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the 2019 Young & the Guest List

Each year we survey the landscape of young people doing cool things in Washington and, as always, never cease to be amazed at the ways they are moving the city forward in a myriad of endeavors. From chefs putting the District on the national stage as a formidable food city to journalists fighting accusations of “fake news,” there is a wide range of occupations represented in this year’s list. As different as each of the 300 plus individuals who are included may be, a common goal of making the nation’s capital a better place serves as a running thread that binds them all. The energy was especially palpable at this year’s photo shoots. With the exception of the journalists and actors among the 40 selected, there is no real methodology with regard to who was paired with whom in the various groupings. Half the fun is watching along as conversations unfold on their own—blockchain entrepreneur Michael Parker talking to chef Jerome Grant about profit margins, for example. It validates the notion that we are all connected by this great city we call home and we couldn’t be more pleased. >>