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may & jun 10

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Blooming typical! You wait around for a good British comedy to come along and then three come along at once! Gurinder Chadha will be no stranger to our screen with films like Bend it like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice. Her latest venture, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, again throws her idiosyncratic eye on contemporary British culture. David Baddiel’s first feature, The Infidel, takes a rather more abrasive approach with Omid Djalili as the muslim pater familia who uncovers an uncomfortable family secret. Chris Morris has long had a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what can be considered funny and in Four Lions plunges into the realms of taboo with a tale of bungling suicide bombers, misguided philosophies and teenage disaffection, a film which is as funny as it is outrageous. Rapid Eye Movement, the screening forum for emerging film makers in the Midlands, is 15 years old. At least seven of the film makers it has presented have gone on to make feature films, including Debbie Isitt (Nativity) and Justin Edgar (Special People). In recognition of this there will be a number of directors’ discussions with the audience including Vadim Jean (In the Land of the Free), J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed), Justin Molotnikov (Crying with Laughter) and a very special guest from Chile, Miguel Littin (Dawson, Island 10). Keep an eye on our website for updates


June sees women at the forefront of new movies ranging from the money and glamour of Sex and the City 2 to wayward girls kidnapping a premiership footballer in Kicks, a dark Romanian comedy; The Happiest Girl in the World to a New Wave classic, Cleo from 5 to 7 by Agnes Varda; and the tale of Mussolini’s ‘other’ wife in Vincere. Life is full of surprises.

John Gore. Film Programmer Cover image: The Infidel (p04)

Fri 30 Apr – Mon 3 May Dir: Michael Hoffman Germany / Russia / UK 2009 112mins Cast: Helen Mirren, James McAvoy, Anne-Marie Duff, Christopher Plummer After almost fifty years of marriage, the Countess Sofya, Leo Tolstoy’s devoted wife, passionate lover, muse and secretary, suddenly finds her entire world turned upside down. In the name of his newly created religion, the great Russian novelist has renounced his noble title, his property and his family in favour of poverty, vegetarianism and even celibacy. After she’s born him thirteen children. On discovering that Tolstoy has signed

a new will, leaving the rights to his iconic novels to the Russian people rather than his own family, Sofya is consumed by righteous outrage. Using every bit of cunning, every trick of seduction in her considerable arsenal, she fights fiercely for what she believes is rightfully hers. A stellar cast stars in this complex, funny, rich and emotional story about the difficulty of living with love and the impossibility of living without it.

I Am Lo ve


The Last Station 15

I Am Love 15

Io Sono L’amore Fri 30 Apr – Mon 3 May Dir: Luca Guadagnino Italy 2009 120mins subtitled Cast: Tilda Swinton, Flavio Parenti A feast for the senses, Luca Guadagnino’s magnificent film luminously articulates its themes of passion and constraint. Swinton gives a stunning performance as the central muse of a tale about the irresistible draw of forbidden passion and the bittersweet victory of liberation from the constrictions of wealth and power. The polished rooms of a Milanese villa ignite with anxious activity as the

wealthy industrial family, the Recchis, prepare to celebrate the birthday of their patriarch. It is an occasion designed to ensconce family traditions – the handsome grandson, Edoardo, introduces his new girlfriend; his sister presents another piece of her artwork to her grandfather; and the grandfather, knowing this is his last birthday, names the successor to his empire.

The Hurt Locker 15 Perrier’s Bounty 15

Three members of the Army’s elite Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squad battle insurgents and one another as they search for and disarm a wave of roadside bombs on the streets of Baghdad. Their mission is clear – protect and save – but it’s anything but easy, as the margin of error when defusing a war-zone bomb is zero.

The Gh ost

This thrilling and heart-pounding look at the psychology of bomb technicians and the effects of risk and danger on the human psyche is a fictional tale inspired by real events by journalist Mark Boal, who was embedded with a special bomb unit in Iraq.

Set in contemporary Dublin Perrier’s Bounty is a fast paced comedy-thriller featuring three unlikely fugitives on the run from gangster supremo, Perrier, who is desperate to retain his pride and cash after the accidental murder of one of his loyal gang. With only 24 hours to escape certain death, the trio must beat the clock, stay awake, and above all, pay Perrier’s bounty.

From beginning to end this is a superb blend of light-hearted, offbeat comedy and crime-story thrills, with the perfect measure of warmth between its hardluck characters. Familial bonds and romantic ties make the journey out of the Dublin underworld all the brighter.

The Ghost 15

Fri 7 – Thu 13 May Dir: Roman Polanski France / Germany / UK 2010 128mins Cast: Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall A ghost writer is hired to take over writing the memoirs of former British Prime Minister, Adam Lang, after his first co-writer dies in an accident. Soon after the Ghost accepts the assignment, a high-ranking British official accuses Lang of illegally seizing suspected terrorists and handing them over to the CIA for torture, a war crime. As the Ghost works, he begins to uncover clues which suggest that

the previous writer may have pieced together a dark secret linking Lang to the CIA, and that somehow this information is hidden in the manuscript he left behind. From director Roman Polanski, this atmospheric and intriguing political thriller charts one man’s determination to discover the truth and to tell it, if necessary, from beyond the grave.


The Hurt Locker is deserving of its 2010 Oscar for Best Film, it is a riveting, suspenseful portrait of the courage under fire of the military’s unrecognised heroes; the technicians of a bomb squad who volunteer to challenge the odds and save lives doing one of the world’s most dangerous jobs.

Tue 4 – Thu 6 May Dir: Ian Fitzgibbon Ireland / UK 2009 88mins Cast: Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Jodie Whittaker

Perrier 's

Tue 4 – Thu 6 May Dir: Kathryn Bigelow US 2008 131mins Cast: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce


Fri 7 – Thu 13 May Dir: Gurinder Chadha UK 2010 100mins Cast: Sally Hawkins, Shabana Azmi, Sendhil Ramamurthy With nods to Frank Capra, ghost stories, murder mysteries and screwball comedies, Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice) whips up an irreverent caper about the pressures on Indian women to tie the knot.


Set in West London, the film centres on Mrs. Sethi, a doting Punjabi mother obsessively seeking a suitor for her appealing, but (heaven forbid!) rapidly ageing daughter, Roopie. When a string of curious murders involving poisonous curries and chapatti dough begins to rattle the neighbourhood, things really start to heat up. As detectives and ghosts trample through the Sethi household, Roopie’s love life gets an injection of excitement too. A top-notch cast breathe life into Chadha’s clever tale about appreciating what’s right under our noses – with a little help from the Hereafter.

The In fidel

life It's A W onderf ul After

It’s A Wonderful Afterlife 12A

The Infidel 15

Fri 14 – Wed 19 May Dir: Josh Appignanesi US 2010 105mins Cast: Omid Djalili, Richard Schiff, Archie Panjabi, Matt Lucas, Miranda Hart Mahmud Nasir (Djalili) is a loving husband, doting father and something of a ‘relaxed’ Muslim. Does the ‘F’ word occasionally pass his lips? It’s hardly worth mentioning. Does he say his prayers five times a day? Of course! Well, usually... Does he fast every day of Ramadan? Who’s counting anyway? He may not be the most observant, but in his heart he is as Muslim as it gets. But after his mother’s death a discovery turns Mahmud’s world upside down. He finds his birth certificate which reveals that not only was he adopted at birth... but he’s Jewish, and his real name is Solly Shimshillewitz! As Mahmud tumbles headlong into a full scale identity crisis, the only person he can turn to is Lenny (The West Wing’s Richard Schiff) a drunken Jewish cabbie who agrees to give him lessons in Jewishness, which start with how to dance like Topol. Oy vey.

Life During Wartime 15

Fri 14 – Thu 20 May Dir: Todd Solondz US 2009 98mins Cast: Ciaran Hinds, Ally Sheedy, Charlotte Rampling, Shirley Henderson It’s over a decade since Todd Solondz won the Critics’ prize at Cannes for his wry, provocative Happiness, and his latest is a humorous, melancholic sequel of sorts. Returning to the terrain of sexual desire in American suburbia, Life During Wartime features Trish, who is separated from her incarcerated paedophile husband Bill, and about to get married again. Meanwhile, Trish’s angelic sister Joy is on leave from her degenerate husband and job at a correctional facility, but unwittingly manages to leave behind a trail of shame and exposed secrets wherever she goes. For the uninitiated, Life During Wartime is funny and dark in its realism. For long-time fans of the cult filmmaker, it speaks to the sense of play and the strength of one of the most original voices in American filmmaking.

Made aware of their plight, Congress-man John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, visited Wallace and Woodfox in prison in March 2008. This documentary tells the ongoing story of the case of these three extraordinary men. Q & A with director Vadim Jean following the screening.

Exit Th rough The

Gift Sh op

Life Du ring W ar


Banksy himself describes the world’s first street art disaster movie as ‘the story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed.’

Woodfox and Wallace, founding members of the first prison chapter of the Black Panther Party, worked along with King to speak out against the inhumane treatment and radical segregation in the prison. King was released in 2001 after almost thirty years of solitary confinement. Woodfox and Wallace convicted in the highly contested stabbing death of white prison guard Brent Miller, remain in Angola where they have spent more than thirty-six years in solitary confinement.

Gift Sh op

Exit Through The Gift Shop is the amusing story of how an eccentric French shopkeeper attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the camera turned on himself with spectacular results.

The shocking and unbelievable story of Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox and Robert King, three black men from rural Louisiana who were held in solitary confinement in the biggest prison in the US, and 18,000 acre former slave plantation known as Angola.

Exit Th rough The

This is the first film by the globally renowned, and highly elusive, graffiti artist, Banksy; whose work can be seen on walls from post-hurricane New Orleans to the Palestinian segregation wall in the West Bank.

Thu 20 May Dir: Vadim Jean US 2010 85mins Cast: Samuel L. Jackson (narrator)

Land o f the Fr ee

Tue 18 & Wed 19 May Dir: Banksy Uk 2010 87mins Cast: Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, Rhys Ifans

In the Land of the Free 15

In the

Exit Through The Gift Shop 15


Dawson, Island 10 tbc

Four Lions 15

Fri 21 – Thu 27 May Dir: Christopher Morris UK 2009 94mins some subtitles Cast: Riz Ahmed, Arsher Ali, Nigel Lindsay

Dawson Isla 10 Fri 21 May Dir: Miguel Littin Chile / Brazil / Venezuela 2009 Four Lions tells the story of a group of British jihadists who push their 117mins subtitled Cast: Benjamin Vicuña, Cristián De La Fuente abstract dream of glory to the breaking point.

Months of reclusion and sadness made these people grow in strength, fighting against isolation and harsh ways of living. At Dawson Island, the most southern concentration camp in the world, their bonds grew, as did their memories and testimonies of history. Q&A with director Miguel Littin following the screening.

As the wheels fly off, and their competing ideologies clash, what emerges is an emotionally engaging farce. In a storm of razor-sharp verbal jousting and large-scale set pieces, Four Lions is a comic tour de force; it shows that – while terrorism is about ideology – it can also be about idiots. Based on three years of research meetings with everyone from imams to ex-mujahedeen – not to mention a wealth of surveillance material from major trials - Four Lions plunges beyond seeing these young men as unfathomably alien or evil.

Four Li ons

September 1973. A group of former Allende’s ministers and authorities are held prisoners and taken into Dawson Island, a reclusion camp located in the Magellan Strait. Cristián De La Fuente plays a tough, army officer in charge of this group of State prisoners. Benjamin Vicuña is Sergio Bitar, a former minister who wrote Isla 10 in Harvard after he was liberated with the help of the UN, Red Cross and Ted Kennedy among others.

Instead, it portrays them as human beings, who, as we all know, are innately ridiculous. Q&A Sun 23 May. See website for details.

Lourdes U

Sat 22 – Mon 24 May Dir: Jessica Hausner Austria / France / Germany 2009 100mins subtitled Cast: Sylvie Testud, Lea Seydoux, Gilette Barbier


church matriarchs, she is willing to befriend anyone with whom she comes into contact.

Christine (Testud) only acts pious so she can be taken on church trips. As she readily admits, she doesn’t get many chances to travel while stuck in a wheelchair.

Christine’s pilgrimage to Lourdes is perplexing and wonderful in its misguided search. She will discover that the most important part of the journey is to believe in something, whether basic human kindness or divine intervention.

Accompanied by a sceptical companion and surrounded by desperate souls seeking a miracle, Christine craves only company. From disbelieving volunteers to zealous

Sylvie Testud brings her character to vivid life under the nuanced direction of Hausner. Both guarded and yearning, this is a multi-faceted heroine.


Following a pack of religious believers on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, Jessica Hausner’s (Lovely Rita, Hotel) third feature explores this major Christian shrine.

BAFTA Shorts With La ughter

A selection of award-winning, innovative and experimental short films. For more details on these films visit



I Do Air

Off Season

Dir: Asitha Ameresekere


Dawso n, Isla nd 10

Tue 25 May

Dir: Martina Amati

Dir: Luke Snellin Dir: Jonathan van Tulleken


Dir: Daniel Elliott

Followed by Q&A

Crying With Laughter 18

Wed 26 & Thu 27 May Dir: Justin Molotnikov UK 2009 93mins Cast: Stephen McCole, Malcolm Shields, Andrew Neil

Four Li ons

Joey Frisk is a stand-up comedian whose life has just stopped being funny. In the most important week of his career, with an American talent scout flying in to Edinburgh to check out his act, his life begins to unravel. Looking for help, he turns to Frank Archer, a former friend who has recently walked back into his life. Together at military school 25 years earlier, Frank is keen that he and Joey get reacquainted and offers to take him in. But, as Joey finds out, friendship is the last thing on Frank’s mind. This is a powerfully redemptive and darkly comedic revenge thriller set against the vicious world of stand-up comedy. Q&A with the director following the screening on Wed 26 May.

Alice In Wonderland PG

Alice In Wonde rland

Fri 28 – Mon 31 May & Sat 5 Jun Dir: Tim Burton US 2010 109mins Cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska From visionary director Tim Burton comes this magical and imaginative twist on some of the most beloved stories of all time. Johnny Depp stars as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat and, of course, the Mad Hatter. Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end the Red Queen’s reign of terror.


La Danse PG

Nightwatching 18

Frederick Wiseman, one of the world’s greatest documentary makers, films the Paris Opera Ballet, one of the world’s greatest ballet companies, and the result is an impressive glimpse inside one of France’s foremost cultural institutions.

A thrilling period drama, told with irony and wit, exploring the romantic and professional life of Rembrandt, the greatest artist of his generation and the mystery surrounding his most famous work of art, ‘The Night Watch’.

Le Ballet de L’Opéra de Paris Sat 29 May, Mon 31 May & Wed 2 Jun Dir: Frederick Wiseman France 2009 158mins

Wiseman wastes no time in taking us behind the scenes into rehearsals, placing dance itself at the heart of the film, and in sum we see preparations for and/or performances of seven ballets including The Nutcracker by Rudolph Nureyev, Medea by Angelin Preljocaj and Orpheus and Eurydyce by Pina Bausch.

Fri 28 May – Tue 1 Jun Dir: Peter Greenaway Netherlands / Canada / UK / France / Poland 2007 142mins Cast: Martin Freeman, Emily Holmes, Toby Jones

When Rembrandt reluctantly agrees to paint the Amsterdam Musketeer Militia in a group portrait that will later become to be known as ‘The Night Watch’, he soon discovers that there is a foul conspiracy afoot. Determined to expose the conspirators, Rembrandt builds his accusation meticulously in the form of the commissioned painting. Featuring a stellar cast, Nightwatching encapsulates the very best in historic theatrical drama told in lavish detail. “Martin Freeman is outstanding... the visuals are ravishing and the premise intriguing.”  Empire

Tue 1 – Thu 3 Jun Dir: Götz Spielmann Austria 2008 122mins subtitled Cast: Johannes Krisch, Irina Potapenko, Andreas Lust A gripping thriller and a tragic drama of nearly Greek proportions, Revanche is the stunning, Oscar-nominated international breakthrough of Austrian filmmaker Götz Spielmann. In a ragged section of Vienna, hardened ex-con Alex works in a brothel, where he falls for Ukranian hooker Tamara. Their desperate plans for escape unexpectedly intersect with the lives of a rural policeman and his seemingly 08 content wife. With meticulous and elegant direction, Spielmann creates a tense, existential and surprising portrait of vengeance and redemption, and a journey into the darkest forest of human nature, in which violence and beauty exist side by side.

Revan che

Revanche 15

La Dan se

The camera quietly observes the artistry of ballet come together from all angles and the viewer shares every moment – no matter how small.

Nightw atchin g

The Disappearance of Alice Creed 18 Wed 2 & Thu 3 Jun Dir: J Blakeson UK 2009 100mins Cast: Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston

Brisk, brutal and effective – that describes the shocker opening of The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Two men fortify a nondescript British apartment so it can serve as a prison, and then kidnap a woman and tie her to a bed. Before there’s even time to react, we’re plunged into a very nasty situation – but not a simple one.

La Dan se

This is a thriller that is both frightening and deeply satisfying. At the heart of its twists and jolts is an understanding of how real people act in desperate situations. Vic (Marsan) is hard and remorseless, but his dominance over the younger Danny (Compston) turns out to be shaky.

The Dis appea rance of Alic e Cree d

And although Alice (Arterton) is terrorised by the plight she wakes up to, her feral intelligence takes over and shifts the balance of power again. Q&A Thu 3 Jun with director J Blakeson.

The Kreutzer Sonata 18

The Kre utzer Sonata

Fri 4 – Sun 6 Jun Dir: Bernard Rose US 2008 99mins Cast: Danny Huston, Elisabeth Rohm, Matthew Yang King

Following on from the highly successful IVANSXTC, acclaimed director Bernard Rose continues the re-imagining of Leo Tolstoy’s controversial 19th century literature, in the second part of a planned trilogy. The Kreutzer Sonata probes further into the darker side of modern Hollywood society, exploring the rich complexities of love, 09 obsession and paranoia in a raw, emotional and sexually charged thriller based around the theme of Beethoven’s classic sonata. “a raw, aggressively sexual account of passion and possession...” The Times “bold, brilliant and exhilarating...”  The Guardian

John R abe:Ci ty of W ar

John Rabe: City of War 15

Mon 7 – Thu 10 Jun Dir: Florian Gallenberger France / China / Germany 2009 135mins Cast: Ulrich Tukur, Daniel Bruhl, Steve Buscemi

A Sing

le Man

Inspired by the astonishing diaries of John Rabe. The globe stands on the brink of World War II, Shanghai has fallen and deadly Japanese bombers target the infamous city of Nanking. As savage bombing raids devastate the city, veteran entrepreneur John Rabe, a German living the high life in the social whirl of Nanking, must make an agonising choice: to flee or give sanctuary to the terrified population within the gates of his factory.

A Single Man 12A

Tokyo Story U

Set in Los Angeles in 1962, at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, A Single Man is the story of George Falconer, a 52 year-old British college professor (Firth) who is struggling to find meaning to his life after the death of his long time partner.

A classic Ozu and one of cinema’s great masterpieces, Tokyo Story returns to the screen with a restored print and reprises one of the director’s favourite themes – social conflict between the generations. The film follows an ageing couple, Tomi and Sukichi, on a journey from their rural village to visit their two married children in bustling, post-war Tokyo.

Fri 4 – Sun 6 Jun Dir: Tom Ford US 2009 99mins Cast: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore


George is consoled by his closest friend Charley (Moore), a 48 year-old beauty who is wrestling with her own questions about the future. A Single Man is a romantic tale of love interrupted, the isolation that is an inherent part of the human condition, and ultimately the importance of the seemingly smaller moments in life.

Mon 7 & Tue 8 Jun Dir: Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1953 135mins subtitled Cast: Chishu Ryu, Chieko Higashiyama

Their reception is disappointing however; too busy to entertain them, their children send them off to a health spa. After Tomi falls ill, she and Sukichi return home, while the children, grief-stricken, hasten to be with her. A deceptively simple tale, brimming with poignancy.

Tokyo Story

When the Imperial Japanese Army discovers rich ‘Nazi’ Rabe’s selfless operation, they see it as an act of high treason. Rabe and his comrades find themselves in a race against time to fight for a safety zone to protect the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of this ultimate act of war.

Rapid Eye Movement 15

Food, Inc. PG Wed 9 & Tue 10 Jun

Rapid Eye Movement is 15 years old! Things have come a long way since the first grainy VHS images of 1995.

A further chance to see the documentary that’s had everyone talking. Robert Kenner lifts the veil on the US food industry, exposing the highly mechanised underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of the government’s regulatory agencies. The food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and the environment.

In the course of this time, at least seven of the short film makers who have presented films at the longest established screening forum in the Midlands, have gone on to make features including Debbie Isitt (Nativity), Justin Edgar (Special People), Geoff Thompson (Clubbed) and J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed). To participate in REM, your film should be under 15 mins in duration and on 35mm, Beta SP, DigiBeta or DVD and should be submitted by Fri 4 June to:

Food, inc.

John Gore, Rapid Eye Movement, Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Dir: Robert Kenner US 2008 94mins Cast: Eric Schlosser, Michael Pollan

Featuring interviews with such experts as Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) along with forward thinking social entrepreneurs like Stonyfield’s Gary Hirschberg, Food, Inc. reveals surprising – and often shocking – truths about what we eat and how it’s produced. Q&A with broadcaster Geoff Andrews of the BBC Food Programme on Wed 9 Jun.

The Ad venture s of Pri nce Ach med

Tue 8 Jun All tickets £4.25

The Adventures of Prince Achmed PG Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed Fri 11 Jun Dir: Lotte Reiniger Germany 1926 65mins

It is only very rarely that you get the chance to review a genuine piece of film history, like this beguiling twist on The Arabian Nights. The Adventures of Prince Achmed follows the relatively simple tale of a prince who is tricked by a sorcerer to ride a flying horse to his death. Of course, he manages to save himself from his fate only to land on a magical island, where he falls in love with Princess Peri Banu. They try to return to the prince’s home, battling ogres, the evil sorcerer and all manner of magical challenges on the way. Lotte Reiniger brings a unique perspective to the look of traditional characters, creating an overwhelmingly beautiful movie in the tradition of ‘happy ever afters’. Introduced by Dr. Erica Carter, Dept. of German.


The Bill Hicks Story tbc Fri 11 & Sat 12 Jun Dir: Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas UK 2009 110mins Libertarian, outlaw, shaman, romantic, philosopher, preacher, genius... Bill Hicks was always something other than a comedian. His death from cancer in 1994 deprived the world of arguably the most iconic and probing voice in American culture of the period.


Cleverly shunning a conventional talking-heads approach, American: The Bill Hicks Story uses an innovative animation technique, some rare and previously unseen performance footage, and testimonies only from the people who knew him best, his family and close friends, to create a deeply perceptive, fittingly honest celebration of the man occasionally known as Goatboy. The frequent stand-up clips serve to illustrate why Hicks remained so revered and relevant; he was so funny, so fearless and always right.


y Americ an: Th e Bill H icks St or


Vincere 15

Sat 12 – Mon 14 Jun Dir: Marco Bellocchio Italy / France 2009 125mins subtitled Cast: Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Filippo Timi An unusual new perspective on the life of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from Italian film maestro Marco Bellocchio viewed through the eyes of Ida, Il Duce’s mistress-cum-wife, who had a relationship with him through his early years and rise to power. Vincere is a superbly realised piece of cinema; not just a history lesson, but a tragic and moving story of a woman used and abused by Mussolini, separated from her family and incarcerated because she became an embarrassment to him. With astonishing use of archival footage interwoven into the drama, Bellocchio brilliantly conjures up this extraordinary period in Italian history, while managing to convey a very intimate and personal story, against the background of grandiose and terrible events.

Letter From An Unknown Woman U Sat 12 & Sun 13 Jun Dir: Max Ophüls US 1948 87mins Cast: Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan The re-release of one of cinema’s most achingly poignant romances provides a luxurious swath of emotion. About to leave the city in order to avoid a duel, concert pianist Stefan Brand receives and reads a letter from a woman he can no longer remember – Ilse, who first nurtured a crush on him as a schoolgirl neighbour and whose later encounters with him were considerably more intimate. Both the flashback structure and Franz Planer’s long, sinuous camera movements trap the lovelorn heroine within a cruel cycle of obsessive longing born of romantic fantasy. A wry mediation on memory, misplaced desire and the options open to women in patriarchal society, the film is at once darkly ironic and deeply moving. Q&A with Prof. Dr Victor Perkins on Sun 13 Jun.

Late Autumn PG

Psycho 15

Made near the end of his life, Late Autumn is one of Ozu’s most bittersweet movies, a half-comic drama about parenthood, ‘difficult’ children and marriage prospects.

Hitchcock’s most notorious work remains terrifying after all these years, as larcenous Phoenix real-estate secretary Marion Crane (Leigh) picks the wrong place to spend a night: The Bates Motel, run by a peculiar man and his crotchety old ‘mother’.

Akibiyori Mon 14 & Tue 15 Jun Dir: Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1960 129mins subtitled Cast: Yoko Tsukasa, Setsuko Hara, Mariko Okada

Psych o

Letter From

An Un known Woman

Late A utumn

A still-beautiful widow has a daughter who is sufficiently past the favoured age for marriage to be in danger of becoming an old maid so three mature men, friends of the family, get together to discuss the widow and her problem daughter. Despite the fact they would each like to marry the mother, they agree that one of them should make the sacrifice of taking on the daughter.

Tue 15 & Wed 16 Jun Dir: Alfred Hitchcock US 1960 109mins Cast: Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins

Based on Robert Bloch’s novel, the film’s numerous set pieces remain unsurpassed (the superbly edited shower sequence is one of the most influential in film history), with the film having accrued the reputation as the master of all suspense movies. This reissue marks this milestone work’s 50th anniversary.

Lion’s Den 15

Leonera Wed 16 & Thu 17 Jun Dir: Pablo Trapero Argentina 2009 113mins subtitled Cast: Martina Gusman, Rodrigo Santoro, Elli Medeiros

Lion's Den

From internationally acclaimed director Pablo Trapero comes a powerful and unflinching emotional drama, charting one mother’s struggle to raise her child in extraordinary circumstances and her compelling fight for their survival and freedom. Julia (Gusman), a young pregnant woman with no criminal record, awakens in her Buenos Aires apartment surrounded by the bodies of two men. She finds herself and her baby son behind the bars of a prison facility and faces a desperate fight for survival, with the knowledge that her son will be taken away at the age of four. Thoroughly authentic and emotionally exacting, this remarkable film centres on a performance of searing intensity from Gusman.


Reminiscent of Wolfgang Petersen’s classic U-boat-set war film Das Boot, Israeli director Samuel Maoz’s claustrophobic Lebanon this time confines the action almost entirely to a tank. Based on Maoz’s own experiences as a young soldier, Lebanon once again finds an Israeli director – after Ari Folman’s Waltz With Bashir – analysing his country’s illfated 1982 version of Lebanon. The horrors of modern urban warfare are made all the more visceral through the lens of a gun sight, as Maoz creates a haunting examination of young men caught out of their depth in a situation they do not understand.

Fri 18 – Tue 22 Jun Dir: Rian Johnson US 2008 114mins Cast: Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo With a highly original spin on one of his most loved genres, the con man movie, writer-director Rian Johnson initiates us into the world of the Brothers Bloom, where deception is an art and nothing is what it seems. Through years of fraternal teamwork, the brothers have become high-flying and expert swindlers. Now they’ve decided to take on one last job – showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress the time of her life with a romantic adventure that takes them around the world. Weaving together elements of high comedy, intense drama and winning romance, as con man stories go.

Sex and the City 2 tbc Fri 18 – Thu 24 Jun Dir: Michael Patrick King US 2010 TBCmins Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davies, Cynthia Nixon It’s been two years. And in two years amazing things can happen. Things you never thought would happen in a million years. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, it hits you... you haven’t seen anything yet. And on that note, Carrie Bradshaw is back. Escape the World Cup and join Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as they take another bite out of the Big Apple in the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster. For an utterly delicious girls night out, treat yourself to a glass of wine or a tempting slice of cake before the screenings and receive a 10% discount on all Café Bar purchases on production of your Sex and the City 2 cinema ticket.

The Hap piest G irl

Leban on

“A truly extraordinary film.” The Times

The Brothers Bloom 12A


Wed 16 & Thu 17 Jun Dir: Samuel Maoz Germany / Israel / France / Lebanon 2009 92mins subtitled Cast: Reymond Amsalem, Ashraff Barhom

in the

Lebanon 15

The Bro thers Bloom


Greenb erg

2 the City Sex an d Kicks

The Happiest Girl in the World tbc

Cea mai fericita fata din lume Wed 23 & Thu 24 Jun Dir: Radu Jude Romania / Netherlands 2009 99mins subtitled Cast: Vasile Muraru, Andreea Bosneag Could family ties be the ultimate blackmailing tool? Imagine you come from a small provincial town. Your family is short of money, so you build castles in the sky and hope they don’t come crashing down. And one day, your prayers are heard: you win a car in a contest and all you have to do in return is act happy in a juice advertisement. Easy, right? Wrong. There’s a big obstacle in the way to auto-fulfilment: your parents. They’ve taken the wheel before you even had a chance to figure out where you wanted to go. Combining rich irony with familial acrimony, the film’s simple story magnifies the social tensions of a country embracing capitalism and all its shiny promises.

Kicks 15

Greenberg 15

Nicole (Hayes) is an introverted Liverpudlian teenager, all but deserted by her parents, with a mother distractedly working nights and a father who has settled with a new family elsewhere. She spends time hanging around the gates of Anfield and the Melwood training ground, desperate for a glimpse of her idol, the star midfielder Lee Cassidy (Doyle).

Greenberg brings actor Ben Stiller together with Academy Awardnominated writer/director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) to tell the funny and moving tale of Roger Greenberg.

Fri 25 & Sat 26 Jun Dir: Lindy Haymann UK 2009 85mins Cast: Nichola Burley, Kerrie Hayes, Jamie Doyle

She meets aspirant WAG Jasmine (Burley), who is from an affluent family, more glamorous and streetwise, yet the girls’ shared adoration for Cassidy lead them to bond instantly. They trawl the city and its nightspots, fantasising about a time when they might have Lee for themselves, yet when the news breaks that the footballer is a transfer target for Real Madrid, they take drastic action to prevent him leaving.

Fri 25 Jun - Thu 1 Jul Dir: Noah Baumbach US 2010 108mins Cast: Ben Stiller, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rhys Ifans

Greenberg, single, fortyish and at a crossroads in his life, finds himself in Los Angeles, house-sitting for his more successful/married-with-children brother. In search of a place to restart his life, Greenberg tries to reconnect with old friends, but old friends aren’t necessarily still best friends, and Greenberg soon finds himself 15 spending more and more time with his brother’s PA Florence, an aspiring singer and also something of a lost soul. Despite his best attempts not to be drawn in, Greenberg and Florence manage to forge a connection, and Greenberg realises he may at last have found a reason to be happy.

Break fast

at Tiff any's

Breakfast at Tiffany’s PG

Sat 26 & Sun 27 Jun Dir: Blake Edwards US 1961 115mins Cast: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Mickey Rooney

The Ti me

That R emain s

Cleo Fr om

After ‘shopping’ at Tiffany’s, she meets aspiring writer Paul Varjak (Peppard) who decides to protect Holly from the worst aspects of the city. But she seems in little need of his help. With her infectious joie de vivre she helps cure Varjak’s writer’s block, but when the genial Doc Golightly appears, the reason for her gossamer lifestyle becomes clearer.

5 To 7

Truman Capote’s classic novella is ideally cast with Audrey Hepburn in her signature role of Holly Golightly. The free-spirited gamine darts about New York, feted by wealthy men drawn to her megawatt charm and elegance, hoping that the party will never end.

Cleo From 5 To 7 PG

Cléo de 5 à 7 Mon 28 & Tue 29 Jun Dir: Agnès Varda France / Italy 1961 90mins subtitled Cast: Corinne Marchand, Michael Legrand, Antoine Bourseiller Agnès Varda’s classic Cleo From 5 To 7 manages to successfully capture Paris at the height of the sixties, in this intriguing tale expertly presented in real time about a singer (played to perfection by Corinne Marchand) whose life is in turmoil as she awaits a test result from a biopsy. As Cléo readies herself to meet with her doctor at 7 o’clock, she meets several friends 16 and strangers while trying to grapple with mortality. Despite Varda’s seductively light touch – which allows for a lovely Legrand song (Sans toi) – her bold control of pace and mood also ensures that the film is, in its own subtle way, deeply moving.

The Time That Remains tbc

Wed 30 Jun & Thu 1 Jul Dir: Elia Suleiman UK / Italy / Belgium / France 2009 108mins Cast: Elia Suleiman, Ali Suliman, Saleh Bakri Imagine a film chronicling the lives and hardships of Palestinians who were branded ‘Israeli-Arabs’, living as a minority in their own homeland. Now imagine it as a comedy. This contradiction, starring, written and directed by the brilliant Elia Suleiman, is a wonderful fusion of the political and personal, the historical and the hysterical. Spanning from 1948 until recent times, The Time That Remains

recreates the lives of Suleiman’s family and community with precise, deadpan wit. The film is inspired by his father’s diaries and his mother’s letters to family who were forced to leave the country. The Time That Remains tells the story of a family through the lens of a satirical biographer, observing his family’s life through shadow-rimmed eyes.

Our regular weekend movie events for you to enjoy as a family

The Dar k

Crysta l


A collection of films selected from a main feature with a combination of shorts, classics, foreign family films and cartoons.

Ponyo U

The Plank U

The Dark Crystal PG

Sat 15 May 2pm Dir: Hayao Miyazaki Japan 2008 101mins Cast: Voices Yuria Nara, Hiroki Doi £4.50 (£2.50)

Sat 5 Jun 2pm Dir: Eric Sykes UK 1967 55mins Cast: Tommy Cooper, Eric Sykes, Roy Castle £4.50 (£2.50)

Sat 26 Jun 2pm Dir: Jim Henson, Frank Oz US / UK 1982 93mins £4.50 (£2.50)

The story of Ponyo, a little fish who struggles to realise her dream of living with a boy names Sosuke. Ponyo places Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid in a contemporary Japanese setting.

Inspired by his love of visual humour, Eric Sykes wrote and directed this classic, virtually dialogue-free comedy about two workmen, a plank of wood and the chaos they cause wherever they go.

Travel back in time to the faraway planet of Thra where the peace-loving Mystics are fighting to overthrow the evil Skeksis and take back control of their planet. Jen, a member of the Mystics, sets out to find the missing shard of the Dark Crystal that will restore balance to the planet.

The latest film from the internationally acclaimed Studio Ghilbi (Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle), encapsulates everything that makes the studio’s output so unique – breathtaking and thrilling storytelling.

As near a modern silent comedy as you can get, this is classy slapstick. It features numerous cameos from TV stars of the time and the pairing of Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes is comedy genius.

From the brilliant imagination of Jim Henson, this masterpiece recounts the timeless tale of good vs evil and has become a cult favourite of children and grown-ups alike.

Accompanied by: Bagpuss: Ship in a Bottle

Accompanied by: Do It Yourself Mr Bean

Accompanied by: The Loch Ness Kelpie

Give your opinion or pose questions for further debate on the film you have just seen in this series of post-screening discussions.

The Hurt Locker 15

Life During Wartime 15

Thu 6 May 6.30pm

Wed 19 May 6.30pm

Vincere 15 Mon 14 Jun 6.30pm

The Ghost 15

Revanche 15

Kicks 15

Mon 10 May 6.30pm

Tue 1 Jun 6.30pm

Sat 26 Jun 6.30pm

The Time That Remains tbc Thu 1 Jul 6.30pm

West Midlands Film Hub Warwick Arts Centre and Screen WM have joined forces to create a Film Hub for the West Midlands. Come along to experience, understand, enjoy and even make movies.


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BAFTA Shorts Family Films In The Frame Rapid Eye Movement

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The Last Station I Am Love

6.30pm 8.45pm

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Met Opera Live The Last Station I Am Love I Am Love The Last Station The Hurt Locker Perrier's Bounty The Hurt Locker Perrier's Bounty The Hurt Locker The Hurt Locker PSD. Perrier's Bounty The Ghost It's A Wonderful Afterlife The Ghost It's A Wonderful Afterlife The Ghost It's A Wonderful Afterlife The Ghost The Ghost S. PSD. It's A Wonderful Afterlife It's A Wonderful Afterlife The Ghost It's A Wonderful Afterlife The Ghost S. It's A Wonderful Afterlife It's A Wonderful Afterlife The Ghost Life During Wartime The Infidel Family Film: Ponyo The Infidel The Infidel Life During Wartime The Infidel Life During Wartime Life During Wartime The Infidel Exit Through The Gift Shop Life During Wartime The Infidel Life During Wartime PSD. Exit Through The Gift Shop In The Land Of The Free Q&A. Life During Wartime Dawson, Island 10 Q&A. Four Lions Four Lions Lourdes Four Lions Lourdes Four Lions Q&A. Four Lions Lourdes

6pm 4pm 7.30pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 9.15pm 4pm 6.45pm 8.40pm 6.30pm 9.15pm 6.30pm 9pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 9pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 6.30pm 9pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 2pm 4.15pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 9.15pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 8.30pm

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BAFTA Shorts Q&A. Four Lions Four Lions Crying With Laughter Q&A. Four Lions Four Lions Crying With Laughter Alice In Wonderland Nightwatching La Danse Alice In Wonderland Nightwatching Alice In Wonderland Nightwatching Alice In Wonderland La Danse

6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 6.30pm 9pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 3pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 7.30pm 4pm 7pm

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Revanche PSD. Nightwatching La Danse Revanche The Disappearance of Alice Creed The Disappearance of Alice Creed Q&A. Revanche The Kreutzer Sonata A Single Man Family Film: The Plank Alice in Wonderland A Single Man The Kreutzer Sonata The Kreutzer Sonata A Single Man Tokyo Story John Rabe: City of War Rapid Eye Movement Tokyo Story A Single Man Food, Inc. Q&A. John Rabe: City of War John Rabe: City of War Food, Inc. The Adventures of Prince Achmed American: The Bill Hicks Story Letter From An Unknown Woman Vincere American: The Bill Hicks Story Letter From An Unknown Woman Q&A. Vincere Vincere PSD. Late Autumn Late Autumn Psycho Psycho Lion's Den Lebanon Lebanon Lion's Den The Brothers Bloom Sex and the City 2

6.30pm 9pm 3pm 6.30pm 9pm 6.30pm 9pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 2pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.15pm 9pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 6.15pm 9pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 6.30pm 9pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 9pm 6.30pm 9pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 6.30pm 8.45pm

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Sex and the City 2 Sex and the City 2 The Brothers Bloom The Brothers Bloom Sex and the City 2 Sex and the City 2 The Brothers Bloom The Brothers Bloom Sex and the City 2 Sex and the City 2 Sex and the City 2 The Happiest Girl in the World The Happiest Girl in the World Sex and the City 2 Greenberg Kicks Family Film: The Dark Crystal Breakfast at Tiffany's Kicks PSD. Greenberg Breakfast at Tiffany's Greenberg Greenberg Cleo From 5 To 7 Cleo From 5 To 7 Greenberg Greenberg Greenberg The Time That Remains

4pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 2pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 7.30pm 6.30pm 8.45pm 6.30pm 8.30pm 4pm 6.30pm 8.45pm


Thu 1 Sat 3

The Time That Remains PSD. Greenberg Family Film: Asterisk & Obelix

6.30pm 8.45pm 2pm

Subtitled Screenings (S.) We continue our series of films in the English language that are screened with English subtitles to assist our deaf and hard of hearing patrons and those for whom English is not their first language.

May Mon 10 The Ghost Wed 12 The Ghost

6.30pm 6.30pm

In The Frame Post Screening Discussions (PSD) Chaired by Julia Jones, these Post Screening Discussions will give the audience the opportunity to discuss the film they have just seen in more detail.

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