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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014


Volume 107, Issue 72

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Welcome to the Sex Issue. Let’s celebrate sex together. The Gazette’s Sex Issue has been an annual event at Western for over a decade. The general theme has always remained the same: Promoting and exploring sexuality and its relationship with students at Western. Historically, there have been ups and downs with this notorious issue. From pushing boundaries of what can be printed in a publicly accessible newspaper, to unintentionally reinforcing unfortunate heteronormative tropes, each year is a new evolution for The Gazette, as we explore more about sexuality and educate ourselves in the process. This year, above all else, our aim is to be inclusive with our Sex Issue. Rather than include a survey that promotes gender binaries, we seek to portray the diversity of gender. Instead of showcasing only heterosexual interaction, we try to showcase the fluidity of sexual attraction. Along with posed models, we photographed real couples in love, showing authentic affection. This year, we’re trying to do things a bit differently, and a bit better.

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Diana Watson

Not only did we want the Sex Issue to be inclusive, we also wanted it to be, well, sexy. Our fantastic models were all eager to promote the sexiness of the human body, and we were more than happy to capture their images for this issue. Furthermore, this year we decided to publish nude photography. Our intention is not to be graphic, crude or objectifying, but simply to celebrate the human form in its most essential portrayal. The Gazette’s Sex Issue barely skims the surface of sexuality. It is merely a glimpse into some of the questions that can be asked, the pleasures that can be performed and the solidarity that can be attained through a more diverse understanding of humans and their sexuality. Without further ado, dive in and enjoy volume 107’s Sex Issue. We hope you find it sexy, and that you take something from it. As our understanding increases and our experiences diversify our Sex Issues will only continue to improve.

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CROSSWORD By Eugene Sheffer

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Diversity at Western Law: A Student Perspective Wednesday, February 26, 2014 Law School Building, Room 36 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM 7:15 PM – 8:00 PM

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Sponsored by the Law School Admission Council

This open event will include law school admission and information, followed by a panel discussion with current law students from diverse backgrounds. The student speakers will shed light on their cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, and genderrelated experiences at law school.

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

>> Community Editorial > Peer Support Network

Celebrating sex in all its forms The Gazette invited the Peer Support Network to contribute a guest editorial to this year’s Sex Issue. Here’s what they had to say. One of the most positive aspects of between two and 10 per cent of the The Gazette’s Sex Issue is the impact global population identifies as nonit has on conversations campus- heterosexual. Every single one of the wide. We can appreciate a medium people that are a part of that group that reminds students that it’s okay can — and often do! — have sex, to talk about sex and illustrates and oftentimes, that experience is how our school is generally liberal much different from the traditional with regard to sexuality. We want to concept of penetrative intercourse. take that one step further and add The fact is, sex can only truly be another less-discussed tangent to defined by those engaging in it. It the conversation: Non-heterosexual can occur between a female pairsex. In case no one has told you yet, ing where there’s no penetration; it can occur between a male pairing it’s okay to talk about that, too. where there is Universities p e ne tra tio n. are often touted Sex is such a as places where broad and allyou can expand encompassing your horithat to zons by meetSex is such a broad and term limit it to just ing people of diverse back- a l l - e n c o m p a s s i n g male-female intercourse grounds — religious, cultural, term that to limit it relegates to the economic or to just male-female sidelines an entire group otherwise. This is true, but we intercourse relegates of beings that should be con- to the sidelines an are as sexual as scious of the straight people. fact that people entire group of beings This year, with a wealth that are as sexual as we want to encourage you of different to start chipsexual experi- straight people. ping away at ences inform Western’s diverse nature just as the unintentional, innocent ignomuch as people of various races, rance associated with non-heterocreeds and faiths. Heterosexual sexual sex. Read an article (even if sex is no more the only kind of sex it’s in Cosmo), watch a video (it’s not than Christianity is the world’s only taboo anymore!), or talk to an expereligion. When engaging in conver- rienced friend that’s comfortable sations about our generation’s per- sharing (in a respectful, approprivasive hook-up culture or even when ate manner). There’s a lot of sex hapdiscussing sex in academic settings, pening between Western students, it’s easy to forget that same-sex pair- and that’s great. Sex is fun, exciting, ings, as well as pairings including and beautiful. But remember that all trans-identified individuals, are part sex, whether it’s between two men, two women, a man and a woman, of the discussion. Our society perpetuates a very or otherwise, is beautiful, even if narrow definition of “sex.” To many you’re not familiar with it. Educating people, the only form of “true” or yourself is the first step to sexual lib“real” sex is penetrative in nature eration; not just for yourself, but for and occurs between a man and a the people with whom you share this woman. However, there’s so much school. more to it than that. Anywhere — The Peer Support Network

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Craving more than a caress HIV and HPV: What you need to know Brent Holmes ARTS & LIFE EDITOR We at The Gazette asked Bonnie Baynham, the Women’s HIV/ AIDS Community Development Coordinator at the Regional HIV/ AIDS Connection in London Ontario, all about two of the most common STIs out there. Here is what she had to say about HIV/ AIDS and Human Papillomavirus.


spend a lot of time at our agency talking about. Many people do very well on the medications now, those medications have really supported lowering the viral load. Like any virus, you need to take precautions around making sure we are keeping our partners safe.

HPV: Human papillomavirus G: What is HPV and how does one

contract it? B: HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

GAZETTE: How does one contract


Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

Kevin Hurren OPINIONS EDITOR We all have those habits we can’t seem to quit. Whether it’s nailbiting, chewing pencils or cracking knuckles, our minds are set on something — and until that little itch is scratched we can focus on little else. But what happens, then, when that craving involves something much more intimate? That’s exactly what first-year science student Brandon* has to deal with, as he balances his course load with what some would call a sexual addiction. “It just gets to a point where I’ll just need to have sex,” said Brandon, who has been sexually active with both men and women since he was 16. “It’s annoying ‘cause it’s something that I’m focusing on, so if it happens and it’s done then I can move on and do something else — but when it’s blindingly there it bothers me.” On average, Brandon has sex three or four times a week. When asked how many people he has had sex with so far, the 19-year-old couldn’t recall the exact number. He knew, however, the amount was over

75 people. But the number of partners isn’t the only factor when discussing sex addiction. “It’s the unmanageability of what your behaviour has become,” explained John Fenn, the public information representative for Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, or SLAA. “You’re doing things that you don’t usually do — you’re in relationships that you don’t want to stay in, and you return to painful, destructive relationships.” SLAA is an Ontario-based group that offers support for sex addicts using a 12-step program resembling the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous. These 12 steps, Fenn said, involve admitting a degree of powerlessness, surrendering oneself to both a higher power and others in the support group. But cultural misconceptions about the addiction often prevent individuals from ever seeking out the help of such groups. “People think that if they have to have an addiction they’d rather have a sex addiction, but it can be more destructive than anything else. If the liquor store’s closed, you can’t buy liquor. If your drug dealer’s out of town, you can’t buy drugs. But your

sex addiction, you can muster that right up,” he said. It’s that easy access that enables students like Brandon to fuel their addiction. Technology, for example, helps Brandon find his supply. “The apps are convenient. They’re there and I’ll [talk] to a couple of people at once, like five or six,” said Brandon, who claims his sex addiction hasn’t deteriorated to the point that Fenn discusses. “Some nights I’m determined but it doesn’t always happen because I won’t put myself in dangerous situations. I set that bar for myself.” But not everyone has the same boundaries as Brandon. Fenn identifies sex and food addiction and two of the most dangerous addictions to lose control of. Both food and sex are easily accessible and natural aspects of life. It’s impossible to remove oneself completely from these objects of one’s addiction. To prevent further escalation, Fenn encourages anyone who might be struggling with early stages of sex addiction to seek the help of a counsellor who specializes in issues of intimacy, or reach out to a group like the SLAA. *Name changed to protect identity

BONNIE: There are a lot of myths around HIV and it is a very stigmatized virus. The stigma and misinformation keep people from getting tested. HIV is not that easy to contract. There has to be very specific factors for any of us to contract HIV. HIV is spread by having unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex with someone who is infected, then there is sharing needles with someone who is infected, through child birth or breastfeeding — most people don’t know about that — tattooing, skin piercing or acupuncture with unsterilized needles that have been in contact with the virus. You cannot contract it through urine, sweat, spit, salvia or toilet seats. G: Is there a cure? B: The virus is treatable but not

curable. There have been a lot of advancements around the virus — we are not there yet with a cure but certainly people are living longer healthier lives now. It’s not the death sentence it used to be. It’s a communicable disease — it’s treatable. Many people, if they take care of themselves and seek medication, do very well. G: Can a person still engage in an

active, safe sex life if they have HIV/AIDS? B: Absolutely, if people are protecting themselves, that’s something we

is really prevalent also [in student populations]. It’s spread through skin-to-skin contact with infected people. Many people never get symptoms, but they can actually carry the virus. G: What are the symptoms? B: Symptoms may not appear for

months after being exposed to the virus. HPV shows itself as genital warts — they can be small cauliflower-like warts alone or in little clusters. They can be on the vulva or vaginal lips on the anus or on the thighs — anywhere skin is touching. G: How can I prevent getting HPV? B : According to the London

Middlesex Health Unit website, preventing getting HPV requires making sure both you and your partner are tested. Using condoms or dental dams every time you have sex and not sharing sex toys are also recommended safe sex practices. Baynham recommends checking out the London Middlesex Health Unit website at healthunit. com, which offers free and confidential testing and treatment for STIs. This interview has been edited for length and clarity

Practice safe sex over the break! — Love: The Gazette

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Miszczak Your Privilege

Christopher Miszczak ILLUSTRATIONS EDITOR In the spectrum of who likes whom, there is one sexual orientation that falls outside of the usual categories, and that orientation is called asexuality. There is a good chance that you might have come across a few individuals of this type. According to Anthony Bogaert, a psychologist and human sexuality expert at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, one in 10 people describe themselves as asexual to some degree — and I am one of them. Asexual people have a low to non-existent sex drive — it can thus be described as the lack of a sexual orientation all-together. Does this mean that they are not perfect human beings because they do not crave sexual relations like everyone else? Of course not; asexual people

are people too. Even though we asexuals do not desire sex, often enough we still feel lonely and want to spend time with other human beings. We will seek out a relationship, though most of the time for a romantic and intellectual interest, rather than sexual. For those that recognize their orientation it can seem very lonely, and like the whole world is geared against you. Sexual overtones are everywhere from fashion to advertising, movies and music, and everything in between. For us, it appears the world is overly concerned with sex. Thus, for asexual individuals it world can seem a bit daunting, and almost make you feel like an alien simply because you lack a fundamental desire that everyone has. It can seem scary. If you come out and tell anyone that you feel this way, many people just have no idea how to react to it. The deed we want to perform is simply a different one. Many of us want the relationship purely for the relationship; the sex can be a nice bonus. At the end of the day there is always a choice to have sex

and simply saying no to all parties involved is a choice too. In a world where there are already very specific stereotypes that are given to people who have a heterosexual or a homosexual orientation, there is often an expectation to conform to cultural norms. Though sometimes asexuality can appear to be a lonely existence, more is being done to help the asexual community. The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) is an online organisation founded in 2001 by David Jay of San Francisco. One of the first major resources on asexuality, it started off as a collection of static web pages, and the following year the forums were founded. The site now has over 60,000 members from many countries around the world. AVEN advocates accepting everyone for who they are, so if an asexual person and a non-asexual person decide to form a relationship, they will go in eyes-open. AVEN is spreading a message that doesn’t get heard as often as it should: The acceptance and understanding of asexuality is to everyone’s benefit, including people who are not asexual.


thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Iain Boekhoff NEWS EDITOR The Gazette sex issue has been a regular special issue for decades. Many article topics have recurred almost every year, such as birth control, the science of the orgasm, sex toys, sex addiction, sexually transmitted infections, pubic pruning, blind dates and dating tips, and infidelity. What has changed significantly are the images and what content is covered. From all-white, heterosexual couples and stories focused on heterosexual sex and love, The Gazette has evolved to include many ethnicities and sexual orientations. Here is a trip through The Gazette’s sex vault. 2011 — The centre spread had a woman on one page and a man on the other, covered only by blankets, with erogenous zones marked

on their bodies. For the woman: Nape of the neck, lips, hands, inner arms, clitoris, inner thighs, feet and toes were the spots to find. For the man: Ears, hair, nipples, penis, fingers and behind the knees were marked as hot spots. 2009 — “Sex and Drugs: Marijuana, cocaine enhance sexual experience” — The issue starts with a full page of many people’s favourite extracurriculars. While no drug rules them all, the conclusion is “Alcohol is excellent at breaking the ice, marijuana is the easiest illicit drug to come by and cocaine gives unmatched energy in bed.” 2006 — “Hurk’s guide to creative whackin’” — A then-sports editor’s guide to masturbating quickly escalates into using a watermelon, which was apparently the “cream of the crop” for vaginal simulation.

Also tested was a perfectly good apple pie which was “pretty useless, unless having sex is reminiscent of awkwardly cradling a pie plate while pastry crumbles all over your private parts.” “Bonerun — the game of shooting and scoring.” — The centre spread in 2006 had instructions and layout for a board game readers could play. A baseball inspired drinking game with sexual overtones had two teams trying to get a home run. Two teams have to round the bases, taking shots as they take different paths to the bases. Players are out if they land on “Chlamydia,” “Girlfriend or Boyfriend calls” and “Herpes.”

“The e-mail/Note/Letter Breakup,” “The Phone Call Breakup,” and “The In-Person Breakup.” The only one that has gained prevalence and changed significantly since 2004 is number three, “The Online Breakup.” No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — back then it was all about e-mail and MSN Messenger. And like today, still no mention of MySpace. “Online chatting has permeated our society to the point where failures in MSN Messenger often lead to nervous breakdowns. This means that serious conversations should not take place in a format that has completely degenerated all form of articulate communication into a series of ridiculous abbreviations.”

2004 — “Breaking up is hard to do — but not if you follow the rules” — A list of five ways to break up still rings true today, with the list including “Avoidance Breakup,”

“Guy helps you get yo’ freak on” — “Jack and Jill, sitting’ in a tree: S-U-C-K-I-N-G. First comes lust, then comes sex, then comes Jack all over Jill’s dress. But wait: what are

Jack and Jill listening to while they get it on?” And so begins an article of 18 songs to get people into the mood. Songs include such gems as “#1 Crush” by Garbage, L.L. Cool J’s “Doin’ It” — remember when he was a rapper? — “Prison Sex” by Tool, Madonna’s “Erotica” and “Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches.

The Gazette sex survey — Questions have remained similar over the years, but the evolution of sexual orientations and acceptance reflects in the way questions are framed and the available answers. In the 1998 survey, the choices for sexual orientation were limited to heterosexual (80% male/ 86% female), homosexual (13%/6%), bisexual (4%/8%), and transgendered (3%/0%). This year’s survey includes straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, queer, not sure and a text box for anything and everything else.

Lubed up: With Brent Holmes Choosing a lubricant to use for oral sex is like choosing a fine wine — you need to know what you plan on consuming and make sure it goes with what you plan on putting in your mouth. But as with anything you put in your mouth — whether it’s alcohol, tea or genitalia — a test for the ideal flavour is always recommended. Jo’s water-based lubricant comes in a variety of flavours that offer a range of fruity options to accompany that banana.

Strawberry When I was a small child, I had regular ear infections and the medicine I had to take came in the form of the most disgusting and repulsive tasting strawberry-flavoured syrup imaginable. The taste of that medicine would last for a torturous hour that was worse than any number of locker-room wedgies. Now, thanks to Jo’s strawberry-flavoured lube, you too can relive my repressed childhood horrors. Not even Sigmund Freud would approve of this lubricant.

Watermelon Jo’s watermelon-flavoured lube has the artificial taste that no one anywhere would ever associate with fruit. A slight plastic-like after-taste accompanies the initial sweet burst of watermelon. As a lube, it will likely conceal any unpleasant tastes, but the lube connoisseur may want to try elsewhere.

Cherry With all candies, cherry is always the most popular. Like a red lifesaver, Jo’s cherry-flavoured lubricant has the sweetest and the most enjoyable taste. Truthfully, I’ve had to stop myself from consuming half of the bottle because of how sweet this lube tastes. If you want your partner’s junk to taste like anything, cherry suckers may not be number one on everyone’s list, but of the flavoured lubricants available they are definitely one of the best. —Brent Holmes

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Since you first started dating, has your sex changed? PARTNER 1: Well, yeah. We’ve gotten more comfortable with each other — we’re at the point where we’re incredibly comfortable with each other, and being naked with each other is totally comfortable. In such, the sex has become better over time, and it’s definitely grown with our relationship. Do you think you have sex more or less than the average couple? How do you make sure you dedicate enough time to having sex?

Taylor Lasota GAZETTE

Taylor Lasota GAZETTE

PARTNER 1: I will say that when we’re given the opportunity to have sex, often we seize that opportunity because we want to express our love for each other, because we enjoy having intimate time together, and it’s a very passionate and enjoyable experience. PARTNER 2: I think it really depends on the week, because we’re both very busy. But if you’re busy for two weeks it’s really important to set aside that time to spend with each other, whether it’s having lunch or having sex.

How important do you think being physical and expressing Sexuality is in a relationship? PARTNER 1: It’s not impera-

tive, but it definitely does add a whole other layer to your relationship that is subject to change and experimentation. How do you keep sex exciting? PARTNER 1: As young people, sex is not boring. Boring sex is an old couples problem. Let’s just appreciate how young and limber we are now.

When it comes to sex, what is the most important factor to ensure both partners are happy? PARTNER 1: Communication, because if either of you is unprepared or not in the mood, you’re not going to have a good time.


Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

How important is sex to your relationship? PARTNER 1: I think it’s kind of important — I think it’s like a different kind of connection and it’s more intimate than just being in public or something. PARTNER 2: I think it’s one of the most important aspects of a relationship. I mean, if you’re not having sex, aren’t you just kind of good friends with each other? I see it as a biological thing — dating kind of preludes to having a more serious relationship and childbearing, so sex is just one important part along the wa.

Do you think you have sex more or less than the average couple? How do you make sure you dedicate enough time to having sex?

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

PARTNER 1: We’re pretty busy — we have a lot of stuff to do, but we always make sure we find time. Like I said, sex is a different kind of connection and sometimes if you haven’t had sex for a while, the tension can be a lot higher between each other. It’s important to dedicate that time to make sure you don’t feel distant.


thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Photos by Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014


10 •

thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Sometimes the urge to have sex overcomes your desire to have it in a reasonable location. And sometimes, that just happens to happen while you’re on campus. Unfortunately, in our ultraconservative society, public sex is frowned upon. This begs the question, “Where do I go if I wanna get my rocks off on Western campus?” Not all of us are fortunate to have a luxurious dorm bed within reach. Thus, The Gazette has taken it upon ourselves to do the research for you, and explore where the best places to get busy at Western are. The flip side of the coin is locations that seem like the might promise the necessary privacy to get your jimmies, but are actually traps. The Gazette has also made note of these, to minimize your risk of getting caught doing something your grandmother might disapprove of. Be safe, do your thing and just remember campus police aren’t always as tolerant as your friends at The Gazette.


Hounourable Mentions for Worst: 1. Spoke during Rick’s Night: Unless you’re a serious exhibitionist this might get a tad cozy. BRADLEY METLIN


Best: Tunnels

Best: Any of the back door stairwells in the UCC

It’s a pretty covert system but the tunnels here at Western connect quite a few buildings — as well as probably connecting a few people’s genitals. Here’s why — people do not really know about the tunnels! Therefore, if you’re doing something naughty, you’ll probably not be found. Also, some of these tunnels have offshoots to much more secluded places. The thrill is also pretty amazing. Imagine for a minute: Going from one building to another having a “tour of Western.” Only this tour of Western doesn’t involve your parents.

Worst: Classrooms on weekends I get it, I really do. It could be kinky and exciting to have sex in a classroom. I understand why that could be arousing for so many people. It’s also conceivable to use a classroom on weekends because who would be in a classroom on a Sunday? Firstly, it’s the sabbath so why are you doing that? Anyway, I have heard about so many folks who have been doing the dirty on a desk at 4 p.m. on a Sunday and have been caught. We have a study space problem on campus, people will use classrooms!

The most important thing about trying to have sex on campus is to do it in a location that nobody ever goes and where nobody would ever think to go. The UCC features a wide collection of back stairwells, and while they feature the completely unappealing Weldon/Social Science architecture and interior design, their hidden nature makes it useful for not being caught — especially if you happen to be on campus at night. Hell, the brutalist architecture that looks like something out of the Soviet Union provides the perfect setting for Cold War spy role-play.

Worst: The Top of the Huron Tower When I think of good ideas turned bad, taking a girl to the top of the Huron tower is one that swiftly comes to mind. Stumbling up the stairs in the dark, only to quickly discover that the wind chill factor makes it cold enough to make shrinkage an embarrassing concern, comes quickly to mind as something that makes better fantasy material than reality. The prospect of making sweet love under the stars may be a tempting one, but nothing kills the mood like discovering that the few glimmering lights are likely airplanes.

2. Middlesex lecture hall during class: While it might be tempting to put the sex in Middlesex, a cramped classroom really kills the mood. 3. The weird sculpture near Talbot bowl: Listen, I know you want to make your sex “artistic.” But this is just weird, and makes everyone a tad uncomfortable. 4. Stacks in fifth floor Weldon: No seriously, we basically tried this (check out the cover). There’s way to much traffic, even at the quietist times. Looks sexy though, eh?



Best: Stairwell where the old gym used to be

Best: Abandoned squash courts in tunnels to Alumni Hall

In searching for the perfect location for inconspicuous coitus on campus, it’s helpful to imagine yourself as a sniper — you’re looking for somewhere secluded where you have a clear view of anyone else in the area. Matching these criteria is the stairwell where the old gym used to be in the UCC. Located on the far side of the basement, the stairwell has fallen into disuse. On the landing at the top of the stairs you’ll have a clear view of the entrance to the corridor, allowing you time to zip-up. The door on the landing provides a getaway should you need to make a hasty exit.

Worst: Alumni Hall bathroom when classes end It seems like the perfect crime scene for a mid-day quickie — during the daytime the bathrooms in Alumni Hall are seldom used, the building is removed from the heavy student traffic near the UCC, and the door to the girls’ bathroom is often already propped open — it’s practically an invitation. But image how the situation plays out in reality: You sneak off to relieve some mid-term season stress, naturally using the handicapped stall. But poor timing will be your undoing — at 20-after, classes end, inevitably causing a steam of students to use the washrooms. And you’re trapped.

Sure, the tunnels are rarely used, and you could feasibly fuck without getting caught. But if you want to amp up your privacy one more notch, I recommend opening one of the tiny doors to the abandoned squash courts in the tunnel between the UCC and Alumni hall. There will, of course, be some dust and cobwebs. But if you must cum on campus, these empty courts will offer you the ultimate in privacy. Just make sure to bring a blanket or something else to lie down on hardwood floors have never been conducive to having hard wood.

Worst: The Gazette Office Listen you little creeps. This is OUR office, and YOU can’t have sex in it. It probably seems like a really convenient place: A big office, lots of desk space, and we only publish four days a week, so you’ll have a chance at some private time. But here’s what you don’t know. We have an alarm system. That’s right, just getting through the door is a mission. But let’s say you break in somehow, and it’s the weekend so you’ll be alone, right? WRONG. We’re basically always here, toiling away to make sure we’re ready to bring you the best student paper in the world. So get your mind out of The Gazette, and go orgasm on the Big Purple Couch or somewhere else.

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

crazy sex stories:

excerpts from the sex survey

Getting almost caught stark naked in my boyfriend's computer room (at home with his parents), and having to hide (still completely naked) in the closet - which wouldn't shut because it was so full of crap, and having his mother search the room while hiding.

Faked that I was taking an elective way outside of my program. Attended about a half-dozen lectures, then 'studied' with her for the midterm. Faked anxiety at bombing the exam and 'dropped' the course. Worked like a charm.

I hooked up with a guy in the back of his car, while his friend was sitting, passed out, in the passenger's seat, his other friend was beside us (only to join in later), and his driver toting us about the city of london.

I asked straight up.

Mike Laine GAZETTE

Taylor Lasota GAZETTE

My harrowing blind date World of Raycraft

Richard Raycraft NEWS EDITOR Dating has always been an awkward thing for me. I’m in this frustrating position in my love life where seemingly everyone is trying to analyze my lack of romantic success, especially in The Gazette office. I usually get something along the lines of this: “Richard, you’re a decent looking guy and pretty well-spoken — so why don’t you have a girlfriend?” “Unfortunately no girls want to date me,” “Oh.” My grandfather is fond of asking me if I have a girlfriend yet. Upon my saying no, he reminds me that it is my responsibility to continue the Raycraft family name. Which has me worrying; what if I remain loveless my whole life? What if the Raycraft lineage, whose members so tirelessly worked the fields of feudal England as lowly peasants only to reproduce and keep the name going, was to end with me? Furthermore, my dates generally go badly. I don’t mean badly in the sense that there are long awkward silences or I go for a kiss and instead get an awkward wave goodnight. I’m talking random, unpredictable acts of God. My friends and colleagues tell me that this happens because my ultra-pessimistic outlook has a tendency to give rise to a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d like to believe that’s true, I really would. Considering this recurring theme, I was naturally a good candidate for The Gazette’s annual blind date. On previous blind dates, the three members of The Gazette’s front office — who have tried and failed to give me dating advice — would spy on the editor at whatever restaurant the date happened to be at from another table. I thought this would give me a chance to prove to them that I know how to handle myself on a

date. They decided not to go this time, though, which defeated my initial rationale. I wasn’t discouraged — I knew it would be a cool experience and better than whatever it is I do on Friday nights. One of my fellow news editors found someone able and willing to be my blind date, so I was off to a good start — though it wasn’t truly a “blind” date in the sense that chatter around the office ensured that I knew a few things about her prior. I had a busy day at school and CHRW that Friday, so I was running a little late. I dashed home, showered, and got dressed. What I was going to wear was something that was stressed over intensely, and The Gazette eventually decided on a collared sweater and a nice pair of jeans. We thought it was decent looking, but not too formal. My roommates thought differently, providing a boost to my confidence by telling me I looked like an axe murderer before I left. To top it all off I couldn’t get my car out of the driveway due to the snow, ensuring I was about 10 minutes late. I had agreed to pick her up at her place, which my roommates (again) told me is about the weirdest thing they’ve ever heard. Apparently this isn’t something you do on blind dates. One problem was that my co-worker who set us up didn’t exactly tell me where she lived, so I actually had to do some guesswork. I gracefully pulled up to her place in my Chevy, a mere 15 minutes late. Smooth. She was pretty, blonde and tall. Most importantly she had a great sense of humour and was a lively conversationalist. This is important to me in a date, because really it’s what makes it interesting. You can generally tell within a couple of minutes how things are going to go for the rest of the night, and I was feeling optimistic after the drive. We ate at The Church Key on Richmond Street. Upon arriving I realized I hadn’t thought through what I was ordering, particularly for drinks. A bottle of wine seemed like a good idea, and we both agreed that we should go with white. I turned around to the waiter and ordered the Shiraz, which upon

his return I found out is actually a red. Not a catastrophe, but pretty embarrassing. My date was great to talk to, and as my co-worker assured me, we actually had quite a bit in common. She’s got a bit of a funny, negative outlook on things, which meshed really well with me. Topics covered included weird experiences on public transit, fathers who are control freaks, especially on vacation, and whether or not you can identify a Londoner by sight alone. I felt like it was going really well, especially because I had something to compare it to. The couple sitting next to us was just kind of looking around awkwardly and the whole thing seemed really tense. Seriously, they said about 10 words over the course of an hour and a half. They were pretty much just listening to our conversation. Weird. I ordered the ploughman’s platter, which had been recommended to me by a number of people. It was a confusing thing to eat, with about 50 things on the plate, but it was good. I did almost choke on a quail egg, which was scary because I really didn’t want my date to have to perform the Heimlich maneuver on me while my face turned purple. It’s kind of a turn-off. Luckily, this didn’t happen. I have to admit, she was a cool person to talk to, and we went and to get ice cream at Marble Slab after dinner. She wanted to sit by the window to people-watch, a hobby of hers, apparently. We did impressions of passers-by while eating ice cream. It was a fun way to spend a Friday night. The whole thing went well, but especially well by my standards. Naturally, my fellow editors were very curious as to how it went. I told the one that set us up that I liked her and had a lot of fun. And who knows, I added, maybe she’d be interested in seeing me again? “Just remember,” my friend who set us up told me. “This was to write an article, not to start a relationship.” Guess I better keep my feet on the ground, but a man can dream.

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Taylor Lasota GAZETTE

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

Kelly Samuel GAZETTE

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

Birth control not as simple as it seems Caitlin Martin Newnham SPORTS EDITOR Western’s female students are suffering unnecessarily from birth control side-effects without exemption from exams and assignments, because they do not have access to a simple hormone test. Birth control pills can cause debilitating physical and psychological changes if the individual’s hormones do not match that of the pill. “Typically, when you would have those [premenstrual syndrome] symptoms is when you’re taking the pill, and it’s on those days when you’re not taking it or when you’re taking […] the placebo pill. It’s usually the withdrawal from those hormones,” Scott

MacDougall-Shackleton, a professor of hormones and behaviour at Western, explained. While there exists an efficient saliva test that could prevent severe cramps, mood swings, dizziness, headaches and nausea that result from poorly matched birth control pills, practitioners at Student Health Services of Western are not currently utilizing this test. Unfortunately, the disruptive sideeffects of taking the pill are not valid reasons for Academic Counselling to excuse students from exams and assignments. “I have missed classes [and] spent days in bed with a pain that, for me, is unbearable,” Kelly Grady, a fifth-year history and anthropology student, said. The simple saliva test to assess female sex hormone

There is lots of individual variation in the length of the menstrual cycle and as well as the sort of levels of hormones experienced. So some women have much greater changes across that cycle than others do. — Scott MacDougall-Shackleton A professor of hormones and behaviour at Western

levels is currently being used around the world, but has not yet graced Western with its presence. “I don’t know why it isn’t available,” Carly Jackson, a fourth-year psychology and pharmacology student, said. “If it had any ties to specific pharmaceutical companies I would probably avoid it because it may be biased.” Even if the test is found to have no bias, MacDougall-Shackleton is wary of the steps required to instill the hormone assessment in the student health facilities. “I think there needs to be a match between what the effect is, size [of effect], and then what a policy decision would be,” MacDougall-Shackleton said. MacDougall-Shackleton explains that most of the general

effects on cognitive impairment are associated with pain and mood effects of perimenstrual syndromes. These syndromes relate a collection of physical and psychological sideeffects to the cyclical nature of the menstrual cycle. Birth control pills will often regulate the ups and downs of hormones to prevent these side effects. However, the mood swings and pain can be enhanced if the estrogen and progesterone hormone levels in the pill are too high are low for the user. “There is lots of individual variation in the length of the menstrual cycle and as well as the sort of levels of hormones experienced. So some women have much greater changes across that cycle than others do,” MacDougall-Shackleton said.

Keeping it consensual Alcohol can be a wonderful indulgence. Yet, like any intoxicant, there can be a darker side to imbibing. We all know that over-consumption can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and other negative physical reactions, but perhaps the even more sinister side of alcohol lies with the effects it has on consensual sex. Everyone has heard the horror stories of people having drunk sex and regretting it after — or even during — the act. It’s a situation far too many people find themselves in, and it makes the nature of consent under the influence very tricky. One of the main reasons for alcohol’s popularity is because of its effects on inhibition. Drinking makes everything seem a bit less frightening, and a bit more attainable. This often leads to silly and seemingly irrational behaviour in those under the influence, because alcohol chemically reduces the ability for one to apply proper judgment with regards to their

behaviour (read: NekNominations). However, this can also lead to dangerous sexual behaviour. The very nature of consensual sex means that consent must be explicit, and it must be unclouded. Inebriation makes this incredibly difficult because it reduces not only one’s ability to give unadulterated consent, but also one’s ability to properly perceive clear and explicit consent, and act on it accordingly. But who hasn’t had sex after a couple of beverages? It’s quite normal to have a glass or two of wine before a romantic evening with your partner. In relationships where trust has been established and re-established, and where personal boundaries have been explored and agreed upon, consent can more easily be interpreted even after a couple of drinks. Carefulness still must be used, so make sure you and your partner both know your limits and your behaviours under the influence, and ensure explicit consent is still achieved.

However, if you’re planning on getting drunk and having sex with someone you’re less familiar with, it might be best to proceed with extreme caution. As stated previously, it’s harder to make proper judgment calls when buzzed, so be aware that not only might your judgment be clouded when pursuing sex, but also your potential partner’s. Sometimes coordinating desire while drunk is simply impossible. Lastly, taking advantage of someone’s inebriation to press your sexual advantage is entirely inappropriate and incredibly slimy. Use your brain, and don’t use booze as some sort of sexual leverage. Everyone can enjoy a good drink, and everyone can enjoy some good sex. Just remember that sometimes they don’t mix perfectly, so proceed carefully when combining alcohol and sex. Sip your drinks slow, and keep your sex consensual. — Cam “Smoth” Smith

Your Weekly Horoscope The week of Feb 14 – 20

This horoscope is intended for entertainment purposes only.

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 There is more to you than meets the eye. You enjoy Your patience is wearing thin, but you need to keep letting others get small glimpses of your true self, but your cool or you could end up in a sticky situation at this week they will get a lot of information all at once. work. Ride things out until the weekend arrives. TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 Feeling restless? Spend some time with a hobby that you enjoy, whether that is cooking in the kitchen or building something out in the garage.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22 It isn’t in your makeup to be meek. If something needs to be discussed, speak up and let others know your perspective on the situation.

GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 Others may have trouble reading you this week. That’s because you are putting forth a few different faces. It is better for all involved if you remain consistent.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21 A lucky streak has you excited to test your good fortune. Ride this wave, but do not go through all of your money in one fell swoop. That can spell trouble.

CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20 Now is the time to introduce your family to a special You have been doing a lot of waiting around, but now friend of yours. This person will be received graciously, your patience is bound to pay off. You just need to wait so there is no need to fret about the meeting. a little while longer to bear the fruits of your labors. LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18 When you want to get something done, it is probably A big adventure is on the horizon. The trouble is, you best if you do it yourself this week. This way you can do not know what to expect and what to bring along bring your own unique approach to the task at hand. for the ride. Things will come into focus soon. VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 Cash seems to be flowing out of your pockets this week. You may want to sit down and make some adjustments to your spending habits so you can get your finances in order. FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS FEBRUARY 16 – Matthew Knight, Actor (20) FEBRUARY 18 – Matt Dillon, Actor (50 FEBRUARY 20 – Brian Littrell, Singer (39)

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 You need to take a rest. Otherwise, you will burn out very quickly. Friends are urging you to slow down this week.

FEBRUARY 17 – Ed Sheeran, Singer (23) FEBRUARY 19 – Jeff Daniels, Actor (59)

Who’s Taking You To The Airport? STUDENT DISCOUNTS Airbus Taylor Lasota GAZETTE

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

The hard truth about condoms in porn Megan Devlin NEWS EDITOR Taylor Kohut doesn’t always tell people he’s a sex researcher right away. “It’s a lot more dull than you might think,” Kohut, a PhD candidate in the department of social psychology at Western, says. He says we all have our various interests — some people like to research cells, some like to research chemicals — Kohut likes to research sex. Right now he’s looking at the impact of pornography on relationships, and he has some interesting and perplexing findings waiting to be published. One study he conducted in 2012 looks at condom use in pornography and its influence on our attitudes towards condoms. A couple of years later, condoms in porn are still a hot topic. This winter, a California judge ruled that pornographic performers should be required to wear condoms as part of a workplace protection law. This decision caused a 95 per cent decrease in requests to make films in the state, and caused much of the industry to move to Las Vegas. However, Kohut says, the porn industry isn’t trying to change the way people think about condoms, they’re just trying to protect their performers. Regardless, some think industry should incorporate more condom use to normalize the practice

Taylor Lasota GAZETTE

— especially to show young teens that pausing to put on a condom is a normal part of sex. “You might expect that depictions of pleasurable sexual activities that happen to also involve a condom might make a condom seem more attractive,” Kohut says. It’s a pretty straightforward idea, and is the basis for many other media studies. Take for example violence on television — children are more likely to act aggressively after viewing a violent program if they see that violence being rewarded.

But with regards to condom use, what Kohut has been finding is the exact opposite. “It turns out that when you look at how men feel about condom use […] you see that the men who see the porn with condom use have worse feelings about condoms than the men in the control group,” Kohut said. Kohut’s study design was relatively simple. He split study participants into three groups: Watching porn with a condom, watching porn without a condom and a control

group watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. Afterwards, Kohut asked participants questions about their attitudes toward condoms. He found that after watching porn where a condom was used, men were more likely to endorse statements such as “condoms are an annoying interruption to sex,” and “sex feels worse with condoms.” Encouraging condom use in real life may not be as simple as seeing an exemplar in porn. However, Matt Evered, secondyear social science student, thinks

that condoms should still be used more frequently in pornography. “By not using condoms in porn, it gives men the impression that unprotected sex comes with no consequences,” Evered said. He acknowledged that a big part of porn is the fantasy element, but he was worried young teens who come across bareback porn wouldn’t be able to realize condoms are the way to go in the real world. “I do think people should be using more condoms,” Kohut said. “If condoms in porn help achieve that goal, it would be great. But from my research, it doesn’t seem that straightforward.” Kohut said there were lots of other reasons why people choose not to use condoms besides whether or not they see them in pornography. He mentioned dulled sensation, chafing and inability to keep an erection with a condom as more practical concerns opposing the contraceptives. In addition, as people may become more intimate and trust each other more, Kohut said they were less likely to use condoms and more likely to use oral contraceptives. In this way, intimacy can bee seen as a barrier to condom use. Kohut is trying to collect more data and get inside the heads of his participants more to see what elements of the videos are making his respondents shy away from condoms.

Why some Western students are choosing abstinence Jeremiah Rodriguez NEWS EDITOR There are few things as visceral in the human experience as sex. Yet, amidst the swirling hook-up culture of one night stands, sex in regretful places, cup sizes and oral, a slice of the Western pie say that abstinence is better than sex. Their responses to the survey that The Gazette put out were left with blank spaces, but the abstinent vanguard said that sex was an important part of life — just not the key purpose of it. Those who opt for abstinence are peppered with people who have strong personal convictions: Studious keeners who wanted to focus on classes, unlucky virgins and some with religious reasons. But none — and I mean none — were prudish when asked to speak candidly about sex. “It’s a part of everybody, but sometimes it’s just that it seems you’re only defined by that,” said Candice*, who was just one of many students who stepped forward to shed some light on their decisions. “I’d hate to be labelled as just my race or by sexual identity or being a jock, why is this one thing any different?” Catholics call it being chaste and it’s hijab for muslims. Members of both religions opted to answer questions about sex with honesty and modesty, but all of them stressed the former. Dwelling on sexual thoughts counts as breaking abstinence, according to Sara Martinez, a thirdyear environmental engineering student. However, she noted that thinking about it was normal. Martinez, along with the majority

of the faith-based abstainers, would look to their faith for help with struggles with something they all face. “Pretending those feelings don’t exist — we’re not designed to be asexual,” said Louise French, a second-year philosophy student at Brescia. Almost everyone spoken to said that a danger is just ignoring their sexuality, which could lead to pent up feelings. Reminding themselves about God or just focusing on understanding themes was something that drew huge consensus amongst the interviewees. Some had already had sex and had chosen abstinence afterwards. All of them, however, said they were waiting for marriage, but even that was said with an asterisk. “Like, if you’re just looking at marriage for your release, then you’re screwed,” Henry* said. “If you build up this idea of what sex is then nothing will live up to your mind.” According to William Fisher, professor of psychology and a fellow of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, the abstinent population was underrepresented. “We know that at least 25 to 35 per cent of incoming students have not had sexual intercourse at all,” he said. “This is not a small group of people whether you’re talking about people who are coitially inexperienced.” He added that what varied greatly was whether it was just intercourse that was avoided, what they considered breaking their sexual fast or what they simply hadn’t experienced yet. He added that stigmas arise regardless of how much sex you have. A friend who faced an unplanned

pregnancy that couldn’t be aborted prompted Shannon* to become abstinent for a little more than a year. She added that the decision was definitely not religious or something she grew up with. “Abortion? I myself couldn’t make that decision, so that’s why I [choose abstinence] to prevent myself from ever being in that situation where abortion would have to be an option.” She felt that even if an accident were to happen she could deal with it. “Sex is such a personal thing, and everyone has a different comfort level with it and beliefs and feelings regarding sex.” Shannon said her year-long abstinence would end once she was comfortable that if anything were to happen, she would feel ready to bring in a life with that person. Lindsey Taylor, a member of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship says that speaking honestly about sex, especially if you’re choosing to be abstinent, was critical. “Having a group of people to talk to and support helps a lot. Especially having people that you can be honest about desires and who else is going through the same struggles as you. To remind each other why it’s worth it to wait. It’s not enough just being told not to do something, I don’t see the benefit,” Taylor said. That aspect of abstinence is what resonated as the most universal trait with the interviewees. They were all seeking an intimacy in a world that they feel has lost that. “Prude” is definitely not a word you could use to describe them. *Names changed to protect identity

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thegazette • Friday, February 14, 2014

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FIRST YEAR STUDENTS - Live with friends in London’s Undergraduate building downtown. Minutes to Richmond, 3-4 bdrm, $500-550. Studyroom, theatre, free tanning, grocery service to your door. Call or text Ted 519-858-2525

NOT HAPPY WITH your place? - 3-5 bedroom apartments/townhomes. Downtown/ near campus. $500-550. Amenities, on-site staff, parking, renovated suites. Call or text Ted 519-8582525.





FROM $450 INCLUSIVE 5 BDRM - VARSITY Mills - live in style and comfort of our newly renovated suites. Near campus at 1 Beaufort St. location for UWO Students. Free Parking, FULLY FURNISHED - $500call or text Ted – 519-858-2525.

5 BDRM TOWNHOUSE - off Western Rd. Fully furnished and only $500/student! A/C, Free Parking, Fob keys, near campus. Will go fast, sign today! Call or text Ted: 519-858-2525

5 BDRMS. LIVE steps from campus in a 5 bedroom apartment or townhouse. Live in style in a modern building. Huge kitchens come with tons of cupboards and counter space, and centre island eating areas. Spacious bedrooms and huge closets. Call Sam anytime at 519-495-7661 and view one of these units before they are gone! 5 BEDROOM HOUSE 201 Huron. Fully renovated. 10 minute walk from campus. Massive rooms with natural light. Laundry on-site, parking available. $550/rm all inclusive 24hr property maintenance. Contact Kevin 519-660-9626

5 BEDROOM HOUSES and apartments right on bus route to campus and downtown. Great locations. Huge rooms and closets. Most have all new appliances including washer/dryer and dishwasher. Call Stephen @ 226-236-4409 or email with questions or to book a tour. 5 BEDROOM HOUSES and townhouses for rent on all sides of campus. All places have free parking, free maintenance and full time property management. Units are rented on a first come first serve basis. Call Stephen at 226-236-4409,

PRICES PRICE ES STARTING ES STA TA ARTING AT AT $5 SQ/Ft. SQ Q/F Q/ / t. *some restrictions may apply



6 BDRM. * *#1 student rentals* * Newly built red bricks in all the best student. 5 appliances included. Huge, spacious rooms with massive closets. 24 hour emergency maintenance and parking included. These ones always go fast so call soon. Call Stephen anytime at 226-236-4409.

4 BED. TOWNHOUSES located on Oxford right by campus. Live in style with 3 floors, 2 washrooms, and very spacious rooms with large closets. 5 appliances, free parking, networked for internet and 24 hour property management. Sam today 519-495-7661, Contact

5 BDRM. * *#1 student rentals* * Renovated houses in all the best student areas around campus and downtown!! Dishwasher, washer/dryer include. Huge, spacious rooms with massive closets. Networked for Internet and parking included. These ones always go fast so call soon. Call John anytime at (226) 973-9346



5 BEDROOM HOUSES and townhouses for rent on all sides of campus. All places have free parking, free maintenance and full time property management. Units are rented on a first come first serve basis. Call Zach at 226-973-9044,

5 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE off Western Road. and Affordable: $500/person. Renovated Free parking, 5 appliances, student community, FULLY FURNISHED. Tour anytime: Call or text Ted 519-858-2525. .

PUT YOUR SUDOKU SAVVY TO THE TEST! To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.

For solution, turn to page 2

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Friday, February 14, 2014