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UFO Investigators Reveal Possible Otherworldly Relic DAWN OF THE NEW MILLENNIA

ground. The item, along with other specimens found by the team, was stored at the University of New Mexico’s Office of Contract Archaeology. Zukowski said it took years for them to figure out whether they could run tests on the items. “We didn’t really know who had responsibility for these things,” he said. “After reams of paperwork I was able to get a hold of it.” UFO Investigators Reveal Possible Otherworldly Relic UFO investigators held a press conference at the Roswell Civic and Convention Center on Thursday, April 30 to announce that they found ... something. “At this point, we don’t know what it was or why it was there,” said UFO investigator Chuck Zukowski. “I don’t want to speculate.” “We want to announce to the world that this stuff needs further analysis,” explained Dr. Bill Doleman, a retired archaeologist who supervised the dig where the items were found. The artifacts were discov-

ered in 2002 during a dig sponsored by the Sci Fi Channel, at a site where some eyewitnesses say a mysterious craft ricocheted off the ground in 1947. Zukowski and his sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer, state director of the Mutual UFO Network in Missouri, volunteered to help with the excavation, and found the object that has been most thoroughly analyzed. The tiny piece of silvery material came from a site where water tended to gather. Ziegelmeyer was sifting through buckets of dirt when the object emerged, and she quickly clutched it to keep it from blowing away. The material began to curl up after it was exposed to sunlight. Ziegelmeyer speculated that it might have been sensitive to light or heat, although Doleman suggested it may have started to dry out after it was taken out of the

Zukowski examined the item using an electron microscope. He said that the microscope belonged to a microchip manufacturer in Albuquerque, and a recentlyretired technician helped him use it, but he declined to identify either the company or the assistant, saying it might be unseemly for them to be involved. Zukowski said he determined that the artifact was mostly aluminum silicate. Other elements showed up in the sample, but he believes they are mostly from the microscope’s surroundings or dirt that clung to the object. Doleman said that aluminum silicate is not uncommon in nature, but the item was found on a limestone plateau, which is mostly calcium carbonate. There seemed to be nothing around that would contain or produce the compound. Zukowski also took extremely close-up pictures of the artifact, capturing some features only a few microns long. “We see some damage in here,” he said, “and it’s interesting that when you get down that small, you can see holes.” He also displayed an image of what looked

like a tiny metallic whisker. Zukowski, who designs microchips for a living, said that the features struck him as unusual. “We know this thing definitely is not organic, number one,” he concluded. “Number two, we know it’s not indigenous.” The small silvery object was one of many that turned up during the dig. Doleman presented slides of what looked like a piece of PVC pipe and fragments of plastic, as well as what seemed to be leather and rubber from a shoe. Doleman said that they had not been analyzed, and he would like to confirm that they are what they seem to be. “We want to figure out that they are using the best scientific methods available,” he said. The excavation also unearthed pieces of igneous rock that seemed out of place on the limestone plateau. “They look like they may have been burned,” noted Doleman. “Who knows what kind of burning a UFO creates when it smacks into the earth and then goes bouncing back up into the sky?”

son, daughter of Maj. Edwin Easly, who was allegedly at the crash site. Easly told Johnson little about the incident, but mentioned orange debris. “We’d like to get (the objects) identified, and see if they can shed light on what happened in that broad in-the-middle-of-nowhere pasture on the Foster Ranch in 1947,” said Doleman. “We’re looking for funding, and/or professional laboratories who would be able to take this stuff and try and identify it.” He said that there would be benefits for any lab willing to do pro-bono work, including publicity, possible information about useful alien technology, and “everybody in the UFO community will think they’re really cool.” Source: Roswell Daily Record main.asp?FromHome=1&Ty peID=1&ArticleID= Source: Inexplicata http://inexplicata.blogspot. com/2009/04/mexicostate-of-chihuahua-terrorized-by.html

The items that Doleman found most interesting were some orange blobs of material. Assaigai Analytical Laboratories Inc. in Albuquerque found that they were modacrylic adhesive, a heat-resistant synthetic copolymer. The Union Carbide Corporation was the first to produce modacrylic fiber in 1949. Zukowski said the modacrylic adhesive might tie into an eyewitness account. One of the volunteer excavators was Nancy Easly JohnPage  •


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Skelton: Stop Bilderberg’s Nightmare Future At All Costs

Paul Joseph Watson Prison Tuesday, May 19, 2009 London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton, who began his coverage of the 2009 Bilderberg conference in a jovial and mocking manner, is now warning that the horrendous treatment dished out to him by both police and undercover spies is just a taste of what we can expect in our daily lives if we allow Bilderberg’s agenda, and specifically ID cards and implantable microchips, to be implemented. Initially setting out to cover the event in a satirical way, Skelton left Greece yesterday chilled to the bone about how he had been harassed, detained and stalked for days on end by authorities merely for taking photographs of the hotel where Bilderberg members were staying. “My experience over the last several days in Greece has granted me a single, diamond-hard opinion,” writes

“ That we must fight, fight, fight, now right now, this second, Skelton,

with every cubic inch of our souls to stop identity cards.” I can tell you right now that the argument “If I’ve done nothing wrong, why would I worry about showing who I am?” is hogwash. Worse than that, it’s horse hockey. It’s all about the power to ask, the obligation to show, the justification of one’s existence, the power of the asker over the subservience of the asked. (Did you know that most Greek police don’t wear a number? This is an obligation that goes one way.) I have learned this from the random searches, detentions, angry security goon proddings and thumped police desks without number that I’ve had to suffer on account of Bilderberg: I have spent the week living in a nightmare possible future and many different terrible pasts. I have had the very tiniest glimpse into a world of spot checks and unchecked security powers. And it has left me shaken. It has left me, literally, bruised. Skelton adds that;

the ID card turns the citizen into a suspect and would be “the end of everything,” noting that plans are also afoot to replace the ID card with an implantable microchip for greater efficiency and tracking of the population, a subject that was up for discussion at last year’s Bilderberg Group conference.

During the meeting in Washington DC, journalist Jim Tucker’s source told him that Bilderberg were discussing the microchipping of humans on a mass scale, which would be introduced under the pretext of fighting terrorism whereby the “good guys” would be allowed to travel freely from airports so long as their microchip could be scanned and the information stored in a database.

Highlighting the fact that authorities in Greece found it so easy to intimidate and harass journalists because there were so few there,

Skelton is now calling for a deluge of citizen journalists to descend on Bilderberg 2010 where it is held. “Publicity is pure salt to the giant slug of Bilderberg. So I suggest next year we turn up with a few more tubs. If the mainstream press refuses to give proper coverage to this massive annual event, then interested citizens will have to: a people’s media. Find the biggest lens you can and join us for Bilderberg 2010. No idea where it’s going to be, but there’s usually a few days’ notice,” he writes.

Bilderberg 2009 was again marked by an almost universal media blackout of around 150 of the planet’s top powerbrokers meeting in secret to steer the future of the world. A G8 summit or a World Economic Forum would attract thousands of media stories and yet Bilderberg,

despite its alluring cloak and dagger secrecy which would normally attract journalists seeking a scoop like a moth to a flame, was mentioned by a mere handful of corporate media outlets. Not one U.S. news network dared touch the story. As Skelton highlights, the more light thrown on Bilderberg’s shady activities will lead to more questions being asked of the people who attend. “Petition newspapers to send a correspondent. Petition your MP to ask a question in parliament. This happened a few days ago in Holland. Citing an article by Paul Joseph Watson on, a Dutch MP asked in parliament about the involvement of the prime minister, the minister for European affairs and Queen Beatrix, asking them to make public any items that were on the agenda, and whether the ratification of the Lisbon treaty was discussed,” he writes.

Strategy of Manufactured Crisis The TROJAN HORSE

Home ‘Biohackers’ Discover Their Inner Frankenstein Home Biohackers’ Discover Their Inner Frankenstein Using Mail-Order DNA and Iguana Heaters, Hobbyists Brew New Life Forms; Is It Risky? In Massachusetts, a young woman makes genetically modified E. coli in a closet she converted into a home lab. A part-time DJ in Berkeley, Calif., works in his attic to cultivate viruses extracted from sewage. In Seattle, a gradschool dropout wants to breed algae in a personal biology lab.

These hobbyists represent a growing strain of geekdom known as biohacking, in which do-it-yourselfers tinker with the building blocks of life in the comfort of their own homes. Some of them buy

DNA online, then fiddle with it in hopes of curing diseases or finding new biofuels. But are biohackers a threat to national security? That was the question lurking behind a phone call that Katherine Aull got earlier this year. Ms. Aull, 23 years old, is designing a customized E. coli in the closet of her Cambridge, Mass., apartment, hoping to help with cancer research. She’s got a DNA “thermocycler” bought on eBay for $59, and an incubator made by combining a styrofoam box with a heating de-

vice meant for an iguana cage. A few months ago, she talked about her hobby on DIY Bio, a Web site frequented by biohackers, and her work was noted in New Scientist magazine. That’s when the phone rang. A man saying he was doing research for the U.S. government called with a few polite, pointed questions: How did she build that lab? Did she know other people creating new life forms at home? The caller said the agency he represented is “used to thinking about rogue states and threats from that,” recalls Ms. Aull, a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate. The man on the other end of the line was Nils Gilman, a researcher with Monitor 360, a San Francisco company that provides “geo-strategic” research. Mr. Gilman declined to identify his client, saying only that it’s a branch of the U.S. government involved in biosecurity. “I think they want to know, is this something we need to worry about?” he said -- particularly, could the biohackers’ gadgets and methods, in the wrong hands, create dangerous pathogens? Mr. Gilman’s claim that he is working for the U.S. government couldn’t be verified. A Department of Homeland Security official said “it does not appear that we contract with Monitor 360.” A spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to comment, and a Department of Defense official said he couldn’t find any record of the department hiring Monitor 360 or its parent company, Monitor Group. But he said another arm of Monitor Group has done work for the department in recent years. Previously, some researchers and law-enforcement officials have

raised red flags. In a paper published in Nature Biotechnology in 2007, a group of scientists and FBI officials called for better oversight of so-called synthetic DNA, an ingredient widely used by professional biologists and hobbyists, saying it could theoretically lead to the creation of harmful viruses like Ebola or smallpox, since their genomes are available online. “Current government oversight of the DNA-synthesis industry falls short of addressing this unfortunate reality,” the paper said.

Ms. Aull, who lives with a cat and three roommates who are “a little bit weirded out” by her experiments, says the worries are overblown. DIY biologists are trying to “build a slingshot,” she says, “and there are people out there talking about, oh, no, what happens if they move on to nuclear weapons?”

Other biohackers argue that Mother Nature is more likely than any home hobbyist to create dangerous new pathogens. They cite the current A/H1N1 “swine flu” virus, which is a made-inthe-wild brew of human, bird and pig influenzas. Mackenzie Cowell, a founder of DIY Bio, says members aim to do good and are committed to working safely. The movement has made big strides recently thanks to the commercial availability of synthetic DNA. This genetic material, normally found inside the nucleus of cells, can now easily be purchased online. That provides any amateur with the ingredients for constructing an organism. Dan Heidel, a 32-year-old aerospace employee and former molecular biology student in Seattle, has rented a 300-squarefoot space in an old warehouse to make genetically modified algae that he thinks might be useful in producing cheap biofuels. The space is stuffed with $20,000 worth of secondhand lab equipment he bought on eBay, including, he says, centrifuges, a liquid-nitrogen storage unit and “a bunch of stuff for water purification.” “It’s frankly a run-down, piece-

of-crap warehouse, half falling apart,” says Mr. Heidel. But “the landlord basically stays out of everyone’s hair as long as they don’t burn the building down, which is really pretty ideal.” The easy availability of synthetic DNA is at the heart of some scientists’ concerns. The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, a government body, has recommended that companies selling DNA be required to screen all orders for signs that the buyers might have nefarious intent. Some biologists argue that anyone wishing to custom-make new organisms, even if it’s just glow-in-the-dark bacteria (a popular trick among biohackers), should have to get a license first. Currently, regulation of labs like these is murky. It’s unclear what agency, if any, is responsible. So far, most garage biologists playing around with synthetic DNA are simply adding a gene or two to an existing organism, a fairly standard scientific practice involving some test-tube mixing, and not something biosecurity experts are very worried about. But technology promises to allow the creation of entire organisms from scratch -- something academics are aiming to do in university labs -- and that has some experts worried. A senior official in the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate says the bureau is working with academia and industry to raise awareness about biosecurity, “particularly in light of the expansion of affordable molecular biology equipment”

and genetic databases. George Church, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, says anyone using synthetic DNA should have to have a license, including garage biologists. But he says he’s not too concerned by the current home hobbyists. “The younger generation need something they feel they can do, in the same sense that my generation was inspired by NASA and home chemistry kits,” he said. Phil Holtzman, a college student and part-time DJ at dance parties in Berkeley, Calif., is growing viruses in his attic that he thinks could be useful in medicine someday. Using pipettes and other equipment borrowed from his community college, he extracts viruses called bacteriophage from sewage and grows them in petri dishes. Mr. Holtzman’s goal: Breed them to survive the high temperatures of the human body, where he thinks they might be useful in killing bad bacteria. He collects partly treated sewage water from a network of underground tunnels in the Berkeley area, jumping a chainlink fence to get to the source. But Mr. Holtzman says his roommates are “really uncomfortable” with him working with sewage water, so he’s trying to find another source of bacteriophage. Source: The Wall Street Journal SB124207326903607931. html

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people.” Was Reagan secretly briefed about the real Starfleet and how in 1985, it had the capacity to place 300 people in orbit?

Star Trek vs Solar Warden & the Real Starfleet! by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Today theatres all across America premier Star Trek - the latest in a series of movies based on Gene Rodenberry’s famous television series about humanity’s future as a spacefaring civilization. The new movie returns to the original crew of the Star Trek television series. It shows how they were recruited to join Starfleet and to boldly go where no one has gone before. One trailer shows a brawling James Kirk being challenged by a Starfleet officer to follow in his dead father’s footsteps and join Starfleet. Starfleet was Rodenberry’s futuristic view of humanity’s destiny. Starfleet, however, may not just exist in

Rodenberry’s creative mind. If a number of military and corporate whistleblowers are to be believed, Starfleet exists in a highly compartmentalized program called Solar Warden – a secret antigravity space fleet under the control of U.S. Strategic Command. In the hit television series, Starfleet is described as the “defense, research, diplomacy, and exploration force of the United Federation of Planets.” While Rodenberry’s famous television series is depicted as science fiction – elements of it appear to be based on fact. According to President Ronald Reagan’s diaries: “Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300

A growing fleet of antigravity vehicles has been one of the most highly classified secrets in U.S. history. Based on classified antigravity research conducted in the 1950s, a fleet of antigravity vehicles were eventually built. Whistleblowers have come forward to describe various classified programs where antigravity principles were used in part or in whole. Part one of this series of articles described various antigravity vehicles such as the TR-3B, the Aurora, and B-2 bomber. Credible researchers and aviation experts were also cited who have confirmed the reality of antigravity technologies and their successful development.

Most importantly, a fleet of antigravity space vehicles has been allegedly created under the military code word “Solar Warden.” Part two of this investigatory series discusses various sources revealing the existence of Solar Warden and its most likely location within U.S. Strategic Command. Solar Warden, according to cited whistleblowers, has already established bases on the moon and mars, and is involved in interplanetary exploration. Strategic Command currently contains the space commands of the three main U.S. military services. These are the Air Force Space Command, the Naval Space Command and the US Army Space Command. If Solar Warden is the correct code name for a secret antigravity space fleet, then according to a manual for military code names, Solar Warden designates a joint forces command project. As a joint forces command, Solar Warden draws upon the different U.S. military space commands but would be institutionally hidden in one of the space commands. USAF Space Command is the older (activated on 1

September 1982) and better known space organization within Strategic Command. The real Starfleet, however, is more likely institutionally hidden and controlled by the Naval Space Command which officially began operations October 1, 1983. Naval Space Command serves as the Alternate Space Control Center to the USAF Space Command and “also detects, tracks, identifies, and catalogs all manmade objects in space.” Naval Space Command therefore has the capacity to control the real Starfleet. When British hacker Gary McKinnon first found his way into classified files of U.S. Space Command (later incorporated into Strategic Command on October 1, 2002), he discovered a number of naval terms such as “fleet-to-fleet transfers” concerning non-terrestrial officers. He said:

“I found a list of officers’ names under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’. It doesn’t mean little green men. What I think it means is not Earth-based. I found a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren’t US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, offplanet.”

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McKinnon’s conclusion of a U.S. Navy space fleet is supported by the comments of a serving U.S. naval officer who has revealed in private interviews

that the U.S. Navy is in charge of policy when it comes to the use of advanced off-planet technologies. All this indicates that Solar Warden is institutionally hidden within US Naval Space Command. While Star Trek the movie will be a hit for those wishing to exercise their imaginative capacities, Solar Warden is an elusive fact for those using their investigative abilities. By all accounts, Solar Warden is the real Starfleet though Star Trek will help get you there.











As The Dollar Falls Inflation International Forecaster Weekly May 27 2009

Issuing money and credit hides the defaulting, Inflation is running much higher than is believed, Federal debt continues to expand, Downturn is coupled with over optimistic predictions of growth, real numbers for the economy show very little movement Americans may just be beginning to understand the US strategy regarding the credit crisis, but foreigners understand what they are up too. The US is creating a stealth default on its debt by continuing to issue massive amounts of money and credit and in the process devaluing the dollar. This, of course, is fraud, but other nations have defrauded the US for years by cheapening their currencies and subsidizing goods and services. China may be upset as others are, but they have totally subsidized their economy and they have been the worst offenders in cheapening their currency. What do they call their current $1.25 trillion effort to keep their growth above 8%? They have 30 million unemployed and frankly fear a revolution. Chinese policy was to sell goods to America, which was unable to pay for those goods. Their $2 trillion in US denominated assets will probably end up being worth $1 trillion and they knew that going in. They wanted the market and they’ll have to pay the price. US Treasury and Fed issuance is going to get worse not better – it’s going to be that way for sometime to come. No aggregates are going to be pulled from the system. If the US does that the financial system will collapse. There is going to be massive inflation and what China should be doing is dumping dollars by buying gold. They have not anticipated the fall in US stock and bond markets and the derivative bomb. American assets, including bonds, will get badly trashed. We wrote of all this in June of 2002, but no one was listening. We could not even envision the affects of mark-tomodel and the worthless balance sheets of corporate America, particularly in the financial sector. Within four years and more likely in two to three years the US will default on treasury and Agency debt. That should take the dollar in USDX terms to 40. It is now just below 80. China obviously feels the yields

offered on US paper on the long end are not worth the play. They have been buying bills instead in the short-term market that the Fed has to support. Today investors cannot conceive how bad this depression is going to get. Even the Bilderbergs see they cannot handle what is coming and want to reverse the process. Unfortunately it is too late for that. There has been no return since June of 2002. The Chinese knew 5 years ago they were screwed, but they kept on playing the game. They had to supply jobs or they might have had a revolution. The illuminist plan to bring China into WTO was a very bad choice. All the money the transnational conglomerates made will eventually be lost. America is burdened in expensive wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and is still occupying Iraq. This has cost Americans almost $1 trillion and it won’t end for years, an expensive distraction. We know war was created to enrich the elitists among other things, but the result has been disastrous not only for America but for the elitists as well. The Chinese have played a very dangerous game and if they try to get nasty as a creditor holding debt the US will just default. The Chinese will have to take their losses and perhaps start a war. America is in receivership and they should simply go into bankruptcy. We can bring our troops home, get rid of the Fed, pass trade tariffs, clear Wall Street out of Washington and let the treason and criminal trials begin. Our guess is that all kinds of deals have been made illegally that we know nothing about with China. We must find out what these deals were. The only way we can do that is by removing those from power, who made those deals. Keynesian inflationism is so engrained in economic orthodoxy that it is very hard to get a dissenting view. 90% of economists and analysts work for large corporations, which more often than not are run by Illuminists. IF you speak out of line you are out of a job. That is why few disagree. We just did about 30 interviews on Fox News and we were told we would no longer be allowed on the network to speak on the Federal Reserve. This is today’s

Ri$e$ !

version of freedom of the pressor media. If you do not like it ban it. Economists and analysts face the same problem. Policymakers have charted a course that risks bankrupting the economy and the Fed are at the core of the problem. They are doing everything possible to destroy the US economy. When we see Dr. Kenneth Rogoff, IMF economist, advocating

6% inflation we have to laugh. It is still running at 9-1/2%. Food prices continue to rise and gasoline is moving higher as are oil prices. To insinuate that inflation would ameliorate the debt bomb and help in the de-leveraging process is pure folly. Then we have professor Mankiw who advocates negative interest rates. You borrow $100 and pay back $97. That is idiotic and this man is teaching our children, someone has to tell me how incurring more debt will allow us to escape debt? We are nearing 50 years in finance and economics and we cannot believe the unmitigated crap we are hearing from so-called experts. If these are experts please dear Lord send us the uneducated. They at least have common sense. These are the same people, along with government, banking and Wall Street who are creating another debt bomb. Federal debt is expanding at an unheard of 13%. As a result yields are rising as are gold and silver and the dollar is falling. It is only a matter of time until a crisis of confidence occurs in the Treasury market. This year the yield has moved from 2.35% to 3.45% on the

10-year notes and they and the 30’ have broken their 200-day moving averages. At the same time the Fed has induced these low rates for mortgages, as risk is transferred to the taxpayer via loans being guaranteed by the GSE’s, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In just two years we will again face this debt bomb to go along with ALT-A loans, OptionARM-pick and pay loans and prime loan failures due to rising, encompassing unemployment. That will occur in 2011 and 2012. The failure of the housing market is only 40% to 50% over. All this is happening as policymakers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp, etc., and the rest of the elitists are shifting all the debt from the financial sector to the American people. Virtually no one talks about what is really going on. The same people at the Fed, in banking, on Wall Street and in government are supposedly solving the problems they created. We have news for you; they are not solving anything. They are just pushing judgment day a little further out. That is costing us $2 trillion in additional debt a year, which we can ill afford. The bomb gets bigger every day and you won’t want to be around when it explodes.

We hope you are all aware that as the dollar falls inflation rises. That is because we don’t produce much anymore and as the dollar declines the

cost of imported goods rises, including oil. By the end of the year oil could be $80 a barrel and gasoline over $3.00 a gallon. It started to feed on itself two months ago. As long as the privately owned Fed and the rest of the Illuminists are calling the shots speculative market dynamics and casino chaos will reign. These arrogant criminals are taking gambling to even greater heights. They profit because the Fed briefs them of what is going on so they can reap riches. Manipulation is the order of the day. All Keynesian thieves love massive stimulus as the bubbles burst. This time there is no way back. This repeat will rival the collapse of the Lombard System in Venice in 1348. The more important question is will we have another plague to accompany the Illuminist plague? The real reason banks want to return TARP funds is that banks do not want examiners uncovering any of their illegal activities. When the Allen Stanford case broke we told you that his operation was a front for CIA money laundering. BBC recently ran a story connecting him with the DEA. As that story broke he was told there would be no criminal action against him, a fact the mainline press forgot to carry. It could be narcos were depositing money in his operation and he and the CIA decided to relieve them of their ill begotten gains. That is robbing the competition. Stanford has had narco connections since 1990.

As The Dollar Falls Inflation

Ri$e$ ! believes that GDP will grow 50%. There is not a chance that will happen.

The GDP price deflator rose at 2.9% in the first quarter, this while meatheads tell us there is no inflation and deflation is the problem. Monetization will soon send inflation flying. Last week the stock market failed again to advance, forming an ever-bigger top. The Dow added 0.1%; S&P gained 0.5%; the Russell 2000 gained 0.4% and Nasdaq rose 0.6%. - a week of desperation. Consumers rose 1.6%; utilities fell 0.3%; cyclicals rose 2.5%; transports fell 1.5%; banks declined 2.6% and broker/ dealers gained 4.2%. High tech rose 1.7%; semis jumped 3.4%; Internets gained 1.5% and biotechs rallied 0.7%. Gold billion rose $26.00 and the HUI Index surged 10.9%. Two-year Treasury bills rose 4 bps to 0.85% and the 10’s surged 31 bps to 3.45% - a total breakdown. German 10year bund yields rose 18 bps to 3.54%. Freddie Mac 30-year fixed rate mortgage rates fell 2 bps to 4.82%. They’ll soon be 5%, although major banks are offering 4-1/2% to 4-3/4%. The 15’s fell 2 bps to 4.50%; one-year ARMs rose 11 bps to 4.82% and 30-year fixed rate jumbos fell a notable 15 bps to 6.22%. Fed credit rose $48.6 billion and it is off $81.4 billion ytd. It is up $1.294 trillion yoy or 149%. Fed foreign holdings of Treasuries, Agency debt surged $25.9 billion to a

record $2.710 trillion. Custody holdings for foreign central banks have been expanding at 20% ytd, and were up $433 billion yoy, or 19%. Bank credit fell $34.4 billion and it is up 3.6% yoy. Securities credit was up $6.1 billion; loans and leases fell $40.6 billion; C&I loans fell $9 billion and real estate loans fell $24 billion. Consumer loans fell $8.4 billion and securities loans were little changed. Other loans rose $0.6 billion. M2 narrow money supply rose $8.9 billion. It is up 3.9% ytd.

Total money market funds dropped $16 billion to $3.774 trillion. The dollar index fell 3.6% to 80.05. The bond market is not falling because there is deflation in our future, but because the dollar is again tanking. That is why gold and silver is rising. There is also the matter of US debt going into the stratosphere and the increase in interest rates in the demand for higher yields to combat coming inflation. Based on nominal growth over the next ten years the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office,

In fact, we could have no growth over that period. Yet, the proposed administration plan is to increase spending 50%. This shows you the desperation and stupidity of what is going on in Washington. Their only plan is to inflate until the system collapses. The robust recovery will only bring our negative GDP down to even as the stimulus package spreads its benefits. That will be some feat with real U6 unemployment at 19.2% to 19.8%. These facts and government projections will sink not only the dollar, but also sink the entire economy. America is looking at deficits of more than $1 trillion a year as far as the eye can see. Doesn’t anyone understand the impact of such borrowing? What foreigners can be stupid enough to lend to us unless yields are perhaps 15% on treasuries. That means the alternative is massive monetization and wild inflation. Making matters worse the whole world is experiencing the same problems. GDP growth has fallen 8% in Britain; 21% in Mexico; 14% in Germany and 15% in Japan. Chinese exports are down 41%, Japanese 38% and Germany’s 32%. The value of outstanding loans in Spain has fallen from $445 billion to $47 billion. They had risen between 2000 and 2008 by 850%. That was almost 50% of Spanish GDP. This is a direct product of the ECB, European Central Bank policy, of one interest rate for all 16 members, which is idiotic. Real unemployment in Spain is far above 20%. Ireland, due to the same misguided monetary policy, is almost as badly off. Both Spain and Ireland are insolvent.

securities ratings by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, are even worse off than US banks. Thus far the Fed has bailed out European banks, but that cannot go on indefinitely. Oddly we see no civil and criminal actions against American banks and securities industry or the rating companies, which tells us they knew exactly what they were buying – toxic waste. The money raising dynamic for the Treasury is overwhelming. 30-year fixed rate mortgages should be around 5% this shortened week. The Treasury needs to raise $2 trillion this year of which the Fed has already monetized about $300 billion, plus the Fed is buying $900 billion in toxic waste. This is $1.2 trillion in monetization by the Fed. On Tuesday the Fed is selling $40 billion of 2-year bills, $35 billion of 5-year notes and $25 billion of 7-year bonds. We wonder if the Fed will suffer the indignity of its first failed auction. $100 billion is a lot of money. US Treasuries may face a crowding out process, as governments collectively will have to place $6 trillion in debt this year. That means international business will find it even harder raising money in the future. The US has already lost control of long rates, just look at how easily and cleanly the 10-year notes and the 30-year bonds broke their 200-day moving averages. Markets are choking on debt.

The end result will be US stagflation and a falling dollar, along with higher yields. The Fed claims it has only bought $116 billion of monetized Treasuries, but we believe that number is higher. The Fed won’t raise interest rates, but the market is going too.

Europeans, deceived by bogus

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Russ hurry up and pass the doobie... What was the question?? oh ok. we love metallica , sepultura , pantera , selena , chente , sublime , bob marley , peter tosh , dick dale , joe king carrasco , ween , the reverend horton heat , the list goes on and on.

WEIRD MAG: Texas Bands.

Your like the Nacho Libre of

S&M: We are more like

heard or seen the Mexican Tongue Monster?

the ravishing rick rude of the texas bands.


WEIRD MAG: The Weird Magazine staff years

ago went


on the road? I see you guys get out all over Texas somtimes.


Introduce the BAND members.

WEIRDNESS. We had to interview you. Why the name frist of all?


We were gonna name our band our band los tigres del norte but it was taken. so we went for the second best name we could think of, sunglasses and mushrooms. the austin chronicle voted us worst band name for 2007. we are very proud of our little baby demons name


The name sounds like a trip I had once at an Eeehores birthday party in Austin years ago.


: Yeah , we think we saw you there, dancing in the nude with a taborine. we were the trio chasing the maidens with the hairy boooosh.


The Music is Ska, Reggae, Rock, a dash of Punk, and alot of Energy. I’m I getting warm?


You are sitting on liquid hot magma right now russ. next question!


Name some of your influences.

Austin? It’s Ironic that you guys are from McAllen and I am from Austin. Yet we live in each others cities, repectivly.

WEIRD MAG: Any horror stories from playing

Oh shit this isnt rolling stone?? fuck!!

WEIRD MAG: Now your band takes the cake of

WEIRD MAG: Where do you perform frequintly in

We play at maggie maes on 6th street and headhunters on red river.but you can catch us playing all over austin


Erik : brazillian banjo - Aggie : celtic clarinet -Oso : bassoon

Is that a pick up line?? Are you hitting on us?? we hardly know you


Welcome to Weird Magazine guys.



through a phase of Mexican wresteling masks. This is a great deal entertaining to see you perform on stage with these. How did that novel idea come together?

S&M: We climbed the Aztec mountains one day and found ourselves gaining wisdom from the singing bush. It told us to seek our destiny through the eyes of the luchador.

We got abducted by aliens one time. that was not cool . S&M:


caught your show at Simon Sez a few months back. A lot of fun,i hear there is a return to McAllen show again at Simons in June?


Yes this is very true. we encourage everybody to come out and party with us. the show is june 13th and we are very stoked to be back in mcallen.

WEIRD MAG: Have you Page 16 •



WEIRD MAG: I read a quote from your myspace that read “we just wanna say FUCK GUITAR CENTER ASSHOLES”! Expand on this a bit more if you will.

S&M: Nerds selling guitars is like van halen working at bath and body works WEIRD MAG: Worst Groupie of all Time? S&M:

We dont want to mention any names , but she didnt want to leave our hotel room and insisted on getting nude and ate all our food. she looked like a russian Rastafarian Tribe Leader

same feeling as watching our show WEIRD MAG: How can people get in touch with the band? Hear Music, see videos, online etc.


2012 is going down so live it up and there is a sasquach ,his name is Russell Dowden


WEIRD MAG:Any Final thoughts on 2012 and the

Mayan calendar? The Theory of Atlantis, the belief in Reincarnation, or Rise of the New World Order?

WEIRD MAG: I think i know her? Weird Magazine

was allowed to see UFO’s in an Underground base near Dulce New Mexico. Where did the Men In Black take the three of you?

They took us to Taqueria Zarape S&M:

WEIRD MAG: What can Weird readers expect from your show on June 13th?

S&M: If you are reading this right

now put your face in boiling water and put your thumb in your butt . Page 17 •

“Blues on the Hill” 9 Ye a r s o f S o u l . WEIRD MAG: What can people expect from this summer events?

Heavy hitting vocals and guitars from people like Bryan Lee, Big Brucey & The Maxtones, The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher, Rudy Calera, Nick Curran, King name a few local and national touring bands. CM:

WEIRD MAG: Hey Chris, welcome back

Weird Magazine this year. How have you been? Tell us who is in the Hizzy for Blues on the Hill this Month?

CM: Bryan Lee & The Blues Power Band (New Orleans), Texas Johnny Brown (Houston), Big Brucey & The Max tones (Harlingen) Rudy Calera Blues Revue (Reynosa, Mexico)....and our openers for June 20th The Cliff Hanger Blues Group

WEIRD MAG: I had a blast last time in May.

WEIRD MAG: How many years have you been

hooked by this unique electric and soulful music they can really feel and see in person...its not electronica or mechanical or computerized...there are human beings touching their musical soul.

doing this (Blues on the Hill), with the City of Harlingen?

CM: This is our 9th season and were planning big things for our 10th!...special thanks to the muscle behind the operation Harlingen Parks and Recreation! and of course all of this years sponsors, partners and volunteers. Its been a pleasure not only working with a great organization but seeing the blues music community grow with the radio side its been a blessing spinning the blues music on the airwaves of 88FM for the past 14 years every saturday night at 6pm...and now with jazz and blues mon.fri. 3pm-5pm

WEIRDMAG: Thanks any final thoughts? After

party details? Website to learn more about Blues on the Hill?

CM: Come out bring the family and friends and lawn chairs/blankets! enjoy a free live blues blast from some heavy hitters in the blues music industry which is growing as I speak...god bless.!

Great Food, Music and Beer. Reminds me of home. Austin. Why is it important to introduce Blues to the younger generation?

ps- After party jam session 10pm at The Hop Shop 923 S. 7th & Commerce Harlingen... thanks for the continued help Velma!!!

CM: You see the kids and teens getting

Chris Maley/PD Public Radio 88FM Entertainment Coordinator “Blues on the Hill”

I’ve seend it for nine seasons now....and they keep coming back some of them not teenagers anymore....and some now teenagers. Year round kids and adults both are exposed to the country and tejano flavorings that our great festivals around the valley have.... Its just a time of year to get a dose from a different type of musical culture and a taste of one of americas musical legacies to the world...that is the blues baby!!!

WEIRD MAG: Who will be performing in August? CM: The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher w/ Tim

Gonzalez (Kansas City, MO), Nick Curran & The Lowlifes (Austin), King Pin (Mcallen) name a few.

Page 18 •

Your Electric Company, THEY CONTROL OUR LIVES. CONSPIRACY OF your ELECTRICAL POWER COMPANY, CONTROL over OUR LIVES! Here is something I bet you never thought about: till the day you die,you will be paying taxes... and, an electric bill. Yes! Electricity has become an essential ingredient of our daily lives and we all don’t give it a second thought... Till the power goes out. Well, just imagine without power there are no gas pumps, no air conditioning, no computers and if the power is out long enough... no running water. Without electricity, we are trust back to the Dark Ages. We all take energy for granted that it will be there till the day we die. Here’s an example: Say you’re 75 years old, disabled and receiving a Social Security check, maybe even taking advantage of Medicaid, Let’s say your house is paid for. Set aside your water bill, you must have been paying on electric bill since the day you had your own place. This also holds true for apartment living. Yes, your reliable power company will be there till your final day. They would probably still send you a bill and expect payment even if your six feet under, or maybe expect some relative to pay it for you. Does

this sound like a conspiracy of control? You decide. About five years ago, I finally bought my own house. Before that, I was subject to apartment living, as many of us are, and I’m sure most of you have established credit with one or more power companies. I, myself, had no choice at the time but to go with Magic Valley Electric CO-OP. From time to time, we have all experienced the dreaded disconnect notice. Sometimes you pay it before the final cut off date or maybe not.

Well, one day, I came close to forgetting. I knew it was my fault, and was more than obliged to pay the late fee of $50.00. As my day ended at 6:00 PM and I got home at 7:00, I knew when I got home I would have to call the dreaded reconnect number. When I got home, my power was cut off. I dialed the disconnect number and talked the reconnection dude. He told me there would be $100 reconnect fee because it was after 3:00 PM. “What! That’s not fair, most of us get don’t out of work till 5:00!” I replied.

“I’m sorry sir,” he said, “you’ll have to agree to the fee before we reconnect and you can take it up with customer service tomorrow.” “Oh I will!” I said most boastfully! Here’s my point. What if couldn’t take time off from work to go pay the electric bill before 3:00 PM or I had kids to pick up? And this $100 reconnect fee! It might as well be $500 or even $1,000. I’m sure that this electric company has a night shift so they will have to pay overtime. What could possibly justify the fee of $100? The next day. promptly at 8:00 A.M., I arrived at the office of

Magic Valley Electric COOP. As I waited for my turn I could still feel my blood still boiling. I could overhear similar complaints of late fees and so forth from other customers. Finally, my turn came. As I sat there in front of the well dressed

customer service female rep., well trained in dealing with such complaints I’m sure, I explain my situation calmly. NOT! Well, I was intense and to the point. Of course she replied with her well trained corporate jargon on how the fee must be paid regardless. I knew I was getting nowhere. My blood boiled as I asked to speak to her manager.

She said her manager was not in. Gritting my teeth, I replied, “Well wherever she is I suggest you call her and tell her that I’m sick and tired of the monopoly her company (Magic Valley Electric CO-OP) has over us! And if she doesn’t speak to me I will definitely write about my situation and make sure it’s published.” Soon after, about 5 minutes past, the customer service rep. returned from side hallway entrance and said, “one moment please.” Within seconds I was talking to the manager by phone. I did not need to explain much to the head boss as the customer service rep probably already explained my whole story. I told her I was going to be responsible for the

Page 20 •

$50.00 reconnect fee which was my fault, but refused to pay the $100 after the 3:00 PM deadline fee! “Oh no problem sir, in fact, let me wave the whole fee for you. And if you like, we can even deduct your bill monthly.” I figured why not, they win anyway. After the good news of not paying any fee, I sat there looking at the well dressed customer service representative, noticing that well placed laced v-line cleavage, and I felt bad to see her hands still tremble slightly from my dramatic complaint as she took my bank draft information. I tried not to direct my complaint directly to her as she, too, is merely doing her job as a pawn of the ENERGY Company she works for. It is obvious that electric company’s are rubbing elbows with government lobbyists. They are protected by laws to suit their own monetary interests. just like the oil companies. I suggest we lobby for a discount electric bill when we retire, or in some cases, become disabled. I’d say at age 65... we should pay at least half price. We as Americans, pay more taxes and higher utility rates and get shafted till we are six feet under. Enough is enough! It’s time the power companies and the government officials we voted for pay us back for our loyalty of living in a democratic society. I think we deserve a break when we are closer to the end of the road. Zod Von Zoren

Goodbye GM Goodbye, GM by Michael Moore June 1, 2009 I write this on the morning of the end of the once-mighty General Motors. By high noon, the President of the United States will have made it official: General Motors, as we know it, has been totaled. As I sit here in GM’s birthplace, Flint, Michigan, I am surrounded by friends and family who are filled with anxiety about what will happen to them and to the town. Forty percent of the homes and businesses in the city have been abandoned. Imagine what it would be like if you lived in a city where almost every other house is empty. What would be your state of mind? It is with sad irony that the company which invented “planned obsolescence” -- the decision to build cars that would fall apart after a few years so that the customer would then have to buy a new one -- has now made itself obsolete. It refused to build automobiles that the public wanted, cars that got great gas mileage, were as safe as they could be, and were exceedingly comfortable to drive. Oh -- and that wouldn’t start falling apart after two years. GM stubbornly fought environmental and safety regulations. Its executives arrogantly ignored the “inferior” Japanese and German cars, cars which would become the gold standard for automobile buyers. And it was hell-bent on punishing its unionized workforce, lopping off thousands of workers for no good reason other than to “improve” the short-term bottom line of the corporation. Beginning in the 1980s, when GM was posting record profits, it moved countless jobs to Mexico and elsewhere, thus destroying the lives of tens of thousands of hard-working Americans. The glaring stupidity of this policy was that, when they eliminated the income of so many middle class families, who did they think was going to be able to afford to buy their cars? History will record this blunder in the same way it now writes about the French building the Maginot Line or how the Romans cluelessly poisoned their own water system with lethal lead in its pipes. So here we are at the deathbed of General Motors. The company’s body not yet cold, and I find myself filled with -- dare I say it -- joy. It is not the joy of revenge against a corporation that ruined my hometown and brought misery, divorce, alcoholism, homelessness, physical and mental debilitation, and drug addiction to the people I grew up with. Nor do I, obviously, claim any joy in knowing that 21,000 more GM workers will be told that they,

too, are without a job. But you and I and the rest of America now own a car company! I know, I know -- who on earth wants to run a car company? Who among us wants $50 billion of our tax dollars thrown down the rat hole of still trying to save GM? Let’s be clear about this: The only way to save GM is to kill GM. Saving our precious industrial infrastructure, though, is another matter and must be a top priority. If we allow the shutting down and tearing down of our auto plants, we will sorely wish we still had them when we realize that those factories could have built the alternative energy systems we now desperately need. And when we realize that the best way to transport ourselves is on light rail and bullet trains and cleaner buses, how will we do this if we’ve allowed our industrial capacity and its skilled workforce to disappear? Thus, as GM is “reorganized” by the federal government and the bankruptcy court, here is the plan I am asking President Obama to implement for the good of the workers, the GM communities, and the nation as a whole. Twenty years ago when I made “Roger & Me,” I tried to warn people about what was ahead for General Motors. Had the power structure and the punditocracy listened, maybe much of this could have been avoided. Based on my track record, I request an honest and sincere consideration of the following suggestions: 1. Just as President Roosevelt did after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the President must tell the nation that we are at war and we must immediately convert our auto factories to factories that build mass transit vehicles and alternative energy devices. Within months in Flint in 1942, GM halted all car production and immediately used the assembly lines to build planes, tanks and machine guns. The conversion took no time at all. Everyone pitched in. The fascists were defeated.

We are now in a different kind of war -- a war that we have conducted against the ecosystem and has been conducted by our very own corporate leaders. This current war has two fronts. One is headquartered in Detroit. The products built in the factories of GM, Ford and Chrysler are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction responsible for global warming and the melting of our polar icecaps. The things we call “cars” may have been fun to drive, but they are like a million daggers into the heart of Mother Nature. To continue to build them would only lead to the ruin of our species and much of the planet.

But you and I and the rest of America now own a car company! I know, I know -- who on earth wants to run a car company? Who among us wants $50 billion of our tax dollars thrown down the rat hole of still trying to save GM? Let’s be clear about this: The only way to save GM is to kill GM. The other front in this war is being waged by the oil companies against you and me. They are committed to fleecing us whenever they can, and they have been reckless stewards of the finite amount of oil that is located under the surface of the earth. They know they are sucking it bone dry. And like the lumber tycoons of the early 20th century who didn’t give a damn about future generations as they tore down every forest they could get their hands on, these oil barons are not telling the public what they know to be true -- that there are only a few more decades of useable oil on this planet. And as the end days of oil approach us, get ready for some very desperate people

willing to kill and be killed just to get their hands on a gallon can of gasoline. President Obama, now that he has taken control of GM, needs to convert the factories to new and needed uses immediately. 2. Don’t put another $30 billion into the coffers of GM to build cars. Instead, use that money to keep the current workforce -- and most of those who have been laid off -- employed so that they can build the new modes of 21st century transportation. Let them start the conversion work now. 3. Announce that we will have bullet trains criss-crossing this country in the next five years. Japan is celebrating the 45th anniversary of its first bullet train this year. Now they have dozens of them. Average speed: 165 mph. Average time a train is late: under 30 seconds. They have had these high speed trains for nearly five decades -- and we don’t even have one! The fact that the technology already exists for us to go from New York to L.A. in 17 hours by train, and that we haven’t used it, is criminal. Let’s hire the unemployed to build the new high speed lines all over the country. Chicago to Detroit in less than two hours. Miami to DC in under 7 hours. Denver to Dallas in five and a half. This can be done and done now. 4. Initiate a program to put light rail mass transit lines in all our large and medium-sized cities. Build those trains in the GM factories. And hire local people everywhere to install and run this system. 5. For people in rural areas not served by the train lines, have the GM plants produce energy efficient clean buses. 6. For the time being, have some factories build hybrid or all-electric cars (and batteries). It will take a few years for people to get used to the new ways to transport ourselves, so if we’re going to have automobiles, let’s have kinder, gentler ones. We can be building these next month (do not believe anyone who tells you it will take years to retool the factories -- that simply isn’t true). 7. Transform some of the empty

GM factories to facilities that build windmills, solar panels and other means of alternate forms of energy. We need tens of millions of solar panels right now. And there is an eager and skilled workforce who can build them. 8. Provide tax incentives for those who travel by hybrid car or bus or train. Also, credits for those who convert their home to alternative energy. 9. To help pay for this, impose a two-dollar tax on every gallon of gasoline. This will get people to switch to more energy saving cars or to use the new rail lines and rail cars the former autoworkers have built for them. Well, that’s a start. Please, please, please don’t save GM so that a smaller version of it will simply do nothing more than build Chevys or Cadillacs. This is not a long-term solution. Don’t throw bad money into a company whose tailpipe is malfunctioning, causing a strange odor to fill the car. 100 years ago this year, the founders of General Motors convinced the world to give up their horses and saddles and buggy whips to try a new form of transportation. Now it is time for us to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine. It seemed to serve us well for so long. We enjoyed the car hops at the A&W. We made out in the front -- and the back -- seat. We watched movies on large outdoor screens, went to the races at NASCAR tracks across the country, and saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time through the window down Hwy. 1. And now it’s over. It’s a new day and a new century. The President -- and the UAW -- must seize this moment and create a big batch of lemonade from this very sour and sad lemon. Yesterday, the last surviving person from the Titanic disaster passed away. She escaped certain death that night and went on to live another 97 years. So can we survive our own Titanic in all the Flint Michigans of this country. 60% of GM is ours. I think we can do a better job. Yours, Michael Moore

WEIRD RADIO ON 1700 AM Wednesdays 10pm-12am


This month on Weird Radio our band line-up is tight and we will

throw some supprise paranomal guest at you as well. But you need to also be aware that we are giving away PRIZES throughout the month from sponsers like THE PEACE PIPE, Amerika Althetix Skateshop is giving away some apparell and a BAKER board, while

our WEIRD gift bags include D,s and gift cards from local WEIRD MAGAZINE advertiser! If you want to get your band on Weird Radio, leave a Demo CD at Powers Tattoo or Underworld Botique during business hours, and we will be in touch with you.



June 3rd This months cover feature Sunglasss & Mushrooms will be calling in from Austin as they prepare for touchdown here in the Valley at Simon Sez on June 13th. A Great band with roots here in South Texas, these guys are alot of fun. Giving away CD’s on the air. A DAY OF ASHES-10th

Rick Phoenix and the guys return to Weird Radio once again. Phoenix has appeared on old radio shows back in 2005 with his other projects. Their new Albumn comes out this month entitled “Turmoil”. We will play tracks off the new albumn a take calls.

THE JERICHO MACHINE-17th These Rockers have put in some work in recent years and frequently get all around Texas. They are perfroming in San Antoinio on the 14th at Scout Bar and will be back just in time a for Weird Radio. We will play tracks off of their Albumn “Educated Donkeys”

Sons Of The Beach - 24th

One of Weird Magazine readers favorite local bands will perform a rare accoustic set in studio and take your calls. This 10 piece band is so talented and exciting to hear, you cant help but shake that booty! (only a few members will be in studio. I mean how could we fit the whole band in there any-

way? They barley fit on stage.


While you can always hear us on the radio at 1700 AM, you can also tune into the online stream at 128kbps high quality! Russell Dowden, Co-Founder of SETLAB, 2012 Media, Austin Para Times, Weird Magazine and now Weird Radio. He is Publisher & Editor for Weird Magazine your Host of Locally produced Weird Radio on Clear Channels 1700 AM KVNS in South Texas. In addition to being a DJ for Various other Stations in his 12 years in Radio;Russell has been a syndicated Radio Host on Genesis Radio and other stations including Talk Radio 1370 , KVRX Student Radio, and KOOP FM all located in his home town of Austin TX.

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Obama Truth Commission Inquiry linked to UFOs and Cheney?

Michael Salla, Ph.D. On April 23, at a White House meeting with Congressional leaders, President Obama rejected the idea of a Truth Commission to investigate abuses by the Bush administration. White House press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated that “the president determined the concept didn’t seem altogether workable in this case.” This differed from Obama’s position only a day earlier when he said he was open to investigating possible abuses. He stated that investigating Bush policies “was going to be more a decision for the attorney general within the parameters of various laws, and I don’t want to prejudge that.” He also publicly stated the desirability of an independent commission that would not be subject to partisan politics. Obama’s shifting positions reflected intense political pressures placed upon him by those opposed or supportive of such an inquiry. Those desiring to maintain secrecy concerning various kinds of abuses that occured during the Bush administration appeared to have succeeded. Obama would not support a Truth Commission to investigate policies that sanctioned torture and could open the door to additional abuses. One of these include claims that Richard Cheney used an assassination unit to eliminate “terrorist opponents.” In 1991, while Secretary of Defense, Cheney allegedly

blocked an initiative by President George H.W. Bush, Snr. to disclose the truth of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Has Cheney been involved in highly classified efforts over several decades to maintain secrecy concerning UFOs which has involved the deadly use of force? If so, that may explain why President Obama backed out of supporting an independent truth commission. Senator Patrick Leahy first proposed the idea of a Truth Commission to investigate abuses sanctioned by the Bush administration on February 9, 2009 at Georgetown University. A petition launched soon after, with currently over 100,000 signatures, recommended investigation of abuses that “include the use of torture, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws.” An important supporter of Leahy’s Truth Commission is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who reaffirmed her support on April 23, by commenting that she has “always been for a truth commision.” Leahy’s proposed Truth Commission would have the power to investigate Cheney’s alleged assassination unit. This emerged from a conference held in Minneapolis on March 10 where respected journalist Seymour Hersh said that Vice President Cheney ran an assassination unit out of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Hershey said that the JSOC unit reported directly to Cheney and operated without any kind of Congressional oversight. Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense were out of the loop on JSOC operations according to Hersh.. Hersh concluded: “It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on.”

tion. Rejecting Bush administration policies is not enough, since the same actors responsible for past abuses will be free to continue to exert a behind the scenes influence. This hidden influence is reflected in Obama’s rapidly changing positions on the desirability of a Truth Commission.

Was Cheney or his supporters directly involved in changing Obama’s position in order to prevent abuses involving Cheney coming to light? Did one of these alleged abuses involve the authorization of political assassination to prevent UFO disclosure? Such allegations need serious investigation and should not be swept away due to partisan political pressure.

A Truth Commission with a broad mandate to investigate “executive override of laws” could look into Cheney’s alleged assassination unit and its possible connection to maintaining UFO secrecy.

Many witnesses have come forward to disclose that they have been aware of extreme threats being used to silence whistleblowers and others with information on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Most importantly, many witnesses and researchers have allegedly been assassinated in order to maintain secrecy. President Bush Jnr, has publicly stated that Cheney has knowledge of the UFO issue gained from his time as Secretary of Defense. In answer to a question about whether he would release UFO information during the 2008 Presidential campaign, Bush referred to Cheney and said:“Sure, I will. This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense and was a great one.” Combined with recent revelations from reliable sources that Cheney blocked a 1991 initiative to disclosure the truth about UFOs, and him more recently heading an assassination unit, it appears that there is a prima facie case that Cheney did use assassination teams to prevent UFO disclosure. President Obama’s rationale for rejecting a Truth Commission is that it would “open the door to a protracted backward-looking discussion.” It is hard to understand how achieving open and transparent government, Obama’s stated political ideals, can be achieved without exposing past abuses by the Bush administration. It is by exposing past abuses that the various interest groups and actors ultimately responsible for these can be prevented from undue influence over the Obama administraPage 24 •



The Great Beast Was Here By T Polyphilus What if the Apocalypse has already happened? How should we live in a post-Apocalyptic world, when all of the values of the previous one have been destroyed? Aleister Crowley had an answer: we should each live according to our own True Will. By this he meant that every man and woman must discover his or her own true nature and purpose in this world, and fulfill it. But the guiding principle in living that fulfillment must be love; not love in the sense of mere sentimental affection. Crowley’s philosophy further claims, “Man has the right to love as he will: when, where, and with whom he will.” Bisexual himself, he formally declared the absolute liberty of consensual sexual expression, with the force of prophetic authority. In 1904, Crowley received a text as a result of magical invocation: The Book of the Law. The law the book contained may be summed up in these words:

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” With the arrival of this new law, Crowley believed the old world order was completely overturned -- destroyed by fire, as it were -- and a new age dawned. He called his new system Thelema (Greek for “will”), and identified himself with the Great Beast of Revelation. Accordingly, Thelema declares Christianity obsolete, along with all other world religions, even while putting to use their most potent spiritual techniques, symbolism, and mythic narratives. Thelemites are often practitioners of Magick, understood as the form of occultism developed by Crowley from his training in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and experiences with esoteric religions around the world. His techniques

and theories have influenced generations of practitioners of divination, yoga, alchemy, spirit evocation, and astral travel. He was also a pioneer in the modern Western use of entheogens such as mescaline, and his social ideas support the full freedom not only of self-medication, but of self-exploration by such means. The Order of Oriental Templars, better known as Ordo Templi Orientis or simply O.T.O., is the first religious body to base its work on the Law of Thelema. O.T.O. is essentially a vehicle for organizing and mobilizing under the Law, since we can’t expect any sort of deus ex machina to take us to a New Jerusalem.

The old social forms are obsolete and oppressive, and humans need social contexts in which to temper and express their individual wills. Crowley introduced the Law of Thelema to O.T.O. in the early decades of the 20th century, but without his leadership, the order went into a dormant period for the thirty years following his death. Starting in the 1970s, surviving members began to reform the constituent groups of the order, and growth has been fairly steady ever since. There are now thousands of active members organized in over sixteen different countries worldwide. O.T.O. is comprised of two outer “rites” or systems of ceremony, for the purpose of realizing the divine in the human. One is Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, a church body whose central ritual is a symbolic drama called the Gnostic Mass, intended to cultivate religious ecstasy without moralizing or superstition. Since The Book

of the Law affirms that “Every man and every woman is a star,” our church requires priestesses as well as priests. The clergy conduct group ceremonies and minister to individual members, but do not serve as intermediaries

between the individual member and his or her god. The most important form of deity in Thelema is the personal genius, or “Holy Guardian Angel,” which is understood to be unique for each individual. A person baptized in the church affirms: “I will know my own will. I will do my own will. I will rejoice in the will of my god.” The other rite of O.T.O. is Mysteria Mystica Maxima, a set of graduated initiations using the methods of Freemasonry and the ancient mystery cults. Fraternal temple initiation in person may seem somewhat antiquated -- and indeed, the heyday of such work in the United States was the latter half of the 1800s. But mediating technologies deprive us of many of the contacts and sensory channels that previously would have integrated us into important age-old networks of human consciousness. The

O.T.O. degrees redress these faults, while developing selfdiscipline and self-knowledge toward the goals of individual liberty and universal brotherhood. Another important but still largely unrealized dimension of O.T.O. is the establishment of intentional communities centered on “profess-houses.” Crowley briefly operated such a project -- the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily in the 1920s -- and late in life he was making plans for another, to be called the Green Lion, which never came to fruition. The creative opportunity to bring such communities into existence is important to the Thelemic movement as a whole, because despite the basic emphasis on the liberty of the individual, we recognize that many of the most admirable and challenging aspects of human existence can only manifest in coopera-

tion with others. People today intuitively grasp the obsolescence of many aspects of our social system. The reduction of men and women to “consumers” results in profound alienation compensated only by the most superficial of freedoms. The Law of Thelema challenges us all to find a deeper sort of liberty that can empower us to remake society in a world which has already shifted under our feet. For more information on O.T.O., see SOURCE: REALITY SANDWICH dot com Page 25 •

A DAY OF ASHES Interview:

trouble finding the right bassist to fit us. Manny Garci is the youngest and newest meber of the band on rythm guitar ansd is a great compliment to Marty Petrelli. Finally there is me, Rick Phoenix at lead vocals.

W: Tell us about the band. How long have you been together now?


W: Welcome to Weird Magazine guys. ADOA: Thanks for taking the time to check out our music and have us on your mag and upcoming radio show june 10th. We hope everyone goes to one of our shows or to Hastings music to pick up a copy of our debut cd “Turmoil”!

W: Introduce the band members. ADOA: ADOA: We have a very talented, creative group starting with marty petrelli (lead guitarist) who writes the music and sings backup vocals who is also my cousin and the co founder of ADOA. Next we have Mario Garza which in a short span of being a drummer has accelerated and helped ADOA kick ass both live and in the studio. Also we have JJ Garza on bass guitar who has been with us a while, we had

ADOA: The band has been together through thick and thin for about 3 years now and have finally released our debut album “Turmoil” which seems fitting for what we have been through, but we are still here and ready to rock!

W: Name some influences? ADOA: ADOA is made up of all types of influences from 80’s metal to music of today.

W: Where are you performing around town?

ADOA: Rock Relief 2009 ,June 19th VFW McAllen, is one of our first real shows, we’re working together with the American ADOA: Yes! TURMOIL Is out and ready for you all to pick Red Cross to raise money for the South up a copy at Hastings music and at our shows, or you Texas Disaster Relief Fund along with sevcan check out our music on eral local valey bands. Several dates are being added for our summer tour so you W: Where is your tour taking you in Texas? can check the website for updated shows. W: How is the Album going? Turmoil just came out right?

ADOA: In June mostly acoustic in store performances at Hot Topic, Hastings, and radio shows. You can check our website for more texas tour dates.

W: We look forward to having you guys on the radio show on the 13th. ADOA: Yeah we look foward to being on your show and hopefully getting a good response from your audience.

W: The Tracks on the myspace are hot. Is there a favorite track you guys like on the new Album? ADOA: Basically, we love all of the tracks, they all have different meanings both for us and our fans. We’ve lived through our album both in music and life and we hope that our fans will understand and relate to it. W: How can people get in touch with you to book you guys for a gig or a party? ADOA: Either our ADOA website, or

W: Final thoughts to the Weirdo’s out there? ADOA: On behalf of ADOA, we hope that you all will check our music out, buy our cd, and spread the word out to everyone and anyone about A Day of Ashes we would really appreciate that, and see you all out on the rock n roll road!

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The Case of the Missing H-Bomb: The Pentagon Has Lost The Mother of All Weapons. By Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch. 60 years have passed since a damaged jet dropped a hydrogen bomb near Savanah Gaand the Pentagon still cant find it

Things go missing. It’s to be expected. Even at the Pentagon. Last October, the Pentagon’s inspector general reported that the military’s accountants had misplaced a destroyer, several tanks and armored personnel carriers, hundreds of machine guns, rounds of ammo, grenade launchers and some surfaceto-air missiles. In all, nearly $8 billion in weapons were AWOL. Those anomalies are bad enough. But what’s truly chilling is the fact that the Pentagon has lost track of the mother of all weapons, a hydrogen bomb. The thermonuclear weapon, designed to incinerate Moscow, has been sitting somewhere off the coast of Savannah, Georgia for the past 40 years. The Air Force has gone to greater lengths to conceal the mishap than to locate the bomb and secure it. On the night of February 5, 1958 a B-47 Stratojet bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb on a night training flight off the Georgia coast collided with an F-86 Saberjet fighter at 36,000 feet. The collision destroyed the fighter and severely damaged a wing of the bomber, leaving one of its engines partially dislodged. The bomber’s pilot, Maj. Howard Richardson, was instructed to jettison the H-bomb before attempting a landing. Richardson dropped the bomb into the shallow waters of Warsaw Sound, near the mouth of the Savannah River, a few miles from the city of Tybee Island, where he believed the bomb would be swiftly recovered. The Pentagon recorded the incident in a top secret

memo to the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. The memo has been partially declassified: “A B-47 aircraft with a [word redacted] nuclear weapon aboard was damaged in a collision with an F-86 aircraft near Sylvania, Georgia, on February 5, 1958. The B-47 aircraft attempted three times unsuccessfully to land with the weapon. The weapon was then jettisoned visually over water off the mouth of the Savannah River. No detonation was observed.” Soon search and rescue teams were sent to the site. Warsaw Sound was mysteriously cordoned off by Air Force troops. For six weeks, the Air Force looked for the bomb without success. Underwater divers scoured the depths, troops tromped through nearby salt marshes, and a blimp hovered over the area attempting to spot a hole or crater in the beach or swamp. Then just a month later, the search was abruptly halted. The Air Force sent its forces to Florence, South Carolina, where another H-bomb had been accidentally dropped by a B-47. The bomb’s 200 pounds of TNT exploded on impact, sending radioactive debris across the landscape. The explosion caused extensive property damage and several injuries on the ground. Fortunately, the nuke itself didn’t detonate. The search teams never returned to Tybee Island, and the affair of the missing H-bomb was discreetly covered up. The end of the search was noted in a partially declassified memo from the Pentagon to the AEC, in which the Air Force politely requested a new H-bomb to replace the one it had lost. “The search for this weapon was discontinued on 4-16-58 and the weapon is considered irretrievably lost. It is requested that one [phrase redacted] weapon be made available for release to

the DOD as a replacement.” There was a big problem, of course, and the Pentagon knew it. In the first three months of 1958 alone, the Air Force had four major accidents involving H-bombs. (Since 1945, the United States has lost 11 nuclear weapons.) The Tybee Island bomb remained a threat, as the AEC acknowledged in a June 10, 1958 classified memo to Congress: “There exists the possibility of accidental discovery of the unrecovered weapon through dredging or construction in the probable impact area. … The Department of Defense has been requested to monitor all dredging and construction activities.”

But the wizards of Armageddon saw it less as a security, safety or ecological problem, than a potential public relations disaster that could turn an already paranoid population against their ambitious nuclear project.

The Pentagon and the AEC tried to squelch media interest in the issue by a doling out a morsel of candor and a lot of misdirection. In a joint statement to the press, the Defense Department and the AEC admitted that radioactivity could be “scattered” by the detonation of the high explosives in the H-bombs. But the letter downplayed possibility of that ever happening: “The likelihood that a particular accident would involve a nuclear weapon is extremely limited.” In fact, that scenario had already occurred and would occur again. That’s where the matter stood for more than 42 years until a deep sea salvage company, run by former Air Force personnel and a CIA agent, disclosed the existence of the bomb and offered to locate it for a million dollars. Along with recently declassified documents, the disclosure prompted fear and outrage among coastal residents and calls for a congressional investigation into the incident itself and why the Pentagon had stopped looking for the missing bomb. “We’re

horrified because some of that information has been covered up for years,” said Rep. Jack Kingston, a Georgia Republican. The cover-up continues. The Air Force, however, has told local residents and the congressional delegation that there was nothing to worry about. “We’ve looked into this particular issue from all angles and we’re very comfortable,” said Major Gen. Franklin J. “Judd” Blaisdell, deputy chief of staff for air and space operations at Air Force headquarters in Washington. “Our biggest concern is that of localized heavy metal contamination.” The Air Force even has suggested that the bomb itself was not armed with a plutonium trigger. But this contention is disputed by a number of factors. Howard Dixon, a former Air Force sergeant who specialized in loading nuclear weapons onto planes, said that in his 31 years of experience he never once remembered a bomb being put on a plane that wasn’t fully armed. Moreover, a newly declassified 1966 congressional testimony of W.J. Howard, then assistant secretary of defense, describes the Tybee Island bomb as a “complete weapon, a bomb with a nuclear capsule.” Howard said that the Tybee Island bomb was one of two weapons lost up to that time that contained a plutonium trigger. Recently declassified documents show that the jettisoned bomb was an “Mk-15, Mod O” hydrogen bomb, weighing four tons and packing more than 100 times the explosive

punch of the one that incinerated Hiroshima. This was the first thermonuclear weapon deployed by the Air Force and featured the relatively primitive design created by that evil genius Edward Teller. The only fail-safe for this weapon was the physical separation of the plutonium capsule (or pit) from the weapon. In addition to the primary nuclear capsule, the bomb also harbored a secondary nuclear explosive, or sparkplug, designed to make it go thermo. This is a hollow plug about an inch in diameter made of either plutonium or highly enriched uranium (the Pentagon has never said which) that is filled with fusion fuel, most likely lithium-6 deuteride. Lithium is highly reactive in water. The plutonium in the bomb was manufactured at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington State and would be the oldest in the United States. That’s bad news: Plutonium gets more dangerous as it ages. In addition, the bomb would contain other radioactive materials, such as uranium and beryllium. The bomb is also charged with 400 pounds of TNT, designed to cause the plutonium trigger to implode and thus start the nuclear explosion. As the years go by, those high explosives are becoming flaky, brittle and sensitive. The bomb is most likely now buried in 5 to 15 feet of sand and slowly leaking radioactivity into the rich crabbing grounds of the Warsaw Sound. If the Pentagon can’t find the Tybee Island bomb, others might. That’s the conclusion of Bert Soleau, a former CIA officer who now works with ASSURE, the salvage company.

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The Case of the Missing H-Bomb: The Pentagon Has Lost The Mother of All Weapons. Soleau, a chemical engineer, said that it wouldn’t be hard for terrorists to locate the weapon and recover the lithium, beryllium and enriched uranium, “the essential building blocks of nuclear weapons.” What to do? Coastal residents want the weapon located and removed. “Plutonium is a nightmare and their own people know it,” said Pam O’Brien, an anti-nuke organizer from Douglassville, Georgia. “It can get in everything--your eyes, your bones, your gonads. You never get over it. They need to get that thing out of there.” The situation is reminiscent of the Palomares incident. On January 16, 1966, a B-52 bomber, carrying four hydrogen bombs, crashed while attempting to refuel in mid-air above the

Spanish coast. Three of the Hbombs landed near the coastal farming village of Palomares. One of the bombs landed in a dry creek bed and was recovered, battered but relatively intact. But the TNT in two of the bombs exploded, gouging 10-foot holes in the ground and showering uranium and plutonium over a vast area. Over the next three months, more than 1,400 tons of radioactive soil and vegetation was scooped up, placed in barrels and, ironically enough, shipped back to the Savannah River Nuclear Weapons Lab, where it remains. The tomato fields near the craters were burned and buried. But there’s no question that due to strong winds and other factors much of the contaminated soil was simply left in the area. “The total extent of the spread will never be known,” concluded

a 1975 report by the Defense Nuclear Agency. The cleanup was a joint operation between Air Force personnel and members of the Spanish civil guard. The U.S. workers wore protective clothing and were monitored for radiation exposure, but similar precautions weren’t taken for their Spanish counterparts. “The Air Force was unprepared to provide adequate detection and monitoring for personnel when an aircraft accident occurred involving plutonium weapons in a remote area of a foreign country,” the Air Force commander in charge of the cleanup later testified to Congress. The fourth bomb landed eight miles offshore and was missing for several months. It was eventually located by a mini-submarine in 2,850 feet of water, where it rests to this day. Two years later, on January 21, 1968, a similar accident occurred when a B-52 caught fire in flight above Greenland and crashed in ice-covered North Star Bay near the Thule Air Base. The impact detonated the explosives in all four of the plane’s H-bombs, which scattered uranium, tritium and plutonium over a 2,000-foot radius. The intense fire melted a hole in the ice, which then refroze, encapsulating much of the debris, including the thermonuclear assembly from one of the bombs. The recovery operation, conducted in near total darkness at temperatures that plunged to minus-70 degrees, was known as Project Crested Ice. But the work crews called it “Dr. Freezelove.” More than 10,000 tons of snow and ice were cut away, put into barrels and transported to Savannah River and Oak Ridge for disposal. Other radioactive debris was simply left on site, to melt into the bay after the spring thaws. More than 3,000

workers helped in the Thule recovery effort, many of them Danish soldiers. As at Palomares, most of the American workers were offered some protective gear, but not the Danes, who did much of the most dangerous work, including filling the barrels with the debris, often by hand. The decontamination procedures were primitive to say the least. An Air Force report noted that they were cleansed “by simply brushing the snow from garments and vehicles.”

Even though more than 38 Navy ships were called to assist in the recovery operation, and it was an open secret that the bombs had been lost, the Pentagon continued to lie about the situation. In one contentious exchange with the press, a Pentagon spokesman uttered this classic bit of military doublespeak: “I don’t know of any missing bomb, but we have not positively identified what I think you are looking for.” When Danish workers at Thule began to get sick from a slate of illnesses, ranging from rare cancers to blood disorders, the Pentagon refused to help. Even after a 1987 epidemiological study by a Danish medical institute showed that Thule workers were 50 percent more likely to develop cancers than other members of the Danish military, the Pentagon still refused to cooperate. Later that year, 200 of the workers sued the United States under the Foreign Military Claims Act. The lawsuit was dismissed, but the discovery process revealed thousands of pages of secret documents about the incident, including the fact that Air Force workers at

the site, unlike the Danes, have not been subject to long-term health monitoring. Even so, the Pentagon continues to keep most of the material on the Thule incident secret, including any information on the extent of the radioactive (and other toxic) contamination. These recovery efforts don’t inspire much confidence. But the Tybee Island bomb presents an even touchier situation. The presence of the unstable lithium deuteride and the deteriorating high explosives make retrieval of the bomb a very dangerous proposition--so dangerous, in fact, that even some environmentalists and anti-nuke activists argue that it might present less of a risk to leave the bomb wherever it is. In short, there aren’t any easy answers. The problem is exacerbated by the Pentagon’s failure to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation and reluctance to fully disclose what it knows. “I believe the plutonium capsule is in the bomb, but that a nuclear detonation is improbable because the neutron generators used back then were polonium-beryllium, which has a very short half-life,” said Don Moniak, a nuclear weapons expert with the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League in Aiken, South Carolina. “Without neutrons, weapons grade plutonium won’t blow. However, there could be a fission or criticality event if the plutonium was somehow put in an incorrect configuration. There could be a major inferno if the high explosives went off and the lithium deuteride reacted as expected. Or there could just be an explosion that scattered uranium and plutonium all over hell.” This essay is featured in the forthcoming book, Loose Nukes published by Count Zero Press.

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LAND OF THE LOST & V TV SHOW Featuring Lizzard Aleins! But Why?

LAND OF THE LOST/ ABC To Remake V So Many Lizards People Just Food! May 27TH 2009

By Will Forreal I loved this TV show when I was a kid ; a family trapped in dinosaur-island! Universal Pictures will release this month Will Ferrell as Park Ranger Rick Marshall, a disgraced paleontologist who finds himself in a strange prehistoric world. The Sid and Marty Krofft’s 1970s live-action kids show was a part of my childhood so much no wonder I ended up a cross dresser. But, is the film the latest in Hollywoods ramp up to get us ready for an Alien Invasion? Many adults in their 30’s will remember this show introduced us to little green reptillian Aliens when we had barely even got used to Star Trek only a decade earlier.

TV again later gave us Green meat eating carnivores in 1985’s “V” on NBC. Interestingly enough , STAR TREK, LAND OF THE LOST are summerremake hits whle V has been picked up by ABC to scare the living hell out of the human race. Ahh yes it seems the Reptilian, blood thirsty, masonic, Luciferrian, Owl worshipping aliens at the * Paramount of Hollywoods Elite are getting us ready for the annoucment of thier presence! *{Punn Intended} Just in time to ring the dinner bell, the human race plunges ever closer to the brink of world destrustion, and or self anihilation. What with all the Eastern conflicts in Korea and the continuing battle for energy resources the human race doesn’t have much time left. Maybe we do need a time machine? Aah, the memories of exposed alien reptile skin, the sound of whooshing laser guns and that unforgettable twin alien baby birth scene ... so many good times indeed!

So Lock up your

pet hamsters and prepare your home for an invasion of more Reptilans. I think David Icke must be about to faint where ever he is. But then David Icke would say that the Echelon of the Bildibergers who plan these things out are simply trying to tell us more about themselves. Who cares? It’s all just Science Fiction isn’t it. Or is it? Shapeshifting Reptilians from the star Draco? Really I mean come on! But there are others besides David Icke who also believe this is the case. Read off the sight to see what John Rhodes thinks at the Reptoids Research Center. As for me i’m going to the Movies this summer and i will be sporting my best red dress at the Premeire of Land of The Lost. Cause that is just how I like to Roll! See Ya in Line for Popcorn! Is that a reptilian behind you?

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