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Violet Ray Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine 3 StepS to releaSe paSt karma the Difference Between the reiki anD reconnective energieS the Divine miSSion of animalS; Spirit guiDance from our animal companionS the new healing chilDren of pure love Being Born now how to uSe the Secret of the manDalaS anD YantraS to maSter Your inner Self!

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The Violet Ray - July 2009

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The Violet Ray - July 2009

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Soul Script By carol J. uchytil

Welcome to the July Issue of The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine! This issue features articles on natural health, energy therapies, animals and indigo children to name a few. Also be sure to check out the update on Bill C-6 and Bill C-52 shown on page 21! The cutoff date for the November issue will be September 15 if you are considering advertising. The August Issue which is the next issue that will be available in print will be jam packed with articles from local and international authors. The August issue might be the best issue ever! Just a reminder that the gathering, 2009 - the conference and trade fair for lightworkers and Seekers! is approaching in the next few days. The Trade Fair was just added to the conference and the admission is only $10.00 per day. Come experience this transformational event for yourself in red Deer on July 4 and 5 at the capri convention centre.

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The Violet Ray - July 2009

The Violet Ray

on the cover “manDala in orange” BY anita harriS.

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Anita Harris was born in London, UK and emigrated to Canada in 2001. Having travelled as a child and adult, her mandala pieces are based on her spiritual and emotive explorations and incorporate her love of nature and the elements, and use geometric, architechural and cultural influences. She can be contacted at

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Soul Script - By Carol Uchytil


3 Steps to release past karma – By Joanna Garzilli

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herbal care for hair - By Klaus Ferlow

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what is the calling at work? - By Joseph Seiler

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ignite Your inner magic to get anything You want - By Wayne Lee


five nations - By Carolyn Hines (Whiteshawl)


how to use the Secret of the mandalas and Yantras to master Your inner Self! - By Tenzin Pemo


the Divine mission of animals; Spirit guidance from our animal companions - By Lynn McKenzie


the Difference Between the reiki and reconnective energies -By Chris Comish


the new healing children of pure love Being Born now - By Craig Howell


update on Bill c-6 and Bill c-51

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The Violet Ray - July 2009

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3 Steps to release past karma By Joanna Garzilli "When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it's because of karma, some past connection". Richard Gere Richard Gere is so right on! He understands that when you develop your sensory acuity through practical spiritual applications, you become aware of energy that exists throughout time and space. You then have the ability to discover blocks that may be holding you back from creating the life you want. Please take a moment to check out how the questions below relate to your life: * Do you control your life? * Do you hold any past resentments? * Do you believe in fate or destiny? * Do you think it's too late to make a difference? * Can you appreciate your past, good and bad? * What is the biggest lesson you've learned? * Are you willing to do things differently? By taking the following 3 steps, you will begin to clear blockages from your past (that may include past lives if relevant for your spiritual growth). Step 1: Understanding Energy In our day to day life, we experience energy as people, clothes, cars, houses, jobs, pets, food, etc.

* People and objects are light and sound constantly moving in our universe. * 90% of what you do is at an unconscious level. You operate on auto-pilot. Often you are unknowingly scared to feel emotions, to let energy run through you. * When you block feeling, you trap energy in your aura. This then weighs you down and can lead to tiredness, anxiety, sadness, frustration and depression. Step 3: Observe Your Energy It takes time to truly understand and master your energy. And to get the results you want, I suggest a daily 5 minutes commitment to check in with yourself at a pure energetic level. You don't have to do anything! You awareness will create change. Seeing the structure of your energy will help you to understand how your past influences your present. You can observe your energy through the use of your six senses: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Knowing, Smell and Taste Throughout your day, apply one of the above techniques to understand yourself better. When you do, you'll create the life you want.

We also experience energy as good and bad, beautiful and ugly, heavy and light, loud and quiet, etc. Energy in it's raw essence is abstract. You may wonder how I manage to communicate with people who have passed over? Or how I can see your probable future? The way I am able to see and obtain information is because I understand energy and I look at energy from an additional perspective. You can do it to. Step 2: Feel The Energy Now read from the beginning of Step 1 again. Before you do, close your eyes and take three deep breaths into your body. Absorb the energy of the words written above. This is what you need to know.

Joanna Garzilli is the founder of and author of Unleash The Psychic In You, the most revealing book on the sixth sense of its time on how to overcome past feelings of failure, give yourself permission to step onto the path of your life purpose by trusting your intuition to make fast, successful decisions for visionary entrepreneurs, entertainment professionals and actors in North America. She is a leading and reputable expert on intuition, and the sixth sense for visionary entrepreneurs and coaches clients worldwide to trust their own intuition, to make fast and successful decisions, always. Joanna Garzilli 212 26th St. Ste. 144, Santa Monica, CA 90402 Toll-Free Info & Customer Service: 877-822-5142 Source:

The Violet Ray - July 2009

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herbal care for hair By Klaus Ferlow

It All Started with Head Massage According to Wikipedia, the word, “shampoo” dates back to 1762, being introduced to England via colonial India. An Anglo-Indian word, “shampoo” is derived from the Hinda, “champo”, meaning “head massage”. “Champo” in turn is derived from the Sanskrit/Hindi word “champa,” perhaps referring to the flowers of the plant, Michelia champaca, which has traditionally been used to make fragrant hair oil. The Indian treatment of champi (shampooing) or head massage was thought to be introduced to England by Bengali, Sake Dean Mahomet, who was the Shampooing Surgeon to both George IV and William IV. It was only in the 1900s that shampooing referred to washing hair with soap, and in Germany, where I come from, we used Kernseife, which worked very well. Sometimes, depending what kind of soap was used, a dull film was left on the hair, making it uncomfortable, irritating, and unhealthy looking. By boiling shaved soap in water and adding herbs, hair could be given shine and fragrance. In India, using herbs such as neem, soapnut, fenugreek, buttermilk and aloe, have been used for thousands of years in different shampoo formulas. The first modern non-soap shampoos were introduced in the 1930s. Prior to that time, soap and shampoo, both being surfactants (a type of detergent), were used interchangeably. Today, shampoo, a surfactant when lathered with water, is used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, psoriasis, environmental pollutants etc. that gradually built up in hair. Typically, there are shampoos for dry, normal, oily and problem hair. A good shampoo removes unwanted build-up without stripping out the natural oils (sebum) which lubricate the hair shaft so as to make the hair unmanageable. Shampooing is usually followed by applying conditioners to increase ease of combing and styling. Why Herbal Shampoos? Today, herbal shampoos are available without any of the hazardous chemicals found in commercial products such as SLS sodium laurel and laureth sulphate, phosphates, artificial colours and scents, coal tar, nitrosamines, methylisothiazoline (MT), parabens preservatives (butyl, ethyl, methyl, propyl), and other toxic ingredients. No wonder some of the most frequent complaints made to Health Canada the U.S. FDA are about scalp and eye irritation, hair loss and hair damage caused by these

Page 8

dangerous chemicals. Natural health retailers and practitioners should read the ingredient labels and avoid recommending these unhealthy products to customers. A good herbal shampoo should have the following qualities: easy rinsing; good finish after washing the hair; minimal or no skin/eye irritation; no damage to the hair; leaves hair feeling silky soft; pleasant smell (only genuine essential oils should be used, no synthetic fragrance oils); no toxicity; good biodegradability; and, be slightly acid (pH less than 7) to minimize breaking the disulfide bonds in hair keratin. Hair consists primarily of protein, so for healthy hair with bounce and a glowing shine, adequate amounts of protein to maintain and built new tissues in the body and new hair follicles is needed. Good sources of protein include eggs, poultry, fish, meat, legumes, nuts and dairy products. A deficiency of these nutrients will be reflected in the condition of both hair and scalp. Scalp massage and brushing to stimulate sebaceous glands and to distribute the hair’s natural oils is also recommended. Copyright, all rights reserved. References: Prescription for Dietary Wellness, Phillis A. Balch, C.N.C., James F. Balch, M.D. ISBN 0-94202302-1 Nutrition Advisor, Marck Bricklin and the Editors of PREVENTION Magazine, ISBN 0-87596-225-4 The Biodynamics of hair growth, John Savage ISBN 0-85032-153-0 Healthy Hair, James C. & Leslie Thomson, ISBN 0-668-01902-6 Klaus Ferlow, HMH, innovator, lecturer, researcher, writer, founder, President and co-owner FERLOW BOTANICALS, a Div. of Ferlow Brothers Ltd, Vancouver, B.C, founded 1975, manufacturing/distributing organic toxin-free herbal medicinal and personal care products to professional health and wellness practitioners and selected stores with holistic practitioners on staff in Canada and parts of USA since 1993. Copyright, all rights reserved.,, HMH = Honorary Master Herbalist, Dominion Herbal College, Burnaby, B.C., est. 1926 This information is offered for its educational value only and shouldn't be used to diagnose, treatment or prevention of disease, please contact your health care practitioner. The Violet Ray - July 2009

what is the calling at work? By Joseph Seiler Our communication with one another at work is the oil that keeps the machinery of our business running smoothly (or otherwise). It is a vital contributor to how well we do, as a business. When we interact with our co-workers we are “calling” to each other. When we “call” to each other, are we calling forth, calling out or calling down? One way to check is to notice what is “in the space”. By “in the space” I mean to focus on the atmosphere, the feel, your sense of what is “in the air” at this moment. On some level we can sense tension and glee and a whole range of attributes in a room and yet rarely stop to really notice the space unless the intensity of what is there is rather significant. “You could cut the tension in the air with a knife”. There are times when the way words are delivered can disguise a person’s true intentions. The intensity may not be overwhelming and in those low intensity situations we have learned to step over what is in the space. We somehow feel something, a subtle disconnection, too small to even pause over. Yet the intent shows through the act. Something was put into the space through the intention. If we chose to notice the space we can readily detect the true intent regardless of the words. Let us examine three ways of “calling” each other at work. What are the defining characteristics of each member of this “calling” triad? What might be the self talk of the speaker? What does the real intent seem to be? In business, the advice we are given is “to call people forth”, bring them to full potential. Empower everyone and success will be ours. Indeed. But what messages do we really send, even if according to the dictionary and rules of grammar our words are encouraging? Consider what might be the thoughts that I carry into the phrase, “you can do better than that”? The tone and body language that accompany the words will express the underlying thoughts, the true intention. Yet, sometimes the speaker is practiced at setting the words out there as nearly neutral, or, with even more practice, in a way to suggest “ calling forth”. But it’s not their true intent. Calling down is an attack upon the self esteem. I call you down by judging you as not good enough and by using labels to try to convince you that my judgment of you is deserved. The source of this can be that I am just having a really bad day and I want you to join me. We all have examples of the types of words and body language that fit into the calling me down category. One example might be “you can do better than that?”, with a question mark at the end, and maybe an implied trailer of “yeah, right”. Feel that one. What’s in the space now? The Violet Ray - July 2009

It’s not the words. Calling out is an affront demanding that I meet you, high noon, at the OK Corral and ya better be bringing a gun. Hmmmm? The source of this can be that I am just having a really bad day and I want you to join me. At the office this might sound like “you can do better than that!”, with an exclamation mark, and possibly with an implied trailer like, “or else!”. So, get into that experience and… what’s in the space? Calling forth is the art of expressing that I completely believe in you and that I really know that “you can do better than that”, because I see greatness, even magnificence, in you. Calling forth accepts you where you are without even a hint of anything but love. Yup, love. Love has its place in business as it has its place in the whole world. Love calls forth naturally, accepts fully, champions, cheerleads and welcomes the whole person with every fiber. This feeling is delicious, to die for, limitless. Allow some of that into your body, just let it in for a minute. What’s in the space now? What are some of the implied trailers for this type of calling? Try “I know you can”, or, “I believe in you”. Given these three types of calling, what is the intention (not words) you prefer to receive? What is the intention that will bring you to maximum performance? Maximum performance arrives when we are motivated, confident, supported and safe. Calling forth, from love, generates all of that and more. And it’s not in the words. What is the intent that you believe will bring your employees to maximum performance? They all know how to notice “what’s in the space” just like you do. So we all know, at some level, the intentions under the words. Yeah, busted. The people in our world know our true intentions, even if we practice sounding just the way the book said we ought to, because meaning is not just in the words. What is the calling at work? The ones you receive? The ones you deliver? What’s in the space now? Joseph Seiler, CPCC, is an entrepreneur who has founded and grown several companies, now in his third career as a Certified Coach for business executives. He is the author of Personal Fulfillment is Success. This article is a portion of his second book, now in the writing stages. For more information visit Page 9

ignite Your inner magic to get anything You want By Wayne Lee Some people are experiencing life’s magic moments, while others are consistently experiencing the tragic moments. Have you ever wondered what makes the difference? Have you ever wondered how you can have more magic moments in your life?

and make sense of the fast-paced world. Instead, take some time (10 minutes) to quiet your mind and relax. As your busy mind settles, you get in touch with your Absolute Awareness and start to affirm, “I can do it. I will do it. I do it now.”

Success and happiness are not accidents and they do not happen by luck. Rather, they are developed by fundamental ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. You already have an inner MAGIC that allows you to produce whatever your heart desires; whether it is more money, more passion in your relationships, or a healthier body. Everything starts in the mind and once people start to use their mind to change their thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and attitudes, they ultimately change their destiny.

G – Goals are defined as a mark or target to reach. Many people don’t consciously set goals or even if they do, they set goals that are not exciting and meaningful. When you set Worthy Goals, you set goals that get you motivated, excited, and pull you in the direction you want to go. These goals are in alignment with your Pure Motivation (core values).

You can become a magnificent magician who discovers, designs, and deliberately creates your ideal life. When you are connected to your inner MAGIC, you focus with faith and desire upon what you want and feel good. Your inner MAGIC represents your Pure Motivation, Absolute Awareness, Worthy Goals, Proactive Imagination, and Positive Choices. M – Motivation is the cause or reason for your actions. Without motivation, there is no movement in life. People have many reasons for doing what they do and everyone has different values. Once you identify your heartfelt values and desires, you are touching upon your Pure Motivation. Successful people stay focused on what is important to them and give little or none of their time to the minor distractions in their life. When you operate from a place of passion, desire, and joy, you are compelled to move forward to do the things you love and be fulfilled. What are the most important things in your life that drive you forward and make you feel good? Take some time now for yourself and write down a list of loves and passions that excite you. A – Awareness is defined as having a realization or being conscious. We are all aware to some degree but many people are walking around in a state of cultural hypnosis, being told what they can and cannot do. Beyond all your layers of “shoulds” and limits is a place of Absolute Awareness. This is the deep place of knowing that you are limitless and you have all the power, intelligence, and love to accomplish whatever you want. The world is a busy place and many of us are distracted by our internal dialogue as we try to take everything in

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For example, if someone has a value of being healthy and feeling good, then a motivating goal would be, “I will weigh my ideal weight of 175 lbs. by October 1, 2007.” What your Worthy Goals do is give your Pure Motivation a specific place to reach. Get excited and write out all of the things you want to be, do, and have. From that list, identify all of your short-term and long-term goals. This will help you put your goals in priority and build a sense of urgency to accomplish them. It is amazing how such a simple task will give you such a feeling of purpose and direction. I – Imagination is the act or power of forming a mental image. Your imagination is your plan-making department and this is where all of your dreams and visions are created. The challenge for most people is that they are continually thinking the same thoughts day after day, hoping for a different result. In order for things to change, the thoughts and images must change. The images that you most often create are who and what you become. What you are destined to attract will depend on whether you are creating positive or negative images in your mind. For example, you may create negative images in your mind of bills and a ton of debt. If you switch this to the positive image of cheques being delivered in your mail, you will begin to attract more wealth into your life. It’s as simple as knowing that what you think about, you bring about. Your imagination becomes proactive when you are vividly imagining what you want and even feeling as though you have achieved it. Mentally picture and imagine yourself having already achieved your goal. What does it look, feel, and sound

Continued on next page... The Violet Ray - July 2009

Ignite Your Inner Magic continued... like? Take time throughout the day and create positive images to attract positive things into your life. C – Choices are the act or power of choosing. The most powerful quality human beings have is the power to choose. Accepting full responsibility for the choices you make empowers you to create your own destiny. Many people blame others and complain about their life and circumstances. This results in giving up their power to create their own destiny. Everyone in life faces problems and challenges. What matters is how you choose to deal with these situations and learn from them. What choices will you have to make to attain your goals? Choose to commit to your newly designed life and do 3 things every day to move you closer to achieving it. What 3 things will you do today? Adopt the 5 powerful rules of MAGIC: 1. I create my own reality and experiences based on my thoughts and beliefs. 2. I am limitless. 3. Anything is possible. 4. Here and now is my point of POWER. 5. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Wayne Lee is the creator of the Magicnicity manifesting system, “where hypnosis meets the law of attraction.” He is a speaker, author, and hypnotist who is committed to entertain, educate, and enlighten people through his dynamic empowerment presentations and comedic hypnosis shows. For more information on how to live with more laughter and ignite your inner MAGIC, visit

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moose wisdom Self esteem camp for kids aged 7-10 Explore energy, animal totems, drumming, meditation, stones, and many more tools for helping kids cope with everyday life and stand in their own power. July 13-17, 1:00-3:30 p.m. august 17-21, 1:00-3:30 p.m. location: Sw of Sylvan lake, aB camp fee: $85 per week

regiSter earlY!

max of 8 kids per week

for more info call Deb Suchy at

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five nations By Carolyn Hines

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ (EBNMP™) Recognition



In Natural Medicine

1 (416) 335-7661

As the Piper, plays his song of longing, far off at the end of the Eastern shore, the melodies vibration, pierces the darkened mist, reaching a lonely heart, out West. Like a drum's fierce beat, reverberating, echoeing the power of the medicine song, this spark of life ignites, fully pressing through into my heart.

in the depth of my soul ..... there is a wordless song....

With a memory, slowly awakening each cell, I too am awakening to why we are here. And as ice crystal stars light up the darkened regions in my soul's night sky, I sit and patiently await your return. Carolyn hosts a weekly radio show, 92.5 F.M., Cable 106.1 at TRU, Thursday at noon, called "The Goddess & Nellie", to do with Native Spirituality & Storytelling. You can connect with Carolyn at the following websites:

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Stephanie Monsen Yuen MethodTM Certified Practitioner & Reiki Master

Specializing in Physical Pain and Psychological Work

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how to use the Secret of the mandalas and Yantras to master Your inner Self! By: Tenzin Pemo There are all sorts of spiritual, mystical things that we do not really understand. For instance, there are some people who are diagnosed with cancer who get treated in the far East and come back cancer-free. There are others who have rare diseases that the doctors diagnose will kill them in six months and who manage to live for ten years or more. It is painfully obvious that we have not even come close to understanding all of the things we are able to accomplish. If you are looking to increase your spiritual abilities and master your inner self, you may want to learn a bit about mandalas and yantras and how to use them to tune your body and spirit. 1) Mandalas Mandala is from the Sanskrit language and means circle. There may be squares and triangles in a mandala, but the entire mandala should have a concentric structure. Everything in the mandala should be balanced, and should give an air of harmony. The point of a mandala is to help one travel on their spiritual journey easily. There are a number of ways to use a mandala, and each way is just a bit different than the one before. There are, however, some basics about a mandala that can help you when you are just starting to use a mandala. The first thing you need to do before you meditate is to decide what your intention of meditation is. If you are intending to calm your mind, you will want a mandala that is for calming. If you are looking to find your beginning, you may want a Native American labyrinth mandala. Set the mandala in front of you and begin your meditation. Look at the mandala and allow your mind to swirl around the beauty of the designs in the mandala. During your meditation, if you mind begins to wander and you start thinking about the everyday, mundane things, focus your attention back on the mandala. Pretend that your mind is swimming in the mandala, and let the colors and designs swirl around you. As you slowly sink into the designs, your body and mind will begin to feel lighter. You can start to float and your thoughts will come to, more pure and more enlightened. Remember, every time you start to think about the everyday things, re-focus back on the mandala and allow The Violet Ray - July 2009

yourself to sink into it. The better you get at meditating with the mandala, the more pure your thoughts will be. You may even find that you start seeing things in the future or understanding yourself in a way that you never have before. 2) Yantra In some ways, a yantra is very similar to a mandala. Yantra translates to support and is, again, about helping you to achieve the highest level of meditation that you can. Many believe that a yantra is the tool that allows you to find the window into the absolute. And again, like a mandala, you use focusing on the yantra to stop your mind from wandering to the mundane and everyday during your meditation cycle. Some believe, however, that when you meditate with a yantra, it is possible to connect directly with God. Most yantras are focused on a specific deity, which means that if you are looking to connect so a specific deity, you should seek out the yantra that will help you to do that. Some yantras are drawn on cloth or paper, while others are made with wood and can even be three dimensional. When you meditate, focus on the yantra and the form energy that swirls around the yantra. Each yantra begins in the center of the design and does not end until the outer most square. You can turn a yantra upside down if you like, but you need to understand that a yantra changes depending on which way you turn it. When you start to focus on a yantra, make sure that you are relaxed. Focus your mind and your energy into the yantra. A yantra alone is worth nothing, but a yantra partnered with your psychic energy can create some amazing things. Instead of being focused on the microcosm, you will be able to access the macrocosm, and, quite possibly, the deity that you have been trying to connect to. Meditating can be difficult, especially with all of the things we have to worry about in the normal world. There are tons of things that can enter into your mind, so a helping hand is sometimes necessary. A mandala or a yantra can help you to focus your thoughts and can help you to connect to things that are outside of your everyday understanding. Source: Page 13

the Divine mission of animals; Spirit guidance from our animal companions By Lynn McKenzie The wonderful furry, finned and feathered beings that we choose to share our lives with, or should I say choose to share their lives with us, are so much more than simply 'pets' in our lives. In fact, I believe that they are the bearers of profound spiritual messages and prompters of insightful spiritual growth through their gentle, and sometimes not so gentle nudging. This is because our animal companions have access to, and are guardians of our Divine Blueprint or Soul's Blueprint. The Blueprint can be described as the divine 'plan for the perfect unfolding of the highest potential for an individual soul'. It is a perfect state of consciousness, and can enable the awareness of the 'ancient memories that lie deep within each of us' to resurface. Being guardians of our Blueprints is a role of great magnitude for our companion animals and one that is not taken lightly. They see it as their life's mission and utmost priority. In fact a happy animal is a sign of their satisfaction with our progress along our own individual paths. Certainly they have their own blueprints to develop and realize, but unlike many of us, their close ties to the spirit realm, allow them the strong ability to multitask and therefore help us while continuing their own development. How could they possibly guide us, you may ask? In my private consultations I have seen it all. The animals are masters at their role and divinely creative in their work. To begin with let me share with you a little about one of my guides, 'Lucero' an Andalusian Stallion, likened to an ascended master of the equine realm, now in spirit form. We met, or shall I say our spirits met, somewhere around 1997. At that time I was in private practice as a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Kinesiologist and just 'happened' to attend an Animal Communication Workshop. Apparently Lucero had already planned for our 'meeting', and what was to transpire as I somehow managed to forget to bring the requested photos of my dog 'Jiggs', the love of my life, to the workshop, and instead consequently ended up connecting with him. His energy was literally jumping off the photo at me and I knew then that my life was about to change dramatically. Our connection was immediate and profound. I had never experienced divine universal love and acceptance the way I did in that moment. It was like a barrier had been broken for me and I could now see who I truly was. I knew that the flood of information that was coming through me was from a source much greater than me; in fact, I was channelling! Page 14

After driving home from my weekend away, with the feeling that my tires had never even touched the ground, it became very clear to me that the course of my life had changed, and that Lucero was the catalyst. He didn't just choose me as the one being that he would work with and guide. As I got to know more about him over time I learned that he was the benevolent vehicle of change for many other healers as well. In fact, even from the spirit realm he has called together physical gatherings of healers, one of which I was lucky enough to attend last November in Canada. Lucero, the divine being of love and light is just one of the many souls who are in partnership with us for our soul's benefit and growth. Prior to this day, I had always known that my connection to and communion with god, spirit or the higher power was through animals and nature but what I didn't know was that I would ever be helping others connect in this way professionally. Not until I had met Lucero anyhow. His ideas for me have definitely reshaped my life. When doing consultations, some of the most common messages and teachings that I hear from the animals for humanity are as follows: • Recognize that all beings have intelligence and sentient wisdom • Love yourself and all living beings unconditionally • Remain grounded and connected to the earths energy • Live in the present moment • Surrender to and accept where you're at • Follow your heart, follow your bliss • Practice forgiveness • Listen to your inner guidance • Trust yourself • Approach each day with a sense of wonderment • Acknowledge yourself as the light beings that you are • Meditate as often as possible • Understand the naturalness of the circle of life - life, death and rebirth If you tune in and pay attention, I'm sure you will witness your animal companions sharing some of these messages with you. If you don't feel that you have mastered telepathy yet, you may just want to notice what they are showing you on the physical level. For example your indoor animal companion may be seeking out time in the bathroom, the one area where they can feel truly grounded via the plumbing, or perhaps they may want to lie down on you right on top Continued on next page.... The Violet Ray - July 2009

The Divine Mission of Animals....continued... of one of your chakras, always the one that needs a little healing and balancing by the way. They know what they're doing and everything they do has a purpose. In consultations I am often asked by the animals to request that their person spend more time in meditation or for them to slow down a little and go through life a little more consciously taking time to smell the roses. When we don't oblige the animals they will often try even harder to get our attention usually by some type of behaviour that we find unacceptable such as waking us up in the middle of the night. When your companion animal is trying to get your attention, always take note! Acknowledging the sacred in our relationships with our animal companions is a must for anyone seeking true enlightenment. Recognizing that they come to us to guide us and heal certain aspects of ourselves including broken hearts, disowned or shadow aspects, and even physical ailments can give us a whole new perspective on the relationships that we have with them. Always remember that LOVE is their message. Lynn McKenzie is an internationally acclaimed Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. Visit for more information.


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the Difference Between the reiki and reconnective energies Being Born now By Chris Comish This article explains about the differences between the Reiki and Reconnective energies. It covers an explanation of both energies, why they are different and how they are best applied in daily practice. What is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is Japanese for Universal Life Force. Reiki exists in and around us. A Reiki healer is able to tap into this limitless energy for the purposes of bringing others back into wholeness and balance. Reiki Healing Sessions can: - Reduce stress and cause deep relaxation - Increase sense of wellbeing - Reduce illness - Reduce depression and anxiety - Increase awareness, creativity - Reduce pain - Negative patterns may disappear - Balance your body's energies - Help with the transition at the end of life, more comfortable, less anxious - Can be sent to a situation How Reiki Heals We are alive because life force is flowing through us. Life force flows within the physical body and it also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body. The life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves. These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force. This diminishes the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break up and fall away. Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. Reiki cleanses the body of built up toxins, relieves pain, soothes shock, calms the mind and emotions, and accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself at the

Page 16

same time promoting a state of total relaxation and well-being. Once a person has been opened up to become a "channel" for Reiki, concentrated universal life force energy will flow through their hands of its own accord and they will retain this ability for the rest of their life. Reiki in no way conflicts with medical procedures and in fact supports and enhances all medical treatments. Reiki can be incorporated effectively into the healing arts practiced by health professionals from traditional and alternative medicine. What is Reconnective Energy? Reconnective Healing connects us to the fullness of the Universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our being and who we are, not just through a new set of healing frequencies but possibly through an entirely new bandwidth. The existence of these frequencies has clearly demonstrated itself in practice as well as in science laboratories. Reconnective Healing is often a life-changing experience, allowing for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. These concretely felt energies are initiated by a Reconnective Healing Practitioner at the start of your session, and continue working with you long after your visit has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to, a higher frequency than ever before. Reconnective Healing can benefit everyone, whether facilitated in person one-on-one or via a distant healing. It can provide wonderful benefits for the dying and is commonly used with animals. What It Means to be Healed Healing is a return to balance. It is sometimes equated with a medical cure, but the concept of healing is actually broader than that. "Healing, which may or may not encompass physical cure, is the process of positive, empowering, and progressive reconciliation and transformation in a person's relationship to his reality, condition, history, and circumstance, inclusive of any diseases. Healing refers to positive change in the impact of disease on a person's life, feelings, consciousness, decisions, and actions. In healing, a person's experience of disease, and the effects of disease on the body and mind, change for the better, whether or not physical cure is affected." (Dr. Beverly Potter and Dan Joy). Healing can manifest in many different forms, and not just the physical. You might become more peaceful within yourself; you might begin to relate differently to family members or friends, experiencing more love, forgiveness and acceptance; you might find that the disease that has

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The Difference Between the Reiki ... continued.... challenged you transforms into restored balance or harmony in your life; your pain may ease and you might feel more joy; or you may simply transition, knowing that God is with you and that your loved ones will be OK. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. We simply classify it according to its predominate characteristic. But Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically “treat” anything and a Reconnective Healer does not diagnose. We are a simply the conduit. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, as many people do, then you do. You just do. At the end of his book Dr. Pearl says, “Some things are difficult to explain; miracles speak for themselves.” That being said, those of you with a more scientific bent are encouraged to learn more about quantum physics and healing. Which Energy is Best? Both energies originate from the same Universal Source. Both are Universal Life Force. But they are different because they exist as different bandwidths. Reiki is a gentle flowing energy which slowly heals the aura. It typically flows from crown to feet or from feet to crown. Reiki is best used for relaxation, release of stress, reducing pain, and enveloping the client with Life Force. Reiki is also wonderful for sending to situations to positively change them for the better. Reconnective energy comes at you from all directions and you can feel your muscles being moved. Reconnective energy is more intense and actively does work. Reconnective energy is more like a strong laser beam while Reiki is more like a wide ray of energy. Reconnective energy deals more with going after the cause of the symptom and directly affecting change on the cause so the result is healing. Reconnective energy is more for healing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual problems in the aura whereas Reiki is more of a mist of Life Force enveloping the client and better for healing situations and for gentle relaxation. Typically I choose the energy to work with depending on the needs of the client. If a client has problems with relationships or money I would use Reiki. If I client just wants some pain relief I would use Reiki. If I client wants the back problem to go away, I would use Reconnective energy. If the client wants the migraines to go away, Reconnective energy is quicker acting, although Reiki could work for some pain relief. Every healing is situation dependent. Trust your inner instincts and have complete faith in the energies. As the client has faith in their own healing, the results are quite often miraculous. Chris Comish is a Reiki Healer, Reconnective Healer and Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Energy. He offers distant healing and various Reiki attunements. Visit his website at for more information.

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the new healing children of pure love Being Born now By Craig Howell in the experience of being taught by a small one." She requests that we each take our Divine nature seriously and be the vehicles of blessing for these very wonderful beings who are arriving in the realm we inhabit now, to perceive them as beautiful blossoms opening. This means that they can only enter when the mother has achieved a certain level of consciousness. This is universally true, as there is always a match in vibration between any mother and any child awaiting incarnation.

In February of 2006, I received this information from my friend, Marjorie, who channels the Ascended Masters. The Blessed Mother Mary came through her one night and talked about these new children who would be teachers for us all, even while they are very young. Nearly everyone is acquainted in some way with the Indigo Children from the 80s, who first became known as a new type of soul coming to earth to help with our spiritual evolution. Many of these children were unknowingly misdiagnosed with ADD because of their impatience with manifesting their will in the physical world. Indigos were also very sensitive to pollution in food and water, and many had psychic ability. Then came the Crystal Children. Steve Rother called the Indigos The System Busters, but labeled the Crystals as The Peacemakers. These children are even more sensitive than the Indigos, even seeming to mimic the symptoms of autism. They are gentle and magical healers, do not understand the inhumanity of man, and have a flat intolerance for war of any kind. But now we come to this new soul group, the children of Love. Mary said that these "great patterns of joy" would start to be born in May of 2006 and would be teachers by the time they are four years old. This group is higher even than the Crystal Children and will not be able to adhere to the old rules. She goes on to say, "They will flow through humanity, awakening the soul call of each one that gives permission to partake Page 18

She also requests that we give thanks and loving thoughts to these souls as they make their way to this planet. There is a tradition in the Ascended Master's realm of ceremony and celebration in May for all of the new children (not just the special ones, but all children) to be born in the coming year. Mary asks for a blessing on earth for the hearts of the newborns of this and every year. This will be called The Ceremonies of the Roses, and will be performed each May throughout the world. As a closing thought, I give you Mother Mary, as channeled by Marjorie: "Welcome in to your heart, welcome on to your planet those beings of light who are returning in great numbers, not just as babies, but in the ethers. The Divas of nature will be assisting in the new way for nature upon the planet of earth to flourish and to shift its vibratory pattern as your weather patterns shift. Be aware. There is great change coming. Be still in your heart and awake in your world. You don't want to miss anything on any level that is coming to your reality." Craig Howell is a freelance writer and director of The Eyes of Kwan Yin, a spiritual work. Channeled teachings, products and services, events and more. Get free monthly messages from the Ascended Masters.

Source: The Violet Ray - July 2009

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Update On Bill C-6 and Bill C-51 Thousands of Natural Health Products have been eliminated by Health Canada’s Regulations. Thousands more are at risk. Consumer action is needed to save them.

combination products, (i.e. the largest NHP sector), would require trials to get licenses. But since these trials are unaffordable, the products would simply be discontinued. It was set-up.

The Natural Health Product Regulations have reduced the number of products that Canadians can domestically purchase from approx. 70,000 in 2004 to approx. 40,000 in 2009, and brought innovation to a virtual standstill. This is what Canadians protested against in 1997, and the exact opposite of what Canadians said they wanted most.

Thousands of combination NHP applications have sat unprocessed for years, because they can’t and won’t be approved under the current regulations. Once the licensing deadline occurs in 2010 and it becomes illegal to sell a product without its NHP#, applications will be refused one at a time, over a matter of years, in the same steady incremental pattern typical of the regulations thus far.

In 1997 public protest made it clear that the Canadian majority did not want Natural Health Products (NHPs) regulated as Drugs. So Parliament produced 53 recommendations to direct Health Canada (HC) on the issue. Parliament decided that NHPs should be regulated separately from either Foods or Drugs in a manner that recognized their high levels of safety, since not a single Canadian death has ever been attributed to a NHP. Tax dollars then paid Health Canada to consult citizens about what they wanted. According to HC “by far” the most common request from Canadians was that they wanted “greater access to a wider variety of NHPs”. But when HC formed the regulations they refused to create a third category. They classified NHPs as Drugs, forcing each one to make a claim, and treated them as dangerous, requiring licenses. The licensing requirement acted as a screening tool. It immediately eliminated slow sellers and most American imports, and now is threatening the largest sector of NHPs, i.e. products that contain multiple ingredients. Canadians need to act now to preserve their access to NHPs. Out of 40,000 NHPs still on the market, only approximately 10,000 have been licensed, and almost all are single ingredient products. The majority of applications still to be processed are products containing multiple ingredients. With a 2010 licensing deadline looming, thousands of these products are in danger because the regulations are designed so they won’t be approved. The regulations stipulate that each ingredient in a product must be present in amounts previously demonstrated to be of benefit. But combination NHPs work based on the synergy of the ingredients more than the amounts. Due to limited space in a capsule or tablet, the dosages used in combinations will almost always be smaller than in single herb studies. Hence, even though the ingredients of a combination NHP may be well studied, previous evidence of benefit has often not been established for the amounts used in a combination. HC knew this when they designed the regulations. They purposely included this criterion so that most The Violet Ray - July 2009

HC claims they are simply trying to ensure Canadians’ access to NHPs that are both “safe and effective”, but this claim is false. The number of Canadian deaths attributed to NHPs is zero, ever. How much safer can you get? Yet we can still buy all the tobacco, alcohol, and OTC drugs we want, which kill thousands yearly. It is time to start asking our politicians and HC what they are doing to ensure safe, effective tobacco and alcohol products, and why the sale of tobacco has been sanctioned with its own Act, i.e. the Tobacco Act? Tobacco products tell you how deadly they are right on the label, and they have their own separate category; yet HC refuses this for NHPs, which people are using to feel better and become healthier. Is this the kind of government you want? For years HC has restricted access to the most effective NHPs by making them available by prescription only. This is with no evidence that they are dangerous, and in the face of overwhelming epidemiological evidence that they are safe, having been used by a population of over 300,000,000 in the U.S. for decades with no reported problems. A good example is L-Carnitine. It occurs in breast milk and meats. It is highly recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers, and is in all infant formulas. Yet HC expects the public and politicians to believe that it is too dangerous to be used by adults. In reality, L-Carnitine is vital for good health, and a deficiency causes health problems. This is why it is useful in at least 27 medical conditions, and why supplementing it competes with entire classes of drugs, including anti-cholesterol, anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. But, while HC restricts health-giving dietary supplements like L-Carnitine, they failed to recall the drug Vioxx until approx. 60 thousand deaths had occurred, and they are currently moving to allow pharmaceutical prescriptions to be filled by vending machines. (ref: Pharmatrust Medication Bank, CBC News, April 22/09). To prevent the sale of effective NHPs like L-Carnitine, HC has even used police raids at gunpoint. This has occurred several times, most recently in Jan. of ‘09, when a Calgary naturopath had his home and business invaded by HC inspectors, accompanied by police officers with guns drawn. For verification and Page 21

Update On Bill C-6 and Bill C-51 continued...

details, visit YouTube and search “Eldon Dahl, Health Canada raid”. Is this the Canada you want to live in? Why would Health Canada restrict and eliminate tens of thousands of NHPs that people were safely using to improve their health, when doing so increases dependence on an already overburdened medical system and pharmaceuticals that kill thousands? Where was the need? Unfortunately, HC is rife with conflicts of interest with the big corporations it is supposed to be regulating. Since 1997, six senior Health Canada doctors and scientists have come forward to publicly denounce HC’s corrupt policies and practices. Such corruption is clearly detailed in Dr. Shiv Chopra’s book on Health Canada entitled Corrupt to the Core. Fired after 35 years at HC, Chopra documents how deeply the agency is influenced by big business and the pharmaceutical industry. These trans-national corporations have vast sums of money and power. They influence HC to get the agency to create regulations that either make it too expensive for smaller companies to do business, or that deem their products and services illegal. With alternatives eliminated, these corporations then control the market, because their products are the only remaining choices. Of course all of this is carried out under the premise/guise of consumer protection. The NHP regulations are a perfect example. HC also wrote Bill C-6, now before Parliament, and Bill C-51, soon to be re-introduced. Both are completely disturbing in the individual rights they remove, the powers they award to the State, (particularly to HC), and the absurd requirements they would place on small business. What allows this situation, and provides HC’s power is that HC creates the same policy that it enforces. This makes it a prime target for vested interests and international influence. Our police do not create our laws so they are not influenced by those they are policing - then enact laws and enforcement that favor them. HC on the other hand, does enforce legislation that they created, and they are being influenced by the pharmaceutical industry and other global interests. As this poses such a threat to Canadian liberty, it either needs to be changed, or legislation enacted to protect us. The Charter of Health Freedom is exactly such legislation. Drafted by Shawn Buckley, LLB and the NHPPA, it amalgamates our health rights using previous court decisions and existing legislation. If our freedoms and ability to take care of ourselves are to be preserved, it is this kind of legal safeguard Canadians need to enshrine in law to protect us from bureaucratic or political abuse. So sign the petition, get involved in the letter campaign, and pressure your government to enact the will of the majority. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT

Page 22

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The Violet Ray - July 2009

SOUL IMPRINTS A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and Transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client does not have to be present for me to create a Soul Imprint for them. There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. Starting with honing in on the clients energy, to creating the actual imprint, to the scanning, reading the imprint, writing / translating and finally to the minute details which results in the end product. The entire process takes

By Carol Jay Uchytil - Eyes Of Peace -

about 3 to 5 hours to complete.

My goal for each client is to Awaken…Inspire…and Delight… (AID) while providing them with a keepsake they are proud to display. For additional samples and information please visit

“Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing” “If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy” “...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own Custom Soul Imprint! Thank-you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!”

“I love my Soul Imprint! Thank you - L.W. -

- Nadine Gordon -

See Page 20 in The Violet Ray Market to Order Your Soul Imprint

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