 840 Rue Royal (504) 324-3423 MARY’S ACE HARDWARE 728 North Rampart St (504) 529-4465

RESTAURANTS ANTOINE’S 713-717 Rue Sait Louis (504) 525-8045 BRENNAN’S RESTAURANT 417 Royal Street (504) 504-9711

BYWATER RESTAURANT DELI & BBQ 3162 Dauphine St (504) 944-4445 CAFE AMELIE 912 Royal Street (504) 412-9865 COMMANDER’S PALACE 1403 Washington Ave (504) 899-8221 LOUISIANA PIZZA KITCHEN 95 French Market Pl (504) 522-6746 MULATE’S THE ORIGINAL CAJUN RESTAURANT 201 Julia Street (504) 522-1492 RALPH & KACOO’S 519 Toulouse Street (504) 412-9865

THE CLOVER GRILL 900 Bourbon Street (504) 598-1010 THE COUNTRY CLUB 634 Louisa Street (504) 945-0742 QUARTERMASTER: THE NELLIE DELI 1100 Bourbon Street (504) 529-1416

ACCOMODATIONS 5 CONTINENTS B&B 1731 Esplanade Ave (800) 997-4652 AARON INGRAM HAUS 1012 Elysian Fields (504)949-3110 THE BURGANDY B & B 2513 Burgandy St (800)970-2153 FRENCH QUARTER SUITES HOTEL 1119 N. Rampart St (800) 457-2253 INN ON BOURBON 541 Bourbon Street (800) 535-7891 MARIGNY MANOR HOUSE 2125 N. Rampart St (877)247-7599

NOLA COURTYARD 1101 N. Rampart St (800)457-2253 BON MAISON GUESTHOUSE 835 Bourbon Street (504) 561-8498 BOURGOYNE GUESTHOUSE 839 Bourbon Street (504) 524-3621

RESOURCES LGCC 2114 Decatur Street (954) 945-1102 PFLAG (504) 895-3936 THE HATE CRIMES PROJECT 2114 Decatur Street (504) 944-4325 SOCIAL ORGS FRONTRUNNERS (504) 593-9325 MYSTIC KREWE OF SATYRICON 1021 Gov Nicholls St (504) 525-44998 NEW ORLEANS GAY MENS CHORUS WWWNOGMC.COM

GAY METRO ATLANTA GUIDE ATLANTA BARS/CLUBS 10TH & PIEDMONT 991 Piedmont Ave (404) 602-5510 AMSTERDAM CAFÉ 502-A Amsterdam Ave (404) 892-2227 ATLANTA EAGLE 306 Ponce De Leon Ave (404) 873-2453 BLAKE'S ON THE PARK 227 10th St (404) 892-5786 BULLDOGS 893 Peachtree St. (404) 869-9422 BURKHART’S PUB 1492 Piedmont Ave (404) 872-4403 FELIX’S ON THE SQUARE 1510 Piedmont Ave (404) 249-7899 FRIENDS ON PONCE 736 Ponce De Leon Ave (404) 817-3820 GILBERT’S CAFÉ & BAR 219 10th St (404) 872-8012 JUNGLE 2115 Faulkr Rd (404) 844-8800 LEBUZZ 585 Franklin Rd SE (770) 424-1337 MARY’S 1287 Glenwood Ave SE (404) 624-4411 MIXX ATLANTA 1492 Piedmont Ave (404) 228-4372 MY SISTER’S ROOM 1271 Glenwood Ave SE (678) 705-4585 OPUS 1 1086 Alco St (404) 634-6478 OSCAR’S BAR 1510 Piedmont Ave (404) 815-8841 SISTER LOUISA'S CHURCH 466 Edgewood Ave SE (404) 522-8275 THE COCKPIT 465 Blvd SE (404) 343-2450 THE HERETIC ATLANTA 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd (404) 325-3061 THE HIDEAWAY 1544 Piedmont Ave (404) 874-8247 THE MODEL-T 699 Ponce De Leon Ave (404) 872-2209 TRAXX ATLANTA 708 Spring St NW (866) 602-5553 WOOF’S SPORTS BAR 2425 Piedmont Rd (404) 869-9422

STRIP CLUBS BJ ROOSTER’S 2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd (404) 634-5895 BLISS 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd (404) 320-1924 SWINGING RICHARD’S 1400 Northside Dr NW (404) 352-0532

EATS 600 Ponce De Leon Ave (404) 888-9149

THE GRAVEYARD 1245 Glenwood Ave (404) 622-8686

EINSTEIN’S CAFE 1077 Juniper St (404) 876-7925

CABBAGETOWN AGAVE RESTAURANT 242 Boulevard SE (404) 588-0006

ESCORPION 800 Peachtree St (678) 666-5198

CLUBS & SPAS CLUB EROS 2219 Faulkr Road (404)723-5060

F.R.O.G.S. CANTINA 931 Monroe Cir (404) 607-9967

FLEX 76 4th St NW (404) 815-0456

GILBERT'S CAFE & BAR 219 10th St (404) 872-8012

MANIFEST 4 U 2103 Faulkr Rd (404) 549-2815

HOBNOB TAVERN 1551 Piedmont Ave (404) 968-2288

THE DEN 2135 Liddell Dr (404) 292-7746

JOE’S ON JUNIPER 1049 Juniper St (404) 875-6634

BUSINESSES BILL HALLMAN FLAUNT 424 Moreland Ave (404)522-1010

LOCA LUNA 550-C Amsterdam Ave (404) 875-4494

BRUSHSTROKES 1510 Piedmont Ave NE (404) 876-6567 CLOTHING/FASHION NOBLE THREADS 1334 Benteen Park Drive HEALTH/BEAUTY BLUE MEDSPA 190 10th St (404) 815-8880 COLONY SQUARE ATHLETIC CLUB 1197 Peachtree St (404) 745-9309

METROFRESH 931 Monroe Dr A106 (404) 724-0151 O. MIDTOWN KITCHEN 559 Dutch Valley Rd (404) 892-4111 THE FIFTH IVORY 794 Juniper St (404) 881-8302 THE NOOK ON PIEDMONT PARK 1144 Piedmont Ave (404) 745-9222 THE VORTEX BAR & GRILLE 878 Peachtree St (404) 875-1667

RESTAURANTS 10TH & PIEDMONT 991 Piedmont Ave (404) 602-5510

TWO URBAN LICKS 820 Ralph McGill Blvd (404) 522-4622

APRÈS DIEM 931 Monroe Drive (404) 872-3333

ZOCALO 187 10th St (404) 249-7576

BURKHART’S PUB 1492 Piedmont Ave (404) 872-4403

EAST ATLANTA RESTAURANTS THE EARL 488 Flat Shoals Ave (404) 522-3950

CAMPAGNOLO 980 Piedmont Ave 404-343-2446

THE GLENWOOD 1263 Glenwood Ave (404) 748-1984


June 2014 GAY DAYS - "CHI CHI LaRue's Got Wood Special" Edition