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Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA: A Collection of Essays and Interviews About Project MONARCH.


conducted by Senator Frank Church in the mid-1970s.

By Tracy Twyman, with additional material by Nick Redfern and Commander X Reviewed by Sean Casteel A close cousin to the field of study called Ufology is the school of political analysis called Conspiracy Theory, which encompasses everything from the machinations of the UFO cover-up to tales of a secret government operating in close cooperation with the alien presence. It is sometimes even claimed that the alien abduction phenomenon is really a humanrun program of mind control and genetic experimentation, which serves to explain why some abductees recall being forced into sex with complete strangers by their human-looking captors and witness people in military garb rather than the more typical gray aliens.

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An example of some of the wilder sets of claims made within the fringe arena of Conspiracy Theory is the admittedly beyond-controversial subject of mind control coupled with sexual slavery, dealt with surprisingly rationally in this new offering from Global Communications. It’s been said that paranoia can be entertaining, but perhaps that is still inadequate to describe this particular tome, which pushes past some barriers in ways that the reader may have trouble dealing with. The book is called “Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA: A collection of essays and interviews about Project MONARCH.”

Project Monarch is an outgrowth of the better known MK-ULTRA program of mind control experiments begun during the early years of the Cold War and first brought to public awareness in the congressional hearings

The stunned electorate learned about such things as CIA experiments that sought to discover whether LSD could be used to aid the interrogation process, the idea being that perhaps the anxiety of a “bad trip” could frighten even the most tightlipped subject into submission. The agency claimed to have canceled the program many years before the Church Committee investigation. The book’s introduction, written by well-known paranormal journalist Nick Redfern, provides an excellent history of what is publicly known about the CIA’s mind control experimentation, so any reader unfamiliar with the subject can get Redfern’s crash course and quickly be brought up to speed. The real meat of the book, however, is the interviews conducted by journalist and author Tracy Twyman about Project MONARCH, which is said to be a super secret program to kidnap and “brainwash” children for use as sexual slaves, both to service the politically elite and for various kinds of espionage. For instance, Twyman interviews a “recovered” sex slave named Cathy O’Brien, who claims to have had sex with several different presidents down through the years, as well as with other prominent politicians. There is of course a natural sense of

shock on the part of the reader, and the claims made at the very least conjure disturbing mental pictures and are extremely unpleasant to imagine. There is also the now familiar accusation—often made by conspiracy theorists of the more radical stripe—of pedophilia being rampant among the political elite. The alleged scenes of perversion are secretly filmed as well for the purposes of blackmail should the need ever arise. Twyman also speaks to a housewife and mother named Noreen Gosch, whose son Johnny was kidnapped some twenty years ago while on his paper route in Des Moines, Iowa. Gosch is certain that her son was taken for use as a sexual slave, and her struggle to get law enforcement to follow up on the slave angle is heartrending as well as frightening. It seems there’s a pedophile under every rock among even the lower levels of government, with the police and the newspapers somehow involved in a conspiracy to keep the truth covered up. Reading the details of Noreen’s story may make a believer out of even the most stalwart skeptic on the subject, though she does stray into some strange emotional territory.

Twyman interviews Ted Gunderson, a

retired FBI agent who now works as a private investigator, and his comments are also replete with big names who participate in the overall Satanic conspiracy and who have even been photographed engaging in perverted sex acts with children.

But the names and details are better left to the book and won’t be mentioned in this review. Twyman’s concluding essay is very well written, updating some of the storylines begun in the earlier interviews and tying up some of the loose ends. Even as she was writing her conclusion in the early months of 2008, there were breaking stories about pedophilia rings that reached into the upper echelons of government in both Portugal and France. The continuing story of Project MONARCH and its international equivalents is currently a hot topic, Twyman says, but oh how we wish it wasn’t so.


NOVEMBER 15th, 2010

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Robbie & The Robots

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine. Tell us about your band. From what planet do you hail? R&TR: Robbie Doyen (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar): Bryan Crowell says I am the mayor of planet Dorkus. CJ Gore (Drums): I’m from a different parallel, and I live on planet Girth.

W: You were at the Studio a while back. Let’s get you guys on THE WEIRD SHOW in November. How about Nov 10th? R&TR: Okie Dokie. Sounds fun!

W: Well Robbie tell us about your music, and your songwriting process. Do you write all the songs?

James Thompson (Lead Guitar): Third stone from the sun.

R&TR:Robbie: Yes, I write all the songs. I’ve co-written songs in the past, but for Robbie and the Robots originals it’s been exclusively songs written by me. When I write song lyrics I like to be in complete solitude so it can be hard for me to write with others. But it can be done. James and I have been talking lately about writing a song together.

W: How long have you been performing now? I saw you guys open for Sciborg & the Robopimps in 2003 at the VIBE on 6th!

W: Watching a video online on YOU TUBE right now. “I’m the One” video looks cool. do you have many videos?

R&TR: Robbie:It’s been about that long for Robbie and the Robots. James, Josh and I actually played music together 15 years ago in a band called “Cool Little Guy”. For James and I that was our first ever band. Now after many wacky misadventures we’re all together again. It’s kind of like Muppets Take Manhattan but without the amnesia part. I got my first guitar at the age of 16—a classical guitar that I abused daily by banging rock songs out of it.

R&TR: Robbie: We’ve got one other video which was a live performance at the Triple Crown. None of the guys in that video are in the band anymore… well, except for me. I’ve also been talking with a guy named Ronnie Williford who used to work for Disney about doing an animated video for one of the songs on the next record called “Heresy B.C.”. Ronnie also played some guitar on my upcoming record. He’s a great guy, and hopefully that will work out.

Josh Mouton (Bass, Back-up Vocals): Originally from Mars.

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W: Name some of your Musical Influences? Who did you grow up listening to? R&TR:Robbie: Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Paula Abdul. CJ: Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, James Brown and Cream. Josh: Bell Biv Devoe, MC Hammer, Pink Floyd, Faith No More. James: Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift

W: Where does your musical interest come from? R&TR: Robbie: I’ve always loved stories and writing. I wanted to learn guitar so I could tell musical stories. Songwriting is also a great cathartic release. CJ: My father’s side of the family plays music. I grew up around old men playing banjos, fiddles, guitars and all that stuff. They didn’t like rock music too much so naturally I picked the loudest instrument and started rockin’! Josh: From my interest in sanity. Transcendence from daily life. I would have gone insane without music. James: Watching Michael J. Fox play Johnny B. Good in Back to the Future made me play guitar.

Robbie & The Robots R&TR: Robbie: Well, I’m a huge fan of Weird sightings,

like the guy on Aquarena Springs Drive who dances all day next to that pawn shop. Seriously, imagine that in this entire, vast universe Earth supports the only intelligent life. To me believing that is way more crazy than believing in UFO’s. Maybe that dancing guy is an alien. That would be so freakin’ sweet! CJ: Yea, I love UFO’s. Never seen one though. Josh: I’ve seen two UFO’s—a cylindrical UFO over the theater building, then smaller ones in the distance near Canyon Lake.

month at The Triple Crown in San Marcos? W: What Motivates the band? R&TR:A love for fun music and an enthusiasm for free beer tickets. And I love to watch an audience spontaneously react to a goofy lyric or a sweet display of musicianship. CJ: Seeing the crowd get pumped to our songs, and singing back the lyrics to these songs. Josh: The enthusiastic fans. James: Not being ridiculed is good motivation

W:Tell about your albums? R&TR:Robbie: The first Robbie and the Robots album is entitled “Todaysterday”. Most of the online distributors (ex:, Napster) have labeled it “Explicit”. Basically it’s an album about my life as a young maniac partying in San Marcos and getting into some serious trouble. And there’s one song about a crack head and one about a porn star. Todaysterday is a word I made up. The definition is: n., adv, Time of day between late night and early morning during which today, yesterday, and tomorrow blend together during conversation. My next album was a compilation album that I produced entitled “SMTX 78666”. It contains one Robbie and the Robots track as well as tracks by 18 of my favorite local artists. Money that it earns goes to AFFTER (Advocates For Fibromyalgia Treatment Education and Research). My father has fibromyalgia and this was a great way help him and the millions of others sufferers. So far the album has raised about $2,000. The best way to get either album is by going to www. and looking up Robbie and the Robots. We’ve also been working on a new EP for the last year, and we’ll be recording a new single next month in Austin.

W: I hear you have a show coming up this

R&TR: Robbie: We actually have two shows this month at Triple Crown. On Thanksgiving day James and I will play an acoustic set for their happy hour. Then two nights later on Saturday the 27th Robbie and the Robots plays with the Organics. Should be a super fun show. They’ve had over 5,000 nights of live music in a row over there and we’re happy to help them keep that going.

James: I’m pretty sure I’ve been abducted once.

W: Any Final Thoughts to WEIRD MAGAZINE READERS??? R&TR: Robbie: Take me to your leader. CJ: No.

W: You are very often at Grayhorse Saloon too right?

Josh: What is a weird magazine reader?

R&TR: Robbie: Robbie: Yup. I work there as a sound engineer. My band plays there every month or two. I sometimes host their open mic, and I also love to hang out there. It’s an awesome place to watch live music and the regulars and staff are really cool.

James: Robbie and the Robots will conquer your soul like a virus or possibly a fungus, but either way you will be conquered.

W: Tell us how folks can book you for a gig Or listen to your music online? R&TR: There are many websites you can check out to contact us and get an idea for what we do. You can also “like” our fan page on facebook There are tons of other links too. If you’d like to learn more just google us! robbieandtherobots

W: Why Robbie and the Robots? The Name? R&TR: Robbie: I once parted ways with a group and then they kept playing under the name that I had come up with for the band, so I wanted a name that was obviously mine. This happened to come at a time when I was binge reading Issac Asimov books and stories. His first ever Robot story was called “Robbie”. So the Laws of Robotics compelled me to name the band Robbie and the Robots.

W: Are you a fan of UFOs or had any WEIRD sightings?

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SERVE 512 Health Care for Servers! S512:Our goal is simple..... give people what we call a “discount on life.” We want to bring the cost of living down for our members and the only way to do that is for us to get together and work in numbers. Serve512 would like to see our members being able to save $5000 or more a year just by being on board with us. The more members we have, the more negotiating power we have with larger corporations and that means more that we can do for you.

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine Patrick. Tell us about Serve512. S512:Serve 512 has formed a non profit association to help provide insurance benefits (health, dental, vision, life) to people of the Austin area. We realize the cost that you have to make out of pocket when trying to obtain coverage is overwhelming, so Serve 512 has negotiated more affordable insurance plans at rates that you could only get if you worked for a large corporation. We then decided to take the membership further and added more value for our customers. We have teamed up with other local businesses to offer additional benefits and have added attorney services, gym memberships, personal trainers, bars, restaurants, chiropractors, real estate agents, tickets to sporting events, and the list grows everyday...

W: What are some of the goals of Serve512?.

W: I understand anybody can qualify for quality health care?

S512:Our main focus was people of the service industry (bartenders, waitresses, bar backs, etc...) but when you look at the big picture, everyone provides some kind of service. Your car mechanic down the street, the guy who cuts your lawn, or even the guy that delivers your newspaper all provide the public some kind of service. So with that idea in mind we opened up our membership to anyone who wants on board.

W: What are some of the benifits Serve512 offfers? S512:Besides the insurance, our focus was on the big things that people need. So thats why we have teamed up with Gold’s Gym, 24hour fitness, anytime fitness, west 5th chiropractic, Keel & Nassour attorney services, Hai’s auto service, Vintage Beauty Salon, and the list goes on.

W: Serve 512 is a Nonprofit Organization right?

S512: Yes we are. Serve512 is out there to take care of

our members and our community. We have seen how the service industry has been neglected and we set out to change that.

W: Why did your team decide to come up with this concept? S512: My team and I have either been in the service industry or had family and close friends in it. We heard several complaints about how they need to go to the dentist or they sprained their ankle and just are trying to live with the pain because they can’t afford a doctors visit. We decided that this is something that is a need and a want and Serve512 decided to set out and get it for them.

W: How can I join?

S512: Easy, got to and click on “sign up today” and you are on your way. If you have questions that you want answered first, then call us at 512-5146144 or email

W: Thanks Patrick, what else should Weird Magazine readers know about the many benefits that Serve512 offers? S512: Serve 512 is growing everyday and is con-

stantly striving to make things better for our you. We are continuously signing on new providers that are offering great discounts. We encourage our members to send us info on what they would like to see as a new provider and where they would like to receive discounts. Tell us what you want and we will be your voice!

Weird Magazine Birthday Party! Tripple Crown San Marcos 10/29/10

said Steger.

Weird Magazine Party OCTOBER 29th Tripple Crown By Austin Prowse

Weird had its birthday party celebrating six or nine years on the fringe at Triple Crown Friday, Oct. 29. The wall-shaking event featured The Holding Space, Del Feo and Helix (not the 1980’s Canadian Helix). The three bands got patrons and partiers grooving to the rhythm of tubular guitar riffs made mystical by the accompanying didgeridoos.

The Holding Space rocked the small bar with old-school wailing that got the people, decked out in costumes, in a mood for chilling, drinking and dancing.

Drinks continued to flow to the upward melodies of Del Feo. The funk grew more profuse as the night dwindled on with more sexy people arriving by the dozen.

Helix broke its first window musically speaking through rampant bass lines and stellar guitar riffs blaring from stack amps. Nick Steger, Helix saxophonist, wanted to open the show with a twist. As he went to shuffle through stations on a rickety 1950’s radio that was stationed atop a high-watt bass cabinet, Steger was shocked. Electrified more than ever, the band got into a jam that bordered punk but consistently returned to its full-toned brass and bass line nirvana. Rene Perez, didgeridoo master, mellowed the experience toward the end with a two-minute didgeridoo solo accompanied by Helix

percussion. On the last song Patrick Montgomery, Helix drummer, finished the set with a scatter shot finale, kicking his way through the drum kit to throw drums and symbols everywhere. That proved a good indicator that the set was up, as the music slowly tapered off. “The who… The Helix!” yelled a man into the microphone.

“We’re here playing for those who don’t know anyone to drink with, who don’t know anyone,”

The free party was an epic tribute to Weird Magazine’s sixth year in publication. May the musical mayhem prevail.

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Curse Of the M.I.B. Review Are The Men in Black a Form of UFO Terrorism? figure or two. If Beckley is right, then someone has been trying to repress some kind of vital truth for a very long time. As is typical of the present day UFO phenomenon, there are numerous variations in the accounts of those who have had their doors darkened by the strong arm of whoever is behind the MIB presence. But it is consistently reported that the MIBs travel in groups of two or three, often in the aforementioned large black Cadillac, and that they are uniformly dressed in black suits and black hats. From that point, the stories vary from witness to witness. Some report a tall blond man with handsome features accompanied by a smaller man who stares silently intently at the witnesses while his partner interrogates and intimidates. Other MIBs are said to have a ghastly pallor to their faces and be totally hairless, or in some cases to wear what is obviously an ill-fitting toupee under their black hat.

Curse of the MIB Review: Are The Men-In-Black A Form Of UFO Terrorism? By Sean Casteel The Men-In-Back, or MIBs, as they are frequently called, have appeared on the periphery of the UFO phenomenon since the late 1890s, when witnesses first began to suffer frightening visits from entities who threatened them in no uncertain terms to cease speaking about the unknown aerial phenomena they had seen. In a classic book on the subject, “The UFO Silencers: Mystery of the Men-In-Black,” by editor/ publisher/writer Timothy Green Beckley, the story of an early close encounter is told. During the great airship flap of 1897, something strange and metallic fell from one of the passing UFOs. The witness who found it gave it to a local shopkeeper in a small nearby town in the

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American West for safekeeping. The shopkeeper was visited the very next day by a stranger in black who first offered to buy the strange material. When the shopkeeper refused to sell it, the MIB threatened to tie the shopkeeper to the whipping post and beat him. (To learn what happened next, one is advised to buy the book.) According to Beckley, most people believe the MIB phenomena started in the 1950s with the experience of an early UFO researcher named Albert K. Bender. Bender is a story unto himself and worthy of some Googling to find out more. In any case, Bender capitulated to the MIBs who visited him and immediately gave up his UFO research efforts. But Beckley says the MIBs were driving black stagecoaches in the days before the black Cadillac had been invented and that even the famed 17th century witch hunter Cotton Mather was visited by a darkly dressed

It has often been put forth that perhaps we are dealing with an alien attempt to appear human that falls far short of being the perfect disguise. It has been reported that an MIB, after displaying stiff, robotic movements, will suddenly seem drained of energy, as though some kind of internal battery has run out. An MIB may speak in a strange kind of monotone, which adds to the overall eeriness of the experience. They sometimes speak in Bmovie clichés. Say, for example, something like “We’ve got you dead to rights,” or “You and your family will be pushing up daisies if you go on with your UFO work.” It is theorized that the aliens are learning our language and culture by intercepting our television broadcasts out in space and that they genuinely believe those clichés are frightening to those who hear them. One would suppose that nearly anything they said WOULD be frightening in the context of the uninvited visit, but at some point a witness to an MIB surely must have asked, “Who writes this stuff?”

In any case, more than 50 years down the road from their first modern-era appearances, the mystery of the MIBs remains unsolved. We really don’t anymore about them now than we did then. Which is why Timothy Green Beckley’s new Global Communications release “Curse of the Men-In-Black: Return of the UFO Terrorists” is such a welcome and timely addition to the lore on the subject. While Beckley does not claim to have solved the identity of the benighted gentlemen callers, he does provide lots of case histories in which the UFO bogeymen came to visit. Beckley also presents a rare classic book on the subject called “The UFO Warning,” by New Zealander John Stuart. Stuart began his private investigations of UFOs in 1948, shortly after serving in the New Zealand armed forces in World War II. Some years later, in 1952, he received a strange phone call quite late at night. “Are you the John Stuart who is interested in what earthmen call flying saucers?” the voice asked. “That’s right,” Stuart replied. “What can I do for you?” “I warn you to stop interfering in affairs which do not concern you.” “Who the hell are you talking to, mate?” Stuart asked indignantly. “And who the flaming hell are you?”

The voice replied to Stuart by speaking an unpronounceable alien name and planet. Stuart then told the voice to go to hell. “Beware, earthman,” the voice said finally. “You have been warned.” The line suddenly went dead. In his book, Stuart described the voice as mechanical, expres-

sionless and cold. After thinking it over, he decided the call had been some kind of hoax and vowed to continue his research as though nothing had happened. Stuart also tells about his being drummed out of a UFO research organization as the result of petty infighting, after which he took on a young woman named Barbara as his only research assistant. He scoffs at those who would call their relationship sinful, since he was a happy and faithful husband to his wife and he and Barbara, quite innocently, only talked UFOs during their sometimes nightly get-togethers. They begin to conjecture that the UFO occupants might be using Antarctica as their base of operations. They also suspect that perhaps the legendary explorer Admiral Byrd had encountered the aliens there himself but been forcibly silenced on the matter. That particular leap of reasoning may have set off some of the bizarre events that followed. For example, there is a strange moment when young Barbara seems to be “taken over” by a possessing force and flagrantly offers to undress for Stuart right there in his living room. Stuart is embarrassed for her, and tries to smooth over Barbara’s odd lapse by continuing to talk about UFOs. Barbara then composes herself, and nothing untoward happens. Stuart, like many in his position, feels he must have stumbled on to an “inconvenient truth” about the UFOs to draw the attention he did from whoever would keep us ignorant of the true origin and purpose of the flying saucers. He thinks he and Barbara may have registered on some “danger-meter” with their Antarctica theory. Whatever the reason, he and Barbara are visited one night by an enormous, monstrous, beastly creature with huge red eyes that casts off an impossibly foul odor. The creature is also seen by one of Stuart’s neighbors, who sketched its image for Stuart the next morning, proving that she had witnessed the exact same thing.

Curse Of the M.I.B. Review Are The Men in Black a Form of UFO Terrorism?

Curse of the MIB Review: Are The Men-In-Black A Form Of UFO Terrorism? By Sean Casteel Continued . . . . In the aftermath of the horrible creature’s appearance, Stuart tells Barbara she must cease in her UFO research, but she refuses to be intimidated. Shortly after that, she is visited in her own home by an invisible entity that leaves her body covered with scratches after first violating her in ways that Stuart refuses to repeat in his written account. I will leave it to future readers of “The UFO Warning” to see for themselves how Stuart’s account ends. No spoilers here. An interesting thing about “The UFO Warning” is that it is presented in the format it was first written in, typed on an old fashioned manual typewriter and photocopied for inclusion in Beckley’s “Curse of the Men-InBlack.” It gives the roughhewn old manuscript a fascinating sense of authenticity, like that of a real dispatch from the frontlines of the old days when the subjects of UFOs and the MenIn-Black were relatively new. It functions like a museum piece, untouched by the hype or showbiz of the books and movies that would come later. Admittedly,

Stuart and Barbara never see the classic MIBs, but the terror and intimidation they endured at the hands of the various monsters is more than consistent with what little we have come to know about the MIB phenomenon. But is there any proof of the MIBs? In the interest of full disclosure, I contributed a chapter to “Curse of the Men-In-Black” in which I tell the story of editor and publisher Timothy Green Beckley’s own encounter with a Man-In-Black and how he emerged unscathed and with a photo to reward all his efforts. In the mid-1960s, when Beckley was living in Manhattan and still a fledging writer in the UFO community, he received a series of phone calls from Mary Robinson, the wife of one of his coworkers, Jack Robinson. Mary complained that she repeatedly saw a strange-looking man standing across the street from the apartment she shared with her husband in Jersey City, New Jersey. She described the stranger thusly: “almost very wooden looking, with a very pale face, kind of standing recessed back in a doorway across the street and dressed all in black, with a black hat and a black suit on.” The strange interloper appeared to be watching her leaving the building as well as observing the activities of other people around the apartment house. The Robinsons had also been receiving odd phone calls

in the middle of the night, and it appeared that some of their files had been broken into and some of their UFO casebook material had disappeared completely. Beckley and one of his early mentors, Jim Moseley, were publishing the “Saucer News,” the largest publication of its kind at the time. They decided to make the trip to Jersey City unannounced to see if their friend’s wife was right or just being paranoid. When Beckley and Moseley arrived, they discreetly passed down the block where the Robinsons lived. “And sure enough,” Beckley recalled, “there was a fellow, just as described, standing in the doorway and peering just off into the distance and dressed in black with a black overcoat, black shoes and black pants. Out in the street, parked right in front of where he was standing, was a black car of some type or another.” Beckley said it was fairly early in the morning and rush hour was still in full swing, so there was no place even to doublepark. He and Moseley decided to circle the block again and try to engage the MIB in conversation. Just as they were pulling away, Moseley handed Beckley his camera. Beckley leaned out the car window and clicked the shutter, managing to capture a single photo of this “person” and his black vehicle. After circling the block, they returned to find that the MIB and his car were both gone. Beckley reasoned that perhaps taking the photo may have scared the MIB off, and the Robinsons never saw or heard from the dark stranger again.

and intimidation by the MIBs and decided to cease forthwith in their UFO research. It is obvious that the MIB can be so frightening that choosing to abandon one’s research looks like a nobrainer. To hell with the truth if these sons-of-bitches are after me, right? To amplify that point, Professor G. Cope Schellhorn contributes a chapter called “Are The MIB Killing Our UFO Researchers?” Schellhorn discusses the mysterious deaths of Phil Schneider, who died a short time after he went public with the story of gray aliens working underground at a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico, as well as the case of Ron Johnson, MUFON’s Deputy Director of Investigations, who slumped over dead while attending a Society of Scientific Exploration meeting in Austin, Texas. The chapter also examines numerous other similar cases of researchers and writers and media people who all suffered a mysterious death while in the midst of studying the UFO phenomenon. There are subsequent chapters that deal with Phil Schneider in more detail, as well as a chapter on the late abduction researcher Karla Turner, who was extremely outspoken on the negative aspects of alien abduction and died shortly thereafter of a fastworking cancer. As you can see, when you put all the information together, the cumulative effect is not a pretty one. We are not dealing with the

light comedy of the movie treatment of the subject.

There is no charming Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones in the real world of MIBs, no unsung heroes working to keep us safe from secret alien life forms by policing them with various hightech toys and gadgets. The everyday truth is a good deal more grim and frightening, and the idea that we as members of the UFO community can be vulnerable to contact with a phenomenon that is potentially lethal is at the very least an unsettling one. As the mysterious voice on the phone told John Stuart, we have been warned! [If you enjoyed this article, read more articles and interviews at Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist” website at] THE END

More than 40 years later, Beckley still defends the authenticity of the photo, claiming it is the only genuine photo of an MIB in existence. In 2009, he was invited to appear on the History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” program, to show the photo and be interviewed about his unusual experience in capturing what still might be called a “forbidden image” on film. In the chapter I wrote about him, Beckley also tells some stories about UFO witnesses who DID give into the threats

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Cheech n Chong Interview CM: The only thing is there are no groupies. TC: Well, we got our own groupies. We’re Married to them!

(we all laugh) W: Tell the truth how often did you two smoke back in the 70’s? CM:Aaghh, as often as anybody else.

W: Welcome Back to Weird Magazine guys! CM: Happy to be back! TC:Thanks for having us!

W: How are you guys doing? You getting along well? CM: We’re in a good space. TC:We are really cool with each other.

W: Why did you decide to go on another Tour again Tommy? CM:God TOLD Me in a dream one Night! TC: Yeah, (Laughs), God came to us in the form of a Lawyer!

CM: Actually, it was the Government, they offered us to wipe away $500 Dollars of court mandated Community Service if we went back on tour, so that was the final push. W: Great so you both are serving the community for the greater good. CM:Out serving the comminuty, Bringing Gods word to the people!

W: It’s got to be fun to be back out on the road touring doing

Page 16 •

comedy. Does this tour bring back any old memories? Are you both having fun?

TC: Well think about it. We talk about Dope. People throw stuff on the stage every night. AND we get paid a SHIT LOAD OF MONEY. I think we’re are doing OK! (Laughs)

TC: Yeah, (Laughs), When ever it was offered. We never bought any thats for sure. (Laughs).

CM: Yeah we lived on the grace of God. (Laughs) W: Of all the movies you two did together is there a favorite? CM: I liked UP IN SMOKE Be-

cause it was the first one. TC: Yeah I think UP IN SMOKE WAS THE MOST COMPLETE ONE WE DID.

W: Least Favorite movie you did? TC: UP In Smoke! (Both Laugh)

W: Did either of you expect to be such icons in american Pop-Culture when you first started doing comedy? CM: Not a Clue really. TC: You never think of things in Historical terms you know, when your doing it. There was always somthing going on. It was a time that went by sort of fast. Next thing you know, your old, ya know.

W: What can we expect from your show on Nov 20th in San Antonio? CM: Alot of Energy, and alot of classic bits and alot of new material that we’ve never performed on stage together before. Theres music, salsa

dancing, Shelby Tommy’s wife opens up for us. Alot of fun. Ohh, and there’s cotton candy for the kids too.

W: Tommy you were featured in Kevin Booths Film American Drug War, while you spent some time in jail. What are your thoughts on the DRUG WAR now? TC: Well the Drug War is kind of grinding to a halt , cause we got a pro Pot guy in the white house now. So you will see alot of gradual changes in the future, and it’s going to be good.

My economic plan for Obama would be to tap into the number one cash crop in America. Theres some money to be made, I mean LEGAL Money, why give it all to the Mexican Drug Lords ya know, just keep it in


Cheech n Chong Interview W: Yeah, We could probable balance the budget if we just legalized that one plant ya know. CM: That’s what I’m saying, I mean like every grower or smoker we don’t mind paying 10% tax on the crop. TC:If you just grow one plant yourself we’d all be fine.

W:Are there any plans for a new movie with you guys? Somthing new cooking? CM: Yeah. We’re going to do a remake of UP IN SMOKE. TC:But we can’t tell you much about it cause then you might steal our Idea and make it yourself.

W: Well you guys sound positive about the idea that pot might be legal eventually. CM:Yeah absoultly a new dawn of a new era.


Although I think we have to give Bush credit, cause Obama would not have won had Bush not Fucked Up so bad! I mean think about it; if Bush hadn’t Fucked up so damn much, it would’ve been President McCain ! W: Any words to the wise of what we can expect from your show on Nov 20th 2010?

W: You both will be among friends i’m sure in San Antonio! CM:OK sounds great come see us! TC: As long as you got Mexicans there we’ll be there!

W: We look forward to seeing you guys on the 20th! My Birthday is the 19th!

CM:Thank You Russell take care! Stay in the Light! TC: Thanks Russell we look forward to hangin out down there. Happy Birthday!

CM:They can expect new prosperity and at least a good laugh if they come to see us. TC: Yes and there children will grown up strong an healthy. Come and see Cheech & Chong!

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Knuckle Sammich Photography by K Jones Photography

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine guys!

Knuckle Sammich:

Jay: “Thanks for having us.”

W: Tell us about the music of Knuckle-Sammich?

Knuckle Sammich:: Jay: “We’re somewhere be-

tween the balls and the ass, like the taint of hard rock...” Billy: “Ha, ha, ha.” Jay: “It taint metal, it taint jazz...” Mike: “As the new guy in the band, the drummer, I would say that the best part about the music is that no two songs are exactly the same, its not easily definable rock”. Billy: “We’re not a staple band, I guess to put it in words, most bands tend to want to fit in a class or a group that categorizes their music style, you know where people can say were this or were that, and for the most part...... we’re Knuckle Sammich.” Jay: “We’re like the red headed stepchild, we really don’t know what we are, you tell us!”

W: Introduce the Band Members and each instrument you play.Are there any tips we should follow to be ready for this experience?

Knuckle Sammich: Jay: “Ahh, I’m Jay, I play lead

drums”Mike/Billy/Jay: “Ha, ha, ha”.Mike: I’m Mike, and I play rhythm drums.” Billy:” I’m the flute player, Billy.” Jay: “Seriously, I’m Jay and I play guitar and vocals.”

Billy: “My name is Billy, and I play bass.” Mike: “and backup vocals” (directed at Billy) Billy: “aaah, yeah.” Mike: “and I’m Mike the drummer.”

W: How long has the band been together?

Knuckle Sammich: Jay: “We’ve been together about a year and a half now, from the first jam, I guess you could say.” Mike: “and I came into the band about six months ago.”

W: Where can readers catch a live performance of your music this November?

Knuckle Sammich: Jay: “Gold Crown Billiards in

San Marocs was nice enough to give us our first gig when we didn’t even have a CD to show them what we sounded like, so since then we’ve been there religiously once a month and its been great. It’s a cool place to play, they always put us on with fun bands to play with, and everybody’s real generous” Mike: “Management treats us great and makes it A real pleasure to come back and play there time after time.” Jay: “The sound guy is excellent, and knows what he’s doing, and every show we play there sounds better and better.”

W: : Tell us about this Nov 20th Show.

Knuckle Sammich: Jay: “November 20th, hey, we’re playing at Gold Crown Billiards actually.” Billy: “Ha, ha, ha” Mike: “We’ll be on the bill with Broken

Page 18 •

Teeth,” Jay: “Broken Teeth...” Mike: “and Snake Skin Prison” Jay: “Snake Skin Prison...always a good band to play with, fun guys. Broken Teeth. I haven’t seen them since I’ve lived here in Texas, though I grew up a big Dangerous Toys fan, so I’m looking forward to seeing Jason McMaster and Broken Teeth. Jay: “Shewbada, Mombada!!!” Billy: “Ha, ha.”

W: Who are some of the bands musical influences?

Knuckle Sammich:

Jay: “Steel Panther!” Billy: “White Lion...”Mike: “Queensryche” Mike/Billy/Jay: “Ha, ha, ha” Jay: “Oh, you’re talking about bands we sound like..... I guess, given the collective influences all three of us have had growing up, I would say our sound is like a combination of Priest, Maiden, and Dio with a touch of Godsmack and Disturbed...” Jay: “I would say Rush is our main influence, because they are a three piece band like we are, and there all ugly as fuck!” Mike: “Yeah, three piece, white guys...” Jay: “Yeah, and were ugly, face it!” Mike/Billy/Jay: “Ha, ha, ha!”

Knucle Sammich:Mike: “The new Godsmack”

Jay: “Eminem, actually serious, Eminem” Billy: “I’m currently playing some Queensryche in the car”

Knuckle Sammich W: What CD is in your car now?

Knuckle Sammich: Mike:The new Godsmack.” Jay: “Eminem, actually serious, Eminem.” Billy: “I’m currently playing some Queensryche in the car.” W: Describe the song writing process for the band.

Knuckle Sammich:

Mike: “At the risk of sounding stereotypical about things, we have to give most of this to Jay, Jay is obviously the real heavy musical influence in the band as far as bringing the song writing capability to the table.” Billy: “And to follow up that really good ass kissing of Jay’s......” Jay: “Oh goodness...I didn’t pay these guys anything, honestly.” Billy: “No really, I have to agree with Mike. With Jay’s song writing skills and this sick, demented, and screwed up magic that seems to happen when the three of us are making music, it just works!” Jay: “I think what makes the band work, is that everybody’s open, I have a weird musical taste that’s all over the map. Fortunately for me these guys are open for anything and we work with what we have and focus on having fun with what we do.” Mike: “Like the subject matter of ear vagina’s.” Mike/Billy/Jay: “Ha, ha, ha” Jay: “Subject matter for me, that’s a good point, because I really like for lyrics to look good on paper, it’s really important to me for the lyrics to make sense. Unfortunately most of the time they make perfect sense

but not to anybody else, like lyrics that can’t be taken too literally or they can be taken different ways. So I kind of like to beat around the bush with subject matter alot

W: Why the name Knuckle Sammich?

where it can influence somebody for whatever reason.”

Knuckle Sammich:

W:Your sound is Alternative Rock, do you have a CD out?

Knuckle Sammich: Jay: “We do not have a CD out!

Were trying to scrape.....are we getting any money for this interview? We need money to do that...and we all have mortgages...” Billy: “Ha, ha, ha, yeah our plans are to hit the studio in the December/January time frame to get what we’ve pulled together so far on CD, otherwise people can come out to party with us at shows or listen to us online.” Mike: “Yeah, we’re really looking forward to getting some tracks down as soon as possible”

W: How can readers get in touch with the band online or hear the music?

Knuckle Sammich:

Billy: “The new website is currently being built so you can go to and it will point you to our social networking sites like facebook, myspace, and twitter until we bring up the new and improved Knuckle Sammich site” Jay: “twitter?” Billy: “Yeah, we have a twitter.” Jay: “Ah man, I feel like less of a band now.” Mike/Billy/Jay: “Ha, ha, ha.”

Jay: “Ok, well growing up my dad had a lot of different phrases, I wont go into all of them but one thing I remember growing up when I was a boy, “you better pipe down before I give you a knuckle sammich” and I don’t know what it is about it that stuck but I thought it was a cool sounding band name. All the good band names have been taken and that one, as soon as I mentioned it, everybody was on board. You can’t define a band when you hear a name like Knuckle Sammich, they might be heavy, they might be kinda corny, quirky, kinda fun, were all of that so it kinda fits.

W: Any Final Thoughts to Weird Magazine readers?

Knuckle Sammich: Mike: “Come and check us out,

we’ll be at Gold Crown on the 20th of November, and 4th of December and in Austin at The Red Eyed Fly on Jan 15th. Looking forward to having you come out and listen to us play”Jay: “We will play for Jägermeister, vegas bombs, Jager bombs, Dos Equis, or Keystone Light with some Jagermeister thrown in there!” Mike/ Billy/Jay: “Ha, ha, ha.”

W: Thanks Guys! See ya Nov 20th!

knuckle Sammich: Jay/Mike/Billy: “Thanks Russell and Weird Magazine for having us out!”

Rhea’s Icecream WEIRD: Welcome to Weird Magazine Rhea!


Hey, thanks for having me!

WEIRD: I love your place tell us about Rheas Ice


Rhea: Well it’s a quaint little ice cream shop

located at 318 N. LBJ, across from the dollar theater. It features homemade delicious ice cream and homemade waffle cones. WEIRD: How long have you guys been open now?


I opened the shop January 19 so it’s been open for nine months now! WEIRD: What makes your Ice Cream Unique?


Well the flavors, as many put it, are “weird.” I like to think of them as inventive but to each their own I suppose. And what also makes it unique is that it is made by my own two hands every morning so it gives the ice cream that homemade feel. WEIRD: Describe some of your flavors you offer?

Rhea: I offer everything from Avocado

Coconut to Chocolate Milkshake. S’mores is probably the fan favorite. And the one that

leaves people in shock is the Roasted Garlic ice cream. But I change a few of them up at the beginning of every month just to keep you on your toes. WEIRD:I What should Weird Magazine readers know

about your ice cream?


That it is super delicious!!!!! They should also know not to be too intimidated by the flavors, I almost guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by how tasty some of the flavor combinations are. And they should also know that it makes you lose weight! Ha! WEIRD: Where did you get the idea to start an Ice

Cream shop in San Marcos?

Rhea: Well I’ve been making ice cream for

about 5 years now, just for fun, but I always thought San Marcos needed a delicious ice cream shop. It had always been my dream to one day open up my own ice cream shop and this town is very supportive of local business. So here I am, living the dream! WEIRD: TWhat is Rhea’s favorite flavor at Rhea’s

Ice Cream?


Caramel Sea Salt, hands down! It’s the perfect synergy of salty and sweet!! WEIRD: How are your prices there?

Rhea: I think they are very reasonable.

Starting at $2 a scoop for the almost classics to $3 a scoop for the specialty flavors. Then 75 cents for each additional scoop and add $1 for a waffle cone. WEIRD: Any Final Thoughts to Weird Magazine


Page 20 •

Rhea: Please come and check us out,

try the “weird” flavors, and tell all your friends about your new favorite ice cream shop! 318 N. LBJ 512-667-7598 OPEN Tues-Sat 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Organics INTERVIEW

Nov 2010 Issue  

November 2010 Issue Weird Magazine

Nov 2010 Issue  

November 2010 Issue Weird Magazine