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Art in the hospital

How our hospital looks is important to visitors, staff and patients and there is evidence that art can contribute to healing. So it is good that contemporary New Zealand art continues to be added to the Hospital collection by the Waikato Hospital Art Committee.

The Waikato Hospital Art Trust is very active and has recently received generous donations from the Waikato Health Trust, the Donny Trust, the Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesia and Radiology Trusts. Donations have also been received from a urologist and from Bridgewater Day Surgery. These funds are for the Waikato Hospital Art Committee’s major activities e.g. purchasing new works and displaying selected works on loan from the James Wallace Arts Trust Collection. The James Wallace Arts Trust curator is currently working with our ex officio art committee member and art curator, Ms Kate Darrow, to select works that are suitable to adorn the walls of the Meade Clinical Centre. These works aim to reflect the Waikato region’s physical and cultural landscape.

I have underlined the importance of the artworks displayed reflecting the Māori cultural heritage.

In addition, the Waikato Hospital Art Committee has recently purchased what I am told is a stunning new artwork by the Niuean/New Zealand artist John Pule.