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In a speech the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita said: "Moses said to G-d: Why have you done evil to these people? Why did you send me?" He then thought to himself: if the Jews witnessed the miracles of G-d but nevertheless do not believe in the imminent Redemption, it becomes impossible to redeem them. So G-d answered him: "I will take them out with a strong hand." It is precisely because you, yourself ask such questions that the Jews consider the possibility of remaining in exile. However, they will still leave Egypt, if necessary even against their will! (Exodus 5725 – 1965)".

And this example of the dialogue between Moses and the Holy One Blessed be He concerning Redemption repeats itself in our generation between us and G-d: "What are these great miracles that you promised us, where is the Redemption of which it is said: Open your eyes and see?" The answer lies in the news. What happens in the world today, on one hand, and is happening in Israel on the other hand. Look at it while muting the sound of the politicians' speech, of what they promise, decide etc. Look at the world as it is, objectively. We can see that everything develops, everything progresses, everything works: The development of technology and science, medicine, research, economy but also human relationships. In addition, a social phenomenon takes place before our eyes. We can see that the people who advocate peace, "lifestyle", freedom of expression, tranquility and diplomacy bloom and flourish. Whereas those who want to hurt, to conquer, to live only through prohibitions, wars etc. destroy themselves without any external intervention. In Israel, Jews argue and forge a new identity in the world. The Jewish people returns to its sources and the study, the prayers and the good deeds bring about calm and peace in Israel and the world. In fact, if you look around you, nothing's going on! It is safe for you to go out of your house and this is a great miracle after all what the Jewish people have suffered in exile they move into a new area, a time where their work and efforts will Le Ilui Nishmat Abraham Ben Pnina

be recognized, they will be appreciated for having constantly worked for peace itself as well for promoting peace among the nations of the world. This is the Redemption we live in which unfolds before our eyes. For all those who want to see, everything fits, the last pieces of the puzzle are laid down and we can formulate a new version of the famous saying: "Think good and it will be good" saying: "Think good because everything is good!"

This Shabbat is Hillula of Rebbe Levi Itschak, father of the Melech HaMoshiach so this is a moment of Farbrengen, joy and Geula and that is also why we are just waiting for the unveiling of the third Temple, and together with the Temple King Moshiach will be revealed, the King of Israel, the descendant of David and Shlomo, the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita for whom we will say these words with the greatest joy: "Long live the King Moshiach Now!"

Le Ilui Nishmat Rachel et Julia Pessa’h

For Atslacha Mena’hem Mendel Israël Ben Gabriel


A moment of pure Simcha

Sunday evening on the eve of 15 Av a Hachnassat Sefer Torah took place in the local of Beit Moshiach of Pisgat Zeev "Gash LaMashiach". The community of Pisgat Zeev was present and the audience danced with the greatest delight from Kanyon HaPisgah to Beit Moshiach located at 164 Sderot Moshe Dayan. Rabbi Yaacov Baruchman, the director of the center and the author of the book "Arieh bli Shenaim" organized thereafter a major Farbrengen (Chassidic meeting) with Rabbi Zalman Nautik. This event took place in an atmosphere of Geula with songs and dances where we could feel the presence of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita. In the merit of this Sefer Torah, Shabbat prayers will be held. For more information, please call: 050-8759548.

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The greatest miracle that can exist

The Royal Edition - Dvar Malchut Summary of the speech of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach Chlita Shabbat Parashat Ekev - 23 Menachem Av 5751 – 1991

See clearly the Geula

It is well known that among the months of the year, the month of Elul is the most suitable for introspection and self-examination ("Cheshbon Nefesh") in order to rectify the mistakes of the past year and to get prepared as befits for the new year. As we get closer to the month of Elul it becomes necessary to consider how this introspection should be conducted and what changes should be made regarding our behavior. Insofar as the month of Elul is the becomes possible to progress to the down here, in the material and con- phase, the same can be said regardsummary of the whole year's assess- next level, then to Gimel, Dalet… crete world. And, by the strength of ing the two approaches of service of his soul, the Jew can be free of the G-d: the essential and the basis is ment it represents an even stronger up to Tav. expression of the purpose of man to This being established, we have need to move slowly and can imme- precisely when man serves G-d with serve his Creator, what is especially seen that the second part of the diately live up to the requirement of his physical dimension what eleemphsized in the arcrostic contain- name "Elul" contains the letters Vav serving G-d perfectly, in a way that vates him "bottom up" and only ing the initial letters of "Ani LeDodi and Lamed alluding to the words falls within the scope of "Shabbat", then comes the service of G-d with VeDodi Li" – I belong to my "Vedodi li – and my Beloved is a heavenly way up to doing miracles his soul. Beloved (G-d) and my Beloved mine" which represents the divine and touching the messianic perfec- The reason for this is simple: belongs to me (1). This verse is assistance G-d grants to man. tion, "the day that will be entirely Because G-d above all desires that indeed an expression of the relation- However, since it is also part of the Shabbat and rest for eternal life" (3). this world here, the material world, ship between the Jew and G-d, name of the month when man's It follows from all the foregoing that be rectified and elevated. It is clear, either in his service of G-d through service of G-d of the whole year is a Jew must always serve G-d in two that it is necessary to accomplish the observance of Torah and the per- being reviewed, it is clear that it also ways. On one hand, he must always this task within the world and formance of Mitzvot ("I am to my refers to the level of this service: serve G-d in a structured and order- according to its parameters. It is true Beloved") or in the assistance G-d When man serves G-d "from on ly manner, progressing step by step. that this work requires a lot of time high", that is, completely ignoring And this must always be the case, and efforts and that one must provides to man. The month of Elul therefore teaches the difficulties that the world may even on days as high as Yom Kippur progress step by step, but it is not or Simchat Torah (and as a proof, possible to jump directly to higher that it is not necessary to wait pas- oppose to his service of G-d. these days are also included in the stages, for one will definitely dissively for G-d to manifest Himself course of the week which is pro- cover that the world is not able to but rather that the essential and the The soul and the body bear its revelation. basis of the relationship should be These two approaches to the service gressive). the effort of man expressed by the of G-d had already been there since On the other hand, a Jew has to Even though each Jew received a beginning of the verse "I am to my the creation of the world. As a mat- serve G-d even on regular weekdays particularly high soul that can Beloved", which is followed by ter of fact, the world was created on a service "top down" by fulfilling accomplish its work "top down" this divine assistance "and my Beloved the first day (Sunday) to teach us to his duty of perfection by drawing can only be a supplement to the serve G-d "bottom up" and, on the from the strength of his soul the essential work that is performed is mine". And although, in order to initiate other hand, the books of Kabbalah level of Shabbat which is there "bottom up". Don't think that this way the ultimate this effort, we already receive help teach us that there had been a within him. from above (such as the influence of Shabbat that preceded the creation From a general point of view, we elevation will be any less. On the the Thirteen Attributes of Divine of the world (2) whose perfection find these two levels in the two cat- contrary, this is precisely how we Mercy that are revealed during the has blessed and opened the days of egories among the Jewish people: will achieve the revelation of the month of Elul), we have to be aware creation, teaching an approach "top the divine service of some Jews is Essence of G-d ("Atzmut UMahut"). essentially the study of the Torah, In summary, the month of Elul repthat this is not the essential part of it: down". it is only through the fulfillment of These two approaches are found in which is beyond the world, whereas resents three approaches to the servour mission with our own efforts every Jew. The body was created the divine service of other Jews ice of G-d: 1) "Ani leDodi – I belong that we can deserve a divine mani- from the earth and it is necessary to focuses on the relationship to the to my Beloved", the bottom-up servfestation that is integrated and invest a long and profound effort in world through their professional ice, limited according to the possibilities of this world, but has the noticeable and of even greater inten- order to refine and to elevate it. The practice. advantage of exerting a profound soul of a Jew, however, is totally sity ("my Beloved is mine"). influence, 2) "VeDodi li – and my This is the reason why the name beyond this world's limitations, Which one is more important? Elul starts with an Alef: to teach us being a part of the Divine "mamash" Insofar as we have said above, the Beloved belongs to me," the topthat our work has to start with an – concretely, as it says in Tanya, it key is the effort of the Jew ("I down service, an attitude that noth"Alef", the first letter, i.e. the lowest keeps its divine character even belong to my Beloved") and divine ing restricts but that does not penelevel and precisely this way it while it is coated in a physical body, assistance occurs only in a second trate the world; 3) "Elul", the combiThe Notebook : For Atslacha ‘Hanna Bat Mercedès, Line Bat Mercedès, Michaël Ben Mercedès, Henri ‘Haïm Ben Julia, Perla Bra’ha Bat Menou’ha Ra’hel, Liraz Tuval Family, Gary Chlomo Ben Tserouya, David Ben Tserouya, Ofir Ben Rina and Sivan Bat Sarah Hadassa for zera chaya vekayma Refua Shelema Mercedès Sarah Bat Fifine, Keren Bat Esther, Chiran Bat Rina Le Ilui Nishmat ‘Haïm Yeochoua Ben Choulamite, Norbert Avraham Ben Pnina Beckouche, Yossef Ben Solika, Meyer Benchoam, Fifine Bat Habiba, ‘Haya Sim’ha Bat Avraham, Yossef Abitbol Ben Clara, ‘Hanna Bat Ra’hel, Ruth Sarah Isska Bat Gabi, Sarah Bat ‘Haya Dona and Emmanuel Ben Yéochoua

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‘Hanna-Sarah Bat Sarah and Arié Israël Ben Osnat Zera Chaya VeKayma Geula right now!

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nation of the two previous approaches, so that the unbounded service of G-d also penetrates the world.

Taking stock Now we understand how to establish a "self-assessment" during the month of Elul: First one must take stock of his service of G-d "bottom up": To know how many efforts we have invested and how well we have managed to refine our body and the world around us. Then we have to take stock of the service "top down" which is derived from the divine soul: fulfilling the divine commandments without worrying about the limitations imposed by its physical existence or the material world. And, in addition, being aware that even if we manage to do the will of G-d up to perfection by ignoring the difficulties, it is necessary to make it enter our physical dimension and the whole world in order that everything serve G-d perfectly. This is the task of every Jew in the month of Elul: to connect the "Ani" (oneself) to the "Dodi" (G-d), but then to take care that the "Dodi" belong to "Li" – me, i.e. that these most elevated levels be connected and integrated in the material world so that it reaches perfection.

Everything is found in the Torah We can therefore understand the connection of the foregoing with the Parasha we read on this Shabbat, which is Shabbat Ekev: The term "Ekev" has two meanings: the simple meaning is that G-d will grant a reward for the performance of His commandments ("Vehaya Ekev Tichmerun – Following your obedience of these laws […] He will bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your ground…" (4)) Rashi, however, gives a different interpretation: "Ekev" means, among the commandments, those, man gives little importance to and tends to neglect, to "trample on" with his "heel" which in Hebrew is called "Ekev". There are two questions that have to be asked on these two interpretations: Why didn't Rashi translate this word according to its most simple and obvious meaning? What is the relationship between these two interpretations? The answer to this is that G-d certainly will reward the fulfillment of Le Ilui Nishmat Meïr Benchoam

because the fact that Chassidut has not yet been translated into Braille, despite all that has been done until now, shows that it is a truly "outside" dimension.

His commandments (as taught by the first interpretation), but the way of achieving this is precisely by starting with "little" things, the commandments that man neglects. Rashi chose this interpretation to teach us that this is precisely where we find the essential and basic service of G-d and it is only by going through this stage that one can then achieve perfection.

The generation of Redemption This teaching is specifically related to the current period and our generation, the generation of Redemption, (after it has become customary to link each subject to the Messianic Redemption). The Talmud calls our era "Ikveta DiMeshicha – the heel of the Messiah", a term which has two meanings: 1) It is the lowest generation in history of mankind, as the heel is the lowest part of the body (which is why it is characterized by the increasing insolence and other ills) 2) It is "Ekev" – the end of exile where Moshiach will arrive shortly. The relationship between these two meanings, as we have seen above, derives precisely from the fact that this generation is the lowest: Dafka because of its lowliness the work of the Jewish people to raise it, is even more precious now because it marks the last stage of exile and its conclusion, what directly leads us into the complete Redemption, into the Messianic Era in which there will be a perfect combination of the "high" and the "low".

Ad matai – Until when? The balance sheet a Jew must get to is that according to all accounts and according to all signs that G-d has written in His Torah, the Messianic Redemption should already have occurred a long time ago! Especially after the "three weeks" during which we have studied the

Le Ilui Nishmat Yossef Ben Clara

Le Ilui Nishmat Fifine Bat Habiba

At the Achnassat Sefer Torah sunday in Pizgat Zeev

laws relating to the building of the Holy Temple and today we find ourselves before the Shabbat that blesses the month of Elul, in which the King – G-d – is "standing in the fields" and welcomes everyone with joy and kindness, and we are here in "770" in the company of many dozens of Jews, so we have a great responsibility to cry out and demand of G-d "Ad Matai? - Until when?" For, in truth, as we have completed our task in this exile, how is possible that Moshiach didn't come yet? Maybe the reason for the delay can be found in the response that Moshiach gave to the Baal Shem Tov, when he asked: "When will you, Master, come?" "When your wellsprings will spread to the outside." Thus, throughout the ages, the Rabbis of Chabad have devoted themselves to the dissemination of the Baal Shem Tov's teachings around the world. And in addition to that, the developments and the extraordinary in-depth study and the spreading of Chassidut caused these teachings to reach every community and each circle among the Jewish people and in the whole world. And since Chassidut has been translated into many languages, we have reached a situation where every Jew on earth, regardless of what language he speaks and what environment he belongs to, is (at least) potentially connected to the wellsprings of the Baal Shem Tov, in a way of being able to study them by himself. But since Moshiach (nevertheless) hasn't come yet, it might be that there is a category of Jews, whom Chassidut couldn't reach yet. I got aware that there is indeed a kind of writing into which Chassidut hasn't been translated yet: Braille writing that allows even the blind to read a text by recognizing specific signs through touch. This is truly a "spreading of the sources of Chassidut to the outside" Le Ilui Nishmat Yossef Ben Solika

Braille has been conquered! However, recently there has been a significant innovation: the Tanya, the central opus of Chassidut was printed in Braille! And even if the book has not yet reached all the blinds in the world, the very fact that it exists, offers to all the Jews who need to access to the study of Chassidus through this means, the possibility to do so. Especially since this book reached "770", the house of my father-in-law, the (previous) Rebbe, from which we had the merit to continue his work and which is the source of the spreading of Chassidut in the world. It should also be noted that Tanya is called "the Written Torah" of Chassidus, so that all the Chassidut is contained in this book. In plain terms, the Messianic Redemption has to happen immediately! Then the blind will be healed from their infirmity and see clearly (5). They will be healed even before all those who need healing and see like everyone else (6). In addition, it won't even be necessary to read in the Messianic Era, as Moshiach will teach all through vision, so that all will see the profound topics of Chassidus and won't have to read about them in books. May G-d grant that through the study of Tanya in Braille, they will immediately be healed in this moment preceding Redemption and that they may study Torah in the best conditions until the revelation of "the New Torah that emerges from me" during the Messianic Era. And the essential: May the Redemption by our righteous Moshiach happen immediately! Notes

1) Song of Songs 6:3 2) Pardes Shaar 4, chap. 7 and others 3) end of the Tamid treaty 4) Deuteronomy 7:12-13 5) Midrash Genesis Rabbah § 95 6) Midrash Tehilim 146:8

Shabbat Candles Parachat Ekev

Jerusalem Knissa : 7:05pm Avdala : 8:20pm

Le Ilui Nishmat Gabriel Ben Yossef

Le Ilui Nishmat Pnina Bat Abraham


All this happened is due to the merit of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita

This story was reported by Mrs. Elena Dehry who was personally involved in this miracle. She and her husband Yair had been living in Herzliya before they settled down in Kfar Yaavetz, a settlement of Lev Hashomron in Samaria. Their move took place a year ago and the event she relates to happened after they had moved to Kfar Yaavetz…

I regularly visited the Chabad house to hear some lectures for women which the Rebbetzin gave. She insisted very much on having at least ten women attending the class before she started her lesson. A week of family celebrations had prevented many women from attending and the Rebbetzin was quite upset so that she asked each one of us to bring another person in order that we would be ten. I took her seriously and begged my mother and a friend to accompany me. When we arrived, we saw that our little group actually completed the required quorum. The Rebbetzin was greatly pleased, thanked me and explained the importance of the study in the presence of a large audience. Due to my pregnancy I was very tired this evening, I was going to give birth in a few weeks and felt a great heaviness invading me. I felt asleep almost immediately and began to dream of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita giving me many blessings. When I woke up, I could remember every detail of this dream, except for what he said to me. I had recognized him from the picture that adorned the room of my son. I remembered his pleasant personal charisma, his penetrating gaze and his captivating smile. I remembered that he had blessed me, but could not find what he told me. I didn't tell anyone about this dream. One month later we left Herzlia in order to settle down in Kfar Yaavets. There I found a Chabad nursery, and as I had heard many good things about Chabad nurseries in Samaria, I decided to have my son Dvir, registered in such a nursery. I called Rabbi Shatal Amram, director of the Chabad-institutions of that region, who invited me to come to sign up for the coming year. He also explained to me that each child that is registered in the institutions of the Rebbe receives its blessing for himself as well as for his family and that they provide them with an abundance of good. I listened to what Rabbi Shatal said, not knowing then how much I would need these blessings later on. After the registration I went home and continued my usual activities. My husband came home from work very tired, and we did not have the opportunity to talk. So I didn't tell him that I had registered our son to kindergarten. He went to bed early and that is all I remember…" Around midnight, Yair Derhy felt a blow on his shoulder. He woke up in a panic and turned on the switch to find out to his horror that his wife was lying on the floor. He tried to wake her up but with no success, then ran into the yard with his cell phone (the phone line had not yet been installed) to call an ambulance. He went back to his wife and kept trying to wake her up. The shrill sound of the ambulance could be heard, the medical team entered the house and took care of his wife while Yair described to them what had happened and that she was in the eighth month of pregnancy. One of For Atslacha David Ben Ruth Benchoam

For Atslacha ‘Hanna Bat Mercédes Sarah

the volunteers ran to the vehicle to bring a respirator. The ambulance left after a few minutes, taking Elena, who was still unconscious and connected to the breathing apparatus, to the hospital. She was taken immediately to the intensive care unit, where the doctors told Yair that his wife showed all the signs of a severe toxemia (a flow of toxins into the blood due to a lack bodies to filter) as well as other complications so that she might become partially paralyzed or even worse. Elena remained unconscious for two days, connected to the breathing apparatus. The doctors said they will try to save the life of the baby. Two days later she suddenly woke up and a small, healthy girl was born in the meantime. After four days in intensive care, Elena was transferred to a regular room. When she saw her husband she said: "You have to know that all this is due to the merit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach." She kept repeating these words and her husband thought she was dreaming. When she recovered sufficiently, the child was brought to her and Elena was surprised to discover that the number on the label that the baby wore around her fist was 770. "All this is due to the merit of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita!" she screamed. Her husband Story

ran into her room and was amazed to hear the sequence of events. Thus he was told of what had happened in the night during the lecture, of the dream where his wife was blessed by the Rebbe as well as of the registration of their son to the Chabad-Kindergarten, during which Rabbi Shatal had told his wife that a child that is registered in an institution of the Rebbe receives for him as well as for his relatives a special blessing, the blessing of the Rebbe, finishing with the number 770 on the wrist of the baby. This story went around all the settlements and made a great "Kiddush Hashem" (an event that shows off the greatness of G-d) with this chain of events so wonderfully set together by Divine Providence, with the epilogue of Elena's complete recovery without any aftereffects, against all odds. The baby remained in the incubator for some time, because she was borne prematurely, and Elena, too, had to still remain in hospital in order to complete her recovery and by consequence to teach the physicians, that this world has a master. Back home Elena organized a new course for women and more than forty women attended the first session. Elena and her husband suggested their friends and acquaintances to write to the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita and to get an answer through "Igrot Kodesh" ( Elena concludes: "I am not Lubavitcher, but I think I am on the right track!" Excerpt from the "Courrier de la Guéoula"

Who could know about me?

During the Farbrengen in honor of the Hachnassat Sefer Torah, Rabbi Baruchman told the following story: "A few days ago, I had to take a taxi to get to an appointment. And as usual, I touched the issue of Moshiach, the imminent Redemption and the driver noted that I was a Chabad Chassid. So he told me: "You have no idea who your Rebbe is! The great and holy Lubavitcher Rebbe." I replied: "Well, tell me." He continued: "I have traveled a lot in my life. Once I took the train from Holland to France. I was in a wagon shared by five passengers. Then, on the French boarder the customs officials entered the train and began their systematic review. When they arrived at our Refua Shlema Mercédes Sarah Bat Fifine

wagon, they asked for our passports as usual, but they noticed a suitcase on the luggage rack above our heads. "Whose bag is this?" they asked. No one answered because apparently it belonged to no one. The customs officials opened the bag in question and discovered several pounds of drugs! They didn’t ask any further questions and took us immediately to the customs office and we were trapped because in a case like this, we were told that one could stay two years locked up until trial… And the days passed and so did the months, and I had no more idea what the date was.

Refua Shlema Menou’ha Ra’hel Bat Sarah

But about four months after my arrival, a jailer came to me telling me that I had received a package. I had to accompany him and to sign in order to confirm receipt. In the room next to my cell there were two huge boxes. I asked who could have sent me this. They replied: "The Lubavitcher Rebbe." Without understanding, I opened the boxes and found there amounts of meat, wine, Matzah and food Kosher for Pessach in abundance…" The taxi driver looked at me before continuing: "Who… but who could know about my existence and my presence in this unknown village? He, the Rebbe, he knew, he saw and his support had been of invaluable moral support during my stay in the middle of nowhere! And for me, the Lubavitcher Rebbe is the greatest…"

Refua Shlema Moché Ben Fifine

Leilui Nishmat Eliahou Ben Elisha and Louisa Elbaz

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