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President Pulia with resident Lucille Housos for her 105th birthday

FALL IS IN THE AIR 2012 keeps flying by. I can’t believe I’m writing for the November newsletter already. The sudden cold and windy weather in midOctober, along with the dry summer we had, has caused the leaves to fall early this year. It seems the leaves changed colors and fell so quickly. I know this because I am seeing more leaf bags and yard waste receptacles out at the curb each week which translates into home owners taking the time to rake their yards in preparation of the arrival of winter. I know no one wants to hear the word snow, especially since we enjoyed such a mild winter last year, but rest assured I have been conferring with a higher power every day asking that we be spared once again.We can only wait and see what will happen. Our contract street replacement paving initiative should be winding down this month. Our target completion date is before Thanksgiving. As you can imagine, weather is the most challenging part of the process. Triggi Construction, Chris Faust from Christopher Burke Engineering, as well as our Public Works Director have been monitoring the progress. Concrete curbs, concrete driveway

aprons, replaced storm sewer inlets, and when necessary, repaired or replaced sanitary sewer connections have or will be done before any actual street paving takes place. I understand parking and access has been difficult during construction, but when the street sections are complete, I’m sure you’ll agree the repairs were worth the wait and minor inconveniences you had to endure. Public Works Director Dave Stoiser, who is a licensed professional engineer in Illinois with experience in road resurfacing, has been working with our engineering firm to continue our Street Improvement Projects for the future. Presently there are 4 streets, 2 residential and 2 industrial with completed engineering that are considered “Shovel Ready”. Our goal is to continue to review our 2006 Street Rating Survey, in conjunction with our in-house rating last summer, to determine what projects can be tackled over the next few years. It is certainly the goal of the Village Board to have adequate streets free of pot holes to travel on.

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Crime prevention begins with you Home Repair Fraud or “Gypsy Scam”

Name: Mark Borkovec Rank: Patrol Sergeant Years as Police Officer: 16 What made you choose police officer as a profession? The variety of work and unexpected challenges on a daily basis.

Describe a good day at work? Getting the job done safely and effectively.

What is the best part of your job? It’s constantly evolving, no two assignments are ever the same.

What advice would you give someone looking to be a police officer? Be well trained and prepare for constant change.

What would occur on your perfect day off? Relaxing with friends and family.

Be suspicious of anyone requesting to enter your home or do work on your property that you did not request. Village employees will be in uniform, in an identifiable village vehicle and can produce proper identification.

Solicitors Those selling goods or providing services door to door within the village must first fulfill and pass mandated requirements prior to the issuance of a circular pin on type “badge” with the phrase “Village of Westchester Registered Solicitor” in black lettering on a white background. The “badge” is to be worn and clearly visible.

These are all of but a few suggestions to help keep you from becoming a victim. Becoming a participant in the Village Neighborhood Watch program Home Security is one more way to ensure a safer community. While working outside or in the Internet & Telemarketing Additional information on these and garage keep doors to the home locked. Fraud other safety topics can be found at In a matter of minutes an intruder the Village website can enter your home while you are Do not provide personal information and on the Facebook pages for both focused on outside activities. via the internet or phone if unsure as to the Westchester Neighborhood Watch whom you are dealing with. Request program and Westchester Police Shopping that information be sent to you before Department. For Neighborhood providing detailed information or Watch program  information contact Keep purses and pocket books when making a financial decision. Crime Prevention/Public Education with you at all times. Avoid placing If you believe you have been a Officer, Ofc. Rob Verber at  rverber@ them in the shopping cart if for victim of any of the aforementioned,  phone only a few seconds.  Should you report it to the Police Department. 345.0060 ext. 440.

Police blotter 1) At 6:29pm on September 23rd 2012, a Theft was reported at the Goodwill Store located at 3054 Wolf Road. The complainant advised that their wallet and cellular telephone was taken from their purse which was sitting in their cart while shopping in the store. 2) At 10:37am on September 25th 2012, a Burglary to Motor Vehicle was reported on the 10800 block of Berkshire. The resident advised that sometime during the previous evening, unknown person(s) entered their open garage and unlocked vehicle to take a change purse. Nothing else appeared disturbed. 3) At 12:33pm on October 3rd 2012, an Attempted Burglary was reported on the 2100 block of Manchester. The resident advised that after hearing a door slam in the rear of house she went to the rear of the house to find a male in his twenties approximately 6 feet tall, thin with dirty blonde hair standing at the back door of the house. The subject fled the scene upon noticing the resident home.

Beware of your surroundings at all times during this shopping season to avoid theft.

4) At 8:46pm on October 4th 2012, an Armed Robbery was reported on the 700 block of Portsmouth. A taxi cab driver advised that five males demanded money at gunpoint from the driver and fled the area on foot. 5) At 12:55pm on October 7th 2012, a Retail Theft was reported at the Walgreens located at 10345 Roosevelt. Walgreens employees alerted the Westchester Police Department that a female had taken $300 in undergarments without paying. The female was stopped and arrested. 6) At 4:01pm on October 10th 2012, a Burglary to Motor Vehicle was reported from the parking lot at 10439 Cermak Road. The vehicle owner reported that a blue handicap parking placard was taken from their unlocked vehicle. 7) At 9:38pm on October 11th 2012, a Burglary was reported on the 11100 block of Boeger Court. The resident advised that sometime during the previous three days, unknown person(s) entered an unlocked storage shed and took a lawn mower and various lawn tools.

become distracted this would be the opportunity a thief looks for. Be aware of your surroundings! When making credit card transactions maintain a close watch on the card.    

Fire Department NOVEMBER 2012





as of 10/22/2012 are; • Westchester Intermediate School 10900 Canterbury St P r o v i s o Continued from page 1 Township Precinct 57 • Westchester Middle School 1 6 2 0 In addition to all the street repairs Norfolk Avenue Proviso Township and resurfacing that has been going on, Precinct 51 our Public Works Staff has completed • Westchester Park District the repair of 69 sidewalk squares. This 10201 Bond Street P r o v i s o is in addition to the $40,000 budget Township Precinct 101 for the 50/50 Sidewalk Program. • Westchester Primary School 2 4 0 0 South Downing Proviso Township ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY Precinct 28 NOVEMBER 6TH • Westchester Village Hall Tuesday, November 6th, is General 10300 W Roosevelt Rd. P r o v i s o Election Day. All registered voters are Township Precinct 59 reminded to “Get Out And Vote”. Your • Divine Infant School 1 6 4 0 vote will determine who will occupy Newcastle Avenue P r o v i s o the White House, U.S. Senate, U.S. Township Precinct 92 House of Representatives, as well as • Divine Providence School 2 5 0 0 who will represent us in the Senate and Mayfair Avenue Proviso Township Representative Districts throughout Precinct 6 & 35 the State of Illinois. There are also • Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox many district commissioner positions Church 2 5 0 1 W o l f R d . open.Take time to familiarize yourself Proviso Township Precinct 70 with the candidates so that you can • Mayfair Recreation Center make an informed decision. 10835 Wakefield P r o v i s o Township Precinct 84 NON- HOME RULE SALES TAX • St. Joseph High School There will also be a question on 10900 W. Cermak P r o v i s o the ballot that concerns YOU, the Township Precinct 85 & 106 residents of Westchester. As you may recall at the primary election on EMERALD ASH BORER March 20, 2012, Westchester voters This fall, Public Works Crews led by approved the collection of a “Non- our in-house arborist Steven Crowley, Home Rule Sales Tax” for certain will begin removing infected ash trees. purchases in Westchester. Due to an Westchester has 850 ash trees located omission in the language contained on public parkways that will have in the primary ballot, the referendum to be removed over the next several question needs to be presented years. There are 180 trees slated to be and passed again with the proper removed this season. Steve identified language before any collection can 110 trees that can be removed inbe instituted through the Illinois house. The remaining 70 trees will be Department of Revenue.  The Non- removed by our contractor, Sinnott Home Rule Sales Tax (Retailers Tree Service. A red dot on the tree Occupation Tax/Service Occupation indicates that the tree is going to be Tax), of a Penny on a Dollar, or 1%, removed. The Board has budgeted is estimated to raise approximately $40,000 for removal and replacement $630,000 annually.  The Village Board of these trees. has earmarked the dollars collected for infrastructure repair, including METROPOLITAN WATER streets, storm and sanitary sewer RECLAMATION DISTRICT (MWRD) lines that have deteriorated over time.  I recently attended a hearing at Utilizing the dollars from this revenue MWRD Headquarters where the stream will allow the Board to sell topic was inflow and infiltration bonds and pay the debt off annually.  into the sanitary sewer system, and As an elected official, I am limited to the elimination of that water into only providing you with information the sanitary system. Director St. about the topic.  State law prohibits Pierre gave a presentation before me, or any other elected official, from Chairperson Debra Shore and the telling you how to vote.  That decision commissioners on establishing rules is all yours. I encourage everyone to and regulations on the amount of WET become familiar with this referendum WEATHER FLOWS that are entering before you go to the polls.  the MWRD System from the more An additional information sheet than 125 Cook County municipalities regarding the Referendum Question is and townships. located on page 12 of the newsletter. Westchester has two separate Contained below are the polling systems. One is a sanitary pipe that places throughout the Village.  The transports waste to the MWRD polls open at 6am and close at 7pm.  facilities for treatment. Westchester Let your voices be heard. also has a separate storm sewer Westchester Polling Places,according system that pipes rain water to either to the Cook County Clerk’s website the Addison Creek, or the Salt Creek

Doctors Sullivan and Suchy (top) and Paul Gattuso of Paul’s Pizza and his family were recognized at the Village Board meeting for 30 years of business.

depending on where you live. In a perfect world, only waste water would go to the MWRD Facility and Storm water into the creeks without any seepage into the systems. Back in the mid 1980’s and as recently in 2010 Westchester has followed the edicts from MWRD and did smoke testing to locate and address cross connections in residential properties. Those found to be in violation were required to redirect their roof drains to splash out into their yards. Illegal Sump Pumps that ejected storm water into the sanitary system were required to be re-routed. To prevent rain water from seeping into the main sanitary sewer line Westchester has embarked in a pipe lining procedure that has recently been completed in the North section of the High Ridge Area, and is being planned for the sanitary sewer basin south of Roosevelt Rd.and North of Canterbury this fiscal year, and for South of Canterbury and North of Cermak Road in 2014. Each of these projects costs over one million dollars each and is being paid for out of our utility fund with the help of a 20 year IEPA Loan that we are applying for. As you have heard before, the sanitary sewer line from your home to the village owned sanitary main line is the responsibility of the homeowner.

These lines were constructed out of a clay tile, usually 3 feet in length, and cemented together. They were put in place when your home was built and many have deteriorated over time, tree roots have found their way in, and now have become one, if not the main reason, for inflow and infiltration (I/I). The reason I am explaining this to you is that the MWRD Staff and a host of Municipal public works personnel and engineers are in the process of developing new rules and regulations surrounding the amount of I/I that will be acceptable from the contributing communities. These officials are discussing ways to respond to the New Federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting requirements, which is a tool to enforce the Clean Water Act. I am all for the elimination of basement backups, as we certainly have had our share of them over the past few years, and the discharge of sewer water into lakes and streams certainly needs to be curtailed and controlled. To me, however, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is what the 70 plus municipal entities are

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doing that have a combined sewer system that constantly puts 100% raw sewerage and 100% storm water together, and the MWRD has to treat to reduce their inflow and infiltration. At the hearing, over the admonition of the chairperson to keep my comments about separate systems, I stated that it was not fair to establish rules against municipalities like Westchester who had the forethought to have separate sewer systems when the village was built, and not require any rules to address the municipalities with combined systems. I’m not sure how the eventual rules and regulations are going to shake out but I will be asking for not only requirements for our separate systems but requirements for the combined systems as well. Hopefully, other mayors with separate systems, limited budgets, and a similar philosophy will join in the discussion with me. Just for you information the City of Chicago has a Combined System.

E-WASTE & SHREDDING EVENT On Saturday, October 13th, the Village hosted the last electronics recycling event for 2012. The day started out fine, but by 10 am a deluge of continuing rain poured down dampening the day and soaking the volunteer collectors. Simultaneously, we hosted a paper shredding event where a number of residents brought their old bank statements or personal papers to be shredded into small pieces of confetti. Due to the amount of rainfall, we had to end the event a little early. I would like to thank all of the volunteers that day that got soaked to the skin but continued to work until the game was called due to rain. For the few persons who were turned away from the shredding area, thank you for understanding. We will be hosting another shredding event next year. The e-waste collections will re-start in April 2013. We could always use some more volunteers to help out. To volunteer please call Molly Keane at the village at 708-3450020. Just a reminder: Illinois State Law prohibits disposing of electronic products in your regular trash collection.

Road will be operational before the one at Mannheim & Devonshire. Palmer Florist will be moving from its present location at Belleview and Cermak (next to Rocky’s Pizza) to the former Universal Bowl/Pictures Plus site just south of Young Prince on Mannheim Road. Owner John Kowalczyk and his lovely wife told me they will be one of the few 1-800 Florist franchises in the Chicagoland Area. On Monday, October 15th, a Special Joint-Board Meeting of the Economic Development Committee and Village Board ofTrustees was held in theVillage Hall Community Room. Dubbed “The Community Leadership Conference”, representatives from the Village, Park District, Library, School District 92.5, St. Joseph H.S., and the Chamber of Commerce broke down into small groups to discuss 3 UIC Strategic Plan Initiatives; 1) Pride Campaign, 2) Business Retention/Expansion, and, 3) Strengthening Relationships with Community Leaders. EDC Chairman Ron Brown, with the assistance of EDC members Lori-Jo Fergle, Darlene Barber,and Kandice Jacobs moderated each of the sessions. The results of the sessions will be reviewed by the EDC and another meeting will be scheduled for further discussion.


WFD show their techniques at the open house held on October 7th.

up the donations. Residents who receive a flyer should have donations on their front porch by 9am on the 17th. Anyone else wishing to make a donation in person can bring items to the Westchester Community Church 1840 Westchester Blvd, by 11AM on Saturday, November 17th. The drive accepts non-perishable items such as canned fruits, vegetables, soups, rice, beans, pastas; household/personal items such as soaps and toilet tissue; used eyeglasses; and old flags. Please help those less fortunate by donating.


to pick up the remaining fragments or powder. Never use a vacuum to clean up debris from the broken bulb. Seal the glass and powder tightly in a glass jar or plastic bag. Wash your hands with soap and water after clean up. Broken CFL bulbs are legally considered a hazardous material and may not be disposed of with regular refuse. Burned out, unbroken CFL’s are accepted for recycling at HOME DEPOT.


Just a reminder, complimentary rides for eligible seniors are available At a recent AGING WELL meeting through Proviso Township. To be On Saturday, October 13th, and one of the attendees made a comment eligible, you must meet the following Sunday, October 14th, Michael regarding the dangers associated requirements; be a senior citizen (60 Gobber, owner of Gobber Real Living with the handling of the new CFL years or older), be able to walk to/ Realty located at 1860 Mannheim (curly) florescent light bulbs. I was from the vehicle without assistance, Road, held a Charity Pumpkin Sale able to get some information from meet the vehicle at the curb, and at his business. The proceeds of the the Northlake Newsletter thanks to be a registered client. Registration sale of pumpkins were used to donate Mayor Jeff Sherwin. information and further information monies to the Westchester Food CFL fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) regarding this program can be Pantry. Discounts on the pumpkins consume much less power and obtained by calling 708-344-7430 were available for those donating 2 last much longer than comparable or 708-344-7431 or going to www. or more non-perishable food items. incandescent bulbs. CFLs, however, Free rides are I would like to thank Mike and his contain a small amount of toxic available for medical appointments group of volunteers for hosting mercury, sealed within the glass (48 hours in advance) and to Target, such a beneficial event. I just wish tubing. No mercury is released when beauty/barber shops, senior clubs, the weather would have been more the bulbs are in-tact or in use, but they Post Office, banks, grocery stores, cooperative. should be handled carefully while North Riverside, Oak Brook and being removed from packaging and Yorktown Malls only on Mondays and SCOUT FOOD DRIVE installed or replaced. Always screw Tuesdays. Our Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts will and unscrew the bulb by its base rather be holding their annual Thanksgiving than by the glass. Never forcefully HOLIDAY TREE DONATION Food Drive again this year. The food twist a CFL into a light socket. When For the past three years the Village drive helps stock the food pantries a CFL breaks, some of the mercury is has asked residents to consider at the Westchester Village Hall, released as mercury vapor. donating their evergreen tree to be and Divine Infant Church for the To minimize exposure, follow displayed as our holiday tree. Last Thanksgiving Holiday. Along with these EPA-recommended clean-up year we were able to secure a 65 foot food, the Scouts also collect used steps. Before cleaning-up have all spruce tree to adorn the spot just eyeglasses for the Westchester Lions people leave the room, and remove outside Fire Station 1, on Roosevelt Club Recycle for Sight Program, and all pets from the room. Ventilate Road. Several factors are considered ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT worn flags, which are no longer fit to the room by opening a window or before the selection is made. These As most of you have seen and heard, be flown. The flags will be properly door for at least 15 minutes. Shut include height, fullness, and most Westchester will be welcoming retired at a later date by the Cub off your central air conditioning or importantly the ease of access for the several new businesses in the next Scouts Pack 73. The Scouts will be heating. When it is safe to return to removal to take place. The removal few months. Two new Dunkin distributing informational flyers to the room, put on protective gloves is done free of charge and the family Donuts stores are presently under Westchester residences on Saturday, and thoroughly scrape up broken making the donation throws the construction. The race is on to see November 10th, and returning the glass and visible powder using stiff See PRESIDENT, page 10 whether the one at 31st and Wolf next Saturday, November 17th, to pick paper or cardboard. Use sticky tape




Calendar NOVEMBER 2012

Monday, November 5: Faculty In service - no school – Divine Providence School 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154 Tuesday, November 6: No School - Polling Site for Registered Voters 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154 Tuesday, November 6: Divine Infant Jesus School Advisory Board Meeting at 7:00 P.M. at the Rectory, 1601 Newcastle Avenue. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122. Wednesday, November 7: All School mass at 8:00 A.M. at Divine Infant Jesus Church, 1600 Newcastle Avenue. Come join us. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122. Wednesday, November 7: Market Day pick-up from 5:30 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. in Langan Hall at Divine Infant Jesus. Contact Toni Podock at 708-865-8071 for more information. Wednesday, November 7: Divine Providence Over 50 Club Our next meeting will be held on November 7, 2012 in the Mayfair Room at Divine Providence. We will be having our Thanksgiving Luncheon at this time.  Doors will open at 11:30 P.M. and lunch will be served at 12 NOON.  Tickets are required.  Members $10.00 and Guests $12.00.  We will be having a turkey and ham luncheon with all the trimmings.  Meeting to follow lunch.Tickets will be available until October 30, 2012.  You can call Ruth at 708-947-9020. Our Christmas Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at Park Place.  The address is 6240 Joliet Road in Countryside.  Doors will open at 11:30 A.M. and lunch served at Noon.  We will also be having entertainment.  Tickets will be available at the November Meeting and after that you have until November 29, 2012 to purchase.  Members $22.00 and Guests $25.00.  Again, call Ruth at 708-947-9020 if you need a ticket after the November meeting. Make checks payable to Divine Providence Over 50 Club. If you have any questions regarding the Club you can call President Betty at 708-562-2765. Have safe and happy holidays. Saturday, November 10: Market Day Pickup 8:30 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. Divine Providence School 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester , IL 60154 Saturday & Sunday, November 10 and 11: Veteran’s Day Blessing during

5:00 P.M. (Sat.) and 8:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. (Sun.) Masses followed by Coffee and Bakery, Divine Providence Church, 2600 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154. Sunday, November 11: Westchester Park District 9:00 A.M. Veterans Day 5K and 1 Mile Health Walk Sunday, November 11: Westchester Park District 28th Annual Tip Off Classic Monday, November 12: Veteran’s Day Assembly at 1:45 P.M. at Divine Infant Jesus Church, 1600 Newcastle Avenue.The program will include all of the service flags and a salute to the Armed Forces. Contact: Mrs. Donna Day 708-8650122 for more information. Tuesday, November 13:Village Board meeting at 7:00 pm followed by the Committee of the Whole in the Village Hall Court Room. Tuesday, November 13: The Divine Infant Jesus School student body will be Praying the Rosary - 2:10 P.M. at Divine Infant Jesus Church, 1600 Newcastle Avenue Come join us. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122. Wednesday, November 14:All School mass at 8:00 A.M. at Divine Infant Jesus Church, 1600 Newcastle Avenue. Come join us. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122.

school office at 708-865-0122. Tuesday, November 20: Parent/ Teacher Conferences will be held from 12:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at Divine Infant Jesus School, 1640 Newcastle Avenue. Dismissal will be at 11:35 A.M. For more information, contact the school office at 708-8650122.

Europe with her family after WWII. You are invited to tablegrace on Wednesday, November 28, at 11:30 AM in the Divine Providence Ministry Center (behind the church) to share in her journey. Bring a sandwich, refreshments will be served. Contact Marcella Mize at 708-5623007 for more information.

Saturday, December 1: Scapbooking and Card making at Westchester Community Church, 1840 Westchester Blvd., Westchester, IL 60154. Scrapbooking is from 9:30 Wednesday, November 21: No A.M. - 11:00 P.M. serving breakfast, School Divine Providence School lunch, dinner, and snacks for $30.00. 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL Come only a half day and enjoy one 60154 meal for $15.00. Card making is from 10:00 P.M - 2:00 Wednesday, November 21: 7:00 P.M. P.M. Lunch is $5.00. If interested Westchester Community church. contact the church office for more Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service. details 708-865-1282 between 9:00 All are welcome. 1840 Westchester A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Blvd Westchester, IL. 60154. 708-8651282 Sunday, December 2: Family Mass, 10:30 A.M. Divine Providence Church, Thursday, November 22: Library 2600 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL closed for Thanksgiving holiday. 60154 Wednesday, November 21: Library closing at 3:00 P.M. for Thanksgiving holiday.

Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving Day Mass followed by Drama Skit, “Did We Forget Something?” plus Coffee and Bakery, 9:30 A.M. Divine Providence Church, 2600 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154 Thursday, November 22: Happy Thanksgiving!  No School Divine Providence School 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154

Thursday, November 15: Teetering Tots 9:30 A.M. - 10:30 A.M. Divine Providence School 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154

Friday, November 23: No School Divine Providence School 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154

Friday, November 16: Evening of Remembrance of the Faithful Departed,7:30 P.M.Divine Providence Church, 2600 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154

Tuesday, November 27:Village Board meeting at 7:00 pm followed by the Committee of the Whole in the Village Hall Court Room.

Saturday, November 17: Aisle of Gifts,“Home for the Holly Days!” will be from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. at Divine Infant Jesus School, 1640 Newcastle Avenue. The holiday craft show will feature over 50 crafters, pictures with Santa, raffles, food and fun. Santa pictures will be taken from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122. Monday & Tuesday, November 1920:A Book Fair will be held from 9:00 A.M. to 2:40 P.M. on Monday and from 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on Tuesday, at Divine Infant Jesus School, 1640 Newcastle Avenue. For more information, contact the


Wednesday, November 28:All School mass at 8:00 P.M. at Divine Infant Jesus Church, 1600 Newcastle Avenue. Come join us. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122.

Sunday, December 2: St. Nicholas Event, 11:30 A.M. Divine Providence School 2500 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154 Monday, December 3: Advent Evening of Reflection with Deacon Ed DeLorenzo,“What is This Thing Called Faith?”, Divine Providence Church, 2600 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL 60154 Tuesday, December 4: Divine Infant Jesus School Advisory Board Meeting at 7:00 P.M. at the Rectory, 1601 Newcastle Avenue. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122. Wednesday, December 5: All School mass at 8:00 P.M. at Divine Infant Jesus Church, 1600 Newcastle Avenue. Come join us. For more information, contact the school office at 708-865-0122.

Friday, December 7: Fish Fry Fundraiser from 4:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M. at Westchester Community Church, 1840 Westchester Blvd., Westchester. Wednesday, November 28: Serving shrimp, fried cod or fried Westchester Aging Well Team chicken, and rotisserie chicken. presents: Officer Verber, Crime Each dinner comes with 2 sides, Prevention Officer, of the Westchester bread, and dessert. Adult dinners are Police Department, who will be $10. Contact the church office for presenting safety tips for seniors. more details 708-865-1282 between Mayfair Recreation, 10835 Wakefield, 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M. Friday, December 7: Eucharistic Wednesday,November 28:“A Journey Adoration, 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. to Freedom” will be presented by a Divine Providence Ministry Center, parishioner of Divine Providence 2540 Mayfair Avenue Westchester, IL who will speak on her experiences in 60154




Let’s keep being green Westchester If a new car is in your future look more closely at fuel-efficiency in a car. You may want to consider a hybrid As you know by now, the monthly vehicle recycling collection of electronics has Check tire pressure monthly and ended for the year and will start up keep at optimal pressure to maximize again when the weather warms up. fuel efficiency Please hold on to those items until we Limit air travel and choose activities open then. Thanks to all those who closer to home volunteered their time to make this Buy locally produced food happen for our community. A note to Create less waste which requires remember………… fuel to transport The Village of Westchester reserves the right to cut short or cancel an Conserve Natural Resources e-recycling event due to inclement weather. Reduce consumption and buy Now that the weather’s getting durable, long-lasting products with cooler and the outside will no less packaging longer look green, it’s time to remind Recycle newspapers, tin cans, plastic, ourselves of ways we can continue to and glass reduce our carbon footprint and keep Use both sides of your paper up the good work. Use rechargeable batteries when See if you can find one item below possible that you’ve never thought of. For Choose reusable and recyclable me, I never thought that using my containers, commuter mugs, plates, dishwasher would conserve water. razors, and cameras over disposable ones Use Less Gasoline Carry purchases home in a canvas or string bag Carpool, ride your bike, or walk Install sink aerators and low-flow when possible (weather permitting) shower heads from the Westchester Green Committee (The Green Team)


The Westchester Food Pantry Word

Take shorter showers Use dishwasher (full load & scrape rather than rinse plates) over hand washing Buy phosphate free detergents

My heartfelt thank you goes out to all that have donated so generously their time, talents and treasures to the Westchester Food Pantry. Our shelves are well stocked for the Holiday season and will double the Use Energy More Efficiently joy of all who need our help. A very special thank you to the Consider an ENERGY STAR Westchester Community, St. Joseph appliances High School, Westchester Weight Unplug appliances and chargers Watchers, AYSO Soccer, Gobber Real when not in use Living, St. Vincent DePaul Society, Turn off computer or put in “sleep” Bonanno Family, Divine Providence mode when not in use Church, the Bakas Team and Citizens Replace at least 3 incandescent Advisory Board for boxes & boxes/ bulbs with compact fluorescent light pounds & pounds of food.Thank you (CFL) bulbs to De Falco Family, Lee & Don Bence, Allow more natural light: artificial MacNeal School, Bridget Rowan and light accounts for 15% of home’s Aque & Rick Harris for their neverelectricity ending support and/or time to keep Wash laundry in cold water when the shelves packed and clean. This possible year we received a very special Keep your water heater at 120°F or donation of gift cards from the below Goodwill Industries International to Turn off lights, appliances, and TVs assist our families. when not in use Last but not least all the employees, Insulate your attic, seal exposed Trustees and President Pulia at ductwork, and install weather- the Westchester Village Hall, J 4 stripping to minimize heat loss Jumping Beans, and my family! J u d y Use a programmable thermostat Saraceno-Swenson

Firemen earn awards Illinois Fire Chiefs Association Educational & Research Foundation recently named the recipients of its 2012 grants.A total of 100 scholarships were announced at the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association Annual Symposium held in Peoria, Illinois. Two of Westchester’s own were recipients of the scholarships; Trustee Nick Steker, Franklin Park Fire Lieutenant, received the FF Jose Mendoza award from Chicago for National Lewis University and Firefighter Mark Wandtke received the DC Mark Johnson award from Hinsdale FD for Southern Illinois University.




service/assistance-programs/Pages/ residential-hardship.aspx

with newer more efficient ones. I know that windows can be quite expensive, and it may take a while to NICOR GAS FINANCIAL Continued from page 5 recover your costs from the energy ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS savings. However, new windows also switch lighting the lights. The tree NICOR Gas has a similar Percentage provide benefits such as an improved lighting ceremony is scheduled for of Income Plan (PIPP) as well. appearance. In the short term, home Friday December 7th. Under PIPP, an eligible client pays improvement companies offer a clear Residents wishing to have their tree a percent of their income, receives plastic wrap that can be used to create considered should contact Gayle Golz a monthly benefit towards their a barrier to heat loss. at 708-345-0041. utility bill, and receives a reduction in Ducts, wire, or pipes that penetrate overdue payments for every on-time the wall, ceiling, or floor have the ILLINOIS LOW-INCOME payment they make by their bill due potential to waste energy. Plumbing ENERGY PROGRAMS date. To enroll in the PIPP contact vents can be problematic since they Beginning November 1st 2012 CEDA at begin below the floor and go all the general enrolment is available through A qualified customer can receive way through the roof. Caulk and the Community and Economic a onetime grant to pay their gas/ weather stripping can be used to Development Association of Cook utility bill. It is run by the Illinois seal them up. Be especially careful County (CEDA) for Home Energy Salvation Army on behalf of Nicor or seek professional assistance when Assistance. This winter season Low Gas. Donations from customers and checking any roof vents. Income Home Energy Assistance Nicor fund the assistance program. Electric wall plugs and switches can Program (IHEAP) eligible applicants The program requires people to stop allow cold air in. Pre-cut foam gaskets will have an option to decide which by their local Salvation Army Office to can be installed behind the switch of the 2 affordable energy programs apply for help. The money is available plate to effectively prevent leaks. is best for you. for people who do not qualify for Installing programmable thermostats LIHEAP DVP program is designed federal government or state of Illinois can help reduce energy costs by to assist income eligible households assistance. Contact Nicor Gas at lowering usage when you are not at with winter energy services, in the 1-888-642-6748 for more information. home. form of a one-time benefit payment to Purchase Energy Star products for the utility companies that are applied increased energy efficiency. directly to the household’s energy COOK COUNTY SHERIFF More information and tips can be YOUTH MEDAL OF MERIT bills. found at The amount of the payment is Once again, I am happy to announce determined by income, household that I have nominated 5 teen youths RECREATIONAL OUTDOOR size, and fuel type. to receive the Cook County Sheriff FIRE REGULATIONS The second is the LIHEAP Percentage Medal of Merit issued by Sheriff Recreational outdoor fires have of Income Payment Program (PIPP). Thomas Dart. Candidates were become quite popular, however, This program provides a monthly required to do volunteer work of they can create a safety hazard and a benefit payment to the utilities at least 100 hours to qualify. The neighborhood nuisance. based on household utility usage and candidates work this past summer The Westchester Fire Department monthly income. included various beautification offers the following recreational fire Customers are required to pay projects throughout the Village such regulations intended to keep families a reduced amount on their utility as; weed pulling, picking up garbage, and neighbors safe. Open burning bills each month to get the benefit maintenance of our public works of lumber, pallets, scrap wood, tree payments. PIPP participants may buildings, as well as sign and bridge trimmings, leaves, yard waste and also receive credits toward their maintenance. I am very proud of the other similar items is not permitted. outstanding balance: Disconnected dedication and the time these fine Recreational fires are permitted Households are NOT eligible. youths put into making Westchester under the following conditions: More information is available a better place. The nominated teens Only natural firewood cut in short at or www. all attend area high schools. The lengths less than 2 feet may be teens that completed the 100 hours burned. Energy+Assistance/Illinois+LIHEAP/ are Faye Domokos, Michael West, J.R. The fire must be contained in a Ph: 1-877-411-9276 Kuhlmey, Alphonzo French Jr., and manufactured, freestanding fire pit Juan Sepulveda . Please join me in ring or pit not exceeding 3 feet in COMED RESIDENTIAL SPECIAL congratulating these teens on a job diameter. HARDSHIP PROGRAM well done! All fire rings or pits must be located The ComEd Residential Special 25 feet away from any structures or Hardship Fund provides a variable WINTER IS COMING combustibles such as houses, garages, ONE-TIME CREDIT EQUAL TO THE Energy prices are on the rise across sheds, wood piles and wooden PAST DUE BALANCE up to $1000 the nation. Heating costs will consume fences. on ComEd bills of households an increasingly larger portion of your Manufactured, freestanding fire with a demonstrated hardship household expenses. It is important pits must be located a minimum of case. Residential customers with to check your home to insure that 15 feet away from any structures or an income at or below 250% of the your hard earned money is not being combustibles, such as houses, garages, federal poverty level may be eligible wasted. sheds, wood piles and wooden for the program. It is not available for There are a few things you can do to fences. disconnected accounts or accounts make your home more efficient. The fire must be constantly attended with evidence of tampering or fraud. Check around all doors and windows and supervised by an adult until the fire Clients may receive a grant once every for leaks and drafts. Add weather- has been completely extinguished. two years. stripping and caulk any holes you see A connected garden hose or other For more information contact: Ph: where heated air could escape. means to extinguish the fire must be 1-888-806-CARE (2273) If leaky windows are a problem, readily available. w w w. c o m e d . c o m / c u s t o m e r - you should consider replacing them The use of flammable or combustible

liquid accelerants is not permitted. Recreational fires are not permitted on windy days when smoke may create a nuisance for nearby neighbors. Recreational fires are not permitted at any time on commercial or industrial sites or sites with construction activities. Police and Fire department officers are authorized to require that a recreational fire be immediately extinguished and disconnected if it is determined that the fire is not in compliance with the above rules. This includes if the smoke is offensive to nearby neighbors or the burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition. Further questions can be directed to the Westchester Fire Department at 708-345-0441.

VETERANS DAY RUN IS BACK The Westchester Veterans Day Race is back! On Veteran’s Day, Sunday, November 11, 2012 a 5k run and 1 mile walk will start at Mayfair Park and work its way through the Cook County Forest Preserve Bike Trail and through several local streets. The 3.2 mile course (5K) should take less than an hour to complete. The start time is 9:00 am. Vehicles will not be allowed to be parked or driven on the streets identified on the route for obvious safety concerns. Donations and proceeds accepted for the Wounded Hero’s Fund.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETINGS It has been brought to my attention that residing in Westchester is a resident who turned 105 last month, Ms. Lucille Housos. We wish her all the best and continued good health. Your neighbors are proud to have you living on their block and we are proud to have you in our Village.

TOYS FOR TOTS COLLECTION The Citizen Advisory Board has received notification that the Village of Westchester has been added to the list of approved collection locations for the Marine Corp. Toys for Tots Campaign. Collection boxes will be available in the lobby of the Village Hall. Please consider those children residing in Cook County who are less fortunate this holiday season and donate a new toy.

PROVISO MUNICIPAL LEAGUE DINNER MEETING On Wednesday October 17th I along with Village Manager Janet Matthys attended a meeting hosted by Hillside Mayor Joseph Tamburino and the Proviso Township Mayors where the guest speaker was none other than our State of Illinois Comptroller the

See PRESIDENT, page 11



The Westchester Blood Program board is (from left) Director Nadine Trumbull, Treasurer Bill Mize, Chairman Joan Steinhauer, Director Carl Panek and Director Ruth Dugo. Not pictured are Directors: Kevin Lah, Mildred Covelli, Maria Ortiz and Mary Ann Hannon.

Free turkeys for blood donors On Wednesday, Nov. 14, the Westchester Blood Program will sponsor a special blood drive from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. in a Bloodmobile parked in the south lot ofWestchester Community Church UCC. As if saving lives is not enough incentive, a coupon for a free 10-pound turkey will be given to each donor, thanks to LifeSource Blood Services. Anyone who already donated at the village’s Oct. 20 drive will not be eligible due to the lack of time between these drives. Area hospitals are struggling to maintain safe supplies of blood on hand for surgeries and emergency room cases.

PRESIDENT Continued from page 10

Honorable Judy Barr-Topinka. For those of you who do not know of Judy’s accomplishments she is one lady who has served the people of the state as a state representative, state senator, state treasurer, and now as our state comptroller. Judy also ran unsuccessfully for governor, but I’m certain looking back she would have made one heck of a governor. Judy’s personality, vim and vigor as well as her passion to serve by helping all people regardless of political affiliation speaks for itself. Judy spoke to elected officials from the township on her role in paying the bills of the state. Of course, the facts do not lie in that our state is one of the most troubled financially in the country. Judy expressed the fact that the state legislature is going to have to make some tough and unpopular choices to put Illinois back on track. She mentioned the temporary 67% increase in the individual income tax( from 3 to 5%) imposed on January 1, 2011 that sunsets in 2014 earmarked for paying the state’s bills, that has not been used for that purpose at all, leaving billions of dollars in outstanding

Westchester Community Church UCC is located at 1840 Westchester Blvd., next door to the Community Center. On Oct. 20, the WBP collected 105 units (pints) for area hospitals, leaving the group just 18 units shy of its annual goal of 500. NOTE: LifeSource recently honored the WBP for being one of its 20 most productive blood-collection groups. It was the ninth year in a row that the WBP has received this accolade. Anyone with a question about the special Nov. 14 drive should contact Carl Panek at 708-8651782 or Joan Steinhauer at 708409-0779.

liabilities. Judy also went around the room asking if municipalities have signed up for the debt recovery services available through her office to collect municipal debt owed to municipalities. Westchester and a host of surrounding municipalities have already joined the program.

VETERANS DAY On Sunday November 11th at 8:15am just before the VETERUN 5k RACE starts promptly at 9 am a ceremony will be held at the Mayfair Park District Veteran’s Memorial located at 10835 Wakefield. I am inviting all of the Veteran’s from Westchester and those from surrounding communities to attend. Our service personnel from all branches of service have been and continue to be the backbone of our American way of life. Without their dedication to duty, sacrifice, and suffering, our principles of freedom, debate, and compromise would be in my opinion far different. It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us the freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us the freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus

The most spooktacular home in Westchester.

organizer, who has given us the freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, who has given us the right to VOTE. Every day should be Veteran’s Day. Please keep all of our Vet’s in your thoughts and prayers.





Thanksgiving Day. On behalf of all of the elected officials, department heads, and employees of the village I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. The Village of Westchester is very fortunate. During this time of Thanksgiving, may we all realize the good in our lives and be grateful for it. May you and your family be blessed this holiday season and may the coming of the New Year

See PRESIDENT, page 20



Park District NOVEMBER 2012


St. Joseph 14


St. Joseph NOVEMBER 2012




School News NOVEMBER 2012

Westchester Middle School News Camp Timber-Lee Westchester Middle School sixth grade students visited Camp TimberLee on September 17-18, 2012. The Outdoor Education Program is planned as a learning experience integral to our regular middle school curriculum. The main purpose of the trip is to provide the students with first-hand experiences at Camp Timber-Lee in East Troy, Wisconsin, which result in an increased awareness of the importance of our natural environment and the obligation each of us has to understand, appreciate, and improve the environment. Students spent two days learning in the outdoors and participated in a variety of activities. These included animal encounters, archery, astronomy, campfire, canoeing, group initiatives, horseback riding, nature hike, and survival skills.

Springfield The Social Studies Department is pleased to announce a great learning experience for our seventh grade American History students.We will be taking an all-day tour of Springfield, Illinois, on Friday, October 19, where we will visit the State Capitol, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Lincoln’s Home and Tomb, and the New Salem Historic Village. Students will have a chance to see our state government in action, too. On Thursday, October 18, we will be having Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln speak to our students about the people and events that influenced their lives. They will also discuss the struggles of the Civil War and the issues that troubled the nation during Lincoln’s time. We would like to thank the WMS PTO for helping support this activity. We appreciate the support of the staff members who participate in these learning opportunities along with the parents who have provided for these learning experiences.

Westchester School District 92½ Budget The budget process for Westchester School District 92½ is an eleven month process that starts in October and ends in September when the Board of Education adopts the final budget. During that time frame, there are many meetings with stakeholders to discuss the upcoming needs of the students, operational needs (building maintenance, transportation, safety) and federal/state mandated programs. In October and November, the

tentative levy and preliminary macroview budget is presented to the Board for discussion, with the final levy approval vote taking place in December. In December, enrollment for the upcoming school year is projected and staffing needs are identified based on the projections. Administrator meetings are held in February to discuss building funds, curriculum allocations, planning of small building projects and furniture and equipment needs. Budget priorities are discussed with staff. In March and April, the budget priorities are set and a draft budget prepared. The draft budget is reviewed and revised, with the final draft presented to the Finance Committee in June. The draft budget is approved by the Board in June and placed on display, with the budget hearing scheduled for the September Board meeting. The Board adopts the budget at the September Board Meeting. The District is currently following the Fiscal Year 2013 budget (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013). School budgets are divided into eight funds, with each fund having revenue sources and expenditures. There are three main revenue sources for the school district – federal revenue, state revenue and local revenue. Federal sources, which represent 4% of our revenue, include Title Grants, National School Lunch Program reimbursement, Administrative Outreach/IDEA for Special Education and E-Rate Technology reimbursement. State revenue sources, which represent 12% of our revenue, include General State Aid, Special Education Reimbursement, Transportation Reimbursement and various grants. Local revenue sources, which represent 84% of our revenue, include property taxes, Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax, interest income, student fees, property rentals and milk and lunch money. The expenditures for the upcoming year can be categorized into six main areas. Since we are a service provider, the largest percentage of our costs is in the area of salaries and benefits, representing 78% of the budgeted expenditures. Tuition for special education and debt service represents 7% of budgeted expenditures. Purchased services, such as electrical or plumbing services, represents 8% of the District’s expenditures. Total budgeted expenditures for supplies represent 7% of the total expenditures. During the budgeting process, various revenue assumptions were taken into account. The 2011 levy revenues used historical collection rates but could decrease due to tax objections. The revenue collected


Westchester Middle School earned $2,500 through Box Tops for Education.

via the tax levy is limited to the CPI increase of 1.5% for the prior year levy and limited to the 3.0% CPI increase for the current year levy. General State Aid reflects a slight increase as a result of the state income tax increase but the District will receive only 89% of the entitlement as the state started two years ago to prorate General State Aid. Three other revenue decreases faced by the District is the reduction of Transportation dollars (only 40% reimbursement of our Transportation claim), a reduction in the Corporate Personal Property Replacement tax which was diverted by the state to other non-education programs, and a decrease in interest income due to extremely low interest rates. We are expecting our federal grant revenue to stay the same as last year. In addition to the revenue assumptions, there was a number of expenditure assumptions used to guide the formulation of the budget. The District’s move from a self-insured program to the Educational Benefit Cooperative will help stabilize future insurance cost increases. In addition, the District underspent budgeted expenditures from the previous year and refinanced bonds to capture a lower interest rate. Expenditure increases in the budget were due to the upgrade of all technology throughout the District, the start of the four year replacement cycle for an aging fleet of buses, and LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE) cost increase due to a change in the program delivery method. There are a number of future concerns that need to be kept in mind. First and foremost is the current state of the economy with decreasing home values leading the way and a foreclosure rate of over

20% in the Village. The District is faced with various revenue erosion issues, as highlighted above, which has resulted in a projected operating fund deficit of $534,315. Cost pressure from future capital projects will potentially add to the deficit as we need to continue to upgrade an aging bus fleet, replace boilers at all school buildings, and repair masonry problems. Considering all of the issues that we face, it is good to note that we have one of the lowest operating costs per student of $9,737 which is 15.6% lower than the state average of $11,537, and one of the lowest. This shows that we are using our financial resources wisely and prudently to deliver a great education to our students. In addition, the District has received the highest form of financial recognition from the Illinois School Board of Education. We will continue to review our budget for efficiencies and ensure that we get the most for our investment.

Westchester Middle School Presented $2,500 On Tuesday, October 9, Westchester Middle School was presented with a check for $2,500 from Green Giant Fresh and Box Tops for Education.An all school assembly was held at 10 am to celebrate receiving the funds. Mary Pytko, a Westchester resident whose children attended WMS, won 25,000 Box Tops in a raffle and chose to donate them to the school. Those 25,000 Box Tops translate to $2,500 dollars. A representative from Green Giant Fresh awarded the check at the assembly. Mary and her son, Alex, were also in attendance. The money will go toward classroom educational improvements.



Special Article

from the


of the




Senior scams: Crimes of the 21st Century I have to tell you that I really hate having to continually write about scams that target anyone, let alone our seniors. However, as a Police Officer by profession it pains me to have to listen to victims who have lost their hard earned saving or have fallen victim to someone who has taken advantage of them financially or otherwise. These unscrupulous people are CRIMINALS. Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent that they are now considered “the Crime of the 21st Century.” The Top 10 Scams Targeting Seniors are listed below as presented by the National Council of Aging. (1) Health Care/Medicare/Health Insurance Fraud- Every U.S. Citizen or permanent resident over age 65 qualifies for Medicare, so there is rarely any need for a scam artist to research what private health insurance company older people have in order to scam them out of money. In these types of scams, perpetrators may pose as Medicare representatives to get older people to give them personal information, or they will provide bogus services for elderly people at makeshift clinics, then use the personal information they provide to bill Medicare and pocket the money. (2) Counterfeit Prescription DrugsMost commonly, counterfeit drug scams operate on the internet, where seniors increasingly go to find better prices on specialized medications. This scam is growing in popularitysince 2000, the FDA has investigated an average of 20 such cases a year, up from 5 a year in the 1990’s. The danger is that besides paying money for something that will not help a person’s medical condition, victims may purchase unsafe substances that can inflict even more harm. This scam can be as hard on the body as it is on the wallet. (3) Funeral & Cemetery Scams- The FBI warns about 2 types of funeral and cemetery fraud perpetrated on seniors. In one approach, scammers read obituary and call or attend funeral service of a complete stranger to take advantage of the grieving widow or widower. They claim that the deceased had an outstanding debt with them. Scammers will try to exhort money from relatives to settle the fake debts. Another tactic of disreputable funeral homes is to capitalize on family members unfamiliar with the considerable cost of funeral services to add unnecessary charges to the bill. In one common scam of this type, funeral directors

include: “The Pigeon Drop” - The con artist tells the individual that he/ she has found a large sum of money and is willing to split it if the person will make a “good Faith” payment by withdrawing FUNDS FROM HIS/HER BANK ACCOUNT. Often a second con artist is involved posing as a lawyer, banker, or some other trustworthy stranger. “The Fake Accident Ploy” The con artist gets the victim to wire or send money on the pretext that the person’s child or another relative is in the hospital and needs the money. “Charity Scams” Money is solicited for fake charities. This often occurs after natural disasters. (6) Internet Fraud- While using the internet is a great skill at any age, the slower speed of adoption among some older people makes them easy targets for automated Internet scams that are ubiquitous on the web and email programs. Pop up browser windows simulating virus-scanning software will fool victims into either downloading a fake anti-virus program (at a substantial cost) or an actual virus that will open up whatever information is on the user’s computer to scammers. The unfamiliarity with the less visible aspects of browsing the web (firewalls and built in virus protection,for example) make seniors especially susceptible to such traps. One example include E-mail/ Phishing Scams – A senior receives email messages that appear to be from a legitimate company or institution, asking them to “update” or” verify” Seniors should be aware of telemarketing scams, among others. their personal information. A senior will insist that a casket, usually one versions of the real thing may still receives emails that appear to be of the most expensive part of funeral be working with the root ingredient, from the IRS about a tax refund. services, is necessary even when botulism neurotoxin, which is one of (7) Investment Schemes- Because performing a cremation, which can the most toxic substances known to many seniors find themselves be accomplished with a cardboard science. A bad batch can have health planning for retirement and managing casket rather than an expensive consequences far beyond wrinkles or their savings once they finish display or burial casket. drooping neck muscles. working, a number of investment (4) Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products(5) Telemarketing- Perhaps the most schemes have been targeted at Ina society bombarded with images common scheme is when scammers seniors looking to safeguard their of young and beautiful, it is not use fake telemarketing calls to prey cash for their later years. From surprising that some older people feel on older people, who as a group Pyramid schemes like Bernie Madoff’s the need to conceal their age in order make twice as many purchases over (which counted a number of senior to participate more fully in social the phone than the national average. citizens among its victims) to fables circles and the workplace. After all, While the image of the lonely senior of a Nigerian prince looking for a 60 is the new 40, Right? It is in this citizen with nobody to talk to may partner to claim inheritance money spirit that many older Americans seek have something to do with this, it is to complex financial products that out new treatments and medications far more likely that older people are many economists don’t understand, to maintain a youthful appearance, more familiar with shopping over the investment schemes have long been putting them at risk of scammers. phone, and therefore might not be a successful way to take advantage of Whether it is fake Botox, like the one fully aware of the risks. With no face older people. in Arizona that netted its distributors to face interaction, and no paper trail, (8) Homeowner/Reverse Mortgage (who were convicted and jailed in these scams are increasingly hard to Scams- Scammers like to take 2006) $1.5 million in barely a year, trace. Also, once a successful deal has advantage of the fact that many or completely bogus homeopathic been made, the buyer’s name is then people above a certain age own remedies that do absolutely nothing, shared with similar schemers looking their own home, a valuable asset there is money in the anti-aging for easy targets, sometime defrauding that increases the potential dollar business. Botox scams are particularly the same person repeatedly. See SENIORS, page 24 unsettling, as renegade labs creating Examples of telemarketing fraud



Rebates available to make homes more efficient Dozens of homeowners in the Westchester area are making their homes more energy efficient this fall with the help of limited-time rebates and financing available through Energy Impact Illinois, an advocate for homeowners made up of an alliance of local organizations, utility companies and non-profit groups. Since word began to spread about the program in August, more than 35 Westchester homeowners have explored ways to improve the comfort and value of their homes and lower their energy bills. Chief

among them – a limited time offer for air sealing and insulation projects of up to $1,750 in rebates, or about 70 percent of the total cost of improvements. Air sealing and insulating a home are two of the most cost-effective and permanent improvements that homeowners can make to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. More than half of total energy costs come from heating and cooling a home and almost all homes let too much air escape or penetrate. Most homes (even newer ones) also have

incorrectly installed or insufficient amounts of attic insulation. Energy Impact Illinois connects homeowners with certified and vetted contractors who can assess and estimate the right mix of projects for their home to maximize savings. In addition to the limitedtime rebates, Energy Impact Illinois can also link homeowners with attractive loan options with zero percent interest for the first year. Energy Impact Illinois is a program run by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning through a grant

from the U.S. Department of Energy. Westchester homeowners are encouraged to call 855-9-IMPACT to take advantage of the rebate offer before it expires. Homeowners can also get involved by contacting their local coordinator, Eric Keeley, at (630) 336-1852 or eric@ In addition, Energy Impact Illinois is offering a free home assessment for homeowners who host a house party with five or 10 homeowners from their neighborhood. Contact Eric Keeley to learn more.

by representatives of Governor Pat Quinn that money was being made available from the State of Continued from page 11 Illinois Revolving Fund. The money is earmarked for drinking water bring you and yours joy, peace and and wastewater infrastructure good will. In the words of President projects. This administration has John F. Kennedy “ As we express our been actively involved in several gratitude, we must never forget that initiatives involving these types of the highest appreciation is not to projects. Presently, we are accepting utter words, but to live by them.” bids for two sanitary sewer lining Please note: Village Hall will be projects on 2 sanitary Basins. A closed on Thursday, November 22 and third project, replacing the sanitary Friday, November 23 in observance of sewer line that travels through the holiday. the Cook County Forest Preserve and into the MWRD collector in CLEAN WATER INITIATIVE LaGrange Park will be submitted for On October 18th, I was notified approval. The Illinois Clean Water

initiative will be financed through the sale of bonds by the Finance Authority, which will not increase the general obligation debt of the state. The Illinois Clean Water Initiative will leverage federal grant funding through the Illinois EPA’s existing loan program, along with loan repayments by communities receive project funding.

chance. On Friday November 23rd, Nick Steker and Kathryn Knack will become Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Steker. That’s right, one of the most eligible good looking bachelors with a good job, a house, and paid off truck has been taken off the market. Nick and Kathryn, we wish you all the best as you start your life together. Nick I know it will be a difficult day for you, but I am sure your dad is very proud of having a son who has accomplished as much as you have in such a short period of time. Kathryn, Nick loves you very much and in the words of Forest Gump “you are his carrots in his peas and carrots”. All the best.


GUESS WHO IS GETTING MARRIED? I would like to take this opportunity to let all of the girls who thought they had a chance to latch onto Franklin Park Fire Lieutenant,Village Trustee, and my personal friend Nick Steker that you missed your



Is the flu shot right for you? Influenza, or the flu, is a highly contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory system. For many, the flu simply causes a few days of misery. For others, it can lead to pneumonia or even death. Each year, anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of the United States population contracts the flu virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 3,000 and 49,000 people die from the seasonal flu virus each year, and another 200,000 need to be admitted to the hospital due to flu-related complications. Anyone can contract the flu and the serious complications it may cause. However, some people are more susceptible to these complications, which can include pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus or ear infections. In addition, the flu can cause other chronic health problems to worsen. For example, people with asthma may experience serious asthma attacks while they have the flu, and chronic congestive

heart failure may worsen if a sufferer contracts the flu. Medical experts recommend that most people receive a flu shot every year to help prevent it, reduce its severity and avoid its complications. And because some people are at a high risk for severe illnesses from the flu, they are advised to make an effort to get a flu vaccination early in the flu season (September through November). People ages 50 to 64, regardless of their health condition, are also advised to get a flu shot. Age alone does not automatically put them at a high-risk; however, millions of people in this age group have one or more high-risk medical conditions. Even without a medical condition, the flu shot can help those in this age group avoid missing work and/ or paying for costly medical visits and medication. There are several groups of people who should NOT get a flu shot. These groups include people with an allergy to eggs; people who have

had a severe reaction to a flu shot in the past; and people who previously developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome in the first six weeks after receiving a flu shot. Those at Risk for Flu Complications  Adults ages 65 or older. Even if in excellent health, people in this age group have a greater risk of complications from the flu, and should get their vaccinations early.  Children 6 to 23 months. Young children are among the most likely to be hospitalized for influenza. Young children in this age group need to be protected by receiving a flu shot.  Adults and children with chronic (ongoing) health problems, including asthma or other ongoing lung conditions, kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes.  Adults and children who have lowered immune systems from an illness such as HIV or AIDS, or from undergoing a medical treatment

such as chemotherapy.  Children and teenagers between 6 months and 18 years old who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy and could develop Reye syndrome if they get the flu.  Women who will be at least 3 months pregnant during the flu season require a flu shot. In addition, those who live or work with people in these high-risk groups are advised to get flu shots:  Adults and children who are household contacts or caregivers for others at high risk of severe illness from the flu.  Health care workers with daily exposure to sick people.  Household contacts or caregivers for children under age 2. Infants younger than 6 months cannot get a flu shot, but can still contract the flu. Their best protection is nonexposure.  Anyone who lives in a nursing home or chronic care facility for people of any age.



CAB Update November 2012

doorstep on Saturday November 10 to drop of their fliers and picking up the goods on Saturday November 17. The Citizens Advisory Board is Please look out for that as well. assisting the Food Pantry in collecting We will also be participating in food and distributing it within the the Toys for Tots toy drive this year. community this holiday season if one There will be a drop box at the chooses to donate they can drop their Village Hall for anyone who wishes goods off at the Village Hall or either to drop off a toy. The Village will be one of the Park District buildings; taking donations for the toy drive if Community Center, or Mayfair anyone wishes to bring Santa a toy, Recreational Center. In addition, the in conjunction with the Village’s Cub/Boy Scouts will be doing their tree lighting ceremony on Friday annual food drive and coming to your December 7.

Continental Barbers & Jeannie’s Hair Salon 3 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 120, Westchester, IL 60154 Tower Three-Four connecting link facing Wolf Road-708-531-1991 * Check out our new web-site; *


25% Off Hair cut & Style for Men or Women (first time clients) Free Travel Size Coppola Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner with a Keratin Treatment

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Sabastain* Keratin Conditioning Treatment available John Amico* for $15.00 reg $25.00

American Crew* Nioxion*


Public Works NOVEMBER 2012

Public Works DepartmentNewsletter- November 2012 Branch Pick-up: The final Village branch pickup for the year will be the week of November 5th-9th. Branch pickup will resume in April 2013. All brush must be put out on the front parkway no later than 7:00 a.m. on the designated pickup day. Branches can be up to 7 ‘in length and stacked with the butt ends facing the street in the same direction. If not stacked properly, a “restack” notice will be left. Public Works Crews will only pass through a designated pickup area once due to time schedule and other workload responsibilities. Please make every effort to cut oversized limbs/stumps for one employee to lift and to remove the dirt from the root ball to allow for pickup. Landscaping contractors are responsible for their own brush pickup and disposal. Please note the following schedule for branch pickup:

Concord. TUESDAY: Roosevelt Road south to Cermak Road-from Gardner Road west to Mannheim Road. WEDNESDAY: From Roosevelt Road north to the expressway and from Gardner Road west to Mannheim Road. Also, Roosevelt Road south to Canterbury from Haase west to Heidorn. THURSDAY: From Belleview west to Wolf Road, Martindale Drive to 31st Street PLEASE NOTE: The branch pick-up schedule is subject to change based on the amount of debris being picked up and weather conditions. If we miss your pickup we will return the following day. FYI….Waste Management will also pick up your branches as long as they are tied in bundles no more than 4 feet in length. These are picked up every week, on your regular garbage day. The last pickup for yard waste by Waste Management will be November 30, 2012. Public Works crews continue to fill potholes throughout the Village. Please call Public Works at 708-3450041 to report potholes.

MONDAY: From Mannheim Road west to Wolf road and from Canterbury south to Windsor- Leaf Pick Up including both sides of Windsor Drive. Leaf pick up began in mid-October Also,Waterford, Waverly, Camelot and and will continue through the fall

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value of a certain scam. A particularly elaborate property tax scam in San Diego saw fraudsters sending personalized letters to different properties apparently on the behalf of the County Assessor’s Office. The letter, made to look official but displaying only public information, would identify the property’s assessed value and offer the homeowner, for a fee to arrange for a re-assessment of the property’s value and therefore the tax burden associated with it. Closely related, the reverse mortgage scam has mushroomed in recent years. With legitimate reverse mortgages increasing in frequency more than 1,300% between 1999 and 2008, scammers are taking advantage of this new popularity. As opposed to official refinancing schemes, unsecured reverse mortgages can lead property owners to lose their homes when the perpetrators offer money or a free house somewhere else in exchange for the title to the property. (9) Sweepstakes & Lottery ScamsThis simple scam is one that many are familiar with, and capitalizes on the notion that “there is no such

thing as a free lunch.” Here scammers inform their mark that they have won the lottery or sweepstakes of some kind and need to make some sort of payment to unlock the supposed prize. Often, seniors will be sent a check that they can deposit in their bank account, knowing that while it shows up in their account immediately, it will take a few days before the (fake) check is rejected. During that time, the criminals will quickly collect money for supposed fees or taxes on the prize, which they pocket while the victim has the “prize money” removed from his or her account as soon as the check bounces. 10) The Grandparent Scam- The Grandparent scam is so simple and so devious because it uses one of the older adults’ most reliable assets, their hearts. Scammers will place a call to an older person and when the mark picks up, they will say something along the lines of: “Hi Grandma, do you know who this is?” When the unsuspecting grandparent guesses the name of the grandchild the scammer most sounds like, the scammer has established a fake identity without having done any background research. Once “in,” the fake grandchild will usually ask for money to solve some type of unexpected financial problem (

season. Public works crews are cleaning the streets, including curbs but we ask that you DO NOT RAKE YOUR LEAVES INTO THE STREETS. This causes sewer problems, clogs the storm sewers and creates unsafe driving conditions. Please try to keep the drains in the street free of debris so that the autumn rains don’t wash the debris into the storm sewers. Keep the inlets free of leaves by sweeping off the top of the inlets. We appreciate your cooperation!

The 2012 Street Improvement Program Rehabilitation of 5 streets is underway: • Downing Avenue (Oxford Street to Dorchester Avenue) • Bedford Street ( Mayfair Avenue to Sunnyside Avenue) • Carlisle Street (Mayfair Avenue to Sunnyside Avenue) • Evers Avenue ( Roosevelt Road to Dickens Street) • Westminster Drive ( 31st Street to dead end) The curb removal and replacement is almost complete, including driveway aprons. Pavement removal will be immediately following. Resurfacing will follow directly behind pavement removal. All paving to be completed before Thanksgiving. overdue rent, payment for car repairs, etc) to be paid via Western Union or MoneyGram, which don’t always require identification to collect. At the same time, the scam artist will beg the grandparent “please don’t tell my parents, they would kill me. “ While the sums of money from such a scam are likely to be in the hundreds, the very fact that no research is needed makes this scam that can be perpetrated over and over at very little cost to the scammer. For more information www.ncoa. org I know the above information is quite extensive. If you should ever have a question regarding any suspicious calls, contacts, or situations that just don’t seem right please contact the Westchester Police Department. Chief April Padalik and her staff are ready and willing to help. Additional help is available from The Credit Bureaus: Equifax Credit Informational Services To order your credit report Ph: 1-800-685-1111 To Report Fraud, PH: 1-800-5256285 To Put a fraud alert on my credit report PH: 1-888-766-0008 Experian Credit Services


Questions regarding this planned work can be directed to the Public Works Department at 708-345-0041.

Donate Your Tree Submit your tree for consideration for the Village Holiday Tree. This tree will be on display for the whole community to enjoy. Criteria for selection will include tree height, fullness and accessibility from the road for removal purposes.The tree will be removed at no cost to the resident. If you are interested in donating your tree, please contact Gayle at 708-3450041 by November 12th.

As Always….. Village residents are asked to call Public Works at 708-345-0041 or the Police Non Emergency number after hours at 708-345-0060 if an unusual amount of water is visible in the street or parkway. This could be a main break or water leak that requires our immediate attention. As the cooler weather approaches, remember to turn off your outside water spigots in the basement to prevent pipes from cracking or freezing during the winter months. If you are leaving town for warmer weather, please inform the Public Works Department so the crews can shut off the water at the buffalo box while you are away to avoid frozen pipes and potential water damage. To order your credit report PH: 1-888-397-3742 To Report Fraud, PH: 1-888-3973742 TransUnion Credit Services To order your credit report PH: 1-800-888-4213 To Report Fraud PH: 1-800-6807289 You can request a free credit report from each of the three listed companies once each year Other Important Contacts: Better Business Bureau: PH: 1-312832-0500 Food and Drug Administration: PH: 1-888-463-6332 Illinois Attorney General Office Senior Citizen Consumer Fraud Hot Line PH: 1-800-243-5377 Illinois Department on Aging Senior Help Line: PH: 1-800-252-8966 www. Illinois Department of Insurance: PH: 1-312-814-2420 Social Security Administration: PH: 1-800-269-0271 United States Postal Inspection Service: PH: 1-877-876-2455 www.



Village of Westchester November 2012 Newsletter  
Village of Westchester November 2012 Newsletter  

Village of Westchester Illinois November 2012 Village Newsletter