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Summary of Findings

Even as Visitation to Other Local Areas for Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Has Declined, Clematis’s Popularity Has Increased

Significant declines are seen in reported visitation to all of the area malls as well as downtown Lake Worth -- while Clematis Street is increasingly being named as a favorite destination for food/shopping/entertainment.

Streetscaping Endeavors Have Had a Positive Impact on Visitors

More than four-in-ten visitors say they will visit Downtown West Palm Beach more frequently because of the Streetscaping changes made. Visitors particularly appreciate the wider sidewalks on Clematis Street.

Perceptions on Parking Have Improved

Visitors were less likely to cite parking as a weak point for the area this year. They were also less likely to suggest free parking as something that would encourage them to visit Downtown West Palm Beach more often. Furthermore, ratings for parking fees and availability have increased compared to 2017.

Focusing on Events and Getting The Word Out via Social Media Would Increase Downtown Visitation Even More

Events Are a Huge Draw to the Area –and Visitors Want More

Many of the visitors we spoke to were primarily in the area to attend an event or planned to do so at some point in the day. And when asked what would encourage them to visit Downtown West Palm Beach more often, most cited a desire to see more events.

Visitors are Using The Internet –Especially Social Media –to Learn About What’s Happening Downtown

Among younger visitors (who represent a large share of downtown visitors), social media and other Internet sources are the primary channels used to learning about local goings-on. And about three-quarters of visitors are on some form of social media. Facebook and Instagram are the two most widely-used platforms among visitors to the area. (However, older visitors still stick to traditional newspapers to learn about what’s going on, so if you want to reach them, do it by newspaper!).