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European Wedding Trends

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2020 wedding trends in Europe

What will be the top wedding trends in 2020?


Oversize is becoming the new trend. From the arch to the photobooth, or centerpieces, balloons, decoration items... everything has to be huge! And especially the ceremony decor.

Draw your attention on balloons, which are indeed coming back in the race after more than 20 years! But not the old-fashioned balloon arches with a regular shape. Now it?s restructured arches. Different sizes of round balloons with matte & metal colors: rose gold, blush, light pink, but also maroon and fuchsia. Those can be used as a photocall, personalised, of course with the bride and groom?s names, for inst ance.

Going back a few years ago, the trend was to choose one or two colours for your wedding theme. In 2020, the fashion is for variations and combinations of several different colours, in shades or contrast. Rose gold has taken the world by storm these past few years but was mainly associated with soft shades of pink. Now it?s time to add sunset palettes - rich peach, Cantaloupe, darker pinks, blush, dark reds, light orange, light greens, and creams.

This wedding colour scheme can be used for classic as well as boho weddings. All these colours will be sublimated by touches of metal such as gold, rose gold, copper or silver to bring a modern touch. Though, blush pink still remains one of the top choices of colour for 2020 wedding trends. Soft and subtle, it always brings a romantic and delicat e at mosphere.

What trends are officially on their way out in 2020?

While greenery stayed strong in 2019, we expect it to fade into more floral designs. Flower styling takes over this natural decor, and greenery is expected to go to the second plan and have a less major place in the design. We will keep seeing lots of unstructured shapes, as well as floral compositions bordered with overflowing greenery for a majestic look.

Are there any trends from 2019 you think will carry over into 2020?

2019 was the year of boho weddings, vintage & fine art. Pampas grass has been seen in many weddings and is set to last a few more years, for the boho and casual ambiance it brings.

We've also recently witnessed the appearance of unexpected materials like dried elements such as field grasses, leaves, and even dried flowers. There will also be fruits like lemons down tables - Italian inspiration coming through! Scents will also be used to enhance the magical at mosphere creat ed by floral designers.

Finally, the tendency for 2020 will definitely be to have some suspended floral arrangements to decorate both gardens and interiors, but also to mix flowers and accessories. Accessories, lighting, and flowers are tot ally int erlinked and cannot be separat ed anymore.

What are some of the top locations couples are selecting in your region and why?

French Riviera is definitely one of the best places to organise a wedding. Ideally located, easy to access with our international airport, The French Riviera is renowned in the world for luxury and beauty, the perfect place for a celebration of love.

Venues include private "Provence" properties with charming olive groves, enchanting French Chateaux, vineyards, stunning gardens, spectacular sea views and luxurious hot els.

Brides and grooms are considering now the opportunity of getting married in different countries, usually very sunny and offering a unique experience to their guests. No daily routine, no business meeting early in the next morning, no nanny to relieve, guests are definitely there for fun. This is one of the keys to wedding success.

Chloe?Atlan, Co- Founder, Aava Wedding

Wedding Trends in Spain with Pilar Herrero

What will be the top wedding trends in 2020?

Para mi hay dos tendencias claras:

1.- Boda tradicional, super romántica, con decoración floral muy cuidada y en abundancia, y un esquema organizativo y de diseño de la boda muy definido.

2.- Bodas más informales, con un diseño desenfadado como de festival de música. Puestos de comida, nada de mesas formales, sino mesas corridas, food trucks, grupos de música en directo, mesas de post res, iluminación muy pensada, Dj acompañado de instrumento musical en directo (percusionistas, o saxofonista, etc...).

Una gran fiesta de gastronomía y música.

What trends are officially on their way out in 2020?

La decoración con plumeros, la deco floral en tonos verdes, y la decoración boho o rust ic chic.

Are there any trends from 2019 you think will carry over into 2020?

Los neones decorativos, que aunque no soy muy fan de ellos, definitivamente están de moda como en su día lo estuvieron las letras gigant es luminosas.

What are some of the top locations couples are selecting in your region and why?

Yo creo que cada vez más la gente se anima a casarse en espacios diferent es a los habituales salones de bodas. Masías, caseríos, pazos, fincas rústicas con amplios terrenos, naves industriales rehabilitados, etc... los espacios singulares están de moda. La arquitectura forma parte de los decorados de la boda como un elemento más.

French Wedding Trends with Clementine Ward


What will be the top wedding trends in 2020?

Couples want more impressive venues and are putting more money into chateaux and impressive buildings. This is actually reflected in an increase in venue prices.

They want to create a whole and more inclusive experience for their guests and want everything: great music, food, drinks, decorations, etc... so they need to use their budgets carefully. South West France is becoming more popular as prices are cheaper than on the East side and couples realise their budgets will take them further. They also love the unspoilt nature, rolling hills with amazing local food and wines.

We are also seeing weddings more as inclusive experiences with shared platt ers for food, st rolling musicians, etc...

Are there any trends from 2019 you think will carry over into 2020?

Nude and minimalism will become stronger. Couples like clean designs and clean cuts. They also like airy flower arrangements with touches of darker tones (eg browny, black), always being minimalist.

Flower suspensions are still present and evolving to reflect this style.

What are some of the top locations couples are selecting in your region and why?

South West France is becoming more popular for its unspoilt nature, amazing scenery and of course delicious food and wines. Couples love t he chat eaux and impressive venues.

Top Wedding Trends for Europe in 2020


What will be the top wedding trends in 2020?

- Grazing tables: both savoury and sweet! We LOVE seeing foods of the 90's suddenly becoming part of something more upmarket - I love a good party ring!

- Laser cut everything! Cake toppers, place settings, hanging chair signs, you name it, it's being laser cut and it's awe inspiring to see so much personalisat ion

- Weddings closer to home - Brexit is ruining another thing! The uncertainty of what will happen after Brexit, and airlines going into administration here there and everywhere has left more couples playing safe and planning weddings in the UK

- Lifted centrepieces - long tables with florals above. We love this idea because then you can see who you're dining opposite without your view being obscured

- Ring boxes in shapes other than squares. Hexagons, octagons, ovals, triangles...

- Textured buttercream on cakes - beautiful cakes that look almost like an oil painting.

- Pocket flowers

- White suits for men

What trends are officially on their way out in 2020?

- Flower crowns - this makes me so sad because if I could wear a flower crown every day and it be normal I would, but we're seeing less and less flower crowns all the time

- Chair covers - if a venue has ugly chairs, people are choosing to hire in rather than cover up

- Sparkler exits - we've even heard of photographers refusing to capture images of sparkler exits at the end of the night. Handing sparklers to drunk guests isn't typically a great idea

Are there any trends from 2019 you think will carry over into 2020?

- Individual bridesmaid dresses - letting your entourage know the aesthetic but pick their own dress style is a trend that's still going strong and we're all up for it!

Weddings in France with Laura Payne-Stanley


What will be the top wedding trends in 2020?

Anything-but-average. The 2020 wedding is about having a wedding adventure embracing individuality.

Tossing the rules aside people are creating their own rules, from time frames from engagement to wedding, to how they want to celebrate to no longer wanting to be pigeon- holed or following t rends.

What are the top locations couples are selecting in your region and why?

Paris and the South of France in particular the French Riviera are continuing to rise in popularity partly due to the great international flights in both areas. The South of France particularly is going to continue to rise with the growing number of English speaking wedding professionals now accessible to destination couples flying into the country.

What trends are on their way out in 2020?

The flower wall has been done. However I predict it will be reinvented with flower sculptures and more art installations for the anything-but-average couple.

Are there any trends from 2019 you think will carry over into 2020?

Bridal hats which were still on the fringe in 2019, will continue to grow in popularity as part of the anyt hing- but- average.