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EURO MAG Issue n°1, May 2014


New Orleans charter schools shouldn’t treat students like prisoners.

In New Orleans they prefer to privilege the behavior1 than school results. Students arrive ready for school every morning, but must wait outside the building until security guards open the doors at 7:30 a.m. It could be raining, but they will NOT open the doors until then. Once the doors are open, it takes the guards 15 to 20 minutes to search each student and check for uniform violations. On a typical morning, they are treated like prisoners, which causes students to react in a variety of negative ways2. Some students break the rules in response to how3 they are treated. The charter schools that have opened in New Orleans since4 Hurricane Katrina are very strict. The rigid discipline structures that have been placed inside these schools are not effective. In many schools, students are expected to walk in straight lines, remain silent, and wear a uniform at all times. These discipline structures focus too much on behavior rather than5 academic performance, which should be administrators’ number one priority if they want to help students excel. In order to become professionals they must succeed in academics, which is something they are unable to do if they are suspended because of a uniform or behavior violation. By attending a school with fewer6 rules, they would excel even more since there would be less distractions about clothing or behavior. If you treat students like prisoners, they will react like prisoners.

1. le comportement/ 2. façon négative /3. la façon dont../4. depuis / 5. plutôt que../ 6. moins

Angèle Dupont.

Blackberry's last stand The beginning of the Blackberry's made: Blackberry was unveiled in 1999 with the first phone the “RIM 950”. Blackberry was unveiled in 2002 with the second phone the “Blackberry 5810” In 2008, the “Blackberry Storm” was released. It's the third Phone of the Blackberry's brand. In 2010, There was a new Blackberry. It was the “Blackberry Torch”. In 2012, it was the last Blackberry the “Z10 and Q10”


1st Blackberry






5th Blackberry

The phones are made by a Canadian company Research In Motion. Fifty million inhabitants use the Blackberry.

What its new models reveal about the future of smartphones? In 2007, Apple joined the phone game and tried to pass the Blackberry but it failed. Four years ago, the Blackberry new models were revealed but today Apple and Samsung passed Blackberry and they are better sellers than Blackberry because Apple and Samsung are associates. So Apple and Samsung reveal the new models about the future.

unveil=inaugurer reveal=révéler

sell= vendre associate= associé

(to) be released= être sorti

By Harry McCracken/Clémot Anne-Sophie

Dick Clarck Dick Clarck was born on November 30th, 1929 in Mount Vernon and he died on the 18th of April 2012 in Los Angeles at 83 years old. His nickname was "The World's Oldest Teenager".

Dick Clarck was a presenter on American television , he played in : American Bandstand from 1957 to 1987. He also played in the game show Pyramid.

Dick Clark was also well known for his trademark sign-off, "For now, Dick Clark So long!". He never lost his grace because he was comfortable in front of the camera.

Clark revolutionized popular music. He wanted to change the culture of the American people.

The show of Clark featured over 10,000 live performances showcasing brillant artists such as Ike and Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, the Talking Heads, Simon and Garfunkel, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

Translate : Nickname → surnom Trademark → Marque de fabrique Showcasing → Présentation

Antonin Bouchery 4D

Jupiter's “Great Red Spot” is shrinking The Famous Jupiter's storm called the “Great Red Spot” was recently measured by the NASA's Hubble space telescope. In the late 1800s, the storm measured 25,500 miles* across (Earth measures 3,958.756 miles across) and steadily shrank until 2012. From this year, it began shrinking about 580 miles a year. Now, the storm measures about 10,250 miles across. It's wider than Earth diameter, but less than the half of the size measured in the late 1800s. The storm is rapidly shrinking, but scientists aren't sure why it's so fast. A NASA team is looking to small eddies that have appeared and may alter “Great Red Spot”'s size. * 1 miles = 1,609.33 m

Vocabulary: alter = modifier, changer eddy = tourbillon may: aux. modal, exprime la possibilité shrink/shrank/shrunk = rétrécir steadily = régulièrement wide = large

MAES Arthur

Bionic Brain by Bryan CHIRISTIE

People with a spinal cord 1 problem can't move because their brain and their body don't communicate. The scientists try to restore motion with a mechanical skeleton2 controlled by thoughts3. It's a challenge because a lot of sensors4 must be implanted in the brain to send commands to the skeleton. The signals must also travel in reverse5, from sensors to the brain where the body is in space. Vocabulary: 1.Spinal cord > moelle épinière 2.mechanical skeleton > squelette mécanique 3.thoughts > idées 4.sensor > détecteur/capteur 5.reverse > inverse

Audrey Pain

Serial Killing Why TV became addicted to blood ? There is not just violence on TV but there is blood now. TV good and bad series have become addicted to blood. Love on TV is not as popular as TV dramas because youth dislikes love. They prefer TV dramas because there is blood. Why does youth love blood ? Because youth likes the violence. If a series wants to have a big audience, they must put blood in. Six ways to die on TV : - Prisoners of war - Vampires - Car crash - Victims burried - Poison - Biker Otto stabbed a nurse in the neck.

Vocabulary : Blood > sang the youth > la jeunesse nurse > infirmière neck > cou

Camille Marquise


_Minecraft was created and developped by Mojang, Notch (Markus Personn) and Bergensten (Jens Bergensten) her assistants. There are 25 million players in Minecraft. This game was created in 2011.

_Notch said : ÂŤI have a 8 years old stepson, and he loves Minecraft, so everyone can play and like Minecraft. This game has a great community.Âť Minecraft is cool because you have to use your imagination. And you create your game play when you are free in Minecraft, you can do what you want !

_Minecraft was succesful and had 25 million users in 3 years, so it's exceptional. And many players play in Minecraft regularly.

_This game is again in developing. And updates are often released. So Minecraft is a very popular game and it is very good and cool. And Minecraft is a big competitor with the other games.

Created by Clement Duperray.

The world's fastest Texter A young teenager has become the fastest texter, at only the age of 17 years old, by typing 26 messages in 18.19 seconds. He broke the previous¹ record in New York. He beat2 the record of 18.44 seconds. It's a Guinness World Records reports. A Brazilian teenager appears as the world's faster texter and now the Guinness World Record for the faster typing of a text message on a touch-screen mobile3. The teenager, Marcel Fernandes Filho, had to text the following sentences and the punctuation right: « The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human. » He broke4 the record on a Samsung Galaxy S4 in New York City and beating2 the previous world's best of 18.44 seconds with an impressive5 18.19 seconds. Filho started perfecting his texting speed when he destroyed his computer in a fit of rage6 because the monitoring was flickering7. After he had to use an iPhone for everything, CNET report

Guinness World records report 1. ancien 2. beat → «battre» 3. téléphone tactile 4.casser, dans ce sens, battu 5. impressionnant 6. une crise de colère 7. fonctionnait mal

THE ME ME ME GENERATION The statistics say that we, the teenagers, are lazy, selfish, narcissistic, all similar... Right or wrong ? Here are the numbers. First, 58% more college students scored higher on a narcissim scale in 2009 than in 1982. Then, it seems we are famousobsessed ; three times as many middle school girls want to grow up to be a personnal assistant to a famous person or to be a Senator. Finally, our development is stunted : more people aged 18 to 29 live with their parents than with a spouse and we are lazy : in 1992, 80% of people under 23 wanted to one day have a job with greater responsability, 10 years later, only 60% did. If we call teenagers all the people born beetwen 1980 and 2000, at 80 million strong, we are the biggest age group in American history. Each country's teens are different, but because of globalization, millennials world-wide are more similar to one another than to older generations within their nations. The technology is very present in our lives, but it's dangerous for old innovations. Hackers vs corporations, bloggers vs newspapers, Youtube directors vs studios, app   makers vs entire industries... Teens don't really need older   generations, that's why   adults are scared of us.

Whereas in the 1950's families displayed a wedding photo, a school photo and maybe a military photo in their homes, the average middle-class American family today walks amid 85 pictures of themselves and their pets. About 60 years ago, photos were exeptionnal, now, with the technology, teens take a lot of selfies everyday.

Justin Bethany



Good way to love themselves a lot. Too much as well. In 1910, only a tiny percentage of kids went to high school, so they only communicate with their family. Now, with the cell phones, that we have in our hands all the time, we send and receive about 88 texts a day. But it's not all. With the new social network, we can share our lives with the world. Instagram to share our favorite pictures, Facebook or tweeter to speak with our friens, share pictures... Adults often think it's dangerous for us, everybody can see us, talk to us, and there is a lot of disputes on the social networks, it's true. But, this inventions are a great open door on celebrity for us. The beauty channels on youtube (Bethany Mota, American beauty youtuber, 5 million viewers), the musicians who start a carreer on the internet (Justin Bieber), the blogs, the famous facebook pages, the young photographer who becomes famous posting on Instagram (Kristina Webb, 1 million followers)... Adults sometimes think we are not necessary for their society, but we have ours, and they can't imagine how our world is interesting.

Whatever people can say, we have faults, but also qualities, we are us, and we are the future of this planet.

By Emma  Théry...  

Losing Sleep. Amy Dickman a survivor It was   her   first   night   in   the   Tanzanian   bush,and   she   was   near Ruaha,   a   region  known  for  its  abundant  lions. The   camp   owner   welcomed   her   and   said  «    Your  tent  is  over  that  way  »   Amy   went   up   to   her   tent   next   to     a   river   .   The   night   she   heard   a   roar,   so   Amy   looked   outside   and   she   saw   a   lion  .Amy   was   in   panic,the   lion   jumped   over  Amy's  tent  .But  ten  minutes  later   people  of  the  camp  sent  him  away.      


               losing  sleep  >  perdre  le         sommeil                    a  survivor  >  une  survivante                        bush  >  la  forêt                      roar  >  rugissement  

Eva Paradela


KILLER ROBOTS The autonomous robot warriors are already here . These machines are tested in factories by the military across the world, so the autonomous lethal systems will eventually be banned under the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). These robots are just prototypes but sentry robots installed by South Korea and Israel have the ability to kill but don't. The Demilitarized Zone along South Korea's border is lined with mechanized sentinels. The SGR-A1 robots developed by Samsung Techwin and Korea University can automatically detect North Korean soldiers walking over the border and could fire without the help of a human being. “They got a lot of bad press about having autonomous killer robots on their border,� Peter Asaro, the co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, told NBC News from Geneva.

By Gauthier Jacqueline

MADE IN USA The United States are increasingly present in the trade and they have big brands like «Apple» and others.They create new projects too.

The big company Apple, decided to assemble one of its Mac computer lines in the US, for open global sourcing to find the best priced for customers, the American furnisher gave $50 billions over the next decade with Ashley furniture investing at least $80 million to build the next project. The sum of the powerful global economy is an energy because the US factories increasingly have access to cheap energy like oil and gas, for the company that are outside the US, it's the opposite, there is a lot of expensive oil and fuel which are used for ships and planes.

The new project: 3D printing: for a lot of people, 3D printing is just a funny gadget that is used to print toys or small objects, but 3D printing can be used for a medical project like printing bodies, so it's an amazing project but it's very expensive because to make this 3D printings, it must be about $400,000. With the new technologies like 3D printing which is a brighter invention for the US manufacturing, the American business is more competitive than you can think.


Global sourcing: Approvisionnement mondial

Printing: L’impression

Customers: clients

Bodies: organes

Furnisher: Fournisseur

brighter: brillant

Next decade: prochaine décennie

manufacturing: fabrication

The sum of powerful: La somme de la puissance

Fuel: carburant

Increasingly: de plus en plus

oil and gas: pétrole et gaz

Trade: commerce


Social Applications The applications about photos and videos progress and every company fought for the best and to have different rivals

The million of new applications get out in the world, but how to choose your favourite one ? We are going to you suggest different examples of applications.

Snapchat's users are mostly young. It's an application to take photos and videos and send them to your friends anywhere in the world in 1 to 10 seconds

Gifboom is an application to take GIF and there are sent in the world

Vine's getting more buzz lately. It's an application to take small videos during around 1 from 30 seconds and to send in the world too. But when your application is the best, you have different rivals !! Another thoughts for applications : Facebook poke (for photos) Cinemagram and Flixel (for small Gifs) Tout,Viddy and Keek (for small videos)

Vocabulary= fight= se battre mostly young= principalement jeune tought= idĂŠe


A part of tiny French territories placed between Madagascar and South Africa is preserved for green turtles. The other part of the territories is reserved for Galรกpagos sharks. IN EUROPA : THE GREEN TURTLE The green turtle is endangered so the human species made a breeding for their reproduction. The female green turtle reproduces at Europa atoll. Several thousand green turtles, lay their eggs on Europa's beaches unlike on Bassas da India's beaches which are uninhabitable for species. The green turtles aren't alone laying their eggs, there are also searbirds, sooty terns, redfooted boobdies and two species of frigatebird. Few divers have already explored the reefs around Europa, which are placed in a part of the Mozambique Channel known for its relief. Before a mating that maybe lasts for several hours, the turtles bite and hit than after the male has clung to the shell of the female with his flippers and tail. The male doesn't want to share his partner so it moves the female rival males.

IN BASSAS : GALร€PAGOS SHARKS At Bassas da d'Inde, half of the sharks of the lagoon are Galรกpagos sharks. The lagoon is thought to be a nursery for the species. The lagoon is probably a refuge for Galรกpagos sharks before they face the challenges of the open sea. The Atoll is surrounded by a ring of coral which is located at the summit of an undersea volcano. Reefs are relatively calm and only some rocks are at the surface of it. Lola Junger

Want to know my future ? The human DNA is an encyclopedia. The human genome consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes. Genetic testing can detect more than 2,500 diseases but there are 500 diseases which are treatable. A new experimental blood test helps diagnose the diseases. Different mutations of chromosomes fragment can show and cause different diseases.

A mother, Laurie Hunter, wanted to know which diseases her daughter Amanda could have because at the age of 2 months she didn't normally grow. They did genetic testing. After several genetic tests, the doctors discovered that 7 genes were missing. An oncologist announced that she had cancer.

Translations : The human DNA<l'ADN humain several<plusieurs the human genome<les génomes humain announce<annoncer Genetic testing<test génétique mutation of chromosomes<mutation de chromosomes Laurie et Amanda Hunter

frag<entraine treatable<traitable An oncologist<un cancérologue

Ludivine Bruaert

The Science of Selfies: A Five-City Comparison Where do they smile the most? The least? Who is the most expressive? When the magisterial Oxford English Dictionary crowned « selfie » the word of the year in 2013, it affirmed what anyone with a smartphone has known this word since the first selfie that was posted on January 16th, 2011. 73 million selfies have been posted on Instagram since then. What we didn't know was that selfie-takers in Bangkok are younger than those in New York; women take more than men; and the smile varies from city to city. The research can be found at selfiecity, a project directed by Lev MANOVICH, a professor at the City University of New York, who is an expert in the analysis of visual social data. Manovich and his team collected 656,000 images downloaded on Instagram from December 4th to 12th, 2013, in New York, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Bangkok, and Moscow. "Instagram is a universal language," said Manovich. "But there are important differences in gender, ages, and style in different cities." Social media has become a tool for the study of human behavior. Meantime, men over 30 share more selfies than women over 30. "Women may take them," Manovich says. "But they don't post them." And it's a young person's game. The median selfie age is 23.7 years.

Vocabulary : crowned=a courronné can be found=peut être trouvée the analyse of visual social data=l'analyse des données sociales visuelles downloaded=telechargées gender=sexe a tool=un outil human behavior=comportement humain median=moyen


COSMIC QUESTIONS ? In the 20th centtury the universe became a story

How did our universe begin ? Some 13.8 billion years ago our entire visible universe began.

Inflation In far less than a nanosecond a repulsive energy field inflated1 space to visible size.

Early Building Blocks The universe expands, cools. Quarks clumps into protons and neutrons, the building blocks of atomic nuclei.

First Nuclei As the universe the lightest nuclei, of hydrogen and helium, arise.

First Atoms, First Light As electrons begin orbiting nuclei, creating atoms, the glow from our infant universe is unveiled.

The « Dark Ages » For 300 million years this cosmic background2 radiation3 is the only light. Clumps of matter that will become galaxies.

G ravity Wins : First Stars Dense gas clouds collapse4 under their own gravity and that of dark matter to eventually5 form galaxies and stars. Nuclear fusion lights up the stars.

Antigravity Wins After being slowed for billions of years by gravity, cosmic expansion accelerates again. The culprit: dark energy. Its nature: unclear.

Today The universe continues to expand, becoming ever less dense. As a result, fewer new stars and galaxies are forming.

Vocabulary : 1 : gonfler

4 : s'écrouler

2 : fond

5 : finalement

3 : rayonnement

By Raphaël Verwaerde

Flappy Bird’s Creator: The Game Will Return With Multiplayer mode.

Game’s creator repeats his engagement to make the game less addictive.

Until now, that is: CNBC caught up with Nguyen, who said on “Closing Bell” that Flappy Bird comes back in August and on multiplayer for start. However, he added “the game would be less addictive.”

Nguyen removed Flappy Bird of app stores mobiles in February, citing the game’s addictiveness and writing “I cannot take this anymore.” Several clones and near-replicas of the game, including a multiplayer option, have surfaced for mobile devices and computer browsers since.

Flappy Bird will return in August with a multiplayer option .

VOCABULARY : Until now -> jusqu’ici Shock of ascent -> choc de l’ascension Time-waster -> perte de temps Available -> disponible Addictiveness -> dépendance Cannot -> ne peut pas Near-replicas -> quasi répliques Browsers -> navigateur (Internet)

Stéfanelle Plancke

TRIP TO GREECE Day 1 The pupils who study Latin and Greek in 4eme and 3eme travelled to Greece.

We left at 7:15 am from Bergues and arrived at Paris's airport at 11:10am. We took the plane with Air France at 1:20 PM and flew up to Athens. We had lunch in the plane. We flew over the Alps, Italy and Albany. We landed in Athens at 5:20pm local time. We arrived at the three stars hotel: Galaxy's hotel, at 7:00pm. We had diner at 8:00pm in the cafetaria. After, we went for a walk at night and we went to bed at 11:00pm. Julien Fossaert Discovery of Athens Day 2 We started the second day in Greece by waking up for the first time in our bed, in the Galaxy hotel. The program of this day: the Discovery of Athens. At 8.30am, we took the tramway, it was hot there ! One hour after, we met the soldiers on the place Syntagma, in front of the parliament. After a long walk, we arrived in an archaeological museum. It's a beautiful gigantic museum ! It was very interesting with all the beautiful statues. At midday, we ate a Greek speciality : the pita. It's constituted of pancakes, mutton, tomatoes, chips and garlic sauce. After lunch, we visited the Acropolis, a very beautiful old city in the mountains. There are a lot of temples ! After this wonderful visit we went to the hotel and went in the sea ! The first day was really magical ! Dufresne Cathy.


On the third day of our trip to Greece, we went to Egine. At nine o'clock we took the boat and then we took a bus to visit a fabulous monastery. Before going into the monastery, we had to wear jeans and we had to cover our shoulders.

After that, we visited one of the three temples of the sacred triangle called « Aphaïa Temple ». It was very big and beautiful.

Then the teachers drove us to a small and pleasant town to have lunch. The restaurant was a very small family place. We could listen to music while we were eating. It was pleasant !

In the afternoon we went to a beautiful beach with blue water and warm sand. It was very sunny. We spent a wonderful time with our friends.

A teacher called us to know if we wanted to have some free time. Some pupils wanted but some stayed on the beach.

In the evening we took the boat to go to our hotel which was situated near Athens.

Juliette MONDON

Day 4 in Greece!

Day four in Greece: we woke up at 7 o'clock, then we took the bus for 1 hour. We went to Delphes to visited the Marmaria (La Tholos), the Castalie's fountain , the Apollon's sanctuary, the stadium and the museum. We took the bus during 30 minutes to go have lunch in Delphes. The restaurant was very strange : When we ate well ,we had to break the plates!!

Then we went to do other visits still in Delphes. We took the bus for 1 hour and we visited the monastery ÂŤOSSIOS LOUKASÂť.

We returned by bus for 3 hours to go to LOUTRAKI. We ate and slept in LOUTRAKI. We were very tired.

That was day 4 in Greece!!

DELAETER Clara 4eme Curie

The last day

of our trip in Greece.

We took a tramway at 8 o'clock,it was already twenty degrees. After forty minutes of tramway, we saw the Olympic Stadium of Athens.

After walking, we had two hours of free time for eating and shopping. We took a tramway, then returned to the hotel and took our bags.

We took a bus up to the airport of Athens. We took a plane for three hours. After, we took a bus at Paris for four hours to return to Bergues. We were very tired. We loved this trip very much!

Friday, May 23rd 2014.

Sinnaeve Axelle.

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