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Spooky Tales A COLLECTION OF SHORT SCARY STORIES. written and illustrated by VICTORIA MATA Fly-By-Night Press san antonio, texas. (HOME OF THE GHOST TRACKS)

I dedicate this book to R.L. Stine, who gave me inspiration for spooks! ~V.S.P.M.

Copyright Š2012 Victoria S.P. Mata. All rights reserved. (Many of the lefts, too.) ďŹ rst bloody edition, july 2012

Bloody Mary Part 1

It had taken us all summer, but we had finally found one. My name is Lisa, and we had found a Bloody Marymarked bathroom. To summon Bloody Mary, you’d have to flush the toilet three times and flick the lights on and off three times. It was my turn, and all of my friends had survived her. But for some reason, they wouldn’t tell me how. I went into the bathroom trembling. With a shaking hand, I did flush the toilet and flicker the lights on and off three times. Then I waited an hour, the time Bloody Mary would come. 1

It’s said that she scratches the mirror before she strikes. I was busy thinking about this when I heard the scratch. I wasn’t taking any chances. I ran to the door, turned the knob and pulled. Locked! Then I heard a voice, which said “I’m coming Lisa.” There she was sneaking behind me.... Now I had to go through all the trouble to get the pen and paper, to tell you now, because I am a ghost. Spookily yours, Lisa Maxwell


The Old Man’s Ghost Once there was a little girl who hated her grandfather. She would tease him and annoy him. The old man would wonder why he was stuck with her. One day, the little girl started taping knives facing up from the oor at the bottom of the stairs. She carefully stepped around them as she went upstairs, then she dragged her grandpa to the top and pushed him down, leading to his demise.... The old man planned to get revenge on the girl, but 3

could not tell one from another where he was. Meanwhile, Ivy and her family had recently moved into the house, and it was Halloween. After Ivy was done trick-or-treating, she went home. Soon after, she heard a crash. She saw nothing there but a broken lamp.... Then the ghost appeared! Ivy let out a shrill scream and ran to her friend’s house. She got to the gate when she felt two ice-cold hands on her shoulders....



TWO LITTLE ORPHANS There were two little orphans, a brother and a sister. They took shelter in a strange little house, but they would soon ďŹ nd out that this was the wrong house to pick.... The sister found a candle, and the two orphans were in the living room on the couch. Then the candle went out. The brother ran away. The sister had searched for hours when she suddenly bumped into something. She squinted, and saw her brother hanging by his neck! She had to get out of there. She found the front door 5

and pulled. Locked! Little did she know, someone (or something) was standing behind her with a knife...



the Bermuda Triangle July 17, 1973–Our ship has entered the Bermuda Triangle. Said to make ships and airplanes disappear completely, we were here to prove it all hogwash. But our boat did shake a few times unexpectedly. July 18, 1973–Today the ship began shaking worse than ever. The fog here has gotten thicker. July 19, 1973–The shaking was so hard, the ship could fall apart. Soon everyone saw a giant shadow in the fog heading toward us.... 7



Bloody Mary Part 2

It was a normal day, or so it seemed. Trouble was just around the corner. I knew it as soon as I saw the writing. Etched in the wall, blood-red in color, were two words: Bloody Mary. I hoped I would never have to go in there again. But Linda dragged me into the bathroom anyway. We don’t know how this happened, but one thing was for sure: We were locked in the girls’ bathroom. “Why don’t we summon her,” Linda said. “Who?” “You know who,” Linda said. “Are you serious?” Linda replied, “I’m dead serious!” 9

Linda approached one of the toilets. Flush! “Linda, please!” Flush. “Wait!” I cried. Flush. She headed for the light switch. On. Off. One! On. Off. Two! On. Off. Three! There were only five seconds left. Five. I dashed for the switch. Four. I grabbed the switch. Three. Linda pushed me away. Two. I struggled to get up. One. Too late. I wanted to get out desperately, but we were locked in. An hour later we heard a scratch on the mirror. Linda and I yanked furiously at the doorknob. We saw something come out of the mirror. Too late! Now Linda and I have to spend an eternity in this mirror. But when we get out, we will have our revenge on Bloody Mary.



Spooky Tales  

Scary stories to chill and thrill!

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